Blossom - Plant Care Guide

4.6 (67.9K)
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Current version
Easy Tiger Apps, LLC.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
15.4 or later
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User Reviews for Blossom - Plant Care Guide

4.62 out of 5
67.9K Ratings
1 year ago, Meimeiitattoo
It’s great! But some minor glitches
When you open the search bar to type in the plant from your garden, the keyboard pops up and back down impeding me from being able to type letters into the search bar. This glitches only happens on the MyPlants tab when trying to search for my plants. I have over 50 different kinds of plants and having to scroll down and looking for my plant is more tedious than typing in the name that I already know. Also, in some parts of the app it freezes and there’s no X button to excite the screen, needing me to have to foreclose the app. On other screens the scroll down on a page is frozen and it doesn’t recognize any touch to change tab or to scroll down to continue reading information. The keyboard popping up and down is more consistent and annoying. Other than all those glitches that support has failed to acknowledge, I love the app and the layout of information. I love how easy it is to navigate and find the information as well as the variety of plants recorded in their database. Some plants I haven’t been able to find, but that’s mostly aquarium plants and some fruits and vegetables.
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3 years ago, TeragramK
Nice-looking app, works well for setting watering and other care reminders
I saw an Instagram ad for this app and I love the interface and design, and I definitely need something to remind me to water my plants. However, the ID by photo feature doesn’t work at all. I take a picture and the app just sits there on the search screen. I know what most of my plants are so it isn’t a huge deal but I have a few that I got unlabeled and the search functionality beyond the photo ID leaves a lot to be desired (it would be great to be able to filter by, say, leaf shape). (EDIT: The developer suggested I update the app, and the photo ID feature is working now, although I would still like an expanded search functionality). I also cannot figure out a way to edit existing notifications. I accidentally set one for 5:30 AM instead of PM and can see no way to change that. There’s no edit button that I can find, and the help page is useless unless you’re looking for info about the plant ID feature or info about the subscription. (EDIT: The developer replied to me with an explanation of how to edit the notifications, so this complaint is moot!) I do, however, really like that I can check off that I watered it, and that I can add photos and notes in the app, and I love how nicely organized and easy to read the info for each plant is.
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3 years ago, Madelyn the EPIC
Wow, really?
Very disappointed with how many times this app confuses the most distinctive plants for other things. I took a picture of a Sangrillo (Pterocarpus officinalis) to see it’s English name, and it told me this Costa Rican tree with MASSIVE buttress roots was an oak tree? Absolutely unacceptable. I gave it a pass mostly because it’s, you know, a massive tree that I can’t possibly fit in one picture. Strike one, though. Recently moved and bought a little fern to keep me company. Unfortunately, I’m not too keen on fern species, so I whipped out this app and gave it another go. This fern is a small, stout plant with many, very detailed individual leaves. Blossom had the great idea of telling me it was a BOSTON FERN?? Come on! Was it even trying? I wasn’t sure what it was, but it absolutely wasn’t a Boston fern! Such a different fern, no way you could ever confuse that! Second strike. Third strike blew around when I went to the grocery store and browsed their potted plants, and just for the laughs of how wonderfully accurate this app has been, pulled out my phone and scanned each one. Let me just say, the results were in line with my previous interactions with this app. Buy this app if you want some AI to throw random plant names at you, regardless of what you show it. If you’re looking to actually ID some plants, avoid Blossom at all costs. Also, it shoves a subscription ad down your throat with every button you push. I couldn’t imagine paying for a plant name generator.
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2 years ago, annonomys 🦜
Great app small bug
I like this app a lot and I don’t know if this is on me but here’s what happened. I got an iPad for Christmas and had experience with blossom so I got it on my iPad. I did not have an account at this time. I added all my plants and stuff but when I tried to add care reminders it wanted me to go into settings but it wasn’t an option. I think initially I said no to notifications so I was not able to turn on notifications in settings, it wasn’t even an option. Eventually I got it again on my phone, and notifications worked on my phone. I made an account so my plants wouldn’t disappear and so I could log in on my phone. I deleted the app on my iPad and re-downloaded it on my iPad. Good news is notifications work but nothing saved on my account when I logged back into my account on my iPad! I had a garden and everything but when I logged in it was like I just joined. A bit confused on what the point of making an account is if it doesn’t save anything. Could just be something on my end though, I still love the app!
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3 years ago, Musicmaker4321
Helpful and motivating but could use some updates
I just downloaded and subscribed to this app for 50% off. I really like that I can add the plants that I have to the “My Garden” section. I wish there were more plants to choose from to add to the “My Garden” section (I couldn’t find some simple basic plants in the list) or a place we could add our own plants for those not listed. For example, I have Roma tomatoes and it is not available in the “My Garden” section when I want to add it to my collection and I can’t manually add it either. I do like the feature of this app in which each plant I do add gives a lot of description on how to water, info on pests, soil, sun, and much more. I really like that you can set your own reminders of when to water each plant (it gives suggestions) and it breaks the schedule down by day for which plant needs to be watered when. In the informational article section, there is no search tab, which I was very surprised with. I hope there will be some updates in the future to this app and I look forward to using the helpful info I do find in the articles by just scrolling. I’m excited to learn from the information provided about each plant in the “My Garden” section in the app and the watering schedule and reminders.
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3 years ago, LC Moore
Limited plants
This is a good app for identifying and keeping track of some plants, but if you have a lot of different varieties, you’ll be disappointed - look for something else. For example, there are many specific varieties in categories such as clematis and ferns, but they all aren’t cared for in the same way. The worst part is that you cannot ADD anything they don’t have! I didn’t find this out until I had quite a few plants already added or I would have abandoned the app. You can send a photo of your plant not in the system, but they don’t add it right away. I also find it cumbersome that you can’t sort the list of your plants by name which means if you have a long list, you might have to scroll down and down and down. I bought he year’s subscription, but I regret it. And I regret that the instructions for setting it up are so confusing that I added my plants on my iPhone, but the way I did it, the way other apps work, I can’t access them on my iPad! It may have been my fault so this is jut a warning that if you want to share the info, be careful how you set it up. Finally, there’s no way to export the data so I can’t to a standard format such as Excel to be able to sort it or input it into other software.
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2 years ago, NeverLuv83
I was so hopeful, but disappointed
I saw the rating and was super excited. I thought it would be a fun tool to use around all my plants. I have a background in horticulture from school, but mainly have used it as a hobby. However, I came across this app and thought, I would love to give it a try. So I got it and signed up. First, I noticed it could not identify a lot of my plants and were giving suggestions that were no where close to my plant or even looked like. Some plants it got accurately but a lot it did not. I have a small plant that is brown on one side, I have my ideas on what is wrong but I thought I would give the app a try. It told me different things from pests/bugs, to over sun and then root rot, root rot was my first guess on the little guy but it was the apps 3rd after pushing bugs/pests a few times which I knew it wasn’t the problem. I did email my pictures of plants it did not have and also submitted pictures to them for my little brown plant and never heard back. Yes, I check my spam daily, oddly enough I clear it out daily so it doesn’t pile up, however never heard back. Sadly I’m out the money for the yearly subscription. I had hopes for this app but maybe in the future, it has a lot of possibilities. Wish I could of gotten a return, $29 is not a small price, least for me.
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3 years ago, jlsanford88
Great and easy to use app with lots of potential
I love this app so far. The reminders that can be set for watering, repotting, etc are so useful to a new plant dad like myself. The information on the pants is great for care and understanding more and I it’s great that it even tells you how much light is required. 4 stars because I believe there are 2 or 3 features that should be worked in to make this app even more robust. 1) Plant disease identification and treatment tips. As a new owner I still don’t know a lot by memory or what to search for so this feature would be great. 2) I’m realizing that adding multiples of the same plant, even if it’s just different subspecies, isn’t really feasible. Unless I haven’t figured it out, functionality for easy set up of multiple reminders for different plants would be amazing. 3) Is it possible to build in a function that uses our phones to measure light in FCs/foot candles? I have a meter myself but that function within this app would be amazing and I didn’t see any apps in the store that did that reliably when I searched. Great job, keep it up! Looking forward to continued use and future updates.
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2 years ago, JGSTiggers
Had to be the number one plant app!!
OMG, I just got this app and it’s sooo cute and the best. It has everything you can think of and more. One nice thing is Blossom does have a subscription plan but you don’t have to pay to access everything like most apps. Without a subscription you'll just get a daily imitated plant identification and maybe limited plant diagnoses I think. Everything else you still get. When I came across this app I did see another app that was practically rated the same as this app but the only thing you get is watering reminders I think. Everything else you really want the app for you have to pay for. I hate having to have subscriptions or paying for apps to work, but don’t mind once in awhile paying for an app depending on what it might be. But this app is so awesome, cute, well made and full of info and everything you can think of so I might actually pay for their subscription. So if your looking for a great app for plants and more this is the app to get. I definitely recommend it.
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2 years ago, Duuckson
Saved our Cactus
I am by no means a plant expert. Hence why I downloaded this app. I have used previous apps to identify plants and species of animals, but this one exceeds my expectations. We have a cactus in our yard, and recently it began to develop weird “white things” all over it. No one in my family knew what it was, however when we saw an advertisement for this app, we figured we would give it a go and see for ourselves. In less than a minute we had everything set up, and was able to snap a picture (or 3) and the app instantly identified that this was in fact a parasite. We never would have thought this. We used the recommended solution the app provided us with, and all the webbing from the parasite was removed and underneath were all these really annoying parasites that laid eggs. Within no time we were able to kill them and save the cactus. Additionally, this app runs very smoothly, and there have been no bugs I found. Would definitely recommend this to anyone at any skill level!
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3 years ago, Ivy_snapdragon
Still needs some updates but really like it so far
I really like how this app is looking so far! I love the reminders and the ability to take cute notes and even photos of my plants. Obviously there is a lot of plants out there so there is still much work to be done in updating the database but there are many common plants available. It would be cool if we could send in plant photos with their common and botanical names to be reviewed for the possibility to be added to the database or to update photos of an already existing one as some of the photos don’t seem to match too well. Especially for the plants that have multiple cultivars. I think it would also be nice if we could move the plant tabs in our “garden” to organize them or put them in outside and inside sections. Dear developers, thank you for your hard work. As I continue to use the app is there a place for me to submit feedback?
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8 months ago, fivku
Totally unnecessary app.
This app is a waste of money and it is a very dishonest site. I tried it for $9 and change and it ended charging me over $50. I tried to cancel but apple and this site are affiliated and they did not reimburse me. They literally robbed me. I told them I do NOT want to renew ever again and I hope I don’t have to sue the living lights out of them. During the year, I did have a problem with a plant I loved and since they forced me into being a member, I followed their stupid instructions asking for help to prevent my plant from dying but they were no help whatsoever and my plant died. This app is useless, don’t waste your money. It does not do what it says it will do for your plants. Update: I received a reply to my review, which was just full of excuses and justifications. I have already tried doing all their suggestions the very next day my experience happened but they still stole my money. Going through Apple was also useless as I believe they are associated with Blossom. DO NOT LET THEM ROB YOU! This app/site is completely useless. They are filthy corrupt and will only take your money and more than the amount you authorized them, then, they disappear and will never do a thing for you and/or your plants. You have been warned!! 🌺
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2 years ago, wporter92
Good reminder, but…
If you log all your plants - and you have a lot of them - Blossom is pretty good about sending you a notification reminding you to water that Golden pothos you have on your bookshelf you almost forgot about. I’ve learned the hard way that if you’re really serious about your plants, it’s no substitute for educated care. Throughout winter I relied heavily on Blossom for water scheduling and that was about it. My moisture meter collected dust and I got lazy about really honing in on deliberate, attentive care. And I’ll admit everyone was thriving and doing great, and then the pests and overwatering caught up to me. I’d say it’s hard to blame this app for its shortcomings (really not great at plant ID), but if there’s a disclaimer that you shouldn’t solely rely on it to keep your plants alive (especially if you have 40+). I’d like to see more environment options and hesitations when it comes to watering schedules, instead of a red alert that cons you into overwatering a Alocasia that could use some more time to dry out.
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4 years ago, tee-biscuits
I like this app....but
I like that the app lets you track watering fertilizing and repoting the plant. You can enter a plant by name or with your camera. Many of plants it identifies has information about the care of the plant. Some things I don’t love and would like to see changed. Some plants are not in the app database and there does not appear to be a away to add them so you can put their care in your schedule. I had to add them under another plant name and rename them, but then the other plant is pictured instead of mine. It stores the pictures taken to identify the plant, I wish it would let you update the pictures of your plants as time goes by/you get a better picture. The only way I can see is to enter the whole plant again. If you own more then one type of the same plant it is difficult to differentiate them other then renaming (I own 3 types of snake plants but they are all entered under the same plant). Lastly some of the plant info and care instructions is pretty sparse a paragraph or less that gives no care info just a description of the plant.
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3 years ago, dev020
Would be 5; but some issues
I really like this app and have been using it for a few months now. I like that I can keep all my plants in one place and take photos to track the growth (or lack thereof)…but there are a few little bugs or quirks that I don’t love. First, if you get behind on your watering, and you open the app to hit “complete” when you’ve watered, it doesn’t count the watering date as that day. Instead, you have to hit compete on the day they set the reminder for. I would like to be able to update the watering schedule to the current day, so then my schedule is correct from then on. Also, when I go to the “My Garden” tab and view the list of my plants, it stops my scroll after 10 or so plants. I cannot view the rest of my garden because the app will not let me scroll father. Very annoying, because I like to see if I’m keeping up with what plants are currently in my home. If these two issues were fixed, this would easily be a 5 star app.
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1 year ago, (:$VV$:)
Water Calculator
Update: I’ve had this app a little over a year and have added over 50+ plants to my collection whereas before i couldn’t even keep an air plant alive. I LOVE this app, however lately there’s been a glitch where when i mark a plant as watered it will uncheck it. Any suggestions to this problem? By far the best new feature i’ve been waiting on this forever 😭 I’m horrible at keeping plants alive and they usually only live about 1-2 months. i just bought my first home and wanted to liven it up w live plants and in March bought a bunch that are surprisingly still alive thanks to this app! They haven’t been doing the greatest these summer months and after using the new water calculator feature im finding out i haven’t been giving the plants enough water, so hopefully now they will be thriving again
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3 years ago, hovercraft22
I absolutely love this app!
I am obsessed with this app and rave about it to everyone. It is so useful and has helped me really get to know my plants better. I feel like I can take much better care of them because of all the information that Blossom provides! The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because there have been several times where the app either does not have the plant I am looking for. I have submitted one of them to the app for review so their plant library can expand but haven’t heard back yet. It has only been a few days, so I am excited to see it appear on the app. In addition to this, I have found that the app combines species together. For example, under “calathea spp” it has zebra plant, peacock plant, and rattlesnake plant, whose botanical names are calathea zebrina, calathea makoyana, and calathea lancifolia, respectively. Overall, I think this app is 100% worth the subscription, but I hope that the plant library increases and becomes more organized.
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1 year ago, KMW🙏
Love this app!!!
Having acquired a large number and variety of plants, I needed help keeping up with their daily care. Blossom provides most all the information i need on my plants to keep them healthy. It keeps track of when each plant needs watering and I can postpone a watering by a chosen number of days if I feel the soil is too moist. It reminds me when each needs fertilizer too. I’ve even found ways to remind me when to apply systemic insect control and which plants enjoy misting. Several improvements have been made in the 15 months I’ve used the app including a search of my plants. Also, on the list of daily to-do’s it now notates the water amount so I don’t have to actually open that plant to see how much water is needed. I think, especially for new plant parents, this app would be really helpful.
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2 years ago, Alliekat56
Loving the app - the plants are stayin alive
I read some reviews that said it couldn’t identify a variety of plants, I was able to identify all of my sisters sun room and house plants. I’m a new plant mom since 2020, I knew nothing and couldn’t figure out watering for some of my poor plants, many sacrifices have been made. Determined I bought 8 new plants to try give indoor gardening another try. I love this app!!! Videos on for everything I’ve needed including very basic care, like watering. Details about plant lighting, repotting frequency (didn’t know that was a thing) and how to propagate more plants - I’m stoked! The “my garden” section helps me feel organized, water routine and adding my notes and pics keep this round of plants alive thus far. Ideas to add to the app, sharing your garden with other people to exchange plants and find ideas and sharing the water routine with a plant sitter, bonus if it can update my routines. Option of using stock pic or own pic for the my garden list and it would be fun to add nicknames to your plants… I can’t be the only one who’s named their plants, right?? EDIT: I figured out how to name my plant friends in the app and update their pics!
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3 years ago, Leannsis
Nice, but What it Lacks Isn’t
Good app for providing helpful information about a wide variety of plants. But I purchased it not only to give me information about my planting, but also to help me remember actions like watering and fertilizing. I’m fairly new to gardening and loving it, but I need all the help I can get. Again, the info provided is good, helpful. But not all the plants for which I need reminders are in their database. And I’m unable to add my own plants to the “My Plants” in order to set up reminders. I do research everything I have or want to plant, and while I recognize that it’s not unusual for all plants to be in a single app, as for reminders, I’ve found that just using the Reminders app on my cell phone works best for me - everything in one place. If this app would have a feature where we could add a plant that it doesn’t recognize, that would solve my problem. As it is now, I have zero plans to renew when the year’s subscription ends.
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2 years ago, skytay32
Nice for tracking plant care
I downloaded this app probably 6 months ago to get plant care tips as I expanded my collection. It has been really useful for identifying plants and care instructions. I upgraded to the full version to get unlimited access to things like reminders. It worked really well for awhile, but over the past couple of weeks, the reminders haven’t been working correctly. I’m no longer receiving notifications at the scheduled time of 5:30 PM. Instead, I’m receiving them at random times throughout the day, like early in the morning or really late at night. Some days, I don’t receive the push notification at all even though the app shows them as being due. I’ve checked the individual reminder settings and made sure the app was up to date, but it is still happening. I’m a little disappointed since this was not a free app and I may have to seek an alternative if it doesn’t get fixed.
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2 years ago, plantslover2022
Did you app recently has a bug? Or version updates wiped OUT all my saved plants pictures?!
Developers, Was there a bug/release updates? I have been using the app since a year ago, loved it but no longer loving it. Support team hasn’t got back to me on why is this happening and I provided them screenshots showing all my plants growth picture taken in the past year is now ALL gone! Few months ago they were still there. Did your app remove all pictures taken within the notes on your last version updates?? I am no longer on paid subscription but this has been since 6m + ago while the app kept all photos there, now all of the sudden everything is gone. I’m relying this app to track my plants growth, if you DO NOT allow people using it as a “free notes taker” after canceling subscription, do let users know via the disclaimer everything stored is likely to be removed! Am I missing anything? How can you help restore my saved pictures in notes?? Thanks!
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4 years ago, SOЛЯРИS
What am I paying for??
The idea of the app is great, and I was so excited to get it. Then, of course, they tell you that you have to pay. I paid $30 per year, which is not too much, but still. Now, the last several plants that I added to “My garden” have no description whatsoever, but the link that directs you to the Wikipedia. There is no place to add you notes for each plant (like when you bought it, when it’s time to repot, etc). There is a reminder to water. That is all. If I have to go to Wikipedia to read about my plants and have a separate file on my phone with all the notes, the question is: WHAT AM I PAYING FOR? UPDATE: I have to update my review and give the app 4 stars. There is a room for an improvement still. However, Right after I submitted my review the update came out which mostly addressed the issues I was not happy with. Keep up the good work. Look forward to more fun features!
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2 years ago, Maddy-Fish
Blossom *almost* impressed me.
I’ve been looking for an app to help me care for my plants and learn how to care for plants properly to keep them alive, specifically watering reminders and how to revive dying plants. I’ve tried several apps and I thought I had finally found it in Blossom, but plant people sure do love their pay walls it seems. (This is a problem I’ve noticed across all plant apps, not just Blossom). The free trial for this app is only three days and I haven’t really had the chance to do a deep-dive into what the app has to offer, but my free trial is already over. In my opinion, a free trail for something like plant care isn’t worth anything unless it’s at least a two week trial. That’s not enough time to see if the app can help you form a habit. I’m really disappointed because it seems like this app can offer what I’m looking for, but I don’t get to find out for sure unless I pay.
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1 year ago, OliviaB27
Pretty good!
Decent app with lots of room for improvement. The plant information is super helpful! The watering reminders are excellent- however there is no button for “it just rained” to modify the watering schedule so every time it rains all outdoor plants are no longer accurate to the watering schedule in the app. There should be alerts and notifications when it’s going to rain so outdoor plants can be covered. I love the plant identification feature but it’s not accurate all the time, sometimes random things come up. Diagnosis is too vague like saying it’s a watering problem instead of too much water or not enough water, which would be helpful. Diagnosis is too vague and inaccurate overall. Lots of fantastic plant information on this app but the features aren’t great. Hoping to see some updated features soon though so it functions better!
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2 years ago, AcidQueen69
Only missing one tiny thing
This app is literally perfect and has all the information you need for taking care of your house plants and edible garden plants. I love it. The only thing I would say it’s missing is a widget feature. I would LOVE an option to have a daily featured plant on my Home Screen that I could tap on to learn more about, and a list widget for the plants I need to take care of today. That’s it though I love this app and it’s also less expensive than some other ones it’s a win all around literally changed my plants lives and allowed me to take care of more since I was able to keep track of each plants needs individually. Seriously if you keep killing your house plants you need this app.
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3 years ago, Lookie-Loo
Every Plant Happy but new version Needs a fix
I’ve recently embarked upon interior gardening with house plants and this app has been instrumental in keeping my thumb green. It allows me to keep track of watering and fertilizer schedule for each plant by sending me reminders -this on top of diagnosing potential problems before they get out of hand. I have at my fingertips a virtual encyclopedia of plant care. And I can now identify those plants and garden flowers that I I use to call “pink-Fuzzies”, “Yello-Thingies”, “ That wild-growing stuff.” The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars - in the recent update I cannot scroll through the custom list “MY GARDEN”. It goes down approximately 10 to 12 plants and pops back up to the top. Needs fixing.
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2 years ago, murrayphd
Not ready for prime time! And beware of cancellation policy
The database for this app is way too small, and it misidentified several of the plants I experimented with for identification. It could not identify a Valencia Orange nor a Clementine Mandarin, saying the best guess for both was a yuzu tree, or maybe a bitter orange, and lastly, a lemon. It does not have sub species in other cases, only offering a generic name, that doesn’t really identify the plant. I was extremely disappointed. Also, trial users beware! They require that you cancel 24 hours in advance of the end of your trial. If not, you get charged in full, and are not allowed to cancel for a refund. Then they ask for feedback, offering a “gift, “but the gift is a reduced fee of the subscription price… and if you sign up, you won’t get a refund for that, either. I rated it “2” only because I think the concept is good. As for practical utility right now, it really is only worth a “1”.
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3 years ago, jul the crazy plant lady
Snooze please
I rarely purchase apps. This was an exception as I have a ton of plants and needed to get them organized. I’ve used this for a month or so now and my biggest frustration is that the suggested watering schedules don’t match my plants. Fine. I create custom schedules. But this can take some time to figure out. It would be SO helpful to have a snooze option and remind you in a couple of days to check again! Or some way to mark if you choose to skip a watering. One question - reminders have times attached. Does anyone really care what time they water? This might be why people mentioned multiple reminders each day. I know I was getting them until I went into each plant and synced it for the same time. Keep up the good work. It must take a crazy lot of time to put an app like this together. I use it every day!
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2 years ago, Destinio
I thought I could use this app to catalog and diagnose any issues with my plant. Other than the “My Garden” portion, the app is mostly defunct. Not to mention, bothersome, as it often hassles you about notifications. Sometimes, it takes 4 or 5 pictures of the plant to get it correctly identified. Sometimes, the answer is never found, and I have to search for the plant online. The app does make it easier to identify some plants, but this is hit-or-miss. The plant care instructions have little to nothing to do with the plants needs. It will have you overwatering your plants, and sending constant notifications about how you are delinquent in overwatering and overfertilzing. To get all of the features, you must subscribe. So in order to diagnose any plant problems, you have to pay. Okay. Fine. I paid. For nothing. The app never pares down what your plant’s problem is. It simply gives you an option of what could be. So if you are unsure if you are overwatering your plant, and snap a pic. The app will tell you that it could be overwatering, it could be underwatering, it could be a pest, it could be a disease. Yes, I knew it could be any of those, but which one is it? This app will not tell you. I was excited to get this app. Then I was very disappointed that I did. I don’t recommend Blossom.
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4 years ago, Trish PB
I got this because it came up when I searched for a free app. I needed help identifying only 1 plant. When I went through the steps to download it, there was nothing that came up that said there was a fee associated with the app. I seem to remember it mentioning that there was an option to sign up for a yearly subscription, which I didn’t need or want. When searching on the app after downloading, there wasn’t a tab that showed my account info, my payment history/info, or that I signed up for a subscription, so I assumed it was ok to use. I only stumbled upon the email today when logging into my college email that I use for my Apple account. They sent an email about a free 3-day trial before being charged for a subscription. Any app I’ve had that cost something has a way to see what I signed up for within the app. This is ridiculously deceptive and costly. The developers knew exactly what they were doing when they set this up. Let’s see if I get the refund I requested...
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2 years ago, GGC community garden manager
Great for tips tricks, but the software itself couldn’t identify much
I wanted a quality ID app for foraging and this app continually misidentified plants. Of course I take everything home and do a full study before eating, and the app wasn’t even close. It even struggles in my very large and varied urban herb garden. House plants? Meh. I forgot I was paying for the service after a while and that was frustrating. It will indeed alert you when actually identified plants need water and provides good simple info for zones, watering, propagation, sun requirements. But it rarely finds the plants in the database when you search by both Latin and common names. If you need an alert to water specific plants, just set reminders on your phone for free? It’s nice you can “check it off” that is satisfying on this app, but unfortunately it fell short on most features a forager, or any gardener that isn’t completely green.
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3 years ago, Drina Lu
Love the aesthetic and it's functionality
I use the reminders to water which is nice when having a lot of plants - it is easy to snooze a reminder if you check and the plant doesn't need it yet. I would say that a big issue I have is that when a plant isn't found in their data base (for instance the taco plant or "Peperomia Axillaris") there isn't any way that I've found to send direct feedback so missing plants can be added. Or even if we had the ability to add a "custom" plant in those instances would be nice. Update: I was contacted by the developer that they are glad this was brought to their attention! And very shortly after that a few "missing" plants were available in the app!
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1 week ago, ndksbsksbs
I used to love this app, the prices were reasonable and good and I had a fair amount of access to the apps features without paying, but I liked the app a lot so I paid for the monthly subscription until last year for some reasons unrelated to the app. But when I came back to renew my subscription and use the app again, I noticed that I basically have to pay for everything!? And the prices! I have to pay to set more than just a few reminders, leaving the rest of the plants without any, can’t identify plants after a certain amount, and other small things that you have to pay for now. The subscription used to be monthly but now it’s weekly! I liked this app, but $5-8 a week is way to much for this, or any app and not worth it at all when reminder apps and Google exists. I have no choice but to use a different app or another alternative to be able to manage the many plants I have.
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3 years ago, suziblue725
Poor database and too frequent watering reminders
I purchased this app for a year, and I really wish I could’ve done a trial beforehand. It does keep a list of your plant, but you have to modify most of them from their identification database. It doesn’t recognize any varieties of plants - basic ones that you see frequently these days. For example all of my philodendron are just classified as philodendron. Some of the photo IDs are just funny, but way off. Still have to utilize other apps as this is one of the worst. Also I like the reminders and how they are easy to add, but I am received the watering reminders too frequently, based upon their recommendations - which if I followed them it would cause all my plants root rot. Please improve your app!! I like the interface and the look/feel of the app. You really need to look at the plant ID feature and the watering recommendations.
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2 years ago, HauntedWebby
This app is a love hate relationship
I love the app for every function except one. First what I love. The in app reminder list for water, fertilizer and reporting. Love the care calculators and tips. I like some of the articles, but some it’s difficult to figure out if or when it applies to me. They do contain good info so I read them all even if they don’t apply. 😁 The one thing I absolutely hate and it is so bad that I’m looking at other apps to replace Blossom, which is a monumental task due to the app being so good. It’s the notifications. This app causes notification fatigue. It requires far too many. I can’t save new plants or new care plans without turning notifications on. I have all my notification settings turned off in the app and in my phone. It still asks me every time I open the app to turn them on. I’m sure some people like them but I hate them. It’s more than dislike, it’s an absolute hate at the number of notifications the app sent when I had them turned on. 8am was almost like an alarm clock with 30 notifications alerting. Really? Send one for all 30 plants. 🤦‍♀️ One a day would be perfect or none of you do t want them but the app doesn’t allow either option even though it pretends to.
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2 years ago, Bug Infestation
Great, Few Improvements Needed
I’ve been using the app heavily and love it, though it would be nice to see an option to view of ALL my plants, rather than browsing room by room. It’s also impossible to know from the Reminder page where the plant is located, so I’ve had to rename every plant (e.g. “office Pothos” vs “kitchen pothos”), which defeats the purpose of the new plant room feature. I’d also like to have filters for the My Garden tab just like on the search tab, so I can quickly filter all my plants by need (e.g. all my plants with full sun needs, temp / humidity, watering intensity, etc). I’ve had to create a spreadsheet to rely on, despite this information being in the app, because it’s not readily accessible or searchable/filter-friendly once it’s added to your garden.
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3 years ago, casscragg
Serial Killer of Plants
I’m not sure what happened but this app has assisted in the murder of ALL of my cacti. The reminders for most of my plants I realize are too soon. As I think of it Ive had to ignore the reminders on my Pony Tail Palms after this app helped me murder two of them. It seems like reminders go off constantly! I always check to see if the plant actually needed water before I watered the plants so in most cases the plant didn’t need water. I’ve even changed the notifications . After the app committed multiple murders I went in and deleted the plant to put it back in again after the seasons changed. I figured if I watered it I could try to keep track of the plants that way but it still doesn’t work ! I don’t know. I subscribed to the full edition and I feel disappointed because i canceled immediately but the developer got a year of money from me and I have a useless serial killer on my hands that I’ve subscribed to.
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10 months ago, A beginners garden
Look elsewhere
I had high hopes for this app since the ratings were pretty good but I learned quickly that it’s not. At first glance I liked that this app reminds you when to water/ repot. I’m fairly new at caring for plants so I was interested in having some professional help at my fingertips. I subscribed and sent over the required information for a botanist help, thinking I’d get help fairly quickly, I wasn’t expecting it to be immediately but I also wasn’t expecting it to be almost a week and a half later. Once I finally received the response. I was upset and still left where I had started, confused. The “help” I received was the same vague general information that was on the Internet, no direct guidance as one would assume, no help at all. Three different occasions I had reached out for help and the response was always the same, as if they simply copied and pasted. I stopped using the app, wish I could get a refund
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3 years ago, sarah2day
Plant care
This app has very nice calming design. The plant search feature is handy as well but I have a lot of plants and I do find it a little annoying that I will get separate notifications for each plant on the same the same time to water them. It would be nice if it recognized that there are multiple plants to water and send only 1 notification. So I’ll delete some, but while I was tying to do that, there are to many steps to delete a watering schedule, which I found frustrating and almost deleted to app because it seamed easier then hunting for the delete watering schedule. Also, maybe this is just me but I would like there to be some form of Home Screen... or home button. Pretty nice app though but maybe not $20 a year nice
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3 years ago, kimplanter
Good overall, but needs improvement
I really like how you can add multiple photos for each plant and write notes. I wish I was able to customize the layout of my garden. For example, instead of having it all listed, it would be nice if I could have a thumbprint photo of each plant or be able to organize them based on location. I do like the wishlist function! The plant care reminder is helpful. Although I mostly use the app to learn more about my plants and keep track of their growth. One thing I really wish I could do on the app is to bookmark certain articles/blogs that are posted under explore. Some of the articles are really useful and it would be great to be able to easily reference back to certain ones.
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2 years ago, Polishchewtoy
Helpful to setup plant routine care
For starters, this app is used to help you care for plants, NOT cure plants that appear to already dying. ALL plant water routines should be based off the amount of sunlight the plant is already receiving, read The New Plant Parent by Darryl Cheng. This is a paid app because someone is sitting behind a computer somewhere else in the world, uploading thousands of plants and their very specific care needs. I have been using this app for a little longer get a year now and it’s really helped me establish a plant care routine, mostly watering reminders. Lots of plants have been added to the app since then. The tech is not perfect, but the developers make it easy to contact them with problems, updates, etc, and they update it regularly.
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1 year ago, Deni/203
Amazing job
I love this app has helped me keep track of when to water my plants and when to not so that I don kill them and I love taking care of my plants it’s just calming to get to water them all but I wish we had a way to save a record of photos for each plant as a diary, that being said I would like to see the improvement on each plant as the time goes on that I can update each plant I know we have the plant notes but I use that to keep notes and photos there make it seem cramped they are useful to keep a note on what to look out for but I would like to set up a way of like a before and after type thing like a picture book
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11 months ago, min124
A few things missing
1 where is the iPad version ? Yes I can DL the app on my iPad but it’s the phone version . My 2nd thing would be to add a function to be able to request a missing plant or be able to add one manually . Although the app has had about 95% of the plants I look for . I’d also like to be able to view my plant collection in grid form rather than a list. Those are my biggest issues other than that I love the look it’s easy to use I also appreciate the fact that when diagnosing this app gives me more of a clear answer than some of the other apps . I don’t understand the comments about their plant dying because of this app you still need to have common sense & a little accountability .
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3 years ago, 3K9s&me
Very Disappointed!!
I love this app and I started a subscription in August. Entered all of my plants into it and was so happy with it. Then in the beginning of November I got a new iPhone and transferred everything to it but this app didn’t do so well. I couldn’t get any way to access my info. I checked my Apple subscriptions and took a screenshot of my payment and order/member number and sent it to the app support. So, two and a half weeks later I am still riding the email merry go round with support. They tell me to do something that I cannot access and the reason I am making this review is to hopefully save other customers this awful lack of customer service when you hand over your hard earned money for an app that I was hoping would provide me reminders for the care of my plants. BUYER BEWARE!!
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3 years ago, HinaRosehime
Love it!
so, i’m only giving 4 stars bc i don’t have a subscription and therefore can’t speak on the app in its entirety. but, just off the free version alone, i really do love this app. me giving a review at all is proof of that lol ❗️this next part i mention not knowing all the features that come with a subscription❗️ i would like to suggest that a feature be added that allows the app to keep up with the local weather. i live in FL and it’s hurricane season, which means lots of rain. my plants sit outside in pots and with all the rain i’m worried about overwatering. it’d be cool if the app could keep up with the recorded amount of rainfall and then let me know if i should bring in certain plants. or if it’s a scorcher, let me know to bring them in or water extra.
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1 month ago, Shinshige
Fantastic App
Blossom is an absolute gem of an app for plant enthusiasts of all skill levels! As a comprehensive guide, it not only identifies plants with a quick snap of a photo (or 3) but also provides detailed care instructions tailored to each species. Its user-friendly interface makes navigating through features like watering schedules, light requirements, and growth monitoring a breeze. What truly sets Blossom apart is its engaging community and expert support that encourages interaction and learning. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting to explore the world of botany, Blossom is an invaluable tool that enriches your gardening journey, making it deserving of a five-star rating.
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2 years ago, TBYRD5150
Can’t even identify an artificial plant from a real plant.
I decided to run a test to see how good this app really was. I have artificial plants inside my home and tried it on those, and lo and behold this app failed to identify my artificial plants as artificial from the real thing. I then took it outside to some real plants in my yard and it could not properly identify those either. I would not trust this app in the field as a combat veteran of the United States to be reliable to save my life from ingesting the wrong plants instead of the right ones. Just give me the old field guides I had in the Boy Scouts because those I have more inaccurate information than this app. I’m certain that the Girl Scouts also have more accurate information than this app does as well for identifying such things. I wasted money subscribing to this app. I hope nobody else does either because it’s just a money trip.
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3 years ago, Katelinddd
Overall Pretty Great
I love the look and that it’s easy to navigate. There are great facts and how to’s as well. Notes feature is great and I track plant photos here as well to see their growth. Reminders that you an rename and reset are fantastic too. There are some bugs with this app. Currently when I scroll through my plant garden I cannot scroll down to my first entries, it just stops the ability to scroll down. If I want to edit or look at anything about my earlier plants I have to go to all of my reminders and scroll through them until I find it - which can take a long time because I have tons of plants and tons of reminders. Again, overall great. I use the app daily.
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3 years ago, leothewonderpug instagram
Amazing life changing😍😍
I recently downloaded this app and I have not regretted my decision at all. I am a succulent nerd and I got an aloe very last summer. It started to wilt and die I got really worried because it’s my favorite plant and I did not know what to do until I saw the add for this app in tv and it changed my plant crisis! You can take the worst picture on the planet and it will still find your plant this works for flowers and succulents! I LOVE this app it also shows pictures of type of your plant for example my aloe. There’s a red aloe I did not know existed, and I found the exact type of aloe I have. The aloe I currently have is a soap aloe! I highly recommended this app you will never regret it I promise!😍😍🤩🤯♥️❤️
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