Barbie Magical Fashion

4.4 (155.6K)
200.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Budge Studios
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Barbie Magical Fashion

4.41 out of 5
155.6K Ratings
9 months ago, KatyaM.
Needs more gifts please 😽
Haha, it Ned me a second ago. Or something like badger. Older than around us. I have had the best barbie episodes of barbie a touch of magic. I love how my parents seen this one. But I don’t know why my parents aren’t happy about barbie games. I feel so hurt so please get some more gifts for us. I am not talking about the selfie museum. It is just a stupid joke. I want you to get millions of gifts for Ella and elley and even camila. That’s why we feel so hurt. My parents said that you were not the best friend of the whole entire universe. I am soooooooooooo mad at you. Or actually I can play a different game like dream house or spa and salon or something like that. I am sorry to beg you for gifts but it’s okay. My parents and friends are feeling a bit selfish but I am not because you’re so upset with me. I had to make a lot of princesses but I actually got to feel selfish too. It’s just always been my stupid joke. Actually I don’t feel too tired. You do not have any questions or concerns I mean it’s that stupid joke. Happy rainbow magic kingdom. It’s just a jelly joke. Lol 😂
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7 months ago, KarinGems
Ugh! Russia, New Jersey, and New York, I miss those times.
I’m going to India this summer. This is my favorite place on earth. One day, I will go to a Indian restaurant with spicy hot peppers, garlic, onions, and olives. It’s basically the best place for my brother lol 😂 I don’t even remember what it is in Russia. I’ve seen my grandma and grandpa there. I was remembering when I was in home goods when I got rise krispies for kids. The first time I saw a kid, I thought it looked so cool to put on my uniform. I had a feeling that it would look like it had to do something special to keep it warm outside. I don’t have the space to put my plants outside yet. I saw a barbie game! I was like oh my gosh! A game with the best players! And even with my camila! I downloaded it as I got excited! I plan to get a second opinion in a week. I dread the possibility! I play the game on my iPad Air but I have a few things I love in the game. 1 it has a lot of characters! 2 it is fun! And 3 I am a good friend! I will never forget the barbie dream. I love her so much! I love the game too! Hey! Let’s be friends again. Please! I need to play with you! I’m on the road now but I’ll text later if you need to chat or text or call me. Love Karma
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1 year ago, Shizzilina
This looks great
The announcement comes after a series of dream projects were made to create the world of virtual worlds that would make a difference to humanity today as we continue our mission in space exploration with our barbies in dreams of creating the world’s largest human race to ever come together and make a real world of difference for mankind to live through the challenges of the future I believe we will have the most important day ever to live on earth in this beautiful planet in our lifetime in our own world we will have a wonderful life together we have our children we have our lives and a beautiful life together in a wonderful place to be together and a beautiful world we are living on our families are living together and together and living in our own destiny and the future of the planet is a great life we have the most wonderful people that I love and the Barbies are one of them is what is my life that is my heart and the best of my life and the world that is the only way we can make the world by being able to be with you and the kids that are so amazing to be a great family that I love you so I love to see the kids
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6 years ago, Jerry198405
Nice BUT boring
I like being able to dress 👗 the dolls up, BUT, it is WAY WAY WAY to expensive!!! I mean,you don’t even told us that! 😡 I bought this app is only because you can design your doll to be a princess 👸, or superhero, or mermaid 🧜🏻‍♀️! And that you can design a unicorn 🦄! But when I tried to make a superhero, guess what happened, it needed MONEY 💰!!!!! It was very expensive and if you don’t agree with me, whoever you are, look 👀 at some other ones other people wrote! Maybe not all of them say that, but some still do. But since it’s still a tiny tiny bit fun, I rated it 2 stars ⭐️. Do some changes and if I ever download this app again and it’s better, I’ll rate it 5 stars ⭐️. PS. By the way, I hadn’t updated this game. Is it me who forgot to update it (which I don’t think 🤔 so) or is it you who never make us update any more, now I feel like this game hasn’t change at all, BUT I’m just saying, I could be wrong, so don’t freak out if your reading 📖 this. It’s just my opinion. Period. PSS. (If you are wondering how I got this read Flying Solo) I read someone else who said to choose a character and make a kingdom, I think 🤔 it’s a GREAT IDEA 💡. I think you should listen to that person’s idea 💡, it might make your rate higher, but I can’t see the future, so who knows. But I think 🤔 you have a better chance listening to that person
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2 years ago, Julesamdcameronxoxo
Hello, this barbie game is the best app to exsist on this entire world. i think it might mean everything to me. I play this game when i bored and it save my boredom. My favorite part is when you put the makeup on the face. the face is kinda ratchet but i don’t mind! the game in general puts my mind in a space that i can’t describe in words. thank you so much for putting this wonderful,heavenly,fulfilling game on this planet. i pray to god every day that this game will not get shut down like Palace princess pets. that game was my everytjing and then it suddenly disappeared:( i was heart broken and devistated when i found out that the game got taken down because my ariel pet was my family and when i lost her forver i lost my everything😭 I miss ariel pet every day, her name was Seashell:( She was a pretty brunette puppy and had a seashell necklace i’m pretty sure! i took great care of her and played with her daily. i thought of her as a real pet. i wish i could see her one more time before she went bye byes:((( it was like one day i was playing with her then the next she’s gone…. Anyways thank you for this amazing game .
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3 years ago, The_Lover of Super Stylist
Very Fun but,
So worth this game it is amazing. I love how you can dress up all the barbies and with all the gifts. But to me there is one problem. So all of the premium stuff, I cannot get it. But on my tablet when I first installed the game I got all the packs for free. And now that I am on my phone I have to pay. So I think you should either make it not free for anything for make it free for all. Also some kids might really want it let’s say 4-3 year olds. They really want the passes and they end up buying them not knowing it was real money and it Paul’s affect something. They could get on really big trouble. So maybe you should add a setting with a special parent password so 4-3 year old kids don’t end up buying the passes. (Btw I love you guys for making this game 🥰)
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5 years ago, Aaron3033
Awesome just one thing sorry this is long
I really love the game but there’s just a couple of my friends. They say that it’s not fair that you have to buy things to do things like what’s your problem. Why do you like every single games make you have to buy stuff. It’s just a waste of money. And those games I’m talking about are like you. So please fix that there’s no need to have people buy stuff that they don’t need to waste money on. So please this is important you just want extra money if that’s what you want. You’re supposed to understand people, you’re not supposed to ask for their money by having them buy extra stuff that’s in the game. That’s what I’m trying to tell you. So stop being greedy and idiots you need to start understanding that you can’t have the most money on the stuff. Thank you for reading but this is why I really need you to understand now I hope you do a better job of making games please.🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁
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2 years ago, horse7347
I am out of town today and r is going to be there for a couple of hours and then I will be home for a couple of hours and then I will be home for a couple hours and then I will be home for a couple hours and then I will be home for a couple hours and then I will be home for a bit but then I’m not going home and I have a meeting with her at home so if you want me too I will be home by the morning if you need anything I need you thank me thank love thank thank you for your time and I love that I have no plans to start this time but I’m just trying so I have my best friends I have no time I can’t even have to do that but then why am we not having any friends anymore so we have no idea how much you need me but I’m going back in my room I don’t want anything but then we need help with this stuff that is just fine with you all this is not good to me and I don’t know why I am so sorry
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3 months ago, okdidkdkkd
Why is it a four ⭐️ you may ask?
It wasn’t working every time I did outfit. It would give me diamonds if I did that Barbie outfit. It really did. It scammed me and I had to do it over and over again and it still won’t work. Not sure if it’s because it was bad or y’all have a little rate of the outfits so when we do it, we can’t do it. It’s a really fun game. It’s just please stop doing scams on there please or else I’m gonna do this again and report it to the Government and you’ll be on the news and then you’ll have to leave. I’m not trying to be a karen.
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2 years ago, 1223345566789
Best when I mean best I mean best game ever
It is the best game ever like when I’m stressed or just had this design in my head I can go to this game and I can put it on the door and especially the unicorn I love using the superhero and the mermaid I get to design my own characters and there’s my own character life this is why I really love this game and I will consider making more of these games like it so more kids can have fun and more kids with designs or even grown-ups can play it or highschoolers that are trying to get designs out of your head yeah that’s why I really love this game but you got a pay for stuff which I don’t like but it is worth it because you get to play a really good game so thank you so much bye
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4 years ago, sophie hutchinson
The new version of this game
The new version of this is the first app that I’ve ever used to have a good time with the app I have used to use and it has been great to have a good time and a good time to play and to have it for my own time or just like my new favorite app on the iPhone and I have a great app I can play for my friends or my family and I have been to the same level and have never had any issues since the new version so much fun I love the game but it is a great ways app and a good game to be a great app to be honest I highly recommended this app for a while and a good way of making it fun and addictive but it would have to get the app again
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4 years ago, kaysadya
My daughter likes to play this game. You can play it for free or you can buy extra packs to dress up mermaids, fairy’s, whatever.. well I paid the $12 to unlock the whole game and remove ads probably 4 months ago. She just tried to play the game and those packs are not unlocked again. Unfortunate the app did not disclose the $12 was for temporary access and now says pay $10 to unlock all four extra packs. Very disappointed. I don’t recommend because the app makes your kid want to decorate the extra pack characters and when you pay for them, your kid will be used To having full access, then the app will say pay $10 to continue access. SMH
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4 years ago, Sunset Olyvia
It’s a great game but One teeny suggestion
I love the game cause it has a lot of options for you to choose and it’s just awesome but my suggestion for this game is that the new backgrounds, new dresses and just so much things are locked and I really wanted to at least unlock one thing like even the mermaid and fairy and superhero version is locked but i am serious this game is still so fun to play and yeah the dresses and makeup are fabulous so yeah play this game but if you hate having so much things locked then pls don’t play this game or you’ll have regrets but yeah a total 5 Stars!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍
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2 years ago, AubreeLayne
Fun but very annoying
So I like this game but it is very annoying. I got this game two or three years ago and I deleted it. Today I wanted it back so I downloaded it got on and it wasn’t that fun. Then I realized I had none of the packs. Before I deleted it I had all the packs. So I went to go restore my purchases and it wouldn’t let me. So I tried again later and it still wouldn’t let me and now it is just not that fun anymore. I could buy them again but it is WAY to expensive. I would really like to see some improvement
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6 months ago, Files for your phone
It’s not the first time that an international organization has been involved to promote a political settlement of disputes with the government in a country where it has not yet reached an accord on a new peace deal between India in principle in the last two decades of war between India in a bid not for the same outcome of negotiations between India or iOS and iOS and other apps that are On a phone app. The only way I could see the message was if you had to send me the address of where I live or what address .
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3 years ago, Mia contreas
The best game one problem tho
This is the best game before at school my friend brought her tablet to school so any the break times we played on her tablet and we played that game and we took turns and this game is so fun we loved it especially cuz we play with barbies sometimes and barbies are fun and cute to play with but 1 problem tho please delete the feature that we have to buy things me and my friends want to dress up the mermaid and unicorn cuz there so cute 🥰 any ways that’s the only r Problem but otherwise this game is terrific! But I give it a four star because of that problem.
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2 weeks ago, Eloise, the amazing
Inspirational!!!! 🥹
I honestly love love LOVE ❤️ this game!!! It has such beautiful graphics and wonderful settings! Totally would recommend this game and am so so SO addicted to it! I totally replicates the Barbie show that was literally my childhood. I literally have a shirt of the game’s logo because I love it so much! 👚 You have to get it it’s literally the best game ever. And I know I’m saying the word literally a lot but I’m actually obsessed, literally! if you didn’t already notice thanks thanks so so so so for reading my review! Kisses 😘 Byeeeeee
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2 months ago, The Little Corinthian
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10 months ago, PizzaPizza1234567890
They NEED to make a plus version of this
Recently I’ve seen a bunch of my favorite childhood games get plus versions on Apple Arcade. Sure it sounds crazy but instead having to pay like 15 dollars to get full access all you have to do is pay 2 dollars a month (no I’m not praising Apple) if the have the plus version you don’t need to pay for stuff in game or watch ads because why would you pay 2 dollars for ads? Anyway I just think this is a good idea. Thanks for coming to my tedtalk
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3 months ago, Pijbhk
Game is OK
So, like this game is good I love to this game is so fun you love it I love it it’s just beautiful. Is it really fun to you The only reason I put four stars it’s because they make you pay for it. It doesn’t have much stuff to do otherwise it’s wonderful I oh I owe $100 to you but please please please make a little update OK I just wanted update How’s your family? Have a good day besides I’m a kid I’m six years old I’m almost seven love you anyway I love you I’m gonna keep viewing you so we can talk together
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7 months ago, 10000000000000😁
Please please fix this
I used to have this game but all the sudden it glitched and I was never able to go past that point so I deleted it and I really don’t like that you have to pay for the superhero mermaid and unicorn if you fix this I promise I will download this game again but please please make this game to where you don’t have to buy the mermaid fairy superhero and you unicorn pack please please please please fix this and it’s glitches
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11 months ago, Vera💘
So fun!🤩🤩
I don’t even know how to describe it so much fun I love how you can like add all your outfits options together to make one cool outfit you can be a mermaid or unicorn a princess and a fairy and so much fun you can find gifts and all of them outfits that you do and you can write your name on the bottom every time you make an outfit or you can make up a name for the person you designed or part fish or a unicorn or a part bird Percy ha ha ha y’all have to get this app!
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6 years ago, what happened.....
Love it
I love it! My only complaint is they only have green and silver for some choices to color things not all of then. Like on the dolls i can only do green/silverfor the hair, eyes and lips, but not the clothes and shoes, The fairies/mermaids, same thing, i can do green/silver for the hair eyes and lips but not the dresses, wings/tails And the unicorn i can only do green/silver for the highlights in the mane, horn, wings and hooves, not the body, or saddle. I also wish we can change the unicorns mane color and not just havw it pink. Other then that i love it :)
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4 years ago, k ari
Hey 👋🏻
I love ❤️ your beautiful day to the day I know I wanna when I’m not gonna I know you wanna I wanna is a time to get to your place I can call it all day long to get you guys wanna I have a good day at work love ya love love you guys ya know love ya love you bye love ya bye 👋🏻 was a time for you guys wanna is your time I got to pass you bye love ❤️ I love ya I love love you 😘 is the way you can be with daddy daddy love ya bye bye daddy bye 👋🏻 is your time for a good day to pass up a time to me I wanna was the iiir night I love 💕 I wanna I love you 😘 en you know that I wanna is your time
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4 years ago, ijgtynhfginhgghb
The only best game ever
Hi Kayden I just wanted let him play with you guys tonight please please call me when you can and let me play it with my dad was a day I just wanted you and your friends and I wanted it for me and I wanted it but it was just because you didn’t want yikes I wanted it but you didn’t want me and wanted it and you didn’t want to me that you didn’t want me and my money you and I wanted you didn’t you just let me know and you don’t let me know what I’m
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12 months ago, ddfcgggggjvggh
Not so good
I have this game on my tablet and I love to play it and so me a 10 year old. Yes I play this game. It’s actually really fun but so I have this on my tablet and all the stuff is free on the tablet right but then when I get it on my phone, I’m so excited cause I can play on it and I can bring it with me and I can play wherever I want to play and then when I actually go to play it it says I have to pay money for everything like why make the game free the stuff on the game cost money so I do not really recommend this game unless you have a tablet so I might be deleting this game
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3 years ago, Row star
Great app
This is a great app and I love how the pack is only 999 so it’s only about $10 anyways this would be one of my favorite apps if you add a king to or prince that would be really cool also if you could add a few more colors to choose from like maybe orange and green and stuff like that like maybe a few more colors I’m trying to be nice but this game is pretty awesome I like how it works without Wi-Fi anyway bye
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3 years ago, CynthiaCB737
Best game that anyone will ever play
There so good when it comes to cuteness and has fun stuff When you want to be a fairy all you have to do is get the game pass and when you want to do a unicorn you buy the game pass and when you want to be a mermaid you buy the game pass and it’s a low price they also work hard into the clothes to look realistic and I’m a kid so this game is great
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5 years ago, I Hayden
This game is so awesome I love it there is it no problems in it and I think you should keep this game the way it is and I love the gift boxes there is always cool thangs inside of them please keep the game the way it is or you can add a upgrade like add in another dress that we don’t have to pay for just let it be free but other I think this game is the best I have ever played even my sisters love there playing this rather than you tube
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2 weeks ago, spatchcocking
please help me
i love this game but maybe you can let us do $6.99 dollars for free because my parents won’t let me get it i REALLY want the mermaid set can you think about all the kids in the world that play this game and the parents won’t pay for the sets please try thinking over this because some people’s parents will pay for the set but my parents will not if you can see what i am saying please change it i saw update but it made me feel SO SAD 😭so please please change it
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8 years ago, Cjwkrw
A lot of fun but taking 1 star away
Our granddaughter loves this app however; she would love be to do one of the other characters. Give the children the opportunity to work with the super hero, mermaid or unicorn without having to upgrade and purchase immediately. It is a very expensive app to upgrade. You would probably have many more upgrades if it was more reasonably priced and offered more activities to design items.
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4 years ago, Brookewake
Make more like this
My children love this game but unfortunately all your other games cost money to complete most of the games and my children in up screaming begging and scream for the money and hated all the other games but I love watching them dress them up and I can actually get work done so I think that you should make more games like this or else we won’t download any more of your games
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4 weeks ago, Emily Rose W.
Like the game, but…
It doesn’t let you get your present if you do the mermaid or the fairy and also the prices on these things are way too high to get a mermaid, a superhero, fairy and unicorn only need to be like $2.99 not $6.99 but anyways have a great day and anyone reading this report please get a Bible and start reading it. Jesus is the way the truth and the life if you want to get to heaven, so believe in God.
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9 years ago, Horsefungirl
Good but needs some things😊
I love it! But I think that instead of in app purchases for the unicorn,mermaid,etc. I think that first you choose your character and dress her up for free! Then take care of your princess, have your own kingdom, prince, family, castle,etc. and for in app purchases you have to buy money to take care of your princess. I would really enjoy that thank you!😊
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8 months ago, snolim
BarbieMagical is a great app. I like that you can choose different Barbies, but you can make like the different bundles may be a little less expensive like instead of 699 you can make them like 399 that would make more sense I mean whowants to but it’s expensive so my parents don’t want to pay for something that’s 699 thanks man maybe you can change it. Thanks, Sylvia.
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2 years ago, heart Queen chloe
Great just one thing I don't like
This is an amazing game and I love to play it but when I got it on my tablet I had everything free and I don't use my money for games all I want you to change is the characters and everything locked up I wanted to like I'll be free because I do not use my money 💰 for games but other than that this game is great like five stars 😊⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️😀😃😁😍
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3 years ago, Kk Chihuahua
This is a great app! Just…more updates…?
This is a really good app just can you do a update??? I can’t change the hair color because what happens if I wanted it to be…purple? I couldn’t change it… so pls add some updates! I never got an UPDATE BEFORE!!! And the color of the eyes, nails, TEETH details, and jusssst a little bit more face paint colors and designs…but great game!
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2 years ago, LoeschWare
This game is great, but it needs some more options.
I love this game. I’m a BIG fashion designer and needed a game for designing. I found this and played and became addicted. However, I’d like to make a suggestion. I like designing clothes more, not really choosing clothes. I mean, sure, I get you’re able to choose the color, but again, I like designing where the colors go on the dress and the shape of the dress. Other than that, I give this game a 5 star rating. I love it!
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8 months ago, 𝐌𝐚𝐝𝐝𝐢𝐞 𝐠𝐲𝐦
-more options please🫶🏻-
Dear budge, Ok so i had this game with my first iPad ( I’m on my second ) and I was obsessed when I was like 7 years old! And I feel like if we could do more things that don’t involve paying for❤️ I would love that. Like I wish I could do the 🦄unicorn🦄 one without paying money 💰 so I love this game so much but maybe more ✨options✨ ✨ To: Budge studios™️✨
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2 months ago, Jillian and maya
Its great
This game is kid friendly and the great thing is it’s so detailed and for all ages to 0 to infinet to rate problay infinet even know I am 7 doesn’t mean I can’t like Barbie’s and fairy’s and superhero’s and princesses it’s just I like it whoever is reading this please just know that your kind loving handsome and pretty like what you like and be you
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6 months ago, dq24aga
Please get rid of adds and locked things!
So I've had this game for a while and I like it but I wish there weren't so many adds and so many things that are locked. You guys should at the very least have some fairy, unicorn, mermaid and especially some superhero stuff that is unlocked. Thank you for reading this review.
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10 months ago, Twistah727
I love this game so far
Hello!!developer!i recently found bugs in this “game”please fix the bugs please and thank you!!i appreciate all ur work u give,in this game:) u did great job boy/girl but also but a Ur hard,work s showed thanks for making this game!!this game fantastic!!also keep the good work the ,the bugs I found are lagging and glitching if u can fix’s it please and thank you!!a I hope u look at my text!!a thanks bye♥️
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2 years ago, Paisley Sanders
Can’t pay
I used to love this game as a kid , but I didn’t realize that it isn’t the best. I can’t pay for random things for a game I won’t have forever. So why should I have to pay? This game is for kids, right? So why should we have to pay? It is entertaining yes. But why pay? What if we are not allowed to pay, and we are kids? What are going to do then just have it boring? I will still play it, but I just wish we didn’t have to pay.
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3 years ago, Thomas Jaeger
When I first got this game I had about 20 minutes to play it before I had karate then I loved it SO much that I forgot my belt!! Lol. But then after about 1 month it got old, but THEN after about 1 more month after it got old I liked it again. I would recommend this.
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6 years ago, kittyangle123456
Please read 😀
This is not 5 stars ⭐️ more like ONE this app is a rip off all they want is YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They make your pay real money to do stuff Check this is a free app all they want is your money So Barbie salon A? LEARN YOUR FREAKING LESSON AND MAKE APPS WERE YOU CAN USE EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!👿👿👿😡😡😡🤬🤬🤯 So whatever you do don’t download this app I MEAN IT!!!!!!!!!!! The reason I rated it five stars so I could give you a warning ⚠️ don’t get this app I’m also rated it 5 ⭐️ so it would be in the front of the reviews so you could see this one I rate this app one star I FREAKING REPEAT I RATE THIS APP ONE FREAKING STAR!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 👿👿👿👿👿👿😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
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6 years ago, lLove working
For me I don’t have any other plans for this weekend but I’m going back home and I can come home with my family tonight so we will have a little time with him tonight if I don’t get home I can do a lot more stuff to do tonight and I can go get my stuff ready and then I’ll get back with him tonight I will make a family.
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5 years ago, Robertsfamo5
You can do it
This game makes me very happy 😆 was one day when you get a little while to make sure you have some free minutes to come home from work or whatever else you might think of a lot more to go through if there’s anything you need me to bring you guys can I help.
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3 years ago, Not cool 16592037472829
Elizabeth Brooks
I downloaded this game thinking it was going to be fun but when I got on it I realized but you have to buy most of the stuff I want to make a portrait it doesn’t say the other one that you just did. Like I want to do the mermaid but I can’t because you have to pay for it. I recommend this game for ages 6+ because little kids will buy stuff and I recommend you don’t buy this game you will just be disappointed.😕😕😕
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9 years ago, Raccoon 5000
I love this app but I think the app creators should put something else in like give the choice of getting to make a bracelet like you can the necklace or maybe take your characters that you make a can place them in a background instead if the oval thing. This app is great it just needs something more
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1 year ago, gabriel&hisbeautifulgirlfriend
best game ever‼️
i love this game so much i cant stop playing it everyday i play this game because of my beautiful amazing perfect girlfriend i play this game everyday before bed and every morning when i wake up i got my phone taken in class for playing this game during a test💋 this game couldnt be any better i just want to see more character diversity like maybe some black guys or maybe even white trans women also i wasted 1000 dollars on this game and because my beautiful amazing wife wanted the mermaids pack and i had to give it to her so she could have a rainbow princess day🫶
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