4.5 (1.1K)
83.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Blower

4.53 out of 5
1.1K Ratings
2 years ago, xOMattOx
A real good blow
Wife quite not doing it anymore well this app will do it like she used too, remember those days under the bleachers in high school this app gives you all that and more with the simple purchase of 1.99 it’ll have your wife asking you why you spend so much more time in the bathroom
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2 years ago, 🦜Fluffy
If you noticed that the app makes noise from both speakers you are right to change this go to settings ➡️ Accessibility ➡️ Audio/Visual then slide the balance bar to switch between speakers(make sure to change back at the end) I also really like the different designs.
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1 year ago, joystickatlas
Amazing so cool
I never thought would be able to do something so crazy with my PHONE it’s not a fan it’s my phone I was able to blow around little bits of paper which sounds unimpressive hit it’s my phone who expected that absolutely amazing the only thing wrong is it costs two dolla
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3 years ago, Sadday007
It works really well.. if your speakers aren’t filled with gunk.
This app works really well! I’m not sure what the negative comments are talking about. I’m using an iPhone XS. My phone stays in a waterproof/dustproof case. I took my phone out of the case (because the vents on the case have a lot of lint buildup) and this app works perfectly! I tried it on one of those typical long reach butane lighters and it put the flame out no problem. Be sure to turn up the volume.. It’s a really neat app if your speakers are clean! (If they’re not, use sticky-tack to pull out the gunk.. it’s what Apple uses to clean them out).
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5 years ago, Douglas Bubble Gum
My house was on fire due to improper use of my Elon musk flame thrower so I went to the App Store, spent .99 cents, waited to download and turned it on. It worked so unbelievably well that all four fireman that came by my house proceeded to download it as well to make their jobs easier. Would have paid triple... even double.
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2 years ago, vrgdyctngufunu
It saved my house!
Here’s how the story goes, a battery that I had started smoking and could’ve been a potential fire hazard so I open the Blower app and blew on it. The battery stopped smoking so I went to go throw it away. It saved my house!
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2 years ago, Ghostrider8594
The negative comments is because you don’t know how to use it
When you are using it ( ear speaker on your phone) I was trying to you my speakers on the lower part of the phone, and it wasn’t working
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11 months ago, Tony657
Wow it actually gets the job done.
I tried to send many candles, and it has worked many times and even worked on my lighter! 10/10 would recommend
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3 years ago, DrKoneko
Memories of the good old days
Remember those old lighter apps, or those flashlight apps? If you had an iPhone or iPad back in 2010 I’m sure you do. This app is very reminiscent of those days. Good fun and does work (take off your case)
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3 years ago, ptsd depression and poop
5 stars
This works well to blow out a candle you have to move the phone up and down until it blows out I tried and it worked
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5 years ago, Kayron 2002
Saved my phone
Dropped my phone in water yesterday and it was fully submerged, my speaker wasn’t working. I turned on the blower app and all the water blew out of my phone and fixed my speaker!
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1 month ago, TechbubakrOmg
Best app ever
This app is simply amazing. I don’t understand why people say it makes a loud noise. It’s supposed to do that! Forget the people that hate you, this is definitely the best app.
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3 years ago, KarimsKicks
It was actually worth it was fun for a few mins and then I realize it made my speakers on my iPhone sound way better it kinda cleans it out it was worth it to be honest my speakers brand new
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2 years ago, WickadMainah
Actually Works
Unlike the old joke lighter apps this one does actually work. Worth $2 easily just for the amusement factor.
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2 years ago, Uberdriver11:11
Works really good
It’s really work. Take the phone from the cover and make sure the bottom speaker is not dusted and clean.
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5 years ago, [kcOs]
Almost works
I bought this because “ Why not?” I mean, it almost works. Does what it says but not good. Don’t spend your money because it might work, that’s what I thought and now I’m disappointed.
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2 years ago, Sr75yttdrf
Great but one problem
It doesn’t blow out a candle, but otherwise you can still feel it and fun fact it doesn’t blow air, it’s actually the vibration so yeah
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2 years ago, posedrikk
When bored get
Ok this may look fake but i was at my friends b day and i hot this as a joke and it actually worked
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2 years ago, DøvåkįnKitty
Broke bottom left speaker on two separate phones!
I used this on my iPhone 8 and the bottom left speaker stopped working I assumed it was just old and didn’t bother me too much. Used this again in my brand new iPhone14 and the bottom left speaker is no longer working. It works.. but it will break your speakers!
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11 months ago, gytggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
It’s a scam.
So I got it for 1$ wean I weans in side the app I push on/off it was going but no air came out of my iPad Air 4 generation pls fix this.
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3 years ago, HYZ.RFT
Speaker damage.
Cool concept, older models of phone will experience damage after a couple uses. Don’t use this app for anything other than 20 second bar tricks. Your speakers will thank you.
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2 years ago, cco_dyy
Blows air. Not enough for a candle.
I can put the speaker up to my ear and feel air. Although, it’s a very light breeze. And not enough to blow out a candle. I have an iPhone XR, but I don’t know if it is because of the model.
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3 years ago, Kobe916
It works
Takes water out of speaker in an emergency
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1 year ago, Unknown2023app is a W
My house was burning down but thanks to this $2 app I could blow all the fire away
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5 years ago, Brian Deee
Fixes phone
If you ever get water in your speaker try this app and it will blow the water out of your speakers
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2 years ago, Aiden Loch ..🥵🥵🤣🤣😭
It actually works well but for me I had to use the speakerphone
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1 year ago, Bjdhhft
Big dickens
I meet so many guy on this app with big dicks
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5 years ago, Rigyogy
Not worth a buy.
Yes, it does blow air, but not a lot. It’ll blow enough to move paper, or move the fire on the top of a candle, but not a lot. Still, it’s not worth a buy.
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3 years ago, Xeno Geist
I can’t believe I spent 2 dollars on candles go bye bye with my phone
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3 years ago, JAKIE UWU
I absolutely love this app! No im not a robot but the app works as said, no less.
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3 years ago, ...................6756565656
I recommend to not get the app it barley works and when I tried it melted my phone case
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3 years ago, BristolOBoi
Doesn’t work/can’t feel it
I thought this was good but I took off my case and nothing came out. I even shook my phone. Waste of $2 and definitely can’t put out a candle. (I have the iPhone 11)
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2 years ago, DJRexasFire
Get It Now!
100% worth the money and it is really fun
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2 years ago, Nikears
This is the coolest app.
It really works and I love the sound science behind it.
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2 years ago, no nick…fbhhhhbbvfdf
IT BLOWS AIR! Somehow, the noise makes the air blow. I watched a non-sponsored video. It works the best on the iPhone.
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2 years ago, hellodjfjfjfjjfjfjfjfjfjfj
So good
This app is so good I even used it on my birthday I like how there is no subscription
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3 years ago, The diamond miner and builder
Blew my mind
This is actually really freaking cool
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1 year ago, Porter Hoppel
It really works
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2 years ago, -Drew003-
Lesson learned...
Note to self and or anyone with this app... DO NOT USE IT WITH HEADPHONES CONNECTED 🤣🤣🤣 unless you want hearing damage lol
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3 years ago, Bonesnuts
Super cool
This app is really worth the money and great for anyone
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2 years ago, iPod Toucher 2.1
Headphone warning JFC
YO how about a volume warning? It automatically turns your volume to max no matter what you set it to. I had my headphones still enabled on accident and nearly blew my eardrums.
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5 years ago, Itsyoboyree
It’s the biggest waste of money
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1 year ago, VisnexGaming
saved my life
put out my house fire in seconds
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4 years ago, JadeBrior
Don’t waste your money
This app does not blow out your candles. I just tried 10 seconds ago and the candles burned my phone up a little. So that being said don’t buy this app.
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4 years ago, guillermo4444
Don’t buy this junk
I downloaded this because I had a little money left but It turns out that it doesn’t blow any air out. It is also very noisy!!
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2 years ago, the snorting pig
Cool game
The game is fun but It dows not blow air, it makes sound force. That’s why it makes that sound.
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3 years ago, AJS THUNDER
Don’t use with airpods
Just don’t
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3 years ago, ParkerJackson
it works every time
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1 year ago, MummaCaf
this app completely blows..
blew out my lighter no problem
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2 years ago, iejfjfurjfjufjdjdidmdjfujf
Do not get
It is a scam does not actually blow air it only blows out the candle with sound frequency and it took forever for the candle to go out DO NOT GET
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