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1 year ago
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12.3 or later
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User Reviews for Blic

1.53 out of 5
205 Ratings
5 years ago, NebojsA1
Promijenite nesto
Vratite staru aplikaciju, ne znam kad sam ga otvorio. Najlosija app definitivno.
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5 years ago, milimarion
I used to love reading Blic. Blic was my favorite newspaper since early 2000. It was something so special about the ritual of buying a newspaper and having a cup of coffee at one of the bars. When I moved to US , I kept looking for a way to stay updated with the news in Serbia. This app used to be awesome until recently. Adds are just insane and too much. I am here to read the news and not to be annoyed with thousand of adds, so I just deleted the app.
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5 years ago, Yug Tom
Blic Ads
Used to love reading the articles here. I would probably still enjoy it but the ads are killing the joy of reading. I hope you will make a lot of money on the ads because I am sure you will lose a good chunk of people who downloaded this app for the news not for pushy ads. Playing a 30 second ad to read a two line article is just a waste of everyone’s precious time.
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4 years ago, Trainermika
It was better before,they changed it now its bad
Yes i agree,same with me i used to love it but then month ago i deleted app because it was bad,you cant read anything ads ads ads and those payment options are anoying
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5 years ago, phxazsaj
Ads ads ads not news its ads app
If you are interested in watching ads this app is perfect for you , for news look somewhere else
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5 years ago, jane bbc
Absolutely horrible!!!! Hope you make tons of money on your ads since you will for sure loose readers with all those forced apps.
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5 years ago, bdjjshrg
Quit with adds you ruined your app, it is beyond ridiculous to have adds appear with each news opened!!!
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4 years ago, usrali ste jbg
Ads destroyed this “newspaper”
Plenty of other options to read without annoying ads that Blic is serving you
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4 years ago, Nemo nnn n.n
Bad news
App is just their money maker full of adds and subscriptions And to pay for fake news. No! Blic isn’t like it was
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5 years ago, ItsKovi
Nova aplikacija je blago receno ocajna, pretrpana reklamama, jako nepregledna i bez ikakvog rezona, zanima me da li su UI/UX dizajneri aplikacije zavrsili ijedan kurs o svom poslu jer je ovo uzas za gledanje i snalazenje u app. ui/ux designers who worked on new Blic app should be ashamed, from one of the best news apps in Serbia to easily one of the worst !
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5 years ago, Cakic91
I don't want to read all the news in a browser. Why would I need an app in that case. It has no sense.
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5 years ago, Zjax
No support for Iphone x screen size for company as Blic it total disaster. So many comercials. Total disappointment. Before it was much better.
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5 years ago, jasta89
Worst app
Comments gone Adds everywhere Links tako you to external websites Layout is a nightmare
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5 years ago, mabrebalsa
Old design was much better! We don’t like the new one!
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5 years ago, Peachwise
New version is the worst app ever. Do not install!!!
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4 years ago, johny wise miller
It makes your head burn
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4 years ago, mi preko grane
Još da plaćamo?
Ako bih morao na plaćam, to bi bile samo 100 nezavisne novine” na primer kao N1” ( rekao sam kao) Ovo mi ne pada na pameti da platim!!! Ravno je Kuriru i ostalim pro- vladinim medijama! Inače imaju jednu zvezdicu, od mene bi dobili nula da mogu!
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4 years ago, AnaSu1993
Živim van Srbije i svako jutro počinjala sam čitanjem vesti iz naše zemlje..ovog jutra sam usla u aplikaciju krenula da čitam vest ,medjutim da bih nastavila sa čitanjem morala bih da se pretplatimmna neki od novostvorenih paketa...Mislim da nije bilo potrebe za ovim.
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3 years ago, Najgori
Da ima 0 dao bih Vam 000
Od reklama preko cekog ekrana ne mogu vesti da se procitaju. Pretvorili ste se u reklame. Brisem vas odmah ima boljih app sa istim informacijama
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5 years ago, smelsara
Dobro ste se setili da unapredite aplikaciju
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5 years ago, neko_preko
Neko preko
Jako lose, nepregledno, stara verzija je bila bolja. Preteraste i sa reklamama. Ili vracajte na staro, na sta smo svi navikli, ili ode app u kantu
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6 years ago, Atlanta30033
Good content but too many ads
This app makes this news organization look like an ads organization. Please lower the amount of ads so users can get to the content. Some ads last 20-30 seconds and it’s impossible to exit them. Prekinite sa reklamama da bi citaoci mogli sa procitaju vase novine.
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5 years ago, dalabu-bg
Ispravite greske
U cemu je problem? Ispravite podesavanje fonta i citanje komentara AMAN
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5 years ago, Tatolin®️neXium
Nikad gore Vesti
Unakazili ste Vesti glupavim reklamama i samo reklamama. Brisem ovu app samo tako!!! Aj pozz
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5 years ago, simke92
Katastrofa!! Vratite bar slican predhodni dizajn! Inace ce pola ljudi da brise app
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2 years ago, ćale 83
Domaće jajare i plaćenici
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4 years ago, Lovokradica
Poserem se na blic. Pušite mi karu lopovi.
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4 years ago, BrackoNe (YU)
Same reklame
Dajte ljudi, znamo da se živi od reklama, al treba neka granica...
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5 years ago, AcaSd
Vratite staru aplikaciju. Ova je užas. Ne vide se komentari.
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5 years ago, Nemanja 011
Gde je strip?
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5 years ago, Kaysersoze12
Nesnosno mnogo reklama!
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9 years ago, DBurg07
Horrendous Advertising System
Where do I start?! DO NOT INSTALL THIS ON YOUR iOS DEVICE! This is by far the most aggressive and intrusive advertising system I have ever witnessed on any mobile platform. The application routes the user to the App Store as soon as it is opened and continues to do so PERMANENTLY once the user returns to the app. This in turn eventually causes the Blic application, or sometimes the iOS to become non-responsive. I have never seen a company so hell-bent on losing all of their users in such a short amount of time. Companies such as this one are the main reason behind the invention of AdBlock. Apple need to remove this from the App Store. Currently the only solution is to delete the app and stop using Blic completely.
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9 years ago, Daca133890
The worst app ever
You can't even open an article any more without getting 10 game app ads which take you directly to the App Store. I've never seen such aggressive and annoying advertising. And who in their right mind would even think about downloading those games after they basically highjack your phone?? Whoever is in charge of that advertising campaign is obviously clueless and should be fired asap. Unless their goal is to cut readership in which case they are doing a great job. Absolutely horrible! I wish I could give this app zero stars because that's what it deserves and I'll never use it again.
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9 years ago, drazicx
Reklame | Advertising
Kao i većina rivjuvsa, ova aplikacija je postala očajna pretežno zbog reklama. Reklame iskaču u nenormalnom broju i ovo je apel da se pod hitno sredi nešto u vezi sa tim! Like many of other people's reviews, this one is also about highly annoying ads that pop-up in an enourmous number. Everytime you want to open a news, 30 ads pop-up, and it usually leads you to the App Store to download one of the featured apps... Blic, please fix this. It is becoming a very annoying issue!
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9 years ago, Tank man 1978
Never again
Never again I am going to use this app and I am not even going to read online Blic anymore since I am so annoyed with all ads that I don't trust this media anymore. Obviously they don't care about their customers since they allow this kind of harassment.
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9 years ago, mihaTr
Every time I open a news article the app has 10 pop-up ads for some game apps. Even when I go back to the news article it does the same thing again and again. Finally, I typically give up. Too bad.. it was a good app before
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6 years ago, Redcrusader
Comments not comming trough
Comments on App not working... I’m trying several days now, wroted over 30 comments but none is pusblished. I belive it’s not about comments content and administration ‘couse I was very polite...I guess that wroted comments are just not comming trough on the App and it’s some kind of a bug!
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9 years ago, See you later Blic!
Blic has been just 'bliced' out from my phone!
Terrible advertizing!!!! Fix it, stop forwarding to game applications!!! Just deleted the app and will stop visiting your online site too until you fix the issue!!!! Would give negative stars if I could -10 -------
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9 years ago, Novak kg
Too many pop ups
If I could give -1 star I would! Absolutely the worst news app I ever had... You can't finish reading one sentence before the new window with advertisements opens up. I'll read my news somewhere else
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7 years ago, Serbian in USA
Blic app got really bad
I used to check Blic app often but since Donald J Trump won the elections they have been writing just really bad stuff about him . I am not into politics but when u see 4-5 attacking articles on an daily basis really makes u dislike app Really really bad !
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10 years ago, Beogradski
The app is not optimised for iPhone 6 Plus. UI is the same since iPhone 4/4S. They just stretched the UI for iPhone 5/5S and now for iPhone 6. There is no support for iPad screens, and the phone version is usually very buggy on the iPad. If this was my app, I would be ashamed.
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6 years ago, blic_reader
Too many ads
This app used to be good but since recently it generates too many ads (most of them are 30 sec long) which makes it annoying to use.
Show more
9 years ago, Skboske
Piece of junk
Through one paragraph of reading, the "app store" popped up at least 10 times. Deleting it now.
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12 years ago, Motherofallqueries
Great app!!
Its worth waiting. No1 news app :)
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6 years ago, Stevica Kurcubic
Apsolutno ste unistili aplikaciju sa novim reklamama. Svaki clanak koji je vezan sa svetskim prvenstvnom ima neke nove reklame i tekst je nemoguce prelistati jer se sam ukoci. Sve ostale normalno citam sem vezanih za tu temu. Edit: Popravite vise taj bag ili ce skoro svi prestati da vas citaju.
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10 years ago, Uros S
App is crashing after an update today!
Show more
10 years ago, Nevenatr
U pocetku mislim da smo svi instalirali Blic zato sto je imao dobre tekstove, lepu aplikaciju.. Medjutim, vremenom vas je pojela zelja za "JOŠ" Vreme je da razmislite koga ste zaposlili ili u sta ste pretvorili svoje novinare, koji trenutno pisu...jednostavno nedovoljno kvalitetne tekstove za moju inteligenciju. Ovog trenutka, posle nebrojeno godina prestajem da citam vase novine i brisem vasu aplikaciju. (Imam 23 godine, i ako ja razmisljam ovako zamislite sta misle "stariji i zreliji")
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9 years ago, Metro Carpet
Software not supported by Apple
This application doesn't work on iPhone. Breaks down all the time. I never saw so unstable application for iPhone.
Show more
6 years ago, useer1
Latest update is bad. Lot of scrolling bugs
Show more
9 years ago, Stefan Dimi
Re: cini mi se da su popravili reklame, tako da update na 5* Vesti vise ne mogu da se citaju zbog reklama... Sredite to ili pada uninstall pa pokazujte reklame botovima koji komentarisu vesti...
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