Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

4.4 (287.1K)
1979.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Budge Studios
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

4.43 out of 5
287.1K Ratings
2 years ago, maalsaj
Great game view little things
I really hope a developer sees this. This is a great game. You can interact with everything. My only complaint is with the VIP it’s really annoying because first of all you only get two characters what is the point of every single one of those rooms if you only get two characters. You have to buy VIP for the rest. I wanted to go to the pool but it’s a join the club which means join VIP and it’s like six dollars a month and I’m not gonna pay for that. I really just hope that you guys open up some more things and don’t make such everything VIP. I want to go to the dance floor VIP. I wanted to do the skipper the radio station thing VIP everything is almost Vip. You can do a lot but not the good stuff and it only unlocks Nikki and Barbie. When you have skippers room Chelsea‘s room do you know all the stuff only for two characters like what’s the point of that so I really hope you guys just take away some of the VIP and at least unlock a few more characters maybe like skipper Chelsea and Stacy and maybe like the parents and Ken obviously are so and maybe unlock the pool and like not and like I wanted to paint nails but it won’t let me so just yeah unlock some stuff
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2 months ago, Concerned dog
I like it but it’s only really fun if you’re a VIP.
Developers out there thank you for taking time out of your day to read this ! So the thing about this game is that everything all the kids even tweens and teens really want is what you advertise in the App Store. Of course you don’t tell them they don’t actually get to play and access all of that do you? No you don’t because if you did you wouldn’t be doing as successful as you are doing now. Well honesty is the best policy and you know that don’t you? I bet all the people who download this game are really disappointed when they realize that you lied to them. Now I’m not blaming whoever’s reading this but I do want to let you know that you can make a difference and make this game better! How do you think a four year old is going to feel when they find out that they can’t access the pool or become a mermaid. They are going to feel pretty sad. I read the other reviews and almost all of them are generally about this whole VIP program. Please unlock some more stuff for your players who play your game and wonder what it would be like to be a VIP. I understand that they don’t pay you money every month but they devote time to your game and don’t want to feel lesser than because they don’t fill your pockets with cash. Please, please, please unlock some stuff for us non-VIPs and I promise you will see a difference in your reviews! Thanks again and take this into account before overlooking it, okay? Thanks, bye!
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1 month ago, POW 🤩 ya
Sometimes, apps just need a little help :)
This app is a good news and bad news situation. I am going to start with the bad news, since people usually crave that info when getting an app more than the good. Even if I give the bad first you will still know the good things (things opposite of the bad) anyway. Okay, going to stop yapping and getting to the part why I am writing this review in the first place. CAST YOUR EYES ON THIS SPOT TO SEE NEWS SO YOUR EYES DO NOT SKIP OVER IT. okay, first issue is the obnoxious ads. These ads come up pretty often, and you have to pay a ton of money to get rid of the ads. Booooooo! 😤 Other bad news: You have to have a vip to get almost ALL the good stuff, even stuff inside your own Barbie Dreamhouse. The vip is literally $12 a month… WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU THINKING, PEOPLE??? At LEAST make the horses free. Those are my favorite animals for heavens sake! I hope you read the he bad news, time to get to the good. You do not need to read my good paragraph, (It is not that vital) so… I dunno what to say lol)😂 This app is a really good app. Fun, and great for advanced and junior gamers, you might want to consider getting this app. Okay, now onto why I gave my review what I gave it. One of the stars I took off because of the ads, one for the vip, and one for no horses. I NEED THOSE HORSES!!!🐴 😡 And responder? It is about time you have responded, whether it is AI intelligence or an actual person (which I personally prefer) Thankx
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6 years ago, dear creator😸😸😸
App is fine except one thing👍☝️
First of all only nine The reason I don’t like this App is because I have the VIP now I had my stuff when I did update today I had the 🎁 and don’t now and it cost so much for just a game you guys to make more simulator apps of Barbie and her house and have everything except buying stuff but this is really fun game and this is the only game that I like about Barbie in the season two and Barbie you should have Zach game the people who made this game are really good except you guys should just not put my part and I tried to call and we hung up because nobody would answer and we wanted to get the VIP and the numbers are really easy so kids could go in and buy it themselves and I think you guys should make that more better so that kids can’t get on that stuff and know their own 💴 The number inside the game kids can just call the number on your cell phones or their mom someone sneak it in a kitchen I grabbed her self phones I really love this game you guys are going to half to look at my Settings and take off the money part we don’t like this and my mom is talking to this to asking me to tell you guys OK love you guys look at this and just make sure that it’s safe before you buy it or do anything with it I want to make another review and I do I didn’t mess anything up in the house too so you can just go on there and love you bye my name is Lexi Chloe kitten land in your car man so just have a good day and we love you bye
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2 years ago, mrs barbie doll
Samantha Richards
I was wondering if you could ad some more fun stuff to do in the game like make up maybe you could ad a jacuzzi and a sauna to the spa and maybe skipper and Stacey could have their own room and maybe you could do rooms for barbie’s freinds and maybe one for the parents and maybe you could ad some of the older barbie songs to the game like all for one,making my way,right hear in my arms,and some other songs from older barbie movies and maybe you could ad something where the characters can sit down on the grass or the sand and just relax maybe you could ad some new fruits and vegetables like coconuts,limes,mushrooms,raspberries, blueberries,onions,olives,avocados and peaches and maybe a desert stand that serves ice cream Sundays, doughnuts and milkshakes in the hub and maybe a feature in the kitchen where you can make smoothies with different fruits and vegetables and maybe a playground/park location with a side and swings and a basketball court and a zip line and a ping pong table and I don’t really like how you have to pay to keep all the characters other than barbie and Nikki can you please fix that and I also don’t like how with the concert staition only barbie can sing so can you please fix that
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4 years ago, Margarita241
I sort of like this app but... it’s annoying that not every thing is free some people can’t afford stuff like this and I don’t understand how the only free people are Barbie and Nikki I mean I like Barbie and Nikki but what about daisy and Teresa? And the pets why aren’t they free to? And the house when you first get the app the house is a MESS like seriously what about the neat freaks like me not every one loves a messy house and why can’t you swim in the ocean in the new update and that is just the beginning why do they have these point less to do things like seriously there is a app called Toca Boca that’s way better than this and not every person has to have blonde hair and blue eyes I mean yeah some people do but why can’t Barbie have a new look and why does every thing have to be pink not every kid who plays it loves pink I mean daisy can pull that of but seriously and why can’t there be more than 1 bedroom and why can’t they take the stairs and why is daisy the only bigger One every one is skinny that’s the whole reason why they released the new line Fashionista and why can’t there be a Mexican friend I don’t care what you say but there needs to be one. I also hate how once you use something it doesn’t come back until the next day🤯 Also why can’t it just be BETTER😡😡😡😡 Well I hope my review helps all of you future buyers and creators PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take my complaints into consideration. Also always wear a mask 😷😁
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6 months ago, Rkmew31
Good game but…
This is a good a Game. Don’t get me wrong I’m a tween and like concept of this game, and it’s a good way to waste time and just have fun. It’s really smooth except it loads a little long my only annoyance with it is that you have to get a membership to access most things or you can access without it is stores, certain video games and the Barbie Dreamhouse I just feel like I’m missing out on a lot of things because my parents won’t let me get the membership and it’s not worth the money. This makes me not want to play the game and I only do it occasionally when I’m extremely bored but I always try to find an alternative to playing the game. Whoever makes this I hope you read this and maybe either get rid of the membership or allow us to access more things without the membership it really is frustrating. It’s a good game I just wish you could access more without the membership. That’s one big thing so developer if you’re reading this, I hope you take my opinions and suggestions into account and ever looking to get this app I do recommend it but you should take what I said into account. There’s barely any ads if they are ads. It’s more advertisements for other games that this company has made all in all I like this game and that’s my review.
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2 years ago, Saniap6597
It alright
Hey. I only gave you two stars because your game says four or older. 4+?!And you have VIP this and VIP that, it’s fun and all but y’all need to take VIP away why do you expect little kids to have fun in a game that requires VIP parents don’t have time to spend the money on games I understand parents that work hard to provide for their children and their household you think they want to spend money on games no nobody got time for that if they just want to be generous or if the kids got money that money of course they buy but who wants to just spend money on games all the time! You’re like every other game just you do different stuff in the game you charge even though it’s for kids like Roblox and all that stuff like I hate this game I love it but I hate it too I hate it and I love it I hate it more! What my brother Joshua thinks about this game: I don’t like this game it’s disappointing me and it’s making my sister mad and me mad and all you have to say is you have to do all that to say is delete this game. I command you with this I don’t want you to download this game anymore because it is not for kids were so so cute because I know that some kids used to play this game my sister don’t like it right Sania oh and I need to say something else if you delete put this game on here again no more I’m gonna delete it right Sania?😡😡😡😡😡🥺😡😡😡😡😡
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2 years ago, [b)
Cool but…..
Cool but… it’s a very fun game it’s just that everything is VIP like the camper to go surfing to get more characters dogs animals and this is her age for an up game so I don’t get it it’s kind of like Toca Boca where everything cost money but it’s up being a game for baby’s so I don’t understand why this is happening but I love this game me and my friend play all the time it’s just crazy how you had to buy VIP so if the creator of this game is looking at this review please change it because there’s kids out here in the world who don’t have a lot of money in this game is a perfect game for them and they can get characters and stuff so you got a think about this more guys invite nobody wants to sit here and pay seven dollars a month for VIP like this is a kid game bro just like all the other reviews I hope it helps for the future because this game is fun but it also could use a lot of help because it’s just crazy how these kids love Barbie but I love the other characters too but can’t get them and their family doesn’t have a lot of money so they can’t afford to buy it make everything not VIP in this game would get so many more good reviews thanks for the future
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3 years ago, kgp598
Hey we need more bed rooms
Hey can we start making VIP free because my mom won’t pay for it and I really want it and I really wish I could really do it please do it please please my big fan of Barbie dream house and I really want to go to Skipper and chancy and Stacy because I want Barbie to make it a mom but she needs kids since I don’t have the people are used to Nikki at the daughter because you won’t make it free please make it 33 please please please please please please I will leave a bad review if you do not and then I will get rid of the game and file a complaint hello Karly Powell from Fitzgerald you know what you are and what I do when I’m in just like I want you and you want me I love ya and you know I love you love you was my time I want to play robolx was that the best game ever and you can not be happy with your life you want to play and I want to be with you you and I can play you like hey you know what it is you want to play with me I love ya you can play it with me and play with my dad and play it with me please please let me play with my nana please please answer me I want to be with you please call me when I have to come to you Please is your house 🏠
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3 years ago, unikitty_35895
Can you please read this and do changes please
Can you make the clothes cost less coins and put the new update on fully and make it a little bigger put all of there rooms in the house make the whole house a little bigger like the actual show make it look like the actual character and make it not where’s we just see the characters where’s we see it all also let more then 4 people sit on something if there more then on seat😡. anyways please make the game better also bring barbies school the park more things to play with everything in the house the put in the trampoline circus every thing that’s in the show Chelsea birthday party with the island and boat give more coins make more parts in the clothes store I love this game but it needs a little more changes it makes things better it make it more fun and fair I read these comments and one said that vip you were just doing it for money and not for joyment and tow characters with barely anything to do isn’t fair so make it better for people and more fun for people and I already bought the vip and then I noticed from those comments that was a waste of time to buy it also open up the barn.
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1 week ago, virginiarae
Good but some things…
So this game is a good and fun game for kids but just a few things. Well, this game is really good whoever made it is awesome but here’s just two things I think they should change. So the first reason is that you only get two characters unless your a VIP. And to be a VIP you have to PAY. You will have to pay $9.99 per month. I just think you should have to subscribe and that would be all. Now the second thing is that there is a glitch. Now I don’t know if it’s just because my iPad might be old and I think that’s why but I’m just gonna add that in to see If that’s actually how the game was made and if it was if they can fix this glitch. So here’s the glitch. Every time I go on the app to play it then go on another app to play that app I always end up going back onto this app and then when I get in the screen turns white and it brings me back to all of my apps. So then I have to get back into the game and it’s really annoying. Now that only happens once every single time I do that. Now I did five stars because I think this is a great game for kids and is a kid-friendly game.
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8 months ago, Ava SanG
Cool……but more characters and stuff
There’s only one room in the dreamhouse Chelsea’s room! why can’t they add Brooklyn’s room that’s not fair 😡 maybe they should have more fruits pomegranate dragon fruit mushrooms anddd this thing happened to me when I was making a beat in the DJ Studio it got frozen just some Random cat beat that I made and they should add a more characters to the dream house like Raquel and Ryan and midge and Isla and they should update the dolphin magic update and The hub Will have snorkels and wetsuits flippers for Barbie’s friends and and they’ll put a boat and you could actually make them go snorkeling and I should add the 4 gemstone dolphins for the pets and next they should build a movie theater and then they will have a popcorn stand and they should give you access to the and they should add a new Arcade game Poseidon’s pearls 2 and they will have a jewelry shop too 😃 and another mini-game like we have to sell to customers order fo jewelry and then you could make it to match the customers order and please make an extra room for Barbies Dad and Barbies Mom make a adult pool for everyone and more outfits! And a brand new cat tower for blissa and that’s it for m review byeeee✋🏻✋🏻
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2 years ago, Mdxu
Let’s talk about VIP.
Ok so I first started without VIP, I had Nikki and Barbie and for a while I played with them, but soon I got bored so I didn’t play for a month, then a new update came so I played again, so I begged my parents to get VIP and they said ok after a while of begging. I loved the dogs and the cat and I loved all the new things in the Barbie Dreamhouse! Then I stopped playing for while because I was moving, and when I logged back in (after a year) I had NO VIP! So I was pretty sad about that, it was pretty annoying not having the stuff I used to have so I stopped playing until the other Barbie came out, I played again but I forgot I didn’t have VIP so I just played normally, I still play now but not that often (PLEASE ADD AT LEAST ONE ANIMAL TO THE FREE STUFF!) I usually play other games now, (Not saying this one is bad) and when had VIP Barbie had already explained what everything was and what it is, but when I didn’t have VIP it made me listen to her explain again! And I keep having to update it!! Anyway all I am trying to say is add more updates about VIP, the free stuff, and adding more free animals and people! Bye for now!
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3 years ago, 🌸✨Cookie✨🌸
Good but there are problems
Ok so this game is a cool fun game where you can play out lots of things with all the Barbie characters in the Dream house and other cool places but not exactly. So niki and Barbie are characters you get for free and then I think something like 2 years you could buy other characters for like $1-2 each and that character would come with their outfit, and some fun things to do but then the game changed it where the only way to unlock anything is VIP witch unlocks everything but is like at least $6 a month. Anyways my friend gets it and it’s really nice you get 100 coins, all new features, lots of characters, and some free clothing, along with all the pets. I decide to get it myself! So I get it and play around with the characters and their special features and now, time to go on a shopping spree with the coins. But I don’t get any bonus coins… and I am very disappointed that I don’t end up with the 100 included coins :(. And I don’t get any of the free included clothing either for characters like Teresa and Daisy. So in the end I am just plain disappointed that I only got half of what I was promised for my money. Please fix this glitch it also happened to one of my friends. Thanks and have a good day
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3 years ago, 日本、東京、京都が大好きです
You... BUDGE! Are you serious
This is it. I cannot stand this developer so called BUDGE! I can’t take it anymore. I have some complaints about this game created by“budge.” Now, ahem, first, this game is supposed to be for kids. How then could you charge this much money for A GAME FOR KIDS?! Next complaint, why do we only get 2 characters? Like another review said, “A simple role play game should have at least 5 people.” And can we play with 5 characters? NO! Third, we used to be able to play with Nikki. Now we can’t because of this “update”budge created to make the game “better.” I do not like you budge! Your website says you try to make your games entertaining for kids to play. WRONG! You just make the games for money. If you want to “entertain” kids with games like this, then don’t make your apps with subscriptions or in-app-purchases unaffordable! Also, you added new characters from the new movie that came out today. But they’re part of the VIP! Not fair budge! Also, I don’t like that in order to dance we need to join VIP Club and we used to be able to dance. And then, you added a bunch of new hairstyles that are part of VIP! And a new sparkle hair color feature that you can only find out what it does if you join VIP! I want you to admit in front of us all that you just make these games for money! Come on admit it! I dare you.
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10 months ago, ash🎉🌺
There’s something that I don’t like
So first thing of all I don’t like about the VIP I think it’s just because you have to pay for it. And that is one thing that bugs me like every single day when I go play this game I like why I hate the VIP thing and some people have the VIP and also I have been trying to turn on those LED lights in the Barbie dream house and guess what I have do you have a VIP thing and that’s the thing that always is going to bug me when I play that game and please the developers of this game have to take away the VIP thingy and make it free for all of us because that’s not fair some of us are like getting treated fairly cause of the VIP thingy and I am not like trying to be rude or nothing but really you guys have to fix that because everybody Has to be treated fairly and I’m not trying to be a Karen or nothing do you guys have to fix that please I’m begging you and also you guys should also give us all the free characters and also the free VIP thing because like you know as I said I’m not trying to be Karen and awesome you guys are not cheating that’s fairly By. Ash🌺🌸🎉
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10 months ago, mila 30 15
About the game
It is a really good dream house game. You can buzzer their hair when you sit and they when you see the light and you sit in the chair you see there’s so much things that you can check out. It even has lights in the dream house. It is so cool sometimes you can see what they’re thinking about and if you do what they’re thinking about do you get if you look up there’s a heart in the hearts full already you get OK you can see a GIF next to it and you press it and then you keep pressing it and you get a gift. It is so fun and cool you should really buy this game. You can if you if you start the game well you’ll see the Dreamhouse and if you press the car swapping well you’ll start you’ll see a map and when you press somethings it’s VIP but you can and somethings are free so the more the more in the in a lot of days, do you like guess what he does boom unlock stuff for you something that we have here and then sometimes I’m except for you OK and it’s just really cool game and then you put a car he’ll see a big Mac pizza press anything up at the castle can’t because it’s VIP so
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3 years ago, Katy_playzroblox302
I love it but there’s a problem.
So, I love the app with all my heart but I’m disappointed that I made a character and the developers made it VIP, I hate that cant you see that developers are making this game worse? Please stop making my characters that I created VIP, I would rate it a 5 star but I’m sorry, your developers are making my characters VIP, I don’t have VIP though, and it’s boring, could you make some minigames please? Thanks, and those minigames could not be VIP, thanks again! And some ideas of some minigames : golf, basketball, soccer, & hair salon! I know this is long but please stay, and read the reviews before downloading it, developers I am very amazed that you made this awesome game, but sorry, and most of the people that wrote the 5 star reviews are 4 year olds, not making fun of them, people are awesome the way they are, please if people are making fun of you stand up, anyways back to the review, it’s a great game actually this would be one of my favorite games in 3 year old me, my mom downloaded this for me, and I say it’s pretty cool! This is very long but stay here I’m waiting for you! And a suggestion could you make a spa?, if you don’t have one please make it and bye it’s the end of the review. Love Mia
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3 years ago, Love Loulou boo
This is my reason why I gave it three stars⭐️
I’ve been playing this game for a while but not often because there’s always VIP everywhere I go VIP in a video everywhere I go and I saw that you did Chelsea‘s room and then if you didn’t sign up to the VIP then you only have two people so what’s the point of building nobodies room because you don’t even have a Chelsea😡 I like what you did to the mall though but I also like the nails by you when you go to the nails what are you supposed to do you’re so just supposed to relax but it’s a nails you’re supposed to go there for nails and then when you go in there why do you say no nail polish 💅 😡 but I do like the backyard I’m telling you what I like I like the backyard it’s very nice and the stairs are cool but the pool where is the POOL!?! And I really like The lights they are very nice but then you only get a chance to play with them for two seconds who does that people who want money and I know who people who are many people who invented this game so those are my reasons why only give this three stars but I got to say it’s a good game😊. From Jaylah peace out and stay awesome😜✌🏻😎
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2 years ago, firestorm bear
Pie and cake
Hey hey I think you should make the VIP into a free because other people want to play it too and I want to be able to play the full game and people don’t have much money so please we make it free please so people that have less money can afford something I do not like this game because it has VIP but it is a very fun game I love it so so so so much I really do not like VIP though because it’s everywhere in the shops and a lot of people can’t get money in the Barbie game so can you make money easier to get please The person who made this has to take the VIP off and make money easier for people to get in the Barbie game and I don’t think this game includes many people of color so please do that as well and make a school and Brooklyn’s house and so many more things just keep adding and adding and adding I think this game would be more fun if you just did that thank you for listening to my review but please make VIP Free so people who have less money can play and add more people of color and make the Barbie game more fun thank you so so so so much I love this game otherwise
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3 years ago, hjdvid
I love this game! I got it yesterday and fell in LOVE with it. I love how I can make so many different things in the kitchen! There is so much to do and so much to explore in the game. I know a lot of people are mad about the VIP and how it is so pricy, but personally I don’t have the VIP but I’m already having so much fun without it. And yes the VIP would make the game more fun, but I have so much fun without the VIP. And I don’t really care about the ads because I’ve seen worse games where there is an ad every 30 seconds. This game is AMAZING and so CREATIVE but there is one thing I HATE about it. You can get your stuff you threw in the trash back. I know that sounds dumb but I was just making something in the kitchen with the toaster and I moved the toaster back to the cabinet where is was but it accidentally went into the trash and now I have no toaster now. I wish the game could add a store with cooking supplies just in case you accidentally lost your pan or your toaster. That’s why I didn’t give it five stars. Please add a kitchen store so I can get back my toaster. But overall it’s a great game and it’s really fun to play it.
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1 year ago, Sandieggo007
I love this app so fun and creative!
So I have had this app since it was first launched at first I like never got to play it because my cousins and siblings and friends would always play it🤦‍♀️🤣 so then when I fully discovered it more it was so fun! From time to time when there was holidays like Christmas,Halloween,and so many more it was so fun! I am obsessed with this game and I also love Budge games there amazing so this is so fun! I love how you keep items and it’s not just there for a certain event! So it’s really fun👾 I also love Barbie and I just think with the updates and ect that it’s so fun! Okay so now I wanted to also get into one of the best things ever! If a new Barbie movie comes out there’s things from it! Like the new skipper and Barbie babysitters movie and the new mermaid Barbie movie and the princess Barbie movie.. it could go on and on🎥 so I would just wanna thanks your team(Budge) for making these games! There so great for youngsters and just so amazing,happy,and fun! Also thanks so much for adding a new stable I have been dreaming for it for years! Thank you Budge💚
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5 years ago, moe the cow
Its cool but some changes NEED to be made!!
I love the game! It’s so cool that you can explore Barbie’s house. At the same time I hate it because you only have Nikki,Barbie, and a few rooms. Then your like “oh yah you can get more! Phew because Stacie is my favorite character! “ ...................................”what...? You have to pay for the characters and cool stuff.? Oh good there’s a vip where you can just be happy and have them all......” but later “you gotta pay some money...okay...........umm............did I read that right?” WHAT IM SAYING IS you shouldn’t have to pay money for everything and instead you have to solve a problem like in episode one where the house was malfunctioning. Also that it is online! That would be super cool! But people could mess up your house so either make it possible to lock the house or that people can’t change your house only you can. Actually it’d be cool if you can do Barbie,ken, AND the mean neighbor people’s home! But PLEASE listen to me! I love y’all but honestly some changes need to be made! I do love this game it’s so detailed! I also think you should add mr. and mrs. whateverbarbieslastnameis are included and their rooms and Chelsea’s room and Stacie and skipper’s room. Please 👏😞I’m kinda dying here!!!!!!!!!!,☹️⌛️⏳📲
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9 months ago, KatyaM.
Katerina mirontseva
I wished it could have some more stuff like making smoothies or fashion or characters or something like that or maybe something like songs for a concert like before us or life in color or just the beginning or more like that too. I was also wondering if you could add som other fun stuff like ipad or tv or fairy or other things like that and we would like to add some more clothes and characters and places. Oh and even another thing to say is that it really needs a touch of magic place too. I was wishing that you have to add more bedrooms and houses and arcade games too. It’s still very nice but you can’t just add a bit of fun because you need it always be V.I.P and we would love to. I only had fun with the arcade games and that’ll be worst! I’ve got to have fun with other stuff like dancing or eating or swimming. I want you to add more characters like bobo or erika or haley. I am sorry to beg you for everything! I love this app. Can you add a playground and playlist maker for it too? I love if you do everything that I’ve said.
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10 months ago, LilMsperfect21345
Yo could do better.
You could do way better, I think that VIP should not be an option anymore because you’re paying $10 on a children’s game so obviously little kids are crying because their parents are not letting them get VIP because no parent wants to pay $10 on the game I know if I was a mother I would not wanna pay $10 a game to me, It’s stupid. I do understand that the VIP is a fun little touch to add, but then when you do play the game ALLMOST EVERYTHING IS VIP the ocean is VIP and you obviously know little girls like mermaids same for the barn and the camper in the camp area they gonna wanna go to the ocean but the parents not going to pay. The game is kind of a scam it self. There are awesome pros to the game, but there are not a lot. for example, yes you can dress the Barbies by yourself but some clothes are VIP sometimes you don’t get enough coins and you only get to dress two characters which is Barbie and Barbie also known as Brooklyn and Malibu. The reason you can only dress two Barbies is because all the other Barbie’s and all the other characters are VIP once again it’s a waste of money and no one wants to pay 10. But in conclusion, I would just like to see changes. But overall I would say it is a good game for children. The age for 4 and up, but not the age 12 and up.
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1 year ago, bella 7/2/2014
Great add some stuff + vip way to much stuff
Lets talk about vip , half the game is vip and vip hello very expensive, i think you should add the barn that is metioned in the sieries i think that you should be able to drive to the places like a miny game otherwise great game and just going to give you a round of a applause for this game if not those things i mentioned amazing but also make a room for the parents also for some of her freinds like brooklyn and niki i also think that there should be the naibors house that ypu could go into and have those charecters and i think there should be a technology studio for teresa and a soccer field or somthing with sports i also think that there should be a place where you can like buy toys and complete tasks that the charecters want i also think there should be a super market where you get more food you dont have but also i only have one complaint which is that on my iPad every time i try to go somewhere in the loading screen it just stops loading and just freezes on that screen so please fix that thanks for reading
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3 years ago, ffgbthgfthh
Great and all but
Every time I play it every time I plant something I get to do things but I’m still planting the garden and then it kicks me out and then whenever I get back and I don’t have the seeds anymore and also it is it it is it in the fruit and vegetable basket so I might do you you might need to fix that or maybe it’s just my iPad but it definitely needs to be fixed by you know OK budge I am back but please fix this bug this is not your fault it happens all the time but please just fix it also I have a suggestion to add please I love this game so much this is my childhood game and I still play it even though I’m seven I’ve been playing since I was five or six but the suggestion is can you add a fifth level where it’s like so there’s a VIP spot where you can create your own characters and then this is not VIP and it’s where you can create your own pets but to use them you have to have VIP if you cannot called that in then you can just make it so that it’s VIP there can never be also can there be a spot where your characters can play please please please add it in I don’t care if you don’t I just hope in the future that you can
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2 years ago, LNiazi
I love this game but there are a few problems
I love this game but there’s a few problems. One of them is the fact that I have a glitch I try to get VIP and it says “I’m sorry this is taking a bit longer to load than usual” . I never get my VIP and also when I see Barbie all I see is a bald head floating in mid air. Another problem is you should add more things like maybe a bit more characters for the people without VIP. Another thing is maybe you should add stuff like wings for the Barbie fairy movie also I think you should make some parts of the castle for VIP but allow some things to be free in the castle :-). I also think you should be able to go to school 🏫 I think that you should also have Tim’s house has Ken is one of the important characters in Barbie :-( . I also think you should add about one pet for non-VIP. It’s not very fair for the people who don’t have VIP but they can only cook a few things have about two characters and barely have anything else. I think you should make it more fair more fun and more for everyone. Please take my suggestions into account and please make the game more fair for everybody.
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3 years ago, IdeasForTheGame
Ideas For The Game
This game is really cool, but I think it would be even cooler if you add a mall that we can buy clothes from and we could be able to earn money to buy the clothes by working as a lifeguard at the beach or working at a restaurant or something like that. On that note it would be really cool if you guys added a restaurant and more places like that for us to go to, like a school that we could actually take classes at, etc. Also it would be nice if their were rooms for each of the characters, like the parents room, stacys room, skippers room, and Chelsea’s room. I just watched the new princess adventure movie and it was really good! It would be really cool if you guys added trey and the two brothers as characters since they are in the show and the movies! It would also be cool if you added princess Amelia. You guys should also add princess amelias hairstyle to the game and barbies middle part with straight hair; basically all of the hairstyles and maybe even outfits Barbie wore in the movie or that the other characters wore in the movie!
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1 year ago, AllisonLillyAshley
It’s fun and a great past-the-time game!
I’ve had this game for a while, and I would play it with my little sister. I have nothing really wrong with it, but…. Your VIP thing, I get that you need a way to make money off of your game, I guess. But the reality of it is: The game really limits how much we can do. Things such as: Clothing options, amount of people you can play with, can’t use pets, can’t go to certain places and can’t use a lot of things in the house. I had an idea that maybe you could open up a few things for everyone to use, like people, activities in the house and some of the other problems I mentioned before. But that was just an idea I had. I’m I young teen. Idea. But I really enjoy playing your game and loved one of your updates with viewing other people’s homes and I wondered if traveling there with people would be in the distant future. My sister doesn’t play as much anymore, but I keep the game in my phone because of how much fun I had with it in the past. And again, I love your game!
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2 years ago, Elena of avalor fan 058
My favorite game but.......
Hi. When I was a kid I was obsessed with Barbie. I had Barbie dolls and the movies. I still like Barbie now. When I found this app I was happy that there was a Barbie app! I downloaded it and then a few years later I got the VIP. I love this game VIP or not but I’m having a problem with the latest update. When I was playing with the dream camper I tried pressing the up and down button but all it does was make a weird sound and not open. I tried over and over again but it wouldn’t work. I tried pressing the sleep button and that was the only one that worked. Overall I love this game and look forward for more and hopefully you can fix that glitch. Thank you and please read and respond to my message. (One week later) Hi! Thank you sooo much for fixing the camper! Now I can use it. But the pool in the camper doesn’t work. It makes a weird sound. Please fix it. Overall thank you for fixing the camper and I hope you can fix the pool glitch. Thank you and please read and respond to my message.
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1 year ago, TCNWHKS_4
I Love this game!!!! I play it so much but it bugs me because there is too much Vip stuff! I hate it. I actually deleted this app bc there is too much VIP stuff. Other than the vip stuff, you need to relese more hairstyles. For nonvips there are onple 5! Its not fair! In the video where u can download that app it advertises the pool. I saw that and got super excited only to find that it was VIP only! Thats super unfair! If u are a vip u are paying waaaaaaaaayyyy to much for this app! I asked if i could get the vip but i was told no because its $9.99 PER MONTH! What are u people thinking?!?! I asked again for vip and i was told no bc it is a waste of money. When i first downloaded this app, only floravia was vip only. I didn’t care then. And now there is floravia, pacifica, nyc cafe, and things like the nail salon, beach, arcade, the house, and the camper! Its sooooo unfair!!!!!! Also, the vips get 50 COINS A DAY. NON-VIPS ONLY GET 5. Pls make it more for non-vips. In conclusion, there are WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY to many VIP only game, and VIP costs WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYto much. Pls lower costs or make it $9.99 per year. If I’ve learned anything about money is that the less money you ask for, the more people will get VIP. PLEASE FIX THIS GAME IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!
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6 months ago, fiamma the cat🧜🏻‍♀️
Terrible game
I’m not even going to greet you. This game is horrible. My 5 year old daughter asked for this game, and I, unfortunately, agreed. I looked at the adds and whatever, it looked amazing. My daughter loves playing with Barbie’s and I think it helps her socially. I downloaded the app, and she began to play. First of all, Barbie’s voice is SO SQUEAKY AND SASSY. It was so loud! Whenever she touched the screen Barbie was like: OOOH! She went into the bathroom with a doll and Barbie was like: “THIS IS CALLED A TOILET! YOU CAN PLAY IN IT! “ like wha? 😓. My 9 year old daughter hid under the table for an hour had to coax her out with cuddles. You also have the vip situation. All you can do is drag a doll around! Come on! My daughter asked for the vip. I didn’t look at the price, just told her to do basic and she if she can unlock stuff. She can’t go into a room without at least 1 cool thing being vip. I looked at the price, 50 usd?! What is wrong with you? I told her no, but the game rubbed it in her face until my girl came over to me and said “does this mean I’m not special?” She was so sad the rest of the day. Also, what’s this vip for? To get dresses and have a pool party with ken. You can do that in real life! Very upset right now. This is a paywall and a scam. From: a very angry Japanese mother
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9 months ago, sighlori
Super fun, but SUPER glitchy
This game is really fun and has a lot of potential for what they could do to expand it (cooking/decorating cakes yourself in a mini game style, adding jewelry/accessories to dress up, makeup, showing your house’s design when looking at the whole house, and more.) BUT, I’ve encountered so many glitches that a lot of the time I get annoyed and stop playing, which for $10 is really frustrating, bc this is the most expensive app I pay for, with the least benefits included. A lot of the furniture that is able to be painted, shows it taking the color when you drag it over to the item, but then doesn’t change colors. And other times, when it does change colors, it then gets stuck on the page that’s shown while dragging the color, and I have to close the whole app. I also wish everything was paintable so that I don’t have these random orange chairs that don’t fit my color scheme. When you go to the friends page, the entire screen glitches and is awful to look at. This game is really entertaining but I’ll be canceling my subscription if this stuff doesn’t get fixed soon.
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5 years ago, merdarapunzul
Pretty fun app, but just a few suggestions......
this game is really fun but I have a few things that would be really great if you could add! 1. It would be so much more fun if you don’t have to pay every single month, and in my opinion and I think everyone would agree that $6.99 is a lot to pay for a month, I think a one time pay would be reasonable. 2. I really want the mom and dad to be characters, it’s not just the kids in the series, the mom and dad are in there too so it would be really cool if you put them in too! 3. I like how Barbie has her own room but, skipper, Stacie, Chelsea (and if you put the mom and dad in) should have their own room too! I mean whenever I want them all to go to bed only one can sleep in barbies bed, two can sit in her bed but only one can sleep. 4. When I have them play the instruments or just want a lot of people together in a room it says I can’t bring anymore people out because I have to many people in there, I wish there wasn’t a limit for how many people are in there, And I don’t think the animals should count as people in the room. Thanks for reading!
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3 years ago, mcrobiea
Everything Was Gone... then returned!
UPDATE: After about a month, and loads of messages back and forth, our items all reappeared and stayed when we did the Easter update. Thank you so much for finding a way to get these items back into my daughters inventory. This was a really good option for our young child until the Valentine’s Day update when every clothing item, shoe, and accessory she’s purchased had disappeared. We do pay monthly. I emailed back and forth with support, followed all their advice with no resolve. They offered a free VIP month and 100 coins. We used the promo codes as directed but the coins never came and the clothes never showed back up. I asked for addiction help and they sent me to Apple support. I have to figure out how to contact them on Monday for the coins. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to buy this if after some time your child’s things will disappear and you will have no way to get them back. If our issue isn’t resolved after our current VIP month we will definitely cancel the subscription. Overall, truly disappointing that there is no resolve.
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2 years ago, its your girl bo
New games update
I love this game so much is like a fun game. I can play with my friends I feel like they should open a School and another thing is I hope I hope they can. I’d like the parents room right next to Stacy skippers because that would be really cool for them and I really don’t play with the parents since I don’t have a room for them I usually just play with skipper Stacy Chelsea Barbie and mostly Ken are really the only people I play with in the game because I don’t have room for the other people like the mom and dad I would play with them if they had a room another thing is I think they should open a store or a mall because we can go shopping. Yes, we have another store ready but I think they should add another one so maybe make a few things that are VIP free because not everyone can play with VIP characters, and like make all the characters free so everyone can play with them because it’s not fair just a few people can play with them and not the others
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2 years ago, peanut kay
Amazing game but some issues
I want to start out that I wrote a different one of these and accidentally submitted it when I wasn’t done I hadn’t wrote anything except the title now that that’s out of the way let’s talk about the game I love it but with the VIP and that stuff we’ll I think we should have 4 people and 1 pet the rest can be VIP still also I think we should be able to go to all the places + have the pool so the other stuff are still super cool to have if you get VIP I love the money and the store but maybe make things just a bit cheaper love the camper idea maybe make it not VIP I have a sister she’s 6 years old IN LOVE with the game so some of these are her ideas to she says that we should have every thing able to rap with the roll of paper on the wall ( sorry if I spell something wrong) also when you go to the spa you can actually paint there nails with out VIP also when you tap on them you can type in something then they will say it you don’t have to do any thing I said just some suggestions thanks!
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4 years ago, oreos 20
Amazing game
It is a amazing game but it is not fun with everything you have to buy stuff and if you don’t have a lot of money like my family it is boring but I love the game and I wish there are more locations and people more clothes and I want the people and the dogs because I have the dogs teape for the dogs and like I said we don’ have a lot of money and I wish all of it was free so the game can be fun and not boring and I hope you read this message and you can make some changes in this game so I hope you can do that and other people if they are plying this game I hope it can be fun but among us is fun and it is fun to play it is free and it is stupid also but my cousin plays this game also and now I play and wish it can change and when we get all lot of money we can buy the vip and it says that you can have it free until it is charged you some money at the end of the month so like I said I don’t like this game and it has only has so much locations and I hope they can make more locations see you bye for now☹️
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3 years ago, Carly kate burgess
Dear Budge Studios
I really like this game! When I am driving in my car and there’s no internet I can play on this but here is a few ideas for the game in my opinion that might make it better. You can choose if you don’t like these it is your choice. The first one is can you please at least unlock 2 or 3 more characters maybe a dog or Chelsea or Ken. Second is I don’t like that most things are VIP most outfits are VIP and it’s a once and only thing, and since it is Christmas maybe on Holliday’s if you are going to start the money thing to buy outfits you can give everybody who uses this game maybe 50 coins. Third is can you unlock the cards for the non VIP people. So you can atleast make cards at it looks like a fun activity from the video. Forth is can you add 2 bedrooms so if there is other people they can have separate rooms. Thank you for making this app. (All of what I have said of choices is optional) y’all are by far the best game creators I have ever heard of and the Barbie game is so realistic. Merry Christmas and have a great day!
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3 years ago, vggvgvgvgvgvfvfvfvf
More people!!!
There should be more people and should be able to do most things I appreciate this game but it could be better becouse people like me can’t buy vip treatment I am just a kid but please consider my ideas. Another idea is that vip is really hard for some people some people don’t have that much money 💵 if you are wanting kids to be happy please do this I know you want money for this game but soooo many people would get this game if their was no vip but really I really like this game but vip is a problem for me! You or other people are amazing at making this game I love it and I am 10! Please consider my ideas you may not care about my post but I have red your reviews a lot of them are about vip treatment I am sorry if this is mean but I am writing the the truth people reading these probably agree with me again I am writing the truth! Again sorry if I am being mean if you are reading this I am not being mean I am really writing the truth you are prob lying a nice person or people but please consider my ideas bye 👋
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12 months ago, unicorn rainbow baby
Okay so i have the vip and my dad had to pay for the vip no way just stop it Barbie lier
So okay i Love Barbie Dreamhouse but too be fare and better can’t you guys please do it for free please like this is a little too much 🥺money 💰 💴 💵 please please let us have it for free please and hopefully everyone have an awesome day 🤗 Barbie is a creep she’s crazy at 3:00 am there’s no way i am playing with her at that time do something she keeps saying oh i see a gift up there do you want it there’s no gift there’s nothing to see i have no word's…………….… If i hear her say it again no words and i will never play again! This app is really bad it’s boring so booo i HATE IT you always have to have the vip for the updates and to go places HATE YOUR FACE HATE YOUR GAME HATE YOURSELF!And everyone have a good day.😡🤬:please read: please make sure that you make the game better or you’ll just get more haters and more hates have a good day too you.🙁☺️🥲😇😊😁😄😃😆🙂🥲🙃🌺🌸🌼🌹🌷💐☘️🍀🌷🌈🌟⚡️✨🌊.the game looks fun but it’s not U NEED TO PAY TO PLAY IT U NEED TO PAY TO PLAY all these games so if you want to play it then be my guest 😒! By not Lunablue games😝!
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2 years ago, hhbbuhhkbnhjk
I LOVE 💗 but it’s a lot easier for us but it’s a lot more for you and the family in our life to keep them together with you to see the people who love 💕 so you know you are the ones you want me too love 💕 you and my brother love 💕 so so sweet 🥹 I just wish we had the time for this and you to know how you were going with you but it would not help for us but I know we can go back to the next couple of months if I want it for the first year I don’t think we have to worry for this time but it would take us forever ♾ we can go get a job in our lives that would help you to keep your own things to be a problem for me but we need you for your future as soon 🔜 your business 🧑‍💼 and we can all go through all your work you are going forward to the best to get in touch with your clients in a different direction you have been very nice 😊 you know you will always get to do that with me if we have any issues to be able.
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1 year ago, SimplyAvocado2
Amazing game, but a few problems
This game is amazing, but I have a few suggestions First of all, I wish everything wasn’t VIP it’s just seems unfair to people who don’t wanna spend money, or you could just set it for a lower price Second of all, I wish there was a school for them to go to, since school for everyone has or with be in school, also this should not be VIP because everyone needs to go to school and like you could have one of the activities be learning, like simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division and reading, writing, social studies, science, but like a bit easier Third of all, I wish we could create our own clothes for Barbie and friends and if we like we could sell them in the hub for other people to buy them, or just keep the clothes to yourself and not sell it, and this should NOT be VIP, because people would feel left out not being to create your own clothes Well that’s it, by have a nice day, by the way your game is AWESOME Sincerely, Your Friend Avocado
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4 years ago, pickle potato peanut
Great game but there is somethings...
I love this game it is really fun 😃!! But this game CRASHES so much to me. Sometimes it kicks me out but worst of all one time I decorated the dream house but when I went to the beach and came back all of it was undid like it never happened and then I have to do it all over again for my story in Barbie and it took a really long time! Second I am logged into my sisters account and I CAN’T get out! I tried deleting the game it still didn’t work! And if I try to buy something (like I said I’m on my sisters account) it is not there and it still wastes my coins!! So if you could show me how to get out of her account that would be GREAT because it is really bothering me! Third of all the daily coin present 🎁 doesn’t work for me. EVERY SINGLE TIME I GET ON the coin present 🎁 doesn’t work it won’t let me claim my prize and when I try again it’s the same thing!! Please fix this!! Last of all how do you get more fertilizer? And if you can’t that’s crazy because you should! Besides all these things I can agree that this a really fun and entertaining game!! Please continue to make this game even better!! Thank you!! 😁
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2 years ago, ,wkajw
You know MUST this before buying
Everyone who says to you “this app is great!” Blah blah blah is totally-NOT TELLING THE TRUTH! This game is based on the tv show “Barbie Dreamhouse adventures”(check it out after this or while playing if you buy it) and so you can decorate the house with money you earn by doing what the characters want. But when you first get it you only have niki, and Barbie, you can’t go surfing, paint your nails, (witch you can’t see on the character) go swimming in the pool on the roof porch, or go to the princess dance place. It’s pretty boring. This costs money to do all that and unlock new characters. This game has many missing features. For example: you can’t give the players braces, you can not change eye color, skin color, or profile. You may not add or subtract characters. There is no school, playground, or restaurant. There is: a shopping center, a bathroom, a spa, a normal dance place, you can change clothing, hair style and color, wall color, floor color. Thank you for being here and I will see you in my next review.
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2 years ago, henry danger LOVAH
This would be five star if vip wasn’t so much. I love this app and play it all the time at age 9 I just wish that there was a pay once option for vip because then you could save up for vip and pay once and get it forever, it could be around 50-60 dollars to pay once and with the amount of people buying it you could get a lot, but this isn’t my game and I respect your decisions and you don’t have to do it if you don’t want, anyways sorry if I sound bratty and thank you for reading this, and hope you can make that happen if not, that’s ok, and I can live without it Edit: thank you for more freedom to go around the town and more options for stuff. But please, at least and 2 more people for free. I love this game STILL at 10 y.o. But I would really like some more people than just 2. Anyways thanks for reading this, and I understand it’s your game and you make your own decisions. Thank you for putting all of your effort into this game.
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6 years ago, Angelic Candy
Very cool app but would like more
This is a very cool app where you can change outfits, cook, have them watch videos and interact. I love that they added a bathroom. As much as I like getting lots of gifts every time you get enough hearts there’s so many items that I don’t know what to do with and they can only go in certain areas like on certain parts of walls or certain shelves that are big enough. It would be really, really awesome if they could go in the back yard at some point. You can make out a gazebo and everything and I think the back yard is pretty spacious so you could put some things there. Also if each sister had a room or at least shared another room so you could decorate their separate rooms that would be so fun! And of course it would be great if every now and then we got new outfits and hairstyles :) it is a fun app though so thanks but I agree if you’re paying basically $6/month I would expect a little more like more rooms to be opened up later and new clothes to earn like for example when you reach the 7th day gift box maybe get a new hairstyle or outfit or piece of clothing. :)
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8 months ago, fghmuvr$n,lknres
Not a big fan
Barbie dream house is a great app but after a while it gets really boring because you have to be a VIP and it’s so annoying you can only unlock two characters and you have to pay once a month and it’s not cheap. also Almost all the places in Barbie dream house are locked and you have to be a VIP to go there and plus it’s really hard to get coins in the game when you’re not a VIP you basically have to be a servant to Barbie and BrooklynTo get coins when they want to get a Specific book you have to get them a specific book just to get one heart balloon and plus when you get all the heartsTo fill up the meter you only get 5 to 10 coins and it’s usually five if the owner of this game is Reading this and considering stopping the VIP thing thank you. please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please Fix it thank you
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