Bible Trivia Quiz - No Ads

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John Bivol
Last update
2 years ago
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User Reviews for Bible Trivia Quiz - No Ads

4.63 out of 5
7K Ratings
3 years ago, JensSolidJemz
Learn and Grow Closer to God
Ok I admit it, sometimes it's hard to understand the King James Version of the Bible. I started playing this game as a way to learn about the Bible, and I found out that I really like when I was wrong it gives the correct answer and chapter and verse so I can read or study it. Some questions were so strange, it made me want to know the whole story. For example why did the Archangel Michael argue with Satan?? Read Jude 9... I also like that it gave me more to talk with God about in my prayer life and just asking Him, God why didn't you mention the trinity in the Bible? I love God and Jesus so much and this game is a fun way to just learn more instead of just reading a chapter. I just sent in for the study guide. I highly recommend this game. By the way, I still miss a lot of questions, but it's giving me opportunities to just learn more about our marvelous God! My prayers that God continue to be glorified and praised, even by my simple act of playing this game!! May you be blessed and grow in His wonderful mystery, mercy and Deep love for you.
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10 months ago, Bode & Bella Cheek
Hard to understand?
I don’t see what’s so hard to understand about the king James Bible. I think a sixth grader can understand anything in it. What’s hard for me to understand is how people can change the words in other so-called versions of the Bible. They’re making themselves out to be higher than God or making themselves out to be God implying that God needs help to be understood and in doing so change the meaning in some cases. The king James Bible is God‘s holy Word and people make a grave mistake when they attempt to manipulate its meaning. For instance they take one of the verses that most people learn as children, proverbs 3:5,6 and change, “and he shall direct thy paths” to, “and he shall make thy paths straight”. there are countless other examples. They change the whole meaning and they should be ashamed.
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4 years ago, Mari Susie
Abba’s daughter
I like the game, it’s a good idea and is a good challenge. Appreciate that there’s no commercials or ads. The format and appeal of the layout need work. What is most concerning to me is that some of the scriptures given to “prove” their answers are not appropriately matched to the questions. Some questions are ambiguous- can be taken in different ways and be proved or disproved by several scriptures, and at times definitely not proven by what is given. I would give it a higher rating if these things were fixed especially the questions and scriptures must match to represent God’s Word accurately. I’d like to now if there’s a church denomination that has created this app. If so, which one? To the developers~ I hope you read this and realize that other reviews are saying similar things. God want us to represent Him and His Word in a way that gives glory to Him. Thank you for the obvious work that you’ve put into this already and thank you for considering what’s being said for your benefit and the benefit and edification of those who want to play your Bible trivia.
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6 months ago, 🏐🍿
I like it
I really like this app. It’s a fun game to play especially when there’s nothing else to do. I love that there is no ads or anything. Also what I love about it is that if you get something wrong the answer will be given to you which helps me learn. This is a great way to learn more about God and the Bible and all the other awesome Jesus things. But I do have to admit that sometimes hard to understand the sentences because I think they use KJV. If you are reading this I’m telling you to get this app because it’s amazing. And like I said it helps know more about God I’ve learned lots. The only problem I have with this app is that sometimes if I know the answer then I click it it tells me it’s incorrect and says I clicked the wrong one. That is why I took one star off. But otherwise it’s GREAT. I would encourage you to get this.😃
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4 years ago, Cedric559693561
Perfect to get yo study on
I read the Bible faithfully and I challenge myself often during commercial breaks with questions and when I first wake up in the morning:) Very good amount of questions, the ones I get wrong I look them up in the Bible and get my learn on. Anywho, great little study tool to keep you engaged and your nose in the books. Note: In order to get SAVED you must believe in the gospel, which is: -That Christ died for your sins, according to the scriptures -Was buried -And rose again the third day according to the scriptures (1 Cor 15:1-4) Other versus to help support the gospel Rom 1:16; 2:16; 1 Cor 1:17; Eph 1:13; Gal 1-6-9; 2 Thess 1:6-8; The list goes on and on. Don’t believe the words I tell you, but read and believe God’s word. By just saying I accept Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior is neglecting that Christ died on the cross for you. By believing in the gospel, your now placed in the body of Christ, which Christ is the head and “LORD” over, not just the church only but Lord over all things. He is NOW your “SAVIOR” because He died for your sins and saved you from condemnation and eternal death. Again follow and read the versus’s and let God guide you to victory. See you soon... love you so very much:)
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3 years ago, TKPippin
A Challenge
Well I thought I knew the Bible but sheesh…I’m a novice. I think what I would like to see is a skill level option. Maybe work up from Sunday school questions then get progressively harder. I think an option of that nature will boost confidence in beginners and keep interest. Maybe a method to keep up with one’s progress. However I noticed there aren’t any ads or money making outlets so maybe that’s what’s limiting the platform. I agree that some questions/answers are worded in a vague/interpretive manner, but not many. I got the app to help me brush up my Bible skills and, even though I’m already in the Word daily, and have read it several times through….and it has definitely made me want to dive deeper in. 16 out of 20 is not bad for my first time but I would like to get 20 out of 20. Ps thanks for the free study guide!
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1 year ago, Tener' Earth
The Guilt App
I call this ‘the guilt app’ because of the overwhelming guilt in me, every time i use this app. The questions are broad, random and traverse every section of the Bible. It even times how long it takes you to answer a question. Question is, where is the guilt coming from? …From me. I don't know God’s word as i should and this app encourages me to study the Bible often… a rarity on my part. When i hit that start button and the first question pops up, i scratch my head several times, with a blank stare, the timer counting down, the blank page with a question and choices stares back at me… as though, standing before the heavenly host, confused, unable to answer His simple question… “how do you know me?”
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4 months ago, RMV70
Every day learning
I played first to learn. But I have learned and I’m still learning every day so much everyday. It’s mind and heart stimulating. There are a very few questionable questions. For example “did Jesus drink wine” the is is “yes”. I understand this to be true. But if I were a new believer possibly struggling with addiction, this could potentially allow me to believe alcoholism is ok. Because “Jesus drank too”. This hits me due to addiction in my family is sadly a terrible reality. The fight is a hard one. Not only for the addicted but for the family as well. But other than select couple of questions, I thoroughly enjoy playing daily. It’s part of my daily routine. God Bless!
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3 years ago, aswilkins68
Awesome Learning App
I read JensForJems review dated in July 2021, and I must agree. It is good to be wrong because it does give you the Book of the Bible and Chapter plus verse (s) so you can read and begin learning more about the Word of God. I began playing about a month or so ago and it’s so much fun! I can play anywhere I go, I love to learn about God’s Word and His Will for our Lives through His Son Jesus. This makes the Bible fun, sensible, understandable, and if you are a competitive person, it even takes you to scores where you can aim for goals in learning with fellow players. You will not be disappointed in downloading this App today!
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1 year ago, Rebecca_N_Austin
I’m not crazy about this App
Many of the answers seem to be opinion-based rather than biblically based. I found many of the questions to be odd. How about just sticking to the Word rather than trying to indoctrinate people into your own beliefs about your private interpretation? Also, one the questions was worded incorrectly. The question was: “What did Paul instruct younger WIDOWS to do?” Because I did not see a correct answer to choose, I chose “Seek financial help from the church”. It said this was incorrect and gave the correct answer as: “Look for a husband and remarry” And it referenced 1 Timothy 5:14. It says nothing about younger WIDOWS or about remarrying! 1 Timothy 5:14 says: 14 I will therefore that the younger WOMEN marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully. They might have been trying to reference 1 Timothy 5:11 which says: “But the younger widows refuse: for when they have begun to wax wanton against Christ, they will remarry.” This is instructing the church not to financially help the younger widows because most of them WOULD remarry but they were not being instructed to do so! 1 Timothy 5:11 But the younger widows refuse: for when they have begun to wax wanton against Christ, they will marry;
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5 years ago, Small town Jesus girl
Scripture wasn’t used in right context
I absolutely love the thought of a game that will help you gain Biblical Wisdom, however if you are looking to grow in your walk with God I do not recommend this app. Some of theses questions are good Biblical questions that will really make you think, and the answers are Biblically correct. Sadly many of the questions are taken out of context, and used wrong. For example, one of the questions was “Is Jesus coming back?” And the correct answer was no, I I was shocked at this and knew it wasn’t Biblically accurate. When it showed me that the answer was no the verse they used to back it up was John 14:19 “A little while longer and the world will see me no more, but you will see me, because I will live you will also live.” Which in that verse Jesus was telling his disciples that he was soon going to ascend to Heaven.
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2 years ago, anakuja
Problem with some answers
I truly love the question. Here you learn a lot. Thank you for this app. However I want to disagree about what the preparation day is according to the Jewish people. is the day of preparation Jewish? This is the best description j read on line on what this day is. I totally agree. In the scripture, the day before the onset of Shabbat is called "Preparation Day" (Mark 15:42; Luke 23:54; John 19:31). To be able to keep the Sabbath properly, adequate preparation is necessary which means planning ahead. So the answer given that this was the Passover day preparation day is only right because both the Shabbat and the Passover happened on the same day.
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2 years ago, KEWJ95
Great way to continue to grow in God’s Word
It can be challenging to just read the Bible. Some books of the Bible I can relish while others I struggle to keep focus. This is a good way to stay in God’s word. I love trivia and this is a way to learn more details. It’s amazing how I have studied the Bible my whole life and have read it cover to cover many times but I still don’t get 100% on the quizzes!! So this is a way to keep me learning and keep me focused. When I get an answer wrong, the app shows a verse where I can read up on it which is a feature I LOVE! Such a great way to continue to dive into the Word!!
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3 years ago, Baneton
False Doctrines from those behind the app
When in the app you have the option to look at the ‘about us’ section and click the link to the website of those behind the app. They are known as the Chicago Bible Students. After looking up what they believe about the Trinity, I found that they believe that Jesus was a separate being from God the Father and that he is what they call “a god.” They also believe the Holy Spirit is not truly God either. According to scripture, these people believe false doctrine. They twist scripture that clearly state the Truth of Jesus Christ being the Eternal Son of God that is One with the Father, who is also with the Father in the beginning, and they present Him to be a separate “god,” similar to “Jehovah’s witnesses” and Mormons. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” ‭‭John‬ ‭1:1‬ ‭NKJV‬‬ “And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.” ‭‭John‬ ‭1:14‬ ‭NKJV‬‬ Any and all should stay away for the sake of being skewed into a direction that does not accord with the Truth of God’s Word. There is much deception in the world these days. May we be sober, test everything, and remain faithful in these last days!
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6 years ago, The mixin vixen
Relaxing fun
No pressure (“so far”) to make IN-APP “purchases.” Questions are very original: “angles” on topics, & questions worded in ways that I’ve previously never pondered/considered. Easy, though somewhat “limited”, format. Tonight is my first night using this app (no ads, “so far”, although if I don’t make any purchases, I’ll have no objections to ads). As long as it stays interesting with continued new questions that don’t have to be purchased, my rating will stay the same. If I start getting bombarded to “make purchases” or if the questions start repeating - I will come back and change my rating accordingly.😃
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5 years ago, Yes Im Blessed
Increased cognitive skills regarding your spirit. Help to understand different parts of the Bible. Very organized to take a test based up on different levels as well as the amount of questions you are able to answer at that time. Give you immediate answers and where to find the answer it in your Bible to help for a better study guide as well and increased knowledge. I like this app because our word says the people perish from a lack of knowledge. Answering a question with the wrong answer, then given the correct answer and where to find it. Increase learning and a great study guide to increase knowledge.
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1 year ago, Mailbyfaith
Fun & informative
I am a member of a group of ladies who meet for Bible study once a week. I send out a question each day and it’s fun for all of us to answer the question and see who got it right. A wonderful way to make the Bible fun and friendly, especially to the New believer’s that have joined our group. Thank you so much for making it available. I am excited about getting the free book on how to study the Bible. What a blessing.
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6 years ago, basso63
Fun & informative but some inaccuracies
Good UI, easy to use and challenging but some of the ‘correct’ answers are just plain wrong, hence three stars. For example - Question (paraphrased): What will eventually happen to satan? Answer: will be destroyed. The game uses Rom 16:20 as the reference but this has nothing to do with destroying satan, that is obliterating him. Rev 20:10 is the actual eventual permanent state of satan: eternal torment in the lake of fire (but he will never be destroyed, in the ultimate existential sense of the word). Interestingly, other answers which many would consider wrong - such as the fact that Jesus did descend into the abyss (Rom 10:7) - the game author gets right. Overall a fun way to test your knowledge of scripture, albeit in a mostly trivial manner.
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1 year ago, DruBoo42
Wow Bible Trivia!
I think this app is a wonderful way to engage deeper into the word of God the only thing I think would make it better is being able to go back after the quizzes and see when ones you missed as a whole. Unless you’re writing down the ones you missed as you go you can’t go back later and review them. I do think it’s very helpful that it tells where to find the answers though. I think I’m very much going to enjoy this app. Thanks for making the time and taking the effort to make this app and the fact it’s free is that much better. God bless!
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4 years ago, Botchybear
I wish in the descriptions of this application that it would tell us which version of the Bible it is using. I’m rating it 3 because some of the questions are nitpicky. Also when you get to the end of each set of questions and it tells you how many you got right/wrong, I wish it would go back and let you look again at those you got wrong. This application also is rather boring. It also says that it does not have any commercials to interrupt. I’ve only been working with it 15 minutes today and been interrupted twice by Biden. I don’t appreciate that. I think I’ll go ahead and delete this one and find another.
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3 years ago, michellefromalabama
“My Theology Trivia” is a better name
Love the idea of the app, and really appreciate being challenged in my Bible knowledge. However, there are more than a few answers that are clearly based off of the app designer’s theology. Would love if it just stuck with biblical facts over one’s interpretation and opinion. It also might be KJV only, which is fine if you’re KJV only, but if not you may struggle with the wording. This review is simply my opinion, and would suggest you give it a try if you’re curious. It may line up with all of your theology perfectly and you may do great on it and grow in your Bible knowledge!
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6 years ago, Angeldawnloupe
Regular quirks
There is one answer that you put in the right answer and it counts it wrong. “How many loaves of shewbread were on the table in the Holy of the tabernacle?” The correct answer is 12, but it will count it wrong when you click on 12. When you click on the one above it, 24, then it will count it right and tell you that you are correct, there were 12 loaves. Other than that, I always encourage you to let the Holy Spirit interpret passages for you. Never rely on man. However, it’s a fun game, and it does increase your biblical knowledge and raise questions for study and further review.
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6 years ago, [•|+•^
Some non-Biblical answers
One question was will the world see Jesus again according to John 14:19. Optional answers, believers only, yes, even those in hell, no and one other one. That Scripture says (Jesus speaking) “after a little while the world will no longer see Me; but you will see me; because I live you will live also.” He’s referencing His death as to why the world would not see Him after a little while. The app said the answer is “no”. ???? For one, Scripture says He will return and everyone will see. Second, IF it just wanted to go by that Scripture alone, Jesus is telling His disciples that they will still see Him and know Him because they believe. Definitely a game that you would need to test against Scriptures before believing everything that it says.
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1 year ago, boolacca
Jehovah Witness App claims Jesus is not God
This is not a Christian app. It denies the diety of Christ which is not only false and against scripture but also illogical. Scripture repeatedly says only God is good, so either Jesus wasn’t good and therefore wasn’t the perfect sacrifice needed to atone for our sins or God is a liar which also contradicts scripture. Please choose a different app to study trivia unless you enjoy being repeatedly marked wrong for affirming Biblical truths. Don’t let an app like this discourage you from studying scripture! You got this! Jesus is the Word and the Word is with God and the Word is God! Seek Him with all your heart and lean not on your own or anyone else’s understanding but trust in Christ alone through scripture alone! 👍👍
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5 months ago, Sidney Beans
Confusing Questions
Okay, this game is really fun, I don’t sound like it but I really mean it, it’s so so fun, but the problem starts here, I was just answering questions, and I saw the question “how many kids did Adam and Eve Have?” And you might be thinking the same as me, “Oh! Obviously 2! Caine And Abel!, the answer was 4, I’m confused because I read the whole story of Adam and Eve and Caine and Abel, so I found that confusing, I went and got help and they said they didn’t mention it, Is it the game’s fault or the Bible’s fault?
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4 years ago, Blibbityjibbit
Thank you and May you keep up the good work!
I just downloaded this to help me on my way in learning more about the Bible. I have only answered a few questions, but I find your app quite enjoyable... and I’m learning more about my Lord and Savior! 😍🙏Please pray for me as I have quite a few health problems, and much pain. This app is so enjoyable and wish you success in creating more. The world needs Jesus more than ever, as I’m sure you’d agree. Thank you!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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6 years ago, -anicknamethathasnotbeenused-
Incorrect answers
I downloaded this app thinking it might be a fun way to test my knowledge. However, I have found it to contain incorrect answers. For example, asking how often we should take the Lord’s supper, the answer they say is “correct” is once a year....the “proof texts” they provide say nothing of the sort(nor does anywhere else in the Bible). I think the concept of this app is great, but I also think it should either be done correctly or not at all....there is no in between when it comes to presenting Scripture. The text says what it says. If the creators don’t like what it says, they should not try to project their own ideas onto it for whoever decides to try this app.
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3 years ago, Nicoli309
Family fun and great study tool
Family loves this App and it provided us a free book called “how to study the Bible”. This book is seriously invaluable. I love history and understanding the “reason” and “why” behind things. The first 50 pages could be a book all in itself; so much good info. Anyway, I highly recommend. It’s fun to play by yourself, with you other half, and others. 5-stars all the way. -Chris
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1 year ago, Alkgdsdghljgds
Mr. Bill
This is a wonderful app to test your knowledge and understanding of scripture. Nothing like a short quiz to shed light on the subjects you are lacking understanding in. I find this is a wonderful way to pass idle time while waiting in waiting rooms or traveling with friends on trips. I pray the Holy Spirit guide those who use this app to a closer walk with Jesus Christ our Saviour. Remember Jesus, the bridegroom cometh. Trim your lamps and be ready for his appearing.
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2 years ago, twms75
Awesome Bible Study
I read the Bible and wanted more then just reading it, I wanted to be quizzed so that I know for sure that I was understanding it. This is a great app in helping learn the Bible, plus it is fun to be able to answer questions and have the confidants of answering them. I feel that studying the Bible is more then just reading it. It’s about getting to know Gods word and storing it into our hearts. God bless you.
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4 years ago, Born again 78
1st review
I want to say first, and for most I love this game! I am learning so much, as well as my husband. My husband, and I have a great time playing this game together as a couple.I would love to be able to play this game as a ” competition “with my husband. I love that you can see the top scores, but I would love to be able to keep track of my personal score, as well as my husband’s so we can see our progress. I would say that is my only complaint about the game. God bless
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2 years ago, Jake Hackney
Bad doctrine
The game is fun at first but it gets some crucial information wrong. 1 Corinthians 9:27 is misinterpreted implying that a person can lose salvation, which is false. A Christian can not lose salvation. Salvation is a gift, not something that can be taken away. Romans 8:9 tells us that the Holy spirit dwells within us, for a Christian to be “unsaved” the Christian would need to be unsealed by the Holy Spirit and detached from the body of Christ, which contradicts John 10:28-29, no man (including ourselves) can pluck us from our Fathers hand. Just to reiterate: a Christian can not lose salvation. I encourage people to get their doctrine from the Bible and not a phone app. Jesus is God.
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6 years ago, 08august
For those who are new to the word of God, it would be nice when the selection is wrong, having the ability to go exactly to the book where the correct answer is found would reinforce to memory. Why are all nick names taken when rating is less than 5 star? I had to give a 5 star in order to post a review. Is this a Christian app?
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2 months ago, Big Hill Ranch
Well Done & Thank You
I finally dumped every worthless game on my phone. You can't even play simple games any longer without having the world's evil agendas shoved at you in every way possible. Thus, I am thankful to the developers for this app and I have numerous others that let me spend some fun time close to the Word and away from the evil!
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8 months ago, Godsloved1
Love it
I absolutely love this app!!! This app is very engaging and really allows you to think and study what you don’t know, I love that it gives you all the right answers after you have chosen the wrong answers I also like how the app shuffles the questions to keep you from memorizing the correct answers..Very well thought out app
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2 years ago, Dezzy Mom
I downloaded this app to see what I know and to see how much more I could learn. Well let’s say I do not know as much as I thought I did. But that’s ok because I will continue to use this app to help me to learn and become more knowledgeable about Gods word! This is an awesome tool to help with understanding and growth!!! I’m so thankful that I found this app.
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5 years ago, C J Ley
I think it is good but questions are more for a Bible scholar. Most do not know how many books or chapters there are in some of the questions. Also some of the people in questions are not studied as closely as would a Bible scholar would. For the average Christian it was hard. But it does make you open your Bible and check some of the answers. I would prefer the questions to help you grow not just be knowledgeable about how many chapters etc
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2 years ago, Ohio driver
Great app with hidden treasures
This app has details you can overlook when reading your bible. I enjoy learning what I missed. I would have given it 5 stats but the KJV is not the version I use. I wish it had the option to choose versions like NIV. ESV, NKJV etc.... I think the app could use some updating esthetically, but over all it does what I want and I am not bugged with adds. Definitely worth a download.
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6 years ago, Freeing Truth
Truth 2
This app is great for the game play and for general Bible review. But I was alarmed when I read the explanation of John 14:28 as “God is greater than Jesus,” when that is not what it says at all - or what the Bible teaches at all. John 1:1 clearly states Jesus IS God, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word WAS God.” In John 5:23, Jesus clearly stated that it was the Father’s will that “all men should honor the Son, EVEN AS THEY HONOR THE FATHER.” The context of John 14:28 is Jesus about to return to Heaven and to the full expression of His glory with the Father which He had temporarily given up in His humiliation on earth. Major errors like this are cause to certainly shield children and the unlearned from being misled.
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5 years ago, Portram
I love this bible trivia game, but the timer with each question does not have a pause or stop button so you can look up the scripture to find the answer. I tried looking up the scripture that was given in the question, but the timer runs out before I can find the answer. Maybe you can work on this please. Thank you.
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2 years ago, BGRead100+
Fun and Informative
I love this app. I make mistakes when I go too quickly and of course, there are questions I just get wrong. If I disagree with an answer, I look it up to see what I missed. A nice learning tool. I have lots of references. This reminds me I still have much to learn. There will always be a new revelation from the Lord.
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5 years ago, STUMPYMD
Ok Bible trivia app
I appreciate a Bible game but it seems the answers are designed to trick not educate. I had the question, “In the last days, where will all nations look for God?” I answered in the mountains based on Isaiah 2:2: “In the last days the mountain of the house of YaHWeH will be established as the chief of the mountains...”. I got it wrong. You referenced Micah 4:2; Zechariah 8:23. If the answer is ambiguous don’t ask it or accept multiple correct answers all based on Scriptures! Thanks.
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3 years ago, Jbpeil23
False Advertising - Cult Theology
This is a great app with LOADS of very good questions, but after I was about 75 questions in it became apparent that the developer of the app had a very specific theological axe to grind. The questions really started to rub me the wrong way since they were specifically geared towards a particular interpretation, which the description PROMISES will not happen. Promise = Broken. A little digging and it finally became apparent what the issue was: this app is trying to promote the beliefs of the so-called Jehovah’s Witness cult which is not part of the Christian faith. Now look, I’m cool with an app that’s up front about this kind of thing — Mormons for LDS theology, Muslims for Islam, etc. it’s all good — but this developer is essentially a liar who is trying to trick real believer’s into learning the teachings of his cult. That’s most decidedly NOT cool. So one star because I can’t give zero stars.
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3 years ago, Truth Personified
Bible Trivia
I enjoy playing Bible Trivia, it challenges me to pay closer attention to details, as I read and study my Bible. I admit, I have discovered a few incorrect answers, but I appreciate how the developers have provided contact information, to allow an individual to share any errors or comments with them. Thanks for making, learning the Bible fun and easy.
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3 years ago, Abby Huwe
Bible taken out of context
this app takes the Bible out of context. for example, one of the questions we got was “who else is called God besides the creator?” and they said that the answer was satan. the verse they used for reference was 2 Corinthians 4:4. this verse reads, “The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel that displays the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.” i understand how they got that, but it is taken out of context and implies that satan is also god. so don’t download this app and please make sure that ‬‬you read the Bible in context.
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3 years ago, axgtyb
Nice game, but some wrong questions and answers.
I don’t remember all the wrong answers now, but the most recent one is, “WHO was cursed in the garden of eden.” The answers were, all answers are correct, the ground, the serpent and the man and woman. I selected the man and women, since the question was, WHO was cursed, it was wrong, the right answer was, all answers are correct. Please rephrase the question, it’s misleading. There are a few others wrong or misleading, when I get them again, I’ll post them.
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2 years ago, AOC0466
Increases your Bible knowledge!
First of all, the app is ad free!! It allows for continuous momentum. I’ve played other trivia games on other apps but these questions are very engaging….not just Bible surface questions like “Who was Adam?” It asks more in-depth questions that makes you gone back and study. It has challenged me to challenge myself! Love it!
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4 years ago, Renéenay
Helpful fun
It’s funny that I thought this would be “a breeze” for me, however the questions are worded in a way that makes you have to stop and think about your answer; which helps you to remember and ponder your reply. Since I wanted to learn, and have fun at the same time, this app fulfills that quest perfectly.
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5 years ago, OTrueLee
Great App
I just started using this app this year. For me, I have to say the questions are challenging. It does, however, encourage me to study more often, as well as, look up the correct answers. I really thought I knew more. I’m finding out that I seriously need to read my Bible more. This app will definitely help me study a little more or should I say a lot more. Thank you for the app.
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6 years ago, Trreid007
Questions Variables
Love the app! Wish the questions alternate more often. Sometimes when only answering the same number of questions each time it just gives all or most of the same questions instead of a random variation. The repetition at first helps to memorize and commit the information to memory. After awhile it gets boring though.
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