Bangla Newspaper - Prothom Alo

3.8 (5)
63.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Prothom Alo
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bangla Newspaper - Prothom Alo

3.8 out of 5
5 Ratings
5 years ago, Newazdipu
Help post
I’m trying from inception to open the app after installed, but unable to open. But interesting is I’m getting notifications only can’t open and unable to read news!!? Please please please help me to fix it.
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1 week ago, Aladdin 59
Difficult to Navigate
It’s very hard to make a comment. I have logged in so many times but the app keep kicking me out. The commenting system is so primitive! I can’t believe that a leading newspaper has such backdated app. The more frustrating thing is that, things don’t change either. The issue with the comments has been there for years now.
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1 week ago, as.shahriar
Profile Picture
I can’t add my profile picture here. There has no upload option.
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12 years ago, Nabkaiser
Great app, really nice but.......
Description should be updated with note about how to use the app, many are complaining that they can't go to homepage but slide from left to right bring the homepage. Those info should be in the description. Moreover, add some option like notification and more sharing option like email news to other.
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1 year ago, SMRumi
App doesn’t remember where it came from
When back button is chosen, it doesn’t remember where current page came from. It always takes to the beginning of the app. It’s very annoying, we will have scroll down to where we were last. It’s a easy fix, please fix this issue. Thanks.
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7 years ago, Hoursdesajib
No updates, No fixes pathetic
There are some annoying bugs. If you go to menu and select feature and got to chutir dine. And you start to scroll then pages refreshes randomly and show news of randomly of old dated. What are ios team of prothom alo doing who knows. They should updates the app regular basis. I can't remember when did i last updated. Pathetic.
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4 years ago, given1234
the best bangla newspaper app
before the update it was already my favorite news paper app and now when they made an update it's more convenient . i read this newspaper since 1998 or 1997 . Best of luckthey 👌👍👏🏻
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7 years ago, Fahim Adnan
Don't download!! Full of Bugs!!
Full of bugs. Every single time when I open the app, it showed me a message "no internet connection". I read the reviews. Many people complained about this. But the admin does not care. No wonder why this app is getting so many bas reviews. Still somehow they got 3.5 star. But to be honest, this app even doesn't deserve to get one star. PA is the number one NNP in BD but their app is crappy. It is a shame.
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10 months ago, Mamun403
Video adds are disgusting
Totally disgusted with the way adds come. Definitely adds will come as this is free for us but the way all on a sudden video adds come and stays such long time, this is totally unacceptable. Sometimes we read news in quite places where we do not expect adds with automatic sound.
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6 years ago, RAJU NyC iPhone 6+
Remove add or introduce paid version of this app
Prothom Alo is one of the leading newspapers of Bangladesh and we expect professionalism from the mobile app too. This app prompts add which is not related to Bangladesh. Also produce unnecessary music while reading news in quite place. Since this is a newspaper and there is no paid version this app, this app should be add free so that reader can read without any inconvenience.
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9 years ago, Tuhin.jubayed
Not bad
Very very slow loading. Despite being logged in, I can't put my comments. sometimes the app creates problem while loading. the appearance of the app is not attractive as well. need more improvements.
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2 years ago, Masum3k
Too much advertisements
Very unexpected, irritating and unusual ad frequently comes in when you read this newspaper. We don’t expect this from ProthomAlo as a regular reader!!
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9 years ago, Mueeze
Comment section
You guys need to fix the comment section. Whenever you want to go back to the news after reading the comments the screen becomes black. You have to restart the app to see the news. Fix it please.
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12 years ago, Evana Evu
Have to update performance
Most of the time app is crashing when wifi/cellular network is slow. Need to think on performance.
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6 years ago, Zinuk
Bad UX
App seems poor UX design, Often confused with my Samsung app. Prefer to have more native iOS design. Please, look some US news app to get ideas. Back button does not work on iPhoneX, sometimes app need to be killed to get ride on. Comment section is not scrollable while typing for long words. Contents like inappropriate, home feed always come with Bollywood gossips, is just meaning Prothom-Alo magazine, not newspaper. Overall satisfaction: quite happy just need to follow some greats apps to get ideas to basic designs. Thanks
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9 years ago, Matin Rahman
Nice apps
I never like prothom alo technology backdated newspaper that show analog style poll ,not concurrent news & also false new ...But I like this apps working well.
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8 years ago, Saimon khan
Most popular Bangladeshi app
I thik this is the most popular Bangladeshi app on app store. This is quite standard application comparing to other Bangladeshi apps.
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2 years ago, The Creative Mamun
To much ads…
Too much ads. So , I have now deleted this app.
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3 years ago, Tanvir1526
The app is useful. If you added shares option it will reach more views.
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12 years ago, TheDemonSlave
Hope but failed
We prothom alo lovers with iphone was happy to see this app but unfortunately it doesn't even start up properly. Needs serious up-gradation. However, it's hopeful that the app has launched now it just needs to be refurbished.
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5 years ago, Annexoid
Notification open app then launches browser!
When I select a notification to read the full story, it opens the app and the opens the story in browser! Makes the notifications pretty useless.
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10 years ago, SANI018
Font problem :(
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12 years ago, orko_is_here
Return Button
There is no return to home page or back button. Everytime need to close app and restart the apps. Please add a back button
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12 years ago, Asif Hossain
Really a brilliant initiative.. i hope it will improve more functionally and interface in the future
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11 years ago, gsislam
Need to be added to newsstand
Requires iOS6 compatibility and added to newsstand where other newspaper/magazines are saved
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7 years ago, Debashon
Make it better
Make your app working. From someday one popup message come again again that "internet is not available " and fix user connection page.
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12 years ago, Abul Bashar Md Sharif
Not an up to date app which we expected
There is no notification option, can't even go back to the main page. What kind of app is this ? The mobile version is much more better. There are lots of stuff to do with IOS. Come on Mr. Developer.
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2 years ago, SMuY12
Annoying pop up adds
Please remove pop up adds. Really annoying. I don’t feel like reading news anymore just that pop up add every minute and every time I open app on my IOS phone.
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7 years ago, Juthee
App does not work
When i try to open the app, it keeps saying no internet connection. No matter if I’m on wifi or on my cellular connection. It just doesn’t work. My husband’s app works fine on his mobile. This is really frustrating!!!!!!
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10 years ago, Shozeev
Very user friendly interface...keep updating
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12 years ago, Ashrafulrothy
Facing some problem (v1.1)
Every time show tap to red , tap to read . But overall good news app . Thanx to prothom-alo 😘
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10 years ago, Dr AfshaN AniS
Not good
Prothom-alo is one of the best newspaper in bangladesh but using this app i feel developer needs more update and d should follow some other newspaper apps how they design and how much informative as electronic newspaper is !!! hope u understand and its going to be a best app in mobile application coming years ....
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12 years ago, Tusher
Fix the problems reported by the users here
Once you Click on a news, you can't come back to the home page.
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7 years ago, ZBabu26
Keep showing no internet connection
When I open this app it keep showing no internet connection over and over and nothing shows up except loading screen. Pleased fix this ASAP.
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9 years ago, Rashxx3
Needs improvement
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11 years ago, sabit786
It barely works. Most of the times it crashes, keeps (and stops) loading, says tap to reload, shows frequent error messages. Need urgent update. Does Prothom Alo want its ios readers be stranded from them?? This is ridiculous.
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8 months ago, Mohd. Bipu
Dark Theme Needed..
Everything was fine but Requires Dark theme. Dark theme is easy on the eyes. Please add dark theme to your app 🙏
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2 years ago, Shamimul Alam
Too much advertising
Brand Prothomalo is good and their news is authentic but too much advertisements in this app. It feels disgusting while came an advertisement in the middle of a news.
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3 years ago, NavidAnjumAadit
Cannot believe a leading newspaper can put so many spam links all around. Dude, you need to know the difference between ads and spamming. Ridiculous. Looks like I am on porn hub.
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12 years ago, Porosh
Nice app
Better and more stable version
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12 years ago, Sumank
•Need iOS 6 support. •Need latest news notification. •Need feedback option or bug report if PA want to make it batter. •need loading time optimisation as it is native app. Good work!!!!
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3 years ago, Abid2485
Dark mode
Except absence of dark mode everything else is ok.
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7 years ago, Jony Ahmed
ভাল। কিন্তু যেকোন পেইজ থেকে রিলোড দিলে প্রচ্ছদ এ চলে আসে। Fixed the problem Immediately.
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12 years ago, Tanjin.h
Worse App can imagine!
Is this an application? or HTML website? No home button. Application even crashes on iPhone 4s if you browse several section. The top scroll bar is sub-par in quality!! Shame on you Prothom-Alo!!
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2 years ago, aminuremon
Very much annoying to get audio video advertisements with this apps. When it will be stopped!
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3 years ago, Ainul Islam Lotus
Add dark mode
User friendly. Plz add dark mode in setting.
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2 years ago, tareq20231
Annoying advertising
I have not come across any app with more annoying and irrelevant advertisements than this one.
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11 years ago, PritamSaha
Full screen problem
Good attempt Prothom Alo. But the app is not optimized for iphone 5, 5c and 5s. Please work on this. Is it possible to add breaking news notification feature?
Show more
11 years ago, Sherajul
Need improvement
Font size is very small.....and need return button after finishing the article reading.
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5 months ago, Dr. Sozib
Login Failure
Can not log in into the ios app! Screen freezes every-time while submitting the password.
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