Bob Books Reading Magic #1

4.6 (535)
174.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bob Books Publications LLC
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bob Books Reading Magic #1

4.65 out of 5
535 Ratings
2 years ago, @#$P
My daughter loves this app!
My 5 year old is using Bob books to learn how to read. She loves that this app features the same characters. She’ll read me one of the books, then excitedly tell me ‘Mama, the cat is orange on my iPad! Let’s play that game now so I can show you!’. The books and this app have really made her excited about reading. As a parent, I love that it’s simple, slow paced, and not overstimulating.
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7 years ago, Democlyes
Love BOB!
This is a great app for my 4.5 year old blossoming reader! We are using the first set of BOB books to start her off on reading and this game is a nice supplement. She likes the characters from the books, and I like how the levels progress to add difficulty in nice "baby steps" (i.e. Doesn't jump from too easy to too hard). We love it!
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3 years ago, repunze magic
Awesome app
When I downloaded it I thought I was going to HATE it but it turned out to be fun my kids love it and they are learning like crazy
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9 years ago, Kindergartencatlady
Will not work.
I was excited to see that Bob Books had an app so I purchased 1 and 2 for my 1st Gen IPad last year. It worked fine and the kids loved it. I added two iPad minis so more kids could play. Last week, I purchased the sight words as an add-on to my other games. Now Bob Books 1 no longer works on my 1st gen iPad because it is trying to install the new version. HOW do I get my old version back? It is very frustrating because now the kiddos who use the 1st gen IPad are even more limited.
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3 years ago, tucker bear
Getting to different levels
There seems to be a bug because I set level 2 or 3 in adult mode and it keeps showing only level 1. It is frustrating in an otherwise great app.
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4 years ago, DanTrachtman
Starts with all letters instead of advancing
I like how the regular Bob books teach a few letters at a time. This app starts with all letters from the start so it’s too much for my four year old. I do like their approach though and they sound them out the way I teach him.
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9 years ago, ABATeacherAbby
Thank you for reducing file size! Please bring back the apps ability to vocalize the letter sounds when you touch on the word prompts! This was the apps best feature. I have taught many ASD student letter sounds and to read by using that feature.
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3 months ago, hadleylove
Science of reading reading practice
Love this! Would love classroom students get access to these wonderful fun games!
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4 years ago, Melissa Grove
What my kids missed!
I love this app! So easy to use and learn! I am so happy my grand kids can use it! Thank you!
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4 years ago, Not seein the value
Where’s the rest
I thought this app would go in tandem with the books to reinforce what’s being learned. This shows one page of the book and goes to the next book and shows one page. I’m not seeing the value in having this app. Am I missing something?!
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4 months ago, Aleon2024
This app needs a lot of work
Don’t waste your money like I did. There are no arrows to move on to next page so your just stuck there. Not user friendly for 5 yr old. This is just a lead in to make you buy the books.
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10 months ago, Add Sight Words Please
Sam in Magics 1 & 3 & Spin & Spell
Change Sam please! He does not look like from Bob Books book sets!
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12 years ago, Goddessx3
Perfect for Special Needs
My youngest daughter has Down Syndrome. She is four years old and is beginning reading and spelling with this app. There are multiple levels that build on each other so my six year old (typically developing) uses the fourth level to practice spelling. It's very reinforcing to have the pictures colorized upon completion of the child's task, then the whole picture does something reinforcing. Annabelle laughs out loud and makes the hen jump on the bed again and again! She shouts "JUMP!" which is a new one I'll have to report to out speech therapist! The app is a bargain compared to the printed books (mine will soon be donated to the preschool) and there is so much more for the kids to do with the app. My eight year old finds it amusing enough to sit with Annabelle for quite a while and help her, although it is intuitive enough that she hardly needs any. I LOVE this app!
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3 years ago, AmyBoomshakalaka
$2-3 for 12 pages?!
Only 12 pages in reading magic #1. I thought I was paying for the app/digital equivalent of a box set. So disappointed
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2 years ago, Ogilvy P Wasabe
Are you kidding me?
My kid blew through this in less than five minutes. Should have 10x the content or be free. Do not buy.
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4 years ago, iPhone stuff
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13 years ago, Schmuke
This is an amazing app for teaching kids letters and letter sounds as well as spelling and speech sounds. I love that it has different levels, one building on the other with each level more advanced and challenging. Wonderful to use with special needs kids with speech and language delays. Level 1 gives letter hints to drag and drop letters. Level 2 works on left to right for children with mid-line issues. Sill with letter hints children have to spell word in the right order. Level 3 the letter hints are gone and child can choose what word to spell from sentence. Level 4 builds on spelling memory and throws in extra letters forcing the child to choose the correct letters for spelling.
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9 years ago, KCD09A
Bought the bundle, magic#1 sound was not working, but magic #2 worked fine. I emailed the support. I had an email within a couple hours with an apology and that the problem would be fwd on to the developer. The next day I had an email with instructions on how to fix the problem. It had to do with a lock function on my iPad. I was extremely pleased with how quickly they fixed my problem. Also the app itself is amazing. My 4 year old son could sight read most all the words of level 1 after only 20 mins of playing on the app. Fantastic app and service!
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13 years ago, kp_church
Wonderful App
We purchased this app a few weeks ago for our 3 1/2 year old son. He loves it. I would recommend this to anyone. He has so much fun learning to read with this tool. I hope the next edition comes out soon. He plays with this just about every night by request. We just bought the hard cover Bob Sight Words Collection tonight and he read me his first book, cover to cover after only one read through with mom! Anytime you can make learning this much fun a child will learn. Good work.
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13 years ago, One happy Mom and teacher
LOVE Bob...Must make more!!!!
We just love this app! It saved me during a lengthy wait for my dermatologist (almost 2 hours). My 3 kids chose Bob over their usual air hockey app. As an early childhood teacher, I am always happy when I find an application that is interactive, self-correcting and supports the growth and development of GREAT reading skills, the fact that it is FUN just puts it over the top. Though I am THRILLED with the product, I wasn't surprised by its TOP-NOTCH performance...everything Bob(R) is fantastic!
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12 years ago, Snehalaya
Thank you!
This is a fantastic app! I have the Bob Books in paperback but couldn't get my five year old to really engage. He LOVES the digital version and happily gets to work. I used this app all summer and watched his comprehension growing in leaps and bounds every day. As a former elementary school teacher and now a parent of a Kindergartener, I am so thrilled to find this app. Please keep the series coming...Can't wait to buy the whole set!
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10 years ago, Keleeh1
Warning before you buy
I just started teaching my son the Bob Books level one collection and saw the lite version of this app. My son loved it so I purchased the app thinking I was getting the whole level one collection. Turns out, they only give you about 12 or so pages from the collection and 4 levels using the same 12 pages. That said, we really like the app but wish it had the complete collection The 2 stars is because the app makers could of created the whole collection or told people what they were buying ( I feel misled) and the app at $3.99 is expensive for little content.
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13 years ago, Therockinmom
Love this app!
My 6 year old son and I love this app. We have 2 sets of the books and the app works as a fantastic compliment/support to the words and skills he's learned in the books. Reality is that the world he lives in requires reading both in traditional print media and in tech-based media like apps, websites etc, so Bob is core to teaching him how to read and absorb through multiple channels. He gets excited and motivated by recognizing familiar story lines and characters, and engages more deeply as a result. Any parent willing to buy the app should also order the books and use them together to have a robust toolset for learning to read.
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13 years ago, IamSoBlessed
Very basic!
Full version is exactly like the lite version. Lite version offers 3 scenes. 1 sentence per scene. Full version gives you 9 more sentances for a total of 12 scenes. My 4 year old flew thru all of them in about 5 minutes. For the content that is offered it's great just wish there was more to it. Probably wouldn't spend $4 on it again. maybe $1. We have most of the bob book set and love them. I was hoping this app would be just as great, but there's just not much to it.
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12 years ago, Catchesthebabies
Too Short, Boring
I am usually very generous with reviews, but this Bob Book app is just not worth spending on. For a paid app, it is only useful briefly, and then it's time to cough up more money to go on. My daughter is just learning to read, she has a set of Bob Books at home. There are 12 scenes in each section that is theoretically progressively harder. But each section has the same 12 scenes, so my daughter quickly lost interest in it. "Mom they're all the same". I pointed out that they were slightly different skills, and she went on, but it just wasn't very engaging.
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11 years ago, Kara 1
This is a fabulous app! Very educational and fun. Both my 5 and 3 year olds love it! I think my 5 year old Is getting the most out of it, since she's reading the BOB books now, but I was happy to see my 3 year old enjoying as well. The best part - no advertising in-app purchases directly to my kids! What you see is what you get, a good quality companion to the BOB Books set.
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12 years ago, Brgaspard
I have watched my son use this app for the past 3 days and I am over the top impressed with the quality and thought behind this digital version of Bob Books. His reading confidence has increased and his enthusiasm to read is growing! He asked me today, "Why aren't there Bob Books 3 on the iPad?". So, my one and only piece of advice is to create more, please!
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12 years ago, Emma Bean's Mom
My 3 yr old daughter loves this app
I tried the free version first because I was not sure if she would like it and she took to it immediately. She seemed so proud when she figured out how to drag the letters to make the word. Because she has a speech delay I was also very excited when she began repeating words from the app. Priceless!
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11 years ago, Kdoucet2
Make some more please! We will buy more of your apps
These Bob books are great for early reading. We bought both apps provided. We also have the real bob books here at home that we practice reading. We would buy more apps like the bob books if they were provided!
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13 years ago, Flour D Lee
Great app for teaching phonemic awareness!
I love this app. I use it as a speech pathologist with my students to teach phonemic awareness. It's wonderful how it maintains their attention and how it gradually advances so that they can learn new skills without any frustration. My only complaint is that I wish there were more like it!
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11 years ago, HappyMom58
Keeps kids' attention
I love to watch kids play this app. They are so intrigued by the whole process - they like dragging the letters, they like watching the animation, they like solving the puzzle of how to spell a word. This app definitely keeps their attention and interest. Plus its educational - a real win/win.
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12 years ago, Jas mama
Good educational app!
My 2 and a half year old son likes this app! It is helping him learn to read in a fun way! I wish there were more sentences included in what you pay for, but it is a great app and I would recommend it for both education and fun!!
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12 years ago, Cgregoryrun
Bob Books are always at the top of my list when I am recommending apps to other parents. The app is cleaning made with many custom settings that allow it to grow with your child.
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11 years ago, Didi R.
My granddaughter loves this app!
My granddaughter loves this app. It is helping her with her letters and reading. She loves the colors and the animations. Her favorite is Dot and Dot's hat. She will open the app on her own and play this game for hours. Everywhere she goes, she points out hats! It is a fun, educational game that keeps her entertained!
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12 years ago, Mom-prof
A great ap for kids
This has great activities to help kids build phonics-skills. My daughter loves to read the e-books. She finds the traditional books a bit boring and tires of them quickly, but she sticks to this app longer and enjoys coming back to it. She can easily navigate through the app on her own, too. Nice work!
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13 years ago, SugarMag23
Not a $4 app!
This is more like a $0.99 app, if that. The content is not that great and the way they present the words for the sentences, etc... doesn't seem to work well in helping the kids read them or learn sentence structure. My kids, ages 4 and 7, won't even bother using this anymore. There is not much content in terms of variety either. Not sure how it could be improved though...
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12 years ago, Kate&Jackread
Bob books are good practice
My 4year old thinks it's cool! It's a fun way to practice reading and spelling on the go. My one critique is that I wish there were more sentences per picture to read to provide more reading practice. The thing I love is the moveable alphabet and the way you can spell with and without prompts.
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13 years ago, SD Tim
Keeps my son engaged
I like how they give the sounds of the letters, it has helped my son learn what letters go with what sounds as opposed to just saying the letter name. The levels also get tougher as they progress, so there is room for growth.
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12 years ago, chattystaples
Love this app and the paper bob books! My 4 yr old has learned to read using this app! The app is fun, helps with letter sounds and is easy to use. I love all the different level challenges also. Love this app! I see why it won soooo many awards!
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13 years ago, CloudOfCaroline
Love the books and glad for the app!
My 3.5 year old loves the books and loves this app, the levels keep her interest. She loves seeing the characters in color! Can't wait for more!
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12 years ago, NannasBanannas
We really like reading with Bob Books. Would like some different pictures for the different levels though. My daughter gets bored doing the same pictures over and over.
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12 years ago, Kickstand54
This is hard
I love this app. The actual content is high quality. It executes very well and is an outstanding tool to develop beginning readers. There is simply not enough of it to even begin to justify the price. I hope you guys add more in a future update so the vast majority don't walk away from this purchase feeling overcharged.
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13 years ago, GoodnightNurse
Can't Read Entire Book
If you already have the Bob books, this app is a disappointment as it only plays the first couple of sentences from each book. There's no ending to the stories--just the first 2 pages. Very frustrating for a 5 yr old.
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11 years ago, Angry ever after
Great app
My 3 1/2 yr old loves this app and so do I! I especially love that there is no other hidden fees or extra hidden apps! Good job on building an app that can be independent and not rely on coaxing kids in with junk that doesn't work!!!!! :() Mom approved!
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11 years ago, QuidProQuo4u
Intuitive, instructive, and fun
At two years old, my toddler easily started using the app. She is learning learning to spell, practice sounds, and enjoys the interactive. The music is pleasant too.
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11 years ago, chawbert
Kids will learn to read but get your wallet!
My son learned to read from the paper books-loved them .... The app is great too but $4 for each (4 level) set is too much. My four year old completed set 1 in a few days.
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9 years ago, greyseal
Great app!
This app is lots of fun. A great app to help kids learn to blend. You can ignore the folks claiming there is no sound, as the sound works perfectly fine if you don't have it muted.
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13 years ago, nonverbaut
fun but need more scenes
My son likes this app . He likes when the pictures change to color after he spells the word. I think for the price there should be more scenes.
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11 years ago, Galeless
This app allows my independent child to learn to read without my help. I love that it sounds out each letter. Great to pair with the books also!
Show more
13 years ago, sleepwell!
More content please!
Love the interactive options and it has so much potential! But I agree with other reviews! Please add more content and capitalize on the limitless potential of the iPad. Look forward to more content per book and the addition of Bob Book# 3 and more!
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