Blackjack Card Counting Trainer Free

4.6 (662)
49.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
9 years ago
Version OS
7.0 or later
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User Reviews for Blackjack Card Counting Trainer Free

4.6 out of 5
662 Ratings
1 year ago, ManFNMoney
I really like it.
I like learning new things and right away I learned stuff about Blackjack that I never even new existed like basic strategy. The app led me to their video which led me to buying the extras and then I got the paid version of the app because it’s honestly just entertaining and I’m learning alot and I’m learning it alot faster then I thought I would. I know I’ll never be a professional blackjack player and don’t really strive to be but this app made learning so fun I would not only recommend it to people who like Blackjack but also people who like strategy games. 5 stars all day and if I get good enough I’m paying to be a member.
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3 years ago, Paulxxx999
Well intentioned, far from perfect for a paid app
The app uses gestures to indicate player intentions. It’s a good idea but it doesn’t work very well. If you accidentally touch the screen inadvertently or incorrectly, it is happy to double your 20. . Also, the cards are swept away at the end of the hand much too quickly, much faster than in a real game, where the dealer would be collecting and paying. It makes it very hard in some cases to add up the dealer’s hand as you would in a real game. There should be a button to clear the board for the next hand. There is no way to review the previous hand to analyze a counting mistake. The perfect trainer would show additional hands that must be counted, and also allow playing an extra spot. Lastly, I can’t figure out the formula used to calculate the true count. Sometimes it seems to round up, other times it looks like it is rounding down.
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2 years ago, Couisindupree
Decent trainer but app has glitches
This app needs some cleanup. For instance, while running the counting drill I got a phone call. When I declined the call the app did not return to the drill but went back to the main start page requiring a restart of the drill. Also, during the counting drill, if you make a mistake a screen pops up showing the proper count. But since it covers the cards you can’t see which cards you miscounted. While playing and counting there is really no easy way to figure the true count. You just need to guess how many decks remain. In addition, you can only see the running count if you make an incorrect play. So sometimes I purposely make a wrong play to see if my running count is correct. All in all an app that’s lacking some polish .
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9 years ago, Trucial
Essential tool
I play blackjack professionally now and this app was the majority of how I got my practice and enabled me to be good enough to beat the casinos. The problem is if you're using real cards on a table and practicing on your own you have no one to double check and make sure you're not making mistakes. You could do it yourself but it would take forever. This app does all that for you. It'll tell you when you make a mistake and what is the correct decision so you can eliminate those problems in the future. You can also adjust the rules and things like dealer speed as you're getting better.
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7 years ago, X-Limo Guy
Great Training!
I have used a lot of apps to train/refresh my basic play. This one has been the absolute best! Tells you where & when you faulted and keeps your play in line for success. Blackjack is the most favorable odds to the player concerning table games. This app teaches you how to increase your odds and walk away a winner most of the time. Play using the knowledge put forth, within yourself and you will be a much happier casino guest!
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5 years ago, lbacker377
Gestures aren’t ideal
I use this only for the blackjack basic strategy trainer. My main grip and frustration is you must use gestures when playing — tap to hit, swipe to stand, two finger tap to dd, split your fingers apart to split, etc. I’m trying to hone my strategy and it’s so difficult to also remember the specific gestures — come to think I don’t even remember what surrender gesture is. I would so much rather prefer buttons and have gestures as optional. I don’t know of another non-free app that gestures are a mandatory input method. Can we just have a split, hit, stand, double down, and surrender button?
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8 years ago, gregs se
This app is excellent. I played thousands a hands on different apps and always lost chips. This app has enabled me to play correctly and come out ahead. I have tried other training apps this one is absolutely the best. Not only that it's perfect to have for a brush up whenever you feel you're not keeping up. I wish they had more apps like this for different games.
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5 years ago, Jesse_15
Good, but needs some work
I am still learning and having fun with the app and I can’t wait until I perfect card counting and can take it to the casinos, but the app does have a few hiccups. I was just now doing the counting drill that I had to purchase in-app, and the count got to -11 and when I was quizzed on what the count was, it wouldn’t let me enter -11; the number entry system deferred to -9 instead. I am disappointed that in-app purchases seem to lack some of the available resources that can be found in the pro app that is the same price as purchasing all of the in-app purchases.
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2 years ago, Camx28
Eh…it’s ok.
The app does a good job explaining basic strategy, but I’m almost convinced there’s something wrong/sketchy with the RNG. I played 30 full shoes using basic strategy and zero “wrong moves” according to the app. First 15 shoes were played at $25/hand and I won 54% of the time. The second 15 we’re played at $1000/hand and my win rate using the same strategy dropped to a staggering 28%. I understand bad luck is a thing, but I wouldn’t expect to see such a large discrepancy between wins and losses when playing flawless basic strategy across 15 shoes.
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4 years ago, Air2theThron3
Training for Vegas
I’ve always enjoyed playing blackjack. But I played it the worst possible way. So many intricacies to basic strategy. This helped me tremendously. Throw everything you know out the window and download this. It’s an essential tool to learn perfect basic strategy which is where it starts! Hopefully this will help me not lose my money AS fast in Vegas in 3 months!
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8 years ago, Fokissed
Finally understand blackjack
I always watched while my wife could play for much longer than me on the blackjack machines at the casinos while I just guessed my way through my money in no time, but this app has finally helped me understand the game and play MUCH better, my new favorite game app!
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1 year ago, Sarasara Bo Bara
Buy pro not upgrades
I was concerned because the table felt graphics say the dealer stands on all 17s, but the strategy used & on the chart was for hit on soft 17. You can turn the deal speed down, then up as you get more skill. Sorry to read that in game purchases are not as good as buying pro. Would have bought in game purchases if I hadn’t read reviews here
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3 years ago, Karkas1
Awesome App missing one simple feature
I love this app, but the o OT thing it needs is to be able to review the previous hand. It’s hard to count if you miss anything, and sometimes I wish I could review the previous hand to make sure I added/counted or identify where I keep making addition/counting errors. If they added that, it would get 5 stars!
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4 years ago, Freya03
Great practice, needs a couple of improvements
I'm neither a beginner nor an expert. I do like the tips and advice it gives you to avoid making the same mistakes. Practice makes perfect. There are a couple of things that I want to point out: 1) this looks more like single player vs dealer. There should be "bot" players to help with the card counting instead of a solo. 2) In real life, you know how to show the hand gestures while playing. Using finger(s) as hand geatures is pretty weird and would take time to get used to. One problem I came across is the app crashing. I would like to view the chart to see where I made a/some mistakes when card counting. Overall, great app and plan to keep it for a long time.
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4 years ago, HOFITUDE
Don’t expect to win
Great App for basics. Quick feedback when you make procedural errors. Now I usually win slowly at Casinos. I noticed card selection favors dealer with more 21 and it fills in a 12 more often than player so don’t expect virtual riches here. I’d say it’s the best trainer though. Some have asked for more side players but that doesn’t matter, Has taught me to concentrate on my cards and ignore all else.
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1 year ago, Steel1177
Only a couple of things
There should be a way to go back and review cards during practice drills if you make a mistake to see where you messed up. Also during play the dealers cards are being swept away before players not giving enough time to keep count.
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3 years ago, Madwilliam
Great app. Could you add buttons instead of guestures.
Works well but I often misclick due to guestures. Could you add a button option. It would also work better with apple pencil. 5 star app!!! Thanks for making it.
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2 years ago, caoboy01
Some updates would be nice.
Decent trainer. I wish the money value was listed on the table so you can keep track more easily how much you are up or down. Also, buttons for stand/hit/split/DD would be nice, the hand gestures are not the best on a phone. I do like the corrections on mistakes.
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2 years ago, Greg1972-ME
Flaky app
App is flaky on how it reads “hand” signals. Splits and double downs randomly read as hits and give you annoyingly scolding messages. Hand signals marketed as a “feature” like it’s similar to real game play, but playing poker on your phone is nothing like the casino. Better apps use buttons to indicate plays. If you want to learn it’s system, it will train you in it. Use the free version, would never buy.
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8 years ago, Cwoody87
Fun and Good Training
Unlike other Blackjack apps, this app does not have an algorithm that cheats you over when you make higher bets. This is probably because there are no in app chip purchases on this app. Great for memorizing and practicing basic strategy and learning how to count cards.
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7 years ago, crmarq01
Great Feedback
This app isn't set up to just play blackjack, but to learn how to increase your odds of winning at blackjack. Instant feedback allows you to correct your play and learn from your mistakes. I'd recommend to all.
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3 years ago, Rabbitwhole
Good training app BUT won’t give me the upgraded version I already paid for.
This is good for improving your bj skills. The problem: I previously bought the upgraded version and they no longer recognize this. They are trying to get me to pay again for access that I already paid for! Would be 5 stars but the grift makes it 2 stars.
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7 months ago, jhw56
Too fast
Dealer sweeps cards away too fast. No time to total or count. For beginning players or those learning, there should be a way to slow this down until skills are developed. You can slow dealer speed but after cards are dealt they are swept away too fast!
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3 years ago, Devildude0318
Glitch during the counting drill
I have to take 3 stars off of it and that’s being generous, you have to pay to gain access to more features in the app and then pay more for the counting drill. Sadly, when the count gets above -9, the app won’t let you type two digits and goes all crazy with the numbers. Please fix ASAP.
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3 years ago, KLBGmail
Error Counting Dealer Multiple Aces
Hi guys, I have noticed a recurring error when the dealer gets a soft 17 with multiple aces. For example: deal is ace, 5, then draws an ace. Dealer doesn’t stand on this soft 17 as provided in the rules that I am training against. Probably just an oversight using the same coding at the games where dealer hits a soft 17. I also just hit a scenario where the cards for the dealer came 4-A-A-A-9-K. This should have stopped at the 3rd Ace when the total would have been 17. Please let me know when this is updated. Thanks
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8 years ago, Stueatyou
Fix the crashes
Love this app. It would truly be perfect if 1. It didn't crash so often. And 2. It should list the deviations/variations in basic strategy when the true count is above such and such or below ... ... on a chart. As of now I just print out a deviation sheet that I found on another website and use that.
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2 years ago, Rechio
Overall good App
This app has been helpful to learning the basic of BJ. Only thing I could recommend is adding a feature to show you the percentage of wins to gauge how you are improving over time
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7 years ago, Fjkudsfdhu
Novice in training
I just started training. I was looking at charts, and trying to memorize the strategies. I thought I wish there was an app to give you instant feedback. Then I searched it and this is exactly what I was looking for! I love it!
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7 years ago, RGT@Cal
Simple and effective
Simple but clear trainer with options for different rules. The Vegas casinos now pay 6 to 5 for blackjack, so would be good to have an option for different payouts
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8 years ago, DaveApplesauce
Do not purchase
You can get everything this app has for free on other card counting apps. You end up paying for the app, then you have to pay an additional 99cents for the card counting drill feature which you assume is why you paid in the first place. The program has very little features and isn't written very well. Don't bother.
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8 years ago, MrTurtleGambler
Great for Training
This app works great for my training purposes. I use it exclusively before real casino sessions. One request: I would like to be able to set my own starting bankroll for more realistic play. I unfortunately never sit down at the table with 1000 units.
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6 years ago, tbelec
Good for counting and nothing else
Unbelievable how many hands the dealer makes, not realistic at all. Would like to see that changed so you can get a better realization that your card counting skills will make you any money. If I had played this before I had already had over 25,000 live hands I would never step foot in a casino.
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8 months ago, Rooleeoh
Nothing fancy, works as intended
Will purchase the paid version once I feel I have played a perfect strategy
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8 years ago, PolarBear9436
Very sound trainer.
This app is based on solid fundamentals and gives you immediate feedback regarding your choices. My scoring has significantly improved since training with this app.
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5 years ago, Justgonnawin
Keep free version, Do not upgrade through App
Disappointed that I did an in app upgrade and it came with bugs. It won’t let you enter any count past negative 10. I was in the counting drill needed to hit -12 but it kept enter it as -8 or some multiple of it. Very frustrating .
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9 years ago, BLZ BOB wuz here
From down under
Great app. Would like a quick link to the basic chart from the play area. Other than that it works well.
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5 years ago, Lt Baldy
Perfect Your Game
A major issue I had with this App was the lack of a reward system (like chips). But that is intention of the Blackjack trainer. It forces you to focus on playing PERFECT blackjack. Don’t focus on the variance of the game, the wins and the losses, focus on perfecting your game.
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2 years ago, Cg 699
BJA Trainer
Solid app wish the basic strategy was a different feature before getting into the variances
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4 years ago, Mr_Greenview
One card short of a Flush
Does a decent job of training one to be proficient at the game but with a few minor details in need of attention. App breaks up the action a little much for my taste but maybe I’m just grumbling. I’d download it if I were you.
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8 years ago, the775
Great Training Tool
This has all the essential items needed to learn the fundamentals of basic strategy and card counting, especially being free.
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2 years ago, CLR-Wisc
It would be better if you could control the speed of the cards.
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9 years ago, foobarbangbang
good but has defects
This app is good, but there are some defects that need fixed. I was playing a stand on soft 17 1 deck game and the deviation chart says to not surrender with a 16 vs 9, but the app said I should surrender. I also was told to surrender when I had 3 cards which isn't allowed.
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4 years ago, I80DesertRat
Great training tool
This is a great app to train basic strategy, counting , & deviations. My main issues, though, the dealer taking the first card & not the player, and the unusually high number of 21's going to the dealer as a result. Hence, the 3 stars, not 5. Otherwise, the best tool to prep for actual casino play.
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7 years ago, ChuckJS
Great tool
This is s great way to learn basic strategy. I now walk out of the casino with as much, if not, more than I walked in instead of less.
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1 year ago, Doc_Memo
I will take your word …
that the shuffle and dealing is random but I’m skeptical. The dealer, too often, has just the right card to beat me. It’s too often to be coincidence. I understand that winning is not the goal. However, if someone is learning the rules but still gets beat often (by the exact card necessary!) then that defeats the purpose. Other than that it is simple to use and effective for learning strategy. I recommend it.
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8 years ago, GrinReaper
Learning quick
Enjoying the app hope to be a pro in no time
Show more
9 years ago, Patronus2k
The Good and The Bad
This is an excellent card counting tool with accurate and timely feedback on strategy errors. However, this positive is significantly outweighed by the non-random card generator. The dealer hits BJ and 20 significantly more often than the player (about 2-1 ratio over ~5,000 hands). That deeply and infuriatingly flaws an otherwise great app and tool.
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2 years ago, Bekeeeeper
Kicks out when hitting on 15
Once this happens you often can not get back to the original game
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6 years ago, Peabarter
Luckiest dealer on the planet
I’ve played plenty of blackjack at casinos and never come across a dealer that wins so much as in this app. If I played this app before ever playing blackjack, I would’ve never walked into a casino since I would be throwing my money away with absolutely no chance at winning. It is not fun playing this game.
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5 years ago, RickiRenni
Free and works well
This app is easy to use and explains everything well. I always use it on the trip to Wendover to brush up.
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