Biloxi Sun Herald News

4.5 (867)
111.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
The McClatchy Company
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Biloxi Sun Herald News

4.48 out of 5
867 Ratings
6 years ago, cindyac
It’s not as fleshed out as a newspaper of course. I’d like more human interest . It’s really good about keeping up with late breaking news. All in all I like it.
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5 years ago, reader1067895
Want the old app back
I agree with bible user 2. This app is terrible compared to the one used previously. I loved printing the puzzles but this app prints them so small I can’t even read them. Also, it may be my internet but each page takes several seconds to buffer which takes the joy out of just being able to read the paper. For us older eyed folks, being able to expand the screen was much easier in the older version. This one cuts off the page, instead of letting you just move around. Sorry for the gripe, but please bring back Olive software.
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5 years ago, Gulf Coast Tom
New eEdition is a serious downgrade
I have enjoyed reading the eEdition for several years because it felt like reading my old paper newspaper. Now it just shows up in a web browser half filled with ads. I think I am pretty much done and not likely to renew my subscription next cycle. I don’t understand why the companies I subscribe to start out with an excellent product and then keep downgrading until I don’t want to use it any more. Sun Herald is not alone in this frustrating category.
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6 years ago, larue65
Won't be paying for this anymore
I still pay for this newspaper. Home delivery, electronic version and mobile apps. For local news, you know? Except when I click on the local news tab, my so called hometown paper is as likely to show me the latest news about Kim Kardashian or Angelina Jolie as it is anything happening in my home town, or my state, or any adjacent states, or even the entire southeastern U.S. I was proud when this paper won a post-Katrina Pulitzer. Didn't know that would be its grand finale.
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3 years ago, Mindy9119924
I have this app but I didn’t subscribe because along with the app I get email notifications…. However, every story I click into it blocks me from reading it and says I can’t read without a paid subscription to the online paper! This is an app so you guys should add that the app is useless unless you pay for the subscription!
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6 years ago, sickandtired1482
Horrible paper
The sun herald has gone down hill tremendously. If any news happens after 5pm it’s not in the next day’s paper. The Braves had a 3pm game and the next day it was reported as a late game. And today (Saturday) I retrieved yesterday’s paper from my driveway. Friday’s paper was delivered on Friday and the again on Saturday. I guess the Sun Herald will be a complete day behind in their delivery. I’m done with this rag.
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2 years ago, abcann
No search option for articles
This app gets worse with every update. They need to make changes based on customer feedback. What type of newspaper app does not have a search option to find specific articles?
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5 years ago, aggravated subsciber2
Horrible format
Sun Herald recently has changed their format and it is absolutely horrible. Not user friendly at all. I have been a subscriber for many years and not until now am I seriously thinking of canceling my subscription. What were you thinking Sun Herald? You certainly weren’t thinking about your loyal subscribers.
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8 years ago, GratefulMarmot
Pleasantly surprised
This app is great to have! It's like having the local news in my pocket. Don't get me wrong, FB and Twitter are probably better for up to the minute reports but I really enjoy this app. It's a keeper! Keep up the good work Sun Herald and keep improving the app! 👍
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6 years ago, sandonthebrain
Pitiful app
If highlighting 10 day old editorials and featuring last week’s sporting news is your concept of up to the minute reporting, then this is the news app for you. Otherwise, the electronic version is becoming as useless as the print version.
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6 years ago, OGbanker
Love the ease of using the app for the SunHerald. It allows me to keep up with what is going on in South Mississippi. The reporting is very good. Love the Southern Miss sports coverage by Patrick McGee.
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5 years ago, Bobbyg0612
Just looking for money
The Sun Herald is the only news company that I know of that only gives you 3 free articles a month and then you have to subscribe to them. They are a joke
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5 years ago, Col. Bo
Left wing opinion
Sun Herald is pure left wing extremism at it’s best. It is free for a hand full of reads then pay per view. Most articles are direct quotes from New York Times and Washington Post. One in five hundred articles are local at best. Nothing worth reading, absolutely nothing worth reading period.
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3 years ago, Reader DJ
App is terrible again.
Today the icon for the e edition is not on the app. I’ve deleted and reinstalled it with no help.
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3 years ago, merf nerfle
Sale papers sent to nonsubscibers.
To big a litter problem please stop.
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3 years ago, Billups01
I’m not able to view anything in this app. There’s no place to login. If I’m going to pay for a service I expect to be able to use it. Fix it now.
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6 years ago, Rmargherio
Excellent app
SH does a great job of keeping their app updated and informative!
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3 years ago, 3kdz
Hate it!
This new version is HORRIBLE!!! I can’t believe this is considered an upgrade, unless I’m in the mood to see the eternal spinning circle. And now have to go to Facebook to read obituaries. Useless app; I’m deleting.
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6 years ago, Jthwizzy
Poor local content
I’ve nearly quit reviewing this ap. There is very little local content. I’ve seen 10X more articles on Kentucky sports teams than Mississippi ones. No one single article on Ole Miss sports in months. Waste of time.
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4 years ago, Costalfog
Bait and switch
Was free to read for public interest now they want you to pay for what you can find on free sites. Download if you want to pay to see a full article
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5 years ago, E L _ D u d e r i n o
Can’t read any news articles without a subscription! The app and organization are equally useless!
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5 years ago, Al Stockert
Although the app recognizes me as signed in, I constantly get a pop up offering me a new subscription.
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6 years ago, glenn832
Sun herald
Today’s update totally crashes.
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5 years ago, AndyP24
Yesterday’s News Tomorrow
Title says it all,
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12 years ago, LizzyRoo
Lackluster App I Have to Pay For
Being a South MS native who now lives in New England, I was very excited to have the app. Yes, it's mediocre and outdated most days, but it was an easy way to keep current on all the local news that I still care about. I was willing to tolerate the lack of attention the app got before, but now you're asking me to pay for it. I'm not subscribing for a full-fledged print newspaper just to have access to a neglected app that only carries a tiny fraction of the news. Hopefully you'll get with the digital age soon and realize that you can't charge full price for a large coffee and only give us a teaspoon-full. For now, you've been deleted. I'll get my news from the WLOX app.
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13 years ago, JRWoodcock
Poorly Laid Out & Cumbersome
My review title pretty much says it all. The "Breaking News" page is a disarray of random news articles in new discernible patter and with no ability to organize them by date (or any other criteria for that matter). Some of the tabs are redundant listing the same articles as various other tabs. The articles themselves are only updated once a day or so and are only a handful of what the sun herald actually contains. No support for classified ads. No commenting features. Hell, you can't even order a subscription. VERY poorly done aesthetically speaking. Like it was done circa 1990... A shining example if what happens when a newspaper company relies on poorly written cookie cutter apps instead of utilizing local talent to develop there own real app at a fraction of the cost... Stay away from this app! Stick to WLOX' app for your news.
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8 years ago, Waveland Dosey
Too little for too much
Print PDF keeps crashing. Scroll down to read and pages turn black. Default set to print edition and it always opens up in Live view. Always asking me to log in. Why should an app constantly request that you log in at least 3 times while you try to read the newspaper? And why does digital cost so much when you don't have to print or deliver?
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12 years ago, Sofia Jax It up
Delete worthy.
Loved the app because as a 22 year old single mother constantly on the go I was able to keep up with a few local and current events with ease. Now you want to charge me for it when it's not even comparable to the website? And the website is mediocre to begin with so that's really not saying much about your app. So pretty much you're charging me for bare minimal junk? No thanks.
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10 years ago, Fuzzy Bee
App seldom works, when it does open it wont let you log in. Hasnt worked for two weeks now, called sunherald twice already but no joy
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8 years ago, jodi waldrip
What has happened? I've had this app for ages-well over a year-and now suddenly it's asking me to pay for it? Not going to happen!
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8 years ago, Pladner
I think it is sad that the app advertises that this is a free app (which it was until 11/14) and now they want us to pay for something advertised as free. That is clearly false advertising. Seniors and disabled people live on a very limited income and do not have the extra money to pay for something advertised as free which is their way to get a lot of the news.
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10 years ago, Miked57
Not working
Downloaded the most recent version of your app one week ago. Very informative. But now it won't let me open it asking me to download the most recent version before I can continue. There is no more recent version available then the one I have. Not impressed!!
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9 years ago, mssuzi osmiss
Never has been user friendly
Other users summed it up
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10 years ago, Sonnet Sequence
Almost There
Would like to see Weather, Comics, Horoscope. Or perhaps these are there and I just haven't figured out how to access them. Any wave off the coast of Africa needs to be mentioned--at least here on the Gulf Coast. SH App is a good start but needs some refinement.
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10 years ago, CourtMS228
What's the purpose of these updates if a viewer has to also subscribe via username/email etc?... Deleting app
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10 years ago, JimmyWhoDat
Won't work now
It worked last time I used it a couple months back. When I try opening the app now, it tells me I must upgrade to the latest version at the App Store. It provides a button for this. I click into the App Store but there is no upgrade/update available. So I've deleted the app entirely.
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12 years ago, Hkfrbk
Goodbye SunHerald
Hoped this was some mistake that Sun Herald would correct They don't get it. I can get my news from lots of sources. This was only one. I cancelled print subscription a year ago. Now I am deleting the app rather than take out a new subscription.
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11 years ago, Tana1955
Can't open the Obituary page!!!
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8 years ago, Wsmuller84
Good news app
Only reliable news source in South Mississippi
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10 years ago, Ed Curley
Like the App
Covers all the pertinent things happening or that have happened on the coast.
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7 years ago, Beeman88
Noisy ads
App recently added a noisy ad containing very loud slot machine type noises. Only way to turn it off is to close the app. Makes using the app difficult when reading in quiet situations (waiting rooms, bedrooms, etc.)
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12 years ago, BiloxiGeek
Updated for profit
I've been waiting for a year to see an iPad version of this app, no luck. Now it's been updated, not to include iPad support but just to require a paid subscription. As with the printed version of the paper it's just not worth the money you want.
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11 years ago, Just wanna read it
Screen width too wide
On opening app, the screen width auto adjust forces the font to exceed the width of the screen, forcing each line to be read by swiping back and forth. Changing font maintains the same screen width with just different fonts.
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9 years ago, Gabe Russell
Well laid out and keeps the news flowing.
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12 years ago, Trizzlecriz
So obviously this app got updated. It went from being free to where you have to have a subscription. Everyone's out for a buck these days. Well your not getting mine! Deleted!
Show more
12 years ago,
Worse than website
Breaking news is days old. Repetitive articles in top stories. I should delete this app.
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10 years ago, Whc2p
I like the news but no sound went get a text!!!
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8 years ago, Nancynola
No search function
I usually hear about a story I want to read. I need the search to find it.
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7 years ago, ,,..opoi
Keeps shutting down
App is choppy, slow, full of ads, and keeps shutting down. The previous version was way better.
Show more
10 years ago, Rue Toulouse
Will not open
App keeps shutting down. Will not open at all. Started happening after the update to iOS 8. Need bug fix, and update.
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