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User Reviews for BET NOW - Watch Shows

3.28 out of 5
1.6K Ratings
3 years ago, vykkielynn
Too many commercials
You can watch your shows that you missed or are not airing on cable anymore for free which is great, but there’s a catch. There are too many commercials when you are trying to watch. I don’t mind a few but this is kinda excessive. I got this app to watch the shows not sit through commercial after commercial after commercial. I am sure there is another way to get funding but im on the verge of deleting the app and just paying for the whole season on apple tv. I do like that its free and there are good options to pick from.
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7 years ago, proud Africana
Curvi Africana
I love this app so far BET is one of my favorite networks. I watch most of the shows because I'm able to easily relate with the people. The rich history culture and effortless acting in these shows is something that should be praised. I keep doing what you're BET you are one of the few outlet for young African American communities and young people in. Please add more educational movies and shows with real history. Such as telling the history and background and day-to-day life of great people such as Maya Angelo or Booker T. Washington And supermodel Iman to name few. It would be great not to only read about them but to see them and their stories being told. Overcoming obstacles it's very uplifting. But to see what it takes and although having all of those obstacles and adversity in your way yet pushing through to become someone great and what is necessary to achieve that greatness however the diff cool the road maybe it would be amazing to share in film possible. Thank you BET.
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3 years ago, AmorChanel
First, let’s start with how you need to put in your cable provider every time you sign into the app. Second all seasons of things are available but once you start watching a episode and you wanna watch the next episode you’ll have to login with your cable provider again, and once you do that and start to try to watch the next episode it will say sorry this episode is not available or this video is not available and that is very frustrating as I see it there I have email support nothing has happened. WhatSupport had to say was delete the app redownload it and sign in again and try again so I did that 4x & still I can’t even watch one episode.I have multiple devices that I will try to download the App and mirror/cast onto my television or even watch from the app but on every tablet laptop computer telephone ETC it does not work and I am extremely frustrated I will be deleting this app expeditiously
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4 years ago, Amtrak fan
Technical/Software issue: Show Playback issue
There needs to be an update sent out for the app as there is a problem when the commercials finish it never flips and or jumps back to the show it stays stuck and stalled on the end of the commercials and won’t flip back to the show (and this is on/for the show Sistas S2 Ep.: 2. Haven’t tried to see if the problem is the same on any other shows.) Also, there is a layout problem as well sometimes it seems as if the screen layout/setup gets a bit ahead of it self and when it gets near or closer to the time for commercials to come on the screen setup switches over and the same for when the commercials are getting ready to go off and the show is coming back on.
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4 years ago, Lady Amour
What’s the point of having an app when the shows posted aren’t available to watch?!
I never write reviews but this app upsets me every time I try to watch. I use this app to watch Boomerang, Sistas and Twenties on my Apple TV. 90% of the time new episodes show put won’t play, sometimes for days and there’s an error message about date and time restrictions or just says it’s unavailable. I also have the bet + app and it’s the same problem there. I am trying to support these shows and the app is keeping me from doing that! As a busy mom it’s so frustrating that when I finally have a minute to myself the app teases me with a new episode and then it won’t play so I end up not watching at all. DO BETTER BET APP DEVELOPERS, it’s like your sabotaging yourself!
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2 years ago, MsRiff4U
This app is horrible. It constantly stops in the middle of a program. This is the error message: sometimes, technical stuff can be difficult. Like now. Be Right Black. It can be a few seconds or several minutes to hours before a show comes back on. It acts up regularly on fire stick. ViacomCBS is entirely too big of a media company to have these constant technical difficulties. This app is not even worthy of the one star that I was obligated to give, just so I can write a review. Robert M Bakish (Viacom CEO) and Robert Pittman (founder) need to pool their corporate salaries together and get some technical staff who can fix these constant glitches that happen with the BET app on a daily basis. This streaming service is beyond deplorable.
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7 years ago, Bmom67
Decent Application
I have had the application for awhile and it is pretty good. However, I think there is a need for an update. The number of ads need to be decreased during an episode. Especially since all of the breaks are the same and about BET. Recently, the app just hangs after some ads and the app needs to be closed and restarted. It hasn't always done this. More full episodes and fewer clips would be nice. Though buggy at times, it's still a decent app.
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2 years ago, heaaaven 💗
the app is having issue
I love BET but lately the app has been having issues. I have been trying to watch the original BET show Tyler Perry’s sisters, which comes out on Wednesdays at 9 PM and I have not been able to do so because the app does not allow me to watch the new episode as it comes out, that is the issue for me. I am paying for a subscription that I cannot use because the correct TV show is not on the app when it should be broadcast it to the app. This issue has been a ongoing problem for months. Please fix this problem. I should be able to watch any desire TV show as long as it associated with BET
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7 years ago, Eshaw3333
Works great!
This app works great for me. I just got rid of my direct tv and this app lets me stay up to date with shows. I watch mainly for being Mary Jane. I haven't had any problems with connections for long ads. Sometimes it says the adds will play for even longer but the show comes right back on! I see some reviews of people have trouble but maybe that is their internet speed or something on their end. Enjoy!!!
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2 years ago, dfedvfrbtynunigbx
Worst App ever
This is literally the worst app I’ve ever experienced and from such a big name company. It’s really only one reason I say this is the worst app and that’s because I have to delete then re-download the app every time I want to watch the next episode of a show. Everytime I finish an episode and go to the next one I am given a message that says “This channel is not available in your subscription package” which makes no sense because I always log in with my tv provider and I know for a fact BET is included in my cable subscription on my tv. Other than this the app works fine.
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7 years ago, SXM Gurl
Giving Back
It's such a pleasure to have a " Give Back". With a Cra Cra schedule as a strong advocate in my community sometime I miss the show and I'm sure like many of "US" we relate to Mary Jane in many ways that can help us critically look at ourselves laugh at ourselves and most importantly FREE ourselves!!! So watching Mary Jane episodes available via this BET app gives me that opportunity to sort of check out "the Woman in the mirror". Relax Relate Release!!!! And DANCE!!!! Thanks !!
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4 years ago, micha Pierre
Works on Samsung not my iPad Pro 11
The BET APP is great to watch all episodes you’ve missed on the go. However in my case it works on my Samsung 8+ phone wonderful. HOWEVER on my APPLE iPad Pro 11 I can’t watch ANYTHING why when I go into the app setting to sign in with my t.v provider it doesn’t give me an option/ NO LISTING on any t.v provider the only sign credential you can sign-in with is optimum altice. My provider is alticeONE by optimum. I attempted to sign in under optimum it tells me I have to sign with mentioned above t.v provider. But I’m not given an option AT ALL NOT LISTING OF ANYTHING. I emailed the BET APP support my issues was NOT RESOLVED. This NEEDS TO BE FIXED. WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!!! AND WHY CANT WE WATCH ALL EARLIER SEASONS FULL EPISODES example Mary Jane. I can’t watch any of the older seasons episodes ANYWHERE. Why not the app it would DEFINITELY BE convenient , there only clips and extras WHY NOT THE FULL EPISODES what is the point of the clips and extras 😤😡😡😡
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6 years ago, Co Capree
Crashes after awhile
I started watching In contempt on the app recently on my firestick and what I thought was going to be a day of binge watching only lasted about 2 hours. The app crashed out of nowhere and would not work again no matter how many times I forced closed or uninstalled and installed again. I thought it was just my firestick so I downloaded the app on my phone for it to automatically crash. I’m so upset because I updated the app for it to NOT WORK AT ALL!!! Definitely not re downloading it, I’ll just find another way to watch.
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7 years ago, Saniyya s.
Very Annoying
The app starts off good; you think everything is fine until you actually watch a show. For example I watched the New Edition Story and I've seen it before. So I'm watching it and then the next trying you know it skips to a section that is far ahead of the watching point that you are at or it will skip back to far behind. I just want to watch the show but I can't because it skips throughout the whole time. Don't waste your time downloading this app, just go to the website and watch it.
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7 years ago, Dyamond8
Very Disappointed
I was looking forward to using this app to watch Being Mary Jane and The Quad, but I was getting kicked off about every 10 minutes. I would have to reopen the App with the same experience, I even tried rebooting my iPad hoping that would work. A hour show took over 2 hours to watch completely...which was very frustrating. I love the fact that I can watch these shows at my convenience and would appreciate if these problems could fixed, so I can continue to watch the shows I love.
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7 years ago, GRID541
The MIs-App
The site is nice and inviting but the show keeps loosing the sound which means I have to stop the video and wait for it to catch up. Imagine doing that through out the show. Very annoying and it takes away from the intensity of the show. That BET commercial that's ran during the show is very bright and flashy and it would play 3 times in a row. Unless the company is trying to trigger epilepsy you should tone that down or atleast just run it once.
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4 years ago, Scmc1st
Why isn’t DishNetwork in the provider list?
Just watched the first episode of Twenties and loved it, but I can’t unlock the other content because my cable provider who offers BET, isn’t in the list of providers to unlock content. DishNetwork has been my satellite provider for over 18 years and I find it ridiculous that such a well known service isn’t verified on your platform. Y’all need to work on that!
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7 years ago, Zigana23
Very Disappointing
This app makes it difficult to see full episodes. It's more of an advertising for a lot of shows to just show the clips. When they do show a full episode, there are too many commercials that are too long. The commercial time is long and it just shows the same commercials for BET over and over. We get it, watch your shows. Because I travel a lot, I only have a chance to see some shows on the app. Please make it more customer friendly.
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3 years ago, JusbriE
terrible platform
This is by far the worst app for streaming content I've ever used. The ads plays are just ridiculous , literally ever 4 minutes there's at least 3-7 rounds of ads before the content continues. I understand they're paying for the spots but come on please spread them across the shows on the network. What makes it worse is it being done on the only all black national network available ! Such a disappointment, app removed .
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3 years ago, Crazysexxy
Please keep up with where I left off!
I’ve been trying to watch the same show for an entire day but between two devices. I started the show using the app on my tv and wanted to use the app to finish the show on my phone while getting my nails done (same app login for both). That didn’t work. It started the entire show over and it won’t allow me to skip to where I left off. What’s the point? This is annoying. Please fix this.
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4 years ago, MeehlaaJ
New episodes don’t always play
There has been times when a new episode notification pops up then when I go to the app and try to watch the new episode, I notice pops up stating the episode is currently unavailable. It’s very disappointing due to the fact that I get excited to watch the latest episode of my favorite show and this not available. Sometime it takes days for the current episode to become available on the app. I try my best to just watch new episodes live.
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4 years ago, SelenaYvonne
Never works
This app is literally trash. I have to sign in and go through activation every single time I want to watch something. Even then, it still won’t work. I can never use it on my tv. The phone and tablet apps are hit or miss. Mostly miss. When it doesn’t finally work, I can only watch one episode of a series. When I’m ready for the next episode, it kicks you out and says you can’t sign back in or the video is unavailable. I love the BET channel but this is the worst app I’ve ever dealt with. Please fix it!
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7 years ago, Shasha34
Better than what I thought
I downloaded this up for the new edition movie and I'm very glad I was able to watch it. The same commercials were irritating and for a moment I had a problem where the app would close out but that only happened once or twice. Other than that I believe the app is cool. Will be watching being Mary Jane and other shows.
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6 years ago, Vernell Collins
During commercials the BET ads are EXTREMELY LOUD on Apple TV
I really don’t understand the need to have the BET promo SO LOUD during advertisements in BET shows such as The Quad. In the middle of a show when advertisements start, the BET promo with the BET graphics comes on the screen 10 TIMES LOUDER THAN THE VOLUME LEVEL OF THE SHOW AND OTHER ADS. This is absolutely unnecessary and ridiculous. Sorry for the ALLCAPS but I wanted to express how loud and annoying it is to have the sound BLASTED on the BET promo portion of commercial breaks. Please fix!! Hire a new sound guy or something but the levels are way too high.
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7 years ago, Ladi Dy
Thank you BET
I travel 48 weeks/year and stay in hotels 340 days a year. Most hotels cater to sports and news channel along with a few local channels. I rarely have access to BET, so the BET app allows me to watch one of my favs, "Being MaryJane". I get to catch up on missed episodes and also watch BET special event shows on my iPad Pro. Thank you BET!
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4 years ago, CJS2515
Terrible app
I decided to download the app a few days ago so I could watch Twenties(amazing show btw.) This has been one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had. I casted the show to my Apple TV and I cannot get through one episode without it glitching literally every minute. I tried pausing it to let the episode load and it still didn’t work! I have great service and this is the only app I have any issue streaming on. BET makes way too much money for the app to be this terrible. Fix it please!
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4 years ago, ZiannaAmirahBrathwaite
BET adding more tv providers such as: Xyfinity, Comcast etc.
I love the BET app but it doesn’t have my tv provider which I’m highly upset about because I love BET! I watch BET every single day! Sometimes when I’m out I like to pull out my phone an watch BET! My tv provider is Xyfinity! I think BET needs to add Xyfinity to the tv provider so people can watch what they want an when they want!
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7 years ago, Livin4bre
As I was trying to watch the ever so great New Edition story, I would get kicked off so I would reopen the App and try to watch again and then what happens???? It kicks me off again. This goes on four or five times then decides to play for about 20 minutes with no problems. Then guess what?? It happens again and again and again. The process was quite disappointing. Needless to say I will be removing the App and will watch parts 2 and 3 via another source. Very disappointed!!!!!!
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7 years ago, XoBabieee
Too many ads
This app has a bunch of ads that play myltiple times throughout each show and last atleast a minute. The ads are mostly the same which makes them even more annoying to watch and if u accidently go off the show and come back (like I did) you have to view a whole minute or more of ads again. I only downloaded it to watch the new edition stories and i wont hesitate to delete this app as soon as I'm done. Also, it didnt even have my tv provider so i only have a day to finish all three parts
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7 years ago, RLKID
Definetly not up to par
The app frequently crashes on the iPad. Recently i learned that certain shows are only available to be viewed on the BetNow app and not on a streaming device. I addressed the issue to the Bet support team and obvsly got no reply. Is viewers have the option to watch a show on a tV why wld they wanna watch on a tablet vs a big screen. Like c'mon BET. ABC and FX let viewers watch the same shows that air on cable TV on streaming. At least let cable tv subscribers have that option
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7 years ago, Dadirai
Being Mary Jane
I love this show a lot! I am big on reality shows and games shows but Being Mary Jane is the only show I wait for on TV when it's the season. It does not disappoint especially seeing Mary Jane's life come together finally! I won't be disappointed if she turns Justin down she can do it by herself! I give the show *****
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7 years ago, Kkb12345678910
Keeps closing
This is a horrible app this is BET one of the best networks and your app can't even function correctly. I am trying to watch my shows. I watch my show and two minutes into the video it closes I try again. I watch the show and it closes again I turn my phone all the way off and try AGAIN and it's still kept closing on me. I was so excited to watch my show now I can't. BET it is 2017 please fix this error. By the way I gave it one star but I did not want to give it any stars.
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2 years ago, jddbdbhdbd
Technical stuff can be difficult bull
When watching LIVE shows, all this app says is “Sometimes technical stuff can be difficult like now. Be right back.” It happens every other few seconds to where you can’t even watch the shows you want to watch. Ironically, it doesn’t say that as much when commercials are on. No it’s not my connection or device, I have several. This has been happening for months!! Real inconvenient
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5 months ago, Gooba1008
What is the point of watching it in the app if you are having the exact same experience as watching it live? I’ve stopped watching in the app as much because you have just as many commercials as long as the entire show is. In fact you the commercials are longer than the actual show and they come on after every scene. It’s too much!
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7 years ago, LaGrif
On Demand
I like that I can watch episodes when I have time. As I work a swing shift I do not get to watch when aired. I am glad that the bug that kicked you off and slowed down shows has been fixed. Would like to see more previous season full episodes.
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6 years ago, upset user8262
Update Needed Now!!
BET Now needs to fix the shows to the point where the episodes plays smoothly and doesn’t skip parts! I was trying to watch my favorite show Hit The Floor and got mad on the second episode when it skipped one of my favorite dances to play what I thought was going to be an commercial but there was never no commercial so I’m highly upset. And get dish on your tv channel list I find it unfair to not be able to watch my shows whenever I want because of that!
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7 years ago, Lilly Lil71
I've had this app for over a year and really enjoyed being able to watch several shows while Im at work. Well that's not the case as of yesterday. I tried watching The New Edition story and the app will only show me 30 sec and then it will drop. Ive deleted and reinstalled the app didn't work. I also rebooted my IPad didn't change a thing it will play for a few seconds then drop again. This is very frustrating I hope someone will fix the issue a sap.
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7 years ago, LadyCapricorn09
Love the app but
Love the app but it could use some work. It could use less and shorter commercials. The audio goes in and out through watching a show. It freezes sometimes and it takes a few before the picture starts showing crisp and clear. Other than that good app.
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5 years ago, chromecastuser91
Applicable with cromecast?
I use to use this app frequently, and connect to my tv with my cromecast. It seems as if that feature isn’t allowed anymore. Is this a new update or bug ? It doesn’t even allow a connect to show on tv symbol to click on anymore.. it’s just allowing me to watch the shows and live tv on my phone.
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6 years ago, RiDel_W
I have the BET app on my phone and on my firestick. On both, the episodes would begin in the middle making you feel like you missed something, then jump back to the real beginning where you start to realize what’s going on, and then back to where u left off from the middle of the show. It’s frustrating! And on top of that my app stopped working on my firestick. I believe both need updating.
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7 years ago, JVDOTY
Please Fix App! Highly annoyed with inconsistent playback.
I have downloaded and removed this app several times because it shuts down frequently -- like 3-5 minutes after watching a program/episode. I'm quite sure you all are aware of how much a nuisance this can be. You should work on fixing this app and taking it down in the meantime, until the situation is resolved. By all means, it's great that this app was built and it would be celebrated if it worked properly. Thanks.
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7 years ago, Ajdakit
Great & Easy to Use app
I got hooked on the new BET series "The Quad" and missed some episodes and wasn't very happy but then I found the BET app, signed in and watched the episodes I couldn't catch while they broadcasted on television! I highly suggest this app and give it a 5 star rating
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5 years ago, mizz fanci
I’m over it
I’ve used this app in the past and it did not require my cable provider sign in. Now it asks me to sign in through my cable provider, however it won’t take my email address or password. I found this odd as it tells me wrong email or password yet when I go to my cable providers website everything works. I’m very disappointed as now I can’t watch the shows I enjoy. They need to fix this as I’ve tried for months with no resolve.
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5 years ago, ThaBestReviewWriterPERIODtt🥵
wassup BET🤷🏽‍♀️
mannnn dis app pretty cool ian gon lie🤷🏽‍♀️ its a good app nd all but sis 😑 wassup wit the ads 🤔 i was tryna watch Boomerang nd 20 ads popped up every 2 minutes 😤 like WASSUPPPP ? WHTS THE PROBLEM ? YALL WANNA FIGHT OR SUMN 🤼‍♀️ ardd look imma still use the app nd all but these ads messin me up man 😩 they be givin me headaches bruhh🤕 but how yall gon put a ad about BET on there 💀 tht jhii blew me 😂 but atleast ian gotta pay for it cuz netflix already blowin my pockets 🤷🏽‍♀️
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7 years ago, Ladyawhit
The sound keeps going out.
I have had this app for a long while now. It has had various issues in the past but the latest issue that I have been dealing with is the sound going out. I can start watching a show and then all of a sudden the show is playing however, the sound is gone. Some shows won't play sound at all. Please take a look into this issue.
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3 years ago, Diymond08
For the love of commercials!
For the life of me I’m not sure as to why there has to be 7-8 commercials every few mins! Literally EVERY FEW MINUTES! the shows starting to get good bam darn commercial!!! Some commercials play 3-4 times over before going to the next commercial! Is there any way this can be fixed it’s like asking McDonald’s to put some fries with my salt! Beyond over doing it!
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7 years ago, Nique1110
The worst app ever!
I've tried several times to look at an episode of something and it keeps shutting down... too many commercials back to back and the app doesn't stay open long enough for me to follow an episode. I know this review is not going to help because I see so many people complaining about it and still nothing has been done about it. This just goes to show the poor quality that they serve to our community!
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7 years ago, Jackie Pucci
This app is excellent to use. Never any problems. Easy to set up and add closed captions when it's late at night and you don't want to disturb your family. The New Edition movie was awesome watching it on the BET app. Cant wait to see more programs on BET.
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3 years ago, Jackeah
Too Many Commercials
It’s obvious that the developers do not consider reviews or care about customers opinions. Overall, the app works well, but there are way too many commercials! There are at least 5-7 commercials between every scene, including the recap and intro. It’s ridiculous, especially for an app that’s only authorized by a cable subscription.
Show more
7 years ago, Home-cooked
Love It!!
This app allows me to view my shows when I'm away from home. Unfortunately, my cable provider isn't privy to BET online so I cannot sign in using my provider to see my shows but this works perfectly! I love this app!
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