Belleville News Democrat News

4.3 (732)
111.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
The McClatchy Company
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Belleville News Democrat News

4.33 out of 5
732 Ratings
7 years ago, BellevilleRes
New BND not good
Look at CNN and KSDK apps. Use their design as a good model. The new BND app in April 2017 is terrible.
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6 years ago, lakesha dabbs
A little upset!
I have had the BND app now for about 2 years. Out of the blue this morning while I was scrolling through and reading the news, the message that was displayed on my screen is that I’ve read all my free stories for the month! I absolutely love this app because it keeps me up to date on news in my area and the nation. But how can I read or enjoy this app when I’m being told this now?
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3 years ago, Big618
App subscription
Well I subscribed just to stay in the loop of things going on back home in Belleville for me since I moved to the state of Washington. My only issue is the pop up to subscribe for each section I want to read. Being a subscriber why do I have to sign in each time while I’m in the app? Gets a little frustrating and if it continues I probably will dis-continue my subscription.
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6 years ago, B vill Boy
I drop the newspaper when you got rid of Glenn McCoy. Also, do not cover near the high school sports as you used to. It got to the point where I could read the entire newspaper within five minutes. Certainly not worth the cost. I decided just to read a few things online.… I still get the Post-Dispatch. Sad days for BND.
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3 years ago, Upset-JM
Why do I have to log in every time I read an article?
I have reloaded the app multiple times and log in everyone I reload and still I have to log in for every article I want to read. I’ll be canceling my subscription until someone fixes this issue.
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5 years ago, Grniz2001
Free app, no free content
Used to be able to keep up on local stories regularly with only a few articles being restricted to subscribers only. As of last week, cannot read a single article. Disappointing for a free app to have ZERO free content. I’ll get my news elsewhere I guess.
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4 years ago, Thomas Toones
Average Left Wing McClachy Run News Paper
Paper reprints what Democrat politicians tell them. Most news is a day or two old and comes from other McClatchy owned garbage news papers. If you want better quality news, read the St. Louis News Democrat.
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5 years ago, yrjean
BND Digital App
The app makes it hard to sign in, links to sign in don’t work and I have equal difficulty going straight to my account for signing in. Often I could have read the physical paper faster than trying to log in to read.
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7 years ago, Muramg
Huge step Back!
Not only do you now have to go through many more steps/screens before you can actually read the paper, it doesn’t remember any of the login information. As an ongoing subscriber, I should not have to enter my login credentials every day. Too many extra add panels in ite way of the paper.
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4 years ago, lostanother
Disappointed reader
Limiting the numbers of articles I read per month is not a way to grow revenue. Sell more ads if you need to pay the bills and tout the number of readers that will see them. Instead you cut the readers off after 10-20 clicks so the ads never get seen.
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6 years ago, Bbmags
This app is horrible
Never can read the comment section. Freezes all the time on my IPad. The same stuff that is free here is recycled into the print edition I pay for. Even in archives I can never find what I am looking for.
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5 years ago, Clkaem
Stop this subscription BS
I’ve had this app for YEARS and now every couple weeks I go for days unable to read anything while you nag about getting a subscription. Then it miraculously goes away only to reappear in a week or so. Just stop!
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6 years ago, Cent. Ill. boy
BND stinks
I can’t believe in this age where we have so many options that you actually think that we would pay to find news on your site and still post ads on the site. Get real!
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5 years ago, Swn mchn
It is an important news paper
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3 years ago, no harvesting here
I’ve called repeatedly to discuss the fact they can no longer play the crossword puzzle or any other game with your new beta app. This is a joke! I wish you would just go back to the old app that worked.
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6 years ago, Hopalong#9980
Too many repetitive stories
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5 years ago, tbird211211
New App
I absolutely detest this new app. EVERY morning I have to battle to load the paper to read it and every morning it fails to load. Go back to the old app
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5 years ago, 9Hem
New digital app
Too hard to navigate when reading
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4 years ago, CWOMCPO
Based on all the reviews I have read, how on earth could there be a 4.4 rating?
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5 years ago, done in bville
Can’t sign in again. Out of the blue. Can’t read in print version at all. Fine yesterday Not now
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6 years ago, William Zxpp
Tried to look at Obituaries five times with the same dumb Facebook ad popping up each time. Don’t bother..
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6 years ago, hugh setback
Horrible app. Nothing works, way too difficult to navigate.
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5 years ago, j48howard
Done with this terrible “news source”. Death, crime, politics...that’s all you “report.”
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5 years ago, 7@/qqqqqq
New format
Absolutely horrible
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12 years ago, Error404-1
Go back to the drawing board
When I logged in for the first time things seem to work okay. After use I found that the buttons don't seem to work correctly and I can never get back to the main page without restarting the application. I have also found that under latest news there appears to be more opinion articles then actual news. I can only hope somebody from the newspaper reads this as I don't want to see a newspaper like the BND fall behind the times when it comes to technology.
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12 years ago, Un-unhappy user
I have persevered through the various changes and updates, but Now there are more opinions posted than news articles. Freezes frequently. Now it will not load at all. Such a shame. Have to delete to avoid more frustration.
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7 years ago, Sue N51
Horrible upgrade
Change it back!! You had it right already.
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7 years ago, DanielCsik
Not great
As a newcomer to the BND app, I'm finding it hard to maneuver and find what I want. Is there a "search" option that I am just not finding? I'll give this app a few weeks and if I still find it difficult to use I'm deleting it.
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12 years ago, tammyIyammy
If only I could give 0 stars...
Updated 11/12. Frozen for two days. article list updates but I can't open any of them. I heard they were going to switch to paid content (stupid idea) so maybe that is the problem. If so, there isn't any way to access the option to subscribe. So frustrating and par for the course with BND.
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13 years ago, Outgrillin
Pretty lame for a newspaper
Most articles only have the title and first line. I have to go online to read the full story. This app is definitely in need of some serious development. They should have waited to put it out until it was fully developed. Has a lot of potential to be a good app though
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7 years ago, Cubs23Fan
Terrible Update
Not only is it hard to navigate, it tripled memory app uses.
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12 years ago, Me-o. Pee-o
Worth the wait
I really like the app. I really like the ease of sharing the stories. Great job!
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7 years ago, Great when it worked
Latest update is crashing
Latest update is crashing. Once it loads up there is no content and when you select a tab/section it crashes and closes. Removed and installed again, same thing.
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12 years ago, Tgreathouse
What a joke!
Soooo, now they have decided to charge you to view content on this free app download. Don't download! You now won't be able to view anything. Seriously, you can go on safari & view the site's content for FREE. Why would we pay to view the content on an app??
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7 years ago, Mike03094
No search?
The app is easy to use and simple. I think it would do them good to include local advertisements like movie show times, Dear Abby, and your daily horoscope. Also, why can't I search for an article?
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10 years ago, BenJammin49
Its just okay
I'm pretty "meh" about this app. Although I have it 4 stars because I share stories a lot with friends and it's easy to email them.
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9 years ago, Adriane Miller
Locked down.
I used to love this app as it kept me in touch with home events... Being military and moving around is frustrating but this app let me catch up on metro east events. I won't pay to view content- this is not the NY Times. Frustrated.
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11 years ago, Cindiruss
Completely worthless
They won't let you read any articles now unless you purchase a digital subscription. Don't waste your time on it!!
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9 years ago, Atl03
No access
This app was reliable for local news until it started requiring a subscription. What's the point?
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10 years ago, Mantelli
Constantly crashes
This app has crashed repeatedly since the last update. I've emailed the paper, but they apparently don't care.
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12 years ago, Mink4844
Deleted the app
They now want us to pay for a digital subscription to this app or you can go to safari and read it all for free. Stupid idea
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7 years ago, Disgusted in Belleville
This app is horrible! Prefer the app that was in regular newspaper style. Can no longer go back and read previous editions. Horrible!!!!
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12 years ago, B tobette
Flashing ads and games
Flashing slot machine and pop up ads at bottom too distracting and annoying.
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10 years ago, GoldieBear01
BND Newspaper
Easy to navigate.
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7 years ago, Sarah Shipton
I can't find a worse news app. Can't even find the obits
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12 years ago, CamryI4
Nice App
About time, thanks BND!!
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10 years ago, Star327
Update needs an update
I had an old version of this app that would no longer load any news so I tried to update it. I got a message saying it needed iOS 7 (I still have 6) but I could download the previously compatible version. After the update, I opened the app and it said it needed iOS 7. I can no longer use the app.
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11 years ago, MillionairePlus
Doesn't work
Crash crash crash.
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11 years ago, Gschaubert
Bnd app
Crashes on iPhone 5s! Fix ASAP!
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10 years ago, NanaDPurple
Forced to upgrade to iOS 7 to even use the app.
Just tried to use the app and it is requiring an upgrade. The upgrade apparently only works on iOS 7 or later which I do not have. So without upgrading the iOS I can't use the app. How's that for customer service?
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