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Dow Jones & Company, Inc., publisher of The Wall Street Journal.
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User Reviews for Barron’s - Investing Insights

4.63 out of 5
12.6K Ratings
2 years ago, krushal winner
Great App
I love this app and how easy it is to get useful information. It is easy for me to use and it had many great features. I use this app almost every day and it is one of my favorite news sources. I recommend this app to anyone who does not want to spend a lot of money for great information.
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3 years ago, gojase
Solid app, but could use improvements
I gave this app 4 stars because app is solid, but I found it wanting in the following two ways: 1. Search Feature: Their search feature might be where the app is most deficient. It’s hard to search for articles on the app. If there’s a way to search for articles, I can’t figure out. I can only search for stock symbols, which give the 5 most recent articles that mention the stock. A lot of times that’s not enough. It would be great if we could search articles by terms, authors, date, etc. 2. “Open in App”: When I open a Barron’s article I found in Google, my Safari web browser gives me the option to open the article in the app. But doing so just opens the app to wherever I left off the last time I was on the app. With no way to search for articles in the app, this can be frustrating. The only way to read these articles seems to be by signing in to my Barron’s account on my web browser, which I don’t want to do. Other than that, the app is pretty solid. Nice user interface, nice font, good articles.
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4 years ago, Mrstsan
Why can’t I print?!
It seems that they absolutely do not allow any printing from the app. They apparently also made it impossible to copy an article to paste into a different app and print from there. While I understand that they’re trying to protect their intellectual property, it’s hugely annoying and inconvenient. I mean, is it a huge problem for them, enough to justify annoying their customers? Or did some tech in IT say, hey people possibly maybe can sometimes cause lost business by printing and distributing articles so let’s block everybody including our honest customers. I’m sorry, but I still like paper for those few articles I want to annotate and file for future reference. The saving of articles in the app just does not provide the same convenience. Plus, I’m older and my eyes get tired faster reading on screens that with paper. It’s stupid, makes me want to cancel my subscription.
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4 years ago, 126rogue4
App Dissimilar From Barrons Web Page
I have had the Barrons app for a number of years. It is good for quick access to a story but it seems deficient in depth and access to all aspects of Barrons. I don’t have a lot of time so certain timely information is important to me. As examples I have Barrons emails sent regarding stories. When you click on a story from the email it opens in the web to Barrons. It then asks if I want the app, which I have, so why not open up in the app. I like the data option which only appears in the web version and there is no access from the app. If you pick the e edition access from the app it seems to take forever to load. I have no time or patience, so its not the best option either. A good app would be more like the web version.
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6 years ago, RN1973
Older iPad? No Barron's for YOU!
Those of us with iPads not capable of running iOS 10 can no longer even use prior compatible versions as of now. The old app tells us to download the "new and enhanced" version but we cannot because the App Store says it requires iOS 10. And the older version, while still downloadable, simply tells us to upgrade. I've never had this happen with ANY other app. It is find to not support older iOS apps but not fine to just cut off those of us who don't get the latest hardware every year. Let us use the old version unsupported! My six year old iPad 3 works fine with iOS 9 for everything I want to do .... Except read Barron's. Disappointed. maybe the website will still work.
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5 years ago, —yay—
Stutters, glitches and crashes
First time subscriber and user of the mobile app. The app crashes for me on both ipad and iphone. Before it eventually but inevitably does, I experience stuttery scrolling behavior. Also, parts of the content is missing, for example in the recent piece on biotech companies, the biotech index chart would flash for a fraction of a second an disappear, never to be seen again on both phone and tablet, unless you use the tablet in landscape mode. Really annoying and disappointing. I’ve used some exemplary apps from other free news providers. You can do better.
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2 years ago, VolatilityQuant
Obnoxious video ads
Recently the app starts playing annoying video ads with sound while I am trying to read. I tried muting the ad, but it starts up again as I scroll down a little to read the story. I am paying for my Barron’s subscription and I am disgusted by these obnoxious ads. I have to turn my sound volume down to zero while using the app, and then remember to turn it back up when done. The app needs a way to choose sound off all the time. Also it now makes me log in constantly. The app is updated weekly and requires I log in after each update.
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12 months ago, edison resident
Bug on comment
1. I clicked on a story 2. Click on the comments icon 3. Type my comments or I even tried it blank 4. When I click on sign up to post, the app crashes 5. Expected behavior: when I click on the comment icon, I should be single signed on to the comments page and only the submit or cancel buttons be available. I should not be asked to sign up for posting the comments. When is this bug going to be fixed? I’m frustrated with the application crashing since I can’t write comments.
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2 years ago, mikeb0t
Bugs with login and video ads
I’m a subscriber to the content, but the bugs in the app are interfering with my ability to read articles: The app asks you to login to view content when you’re already logged in. Clicking login after this notification does nothing. You have to close the app and reopen to view subscriber content. Video ads play by default and sound is on. Scrolling away from the article with the embedded ad doesn’t stop the audio. Closing the app is the only way to stop it.
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2 years ago, Reviewer499
Crashes Constantly
I’m usually patient and rarely write a review, but I have to since this app continually gets worse and worse. It crashes at least 10-20 times each week as I read the magazine, and god forbid you pause for any length of time since then I have to close the app and restart it on my own. Daily articles are fine, but I can’t get Saturday delivery of the paper where I live and don’t want to wait until Tuesday to read the content. However, it is getting worse and worse making the value drop week in and week out in my eyes.
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3 years ago, Kruser99
Not User Friendly at Times
Overall I enjoy the App. What is frustrating is I will receive a email from Barron’s with articles of interest. When I click on a article, I’m routed to the internet asking me to subscribe. Why not route me to the App where I have already subscribed and paid Barron’s their fee. When I go to the App, I will try to find the articles they emailed me with no success. This is frustrating since I’m already a paid subscriber.
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6 years ago, Barrons Fan
Minor bug
I read Barron’s and WSJ on the iPad. Recently, if I am mid article and let the iPad go to sleep or I lock it and then I reopen the iPad and Barron’s/WSJ app, the the same article comes up but it is reset to show the beginning of the article. So you have to scroll back to where you left off. The apps used to save your spot in the article whenever you locked and then unlocked your iPad. Basically a pain in the neck since I read these papers and their articles off and on throughout the days.
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3 years ago, Funkydow
Potential still unrealized
This should be a great app — perfect use for an iPad — but it continues to fail. Navigation is clumsy and while some of the tiles are better displayed, it’s still confusing to find what you are looking for. But even worse: Memory management is terrible; you cannot load a new article half the time. The bug was reported at least 3 years ago and remains unfixed. Essentially forces you to a browser version, which negates the value of the app. Barron’s should do much better than this.
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4 years ago, Rushirkb
Unable to create watchlist
While trying to create watchlist for my favorite stocks, i always am seeing this error banner stating “Unable to create watchlist”. I think watchlist if one of the most basic and essential feature of the app and should work as expected. Having not many features, It reflects a very negative experience for first time users like me that even among the very few features provided by the app, one of them is not working. Also, the UI to create watchlist is not that intuitive. Please try and fix it for the next release.
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4 years ago, Ashish L.
App crashes; no offline viewing
I am amazed at how bad this app is relative to its sister app, WSJ. My app does not download for offline reading. It crashes often. Barrons has good content and when you have a network connection AND the articles load properly / app doesn’t crash, it is good. Unfortunately, this is 50-50 with the app as I constantly have to reboot it. The issue that initiates me the most is the inability of the app to download the full magazine and allow for seamless reading offline. How has this not been fixed yet!!
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2 years ago, coffee956324
Hacking my privacy?
For over a year now this app asks me if it should track me all the time or “ask app not to track” EVERY TIME I open the app. To make it worse neither option is clickable so to see the content which I PAY FOR, I must just slide that pop up away, effectively not answering. Therefore I assume Dow is taking liberties with tracking my data and I give a low rating. Tried contacting through Apple. I just deleted and reinstalled the Barron’s app so THAT didn’t help! Maybe someone can read this and respond or reach out with the fix.
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2 years ago, Saildad_2000
Simple things overlooked
Why is it that the WSJ can’t even get the simple things right in their apps. For years you could not access the app if there was an update available. That was problematic as we don’t always have Wi-Fi to update when trying to read the appear. They finally got that fixed and the new update requires you to login again. This is a very easy fix so it must mean that they just don’t care about their customers.
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9 months ago, tongpku
Good app in general, but audio bug needs to be fixed
In general, I enjoy using this app to read and listen through the financial analyses, which are good content. However, it seems that the audio cuts all the paragraphs where there is bold fonts in the text. This bug is really annoying. I hope this issue can be fixed soon.
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1 year ago, wangzhou26616
FR: Listening queue
I love to use this app to listen to articles. Most articles ends at around 5min. So I want it allow to add articles into a queue, and the app plays them one by one, without letting me find next one to start listening.
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2 years ago, AE2023
Annoying ads even with paid subscription
App allows ads that auto plays sounds which is really obnoxious. Lately it also frequently forgets that I am logged in and I have to keep signing back in. I wish Barron’s would stop with the clickbait style headlines on latest section. All these things combined encouraged me to ditch my subscription, not the level of quality I expect
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2 years ago, Pmg51
Auto playing video ads ruin user experience
This is a terrible app with two desperate flaws. First, it regularly fails to recognize subscriptions and one has to click through login in and restore purchases dialogs. Second it has auto play video ads with intrusive soundtracks. Listening to music while reading your paid subscription articles is impossible because the video ads launch every few seconds. This for a $400 annual subscription is absolutely pathetic.
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6 years ago, Bg1000nickname
Offline reading no longer supported
Prior to this latest app update, I could download and read an entire issue - in fact several issues - on the plane. Loved that feature as it allowed me to catch up with recent stories I’d missed. This new app requires an active internet connection, so I can no longer read on a long flight. Please restore the app to its previous functionality. Note: the Wall Street Journal app still supports offline reading. Barron’s and WSJ apps used to work identically. In this case, newer is not better.
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1 year ago, MStyleFTW
font size is tiny, can’t make bigger
iOS 16 has font size settings that are easily adjustable from Control Center, individually for each app. When will this app start making use of this feature so we can change the font size for comfortable reading? If you want to see an app that implements this feature correctly, check out the NPR app on iOS.
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6 years ago, plsemail
Losing readers due to technology
If you only care about readers with the latest ipad then you are fine. But if you want to retain the maximum # of eyeballs then your app should be able to differentiate between ipads that have the latest ios and those that don't. The app store will not allow me to upgrade Barron's since my ipad can't use the latest IOS. So i cant read Barron's? What happened to concerns about universal access? Please fix or I can cancel my subscription. Suddenly Barron's is not a part of my weekly Sunday morning ritual.
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4 years ago, same blah blah
Come on!
A long time subscriber. Watchlist still not corrected. Three weeks of unloading and reloading app for updates and still no watchlist. A service call with talking to 4 reps a week ago and watchlist glitch still not corrected. This is a paid subscription. Yahoo and CNBC are fee. Highly recommend Barrons take into account the demographics of subscribers. Review the reviews. Boss man 2 years ago versus current. What happened? Big down turn in markets this week and use free version of CNBC. SHAME ON YOU!
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4 years ago, Pierrot5678
The same information again & always
This is a critic over Barron’s editorial line. When you sign-up for Barron, all you hear about, all you learn about, is the same stuff. On Monday it’s about Tesla, on Tuesday it’s about Apple, on Tuesday it’s about Microsoft and then Thursday it’s Tesla again. Can you guys expand your views and tell us about things we actually want to hear about? But no, every headline is about how Tesla is this and that. We don’t care. Do your job and tell us something new.
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6 years ago, Jophus21029
locks out an iOS feature
This version of Barrons prevents the user from selecting a single word to get a dictionary definition. You are permitted only to select one paragraph. Select All is also not allowed. Maybe to better protect Dow Jones' intellectual property the app could be redesigned to present all text as a graphic, with screenshot disabled, and the screen darkened if a nearby smartphone lens is detected.
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6 years ago, Capin131
Great Articles, App Needs Work
The articles are the main show here and are great. Very informative and valuable. However, the app needs some work. I get random slowdowns where I can’t scroll down the article. If you exit the app to respond to a message and return, you lose your spot in the article. Extremely frustrating.
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4 years ago, DK-guy
Not working anymore!!
The App is now useless as there is a bug that block you from reading articles. Even though we have a full paid subscription it constantly wants me to log on because it says I have no paid subscription. And it seems from the latest reviews this is a common problem that Barrons is doing nothing about to fix! Really not a way to treat trusted subscribers for a 20 USD a month subscription.
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2 years ago, Muskey Hunter
Login Nightmare
From the moment I downloaded the signing was a struggle. On the iPhone, the face recognition never worked. It ask me to sign in every time I opened the app. Finally after spending 20 minutes trying to login, resets my password, face recognition failing, it informed me my subscription ram out yesterday. Why could it not tell me that when I open the app 20 minutes ago??? For obvious reasons I will not be renewing my subscription do to issues with the app
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4 years ago, U2NyR
They can’t figure out tables and images
I pay for Barron’s yet I am forced to watch loud flashing video ads while I read articles on Saturday morning. I don’t know what’s so hard about tables and images for the Barrons people, but not 1 table shows properly without getting cut off. There is no offline functionality. You download the magazine and if you open it on an airplane is says “unable to connect. Retry”. You still need the physical paper copy in 2020. Dow Jones hires really poor programmers
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2 years ago, JHNoah
Getting buggier
The current release crashes regularly at open on an iPad Mini 6 (current model). Downloaded issues aren’t actually fully downloaded for offline use. And too many ads populate articles as one scrolls, often delayed and disrupting readability. Basically, a subpar app that makes being a paid subscriber much less appealing. I hope Dow Jones prioritizes a better Barron’s app soon.
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6 years ago, Eagle3010
App Continues to get worse
It seems that Barron’s feels that the well working app from a year ago needed to be “modernized” and thus broken. The sterile looking top stories section, now infused with ads, detracts from the excellent content. Get rid of the black! Expanding a graphic on an iPad is now unreadable. Any white background area becomes black rendering all text unviewable and unreadable. What used to be an enjoyable experience has now become irritating. Tied with the ridiculous price increase, not worth continuing my subscription.
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7 years ago, J72655dm,
I started reading the weekly Barron's in 2008 after being suggested by a friend. Now, 9 years later I am able to manage my retirement on my own. I will always be an advocate as it allows the reader so much personal freedom, money management skills and in depth sector analysis. JD Mondrick New Hartford, NY
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2 years ago, JohnF12345
Come on guys. You can do better!
The content is great but the app is horrible. It keeps auto playing ads with sound, despite having my volume all the way down and the switch turned Off. And I have to log in numerous times. I expect better from a prestigious periodical. Looks like this is happening to several other people too Let’s get this right!
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3 years ago, SF Times reader
Fix the search function
The Search function is terrible. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Searching for a company name or ticker will sometimes link you to an article, other times it will show zero results (even though there ARE articles), and other times it will show you the articles but then instantly crash the app. Hire someone to fix this ASAP. Content is good, app needs work.
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4 years ago, disappointed %$@%
Unable to report delivery issue
I have now had the print/digital subscription for some time. I reported the issue once and now i am unable to report the issue when it occurs. I get a pop up saying call customer service. Please update this app asap so ‘report delivery issue ‘ works, same problem when i go online on my pc. I did call customer service several times and they are not helpful, at all. Also, please update the app so i can turn off the ‘auto renew’
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4 years ago, Potterxi11
Watch list issues and ad issues
Just downloaded the app after buying a subscription yesterday. Within the app, I am unable to create keeps giving me an error. Also, like other reviews have stated, you are unable to listen to background music or podcasts while on this app because the ads takeover any sound. Frustrating. You would think if you are paying a monthly subscription, ads wouldn’t be plastered everywhere.
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2 years ago, Risky Business Man
Ignores Phone Settings
With the most recent update, ads always play sound, even though I have the sound turned off on my phone. Not sure how it ignores my phone settings but I clicked on App Support and it send me to a MarketWatch subscription page, rather than a place to provide feedback / seek support, so the lack of quality control makes sense. Not sure I trust this app …
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6 years ago, Brandon.g.R
Great articles
Just going to give some advice if you decide to cancel you can only do so through iTunes, go to iTunes, account settings, subscriptions, click on Barron’s, then if you choose click on cancel. Barron’s was not clear on this process so wanted to give a heads up to any who subscribed and was lost as I was.
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6 years ago, Osprey1955
Can not access full articles
Am having a similar problem that I trace back to the acquisition of a new iPad. Access was never an issue with my older iPad but with my new one, I am unable to read full articles. I keep being asked to sign in and when I do, I am either denied or am asked to signed in again. Circular. Tech confines that I am a subscriber, and I continue to receive the paper hard copy but otherwise, Tech support has been anything but helpful.
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5 years ago, Michaell1967
Please fix your app, ad video constantly take over
Before I finish one article, the ad video constantly pops up and takes over the whole screen, with this creeping old man looking right at you then walks off to a chair by the cabin. What the hack? I can’t stand it. Even when I move the screen to hide the ad section, the video still takes over as soon as I read further down the screen. It’s so disruptive. Maybe it’s time to cancel the subscription.
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6 years ago, OPAzity
Broken navigation
I use the app in my iPad and it seems geared to just deliver up the magazine, not the breaking news. It also sometimes just shows a blank page page if I am following a link from the alert on my screen. After frustrating interactions I usually give up on the app and just go to the main page via a browser. Skip the app, it’s not worth the pixels it’s painted with.
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6 years ago, Desinova
Pop up advertisement videos are annoying
As you read articles, you get rudely interrupted by their pop up marketing videos. When you pay for service, l don’t want to be interrupted by your sales marketing. If I wanted to watch advertisements I’ll turn on the television. Fix it and stop the pop up advertisements. Readers should have the option on whether they want to watch a stupid advertisement or not. The advertisement shouldn’t be forced upon them.
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6 years ago, SunnieT
Must Reading for Market Insights
I am a relatively new reader, and find the articles very informative and insightful. For as long as I continue to self-manage my stock portfolio, I will consider reading Barron's cover to cover very important. It's a trusted source of great information.
Show more
2 years ago, Ned Klotz
No feedback
1). There is no way to provide feedback in the app. Would be better than having to do it here. 2). When hitting app help button here it takes you to the Market Watch page and asks you to subscribe. Reinforces desire for feedback to be provided here. 3). Some paragraphs in the app end in … When this happens it is cutting off the end of the sentence and you have to go to the e-edition or actual paper to get the line. This is not real convenient. 4). Commenting is no longer allowed. Not sure if this is a programming problem or a management problem. Not sure if comments are allowed on internet or if the each edition can be viewed on net as opposed to ah hoc article listings.
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2 years ago, Voyy34
Paid subscription = no ads
3 stars because Barron’s started adding video ads with sound even though the company charges a hefty subscription fee. The ads are annoying. Barron’s has good writers and informative articles. The app is very useful. The ads; however, detract from the user experience.
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4 years ago, lawjef
So many problems
Which I can sum up in two words: customer service. Rude, unresponsive, anything but helpful, moronically stupid, repetitive, doesn’t appear capable of reading basic English (judging by their email replies), etc etc. Didn’t receive the physical paper for 6+ weeks? Meh, we don’t care. App freezing? Well we are not tech experts. Long story short, Dow Jones has set up a customer service department that is about anything other than customer service.
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7 years ago, RH99x
Hooray for Barron’s
If you, like me, live in the business world of investing, it’s practically impossible to imagine life without Barron’s. A few times each year Barron’s misses Saturday delivery and arrives on a hollowing Monday or Tuesday. These are bad weekends indeed and encourage a movement for the abolition of holidays for those who deliver the mail. Richard Hoe.
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1 year ago, SamVasan
Can’t post comments
Have the latest 5.11.8, but still can’t post comments. Even when I am logged in, says “Sign to Post” and when I click on the button, it crashes the app every time (since about a year that I have attempted to post comments). iPhone 12 mini - iOS 16.1.1 model: MG603LL/A
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