Beanstack Tracker

4.7 (54K)
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Age rating
Current version
Zoobean, Inc.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Beanstack Tracker

4.74 out of 5
54K Ratings
8 months ago, AmazingKei
Great app!
I love Beanstack. It makes it so easy to track my reading and see what books I’ve read and how far I have left in the books. I love the activities and the serotonin I get from getting achievements 😅 I would love if we could get personalized recommendations based on the books we read/upload onto Beanstack. Obviously I don’t know the ins and outs of how the app automatically knows the books based on the barcode but I feel like it wouldn’t be too hard to incorporate that feature into the app. In the very least, I think it would be nice to give us keywords of the books we read to make it easier to search for similar books. Maybe it could make recommendations for books based on other readers who read similar books. I. E.: i read the hunger games and I’m looking for something else to read that’s similar. Maybe it can look at another user who also read the hunger games and see that they also read Divergent so it recommends that book to me.
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4 years ago, Birdnest
Great app that needs improvements
Our library is using Beanstack for their summer reading program since the building is physically closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our entire family is participating. We decided rather than have all four of us have our own account, we would create one account and have four “readers” in the account. What is frustrating is that the app doesn’t let you add a “default” person to your device. For example, every time I open the app, my 13-year-old’s “profile” loads rather than my own, creating the unfortunate opportunity for me to add my books, reading minutes, or completed Activities to his “reader account” rather than mine. At the same time, my 16-year-old’s iPhone, opens to MY account rather than his, and my wife’s iPhone opens to my 16-year-old’s. So it would be nice if Beanstack could add an option to set a default user, or at the very minimum open the app to the last reader account that was previously opened. Also, I wish you could edit previously added books. For instance, I tried adding a book by scanning the ISBN. However, it wouldn’t scan, so I added it manually. Later, when I discovered I was scanning the book incorrectly, I wanted to redo it, but that would have required me to delete the book and re-add it, thus losing my minutes and pages read.
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5 years ago, SiliconValleyRocks
Cannot add a book without assigning start date :-(
The most obvious feature does not exist. It was perplexing to try to add new books I just picked up from the library before sitting down to read them with the kiddos. Essentially one is stuck picking a start date or the default today is entered. As for the books we read and forgot to scan we have to go through the same process then back date each book it is almost not worth it. I decided to write them down and found it was faster and can take the list to the library to show the same process. They laughed too. All the parts are here in the app just add a button for scan ISBN then add to library of books. Then at least the book is available when the kids pick it out of the stack to read it. Additional add a calendar view to add book I read this week for quick logging. I am not doing this for badges as much as teaching my daughters to keep notes on their progress for themselves. Feel free to contact me directly for detailed feedback if you are the developer I am happy to help. So much for feedback the new version is horrible, the user interface is so limited. Most of all the product design team clearly does not use the app everyday and night we have just about given up... tonight we have to re-Enter every book because they do not show up in the recent list... what a complete let down the new version misses he most obvious fixes.
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3 years ago, Kelli_1971
Getting better. Worth it because it’s freeeee
I like how easy it can be to track reading and I look forward to installing this on my children’s iPads now that they are old enough to track things themselves. A lot of issues that I had last year with the app seemed like they are getting cleaned up to be a little better. It isn’t the best app ever, but it’s free and encourages my kids to read. A bit frustrating is my youngest daughter’s account. Over a year ago I registered her for a 1000 books before kindergarten challenge. She is finished with kindergarten and I simply want to remove the old challenge. It is listed as “ongoing” though so it doesn’t have an end date, like last year’s summer programs. So now she’s just registered for this program forever?? I have been all over this app trying to find a way to remove that old challenge and there isn't anything. Why can’t I remove a challenge just as easily as I registered for new ones? And I have to apparently leave this feedback in a review because there’s no “contact us” type of section anywhere in the app either.
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5 years ago, egturner
Summer Library Reading Challenge
I love how convenient it is to log reading minutes for our summer library reading challenge. I especially love how I can log minutes for all the kids and myself when we are reading aloud all together. It is frustrating, however, that I am not able to do the same thing for activities and destinations. The summer library challenge includes not only reading, but also activities and visits to sites in the community. While I can log reading for multiple members of the family at the same time, I am unable to do the same for site visits and activities for all the members of my family. Since all my kids come with me, and there are six of them, it’s very, very tedious to have to enter all the site visits individually for each person. Hope this can be fixed for next year’s challenge! It will make tracking our participation in the library summer challenge much more fun. :)
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4 years ago, Gemaolao ZAO
Beanstack challenges don’t allow/count the last day
We have been using the Beanstack app along with the Badge Book. Mostly everything works great. But there are 2 problems! One, if we read in the late evening it assigns the following date to the reading. For example we read from 10:20-11:00 PM on May 30th and when I select done it records that we read from 10:20-11:00 on May 31st. I don’t know exactly when the cutoff is for it to log reading as the next day but this messes up our challenges for badges. And if the app knows the time how come it doesn’t know the date? Two, the last day of each month (last day of challenges) don’t count for the challenges. So we read for 40 minutes from 10:20-11:00 on May 30th. It logs it as May 31st (see issue one) and doesn’t count it as reading towards May’s Challenges. It is 1:30 am on May 31st and we don’t have access to continue to work on May challenges or to complete any of May Challenges activities. If I tried to go into any activities for any challenges dated May 1st-31st it won’t load them. They show as grey lines. This happened for April as well.
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2 years ago, CK8283
Great app!
We have been enjoying this app for a couple of years now. It’s so convenient: we have it downloaded on our son’s iPad and my phone, so we can always log his reading wherever we are. It’s much easier for us than trying to remember where his paper-log is. Our son likes to keep track of his progress and scrolling through all the books he finished over the years. Our library has access to his online log and sends out notices when he has earned a reward. Adding book titles in Beanstack is so easy: you just scan the ISBN-number. You can set a timer for each reading-session or you can just log how many pages you read. A great app — highly recommend it!
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4 weeks ago, Bunni~Wabbit
Love the app but wish viewing past statistics was more user friendly
I love the Beanstack app! It is easy to use with a build in timer or the option to quick log. I love how you can edit titles to change the cover photo or length depending on your addition and how you can easily connect with your library for reading events. The one change I would make would be when looking at the highlights and statistics, I wish their was a way to view your monthly data. You can look at data for the past “month” but it’s the past 30 days. I want a way to view each calendar month and be able to see all the titles I completed in any given month and the stats for that month. The only way I’ve been able to do this is if there is an event that lasts for just a month but I would like to be able to do so without needing an event because there is not always one active.
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12 months ago, BattyWinters
Strange bug out of nowhere - Timezone issue??
Last month when I was visiting California from Colorado, I lost my reading streak of nearly 300 days out-of-nowhere, which baffled me because this tracker is what keeps me on top of reading daily, even when I’m not in the mood. I found out the following morning of my supposed missed day (June 9), saw in the calendar there was a hole, and yet when I checked the overview of the book itself, it said Date Last Read was June 9. Later, I checked in the reading sessions list, it has two June 10 entries which was inaccurate, it should’ve been only 1. The only thing I can think of is that I read my book late at night (11-ish) which at my usual Colorado time would’ve been after midnight and may have counted it towards the following day. Seems wack to force users to adhere to a timezone their account may be registered under regardless of where they physically are, unless there’s gonna be a displayed clock within the app.
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3 years ago, VA-beach
Great reading log
We have been using this for 3+ years now. We love how it can track for multiple members of the family. Barcode scanner has been improved and usually finds our books. We still have issues with the calendar and streaks logging correctly. Sometimes if you ‘quick log’ a book it doesn’t count it as read or logged. If you don’t select ‘finished book’ it doesn’t count it. This makes things really hard to go back and correct when my kids don’t enter the books the exact way. I wish you could select on the calendar the date and it would show you which books were read and by who. That way I could check everyone’s logged books at the same time. Some days I have had to enter a book multiple times for 1 day to count but it is timely to go back and double check. Also the bar graph is not very useful the units are all off and don’t accurately measure what my kids have read.
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5 years ago, AthenaMarie22
Great app, but could be even better!!
I’m enjoying using this app to track my baby twins’ reading, but I’d love to see it improve a bit more. I’d like to have more books be able to be scanned by the ISBN, as it takes some time to type the title and photograph the book (and then that still doesn’t connect the ISBN to that book in the future, so you have to either re-enter the book or find it in past books read!). Also, I’d love to just easily be able to enter an estimate of total minutes read during a session instead of entering minutes per book. Honestly, the whole app could benefit from quicker (1-2 screen) entries - the quicker the better, especially for parents of very young readers who have lots of small, shorter books that are being read (and not a lot of extra time with said little ones)!! And I’d love to be able to easily view the total number of books read per child on some sort of home screen.
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2 weeks ago, Seamus-1980
Going downhill fast
I never loved Beanstack. My local library uses it for their “challenges” and my school aged kid needs it to participate. However, over the past month or so, every update results in more errors. Currently, any time I enter a reading session, the app just randomly adds multiple listings for the same reading session. Furthermore, some reading session never show up in the log. I was already frustrated by the fact that it’s impossible to tell whether any given reading session is included in the number of books completed, an issue that had made logging thousands of picture book reading sessions difficult. Perhaps the app works better for adult books and the issues we’re having are due to the massive number of reading session, well over 4000 in three years with a nursery schooler who sometimes did over a dozen books a day. But when we’re going to try something new when the current summer reading challenge ends unless Beanstack fixes our issues.
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6 years ago, Arykan
Great start, needs UI improvements
Love that my library is using an app now for books tracking! Love the barcode scanner too. Updates are needed: if a book has a reading log, we need the option to hit a checkmark or swipe to say it’s completed. Example: My library did a program by pages in the summer, so we didn’t mark any books as completed since we were re-reading a lot. Now we are doing a program with lifetime books completed and I have to enter a new log to have the option to mark a title as completed. Also: you have to tap in the exact right spot to add text, it’s not intuitively the whole line or the title for logging past readings. That’s frustrating. I feel like there are lots more ways to make it easier to log and edit. Every log should be able to count for pages or time or books completed vs picking one and that log can only be used that way. Etc. keep working on it! Love the concept!!
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10 months ago, Sclubmama
Cannot save account info
Last year, my daughter used beanstack at school to log reading minutes. This year, my son is at the same school and so I needed to add him to our account. The app would not let his account information be saved. I would have to login with clever badge every time. So I deleted the app and re-download it. Now it will not save my daughters or my sons account information. I am having to do the whole long login process every time: pushing "let's go" then finding our site, and taking a picture of their clever badge. Then I log their information, sign out, and go through the whole process with the other child. I don't understand why it is not saving their information. I even tried logging onto the website and it's no different. I should be able to toggle between their accounts with more ease. I have emailed our district tech person and contacted beanstack, but have not heard from either.
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4 years ago, Dragon6445
Logging issues
This would be a 5 star app if logging reading wasn’t such a pain. 1. No matter how many times I pick the correct profile before starting the reading timer it always logs it to the wrong profile. My son and I are both doing reading challenges and I’m constantly having to delete my reading from his profile after using the reading timer. I click MY profile then MY book and then start reading session and when I finish it’s logged MY book on his profile along with the minutes read. 2. If I leave the app when logging a new book to check who an author is or the number of pages in the book it makes me start all over again logging the book details. Also the same thing happens if we need to check the internet for an answer to one of the library activities. 3. I wish there was a way to just synch what we’re reading to the app right from our kindles.
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3 years ago, de-bools
What happened to the start and end page tracker?
Changing my rating from 1 star to 4 because I received a response and solution to the issue mentioned in my previous review. Very pleased with the app’s customer service. Original review: We’ve been using this app every day for over a year and just recently the start and end page tracker disappeared and now there’s only an option to put in how many pages you’ve read. PLEASE BRING BACK THE OPTION TO PUT IN THE PAGE YOU STARTED ON AND THE PAGE YOU ENDED ON!!! I’m giving it a one star until this is fixed because it’s crucial to being able to track reading. Yes, I know there’s a “pages read” input option, but it was better the way it was before since that number was calculated by the app based on the page you started on and the page you ended on.
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3 years ago, srtevnm
Fun, but needs minor work
So, before we get started I would like to state that the following is just a few suggestions, and not in any way meant to discourage the app from being used. Cons: so first of all this app is great! I would say it is 3 1/2, but I rounded up. I think the biggest problems with this app are the wording. If kids are trying to log stuff it better be Clear. Not to mention the + button. I think right when you log in there should be a big green button saying log instead. The app shouldn’t have tabs, and SHOULD have better instructions. Pros: this makes online book clubs fun! It is fairly easy to access from any device, and it has good parental controls. If you are unsure about getting this app? I would say go for it! Have a nice day!😊 -Tigger
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2 years ago, Unicorn5g
Great Reading App! But…
Beanstack is a great app, and my school uses it to encourage students to read. I wanted to download the app so I could easily access it during summer for the summer reading challenge. However, when I first opened it, it was not what I expected at all. The app doesn’t take up the whole screen. Instead of having the app take up my whole screen, there are two black rectangles on either side of the screen. I realize that this is because you are supposed to use it on a phone, but I have an iPad and it would be nice to have adjustments for iPads. This is also a good idea because as of iPad version 15, you can split-screen it with reading apps. Other than that, it is a great app! It’s wonderful for tracking reading and encouraging students to read every day! 📖
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2 years ago, Aleo!
Not worth the trouble
I’m halfway through the county summer reading program and am going to start using the paper logs they provide instead of Beanstack because it’s confusing to use. It doesn’t tell you how far along you are in your progress in the program. Also, the way it’s designed to log reading time doesn’t work well when you read shorter books. The only real benefit is that you can record the titles that you read. But even that is limited, because there’s so few titles included in their database. So many popular books by popular authors are missing. There’s the option to enter them yourself, but it gets tiresome to do that with nearly every entry. There’s badges that you can win, too, but that’s meaningless to my three year old and my seven year old doesn’t care. I actually work at my local library and so I see firsthand that the vast majority of parents are using paper logs, not the app. Not worth it.
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2 years ago, J. Hilary
The Christian Imagination
What role should the followers of Christ take in regard to experiencing art? Is it important for them to read beyond “The Word” and explore the printed word in literature? If so, why? How do they differentiate between works of art that express truth and beauty and works that don’t? Dr. Leland Ryken, professor emeritus of Wheaton College, takes on some hefty philosophical issues related to the Christian and art. Authors in this anthology include Ryken himself, as well as J.R.R. Tolkien, Frederick Buechner, Annie Dillard, Madeleine L’Engle and others. Be prepared to read this book slowly and carefully in order to savor the wisdom contained between the covers. It is not only thought-provoking, but also challenging as it inspires a higher level of understanding and appreciation for art in literature.
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2 years ago, u kiim
I love how the app is used to keep track of reading and better that you can access a timer and activities and challenges to keep you busy and that you get to write down reviews and let your opinions be known to the others. The app is flawless but I want to suggest a challenge that you can do with friends and not just compete like maybe a writing contest or messaging with friends and showing them awesome books that are perfect for them and maybe you could start giving suggestions based on the last books they read. I could write a whole essay about how great it is but long story short this app is amazing!
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2 years ago, scaleshedmom
I really like this app. I started using it over the summer with my local library for myself and my son during the library’s summer reading program and liked the app so much that I decided to subscribe to Beanstack Go unlimited to get more from the app on my own! Here’s where the problems start. I paid for the subscription, and ever since the app has been telling me that I haven’t. It’s not a cheap subscription either ($60/year). I contacted the help desk and let them know what was going on and got a reply asking what trouble I was having logging in to my account. I’ve replied to that email more than once now and have gotten no responses back. It’s starting to feel like ZooBean took my money and ran, and I’m pretty upset about it. They’re not responding to my emails anymore and writing this review is the last thing I can think of to get their attention. I just want what I paid for. 🙃🥲
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5 years ago, mariposamy
ISBN Issues
This app is ok. We’ve used Beanstack for logging our summer reading for the past three years and this year, I’m not sure the improvements are improvements. The ISBN scanner has only worked for about five books (out of 30 or more). When I enter the ISBN, that hasn’t worked either. The search for a book function is gone from previous versions and so, when I am forced to enter the book title and author information, no picture of the cover is shown/available; and I have to figure out how many pages are in it. I do like that we can log and track reading for parts of chapter books so that it doesn’t look like I’m not reading anything, when in reality I’m 499 pages into an 800 page book. My conclusion is that something is wrong with the app’s ISBN data base access. Fix that AND bring back titles searches.
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10 months ago, Jlsw06
Great but missing important features
Overall great app! Easy to use and convenient. My kids enjoy recording their books. The major feature missing is a “to read” option. I use an app to track my reading and also use it to drop in a book that I want to save to read later. When talking to another parent that might recommend a book, I currently can’t use this app to save books to read in the future. So, I need to use something else to store all the books I would like them to read. This is a pain because this is THE best book app for kids. This is such a minor addition & could be similar to the “lists” option already available. Please give us a list option to store books not yet read, and this app is five stars!
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1 week ago, Best game with no stress
The best reading tracker app ever
It’s really helpful for little kids who are always wondering how much did I read what you adults because no matter the age, you can always track your reading and I don’t know about you but for me in school and we’re doing the Rathon. It’s just so much easier with Beanstack. You would have to track your reading on a paper but now you can track it on your phone on your computer on your iPad, you can track it on so many different devices. And that’s why you should get Beanstack mediately. You will have no regrets whatsoever and that’s why being stuck gets a five star review.
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3 years ago, lovetosew
Does not work, spins.
I’m really disappointed that this app does not work. Had no problems until today and cannot get it to open. It spins. To make reading important these apps need to work. If I could give it a negative I would. I will continue to read but no longer interested in wasting my time trying to get useless apps to work. And interesting that there is no response from the developer. Enforces my low opinion of the lack of care. Update, response from the developer that means “I” would need to submit a ticket to have them research the problem with their product. Again, I’m not going to submit a ticket. I’m too busy to spend time trying to get a developer to fix this issues with their own product. I’m not a beta tester. Score remains the same. The product spins and will not show any data. Worked fine for a couple weeks and then stopped.
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5 years ago, TeaHicks
A Great Reading Tracker
Hello, I’m a full time mom of five😱 this app has given me the ability to track summer reading without the old pen and paper😁 We can be on the go and still remember all the books that have entertained us all summer long. The scan is easy to use. Most books are quickly logged. The book that is not found with the ISBN can still quickly be logged. It’s amazing to see how many stories have past through our home. My kids will finally get their party at school for reading this summer.😃 They will go back on this app and write down everything or I will encourage the school to get connected 👍 love this
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2 years ago, BeautifulCreation
Improved Immediately - still cumbersome to use
WOW! I put a review up saying I hated the app because you can't toggle between kids and have to completely log out and log in another child. It was changed by the next day. I know others had mentioned it, so it may have been lucky timing, but that was impressive. It is still difficult to navigate, so that adds some frustration. The learning curve is steep. For a reading app, I think it shouldn't be that hard. Enter the book, enter aht you read, mark that you finished it, be able to go back and find it. Why it's all in different sections is beyond me, and why some entries are only available at different times is also confusing. It shouldn't be this hard.
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2 years ago, BeautifulCreation
Cumbersome and Tedious
I hate this app. I would not be using it if it wasn’t for a fundraiser at the school. It could be less tedious if you only have one kid, but it’s absolutely terrible if you have more than one kid. You have to completely sign one kid out and then fill all of their information in again in order to log in their information. You can’t just toggle back-and-forth between kids. entering reading logs and editing times and pages and if it’s completed or not is also extremely cumbersome. It’s not easy to edit, and it’s not easy to even find where the info goes that you are trying to put in. you’re better off just writing it on paper. It would take you less time and you would be a lot less frustrated. I will definitely be talking to the school about never using this again. It’s not worth it.
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5 years ago, CP2334
Easy to use and motivating
This app is everything I need all in one. It records the book I am currently reading, lets me track minutes read and page by page (optional), and was easy to connect with my public library’s summer reading program. I have two readers under my profile and am able to track each person’s progress. My favorite part is the built in timer. I can scan the book I am beginning, check the details, and start my reading session. The timer keeps track and even gives me an option to pause when my child interrupts. When I’m done, I simply press done and submit my time.
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2 years ago, Meererrrrr
Over complicated
I have been trying to scan the kids books in for summer reading but it tells me I can’t get credit for just scanning/ logging a 15 pg story book, I also have to put how much time I spent reading it to them. It shows we’ve only read a page or two of some books and finished others. I have no idea what the rhyme or reason is. There should absolutely be a simple read/finished whole book in one sitting option, esp for kids. I have a huge stack of picture books we just read but it’s far too much effort to try to “get credit” for them in this app. Also, it should connect to library accounts so that all the books we checked out automatically appear and then we can just mark as read.
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5 years ago, Petunia22
Super App w/1 small bug
This app is absolutely fantastic!! I can log my younger daughter’s reading and awards, monitor my older daughter’s reading and awards, and keep up with my own. My older daughter can also log and keep up with her own reading and awards. It is very intuitive. Books can be logged in various ways, and there are many routes to get to an individual’s record. The only part that does not work very well is the timer. It cuts off when the iPod or iPhone “automatically” stops and does not save the time for the book being logged for time spent reading.
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3 weeks ago, Morbid Romantic
I was hoping to use this for a library reading challenge. So I downloaded it and went through the process of adding myself as a reader, and even got the little green bar and check that said that I was successfully added. Then I went to the discover page and nothing loads, so I hit the top right to the profiles, no profiles were listed. So I closed out the app and reopened it and when I did, I had to remake my profile so I did again once I went to the app after creation nothing would load so I once again reopened it and for a third time I had to re-create my profile. Right now I have re-created my profile five times and nothing will load. I cannot use the app because nothing will load and my profile will not save. Very disappointing.
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5 years ago, supremelorax
Straightforward, Easy to Use, Some Annoying Bugs
Generally the app works and is easy to use although there are times when it will not recognize ISBN numbers. It seems that it logs according to EST because at 9pm PST it starts adding books to tomorrow. I also keep maxing out the number of books for the day which then bounces them to tomorrow. For example I read 18 books to my daughter today, and it says I have read 15 today and 3 tomorrow. Last time I went over the ‘maximum’ it then adjusted the max the following day but did not adjust the logging. Overall I really like this app and it is a great way to track for the summer reading challenge but hope the developer is able to chase out the remaining bugs.
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5 years ago, MalMalMeow
Useful, but buggy
I’m using the app through my library for the 1000 Books Before Kindergarten challenge. It’s great for logging books quickly and keeping count! I love that I can scan in most ISBN codes. However, if you want an accurate log, there are some issues. I’ve logged a past reading and it attributes the reading to the wrong day. If you’re trying to track number of books a day, you may have issues. This evening, I read two books and logged them, but the chart in Highlight -> Completed -> Week shows 0 for today. Sometimes this corrects itself if I close the app, but not always. The log number is always right, but the other data interpretations are often off.
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2 years ago, claire.akhila
Beanstack is aa terrific app. You can write reviews, see other reviews, add friends, log reading, you can do challenges with activities and so much more! It is a place of reading, and a place of knowledge, and community interaction (and service)! It helps children and adults want to read. It is a digital fun library app that you can keep! And I didn’t say it costs money. However it was rated four stars by me and not five only because of a little bad quality of the app itself. So if it blanks out on you close the app entirely, and log back on. That’s annoying, but other than that it’s a very good app.
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4 years ago, MommyHarris6
Very nice book tracking
I love the app. With four kids it’s easy to track the books and their reading. The only downfall I have is the timer. Every time I log a book and start a session if our phone or tablet goes goes to sleep the tracker stop and the app closes out. I understand I can change my setting in the phone to not go to sleep but I or the kids forget to go back and change it after reading which leads to dead tablets sooner. But I love the app none the less just wish it worked better for the timer because my kids love the timer. They can independently read and know that they’ve completed their goal.
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9 months ago, Callucin
Unable to update profile using voice over screen reader
Good afternoon. I am blind and use the app on the daily basis to track my braille reading. It is September 19, 2023 and I am using an iPhone 12 pro running iOS 16.6.1 and I have the latest beanstack update. I keep receiving a pop-up asking me if my profile information is up-to-date. Every time I try to update my information, I cannot. Jesse Jones remains in the edit fields, no matter what I do. I am a voiceover screen reader user just trying to confirm my profile information to prevent this pop-up from happening each time I open the app. Hopefully, this can be fixed. Thank you very much.
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5 years ago, 2 Little Bookworms
Convenient for library hoppers & multiple kiddos
We visit a couple different libraries. It’s nice to be able to log the books from each one, and to participate in different summer reading programs. I also like the ease of logging for more than one kid. My 4-year-old loves scanning each book and clicking “start” and “finish”, and then seeing all of his progress. The only thing preventing a 5th star would be the annoyance of having to manually log books that don’t show up when scanned, and noting the number of pages (Really? Early reader books rarely list numbers on the pages!). Other than that, I really like it.
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4 years ago, Lock4Second
App Says It’s No Longer Available to Me
This has been great for about the last year and just when the summer reading programs were about to start here it stops working? That doesn’t make any sense! Update: Whatever push they did fixed the problem and I’m back to very happy with the App. Last critique is that occasionally there are books I’m reading on the Kindle that I can’t find doing an ISBN search. You can manually put the title and info in, so not that big a deal. Still firmly a 4-star app.
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7 days ago, nicoledotcom
Update limitations
Latest update doesn’t allow me to manually enter the number of minutes my children read…only page progress. Their Summer Reading Program rewards are based on the time spent reading, not total pages completed. Also, for our small kids, they listen to audiobooks as part of their goal which is impossible for us to know how many pages they’ve read. Also, is it possible to have a reading “team” option that counts the number of minutes/pages your friends and you have completed? The friend competition is intimidating to our family’s younger readers.
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4 years ago, Michefield
Switches readers
I’ve been having an issue with it switching who’s reading. I have multiple people on my account since my child can’t have her own and every time I start her reading session it adds it to mine and I have to manually enter hers and delete it from my account. It’s super frustrating! It works fine for my account and I do appreciate making an app so we can still do the summer reading program with COVID happening. Update: I am now having issues with it giving raffles tickets for my daughters activities. She earned nine and it said she had none. She is bummed because obviously that’s how they get their prize for summer reading!
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4 years ago, Jujitsu student
I have ADD so a lot of the time, I lack the motivation to read and easily lose the motivation to complete books. With this app’s features that track the time spent reading, averages your pages read per session, and the progress you’ve made in the book I’m motivated to finish any of the books I’ve read. I liked the program when it was made available for my library’s patrons last year for their summer reading program. I had no idea it was actually this permanent and I can’t wait to continue to use it through the year!
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1 year ago, paulakat2235
This app is awesome! This app helps me know what type of challenges I’m getting into and tells me all the info about the challenges that’s needed! You should get this app if you love to read and love to track it. The only bad thing about it is that when I track my reading the words sometimes make me confused and I think that it’s telling me that I have to track my reading for the WHOLE book even though I’m only tracking for a day. But I really do suggest you get this app only if…YOU ❤️TO READ!!!
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1 year ago, katwarrenlee
Frustrating UX, Lacks Polish
While I love the contests and stats, the overall user experience is frustrating. Using the app for only 15 minutes, I already ran into a handful of bugs and and had to wade through some confusing, non-intuitive UX paths. They included: adding a profile picture, entering birthday in the account creation process, searching for books by author’s name, searching for books written in another language, strange book cover formatting, etc. This isn’t meant to be a negative review. I think the app has great potential and these should be fairly simple fixes. Hoping for a new version or version update soon, as the idea, the design, and the base are all in great shape.
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4 years ago, Megan12005
Love it and an idea
I love the Beanstack app. I found out about it through my local library when I did reading challenges. Ever since, I have kept track of my reading through the app. It is user-friendly and very easy. It helps me be motivated to read! An idea for the app is to add a feature where you can friend other readers and challenge them. You could see who reads the most and set of a profile. Having an outlet for the reading community to interact would add such depth to the app. Just a suggestion 😊
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3 years ago, SarNebDickin
Still frustrated with this app
I have continued to use this app because this is what our public library uses to reward the kids for Summer reading but everyday the app has issues. Two days when I have gotten on to log my kids’ reading, I am unable to because it freezes or goes to an error screen. It’s also sporadic on when the kids receive their app badges. Even though they should earn them after every five days of logged reading, sometimes one child earns it while the other doesn’t until I submit the following day’s reading log. Again I think eventually it will be a great tool to use but for now it’s not that helpful.
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6 years ago, ohanafirst
I like a lot of things about it, and most effective is being able to add all members of my family while logging a reading session, but I wish I could do that when logging a past reading session instead of having to add the same book to each members individual log, I also wish that when I mark a book as completed to send to archive it would do that for each member that is part of that reading session, again instead of having to archive each one separately for each family member later. But I love how easy it is to keep track of all the books we read together as a family!
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4 years ago, szahner3
Minutes are not consistent
I like the concept but I should not be able to say I read pages more than the maximum number of pages in the book. I also should know how many times I’ve read a book compared to how many time I have finished it. I would like to see a display of how all of my readers on one page side by side preferably. Lastly, my reading sessions do not consistently count toward the number of days read and my reading sessions do not always count toward my badges and or challenges. It seems like it is inconsistently counting my reading sessions and has resulted in me not achieving goals that we actually did achieve.
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2 years ago, Erika- this is HORRIBLE!
Love Tracking Books
I love tracking books for my kiddo; however, it seems overly complicated for tracking a book. There’s multiple screens to navigate with no explanation as to which one is for what. Also, I was about 100 books in before I realized there’s some sort of flag that needs to be checked to indicate completed, hidden on screen 5 or something, but you can’t get to the check mark ever again once you’ve saved a book. One screen for entry seems much more straightforward.
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