Best Typing Lessons and Test

4.7 (1.1K)
17.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tamber Schorey
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for Best Typing Lessons and Test

4.65 out of 5
1.1K Ratings
4 years ago, jhadihgelrhaejhjfghksejhg
Very helpful
I never learned to type as a kid. Exactly half way through school they switched from writing everything by hand to being required to type everything. They taught a little typing at school and figured you’d learn the rest at home. We couldn’t afford a computer and too many bullies made their hangout the computer lab. So I never learned. Too many drugs at home. School was my safe haven until the bullying got too bad to focus. Typing had always been too intimidating to learn as a kid due to lack of opportunity, but it was always something I had wanted to learn. I got a laptop with my stimulus check, and I’ve had pretty much nothing but free time to learn new skills during these unnecessary shutdowns. It occurred to me recently that I might finally be able to learn typing. I went through this mini course in about 8 days working a few hours a day with Sundays off. This is an excellent app. Be careful with the first set of lessons if you have any kind of seizure condition. Lots of blinking. But it is the best way for this lesson to be taught in order to work on some of the different skills you will need to type. I had to step away frequently and rest when I started feeling out of it. The rest of the lessons are absolutely excellent, though. 5 stars. You’re never too old to learn a new skill. If an old dog won’t learn new tricks, it’s because he’s unwilling to learn.
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2 months ago, EllieMarcelli
WOW! It’s working
I didn’t learn to type until I was 48 and my profession went digital. Overnight, I was expected to type. I managed eventually, but I still have to look at the keyboard, and the younger doctors point and snicker when they watch me. I’m one of the people that you were speaking of when you said it’s hard to correct bad habits. I have to watch the keyboard; I type with two fingers on my right hand, and three fingers on my left, with my hands out to the sides so I can see. I’m still just doing the middle row of your course, but what an improvement. I’m looking at the paper with all my fingers in their proper place now (well, not RIGHT now, but soon). Boy is my ring finger weak! No wonder I’m always so late finishing my records. Thank you! I can feel more sleep coming my way; no more midnight typing sessions.
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4 months ago, Take it or don’t
I needed a real app and not a game
I just want to say thank you!! I have struggled for years with typing because I didn’t take that elective in high school…. I really wish I would have because I’ve had my Bachelors Degree in Business Administration but can’t type…. and it’s caused me to not get many job opportunities. It was literally this morning that I came across this app and it’s like being in a classroom!! (In a fun class🙂🫶🏻) I have only just started but I can see that I have FINALLY found the solution to my lack of typing skills. I am so excited to see how much more confidence I’ll have once I’ve learned how to type. I will actually be able to have a “career” instead of just a job!! Thank you again!!
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4 years ago, Darwin Guty
Good App for practice
(Not an english native) I liked this app, I used it to get used my new keyboard. I didn’t feel it boring, because the short lessons give time to rest and even give the feeling to start a new one right away. I would like they add new lessons for other symbols: {[]} (), and most important maybe they can add an option for “personalized” text.. to practice with my own text, Because I already finish the lessons (Intermediate and Advanced) and would like to continue practicing in the app (because the system of colors I liked it very much!). I think I paid for removing adds, but not sure how much it costs.. didnt see the price and no confirmation for payment? It was strange. Hopefully everthing will be ok.
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2 years ago, Chris&Lynn
Exactly what I wanted and EXCELLENT customer support!
As a home educating family recognizing the importance of computer literacy in today’s world we have made it a point to teach our children proper typing techniques. I did not want a childish cartoonish app however, as we wait until our children have their hand writing well developed … around the 7th grade. We have been using this app for 6 years and our oldest 5 children have learned to type using it. After the latest update, we noticed a bug. The developer was very responsive and worked until he found the issue and got it fixed. I highly recommend this particular typing app.
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5 years ago, Lmvc01
Ease of use
I found this app very easy to use, its the only app I have not found intimidating. My only problem is that I cannot see where I need help and where I am improving. I am taking each test a few times, or at least until I feel comfortable (Typing lessons for Beginners) but I do not know if I should move on to the next level or not. I can type without looking at the keyboard but this is out of habit, the moment I place my fingers on the home keys I am lost, I am trying to learn typing appropriately so that I can type faster. Please create a better grading system, maybe a percentage; I have not reached the “typing lessons for beginners” I do see there is an accuracy section there. Also, could I see my last score versus the total? This point system is absolutely useless to me.
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3 years ago, Loola. elle
It Is An Amazing App! Here Is Why:
Last year, I had been gifted a thin profile keyboard. It was my first Bluetooth keyboard and I was really excited about it. I didn’t know how to type without looking down at it, so I downloaded this app to learn. In roughly an hour, I had basic skills! Recently, about a month ago, my brother had accidentally spilt a bit of water on the keyboard and some of the keys stopped working. I tried pretty much everything i could to fix it, but nothing worked. I have recently bought a new keyboard, but this time it is mechanical and it is very thick. The keys are very different, so I wanted to learn how to get used to it and I re-downloaded this app to do so. I have only been on the app for seventeen minutes and I have already completed keys: -a -; -s -l -d -k This app is very underrated and it should be extremely popular. It even has a test to see how fast you are at typing actual sentences and stories. It is completely free and I personally think that you should download it. :)
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9 months ago, Nicole F
Learned to type at 48 yo.
I would recommend this typing app to anyone. This app is free and does not have pop-ups. I had been wanting to learn to touch type for most of my life. I was never able to, in school, because that hour was never free. I have tried various other typing apps, but was always very disappointed with them. They always had numerous pop-ups and after the initial lesson, you would have to pay. At 48 years old I finally learned to touch type. I am really excited to be able to type without looking at the keyboard now.
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5 years ago, Zean314
I usually get apps, try them out, and if there is a ad free version I get it right away. This has ads on EVERY lesson (1-2 minutes beginning), and there is NO ad free version... yet. Deleting, got the concept, I will use my app PAGES to practice and have NO interruptions on my podcasts or music. Sincerely, Thank you. The idea of this app is VERY cool, but I wish you had a paid ad free version. UPDATE: Thank you for having an option to remove ads. Great app to learn, or practice your typing skills. Works great with a bluetooth keyboard too, you just have to touch the screen (my iPhone in this case) to start the session, then I use the wireless keyboard.
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2 years ago, JesseX1
Great typing app for all stages.
I’ve used a number of typing apps and the other ones i used were just typing WPM with random words etc… This app actually goes through lessons to help someone at any level. I am 34 and type at work for my tech support job, I took a typing class when i was 17 but have not done anything since then as far as lesson style typing until now. I like how it goes through letters and symbols and repetitively builds on using those as you progress. I find myself using the app everyday and I finally spent the $2.99 to get rid of the ads, that has helped a lot because with the ads sometimes i couldn’t get back to the app unless i closed the app and opened it back up again, now no more pop up’s or ads. I will be going through all the lessons until the end and then may even go back to the beginning, so far I love it!! My average right now through the lessons is about 45 wpm with 99% average.
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4 years ago, Ifyexarmoon
Fantastic! One suggestion!
I love this app, it has a simple but smooth UI and all the features I would like in a typing app; non-stressful lessons, no useless games filling it, and it is easy to do in situations where I can’t give it the attention I would give to FPS (something many other typing apps feel like their trying to compete with.) One recommendation- please change the way it highlights keys when I make a mistake. It’s hard to see, especially on the red keys as they match the highlight’s color. Make the highlight larger or brighter? Make it contrast more against the red keys?
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3 years ago, Spanoker
Free typing Lessons
Thank you for creating this app for kids because it reely improves the Accrussy of them and there ability to do free typing lessons on there own and I will thank you for helping kids to type and learn so they can get more better at it so I am very appreciated of you helping kids learn what they need to learn so much things like typing ,games and math so they can have more Accrussy every time they do typing lessons on their own. To the workers From Ilai.
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3 years ago, play 0987
The best typing APP EVER
This app is the best app ever it has made me type so much faster even though i am still on the home row this is why i rated this app 5 stars I advise you to download this app i downloaded this app for two reasons it already hade 4.7 rating and it looked fun which even though it is just typing this app this typing app is the one that i have got this far one so i am giving it a 5 thank you for making this app.
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4 years ago, ss_2000
Boring and cluttered interface
My second grader’s been bugging me about learning to type so I thought an app on the iPad would be great. This app was not the answer. The interface is super cluttered. We did lesson one for a while and I started to wonder how long this lesson was supposed to last. Finally, I noticed the Progress box said 100%. Not sure how long it had been there. There was no other indication that we could stop. Then I had to hunt around and figure out how to get out of the lesson. The design is super cluttered and unintuitive. My son’s lost interest in typing lessons because he thinks it’s just endless repetition of two letters over and over again.
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3 years ago, ubaby
Very helpful teaching tool
I have been trying to get better at typing as I have been making too many errors for years, I am currently working for two typing tutors. I like this one because the lessons are very thorough. Practice on each group of letters is repetitive and gets your fingers better used to the proper location to place your fingers and where the various letters are on the keyboard.
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3 years ago, 💏😎👀😍😂👏🗿
Tried a bunch of other apps...
At 45 years old, I figured it was time to move past my lifelong history of hunting and pecking when it comes to typing. I actively tried several free typing apps until I got to this one. It just works. I enjoy taking my little “class” each day. And most importantly, I’m actually leaning to type! P.S.A. No, I wasn’t able to type this review without looking at the keyboard, but I’m on my way!
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3 years ago, ericralph
Would pay for no commercials
The lessons are pretty great and varied in the way it works your fingers. Doesn't rely heavily on patterns like other apps which can be a way for the brain to stop learning to type and instead quickly memorize and pound out the patterns. Would give 5 stars if it was easier to get back to the main menu (in some cases i can’t even find a way to do it without restarting the app) and as the title suggests: I would pay money to subvert the annoying and frequent ads. It’s just the worst when you’ve caught some flow.
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4 years ago, Sane nurse
Bad Review :( Srry :/
Every time I start typing my screen freezes, first I thought it was my low battery, then I realized it was the app. I type on a letter and everything starts going C-R-A-Z-Y! I haven’t even finished level one yet! I also hate all the ads, they are so annoying just popping up every two minutes. The only good thing that I have experienced yet is the keyboard, it’s in good shape... I guess? I’m not sure what to do for a good review. But I do love the colors on the app picture! Very colorful! It’s probably just not the right app for me... I’m sorry, but I’m VERY PICKY with things. I might just have to delete the app though. I’m sorry for the bad review I’m just telling what NEEDS to be fixed... 😔😬😕😖🙄
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2 years ago, lilmiss132012
I love it!
I think this app is really going to help me type better! And faster I think that might change my life! I really don’t know how to spell and read I know how to read a little bit but spell not so much… but this app is great so far I just hope that this app has more updates I think this app would be amazing with updates that are super super Duper great!
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3 years ago, Charlotte1185
This is the best game now I know how to type faster
So the game is really you get to know how to type much much faster. you have tests to. but there is one problem well not really a problem i was just wondering how dose it help you type? Like when I type I feel like I am getting faster but I do not know if i am getting faster so that is what I mean. So I gave it four out of five there is one more thing please make the tests shorter. Thank you!
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2 years ago, Sinzheimer
hands down best typing app
I'm brushing up on my diminishing typing skills and tried out about a dozen apps on both my laptop and tablet. Far and away THIS HAS BEEN THE BEST ONE. It's simple, clear and helpfully strategic. No fancy game mechanics but it drills down to work on the basic (and tricky) individual finger movements and finger combinations needed to become a good typist. Please make this for OS!
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2 years ago, emme!🌌💖
Good learning game
It’s a good learning game but even you can’t type sometimes, review part 1 45% in home row: Home Row and every other key in this SECION. You missed a T in section please fix the mistake and make it so you can fix mistakes when typing. Also make the typing speed test a speed / placement test that’s all. Love typing so awesome super helpful to correct spelling error and finger placement. Sincerely GatoEmme P.S. fix it please!!!!!!
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2 years ago, Digemsnacks
What I always wanted.
Well I had this app for a year now and it took a while for me to finally use it. Well better late than never. It has been three days of practice and already feel the finger placements on the letters getting better. I brought the no ads version and I’m glad I did.
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2 years ago, Theresa Longview
Help on iPad Air 4
I downloaded this app and i think it’s going to be great but the lines with the letters is cut in half and i can only see the top of them, so I’m having to guess at most of them. Please tell me how i can fix it where it shows up on like the examples here. Thank you
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2 years ago, gutscar
Best Typing Lessons and Test
Relearning to type after 40 years and this is the best app that I have found. Lessons are organized beginner to advanced; and are progressive and build on the previous lesson. Keeps track of progress and WPM; highly recommended!
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1 year ago, heeeyhi
It can’t keep up after 30 WPM
You have to wait for the program to catch up with your typing just to find out if you’ve made any errors. If you want to just keep typing, you can’t, everything will be an error. So you have to wait easily 10 seconds just for the program to catch up, find the error, then you can type again essentially making the WPM inaccurate. How can a typing app designed to teach typing not keep up with a measly 30 WPM……
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3 years ago, :~ )
The typing app has really helped me with typing
Thank you soo much for making this app it is rely helping me but I still have to try with spelling I rely bad with spelling so have a great day cuz u are my favorite. :~ )
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2 years ago, Rongogh
Hidden Letters
I love the straight forwardness of the lessons. Concise and intuitive. However, my biggest gripe about this App is that the letters do not show completely. The bottom part of the letters that hang below the line (e.g. “j”, “g”,) get cut off. So during my beginner lessons, I can’t tell if the letter I need to type is supposed to be an “a” or a “g” nor can I differentiate “i” or “j”. If this gets fixed, This app gets 5 stars easily.
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3 years ago, yaffsninja
Best educational typing
It is the best typing epically that you can so different levels and click on thing that you want to try.
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3 years ago, Brycecrispy
Greatest Typing Lessons
This is hands down the best app to learn how to type not only faster but correctly. Definitely a must try.
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2 years ago, boomerfrom1688
I Love this app
this app has rapidly improved my typing ever since I started and I recommend it to anybody who would need help typing
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3 years ago, Lovely Clowns
Very helpful.
This app is very helpful for me. Pretty unique and neat, also. I’ll definitely recommend this app to the ones who are trying to learn how to type at home. Cool app! :D
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Recommend it
It helped me a lot because first i was so slow at typing then I tried this app and now i am so fast at typing I recommend it :)
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3 years ago, pianolover26
It really works! I love it!
I was struggling through typing, but I got this app and I am learning steadily. The only thing is that it sometimes freezes for a second or two when I type really fast. But it works. I love it!
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2 years ago, ætyyfyybtfggvrvfvtvyfbt
Don’t need no login for this.
Very easy way to learn how to type. It’s just like Typing Club but easier to get in to.
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2 years ago, UniMeg527
This app is amazing
I just got this app yesterday and I’m using it so much. It’s really helped me learn ho to type. If I cloud give this app 10 stars I would.
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3 years ago, AravindhJ
Excellent App
Simple, clean and effective. UI may not be the most sophisticated but that does not take away from effectiveness. It is clear that this is someone labor of love.
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2 years ago, Cloey/Grayson/Mom/Dad/.
I’m typing this review and only 10 years old. The lessons are super simple and fun and anyone who wants to know how to type should get this game!
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3 years ago, libramay
thank you for your special app
It is so helpful for my basic typing skills
Show more
3 years ago, detroit9
Need it on a PC
This is a wonderful program for my granddaughter. I really want her to learn the keyboard. But she has Windows on her PC. I need to find a good app for her on the PC.
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4 years ago, anonymis gamer that types
Good game I have some things...
This is great game but there is some issues Pros: Great for learning, love the color coding. Tests and typing lessons are organized and fun. Great for young kids. Cons: Not lots of creativity goes into this game. I wish they had a reward: like every time one got three stars on a lesson, there would be a fun typing related game to play. I think that there should be a little less lessons because I think it’s a lot of pressure to have so many lessons. Thank you!
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3 years ago, 1975502608
My report
I really love this game because a couple days ago I got this keyboard case and I just needed this game and it is perfect
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2 years ago, gregg the gamer
Typing lessons
I really liked this app and it is very fun,easy, and it teaches people to love type correctly and is very encouraging.
Show more
2 years ago, willow12jk
Best typing lessons i ever got
This app is amazing I went from nothing to 45 keys per second in a month. The best part is it’s free.
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2 years ago, gboit987
Good game.
This game is really good its fun, you learn, you can learn from your mistakes and all that stuff i love it what about you?
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3 years ago, Dina 83
Typing lessons
Thank you for offering this best typing lessons and test really it’s helpful I like it so much.
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3 years ago, turtleshortcut
I wanted to brush up on my typing skills. This app is the best way to stay sharp on your typing. Love this app.
Show more
3 years ago, Aaron_73
Learning how to type
It’s funny I had a hard time learning how to type. This app makes it very easy to learn. Get App!!!
Show more
5 years ago, dooomdoooom
TT on iPad without charges. No pay for other apps.
The famous TT port to iPad. Works with iPad Pro keyboard. I don’t see why i need other apps with charges.
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3 years ago, Orchestra3
Wish there were less ads.
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