BFRO - Official Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization app

3.9 (194)
56.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Colby Reineke
Last update
10 years ago
Version OS
7.0 or later
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User Reviews for BFRO - Official Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization app

3.9 out of 5
194 Ratings
6 years ago, Christian2004thing
Great but...
There haven’t been sightings since 2014 and it’s 2018. I feel like it’s not active. I get a lot of info because I live in Florida and there are Bigfoot sightings all around. I don’t here much but I like reading all of these documents.👍 I just want to know if it’s still active or you’re working on it! Thanks! Great app over well.
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10 months ago, cowboy Captain Ron
The BFRO has become about worthless. Seldom updated website. The app isn’t any better. Too many kooks involved with the Bigfoot world. Real science has gone out the window and now it left to fools running through the forest beating on trees and screaming their heads off. They actually think this will attract a very elusive and secretive creature. Television’s hype has caused real science to vacate the subject and unfortunately put real research on the back burner. The app does nothing to reinforce true research. It only adds to the ridiculous notions that these creatures are hiding around every tree in the woods. Bigfoot in Kansas? Give me a break. But nevertheless the television Bigfoot stars will try to convince you this is true. Hopefully real serious science minded researchers will some day put together an app and website that is truthful and actually useful. Don’t waste your time with this app
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8 years ago, Don F. From Michigan
Very helpful app for amateur and experienced researchers alike, help spread the word that this creature we know as "Bigfoot " is indeed a living, breathing being that needs to be validated both by the science community and by our government and the proper steps taken to preserve its habitat! I'm not a spokesman for anyone nor have I been asked or paid by anyone to say or promote anything, but to educate yourself more on this and to help in the validation of this being, please look into Mark Zaskey, at Crypto Reality, please join his group ! This is no joke, it really does exist and we've all been lied to! Thank you.
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1 year ago, DRAGONFLY 2008
This app is very useful to my team and I. I was just trying to let you good kind folks know that the app has been very glitchy lately, and cannot really browse any reports anymore. It will update new reports, but you cannot browse through the app other than that, I give it five stars.
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8 years ago, bluegrasspat
Love it...
Short of a full database revamp, this app is as good as it gets. Makes search a breeze. Love that you can increase txt on viewing reports and how it formats the report in a generally easier way to read. The ability to toggle background/text color for day/night reading would be an excellent addition in future update, but it's a great app as it.
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7 years ago, Dinoflagellates
Bigfoot had lunch with me on his spaceship
He's real and I know it. One life changing night, I was curling up in my bed when Bigfoot came bursting through the window. I was entranced by his beautiful brown eyes and majestic black hair. My life has never been the same after I met the love of my life. We've had seven Bigfoot kids on our spaceship. This app helped me find this life. ❤️
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9 years ago, SirGreggory
As apps go I have seen worst but I have definitely seen better. The map has a nice feature of giving an account of where sightings happened. However the sightings are not updated properly I have even found some errors in information such as mislabeled county's and all recent sightings seem to happened in January of 2014 even after they quote add new reports. It does not go past January 2014 ,very frustrating !!!!
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5 years ago, LivingH2Os
Could Be Better
Did not update latest sightings. I had to go to menu and choose to update, which then pulled in 30 new reports. Should just stay up to date all the time. Also, there are no new reports. The most recent reports are 15 months old. And certain menu options cause app to terminate. I wish the data was up to date.
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7 years ago, Steely Dan 2526
Enjoy this site
This gives me the added opportunity to read the encounters on my phone as I do on the computer. A must have for any believer of Sasquatch .
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10 years ago, Polysig
Data Filtering Needs Work
I was happy to hear about new app. The mapping is nice feature. However, I can't filter reports so it displays or maps to default view (submission by month) on site - that I have grown to like. Without it, I don't trust the app is giving me the most accurate list or current with site. I hope you can work in this?
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10 years ago, Sandi Morris
All Bigfoot ~ All the Time
This app has all the Bigfoot reports in one place. They range from interactions to vocalizations. You can look up reports from across the U. S. It has current news and links to videos. All Bigfoot, all the time.
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2 years ago, Galex The 4th
Outdated and slow
I like this app overall, but it is really outdated and the are no recent reports. Also, it takes about ten years for the map to load, and the problem isn’t my phone. Pretty good, but needs updating.
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7 years ago, SpikeFSU
Still waiting on my own sighting...
Definitely recommend this app to anyone interested in Bigfoot sightings. The description and follow up to each encounter is very professional and methodical.
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4 years ago, DBSquatch
No database updates
Waste of time if you’re looking for fresh information. Nothing shows up newer than 2014. When you try to get updates it just says “server error”. Its been broken like this for months and apparently no one is interested in fixing it. You’ll have to use the website if you want to be up to date!
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8 years ago, Frostcat
Problems now
Update reports tab won't work! Reloaded app and still not working. This is most useful part of app! Please fix this
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3 years ago, La Finger
I am glad someone is doing this. Even if is is Matt Moneymaker. He may be a little crazy but he sure does have a passion for the truth.
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8 years ago, €£€¥£¥€£¥€£¥£€€£
Great app, but...
Love this app but now I'm no longer able to update recent sightings. I used to come here multiple times a day now only weekly, if that much. Please fix this problem. It's very frustrating. Thank you.
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8 years ago, HipHopAnonymou5
Great reference.
Tons of great documented encounters. I use Siri to read most of them to me whilst traveling. Maybe I'm missing something, but the newest sightings are two years old? Is it not updated?
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8 years ago, PAgirl03
Pictures not visible. Otherwise, decent update.
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9 years ago, Tapper C
Needs updates!!!
Nice concept, and I love the interactive maps and links... But it's frustrating not to see any updates in over 18 months. You have to go to actual BFRO website to get any recent reports. Very clumsy.
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3 years ago, Savmitch1
Best Database on Bigfoot
This is the absolute best database on Bigfoot sightings and activity. Matt Moneymaker is brilliant for designing and building this tool. If properly used, this database could drive significant research into the Bigfoot field.
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2 months ago, JeannieBell0225
No Updates or No New Sightings?
I find it hard to believe that not a single individual has contacted the BFRO since 2014 to report a sighting. So, is this an outdated application or is this group not relevant anymore?
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9 years ago, Cindydawson777
I love this site!! I am continually checking for new reports(especially where I live). Thank you Matt for starting this back in 1995!!
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9 years ago, Jim Leonard in MD
BFRO iPhone App
It is a decent app, but not outstanding. It would be nice to see pins for all the sightings in a given area at the same time and filter them by year, season or even elevation. It is nice that the BFRO folks have provided it. Thanks guys!
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9 years ago, Griceberg
Cool app
Love the Finding Bigfoot show and would like to see some content on the app. UI is ok. Might add current news content. Like the app overall though. Won't let me use Twitter in app. Please fix that bug
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7 years ago, JTfishin
All I can see is the last sightings were in 2014. Now I know there's been more and encounters or sightings in the last three years. I'm not the most tech savvy man if I knew how to delete this app I would. Also the map has no pins where encounters happen. Waste of phone storage to me.
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8 years ago, Alaska_hunter
Very good
I like the app could explain things more but it works that's all that matters
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10 years ago, SlenderGirl21
5 Star App
This app is awesome! I love how I can keep up with reports of the Sasquatch and the Finding Bigfoot team! Once again this app is awesome!!! :)
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9 years ago, eggneckface
Please Update...
i LOVE this app. please take care if it and give it an update every once in a while 🌀🐝💤
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1 year ago, The Riddick
The map is empty. Tells me can’t verify credentials. No idea how the app works or what it does. The latest reports show 2014 sightings. Just lame lame lame… deleted. 👎… why don’t we have options for -5 stars so others will know how bad and useless app it is?
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4 years ago, Mclary9808
Someone needs to update
This would be an excellent app for Bigfoot enthusiasts, if someone would actually update it. With the last tecorded sightings being 6+ years old.
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9 years ago, Dodge555
Not being kept up to date
This app appeared one day and the info on it has never changed since still looking at 2014 expeditions and reports are no where near up to date with web version. Please fix this app it is like this on iPad and iPhone.
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9 years ago, AlBlad
Decent Bigfoot App
The app has crashed on me a few times but all in all a great app. The ability to view reports is great.
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8 years ago, BillD50
App has quit updating recent sightings
Very nice app and had worked for months since I downloaded. It has recently started giving 404 errors when trying to update the sightings reports.
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3 years ago, dwsdws7
This app would be great IF it was updated. The most recent sighting was 7 years ago. I’m sure there’s new reports by now.
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9 years ago, bear_f
Great app
Love the just wish it was more up to date
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8 years ago, Rwh1221
Great way to keep updated on sightings!!
Great app. Easy to navigate! Keep up the good work guys!!
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5 years ago, TruthOverFears
Is actually good
Other apps like this stay frozen with the same reports for years
Show more
8 years ago, Enginemaster21
I like it
Cool I didn't see any problems with it
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8 years ago, B.D.Springmeyer
404 Error-Unable to get new reports
For the last couple of weeks the app has been unable to get new reports, only showing a 404 error. Hopefully someone fixes this soon or it'll be deleted.
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9 years ago, Akawleski
I love this app!! I love reading all the reports and looking at witness pictures!!
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7 years ago, Nickname9ZZZZ
Like it, but...
The latest reports are two years old; where is the new information?
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2 years ago, WesTheWicked
Not updated since 2014
Don’t waste your time. This app has not been updated since 2014. Why have an app? I really thought this was going to be a cool app. Do better BFRO.
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4 years ago, Freckledpanda69
It's really good but...
There needs to be more new reports, that's pretty much it. The rest of it is awesome
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8 years ago, F.215
Getting there.
Needs a complete database.
Show more
5 years ago, Randy 1963
Love it !!!!
I wish the tv show would come back. I miss BoBo
Show more
I do think there's a Squatch in my phone
I said get away from here!... I said get!... Get.. And he went down that path again. Knobby squatchin🙈🙉🙊🏃🔦🎥🔊🗿⛺️👬👬👫🏃🙊🙉🙈
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8 years ago, Fortcourage
How about an update
How long has it been since you released an update? Or even updated the info contained in the app? Good thing I can access the website. Come on, guys. Update......
Show more
7 years ago, NJDevildog
App abandoned :(
This app has not been updated with any new reports since 2014! What a shame I know the BFRO is still around, you would think that Matt Moneymaker (head of the BFRO) would keep it up to date. Very sad :(
Show more
1 year ago, ArBigfooter
iPhone App
I downloaded the BFRO app, and it is nothing like it is on my computer! The most recent reports are 2014! I love the computer download, but the IPhone app (to me) is useless! Come on Matt!
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