Barbie™ Fashion Closet

4.1 (8.8K)
671.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Mattel, Inc.
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Barbie™ Fashion Closet

4.13 out of 5
8.8K Ratings
1 year ago, Shizzilina
How to play 😓
Dress up Barbie’s outfit and hair style and makeup for a wedding party in a couple weeks or two weeks for the first wedding party the barbecue party in a month is the first wedding in the month that we go there In September second the Barbie’s first picture was the first thing we got from her when she got married in October of that same week I believe that we got it for the second one was a wedding gift for the first time I thought that it would look good but it wasn’t the best app for me I was like oh I want it I don’t know what I look good. We are not a good looking person everybody is different I think we look 👀 but we look like we look different but we are not like we have to do
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3 years ago, over and over again2
Okay, it’s not the best…
Don’t judge, I know, I am not five years old and I play with barbies, but your never too old for barbies! Anyways, when I saw this game I was like “OMG A GAME THAT INVOLVES BARBIES!” and downloaded it right away. Dressing up my first few barbies was a great experience and I loved the game! But I got really obsessed with a certain clothing and then used it all the time. Then the game got really boring because I was constantly dressing up my dolls in the same outfit. I tried to tear my obsession outta my big noggin, but I couldn’t, and it looked really weird when I put on other outfits. So what I’m suggesting here is that you should add new clothing every week or so because if you don’t people will get obsessed and never actually see the point of the game! (Solution to an obsession: Quit playing the game for a month or two then come back. You will either forget about the little”mishap” you had or other clothes looks normal again!) My next suggestion is that after dressing up a doll there’s a “Play Area” mode where you can play with your barbies. Also, in that mode, you should be able to accessorize different aged barbies so you can make a family! Also, when you edit the photo album, you should not keep the old photo because when you edit a photo it duplicates and you also keep the old photo with no edits. Then you don’t really feel like your editing a photo. THAT’S MY FINAL SUGGESTION SO THREE STARS IS OVERALL ENOUGH! THANKS AND BYE!
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8 months ago, KarinGems
Hi! I love Barbie so much but I am super happy because there is a fashion game in the App Store! It is so fun to play and it has Barbies all over the inside! I am in love with the game. I have Barbies. I play with Barbies all the time! I don’t know how much Barbies are in the game. I just want to go into the game. I amazed my friends are still never gonna play this game and I hate their people so I love you better. I play this game all the time! I love it! I got a idea! I have a Barbie sale in the game. Am I right or wrong? I had no ideas when I was little. I just dressed up each day as I would play the game. I have fun in the game! But………. Soon, the game will disappear from view. I will not allow it to be disappearing. I love the game and idea. I really liked it. But also the Barbies will probably be looking weird for the last couple years. I am trying to fix that but I play the Barbies game so I have to have a idea. I will ask the girls to fix it instead. I don’t really want to ruin the whole game. I love playing with Barbies. I do not recommend this game! 🇯🇵🇨🇦🇨🇳🇨🇱🇮🇹🇦🇴🇪🇸🇷🇺🇺🇸🇶🇦🇵🇱🇲🇳🇲🇳🏳️‍⚧️🇺🇦🇬🇧🇫🇷🇰🇿🇲🇽🇯🇴🇧🇼
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1 year ago, Danicacakes
Great game but…
This is a great game for my daughter. She loves Barbies and to have it on a phone, great! I love this game for my daughter and her friends! There are a few suggestions that I feel I should make though. 1. Let the kids design some of their own outfits and hairstyles 2. When my daughter plays there’s always adds for something to buy and she’s always begging me for stuff. It is SUPER annoying. Maybe put a little button to press on and it takes you to the store 3. My daughter always wants to play against other people in the game, but none of her friends have the app (They usually play it on her tablet and she plays on my phone) I suggest that there should be a competition where players can compete against each other to see who has the best outfit Like I said this is a truly wonderful game. I think everyone should have it so they can enjoy it.
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3 months ago, Lynnice marie
Love this app I dress barbie dolls up for hours
It’s really perfect don't mind the subscription it’s there so that the company can make money. I can choose poses to pose my barbies and dress tons of extra themed outfits then there’s thing that you can go on the red carpet and compete with the opponent .then like I won since all the other people got weird and ugly styles and one got a black ken to have a pony tail and dress. i dress the best like no other girls like having the best day ever on using so much fashionable apps like glamour girl and Barbie fashion closet.I am a fashion girl get this app it’s wonderful go try all the outfits and dress your characters and I have tons of Barbie dolls at home i am a Barbie girl and fashion is my dream I already bought the sweet spring floral pack that was 2.99 and finally don’t listen to the people who don’t like this game they are just jealous of Barbie games
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3 years ago, hi mtjfhgftjgtkfr)vfjgf
Neeeeds a update 🤭😅
Love the game but I really need to update and I can’t help it anyway this game is really nice but there’s so much people that are locked and I need those people☹️ so if you could you could update the game and maybe let the game give some people if that’s possible because I just got this game and I can’t wait for an update if you guys do get updates also if you could add some more stuff that would be very nice but otherwise I love this game love love Love love love this game so thank you for making it and thank you for everything I am so happy I’m going to share it with my dad and my mom otherwise I don’t know what I would be doing right now if I didn’t have this game I’ll just be looking at all my other games thank you for this game thaaaaaaank you
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4 years ago, barbie professional
It’s ok
Well I bought it for my little sister and of course she will like it cuz it was makeup stuff and dressing Barbie and let me tell you she LOVES Barbie so i got it for her and she played with it but, when I was playing with it: first I liked it cuz I liked how it didn’t look like Barbie cuz it’s fun to do other characters then the actual BARBIE!! But then it wasn’t fun mostly EVERYTHING is locked first the shirts are only like ten you can choose from or you have to watch a 30sec long video about things that are not even Barbie then the pants OMG like really it’s some not cute skirts then the pants are like 6 of them to choose from then the makeup you can only do one thing so if you wanted to do eyeshadow and face paint u CANT cuz u can only do one THEN there’s only like three Barbie dolls to choose from. It’s a really poor game so that’s why I give it a 3 star and also it’s really only for 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 year olds and that’s it but if you like it go ahead I just say change a lot of things.
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4 years ago, I miss me 😜
*sigh* 😩
.....why why why do they have to make everything v.i.p like... srsly but all of the games they make are good but...there is always a v.i.p in there games and I have played most of the barbie games and the people who do not buyyyyyyy the V.I.P get soooooooooooooooooo little stuff like in this game you ONLY get TWO CHARACTERS!! Niki and that is how I thing you spell her name and you probably already know 🎊 BARBIE 🎊 and someone else I think PLEASE😣don’t me mad at me if I got it wrong ok but the game is so fun! if you mind the v.i.p stuff 😏then get it! Really good game all of the barbie games are! I just don’t like that all of the barbie games HAVE v.i.p stuff that’s all but this is my opinion you know so it’s not what you think that is what I think about the game so yeah hope you liked it byeeee👋🏻
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6 years ago, Jillian the only
A legit opinion
Ok so I am happy that we get the calendar thing and can get new things every day. There is a few things that I think you could update to make the app better. First, for a short period of time there was a part where you could change facial features. If it’s not too hard I think that would be amazing to have back. Second, The eyebrows. I wanted to give the brown hair girl pink hair, but when I changed it to pick the color of the eyebrows changed too. Also I am happy that every year you REUSE the Christmas stuff because my 9 year old sister is spending my money on this game. I know this is probably not going to happen but since you had the blue hair fairy girl out for a while can you make her free. I told my sister that she could not spend anymore money on this game and she got really upset and started crying. I hope my opinion is legit, An annoyed older sister
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5 years ago, Nothing_But_Truth!
Don’t listen to bad reviews.
My little sister (And myself... but don’t tell anyone!) both love this game! Super fun and I don’t even mind that we don’t have access to everything. Certainly a fun game... I wish I could reply to bad reviews. Barbie has to make money off of this app somehow. If not, they can’t afford to keep it up. If you get a free app THERE WILL BE IN APP PURCHASES. If you buy an app with actual money, there are no in app purchases. People need to understand that while Barbie is a popular company, it can’t afford to have free apps with no in app purchases. It just CANT. At least with optional purchases you’re not obliged to buy it. If you don’t want to have to pay for full access, don’t get free apps. And that goes for ALL apps. That’s just the way it is. Deal with it.
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3 years ago, 🌸✨Cookie✨🌸
Good but…
Ok so a while back (maybe 2 years ago(?)) I got this game and it was fun. But then I tried joining and it would just stay at the loading screen for like, ever (and not let me in). After a year+ of this I finally decided to delete the app and get it again and it actually loads. But I feel like there are not enough clothing pieces. Also it restarted all my data in the app from the past :(. Anyways I would suggest maybe adding accessories and not make half of the characters or something money. Also add more updates, maybe make outfits and stuff based on new fashionistas and other extra dolls. One last thing is I had a sponge bob outfit in the game but not anymore. Bye hope this helps Also I’m not a little kid writing this just cause it’s a Barbie game
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2 years ago, ⚽️⚽️🏀🏀⚽️⚽️🏀🏀
It’s good and all but…….
I know you added new stuff and all and that’s great but I don’t get why you have to pay to get something some people can only afford so little and they just wanna have fun on these games so I don’t get why you have to pay money just to have fun on a game with a new Barbie. Why do people have to pay so much money I know it’s only like three dollars and four dollars but to some people that’s a lot I just don’t want it’s not that I don’t respect it I’m just not happy about it I love playing this game but if that doesn’t change I’m sorry but I’m gonna have to delete it and this four star review it’s gonna turn into a one star review please write back Jordan C
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3 years ago, beanie boolovercutie12340
It’s okay...
Okay first off, I know, I know, I’m 11 and I’m playing a Barbie game, DO NOT JUDGE!!! I like barbies, it’s not something to be embarrassed about. You’re not too old for dolls! Anyways, this game is awesome, but it’s just that every time I’m done designing a Barbie, a 30 second advertisement for a kindergarten super hero game show up ALL THE TIME it’s too much ad’s, also please please please fix this: too many dolls and clothes cost money. (I mean, not many dolls are free) Because of this I’m having to use the same clothes all over again. I know you can watch an ad for the clothes, but ( ITS THE SAME ADVERTISEMENT ALL THE TIME) yeah. PEACE OUUUUUT!!!! Sincerely, sunsetflowerbloom2.
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2 years ago, SageGirl
Great game!❤️
This game is a lot of fun to play. I write stories, so the game is also useful for figuring out how the characters are going to look. Just one thing, though. For some reason, the game won’t let me watch ads. Nothing happens when I click the Watch Ads option, and when I want to watch one so I can unlock something, the loading screen stays there. It works fine with other games though, so I’m guessing it’s a small bug within the game. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind watching a few ads if they were kid-friendly, like coloring or matching games.
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3 years ago, MissMayFox
Some bad things that are in the game
You don’t get all at the start and you have to like purchase it and you have to give it real money. I used to have it and they never had dogs now they do have dogs which is very exciting and one of the new girls has a floating pig that is so silly. That is why I gave it four stars. And when you have too many pictures in the Barbie book it starts getting giving glitches where it just takes you off the app I was playing today and I just turned in the pictures and it started glitching and it kicked me off the app
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2 years ago, mari uni
Plz fix
This game took me a long time to download but it wasn’t because of the game it was something else . So when I finally got the game I keped reading a lot of bad comments I tried the actual game and it wasn’t that bad there were a lot of things to I was happy with it and i still am but there is a big problem . Every time I trie to choose a different Barbie to dress up It doesn’t let my switch the doll it doesn’t let me click buttons and the only thing i can do is change the clothe on ONE doll . I mean it’s not that bad but I would like for some one to check the game and fix it so people can play
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3 years ago, Kit123123🤪
A good app but no more paying for stuff plz
I think this app is good but I have some suggestions. First I think it is crazy that you can’t get a lot of characters also will you make it so that you can get them and not pay for it and so we can get more outfits and backgrounds maybe you can make it so u earn them with stamps on the calendar. I’m okay about watched the video adds to earn things but I don’t think it’s fair to have to pay. Thank you please make some changes but over all it is a great app.😃🙂😋
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6 years ago, Pea in the pod!!??
Can’t play, help!
I finished claiming all of the daily rewards, and now I can get into the game. The rewards tab pops up and it doesn’t close. I can’t play if the tab doesn’t close. This needs to be fixed now. The developer either doesn’t care or know about this bug because everyone who has finished the rewards has this problem. It’s been almost a month since I’ve been able to play and I have payed over twenty dollars on this app! Not only am I getting scammed out of my money, but there seems to be ZERO APP SUPPORT. Mattel, get your act together. Paying customers can’t even use your product! This needs a fix ASAP. -Angry Customer
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5 months ago, Casteox
Game freezes, unable to access last barbie
There's a few problems. When the Outfit Challenge is complete, the game will give players the option to gain more hearts (points to level up). When choosing No, the game tend to freeze up in a white screen and no longer works. Also, I’ve played long enough and the last barbie is still “locked”. The photo albums are a huge mess! Deleting the stickers and saving it as an empty page DOES NOT WORK! The deleted stickers will still appear on the page and it keep piling up making that feature completely useless. I understand this is a kids game, but I’m a kid at heart who willingly paid for app features to support this creative content.
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5 years ago, Salt Tea
Why this is trash
This game is an awful game. You have to purchase anything that’s half decent and none of the outfits fit properly. The concept is a terrible version of an old game I played when I was a kid called Barbie fashionista. My cousins now play this game and I could not be more appalled by the down grade. The graphics are strange, the clothing is ugly and although the game is newer, everything seems to be from the early 2000’s. To a young mind this is a fabulous game but we know the truth. You don’t want me to have my childhood game and I’m not having it. Let’s talk about the game itself and not why I’m salty. It is an ok game I guess. It has no point but I understand how it could be fun to a younger audience. I know my opinion is biased because I miss my childhood game but it’s not the worst.
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5 years ago, mi7474637372)&#
😊 by Kittygirl8504🐱👩🏼
Hi sorry to all you guys Who say that it’s amazing it is really fun I love it but there’s a one or two things I’d like to change first off there’s barely any dresses that are decent that you can actually wear second off I understand that you guys need to make money somehow and by getting rid of the ads and stuff like that it’s easier but please fix up and get a few more clothes that are free please let this happen in your next update I’m a newbie to this I just got this game but I really love it #LoveFashion
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5 years ago, DrHerold
It’s not all bad but.....
Dear developers, Sometimes, I log in every day, but it won’t give me my Calendar reward. I kind of want some help with this bug. I am so close to getting the mermaid girl and I am so upset that it has the bug. I really want to get the mermaid girl,but it’s hard to when it won’t give me it. I have seven more days to get the mermaid girl, but some of the days it won’t give it to me so it is more like 15 more days. Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please help me get rid of the bug. -An in need customer
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4 years ago, Reinitas123*
Piling up on the costs. Unable to Family Share.
Beware. While the app is entertaining for little little ones (quality of the app and graphics is clunky), the costs can quickly pile on. None of the purchases are shareable, which means you‘ll need to double or triple up in cost if you have multiple children using the app. It also doesn’t allow you to pay the difference to complete the bundle of dolls if you’ve already purchased a few. You must pay full price again. Any glitch with the app, and you’ll permanently lose any dolls you’ve earned over time. Enter the tears and the frustrations of kids comparing what each has lost.
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5 years ago, gamergirl_257
Maybe a few more free......
I love this game but...... a lot of things are not free and I think its (sorry for my language) stupid first I think all the characters ( except fairy’s and stuff like that) should be free I mean it’s just a character not the entire Barbie closet and if you need just add more clothes. Second EYEBROWS I want cool hair and black eyebrows and instead I have cool eyebrows and hair. Third I want to be able to do just the tips or something like that not just random strands. I also think there should be a redo button in hair and makeup so if you mess up you can easily restart. Please get back to me ASAP From the reviewer
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6 years ago, My princess Sam
Barbie girl
I love all of your games especially Barbie you can be anything but if you can bake in the game or care for pets in the game then why not put other jobs like a nail salon or a hair salon or maybe even a spa these are just suggestions but I hope you do not take down the game because I am sure a lot of other people love the game as well thank you for your time and consideration I hope you will take my ideas into consideration I also love baby dragons thank you for these wonderful things please continue to update thank you very much
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1 year ago, Indika🧚🏽‍♀️
4 starts😚💕👏
I would’ve this 4 stars, because it doesn’t have an area where you can like play with your Barbies like I wanted to do a glitter, force role-play it’s from an anime, but I couldn’t find the studio that I realize that there is no studio that I could role-play in I’m just really disappointed about that I also wanted to do a family role-play too, but it didnt have a studio! Just really add a studio where we can play with the Barbies. It would be amazing!!!! that’s my final suggestion bye💕❤️💕❤️
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4 years ago, bria hoff 1234
Barbie dream house fashion
This Barbie dream house game is called because all you can do is dress up your character and it’s very very very very very fun so like you can maybe buy those clothes you have and you can dress up as a character and dying hair the same color as a good character it’s just really fun so if you’re doing it on the game like we all then you can do it in real life like you can paint yourself or get a spray tan and see like what colors your Barbie is
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4 months ago, I love art ✍🏻🎨
I do not like this game at all why is this a game u don’t even do anything really. All u do is create random Barbie outfits and stuck em on and boom. Kinda random right like seriously. Do not get this game u shouldn’t it is pretty bad. I only put a 5 stars so you would see this review people do that all the time lol. So many premium and mermaids that u cannot even unlock unless u pay. OF COURSE YOU HAVE TO PAY. UGH! Why? This is so unfair. Make it better. Ugh. Bye,
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4 years ago, zebra to be
Great game but bad animation
This game is amazing and great for kids! they look is a little blocky and it doesn’t look like they put a lot of effort into making the game. But it doesn’t bother some people so don’t stop playing! I won’t stop playing either! I also think that they should include more of the clothes in the new “Dream house adventures” for Barbie, although they get the clothes pretty accurate to the REALLY old show. They should update the clothes to the new shows clothes! Mattel needs to see this and listen!!!!
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3 years ago, Zman@2008
I think we need to talk 😐
This game is really really fun but all the beautiful backgrounds outfits and also the beautiful characters are locked and I’ve been playing for like forever and it hasn’t gave me anything I asked my mom if I could download this game again and it’s just glitching and she said it’s just like that and I tried to buy the people but it’s too expensive so I think we should write this all of five or four maybe a chew those are your only choice so yeah you should play it if you think the same way OK bye-bye
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5 years ago, emileebc
Don’t listen to the bad reviews 🤩😁
I almost didn’t write a review cuz I was so busy playing the app it’s so fun. You get so much free stuff. And u get a cool fashion or makeup item every day and eventually unlock two free characters. But when u first join the game u get three free characters. BUT when I press on the button that shows u the photos of the barbies I made ,my device exits the game and I have to go back in the game . Plz fix that . 😐
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First barbie game I ever bought.
So my mom gave me a choice of “what game I wanted” ( I’m 10 yr. old) and I choose this one. I’m glad I did because it’s free options, unlike other games where you have a lot of money to get the basics. The freebies and low priced additional options make me sooooooo happy and motivated to keep on playing; especially because the more you keep on playing ‘the app’ rewards you with stamps. This is my first review I felt completely/positively happy to review. :)
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5 years ago, Efriedlow
Pretty good👍🏻
So this app is pretty good, but it doesn’t go without its flaws. For starters, it gives you once in a lifetime opportunities to watch a video and get a free pack of clothes. However when I tried, it said that the ad wasn’t available. I tried to reset my phone but it didn’t work. I also tried to watch a video to get other things, but that didn’t work either. So overall, I would recommend this game to people even if they aren’t Barbie fans, but be prepared to be let down sometimes 🙁
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3 years ago, early butcher
It needs upgrades
It is a pretty fun game but a lot of the things are really expensive or you have to Watch really long videos to get them and it’s not fun having to watch videos all day long trying to play a game and there’s way too many videosBut there is a good side trip a lot of kids play it and it doesn’t get hacked at all a lot of people think that Barbie stuff like just a baby company but I think it’s pretty good I still play with Barbies
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2 months ago, SADIE SADS
Hi. I am amazed how there is a fashion game to design your own Barbie.I love Barbies so much and I play with Barbies. I even make up my own games. The reason I love Barbies is because they remind that I can do anything whenever I want wherever I want. And I have almost every Barbie that has ever came out. I also have almost every single set to now that there is an online game I can play it if I cannot pack Barbies in a bag or suitcase. This is a great game. Peace.
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6 years ago, oliverhombus240
I like the app and all but why can’t you unlock just one more person, it’s boring having 2 characters in this game, how about this, what if this little girl want to get a character let’s say the fairy. But what if she was poor and couldn’t get it, did you ever think of it that way, besides I love the fairy, and maybe if someone was stupid enough to buy her, at least give her some money back, YA GOT THAT. The game is fine just make one more character free, OK😤🤬
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3 years ago, greatidea4567🤗
To much stuff is locked
I love this game but is just completely ridiculous how much stuff is locked, I mean its crazy, there is barely any clothes unlocked. It seems like even less is unlocked compared to all the stuff that is locked. It gets to the point where the game is boring because you don’t have nearly anything to work with also if you are going to add more people then QUIT MAKING THEM COST MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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5 years ago, unicorn luva 228
Awesome! One problem tho....
First of all, the game is awesomely awesome. Yes, I know... I said awesomely awesome. But that’s not the point. The point is that half of the things you have to BUY!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡 which makes me feel really 😡! And of course, all the things are freaking FIVE NINETY NINE!!! And it’s all the good things to! Other then that problem it’s a really good app! Thank you for making such a great game! Love, Peyton da unicorn
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6 years ago, Emi😋☺️
It’s fine
The app is fine it’s not great, but it’s okay, the graphics are good to me and the makeup setting is cool but I would like everything to be free wouldn’t the app be so much better that way? More kids would be happy..., don’t you think? Mattel has money. USE IT. Kids are exited about this game for nothing. At least unlock everything, you probably won’t read this because you’re to stuck up but it you do please take it into consideration, IM SORRY BUT ITS AWFUL
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3 years ago, Gracie Bo Bacie
it’s ok but it could be better
Hello! So it’s not thebest game but I’m also not saying it’s a bad game 1 because theres onLy like 4 girls you cAn do then what huh? 2 ITS IMPOSSIBLE with out doing ads or buying the full pack! 3 THERE ARE 7 GIRLS. LOCKED!! And thats annoying I’m not a hater or anything I’m just saying maybe update it? But then if I’m on the good side Barbie is a very successful company and if it’s gonna be a free game there will be in app purchases and it will go down if there is no in app purchases but yes it is pretty good game I would add some updates if you can!! HAVE A GREAT DAY!!! 👍🏻 PS. MY FINGERS ARE DEAD NOW!!!
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4 years ago, emma&mom&dad
This is my rating I guess...
I LOVE THIS APP it is amazing my hobbies are doll dress design and creating new looks and I have been looking for the right app for months I don’t even care about the rewards or anything but I do wish we didn’t need to pay for all the characters we can keep the stuff we need to pay for ok to pay for but we need the characters all unlocked
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3 years ago, mmmmmmmmmkem
Good but have to start a subscription
Awsome but can you unlock more cloths items I mean I don’t mind having only one or two characters but it would be nice if you had more clothes options unlocked but I do love that you still get a chance to unlock the clothes items and hairstyles but pls make more stuff free on here just a suggestion anyway thank you for reading have a nice day 😜
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1 year ago, HallChris1188
Need a update
I don’t like the Game but I think it’s a big problem for me too I don’t know what to do with it but I think it needs a update for me but it’s still a little bit Better but I don’t think it’s a good idea for me but if you want to go with it it’s just a matter if we do the same thing with it and is not the Best thing but I know it’s a good time for a update and it is so much easier and I don’t want to be able to get a new one from you guys but I think it’s a big problem 😩😩😩😡😡😡BYE bye love Banks😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡❤️❤️😡😡❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
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4 years ago, Laurakate1988
I love the game so much my mom let my buy all of the charioteers so I am so happy an this is like the only this I do on my iPad an I do it every day because I like to change their outfit for the day but one thing I don’t like this other game popping up at me it is really unowing I bot it but I dellled it because I didin’t now how to control it so I hope you will Mack it easier to control I home you do. Bye talk to you later bye!!!!!!!!
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6 years ago, vegan_unicorn_cupcake
I was playing almost everyday until it stop working
I really like this game (four stars ... would be five but I feel it is a little pricey)... it is fun to have a game where you can jump on and off ... I have been buying all the in-app purchases for the full experience... I wish there was a little more animation and I miss the face customization.... but it is still entertaining... until recently... the first page is stuck on the daily rewards and won’t let me play... please fix this.
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6 years ago, really dead game now
Major flaws prevent play
Last two updates have had major problems. Now it won’t play at all. It just opens to the stamp page and there is no way to get off of it. So my daughter cannot play it until this bug is fixed. The Halloween update caused the album to not open and that was never fixed either. We have no access to the frames and stamps that we purchased. If you cannot release updates without such major flaws that the entire game or major portions of the game become unusable, then just don’t do updates. I’d rather do wo the cutesy seasonal stuff to be able to have a bug free playable version.
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3 years ago, any name baby shark
Add some things
If you could just like give me us like the whole entire pack and like add a little bit more Barbie dolls I am like give us give us the the whole entire thing like clothes shoes are with that yeah so could you like how quick do that please I really like the caring I love it like if you like the theory of that yeah so I’ll just give us all of that🙂😊😃
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1 year ago, ljgsehjn
Make it better
I wish that everything was free and like you could you like outfits that and you didn’t lose energy but like that’s just boring if you waste your money and I don’t want to do that I really like this game and my mom said no because it’s literally two dollars and I really like this game but play I wish I was free
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3 years ago, kama1736364
:/ is it just me?
I used to play this when I was little A lot but now I’m 16 anddd this game was very fun at first, But it got boring And idk why but is it just me that has ads cause my ads pop up every 1 minutes and idk why but I think mine just glitched, And the Barbie clothes are the same for me like when I use to create an outfit and when I finish creating it I want to make another one but the outs doesn't Changes and the same outfits for me, This game is really good but also Buggy🪲🪰, Thank you.
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6 years ago, Angshay
Not so great....😒
So I got this app because I saw a YouTuber playing it, it looked really fun!! But as I started to play it I realized that you needed to buy like EVERYTHING!!!!!!! 🤦‍♀️ Just for one Barbie character and some accessories is 6 DOLLARS! Wow all I want is to have more choices in the game! And then I am constantly getting the same add for some dragon ever after high game!😡 And to get rid of the adds I have to buy something!!!😤 I mean the game is fun you get to basically make your own Barbie doll and I’m a fan of that but still! So In my opinion I don’t really think Barbie Fashion closet is very worth it.
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