Book Creator One

3.4 (536)
179.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tools for Schools Limited
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Book Creator One

3.41 out of 5
536 Ratings
2 years ago, topo kitty the best
Great! until…
This app is awesome and has helped me with countless things, I especially thank the creators. But on day I logged on to book creator and pressed create book but instead of adding a new book to my other creations a page popped up that said I needed to re buy the app and under it said “already purchased”. But when I pressed it did nothing. So even though I was already on my last nerve, I pressed the 4.99 button. After I made the purchase I sat for thirty minutes staring at a buffering symbol until it stopped. I would also like to add I was on Wi-Fi and had just restarted my iPad and turned Wi-Fi off for twenty seconds. Then after I tried to press create book again it showed me the same 4.99 button. So as you see there is obviously a serious glitch that made me repay double the amount I was supposed to. Please answer my review and fix this glitch as soon as possible thank you for reading my review. 🐱
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3 years ago, Ashaly oceralsom
Buy This App!!!
I love this app!!! It’s so amazing! Even though you have to pay some money, you can’t expect everything thing for free you know. Also for others that are reading this, when you finish writing a book and you can’t buy more, use the instructions manual! Erase everything on it and make a book! That’s what I did until my mom bought more for me. Please buy this app! It’s amazing even though I wish that there was more thing in here. If anyone wants to be an author you can work on this app to practice! Especially if a child has lots of imagination. I am even writing books of my nightmares and dreams! One of my dreams was when monsters were taking over the world! Knowing that I will die, but also remembering a clip I watched about that you can control your dreams if you will. And I had super powers and I made me and the people around me turn invisible! And I made the monsters go right though us so we don’t die from getting stepped on. Also you can get nightmares from watching or seeing something you don’t like! But the whole point is this is a great app!
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4 years ago, seb perrier
Why do we need to pay?
I really like this app because it makes your creativity develop quickly. With this app I me make a book that looks realistic and that you can turn the pages nicely. But the problem comes here. When I tried making another one, it told me to pay 5 dollar to make unlimited books which I think should come freely or at least maybe a little less. This app would be the best app in the world if you didn’t need to pay.
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4 years ago, a fourth grader 7 30
I really like it but one thing...
I love this app and I make lots of books with it, I don’t use it for school purposes (I still make kid friendly books!) but there’s one problem. You have to pay to make more than one or three books I forgot (I’ve used this app for so long I forgot how many books you can make without having to pay, I think you can only make one though). Also I don’t though if you can fix this but I had this app on an old iPad I had and that iPad broke, so I had to get a new one and when I got book creator, all of my books were gone. Don’t think the creators of this app can fix that but I just wanted to mention that. Great app, but the paying to make more books is kinda dumb.
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1 year ago, tsrandall
This app is fun and all but some few problems
I LOVE this game on computer but on mobile devices it’s bad. On computer I can search images on the web but on iPad I can’t and it makes it really hard to find the images you want. Honestly I thought I would be loving this app but apparently people only make games/apps good on computers like it’s the most used device and even if it is you still got to at least try to make it good on other devices. I read the reviews and they have problems to but very rarely that the read and fix problems so if you not a developer and your reading this please tell me that you had the same problem as me please FIX WHATEVER I PUT HERE PLEASE I WILL GIVE THIS APP FIVE STARS I REALLY LIKE BUT THE PROBLEMS MAKE IT VERY BAD also my iPad is very glitchy right now so uhh yeah I got to stop typing so bye
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6 years ago, Hobby mystery writer
It does so much and I have a request!
I use it so much very intensively for my storyboards, comic books, visual travel plans, and everything. It’s so easy to use and flexible, and super helpful for my projects. The reason I give 4 stars is, I have a request for an improvement. 1. Fix the glitch... in the comic mode, I used to be able to tap on a picture, then tap on (i) to make the picture either foreground or background of a panel. But if I do, the app closes itself. Please fix the glitch. 2. Make and add more panels in comic mode. In comic mode, I need more than 3 panels per page. After I choose the basic template, I would lie to be able to add more panels and pictures. 3. Be able to put more pictures. Right now, we can choose only one picture per panel, and doesn’t let me add or layer the more pictures on top of it. 4. I need more type of dialog bubbles than a smooth, round ones. I need spiky ones for excitement. And also spiky “ thinking bubbles”. 5. You can add more sound onomatopoeic bubbles and stickers, back ground focus lines and comic gestures for further in-purachase.
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4 years ago, PeaceGwynethLifeStyle
I Like It, But I Have An Idea
I play this app almost all the time and I use it like a diary or to make a book series. I just have one suggestion that I would love to be added to the game. I’d like to change what you’re typing into a language translation, like you could type something and it would be seen in another language of your choice, like Korean or Japanese. But to make it easier, an English keyboard will be next to it so you won’t have to worry too much about typing correct words when using the language translate. I enjoy the game, but I’d give your game five stars if you could figure out how to make my suggestion a real thing.
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3 years ago, Eating eating eating
Plz read before downloading this silly game
Sooo I play this a lot but I made one book and after it was done I was trying to make part two of my book the hunter and his son and it said pay to make another book so what I had to do was clear everything from “getting started” and make my book soo plz don’t make us spend our money to make a silly darn book! So I would rather spend my day looking at the ceiling then pay my money to make a book it is bad u r a scam. For money! and how does that help I even let my lil sis spend her money on her phone and she still couldn’t make a book it is a scam so if u want to spend money go ahead and download if u r with me don’t
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4 years ago, TricksyH
Absolutely worth it!
I love this app! I really do it’s just you can only make one book at the beginning witch really stinks. I also think it shouldn’t be 5 bucks because people don’t want to pay a lot of money 💵 just to be able to make a book on a tablet. Cause your totally capable of stapling some paper together and writing in it so I don’t think you should have to pay 5 bucks for something you could do in the real world and kids spend a lot of time on devices. So LOWER the MONEY would ya!???
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4 years ago, NormDunkin
Wonderful app, worth every penny
I created a book for my grandchildren using photos of their toys. They loved it. I wanted the extra features so I purchased the app. I would have paid much more than $4.99. What a bargain. I think that people who create useful apps should be paid for their works. There are no ads in the free version so these folks need to be compensated for their efforts. Thank you for creating this delightful app. I look forward to creating more books for the grandkids.
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1 year ago, mustbe popcorn
So I love this app but I feel like they should let you make at least 10 books until asking you to pay because I am pretty young so I don’t make my own money so I can’t pay for it, and my mom or dad won’t either because we already are paying for 5 different games and if you do let us have 10 books without asking to pay you could make the cost higher idc just let us have more books that’s all I am asking.
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4 years ago, LoudHouseBriteBomber
Personally when I first got it I wasn’t too happy that we could only do that tiny number of books and so I deleted it. But then I downloaded it back again for coronavirus homeschool purposes and I found it was amazing! Also guys if you want to add a new book but have already used up all of them you can delete the intro to book creator and yadayadayada. Anyways I wanted to say this is awesome! I love it! Just one thing: Siri (or whatever her name is) says coronavirus like COR-OH-NA-VEER-US. It just cracks me up, but could you fix that? Thanks! —ParisianCCP
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1 year ago, unicorn unicorn ding dong
This is the worst
Today I went on book creater and it said you need to pay FIVE DOLLARS TO MAKE A STINKING BOOK. I love book creater because you can make great books for no money, but now you have to pay to make new books. Buuuuut what if I DONT WANT TO HUH. I don’t care about making better looking books I just want to type on boom creater because I want to be a writer when I grow up and book creater is my practice place and the only app I know how to use. So book creater please change this to you have a choice because I don’t want to pay for your scam and no one else wants to too but they do so they can make books.
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7 months ago, Im nice🙂
Great but just 2 things!!
Book creater is a nice app but there's some things i would like that could be made better. 1. I feel like you should be able to make atleast 1-5 books for free without paying, it would be better and not as limiting! 2. idk if it's just me, but whenever i click the read my book button, it reads at another paragraph out of order! But it's overall a great app!
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4 years ago, Log🌹
Book creator
I think that book creator is a great way to use your imagination to make up stories. But the cost is way too high in my opinion. I think that it should either be free or up to one dollar in pay. I love this app in many ways but also when you buy the upgrade it’s super complicated to buy it and then to put in all of the info that is needed. But other than that I love this app 100% and you should get it today!
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5 years ago, Kota P YT
Why the paywall?
I liked this app, I really did. I used it to make my first book, and I liked all the customizable options! ButI can only make one book, and to get unlimited books, it costs 5 dollars, which I don’t think is worth it to me. I would rate better without the pay wall... which makes me sad..😔 Also, I wanted to add a soundtrack, but every time it asks if I want it for every page or not and I click yes, the app crashes!😡
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4 years ago, #itsmoonlight
This is so dum but ok at the same time
I don’t really like this app because you can only make one book but I have found a way to make two so when you get the tutorial you can delete everything and make a fresh book but it your like me and you like to make a lot of books you are better off getting the 4.99 one😁😭
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1 year ago, GK chicken
Please read this
I love this app! But I have something to tell you about. When you add to a page, and you text something on to the page, you can’t see what you’re texting until you are done. And that’s all, . But other wise I love this app!
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6 years ago, xxxaNoNiMoUsxxx
Look, the app is wonders. You can insert really cool things but there is some books you just have to scrap, hence the delete button. But, EVERY SINGLE TIME I press it A FRIGIN UPGRADE SLIDE APPEARS. What the hell? Does that mean I have to pay to DELETE books. That makes no sense, plz fix this. The app is really good, hence the 4 stars, but, the simple fact I need to pay to REMOVE a book takes out a star alone. Thanks for reading
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5 years ago, Billie561
Dear Book creator
Book creator is very fun I already made nine books some that are made up and some true I love book creator I could also do it at school on the computer this is how I got Book creator I found it out at School I am so thankful for school well not really besides the point I really think you should get this app
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Good App but one thing
Ok so first I made a book and it was for my brother and then I tried to make another book and it said I had to pay money for it and I was like “ So I guess you can’t make multiple books without buying it”. Stil a good app though
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2 years ago, ghhchnn
Fun but I have to pay a lot to make 2 or more books mabey lower the price or make a limit to 4 books otherwise it good for learning for kids thank for reading (creators please send or text or whatever back) -McKenna
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2 years ago, Nancy ann catlover
Good I don’t know why people keep complaining about a subscription or a glitch or something because I have had this app for like 7 years since I was 5 and it’s never happened to me
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3 years ago, Ellia Grace Isom
Great app! But…
Oh my goodness this app is amazing! I love is so much, I’ve always been the one in the family that loves to read, and write books. But…you can only write one book for free then you have to pay. But over all I love this app!
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2 years ago, 🦄🦄🦄coco
But I don’t know why they were very but you do one book but the other ones you have to pay for it’s not fair what about the people who don’t wanna pay for more books. Please fix it.
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5 years ago, AlpineBlueStudios
Worth the cost to upgrade
This is a great easy to use app and well worth the cost to upgrade. We skipped the tutorials and were able to create a 21 page children’s book in less than 10 minutes.
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6 years ago, author: fifi
1 book
It would not let me do more then 1 book. On my school iPad it will let me do as many books as I want but then when I use it at home it wouldn’t let me do more then 1 1 book. Other wise it is a really fun app. I make a lot of books on my SCHOOL iPad. And if you like to make books it is a good book making app and you’ll love it if you like to make books.
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4 years ago, Sameeha shaikh
Why paying
I think this app is ok but one problem why bother paying? I am pretty annoyed because my parents don’t like wasting money on apps but this is important for me because my teacher is leaving without being together so I need to make lots of books but this allows me to make 1 book,1 single book
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7 years ago, Johanvanwyk
This is how to do more than one book
Ok guys, it’s simple, finish your book then save it as an ePub or PDF. Once done delete the contents of your book and start afresh with your new one. This is a fantastic little app, it has a few glitches but hey! it’s free!
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2 years ago, dmdmdkdkskcmskskdskskd
Come on! #2. (Includes font talk) DEVELOPERS READ IT.
Okay, so I really want something. No price for unlimited. My app glitched then deleted. I downloaded it again, and I was devastated when my 72 books of my made-up series of “Truth” was gone. I could make only 2 books. Then I had so much ideas for Truth, so much can fit into 2 books. Notes is another app I use as an amateur
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5 years ago, leopard killer
love this but...
I love this app but, HAVE MORE THEN 1 BOOK!!!!!! I can find it a little bit annoying for me. I still love the app! Why is the “Unlimited” books $4.99? I just hate it. I think it is very stupid that the price is so high. Books are good for kids. You should add more books. Please no books that DO NOT WORK!!!!!!!
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1 year ago, Moez Gabr
It is good but one thing…
I love everything but when I tried making another book it took me to another book and I had to redownload
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6 years ago, Maddie_0212
One book
Why can’t I make another book I mean come on! Get with it sorry to lower your confidence but, if this update does not happen soon then I will give bad reviews on every thing you make and delete it ( and I don’t want to pay for it so fix it quickly) sorry I had to get like this🙁
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6 years ago, Ffsaafhxa
Customer Support
Although I had a problem, whether it was user or app I don't know, the customer support was kind and patient in their responses. Dan attempted to help me recover my book and even redirected me to another app's customer support. Great job book creator
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5 years ago, bean lil bean
Same review as fifi
Only one book unless you pay 4:99!? One book gets irritating sometimes. It’s like oh I’m bored of that book. And then poof FOUR NINTEY NINE! I know it’s cheap and it’s payday but really!? What if your parents or someone you know spends their money on something else? Please change it. Me and fifi need it
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2 years ago, sftdyuf
When I got this app I was super exited but when I saw you had to pay to do another one I was upset. But I made my superhero series into one hole book. You should get the app!
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You know you have to pay for a bit if you actually made a book and your producer is asking you for money to make it to be like very much more money so be happy it’s $5.99!!!
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4 years ago, unicorn princess 🦄👸🏻👑💍
It’s pretty good, but why do we have to pay?
Why do we have to pay? Can’t you lower the price? Every time I try to create a new book, and upgrade the slide appears!!! This makes me so angry! Five bucks is a lot. I don’t mean to be rude but cant you lower the price or some thing?
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2 years ago, YourLoacalSlay
So I was on book creator and all the sudden it was glitching I wasn’t at home I had wi-if internet it was all on 4 bars, I decided that I should reload it so I deleted it- now I can’t get it it’s super weird idk if it’s just the app (Or my device) but other things have been going on, 1.Like the title- 2.Honestly, Why not just buy the other book creator 4.Just why- we’re able to download it with no costs at all! But now I have to pay!? At least change it to when you are going to but PUT A PRICE FOR DOWNLOADING IT
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2 years ago, error73637
I LOVE this app but I wish you didn’t have to pay because if a school wants to get the app for each child each one would have to pay $4.99 so maybe you could discount the price.
Show more
4 years ago, Funtime Felicia
Hold up
It’s not about the fact that you can only make one book. It’s because of the last photo. How do we make interactive stories. I’m just asking how. Thank you
Show more
4 years ago, bunnygirl888
I love Book Creator But one problem!
I love book Creator but there’s one problem! You can’t delete Texts! In a book I have do delete “1 nation” can you fix this? It need to be like Pages but without dates
Show more
3 years ago, Lmacnamara
Why pay?
Kids or/and adults have to pay to be creative it makes no sense, like i want to write but i really don’t wanna pay and online you can make 30 books without paying!
Show more
6 months ago, floor thing stuff
Great but not great now…
I liked it at the start making a new book then I decided to make another book but then it told me to “upgrade” it to make unlimited books. Then it told me to pay to make unlimited books so like that guy who typed that message, YOU ARE SCAMMING PEOPLE😡!!!So please don’t make us pay for darn books. I’d (and other people) would appreciate it🙂
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2 years ago, Jurassic MEOW
I love creating books!
I love books especially creating them! This is my dream app for books!
Show more
4 years ago, mcquiggan
Can’t make more than one book you have to pay
This is a good game a but it cost almost five dollars to do more books you can do only one book then you have to pay I would recommend the other book creator!
Show more
6 years ago, Tinkerbell$20
Good but it cost money to make two books or more
I think this is one of the greatest apps ever but it cost money to make more than one book it’s 4.99$ just to make more than one book please fix that.
Show more
4 years ago, 🐕😑🐕
Soooooo hard
I just got this app and it was fine until it was weird because I did something to make it like a comic book but it started out weird because it would read the third line then go onto the first line and when you draw you can’t delete some of the stuff
Show more
2 weeks ago, Blue2😊
I loved this app cuz im rlly interested into writing books but i found that I couldn’t delete the book i was working on so i had 2 download it again
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2 years ago, www abc ya9
Why lots of money?
So why are there money in it why can’t it be free it’s more fun and you can have so much books to read and why can’t you just instert photos from typeing if you never tryed this app I don’t really recommend but you can chose if you want it or not
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