Ballet Lite

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10 years ago
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6.0 or later
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User Reviews for Ballet Lite

4.03 out of 5
32 Ratings
9 years ago, RdNailz
Great for reinforcing what I learn in class
I'm returning to ballet as an adult. What I remember after 30 years is hit-and-miss: sometimes a term will be familiar but I can't remember the movement, or I'll have 2 terms confused. This app lets me look up a term after class and think through the movement. It also helps me to see the term written out. Actual pictures would be great but for a FREE app, this is very helpful.
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3 years ago, foodtruck123
Wonderful app!!!
I got this app to be able to know what certain ballet terms were and how to spell them etc..... This app gives you very detailed information about whatever term you want to know about and the best part is you don’t have to pay for it! Now there are only pictures on a few of them if you’re a big picture person, but other than that a amazing app!
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9 years ago, Balletgurrrl
This app wouldn't make any sense if you weren't a dancer. Although it is very helpful for me because I am a dancer. I wish there were pictures like it advertised but overall it's a good app!
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9 years ago, Jayde1213
Amazingly useful to dancers!😋
I love this app because it helps improve my technique at home. I am studying he terminology and is making a huge difference. It is helping me to reach my goal. TO BECOME A POINTE DANCER! It's lack of pictures isn't a big issue for me but it would be a nice addition to this already wonderful app! Download it!
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8 years ago, VSPA
Love it!
I love this app! It helps me understand what each step is and how it's spelled! I highly recommend this app! I love ballet also! But if your not a dancer I suggest another app! The only thing is I wish there were pictures! But other than that I love it!! You should totally get it!!! ❤️💛💚💙💜💃🏻👯
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7 years ago, Emilysmommy06
I am a ballerina who struggles to remember names of dance moves. This app is honestly so helpful! I guarantee it will help you remember names on dance moves. Get it while it's free! This app is so awesome that it will most likely will be free for a short time.
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9 years ago, Wasssssuppshqj
From a pointe dancer to comment #1
Hello, do you own a pair of pointe shoes/take a actual ballet class? if you don't take an actual ballet class I wouldn't even dare try a pair of pointe shoes they're very very very advanced.
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9 years ago, Ballerina_101
Great App!!
I love this app!! It helps me so much!
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9 years ago, Hody123
This app is awesome!! I wish it had more terms and stuff. And does anybody know of some exercises that could help me get my pointe shoes?
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9 years ago, Pazluzamor
Disappointed in this app.
Not happy with my purchase since there are no photos with each ballet position as in the App preview. Had I known there were no photos I would have not bought this app.
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6 years ago, Milliegolf
Without a shot video or picture I could have made my own written Flashcards. The preview of the app showed a picture so I thought all of the terms corresponded to a visual, but I guess not.
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9 years ago, Ddff352
I love this app. It helps me with my technique and it's just plain awesome
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9 years ago, Kmichellepc
Didn't like this app
There are no photos for each ballet concept
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10 years ago, ArandoMperson4567
I like this app but if you aren't very experienced in knowing how the French language works it's a little hard to find the words you are looking for. I mean you don't have to be fluent but you have to know some ballet. I also love this app because it gives me the literal definition and the full definition . Now I have both to impress my teachers. But I wish there were pictures of the terms.
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13 years ago, eelnhoj
A complete guide with great search
I never knew how much I didn't know about ballet until I found this app. The search feature is great since it searches both the name and the description (I found "croisé" by searching for "cross," and learned about Fifth Position by searching for "feet turned"). And by far my favorite feature is the dice in the upper right corner: tap it and you'll get a random glossary term with a hidden description -- great for quizzing yourself!
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11 years ago, Crochetgirl4507
Awesome but...
I love this app and its cool but take the hint! Sooooo many people are complaining about not enough pics and I agree. Would it really be that hard to add details and pictures?!?!? No ones asking for professional photos, just some reference point. I think you would sell lots more full versions with those improvements. I do thank you for providing this app because it is really cool it just needs work thats all.
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12 years ago, Balletismylife4ever
Amazing for a ballet dancer
I have taken ballet since I was 4 and our teacher makes us memorize our dance terms and write them down. Now i don't have to!! I already have it!! It also works great to review before an audition. I also love to quiz myself and try new moves. I love how it works out of Internet connection. To the people who say it doesn't work: There must be something wrong with your iPod or iPhone or iPad because this is the best app ever!!!!!!!!
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12 years ago, Emily doggy
It's cool. I'm a ballerina and there's some moves that I still don't know that my teacher says but now I know ALL of them because they're all on here. I study them all the time. I only give it four stars because it COULD use a picture on all of them. So it's easier to understand. Get now if you're a ballerina! :)
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14 years ago, Dancergirl,
I like this app being that I take ballet but if you have no dance experience I might be a little difficult. I also wish there were more terms like sotabosque or something. And only a few have pictures. Overall good app.
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14 years ago, mwa89
Could be better
I think it should have pictures of course and a favorties option like a folder u can put certain terms in or something
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12 years ago, GodsCountryGirl
All ballet dancers should get this at some point!
This app deserves a much better rating. It has so many terms and the flash card thing really helps me learn! Thanks to this app I bet I'm going to do really well in my upcoming terms exam :)
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14 years ago, DanceQueen1
It fixed
Well it didn't open for me either but the check yr updates and I updated it and it opend!
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10 years ago, Moroso
Awesome ☺️
I gave this five-star because it shows you a picture of the position and the definition of it. Would really recommend it a lot.
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13 years ago, Slushied gleek
So cool.
I've taken ballet and it's awesome. It also came in handy when our school play did something with ballet. I got a good part because of this app! I wish there were more ballet apps!
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14 years ago, mesnackal
Overall good
I think this app could be difficult to understand if you are not a dancer and do not know the terms and positions. I think there should be more pictures with them terms so it could be clearer to understand. For being free, its good.
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11 years ago, ryce72
Get it
I am a ballerina and this app has been so helpful...just one minor COULD have pics on all of there discriptions...other than that it's great...if you dance you need this app!!!
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12 years ago, 2772722
I love this app! I started ballet a year ago and you should see the improvement! I know most of my ballet terms now! But I would like more pictures!
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14 years ago, jessykaykay
Could you add pictures on every definition? That would be helpful!
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14 years ago, ballet gal
It's pretty good
This is actually really nice for a free app. I tried the other ballet app and it does not work! At least not on the Ipad. There could be more defs. though.
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11 years ago, rte1913
hate this one
I just deleted this app. It couldn't resist giving me an ad for the pay version every time I clicked on a new term. It's pretty good for explaining the terms (though I agree pictures would make it a lot better). But if they're going to throw ads at me, how about every 5th click, or every 10th? Made it unusable.
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13 years ago, Balletshoesktl
Love it!
For doing ballet for 5 years it is very helpfull and useful. I use it every time there is a test. Can you please put more pictures? I  IT
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11 years ago, Anon Forever
Not too many complaints.
This is just what I needed to broaden my ballet vocabulary. So far the app is working for me well.
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13 years ago, eth501
This app has amazing pictures, helps with spelling and I can understand if I forget the step. My favorite app ever
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15 years ago, Elindranyth
Not bad
Much easier to carry this to ballet class than a huge book. A pronounciation key would be a big plus though!
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14 years ago, Meagatronbomb
Love this!
This app is great for quickly looking up steps. Very informative. I especially love that it's free!
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12 years ago, Peggisoo
I have had 7 years of ballet experience this is the app for any serious ballet dancer:):):):)!!!!!!!
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14 years ago, Not terrible but needs work
I take ballet, but if you don't the terms and positions would be hard 2 understand. Also, there should be more pictures and more description. But over all, it is a good app!
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10 years ago, L_raby
Very simple and easy to quickly review terms
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12 years ago, dancer293
This is a great app for learning the terms and definitions, but it could be better if it had pictures.
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11 years ago, Gnarlypixy
I liked this app I just wish there were visuals to go with it.
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13 years ago, fewmets
Best ballet dictionary app
Extremely easy to use
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11 years ago, Emawsome
Ballet review app
If you click on six, it says "literally, six." But six what? And I'm not sure what type of ballet this is either, that could be clearer. But good app otherwise! I like the concept!
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14 years ago, Cleo Dancer
Ballet Lite by Balletdancer13
This app is really fantastic because it reminds me in Ballet class of what I'm learning in IVA this fall of 2010!!
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15 years ago, jamestallperson
Great resource
Great definitions and a wonderful quick resource! I strongly recommend.
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12 years ago, jem+
I am an adult beginner and this app is very helpful for remembering terms. If it had photos or examples for every term this would be my #1 favorite app! 👯
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12 years ago, aWEIRDbutAWESOMEperson
I'm a hard core pointe shoe dancer and if my teacher says something new, I can always review it here!! I  it!!!!
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13 years ago, Tri460
Great app
I take dance and I use this app a lot. It is really helpful.
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13 years ago, Aek1113
I've been dancing for 12 years and I find this app very helpful for spelling Another term to add tour jété
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14 years ago, Rickiblu
Needs work
The lookup format is unfortunate. I suggest adding a search option to lookup positions by description or picture instead of a long listing. Please work on adding additional and accurate photographs or diagrams.
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14 years ago, kinzy- bella
Won't open????
It won't let me open the app? How do I get it to open? I tried restarting it but it still won't! Definetly makes me think twice b4 buying the full version:(
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