Bangla Newspaper - Prothom Alo

2.8 (319)
66 MB
Age rating
Current version
Prothom Alo
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bangla Newspaper - Prothom Alo

2.85 out of 5
319 Ratings
2 years ago, Masum3k
Too much advertisements
Very unexpected, irritating and unusual ad frequently comes in when you read this newspaper. We don’t expect this from ProthomAlo as a regular reader!!
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1 year ago, SMRumi
App doesn’t remember where it came from
When back button is chosen, it doesn’t remember where current page came from. It always takes to the beginning of the app. It’s very annoying, we will have scroll down to where we were last. It’s a easy fix, please fix this issue. Thanks.
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1 year ago, racerhomie
The app feels really web like
The text choices are limited,does not change according to system font size, the app has no dark mode, and it feels even worse than the website sometimes. The content is good though. Please make it better ,like the the daily star app. Thanks 😊
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4 years ago, given1234
the best bangla newspaper app
before the update it was already my favorite news paper app and now when they made an update it's more convenient . i read this newspaper since 1998 or 1997 . Best of luckthey 👌👍👏🏻
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7 months ago, Mamun403
Video adds are disgusting
Totally disgusted with the way adds come. Definitely adds will come as this is free for us but the way all on a sudden video adds come and stays such long time, this is totally unacceptable. Sometimes we read news in quite places where we do not expect adds with automatic sound.
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1 year ago, SadmanRayanShuvo
App gets hung.
App gets hung when password is given input for signiup.
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2 years ago, The Creative Mamun
To much ads…
Too much ads. So , I have now deleted this app.
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3 years ago, Tanvir1526
The app is useful. If you added shares option it will reach more views.
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2 years ago, SMuY12
Annoying pop up adds
Please remove pop up adds. Really annoying. I don’t feel like reading news anymore just that pop up add every minute and every time I open app on my IOS phone.
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5 months ago, Mohd. Bipu
Dark Theme Needed..
Everything was fine but Requires Dark theme. Dark theme is easy on the eyes. Please add dark theme to your app 🙏
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2 years ago, Shamimul Alam
Too much advertising
Brand Prothomalo is good and their news is authentic but too much advertisements in this app. It feels disgusting while came an advertisement in the middle of a news.
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2 years ago, NavidAnjumAadit
Cannot believe a leading newspaper can put so many spam links all around. Dude, you need to know the difference between ads and spamming. Ridiculous. Looks like I am on porn hub.
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3 years ago, Abid076
Dark mode
Except absence of dark mode everything else is ok.
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2 years ago, aminuremon
Very much annoying to get audio video advertisements with this apps. When it will be stopped!
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3 years ago, Ainul Islam Lotus
Add dark mode
User friendly. Plz add dark mode in setting.
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1 year ago, tareq20231
Annoying advertising
I have not come across any app with more annoying and irrelevant advertisements than this one.
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2 months ago, Dr. Sozib
Login Failure
Can not log in into the ios app! Screen freezes every-time while submitting the password.
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3 years ago, happy_gamer
Full of Admob Ads like a indie App Developer
This is quite shocking. Such a big company giving admob interstitial ads, video ads in each news. Such a shame! Just going to delete this.
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4 years ago, shajib_1744
Stopped working in iOS
Since updating to version 6.2, not working most of the time. When works extremely slow and boggy.
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4 years ago, Mamun YNWA
Can’t open in iOS
This 6.1 version isn’t working on iOS. Even phone browser is also redirecting to the app which makes it worse.
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2 years ago, sarkarripon
I can’t even login to my premium account. Getting crushed again and again
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2 years ago, Mominbd1
Thousand of advertisements, can’t read anything. They creat this apps only for advertisements money. Best of luck and I am just deleted. Thank you
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4 years ago, Noman6677
They provide fake news.
They always publish fake news. In recent they publish a big fake news against Evaly.
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4 years ago, imuimtiaz
Why ad???
It’s very annoying to see test ad all the time. I’m a regular online reader of this app but now thinking to uninstall this due to this unwanted pop up.
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2 years ago, aziztamal
Poor app development
Full of intrusive ad, frequent crash, occasional freezes. Poor performance
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4 years ago, sanju baba bd
False information
always they publish fake news. don’t believe them 😕😕😕
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2 years ago, munimamauda
Please add dark mode. Helps reducing eye strain
Add dark mode pls thank you
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4 years ago, foyaju
Test add after one
Who are you guys ! Who gives add after one minute continuously? I don’t see this system any app like this. Shame on you guys.
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4 years ago, anis56478
Wrong news
wrong news and wrong information
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1 year ago, Rahman9625
Ad issues
Stop showing explicit ads.
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2 years ago, trqws33i
Highly biased towards India
Highly biased towards current ruling party and acts as a Indian lobbyist in Bangladesh. If daily star and prothom alo doesn’t exist, Bangladesh would be a better country.
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7 months ago, Mashrat
Too Much Ads!!!
Way too many ads, very annoying!
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2 years ago, shadhin1276
Bad ad placement
The tactics for placing ads mimics more like a porn site rather than news site
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1 year ago, M J Salehin
Too much add
Too much add
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2 years ago, E v...
Mostly bogus news
Countries leading false newspaper most of them are bogus news.
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3 years ago, AR 364318 xyzabc
Uncontrollable Ads
Horrible app with popping up apps like a ghost. I stopped using it as much.
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3 years ago, apurbatoday
Too much add
You cant even read a single news ...
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2 years ago, aony21
Too much advertisements
To much add. Even some add are not appropriate for all ages
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4 years ago, Sandhan…the angler
Publishing wrong news
Prothom Alo is the most wrong news presenter now a days, it should be banned
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3 years ago, Bobbypab
Ad irrelevant
Just install for news. Totally bull$**t app. Irrelevant ad appear always.
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6 months ago, grtushar
as bad as it gets!
Hello developers and QAs of this app, go find new type of jobs! morons!
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3 years ago, dhafnib
Its getting worse
Pls stop the ad. We cant rven read a news
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4 years ago, Md. Saidul Islam
Good job
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4 years ago, Tashriff
WORST News paper of Bangladesh
They publish fake news specially against Bangladesh’s e-com industry. They are aiming to destroy e-commerce in Bangladesh, I doubt if there’s any agenda behind it..
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2 years ago, Golam Morshed Alvy
Too much ads!
Too much ads! Plz stop it!
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4 years ago, Low grade app
Fake news
Suffering a lot for fake news
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4 years ago, arfin riaz
Fake news
Fake news paper
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3 years ago, Ahmedbduser
Poor app
Too much advertising in a national daily newspaper!! It’s unexpected!!
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11 months ago, Jewelaapon
Too much add
We are not with this app,
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8 months ago, SaymaKhan
Ittitating App
Too much ads. The worst app for such a newsaper. Hated it. Depeted immediately.
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