Bible App for Kids

4.7 (7.8K)
93.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bible App for Kids

4.65 out of 5
7.8K Ratings
4 years ago, gopipsqueaky
Absolutely Amazing App!
I can’t say enough good things about this app. My son has been using this app since he was 2, and now that he is 3.5 years old he can use it totally independently. He knows how to navigate, play the learning games, listen and answer the questions. It’s made so well for young kids to figure out! He’s now just getting interested in collecting the Bible gems. They have tons of Bible stories and all are well done. They are all interactive which really makes the difference in engaging your child. It reads the story out loud and has a simple animation to go with it. The child can click different things in the picture and they move or react. The way it is written is perfect for young children to understand, with a great narrator. My child has learned so much thanks to this app! It’s encouraged many discussions, too. No advertisements whatsoever and totally free (a huge blessing from the maker of this app) . This is a wonderful resource. Thank you so much. I hope that more stories might be added in the future (not to say that this app doesn’t already have tons of stories, but the Bible is LONG and you could create hundreds of stories). Just for our enjoyment, not out of a need. Thank you so much for this app!
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2 years ago, Pizza loving fam
Suitable for wide age range
I found myself suddenly substituting in a Wednesday night class with 12 kids from 4-12 years old and varying levels of academic ability. With no lesson planned, I launched the app and just held my phone where everyone could see. They all loved the story-telling aspect, the interaction on each page, and the pop quizzes throughout. We only made it through the first two lessons due to time constraints but they all enjoyed it and asked if we could continue it next week. I liked the activity at the end of each lesson & how easy it was for me to reset it for the next child to try. I recommended it to all the parents that night & we’re borrowing an iPad for next week so they can see/interact better than with my small phone screen. The lessons were true to the Bible, kept the kids engaged, and had them all interacting and participating in the lessons. I highly recommend this app.
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5 years ago, Fish&Sprout
Beautiful app! Need more bible gems
My kids love this app so much! We’ve had it for a long time now and they have earned all three stars on almost every story, but because my son was only 2 when we started using it, he would often skip over the gems in the stories without collecting them to unlock the other new stories. Now they aren’t showing up anymore and I’m wondering if we just can’t get them now? Which makes me really sad because we’ve been talking about the fruits of the spirit and I’d love to unlock that story collection with him to talk about them more. Also, I would love to see an option to replay the story narration without having to turn the pages so he can listen again when a loud noise interrupts him. The last thing would be to continue developing more stories! I’d love to talk with him about other parables, Old Testament, and New Testament stories, especially as he gets overly familiar with these ones. (Though I will say, I love the gospel overview story at the end and how you tie the Bible together for kids! Excellent!) Other than those things, I highly recommend this app and would love to give 5 stars if someone can offer us a solution for our gem shortage problem. Thank you!!!
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6 years ago, TheJess1234
Incredibly great app
I use this app almost daily with my 5 year old and 2 year old, and I have been blown away by what the Lord has done in their little lives because this resource teaches the Word at their level. We do one story each day for a week so they can really retain what they’re learning at this age, and my five year old can re-tell me the whole story himself each week, and my 2 year old has learned some key points. We have had some major in depth conversations and life applications from whatever story we’re on each week as a result of these Bible stories, and we love to add a song or memory verse after each lesson, and it all can be done in about 10 minutes each day because Day because this app is done so well! The Lord’s words will not return to him empty and will accomplish that which he purposes, and we are SO grateful for this app making this such an easy, daily part of our lives as a family!
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6 years ago, Safta Shalom
Awesome even for ‘Little’ ones
I’ve been using this with my granddaughter, whom we’ve been raising, for over a year. She is 3.5, and except for this app, which - for the most part - she uses with me. Initially, she listened to the story and only touched screen once per story. It still kept her attention to a HIGH degree! We got through the entire Bible like that. EVERY morning she’d come in saying, “I want to do Jesus”, or “Can I do Bible now?!!” We are English speakers, but she’ll be going to a Spanish Immersion school. She enjoys doing it on my phone in Spanish. We’d REALLY appreciate one in Hebrew, as we lived In Israel as well as have grandson there too. Would LOVE more stories. (Jonah would have large fish, not whale [which some books erroneously use] - which is a mammal) The games are interesting and appreciate increasing complexity levels in matching card game. Hebrew language would increase Jewish user-ship. Yehovah God IS opening our eyes!
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5 years ago, .Tori1978.
We love this app! We NEED MORE STORIES! I wanna give you 5 stars!
My eldest son is 5. We have read at least two Bible stories each night since he was an infant. He always asks for one more story. This app is incredible! The vivid pictures, the thoughtful questions throughout the stories, the animated characters are so enticing and fun and meaningful for young children! But, WE NEED MORE STORIES! Where is Jonah? (We want the whale and the worm.) Where are the Walls of Jericho? Where is Lot? Where are the Parables of Jesus? Where are the Beatitudes? Where is Balaam and his donkey? There are so many more fundamentals we need and my kids (I have two now) are begging for these stories! It’s disheartening when they have learned about a new Bible Hero at Sunday school and they can’t repeat the story here. Please add more stories. We need them! This app is an absolute gem! You’ve created a hunger in our lives for more Godliness! Give I us more! Please! Thank you! (Also, can you make the waters rise and disappear in Noah’s story?)
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6 years ago, Andiebee724
My boys love this app and I do too. Very easy to us. We use it almost everyday as part of my curriculum because we homeschool. And if this app has the story we will get in and read it and also do the activity with it. Just a few things, I wish there were just a few more stories like the story of Jonah or job so that they may see it and understand it at their level. Also, when we collect the little diamonds, it tells you what you’ve collected with the verse for example: it’ll show you have collected a diamond from the armor of God, the helmet of salvation and the it shows the verse but sometimes my boys just want to move on from having collected them that I don’t get a chance to see the verse or snap a shot of it. It would be very helpful we we could see it again so that we can go back and read the verse together. Other than that, we LOVE this. Highly recommended.
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1 year ago, cutie pie pink face
Loving the app❤️❤️❤️❤️
I love this app so much because today was my first day using it and I’ve been so attracted to it it’s like one of my favorite games now it’s even better than Roblox and I am like addicted to Roblox or not really addicted but yeah I really love Bible for kids it is one of the best apps I ever played and I like that you get to listen to stories and after you read the stories you could take these little quiz games it’s very fun I love how to play this game it is one of the most funniest things I’ve ever played thank you thank you so much this has been a very very fun experience playing this game and I can’t wait to play tomorrow and the day before that or after that thank you so much for creating this app I hope you guys do not change it because it is perfect the way it is
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5 years ago, Sunsetrene
Best Bible App For Any Age!!!
My baby sister downloaded this app about two years ago and ever since she’s been playing it with an entertained attitude. Once I saw her playing I decided, well why not try it, it seems fun anyhow. I downloaded it and once the update came with activities for each bible story, it became irresistible!! This app is not only educational but it gives the motivation to learn more and dive deep into spiritual life!! For me, the motivation was trying to beat my other sister in stars and gems 😂😂 So I started to read all the Bible stories over and over again. I haven’t beat her yet but I’m gettin there 😂 But no matter what, there is always a unique motivation in this app for anybody! No mater how young or old you are, this app, this bible, it’s everything you need!!
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1 year ago, twilightreader90
Amazing App! (Love it!❤️)
This app is amazing for kids! I am a kid and I’ve been using this since I was 5! It is fun amazing, and any kid will absolutely love this app! I would also recommend this on Sabbath days too. Some kids may think that listening to church is boring(it’s true though) they can go on this amazing app, and learn about the Bible in simple ways! This app has me really happy and when I want to learn about the Bible, I go on this app. I would totally recommend this is app for kids if you are a Christian( I think you don’t have to be a Christian) or if you are interested in learning about the Bible. It’s ok if your interested in learning the Bible. Just have fun, relax and enjoy with this app about learning about the Bible and this world!
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5 years ago, Brother Ricky
Tremendous Evangelism Tool :)
This app has been a truly amazing tool in my teaching resource arsenal. It is deep enough for children, and even some adults. Everyone, children and adults, love it when I use it to teach the stories. I can imagine that it would be wonderful for personal study for children or family devotions. But, it has been indispensable as I've used it all over two states of India the last two months! Even though the languages that I needed were not available (Telugu and Oriya), my interpreters would explain whatever I said - which allowed me to tell the story with extra details, if needed. I used it as a Children's Sermon before the main worship and sermon. Praise the LORD for this app and for it's creators. Thank you so much. :)
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1 year ago, Anastacia Monique Diaz
my son and I both have adhd and as a child I used to fidget A lot in church but I knew I had to sit still long enough to listen through service. With the new age and other people looking at social media while in church and my son constantly moving . I’ve had him use this app the past two services and amazing ! It’s like he’s a whole new kid. He is just starting out learning about God and I had to find a different way to approach him since he is a games dude. And this was perfect and I love how it kept him engaged he asked questions and of course how to get a better high score that he can find all the answers in his children’s Bible in my purse !!!!! Truly an amazing app!
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3 years ago, ASHLEY5248
I am 11, I know I am not really a little kid any more but your age doesn’t really matter. I go to a 5th Grade Bible study although there are some stories that I don’t know of. I try to read the Bible but it is to long and difficult. Though I still want to know all the story’s in the Bible. Then I found this app! It is teaching me all about God and Jesus. Also I know it is changing me whenever I think about goodness that God and Jesus have done. I can now finally know what is going on in my 5th Grade Bible Study with out actually reading a Bible but listening to all the stories and all the things this app does. I absolutely love it and God bless himself.
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5 years ago, Bombora42
Have you ever been bored of reading the Bible cause of the hard words? Well what about playing the Bible? Well here ya go. This app is what happens when you play the Bible the game is great your kids (or your self) can learn (most) the Bible in about a hour! Also the characters can move (doing actions)! Also the app has many many reviews like this and they did not lie! This Bible has many funny things in it! Kids will love this app because of funny things and just so you don’t think it’s bad it is very accurate and addictive in a good way! So if your kids (or your self) are having a terrible time reading the Bible come on the App Store and download this app and experience the fun ness of the Bible!!!
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1 year ago, ThatPerfectlyPoshGirl
We love this app! MORE STORIES PLEASE 🥰
I think I found this app when my first born was 2 or 3 (it came out the same year he was born). He's now 9, and he still asks to play it! I have 3 more kids that have come along, and they all have loved this app so much. I love it too! I love the portrayal of Jesus and all the characters, and I love the balance of it telling the stories while being interactive. I know a big focus for the app lately has been to expand the amount of languages it can be in to reach more kids, but it would be really cool if the developers could add more stories soon. My kids will be all over it ☺️
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4 years ago, cxtie
My experience and thoughts of this app.
So I looking through bible apps so that I could get a relationship with god...and when I was reading some of the things, I couldn’t really make sense of it because of all the big words. Eventually I saw this app and it said for kids, so I tried it out. Once I tried it out, I was very amazed in how straightforward and simple it was to read and comprehend. This also helped me get a better relationship with god AND Jesus. I seriously thank the creator of this app because without it I would be lost. I wouldn’t know what this meant or the other meant, like in other bibles through online. Thank you so much!
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5 years ago, Abi Tish
Still is the Best
I used to have this app when I was smaller and enjoyed playing it. From then on I was more familiar with bible stories and verses. I would pay more attention in church, and participate more often. I had finished the app and deleted it but, now I’ve found it again and gave it a shot! It is still the most interesting bible app for kids and has fun activities. The only thing is too add more bible stories and levels, you should also include levels for younger children. For instance, you can make a level for 3 year olds and remove the diamond challenge and just give the mini test. If they fail then make a summary and move on to the next story. Other than that it is perfect!
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3 years ago, 1234567. Iam71234567
I LOVE this app and I am only seven! Yay! I have no glitches or anything I LOVE it please read this because it will convince you to get this awesome game I love it and I play it all the time and I have now gotten through everything there is one itty-bitty problem though that I don’t like it the end of it it says become part of god‘s story and then it says click on this to become part of God‘s story and whenever I click on it it usually doesn’t work but one time I did and it didn’t and it wasn’t what I thought it was and I was like oh OK but other than that I love love love this game totally get it♥️♥️♥️👍👍👍
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4 years ago, Nik Rivera
Great Bible App
My son loves this app (and the physical Bible). We even do the “show” for his Bible curriculum at home. He and I really love the activities that come with the stories, especially the story sorting activity (he’s not really into the coloring activities). The story sorting really helps with reading comprehension and his not just hearing the story but learning it. We also love how each “page” is interactive. It would be nice to have access on the app to the video lessons and the memory verse for each story. Overall, this is our favorite way to do our daily Bible time with our 3 year old. He started the app when he was 2 and immediately loved it.
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6 years ago, danrad87
Excellent app! Can you add more stories?
Thank you for creating this app! I do a Bible story in the app with my five year old daughter most days, and sometimes I give it to her to play with. It’s great knowing she can learn more about God in an interactive and comprehensible way. I work in missions, so I also appreciate how this app has so many languages. If I could make one request it would be to have more stories added like Jonah, the fiery furnace, Gideon, Solomon, Hezekiah or other stories from Kings, maybe even some psalms and proverbs...there are so many great stories and things to learn from the Bible!
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3 years ago, Arijane3
LDS mom- this app is awesome!!!
I can’t say enough good things about this Bible app. My kids have all loved it, and it has made Bible stories so much more accessible for my kids. I’ve also used it in primary classes for all ages with lots of success. I will say that LDS moms may want to view the section on Adam and Eve and the final chapter on the overview of the gospel message and discuss with their kids if the interpretation is not exactly in line with how you want it presented to your kids, but this is my favorite religious app for kids, hands down, and I can’t recommend it enough
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5 years ago, Kianaptg
Great app but needs to include women of color
This app is great and I praise God for it and am so grateful for it! I love the variety of colors that the people are and the historical accuracy of what people in a region between Africa and Asia would look like. But I am distressed by the lack of inclusion of women not only in stories but also just in representation as side characters. And the few stories that do have women or girls as the focus even just for one page, still often have females with white and lighter skin and silky hair. This is not only historically inaccurate but also damaging when I try to use this app with my young girls of African descent. I pray you all consider this as you design the next update. Peace and Love
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4 years ago, oilmama2
Needs 1 minor upgrade
I absolutely love this app. My 4.5 year old has been using it since 3 (his screen time his heavily limited but when he has it he asks for this). It’s so fun bc when he learns something new he wants to find it in this app to! The BIGGEST issue I have with it is that when the kids find a bible verse gem, it takes them Into the uversion app... my 4 year old cant read & he can’t get back to the game. It would be awesome if They just added a feature to read the small bible verse to them just like the “questions” that pop up.... Also, the option for different profiles.
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6 years ago, LynnLoshi the yoshi
Ok I don't usually use omojis when it comes to my reviews but stop hating this is a brilliant app it thought me so much I found when I was 5 and 4 years later I'm telling my friends about Christ if it crashes ur iPad is too old if it lags reset the iPad just because it doesn't work on yours dose not mean you could hate on it give it another chance the stories are absolutely amazing you don't know what you are talking about when you hate on it what if you put your heart and soul sweat blood and tears into this and somebody just hates on It
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4 years ago, Hanako'sCatGirl
Hi I may be an 11 year old but I love this app so much! The colors are so vibrant and pretty that I wish the world would be that full of color!! I do have a problem though I got the game on my tablet and it works fine and then I wanted it on my phone but every single time I tried to get on it the game would crash after like three seconds. I was also saving up space for another game so this game was useless to my phone and I sadly had to delete it :(. I hope that some day I will get this game again and go back to the colorful bright vibrant app that I love so much! Thanks for reading! ~Åmâñë'šŃękø ❤️
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3 years ago, BestieBee
If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!
My 8 year old son and I absolutely love this app. I love that it explains the Bible in a fun and creative way that young kids can understand. My son loves the stories, the games, activities and collecting the gems and stars. My only complaint is that they got rid of the trumpet-like sounds that the characters used to make when they danced or ”talked”. It used to make us laugh. We miss it! That’s why I say “ If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. It’s still a great app, but we liked it better as it was.
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1 year ago, splashwhale
I am 13 and my sister and i have used this app since we were like 6 or 7 and my sister is 10. We had it on our old ipad and we used it so much on road trips and driving to places. I just re downloaded it on my new ipad and we are having so much fun on it! we love getting all the badges and doing the activities. i also thing my baby brother will really like it, once he learns how to read. definitely a must install for everyone looking for a bible app for kids!!
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4 years ago, Gerry87111
Not Accessible With VoiceOver When Getting On. I can’t Figure Out How To Continue.
Hmmmm. I just downloaded this app this morning, and I can’t figure out how to get started. All I was able to do was allow notifications. I am giving this app 4 stars because I can’t get past that, and I’m sure the app is great. If you would please make sure to check the accessibility for Voiceover or other screen readers. I would really appreciate it. I’ve downloaded the Bible app and I don’t seem to have any issues. If there’s no fix to this one, I can just switch back - just started using this one.
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5 years ago, whatz in a name
What a very useful kids bible!
This ap provides a great, easy to understand bible story, activities and neat sounds and games,,,for FREE! I’d love it if another ap like this one were available! I use this in children’s church each week that I have it. The kids love it and we share playing the activities and games. It keeps their attention and they pay careful attention, so they know the answers at the end. I’m really glad I found this ap! I recommend this download to younger children and their parents/children’s church teachers.
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4 years ago, bishwhaaaaa
Amazing app!
My daughter who is 13 started using this app only a few weeks ago and every night she reads it and it totally helps her feel at ease and she has no more night anxiety or nervousness! Even though the app is meant for younger children, it could be for anyone at any age! It explains everything important without making it boring for kids or too long, and i especially recommend it for people who have trouble falling asleep at night/anxiety at night, because it really does calm your nerves. God is amazing :)
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3 years ago, shaddy02
Story of Abraham and Isaac is not appropriate
This app overall is nice, but I agree with another reviewer regarding the story of Abraham and Isaac. I just began using this app with my 5 year old and this lesson was only the third story he chose to watch. After having just told me, “This teaches good stuff” he heard the narrator say that Abraham was going to kill his son, and he looked at me in horror. I understand some truths in the Bible are unpleasant. Being an app for children I find this depiction (including images of Abraham holding a knife and Isaac lying on an alter tied up) to be inappropriate and frightening. I use the adult version of this app and thought this would be a safe and fun way to introduce my son to bible lessons, but now I’m afraid to let him watch more.
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4 years ago, TechieArtGrl
Fantastic! Thank you!!!
This app is such a great intro to the Bible’s various stories - and related so appropriately for children. The length of the text is perfect and the interactive illustrations are so excellent and fun that it’s simply amazing that this app is free. Thank you!! My 6 year old still loves it and now it is engaging his reading skills with the questions that pop up during the stories. He is motivated to earn the “points” for correct answers. My 2 year old loves it now as well. The creators of this have done something heroic with this app!
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2 months ago, hfkejsjsbdbeenjcjdis
As a young teen myself, sometimes reading the Bible could be a bit hard with understanding it and understanding what they’re saying. but with this app, it’s very easy, and you can understand it! They also make it fun for little ones, and educate you very well on the Bible in a way that anyone and everyone can understand it. I highly recommend this app for everyone. If you’re very new to the Bible, or if you’ve read the Bible many times. This is an amazing app. God bless 🙏🏻❤️
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6 years ago, Sixbee80
Great for familiarizing your young child with Bible stories!
My 4yo has been using this app for the better part of a year and is able to recall the stories very easily afterwards. The reward system of the Bible gems is great in keeping their interest and the animations are great for keeping them engaged. If I can make any recommendations it would be to set up an account system so that it can track the stories that have been read across multiple devices as well as add users so that multiple users can keep track of their own progress.
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4 years ago, Kcool13
Truly great for Kids
My mom made download this when I was about 9 or so. Of course I wasn’t that interested, but she thought it would good for me and it was. It wasn’t my favorite part of the morning but did know how to tell a good story especially for kids. It was a great thing to listen to while getting ready for your day. I didn’t know it then but it truly did help me understand a lot more about the Bible as a kid than any form of Sunday class I had. I 100% recommend for your kids and or you.
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4 years ago, Dashochkaa
Absolutely Amazing
I am in loss of words. This app is the perfect combination of bible stories, games, activities & little movie clips. I don't even have kids yet but I love this app & use it for my sunday school class. I love using these illustrations to show the kids & use their games/activities. The quality is soo clear too! And you can change the language too which is perfect! Especially because some kids know their first language more than English. Literally so perfect. I love this app
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2 years ago, Dr3rd
There are not enough stars that can do this app justice. I’ve had this app for at least 5 years and my daughter and I read all the stories over and over and still never get tired of it. We can read the stories and we talk about with the story means and what scriptures are involved and most of all, we bond together! I don’t know who created this but God bless him please! Not one interrupting ad. This is the best app to bond with kids over Christ and the Bible.
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4 years ago, The queen bee 🐝🐝
Love it
Sorry thats the only way i could explain this game. Ive been using this app since i was 3 years old and now that im 9 Im really goid at it. Most grown ups on this rating and rewiew chart may think you should go do a bigger group or do something harder but ive really learned the ways of god by using this app. Dont take this wrong but I do use other big kid apps but this one really was my favorite. Just wanting to let the developer know to keep up the good work and love the animation. Tysm and Goodbye!!👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽😊😊😊🤗🤗
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3 years ago, M-M <3
Love it <3
Hi there, I am struggling to get an strong good relationship with God and Jesus, and this app have been helping me learn more about them, and multiple new things! This app is GREAT and I love it, not hard and challenging words that may confuse young kids and understandable, i love how it’s a background and etc things you can interact with so it wouldn’t just be reading which may get boring! I appreciate this app for being there and I still use it, love you! - kenzie ❤️
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3 years ago, Daizy & Cupcake
So good totally recommend for Catholics
(I am in 4th grade so sorry if I make typos) I love this app,I used to think god and Jesus were the same person but when I got this app (when I was four) I found out they were different people if I could I would give this app 100 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ you should get this app,you don’t even have to pay for it and kids could use it by them selves.(when they are at the age where they know what they are doing)
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6 years ago, JEs mom
Kids Love and beg me to read the Bible everyday!
All 3 of my kids 7,5 and 2 love this app! I do wish as do they that you kept adding stories ! We were there from the apps beginning and they LOVED and got sooo excited to see if a new story had been added! Now they’ve played all the activities or spend time on activities that aren’t teaching them what reading anew story or verse could. The app itself is amazing and we are grateful because our two oldest chose to get baptized and I know this was a huge component to their biblical understanding.
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11 months ago, Tcmciner
I love this app!
I am a grandma and a Sunday school teacher. My grandkids have been using it since it first came out. I love that each story has activities and that each story has fun things that happen when you tap on different parts of the picture. It also can emphasize what was taught in Sunday school that week. Provides a good opportunity to ask questions about recall. Thank you for providing this app!!!
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4 years ago, billeg444
It’s ok but!?⭐️❤️⚡️
When I do a level and I do the picture and everything it only gives me one star and not all and I think this is a big problem because I think I need a lot of effort of reading it and I think they should take out the voice reading because I think that kids should read it by their selves and learn new words this is a good game but still I really don’t get why they only give me one star it’s so dumb and stupid I said they should change that it actually makes me 😡 mad
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2 years ago, Jfpool
Wonderful interactive program
I have used this “game” with my granddaughters for at least 5 years. Even our 9 year old granddaughter still loves it, and since her family doesn’t go to church, when we play Bible Trivia, she remembers the stories from this app! Beautiful pictures and actions. Children tap the pictures and see fun things in every scene. Highly recommend for hours of educational and fun times.
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3 years ago, amaya and may
Great app! It teaches kids about god and what he did!
I love this app, it’s so great because it teaches 4-10 year olds about god and what he did for us to have this life we have right now. Now kids can grow up loving god and know him very well and they can start reading the adult bibles when they grow up! I’m giving credit to the maker of this game because it shows they believe in god and they want kids to believe in god to!
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6 years ago, Littlecupcake303
Really Recommend!
I love this app! It is great for kids! My 7 year old daughter is always plays This app! Now they don’t have to go to trinity church! (Kidding) I Really Recommend This app! It is great for Parents Who Don’t have time to take them to church! D.i.y Stay at home parent! This game is a really good way to teach kids about god and Jesus. I enjoy giving it to my 3 yr old daughter to. She loves hearing that man, and also touching the pictures! I hope This game grows bigger, as much as the Bible!
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1 year ago, Ray n' Serenity's Mommy
Love the stories
I love the stories and the interactive parts of the stories including the questions to answer along the way and collecting the gems. I wish there was more content, though. Once you finish all the stories, you can work on the challenges, but it’s basically doing the same handful of stories over and over again to try and get all the gems and challenges. More or slightly longer stories would be great.
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4 years ago, SlothStar2223
🛐Good way to teach your kid about God✝️
My aunt got this for me when I was little because she wanted to teach me about God. I am Christian but never really went to Church ⛪️. A loved reading all the great story’s that played out above the game graphics showing what was going on. And sometime during that story there would be a “Pop quiz”/question about what you just learned about to help you remember. Great way to teach your child to embrace and learn more about Christianity!😊 ❤️✝️❤️🛐❤️⛪️❤️
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5 years ago, Tina and Makena
Love this app
My daughter has learned so much from this app. The only thing I would change is that my daughter gets frustrated trying to get the stars for reading. We couldn’t figure out how to get the second one. Then we figured out you have to complete the activity and then read the story again, but we can’t figure out how to complete the coloring activity, so we can’t get a second star, and she is frustrated.
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5 months ago, Converted2tom
Needs an update for the newer iPhones
So, I got a new iPhone. It doesn’t have the thumb-reader button at the bottom anymore. I always keep my screen locked. This app automatically rotates anyway, which is fine, except that now I am unable to exit from it! I have to turn off my screen and click on the calculator or something in order to get to a place where I can close it. Very annoying. The content is still superb. Just fix this one thing and we will be happy!
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