Billings Gazette

1.7 (90)
30 MB
Age rating
Current version
Lee Enterprises
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Billings Gazette

1.74 out of 5
90 Ratings
5 years ago, gaz fan
Crossword puzzle
Please put the puzzle and the classified bonus on the same sheet. Do not mix in with sport pages.
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2 years ago, Campfires Dad
Ap is a joke
It used to be that this ap was somewhat usable. The last couple of stories I’ve tried to view have been bared by pop up’s telling me I have to subscribe in order to view them. When I hit the close button at the top of the subscription window it bumps me back to the home page which in turn bumps me back to the story and the annoying subscription window. There doesn’t seem to be a way to stop this other than exiting and quitting the ap. Seriously considering deleting the ap. What’s the point of getting an alert about a story when you can’t view it?
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2 years ago, ChicoWKRP
Horrible app and zero customer service
I want to support the Gazette as a local paper but they are making it incredibly difficult to justify paying for an online subscription. The multitude of ways this app fails are too numerous to count. I can access my account on my iPad, everything else is a no go. I’m kicked out, logged out, asked to log in when I already am and then told I need to subscribe. It’s beyond ridiculous and the only response I got from their tech support was ‘it’s a work in progress.’ But they have no problem billing me monthly.
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2 years ago, ts10sp10
Constantly logs me out
I subscribe to the online version of the gazette. Recently the app started logging me out after closing. It has progressed to where I am consistently logged out and asked to purchase the gazette subscription. Sometimes even when I am fully authenticated and successfully logged in I cannot read articles and the “you must subscribe” screen pops up.
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2 years ago, keith scheeler
Unreadable News App
You download the app to see the news. You go to an article and a pop up blocks you from reading it unless you subscribe. So another way to say how bad it’s become is everyone who buy’s an add through Billings Gazetee get to only subscribers. You get more by using KULR-8 or Q2 who doesn’t block people. This is an app not the newspaper! Uninstalled Forever!
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2 years ago, hoov27078
App doesn’t remain signed in
As a paid subscriber, I am very disappointed in this app. I have to sign in multiple times during one viewing session. I have emailed their tech support and had no response. I also had hoped the ads would go away once I subscribed but they are still there. Some work needs to be done on this app.
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5 years ago, Peg059
New version no improvement
The first app for the Billings Gazette is so. I have better than the new and “improved” version. I deleted the new one so I could use the old one, but now the old one doesn’t work. The news used to be more accessible, with each news story profiles. The new app seems to forget the reason why one would look at a newspaper app.
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1 year ago, The Most Famous Runner in MT
Used to be OK. Now unusable
I am a subscriber and pay for this but the app (and website) are junk. If I click on a story, it asks me to subscribe. I am a subscriber. No way to work around it and just log in. Even if I go and log in, still cannot read the story. Unfortunately no rating less than one star.
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2 years ago, Kevingue924
Get the app working or refund your subscribers
Have an online subscription but every time I click on a story a I get a subscription message. Mind you I’m logged in but it won’t restore purposes so I need to log out and back in. An app that is slow in delivery news, should at least work.
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3 years ago, gonpostal1971
Likely the worst
This app is likely the worst designed app on the App Store, when it comes to user experience. But Lee enterprises is more concerned with advertising, and that’s fine. But the story can’t be read because it jumps all over the place to accommodate ads. Makes me want to throw my phone.
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3 years ago, layinaj47
Do Not Use This App
This app is absolutely the worst you could ever install or try to use. Forget about talking to someone actually affiliated with the Billings Gazette. Sign in on your browser and save yourself the head ache of talking to someone from another country
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2 years ago, SundayFundat
Can’t view anything on the app without paying a ridiculous monthly subscription. Can’t even be informed about what’s going on in your state without paying for it anymore apparently.
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2 years ago, SWWaller
Horrible app
If I could rate this lower than one star I would! The app constantly requires you to “log back in” to keep reading. It’s clunky and elementary. Just spend a few dollars and make it user friendly!
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3 years ago, JB6487332226
$312 a year for a few local articles and ~70% shared articles between the Independent and Missoulian?!? I thought I’d given enough accidental ad clicks through the years due to the clunky user interface, guessed wrong.
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6 years ago, Bvgjjfddfghutrrrsee
Paying monthly to watch advertisements
advertisements. It’s been 6 months do they not know I’m a subscriber yet?? Also the writers seem biased rather than fair and neutral. Unfortunately by their articles it appears they support the act of homosexuality and oppose the Catholic Church.
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5 years ago, cje2310
Old layout was better. You are unable to view different sections of the news and it limits what you can view while taking away user experience.
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6 years ago, BHC Cowboy
Hate the update
Please change it back to the old format. This new update is very hard to read and doesn’t seem to have any organization to its layout. Yuck
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5 years ago, rwpjjp
New App
Can’t find the daily e-editions without going directly to Gazette website. The Gazette continues to go backwards but wants more money. I am once again close to discontinuing my Internet subscription.
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3 years ago, so @ happ3ness
Except I read the local news. Otherwise the app doesn’t perform. Reloads stories and flickers. Text doesn’t follow accessibility settings.
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3 years ago, finger rowe
Gazette app
Forget It!!!!!……Now charging a fee to see articles on app .. deleting and going to Q2 and Color8 apps…no charges .. pretty much same headline news
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7 years ago, dernhelm1
Ads are so bad it makes it impossible to read. Light on content but then again the gazette is not a very good paper.
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10 years ago, Beblubs
Premium account?
Umm not exactly sure what the deal is now. Says I have to have a premium account to access obituaries and just about every other section. I have emailed twice and have yet to get a response.
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6 years ago, ratcatcher188
Not usable
Gazette technical support was apparently unaware their app was only able to be in portrait mode on iOS devices.
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4 years ago, Mynicknamealreadyisdannyboy3
Only presents vertically on iPad.
I always use my 6th generation iPad horizontally but app does not accommodate that view, making it kind of useless.
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6 years ago, TlLong2
Terrible layout of the app. They should mimic a professional newspaper and see what to actually do.
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2 years ago, norske99
Your site restricts almost all access.
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1 year ago, jk3star
Junk news
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2 years ago, Momma Winks
Use to be good.. what happened
The new update to this app is horrible! Unorganized mess. Don’t bother.
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3 years ago, Krystal GB
- Paywalls - never loads - trash news Alvin Ellis Jr. takes it until wind flows through.
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6 years ago, Trwilson67
App is not iPad friendly
Can’t stand the new app on iPad. Landscape view is no more. Done with the Gazette.
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4 years ago, Goatjump81
A very one sided newspaper. But then again it is the media. Just sad to see in Montana.
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9 years ago, Leslie Metzger
If I could give this app zero stars, I would. This is one of the worst news app I have ever experienced; it seems almost like a joke. I highly recommend any other news source or NO news source before this one. This app is filled with massive ads that you cannot avoid while you scroll. After you accidentally hit one of the screen-filling ads, it will take you OUT of the app and into safari. Want to get back into the app you were trying to use? NOPE! As soon as you re-enter the app, it will take you back to the safari ad. Eventually, you have to shut down the app entirely and close out of the ads in safari before you can even attempt to read an article. Quite the disappointment. Reading chemtrails would be more reliable.
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7 years ago, Lmtn
Ridiculously frustrating
Ridiculously frustrating when I pay for an online subscription and have to watch 32 seconds worth of ads every few paragraphs worth of reading. I thought if I just signed in the pop-up ads would go away, however, the Gazette in their last update and I guess love for money and not customers decided to get rid of the sign in functionality saying you can simply sign in when prompted if you want to make a comment. If I want to make a comment?? I can't seem to get past all the dang ads to find the comment section evidently because I haven't been able to locate it. This is a bunch of b.s. and I plan on calling in for a refund.
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12 years ago, PPB recruit
Fine news app with alerts
I am not having the issues described below. Must have been fixed. The news alerts are great. They also have the Target ad!
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9 years ago, It'sTobias
A heavily advertised and poorly constructed news app
This app is mostly just an advertisement app with most content attempting to link the readers to some other ad. The most frustrating of ads is when the all links to the iOS App Store while reading an article. I had to delete the app and will likely not gather Billings news from the website in the future either.
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9 years ago, Mcgooooooooooooo4
Worst app you can download
The app used to work then they completely changed the layout, now when you open it the window maybe lasts 20 seconds before kicking you back to your home screen. Much better off reading the newspaper when it comes to your house because not only is this app frustrating but it is absolutely 100% pathetic
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9 years ago, bear2th
Auto launching ads are unacceptable
The latest update to this app made things even worse. Nearly every time you start into a new story an ad auto launches that takes it out of the app, and into the Apple App Store. If you want to show me ads, that's fine, but why on earth would you make me leave your app? Just use the regular mobile site, forget about the app.
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9 years ago, Pugmalion1
Unusable because of ads
A pop up here and there is fine. Gotta pay the bills. But it is impossible to read a story without being redirected to the App Store over and over to apps that are completely irrelevant. If this happened to you on a web page, your antivirus would block the site as malicious. This is unacceptable.
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13 years ago, Gazette reader
Good app
Works just fine... I haven't had any problems with it. It's fast and updated frequently.
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9 years ago, Nuclear Dreams
Subpar Application & Newspaper
Terrible newspaper with an even worse app. They've changed the app so you can only navigate to the latest news, sports, obituaries, and the worthless more button. I like being able to navigate to crime and city sections. Want to read about important national news? It won't happen in the Billings paper!
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9 years ago, Rawdyra
One of the worst apps ever
Not only is the reporting biased and terrible at best. This app kicks you out of the app to ads constantly. You have to restart the app completely every time this occurs. By far the worst app I've ever installed on my phone. Would not recommend at all and would suggest finding alternative news sources.
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7 years ago, @@MMEJ@@
Too many pop-ups and ads ....
It's ridiculous that I pay for a subscription but I'm still forced to watch 30 second ads and have pop-up ads appear almost every time I open an article or picture. One of the worst apps.
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7 years ago, NiemandHekTik
Absolutely infuriating
Even though I'm signed in with a premium account, I must watch a full 30 second commercial to view every other article. Although less annoying, the spelling & grammar in much of the articles is frightening horrific for professional reporters.
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11 years ago, TheDead07
I use this on my iPhone and now every twenty seconds or so an add redirects me to the App Store without me clicking on the ad or anything. It just redirects me to the AppStore all on its own. Very frustrating! It's hard to read the news when every twenty seconds it takes me away from the app
Show more
9 years ago, calvinbooker
Useless App
I thought this app would be a good download because it would deliver the local news to the palm of my hand. Instead, it either crashes or redirects me to the app store (even when I haven't touched the screen and therefore haven't touched an ad). Seriously useless.
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9 years ago, Dn210
Do not recommend this app
The other reviews that state how bad this app is due to the number of the pop-up ads… are spot on. I highly recommend finding other news sources rather than using the billings gazette as your news source.
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9 years ago, sbryr1
Pop up
I'm deleting this app because of its pop-up like adds. You can't even look at a article with an amber alert with out a pop-up like add sending you to the App Store. This app is garbage. Local news is nice but the Billings Gazette has bowed down to advertisers.
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9 years ago, SnowblindMT
From 5 star to 1 star
I had given this app a 5 star review in the past, but with the constant redirects and pop ups, it isn't worth the frustration or time to use it. Guess I'll have to get my news from the local radio or TV stations.
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10 years ago, Djones839
I love it
I love it it tells me all the things I need to know keep it up guys
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12 years ago, Kobijrad
Great app
Love the easy way to stay on top of the news!
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