Big Bang Whip: Sound Effects

4.7 (8.4K)
156.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Peter Weiss
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Big Bang Whip: Sound Effects

4.71 out of 5
8.4K Ratings
5 years ago, Stacy63
Whip sound on app
I got this app suggestion from my brother...I had a previous app but deleted it once I tried your app. The other one couldn’t begin to compare. We, my family and others that come to family events have a blast with this app. There’s always an appropriate sound to bring home the point of the conversation. Love it :)
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5 years ago, talyee
It’s great
It’s great because it has a sound effect for everything, it is fun to use, it’s cool to hear, and the ads come up a lot, but you can just turn off your Wi-Fi and you don’t have any ads anymore. Plus some of the ads are fun to watch. Overall I would give it a 5 out of 5
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1 year ago, SonomaGary
Whipper Snapper
I have no doubt this will get old too quickly. But it makes me laugh and every time I intro somebody new to it, they laugh too. Now I just need to find a horse being pestered by flies…
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7 years ago, JMR88z
Nice effects and layout
I‘m enjoying your whip it sound effects board. It is really helpful in my online classroom, the kids like it. I would love to see these additions: 1. Landscape compatibility, 2. Ability to arrange my favorite sounds in any order. 3. Ability to record and add my own sound buttons to the board. Thanks for the nice app!
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2 years ago, Shad0wbull3t
Premium Disappeared?
I had premium for this app, but every time I tried opening it it crashed, so I uninstalled and reinstalled. Now my reinstalled version of the app is asking me to pay again for premium. It’s a shame too because I liked this app a lot :/. If you’re on the fence about getting it though I still would, it’s a lot of fun to use, I’m sure cases like mine are rare. But I had to put something here for my experience.
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4 years ago, APG Kid
My Boss Jumps to Aid New Female Tech
OMG - when she calls him, he fairly jumps up to help her. Not a problem but he jumps higher and faster for her than he does for the guys. Your whip sound effect is perfect and everyone just howls (so does she). Thank you!!
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4 years ago, JimmyTheLord
I loved this app, theres so many sounds to choose from! But there’s a lot of potential lost. There’s nothing regarding police and war sounds but that’s not much of a problem! Keep doing what your doing!
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4 years ago, ppowers101
This app has a lot more features than I realized when I downloaded it. Something for every occasion!
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3 years ago, oh shgai
Why won’t it open
I like the app a lot and the sound affects are cool but for some reason the app won’t open anymore. Every time I try and tap on it it opens like normal and then shuts down right away. Other than that I have had no problems with it and it is really cool.
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9 months ago, Conrazon 1
Too many ads
Love the app but can’t take the ads. Tried buying removal but app won’t let me. Help!
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8 months ago, ancient seahorse 77
The sounds were great but every time I clicked a button an ads appeared, I also couldn’t look up certain things on safari because of the app so I would assume there is something else about it and the soundboard is a cover up
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5 years ago, Bryce Newman
Friends love it !
I use this on my friend all the time. He’s black but it’s all good. The whip sound gives a great sensation, brings me back to the good old days, the glory days.
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6 years ago, Psychomom3168
No sound
I downloaded the app, turned on my phone ringer, and turned my phone volume all the way up, and I still had no sound from the app. It did drain my battery pretty quickly, so I turned my phone off and back on. It still didn’t work and continued draining my battery. Sounds like a fun app if I could get it to work.
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5 years ago, Chief Osceola
Full Length sound effects
Takes a second to figure it out, but, best FULL LENGTH sound effects, not the usual millisecond blurb of sound.
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1 year ago, no thanks05
Great app
I love this app,my friends are going to hate me bc of the amount of times ima prank them 9/10 recommend
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7 years ago, Delta boy 2
The whip
It would be nice if it was a little louder but everything else I thought was perfect
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3 years ago, Marcat9099
Please Fix
Is there an update or fix coming for this app? It’s not opening on my iPhone 11 Max. Really an entertainment piece during distance learning would love to use it during teaching, but can’t. HELP! When I can’t get a response from my students, this app would help!!! Please respond.
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5 years ago, bbrowder
It’s just fun to have!
This comes in handy for fun, work and business when humor is needed.
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5 years ago, Roboyoyo99999999
Idk if it’s just me or the app, but I always gets short freezes when no matter what I tap it doesn't have affect, also there are way too many ads.
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6 years ago, AIHReview
Need a full reinstall on iOS 12
Sound stopped working with iOS 12. A delete and full reinstall fixed it.
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7 months ago, CT45678920
How much💵
I’m wondering how much money the premium is because they don’t tell you please respond thank you
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4 years ago, MCarrington
No sound iPhone X iOS 13.7
I’ve had this app for at least 5 years. Always had fun with it and worked reliably on previous iPhones. However when I got my recent upgrade the sound stopped working. I’ve rebooted, reinstalled, and checked settings. Nothing works now.
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3 weeks ago, Fortnight sweat
This app is amazing
It’s so fun to use and has so many options
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3 years ago, mr & mrs C.
Big Bang
This App keeps my family laughing even at the most inappropriate time. Carl C. Miller Place NY
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7 months ago, hdhshhdfk
I luv this app
Good sounds recommend
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3 years ago, KWYear
App Crashes will not open
Was a great app but now when you try to open it immediately takes you back to your Home Screen.
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4 years ago, ImTrekd
Too many adverts
I understand adverts, but the latest version has the adverts pop up 2 to 3 times per minute. Basically making the app unusable.
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9 months ago, Gone2dawgs
Big Bang!
Love all the different sound effects. Fun fun 🤩
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5 years ago, MaidenMan123
Funny to me and everyone in my family .
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6 years ago, dram96
Big bang theory
I saw this on the big bang theory and thought it would be nice to try it is fun to use for enjoyment.
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6 years ago, BillyjoejimbobSchwartz
Great fun app
Lots of sounds for most any need
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4 years ago, ssimanona
Sound not working
Disconnected all connected devices and not getting any sound. Checked volume and rebooted phone. Still not getting sound.
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5 months ago, Chifhot dog
So good
Get back to work
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6 years ago, Supreme1000
Love love love this
I will never get tired of this (from the simpsons)
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2 years ago, Misaherrr91
Need a boxing section
Its a good app. But where is my boxer bell? Ding ding ding😣 add it please
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2 years ago, jwiley1990
Doesn’t make sound and plays ads every few clicks.
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6 years ago, Ney ney G
Everyone cracks up when I use this app! Lots of fun! Thanks
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6 years ago, Llllliikjutdj
Super fun
It’s awesome to play around with friends
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6 months ago, nrhfbifbbfbfnrnrndbdvvhhh
Sound doesn’t work!
A sound making app that doesn’t make a sound!
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5 years ago, daffy dulk
I downloaded this app because of ksi
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3 years ago, Tommy2names
Varied sounds
Great selection!!!
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4 months ago, Idk just send pls
No caap
Extremely W
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1 year ago, simplybog
App gives a Tetris-like game
Tried and tried, never got to use the sounds. Please fix
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3 years ago, Mauiguy1
Now this is just one as after another. Horrible
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5 years ago, vernie6
Big Bang
I love the game and the noise your game makes it is a super awesome game idea
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3 years ago, Relostuff
I would say I love it but the sound doesn’t work, I don’t know why
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2 years ago, sfrost7
Doesn’t work; no sounds on iPhone
Doesn’t work; no sounds on iPhone
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5 years ago, 1hugob
No sound
Can’t hear any of the sound effects on my phone.
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5 years ago, jujumoney724
Fun but excessive ads
Its fun but it has a lot of ads so pls fix that
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5 years ago, Bludfartz
Can’t get any sound from this app. Support only goes to FB.
Sound doesn’t work for me in iPhone 11
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