Book Creator for iPad

4.1 (174)
179.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tools for Schools Limited
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Book Creator for iPad

4.11 out of 5
174 Ratings
6 years ago, momonthegogo
Love it for class books.
I have used this app a lot in my classroom. We. Are class books all the time and I can print them and send them to parents to read in iBooks. At home. I love that I can print the books on our school printer. However I wish they did not have to be whole pages. I would love for the option to print 4 book pages per piece of copy paper. I also wish photos could be edited/ cropped in the app. It would also be nice to be able to make books on longer legal size paper.
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9 months ago, attarssss
Nothing wrong about it at all!
This is absolutely in my top two favorite games! It’s the only writing game that actually lets me do what I want to do I love the comic future, I love how you can change the font, and add pictures, change the colors of the words, add a background to the words and to the page, and you can use pen to draw and add emoji’s, You get to do whatever you want and there are no rules, you can add the author and title into a description, you can change the short tutorial, you can print books too! there’s nothing I don’t like about the app! so far I’ve made precisely 97 books! Thank you so so so so so so so so so much for making this app!
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1 year ago, ThisisnowReviewed
The best and fully recommended!😀 1 thing though…
I always wanted to make books. Comic books and novels. I have always been looking for them, until now! This app can make comics and novels perfectly! One thing though, on the comic sheets there is a mode for 6 panels. Great, but the 2 middle panels are in the middle of the page. Now, if I wanted to make a real book I wouldn’t want that. Plus, it would be really hard to read. Anyways, that isn’t too bad, just annoying so I still rate it a 5/5 stars and very recommended.
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4 months ago, Smiley cat 16
Huge thumbs up!👍🏻
This game is fun, I’m totally an author and illustrator. I don’t like reading in real life, but I totally love making books! If you ever got any nasty reviews….. forget them. You deserve way better. Whoever created this app is the best. But I don’t know how to upload them to a computer, the books you make. If there isn’t a way to do that. Please add it. And I know you have so little reviews. I’ll share this game with my friends ok. I’ll defiantly download the next app you creat! Bye!
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3 months ago, Bun-bun the bunny
Reading Voice Not Beautiful
This is a very very good app with captions and all things you can imagine. One thing though….. The voice you hear when the device reads to you is not interesting at all It is very stiff and boring and it doesn’t read my words the right way. For example, I want it to say “Okkkk” really slowly but the way it reads it is like this,”Ok k k k “ But the rest is so good that I still give it a 4 out of 5
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3 years ago, 😒brattycomplaint
Absolutely love it, just one problem.
So when I was at school, my teachers let the class use book creator. I got it at home and I’ve made so many books, used it for years. But one day it stopped working and it wasn’t loading the books. It kicked me out of the app, I even tried resetting my iPad. It didn’t work. Maybe it was a bug, but I have no idea, and I need to get it fixed.
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11 months ago, Super. Nice. App!!!
Great app
I love this app it’s super great!!! I love making books on it and have been doing for 4 yrs. Yay its so great. Only problem is it deleted the app when my ipad stopped working but when we started it again a lot of apps werent there anymore. This app wasn’t there anymore and i 100 pages of a story i was working on 😞 but that really wasn’t book creators fault. Overall i love this app!!!!!!
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7 months ago, ARandomAxolotl
Great App!
I love this app! I definitely recommend buying it. It opens so many possibilities! I wrote so many cool books using book creator! It might take you some time to get the hang of it, but it’s great! And you could use it to make a slideshow about something you want to convince your parents to get it! I love this app so much!
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5 years ago, leopard killer
👍great app!
This app is for people who like creating books. This app in not for people that hate or don’t like reading. I’m a reading fan. I love the unlimited variety of books you give us. I like how we can take pictures and how we can copy them to our book. I feel like I am a real author. I will give this a five star ⭐️ rating. Creators, if you read this, thank you for the app!
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2 years ago, Reader Doo
Microphone on keyboard not working
My son has been using Book Creater for about 2 years. He used to give this app a rating of 5 Stars; however, lately, it is not working right. When he tries to use the voice typing by clicking on the microphone icon on the keyboard, it is just typing a space instead. He keeps having to turn the iPad off to reset it, but it will just happen again a minute or so later. He feels like he’s spending more time resetting it than actually writing his story.
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4 years ago, Wrongwaypeachfuzz
If it’s important, don’t use this app
I have been using this app to do mockups and store ideas for future projects for the last five years. Today I inadvertently deleted the app and all the accompanying data. I spent all day trying to find a way to restore the data .... five years worth of ideas for children’s books. It never occurred to me that I needed to create yet another workflow to preserve the contents of the app. I thought the usual iCloud backup would include this important data. The fact that it does not is a huge failure on the part of book creator.
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4 years ago, Married2Pittsburgh
Best game in history
I love this app because when I grow up I will be a writer. It helps learn how to type and I love ❤️ playing it at school. So if you think 💭this app is another game you payed so much dollars for and your your kids get so mad at well guess what your kids won’t get mad because it’s the best app in history.
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5 years ago, Pin prob
Frustrating app
The controls for this app leave a lot to be desired. It would be great if when I was trying to select a font size I could type it in rather than having to use a slider. I *almost* get the font size selected and BAM! it goes way too far one direction or the other. Being able to use tabs and other types of formatting would be useful also. So many text boxes get in the way when trying to edit.
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7 years ago, igster187
It’s no iBook Author
If you’re trying to make a book and use it in the ibooks as an epub file, it’s not great. Here’s what you can’t do and they won’t tell you about it until after your purchase it. 1) Once you’ve made a book and transferred to ibooks, you can’t high light it, you can’t change font size. Heck, you can’t annotate over it like you can with pdf files in the ibook... and this is iOS 11! 2) If you want to make a book with chapters in them, you can for get about this app. 3) you can’t crop photos 😕 Here’s why it even got 3 stars. They seem to be focused on making kids books and for that, the price is fair. It’s not for thesis, reports, or research. It’s not for professional use.
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6 months ago, Ka11g
Unremovable book
I don’t like when there’s the beginner/getting started book it’s really annoying and every time I see it I want to delete it. It’s just kind of annoying. I still like this app though, I just really suggest to please make that a removable book.
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1 year ago, nicknamesaredumbandsoisapple
Cannot do anything except view the tutorial
We purchased this app on an older iPad and have just now downloaded it again on our current device. There must be some issue because we have no option to create new books. All we can do is view the tutorial. There is no top menu to add books, nothing. I see options to create new bookshelves and import books but it appears that’s…it? Would really appreciate some support here.
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5 years ago, Still Looking For Perfection
Good for the price, but I want more!
EDITED Nice that it provides standard comic book panels, speech balloons, and lettering. However, would have been better if it had or allowed users to create their own panels for that NON-STANDARD/extra personal touch, such as panels in circular and triangular shapes and more . I really want to be able to play full-page video clips automatically when turning pages but this app won't allow it. I cannot fit a video in entire panel. I have tried different sized video clips and could only get them to occupy part of the panel and I'm forced to hit the Play button every time to get the clips to run. Hope a future version includes everything in my wish list!
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4 years ago, Lyss0124
Little problem
I love the app but when you put a video in no sound comes out even with the volume all the way up! That is my problem
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4 years ago, Dade678976433
Please add something
I have a suggestion, how about you make it so you can make ebooks! I would love that. I see you struggling with stars. This would (I think) give you a boost. You would have lots more creators, if you don’t, I dont really care but I would like you to.
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6 years ago, kmilleridaho
Excellent Book making app
I love this app! We use it all the time in my 2nd grade classroom. The students use it as their digital Math Journal and as a digital STEM notebook. Very easy to use with young students, but enough options to extend for use with older students. Great app.
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1 year ago, Molly ❤️❄️
Get this appppp 😊
I have been using this for 3 years. And it still blows my mind every time i open it! I make random storys or book reports for school! So if any one is asking, get it!
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7 years ago, ZoomZoomdefend
Can you make an option where you can publish a book to a gallery, where people’s books can be read by people all over the world
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7 years ago, LadyTreana
Why can I no longer scroll to edit!!
I’ve been using this app for a while and have loved it. But today, it’s not letting me scroll down to edit text! I am panicked because I use it to create our Sunday morning bulletins. I can’t get it to scroll! What happened! I’m now looking for another program! It’s taking too long to fix the issues!!
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3 years ago, Rmend79
Love it
Perfect to make stories and lessons. However I cannot move around the objects while recording your voice.
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5 years ago, boochabtm
Awesome App!
It is a good app because you can creat books on whatever you want! I do wish that you could publish books in a gallery so people can see it. Overall in is an awesome app!!!!!!!!!
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2 years ago, Tokisan
Best book creator
It is an essential tool for picturebook pdf and epub. You can even put movie and voice over. Hope I can put gif file in the future. Please remove black flash when I export as a movie file. Please give us to hide ugly voice over icon and movie play tool when I export as epub. Please back up files in iclouds and dropbox. Thanks so much.
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2 years ago, Lainybug555<3
Needs one more thing
I love book creator but when we draw I can’t zoom in can you add that?
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4 years ago, fuendbd
Best app ever
I love this app I played this at school and I want to get home so I asked and I got it it was the best app ever I tried the free one you can create one book and everything was limited so it’s the best
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5 years ago, Puddinpop
Cannot delete
It’s amazing 😉 but I can’t delete when I record I can’t delete my recording otherwise great app
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6 years ago, mjm1970
Great app, please add more fonts and features
Please add more fonts and features. I use this app for making books, but plz add more. Overall, great app!
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5 years ago, SuperLink9000
Good but can’t change font
I like to make books but it’s different when you can’t change the font
Show more
4 years ago, buko9000
I like the app but..
I like the app but I am EXTREMELY sick of the audio mispronouncing words. It's just really annoying, and it can't say the word “imposter”. Also, pls add the color wheel, and the slider to darken the wheel.
Show more
3 weeks ago, AliKatisAdorable
Love it!
So I love it! It has many good reasons! Alright. Let’s start now. Reason 1: many bugs have been fixed since 6 yrs ago! Improved well! Reason 2: love it! I have made more on book creator 1 but so nice! Shoutout: why does this one have better ratings than book creator 1? They are both so good!
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8 months ago, Izzy43246577
My Help for you
Well the read to self is reading my speech bubbles in the wrong order for one! And for two what I wrote down won't show up it glitched!
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5 years ago, comic time
Comic app
I want a comic app that you can draw with a pen and not a marker it’s bad for me I just want a comic app that it has characters and you can make some. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😃
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5 years ago, Toe Bone
Have used this app for years. Easy, fun. Haven’t lost a thing on updates. Worth the $5. A fun app for parents and kids alike.
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2 years ago, The railfaner plane spoter
Nice app
It’s a very good app it is very big reliable reason a lot of reliabilities and it’s very good very good quality
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6 years ago, j kuyk
Easy peezy
Love the app easy and user friendly , really wish I could save file as .doc or .docx to ease publishing conversion thanks
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3 years ago, Matk XX
Why is the price not accurate?
In the store it said 2.99 but I see in my account I was charged 5 $
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2 years ago, hygryhyrhythyfgfyfufhfyfyfhfh
Is book creator 1 the same?
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5 years ago, #Kdp9812//:
Just published first ebook of our series prepared with book creator app
If you are looking for an app to prepare an ePub for a children's book, Book Creator app for iPad produces a beautiful ePub3. We varied the font and font size, boldness and color. We chose a square book format, but other shapes and sizes are available. We were also able to choose page color and vary page color throughout the book. We included a short video, in lieu of an illustration on one page. There is the option to narrate your book or have the app narrate it and light up the word being read. There is an automatic page turning option. Air dropping illustrations from your iPad or iPhone is very easy. For book 2 in our series, we are doing more illustrations directly onto the iPad/book creator page with a stylus. For our needs, the app is easy to use and offers all of the features we needed. We have been asked to conduct a seminar for teachers and writers on preparing an ebook with Book Creator for iPad at a local college next month. The only problem we encountered was submitting a table of contents to Apple's iTunes Producer. There were instructions in Book Creator for preparing a TOC to submit to Apple, but we did not get it right. The folks at Apple were nice enough to redo our TOC. UPDATE: The first three multi-media books in our series are in the Kids section for ages 6-8 on the Apple Book Store. With each new book, we have found new ways to creatively use the features of this app. As requested by teachers, we are now preparing a read-aloud format of our books for children who are younger than 6, struggling a little with reading, English language learners, or visually impaired. We are using the "add sound" feature of Book Creator with an iPad headset. Our narrator is awesome, but the "light up words" and "automatic page turning" features of the app only work with the digital voices the app provides, which lack expression and phrasing. Any new developments in the works to enhance making read-aloud?
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1 year ago, Hannah francis milgram
How great this app is
This is the best app ever I am having so much fun with it
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12 months ago, crokie 52
My book went away
I made a book and 2 weeks later it was gone
Show more
5 years ago, futurefoundation
Max page?
What’s the max page?
Show more
10 months ago, wxduo
I liked this app for the first couple years, but all of a sudden it kept crashing. Please fix the issue.
Show more
2 years ago, JayArbo
Awesome game.
I looooooove this game I’ve made so many awesome books buy it I recommended it
Show more
7 years ago, Aminamer3564
I like it! But...
So... I like it but, there should be more drawing tools.
Show more
5 years ago, Whit 394
No accounts, no flicks at all perfect to the core! 💯% private keeping!
Show more
3 years ago, traylemario
I hate this it was great but now I can’t take photos and it glitches books! Don’t get this, unless the devs fix it.
Show more
5 months ago, heirofamalfoy
Love it
I love it so much
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