Boomerang - Cartoons & Movies

3.7 (4.6K)
145.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Boomerang Plus
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Boomerang - Cartoons & Movies

3.67 out of 5
4.6K Ratings
4 years ago, Extra Cub
Pretty good experience, but...
When I got this app I thought it was going to be bad, but I was pleasantly proven wrong. That’s not to say that I’m completely satisfied with it. There were a few issues I ran into, and a couple personal complaints that I have. So to begin. The downloading was actually pretty good, it was fast and it seemed to work pretty well for me, but there were a few issues I encountered with it. All of the downloaded shows had no images and the names of the episodes were all something random, one of them didn’t even play, and a few of them would freeze at a specific time in the show no matter how many times I tried watching it (I had to skip ahead in the episode to fix it). But other than that I have no complaints about the downloading, it saved me during a long car ride, and it surprisingly takes barely any battery. Now on to the personal complaints. I really wish there were more shows. To my knowledge, they literally have the rights to all of these awesome old shows, but for some reason they won’t add them, yeah they got some good shows right now, but where is Dexter’s Lab, Ed Edd n’ Eddy, Chowder, etc. Because if you really think about it, Boomerang is charging us half the price as a Netflix subscription for a medium list of shows that they own the rights to. That’s pretty much my only complaints though. I enjoy a few of the shows on here, and I’m really happy at how easy they are to watch.
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5 years ago, NateK294
Really good app with room to improve
I’ve gotta say I’m pretty blown away by the overall quality of the app and programming. While my review was 4 stars I would say it’s more of a 4.5. I was very skeptical when it was announced given the dive in quality of the Boomerang TV channel. However, I was proven wrong in a big way. The selection is great and growing not to mention the app and website seem to have been put together really well. It seems like the team working on them real took time and effort to make it a good quality. The only disappointing part is the inconsistency of the downloading feature. Some episodes downloaded correctly while others did not. For example, one episode downloaded but didn’t have any audio. Others simply didn’t want to play. I also think a couple tweaks to the mobile app would be very beneficial. For example, I think adding a downloaded tab that takes you to all of the content you downloaded would be much more convenient than having to scroll to the bottom of the mobile app to find that section. I’m also not the biggest fan of episodes continuously playing whenever I’m scrolling through episodes on the desktop version. It’s not a major deal just something I’m not the biggest fan of. Again, overall it’s been a great experience and if a couple tweaks are made and content is being added regularly I don’t see why this app/service couldn’t become even better.
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12 months ago, shi hi an
Brings back memories, but still has room to improve
Like the selection of the Looney Toons and other classics, but I still miss the ones with Yosemite Sam, Speedy Gonzales, and Peppie La Pew (if I spelled that right). I’m still under the one week free trial, but I’m enjoying what it has to offer so far. Hopefully when I begin the yearly subscription (which the price is reasonable), I hope to see some more selections in the future. My top picks are: Super Friends, Swat Katz, Transformers (the classic cartoons), the 1940s Superman cartoons, Silverhawks, He-Man, BraveStarr, The Centurions, Thundercats, and many more that I wish to see. These classics were the only reason that I got up early on Saturdays when I was a kid. If it’s possible, the developers have my thanks. As for the app, the set up is simple an easy to use. My only complaint is that screen (at least for my iPhone 12) won’t rotate. It’s on a set screen position that I have to unclip my belt clip which also acts like a stand and have to rotate the entire iPhone into position. If there is an update to fix this problem, I’ll keep an eye out for it. Once again, thank you for bringing back my childhood memories. Children these days will never understand the Golden Age of Cartoons.
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5 years ago, Joey Boomerang
Please fix downloads
First of all, I love the tv shows on this app. Please continue to add more throwback cartoons! The reason I’m giving this app such a low rating is because of all the technical issues I’ve been facing. I love that there is a download feature as I often watch shows on my phone on my commute to work which has little to no service. The downloads feature was working fine at first but once I turned my phone on airplane mode I was unable to start a show. Clicking on the show did nothing unless I had service. The second issue was the downloaded show would randomly stop while I was watching it on airplane mode. Once it stopped I had to back out and start the show from the beginning and hope it would work without stopping. It was hard to finish a single downloaded episode without service. This happened multiple times and I wasn’t able to finish the episode. The final issue occurred while I was watching a downloaded episode without airplane mode on with service coming in and out. The screen went black for a couple of seconds and then crashed. I was unable to open the app again because everyone I tried it crashed. I had to delete the app which deleted all of my downloads. Since downloading episodes only worked some of the time, I am unable to download episodes I haven’t seen yet because I have reached my “two downloads per year” limit. I love that there is a download feature but please fix this as soon as possible and I will purchase a yearly subscription!!!
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6 years ago, broney220
A good app, but needs some work.
it sure is nice having a streaming service which allows me to see many of the cartoons I had watched on reruns growing up as a kid, especially since at least some of them are not available for purchase in any format. The annual or monthly subscription rates are very reasonable just for those facts alone. Here is where the app needs some work, it is not completely voiceover compliant, and anyone who has difficulty reading the screen and the information on the icons as I do and probably many other users have, can probably appreciate this issue. what we end up with, is my clicking on a choice and not knowing exactly what I’m about to watch until it comes on the screen, at which point I can recognize it there. But it would be nice to have this app be 100% voiceover compatible, and since I have other streaming services which already have this capability, I know it can be done. If the developers listen to or read this review and correct this issue, I would have absolutely no problem changing my reading to five stars. However, it does earn a solid four star rating just the same.
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6 years ago, Stinky Beetle
Please Fix Download Function
This is a great app. I get to share cartoons that I grew up watching with my kids and it’s nice to have a couple of things downloaded on hand for when I’m waiting in line or bored on the train. One thing that bugs me about this app is that the download function doesn’t always work. Sometimes I’ll repeatedly tap download and nothing will happen. Other times downloads will take forever or sometimes the download appeared to be fixed finished only for me to find that it didn’t finish downloading once I get somewhere and want to watch something. I also find downloading movies to be nearly impossible and I haven’t successfully done so yet, which is so disappointing! If those issues could be fixed, this would be perfect and I would most likely renew my subscription, which I’m currently thinking of not doing.
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3 years ago, Daemon the Demon
You better quit screwing around and hop to it.
I grew up with boomerang as a kid in the early to mid 2000’s and loved watching it. Even though Cartoon Network was still evolving with more shows that came out like Ed, Edd N Eddy, Foster’s Home and Codename: KND just to name a few. I found it awesome that there was an app for it but quickly realized it’s missing A LOT of shows. You guys better quit screwing around and hop to it. Foster’s was one of my many favorites and it’s not even on here!!!! If you want more subscribers and good reviews, make a better app, put all of the so-called “5000” shows you have on here and even if you up the charge for them, I’ll buy a year subscription. Because I miss watching these classic shows and want to do so. It would be an even bigger bonus if we can somehow select Cartoon Network bumpers from whatever year. My personal favorites were the Cartoon Network City bumpers. But you guys got to bring back ALL OF THOSE SHOWS. Wouldn’t hurt to have the Miguzi shows like teen titans or TMNT. If you can work on the shows at the very least I will be a returning subscriber. Please upgrade and revamp your app! I would love to return to it!!!
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5 years ago, Angel45cutie
My heart has been filled...
Now I’ve been a fan of boomerang before it was an app and always watched it when I had cable. Ever since I got the app I was able to get shows and stream them at such a low price a month which I was very happy about because I was already paying so much money for other subscriptions. Yes the app had some miner issues that were fixed liked the crash of the app that happens still from time to time but it wasn’t bad like it used to be. With other problems but they were fixed. I just reopened my app to check what was new and I was literally in tears when I saw you guys put MGM cartoons. I’ve never felt so blessed to have the classics I hold dear in my heart. It has been a hard Journey trying to find them since I no longer have cable to watch the boomerang channel for awhile now and missed them dearly. Thanks for creating an app the brings back the joy and memories of my youth.
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6 years ago, LaDanaWendy
Secret Squirrel, The Herculoids, Thundarr, and Don Knotts?!𗀃
This app almost feels like I’m sitting on the living room floor with my big brother on a Saturday morning! I grew up watching Hanna-Barbera cartoons — no one did it better then H-P Production Company so it’s great to have a few of their best in the palm of my hand. I was an adult by the time Cartoon Network came along and I was thrilled when they did the Boomerang Channel spin-off. I would watch old favorites like Shazan, Quick Draw McGraw, Frankenstein Jr. & The Impossibles, Samson and Goliath, the New Scooby-Doo Movies, Hong Kong Phooey and Dynomutt. This app has brought back fun, fond memories. The content thus far has been great but I’m hoping more from the “golden age” of H-B Production Company (1958 to 1978) will be added!! You know one can never watch too much Clue Club, Ricochet Rabbit, Peter Potomus, Funky Phantom and the Hair Bear Bunch😄so keep it coming Boomerang; keep it coming!!!
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6 years ago, Traelon
4 out of 5!
I was ecstatic to find out about this app! Since their channel on TV is starting to show newer shows, I thought that was the end of Scooby Doo and other old favorites. That’s when this app gave me hope! It’s a great price to subscribe, and it even has movies from some of your favorite old series! It’d be cool to have slightly more content, like 3-5 more shows. Only issue I have is with playing it on chrome cast or my laptop. When casting it, I can’t rewind or fast forward and when watching on my laptop, I don’t always get sound. That, or the sound will continue, while the picture is frozen. It’s weird. Aside from those little bugs, and being eager for slightly more content (I mainly just want some more of the prominent Scooby Doo movies LOL) it’s a great app that any fan of the channel should download.
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2 years ago, curtisimpson
This app is a hot mess
The user interface is likely designed for children so there is very little to it. That’s fine, but the fact that nothing works as expected is not. You can watch one episode of a show and the app will show that you’ve watched an entire season. You can watch Popeye and the auto play will give you whatever it feels like next… Huckleberry Hound, Tom and Jerry, Atom Ant?? These are what played after each episode for me. The random auto play wouldn’t be as bad of it didn’t progress the next episode of the ACTUAL show you were trying to watch in the first place. So in my example, if I close Atom Ant after 4 minutes, it now shows that I have watched 4 minutes of the next Popeye episode?! If this truly is a children's app (again based on the absolute bare bones interface and lack of any features whatsoever), how frustrating and confusing it must be for them to use Boomerang. The content is great. All of the ol Hanna-Barbera, Popeye, Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry… it’s a a solid selection for $5/mo or $50/yr, but the app itself is unbearable. It honestly feels like you’re watching pirated content on some janky website. If this improves, maybe I’ll give it another chance. For now, half the content is on HBO Max, and there are plenty of other streaming providers that have functional interfaces with way more features.
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6 years ago, Catlover52678
Downloads aren’t working
So like I love boomerang soooo much!! It has basically all my favorite shows and movies. And I love that you guys added all those Scooby doo shows. THANK YOU :D but I have a problem after I download stuff and I try to watch it it never works.. I can only watch a few things that I have downloaded and they are really glitchy and the graphics are bad. Also I hate when you stop watching a show and come back you have to re watch some parts. I also wish when you clicked like a series character it wouldn’t just start watching an episode I wish it would just take you there because I always accidentally click that instead of the all episodes button. Thanks for your time and keep up the outstanding work!! :))
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3 years ago, anthro_chick
Will NOT Delete Watched Episodes from List
I use this solely to watch classic Looney Tunes episodes. I have zero desire to watch anything else. The major problem is that I’ve watched ALL of the episodes but the app WILL NOT REMOVE THEM from the “Watching Now” list. I have to go into the episode, fast forward it to the end, tap “Back” at the minute, precise time, and HOPE that it clears from the list. I’ve done this OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN, but it doesn’t always clear the episode from the list. Often it keeps the same one on and I have to try again. When I think I’ve whittled it down to the actual episode I’m watching, IT ADDS THEM ALL BACK! Very, VERY, INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING. I watch the various playlists and like to go back to the one I’m actually on, but I never know which one it is because it says I’m currently watching 12 episodes from four different shows. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix this glitch or add an option to clear your queue/watching now list
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6 years ago, Kitten fox
Most of our favorites
Boomerang is a streaming service for the iconic old fashioned cartoons under the Warner Bros. Brand name. For only $5 a month with the first month free it’s recommended for animation fans, families, kids and a general audience. They even add new original content like the Wacky races reboot and the new wizard of Oz cartoon, some new shows based on old favorites are on the way &!while there is room for improvement with them their worth checking out. Only real complaint is that some favorites should be on here like Duck Dodgers, Tiny Toons, Tazmania and especially the CN studio originals like Kids next door, Johnny Bravo and others. We got Courage & Lazlo great, but My Gym partners a monkey is lame. Luckily they also got a bunch of movies and for only $5 monthly I say give it a try.
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2 years ago, clay23/98
Love the app I’ve had it for a year
I love the app and I’ve had it for a year but as bad as I want to give it a 5 star I can’t cause where is these show I’m bout to list. pink panther ,the snorks ,dexters Laboratory, chowder,Hong Kong phooey, the power puff girls ,the old school teen titans, Johnny bravo ,Ed Ed and eddy, samurai jack, fosters home of imaginary friends, cow and chicken, Ben 10, Ben 10 Omniverse, swat cats aaanndd the list could go on my point is if your going to make a boomerang app don’t let other companies contract the shows those are what made my childhood it’s a boomerang app that’s supposed to show old school shows so make it that way bring the good cartoons from then to the app and I’ve been on there a year nearly 2 and they haven’t brought much over to boomerang and 2 years is a long time to do something or add some more old school shows all and all I love boomerang but they got to do better with this app
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6 years ago, GRAVY THE FARMER
Gravy the farmer
I love this app I have it on my all of my roku's in my house It's just like old times with my best friend. I just wish you would add more Scooby-Doo movies and more episodes and more episodes and movie of other shows to but the one thing I didn't like was the remake of Wacky Races. But this app make me feel like I am still 2 and watch these shows for the first time just getting to watch them again. Thanks for the awesome app.! But the one thing I don't like is all the new show there so boring I'm a 80's-90's kid and I love watching the old shows especially old SCOOBY-DOO!!! So let's make some changes. It also is really glitchy sometimes so maybe it would be better to have it use less internet so it's not glitchy all the time. Thanks.
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7 years ago, tkh7v7
Makes me so happy
I’m a 90’s kid and my father and I use to watch these really old cartoon shows together. Especially the old Scooby Doo ones. I can’t tell you how how much joy it brings me that there’s an app now so I can watch these show anytime I want especially since they are slowly removing the older shows from the network. I tend to leave it up in the background when I work on things. The app itself is very user friendly and easy to use. The layout is wonderful. The only thing is it seems like when series are updated there isn’t a way to tell it is without having to go into each character image. That I find can be frustrating. I can’t wait to see which shows will be added next! Thank you so much.
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6 years ago, WilEverdeen
Airplay on AppleTv 4K
I absolutely adore this app. It is probably my most utilized subscription service. My one issue is that I recently got Sonos One speakers and unlike the rest of my streaming apps, I have been unable to utilize the airplay feature while using this app. It shows it as an option when looking at the "speakers" section under the "audio" tab but when I select it, no sound plays. The app has no problem utilizing airplay on my iPhone or iPad. If you could get that to work, it'd be awesome to have my cartoons utilizing the fullest potential of my bedroom setup. Aside from that, I’m SO excited about all of the new scooby stuff!!! I have been waiting forever to watch the Mystery Incorporated series and I am just in love with this.
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4 years ago, Indiana Goof
Drastically needs more content, BUUUUT..... ;D
While this app DESPERATELY needs more classic shows added, it is wonderfully priced and works superb! While I admit that with its limited library I already own pretty much everything on here, there is one wonderful reason I'm subscribing... ...IT HAS "YOGI'S SPACE RACE"!!! I ALWAYS LOVED THIS CARTOON! I was both surprised and delighted to see it on here, as it has yet to be release for purchase on iTunes! I hope this means that it will be soon... It also contains "The Galaxy Goof Ups", which I DO already own (it went up on iTunes a few years after my request and I immediately bought it, as it was the OTHER reason I loved "Space Race" so much - it used to be featured on that show!). So I'm also eagerly hoping for... The CB Bears Laff-A-Lympics (UPDATE: I just noticed that this app *does* indeed have this one; I'm not sure yet, but they may even have put up all the episodes!) The Biskitts The Space Kidettes Sampson and Goliath Johnny Quest The Banana Splits Show Dynomutt Loopy De Loop Peter Potamus Breezly and Sneezly Lippy the Lion Yippie, Yappee, and Yahooee The Funky Phantom The list goes on and on... and on, and on, and on... ...PLEASE! I'd be ETERNALLY GRATEFUL!
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6 months ago, Nik. A
Some movies listed won’t play or download
Just signed up for the free trial, had planned on sticking with it on the yearly renewal. Started scrolling through the holiday movies and saw some I hadn’t seen in a while (the town Santa forgot, Christmas in pac-land), click on it using the Apple TV app…nothing happens. Try it on my iPad….nothing happens. Figure try downloading it. It takes me through the steps but nothing happens. Try downloading again and now it says I’ve reached my yearly limit for this video! Now looking in the downloads section there’s a movie in there I never downloaded! I use the actual search function and the videos that won’t play don’t show in the search results….but they’re LISTED in the holiday movie section? I don’t think I’ll be keeping this account. Based on this experience of the bait and switch feeling I get from both the tvOS and iOS apps I’d give them 1 or fewer stars.
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8 months ago, Spazzy man11
If your like me and came here to watch Scooby-Doo on your Google ChromeCast connected TV, you’ll know how frustrating this app is. I tried downloading the Boomerang app directly on my ChromeCast, but when I play movies it only shows a black screen while the audio is playing. Users all over Reddit are reporting the same issue. So, I figured if I just download the app on my phone and casted it to my TV, all my problems would be solved! WRONG! The Boomerang app doesn’t even allow you to cast to your ChromeCast!! I know my ChromeCast works because I can cast any of my other apps to it and I know that it allows it to cast to other devices because my neighbors Apple TV is on there as an option to cast. To put it shortly, if you own a ChromeCast, don’t even bother with Boomerang. It’s a waste of your time, and thankfully if you get the free trial, it won’t have to be a waste of your money!
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6 years ago, ( ̄▽ ̄)_Sloth
Wonderful App
This is an app i’ve been looking for for months, and I’ve finally found it. It has so many awesome, classic and old cartoons that I used to watch at my grandparents house since I didn’t have it on my TV. I only got it for one thing in particular, Scooby-Doo, and the old one I mean. This was my absolute favorite show, and I since I could only watch it at my grandparents house, it sorta sucked that way. Now that there’s an app, I can watch it anywhere, and it gives me such a nostalgic feeling. But, there’s only a very small amount of episodes of “Scooby-Doo, Where Are You.” Is it possible to add more, there’s a ton missing! Anyways, great, convenient, and astounding app! Keep up with the great work!
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3 years ago, I miss my childhood
Nothing is coming back to me yet
Let’s start with a positive...The app is well created especially with the video playback so I give props to the dev team for doing their thing on this app. Those employees deserve a raise. Now let’s get to the issues. I don’t know if they are short on server space but this app deserves more than the 15-20 series they have on here. I really came on here expecting to see cartoons like power puff girls, dexter, animaniacs, samurai jack, or even Johnny bravo from growing up as a late 80s baby or more older cartoons that I remember watching with my grand father growing up. I really paid my money to relive my childhood but it looks like I’ll have to scavenge the internet to continue to do so instead of coming to this app hoping that a lot of it would be compiled on here just like Disney has their old cartoons on their app.
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3 years ago, LatieshaVJ
Love the content…app is mediocre
I love all the Boomerang content takes me back to Saturday morning cartoons in the 80s and 90s. In terms of the application itself It’s probably my least favorite streaming app (I use a few). I’ve been able to successfully cast it to my tv ONCE since I downloaded this app. Every other time that I’ve tried it results in the app shutting down. I’d love the option to save a series (like a watch list) so I can skim through episodes instead of having to go to a previously watched episode, start it then click on the icon that allows me to search the episode list (if there is an easier way to do I haven’t figured it out). Overall its an average app with a lot of room for improvement with great content.
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2 years ago, SixPixles
Great selection, with one issue
This app has almost everything boomerang, and that’s great! One issue so far is that the screen will not "flip" meaning if you are used to holding your phone one way it makes you hold it "upside-down" Another thing I noticed is the selection, it has a certain show (which I downloaded the app for in the first place) but not the movie, I guess I’m lucky the show is on here at all because technically they are Cartoon Network productions but I feel slightly missed out, overall my suggestion is maybe make add a request feature? So if something isn’t here that you would like to be here you can request it :)
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4 years ago, Swordbladez
I’d love to rate up but...
I already belong to Netflix. While I enjoy that you have some shows that Netflix doesn’t offer, Netflix asks far less for overall value. They just have more shows to pick from. As I’m already paying for that, to add your premium pack and not get more of the shows, the Hannah Barbara staples like: Super friends, seat Katz, pirates of Dark water, Captain Planet, Top Cat, and the later projects like Ed, Ed, and Eddy, Dexters Lab, Powerpuff Girls, etc... I’m a huge fan of the likes of Secret Squirrel, underdog, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Beenie and Cecil, and even Ren and Stimpie but Im not sure how you go about getting your licenses. I’m sure bigger names like Marvel and DC 1990 titles are off the table... The new adventures of Johnny Quest? Any of these having easy access to would be wonderful and see me forking over a yearly subscription :3
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5 years ago, Fletch F. Fletch
Great selection great price
There are a few little flaws in usability (they are small flaws like character icons that play one cartoon and then return to menu) and there are the occasional glitch (we had some cartoons play without sound a few times) but for the most part it’s easy to use. Even better is the selection that is a combination of classic cartoons, retro 80s and 90s and recent hits. They change up the movie selection sometimes also do holiday and seasonal themed playlists and selections. Also the yearly price is very fair and adds to the convenience; especially if you have kids. One of my family’s favorite apps. Hope it lasts a long time.
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4 years ago, BS23456789
Boomerang - great selection, technical drawbacks
I love being able to watch so many of the shows I did growing up all on one platform. The selection is great. The app itself does have some technical problems that hopefully would be easily fixable. The shows are not in chronological order, which is how we all have now been conditioned. Also, given there is not an app on our Apple TV, we Bluetooth it through the device; however, the majority of the time, the sound does not go through. There have also been inconsistent issues when I try and hook up my computer to the tv and play from the website.
Show more
6 years ago, wiseguy12'
Great App!
This app is amazing! I have only one problem. I wish you got more episodes for the free version maybe just a couple? Anyways I just downloaded this app today and I am amazed at it! Most apps make their game look fun in the advertisements but really they are trash! And that’s the reason why I like this app! Whenever I download something like this it always would crash and my iPad would freeze which was really annoying! 🙄🙄 If someone asked me if this app was any good I would say: Of course! It is amazing! Another reason why I like this app is that it has all my favorite cartoons! I can’t say anything bad! Thank you for making this app!
Show more
7 years ago, DCrevolution2
It's okay
To be honest I used enjoy watching Boomerang, but the thing is that you guys have changed your logo and changed the hole content of Boomerang, I hope one day you guys actually go back to the old Boomerang logo and classic music with it, with the motto "Boomerang it's all coming back to you", and now the New Boomerang only has a certain amount of classic tv shows that cartoon Network used to produce, but the thing is that it's all not coming back to you and, thats enlisting that only a little bit of cartoons are coming back, when it's for all. To be honest you guys used to be the top classic cartoon network, but you guys are just a Cartoon Network Junior instead of the original classical one. I'm asking if Boomerang can go back to where they used to be classic.
Show more
5 years ago, Concerned 49
Would be great, but.......
As I do love what I see as well as all of the cartoons I was brought up on, things still haven’t been corrected. There are still episodes of cartoons with no sound that has already been brought to the attention of the staff but yet still hasn’t been fixed at this point. I want to keep it but a few episodes in all areas are missing the sound. I can’t give myself a valid reason to keep it even though I enjoy it. For me to spend $40 per year which is a great price, I would love everything to work. I’m just not understanding why these issues weren’t corrected yet as you all was told about them the previous year. I’m still debating whether or not to keep or cancel my subscription. Thanks in advance.
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4 years ago, blankspace987
Good can be Great!
Really wish that the episodes had release dates on them so that we know which are originals and old and which are new. I have nostalgia for the old ones. I love the opening of the app at the beginning the logo and colors are awesome! No other complaints as I haven’t had the app for long and i’m considering buying a year subscription because i’m so nostalgic for the old toons like original tom and jerry, scooby, garfield, almost all of em. But adding more that they have rights to really should be considered because if they don’t want to make the subscription cheaper then add more material. I like that a lot of the toons I have nostalgia for are all in one place.
Show more
7 years ago, Fire-andy101
Please Read
I was glad to see Courage the Cowardly Dog here. My Gym Partner's a Monkey is good too and even Scooby Doo. But that's the only shows I'm interested in. I'm a 90's kid and most of these shows are too new or too old. Add Johny Bravo, the old PowerPuff Girls, and Dexter's Laboratory and you have my 100% promise I'll buy the yearly subscription. So far, I don't think a couple of dozen episodes of Courage are worth $40 (I'll finish them all in a week). I know you guys are probably working hard to bring new shows into here but please keep in mind most of us "90's kids" really want our 90's stuff and we're willing to pay upwards of $50 if you do so. Bring in Billy and Mandy and Codename KND and I think I'm ok with paying $60 a year. This is a promise. Thank you, I hope this app does great!
Show more
4 years ago, Heheusley
Love It!! :)
This Is A Really Good App For Scooby-Doo Content ALONE In My Opinion! I really loved Scooby-doo as a kid and this Brought A Lot Great Memories with The Scooby-Doo Where Are You, Scooby-doo Get A Clue, A Pup Named Scooby-Doo, And Basically Every Series! It Also Had Scooby-Doo Cyber Chase Which Is The Movie Which I Couldn’t Find Anywhere Except On Xbox Which Costed $5.99 To RENT for 2 DAYS Which Is Insane! But That’s a Another Thing It’s $5 a Month But Think About How Much It Would Cost To Buy Every Single Movie and Show On This App, It Would Probably Be In The $5,000-$10,000 (probably way more) Range Which is 5 YEARS Of Boomerang! Thank You Reading My Review On The Boomerang App! Would 100% Recommend if Your A Cartoon Fan!
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5 years ago, YEEEET64643
I really like this app i can watch some of my favorite shows! I mostly wanted to watch KND because its an awesome show but i wish it was free because i can only watch one episode. Can you please try to unlock more episodes to watch? This app is amazing and i would rate it a 5 if you could add more free episodes and i tried looking for dextors labratory but i couldnt find it im not sure if it was on boomerang or cartoon network but anyways this app is great and im glad you made it! Boomerang on tv is cool too i just cant watch my favorite shows, so thats why i downloaded this! I really like this app i just wanted to ask you something so if you can, please answer!:)
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5 years ago, JMDulin
Great first... now? Not so much
So starting off this app was great. My kid loved watching Scooby-Doo. In her room, she has a hard time getting a solid WiFi connection so the download function for offline viewing is great, when it works. After downloading a few, the app now seems to not download anything. Ever. I keep getting a pop up that says downloads aren’t available because I’ve exceeded the max amount at one time. I go into the downloads page, and nothing is there. Why? Because I’ve deleted them all already. The app has no idea that I’ve done so, now barring me from downloading anything else. I paid $40 mostly for that feature alone and it after old week, it doesn’t work. Did the old delete and reinstall method with no success. Severely disappointed
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5 years ago, MomOf4LilOnes
Needs “Are you there?” feature
I love this app. It’s great, & has a lot of my old favorite shows. Only issues I have with this app is that sometimes, when I’m casting to my chromecast, I try to press play on an episode or movie & it doesn’t want to connect. I have to exit the app a few times & repeatedly press play before it starts. My other issue is that it never stops playing. 😅 I fell asleep around 5am watching Courage, I turned the tv off by didn’t stop casting. I didn’t turn my tv back on until 1pm & Courage had apparently still been playing on the tv all those hrs. Even with the tv being turned off.
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5 years ago, D. Hill
Boomerang is a well designed application with a colorful interface that loads quickly and is easy to navigate. Users can search by keyword or by what’s new, what’s popular, by TV shows, by movies, as well as other distinct categories. Content to me is where the app falls short. While there are many classics available such as Looney Tunes, The Flintstones, The Jetsons, Scooby Doo, Tom & Jerry, there are very little of the niche or short lived shows. Shows such as Tiny Toons, Sailor Moon, Speed Racer and others I hoped to see are missing. The idea of Boomerang as a great cartoon archive does not hold up to me but it is still worth checking out as an alternative film service for kids or even adults who want to take a trip down memory lane.
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7 years ago, CoconutM
awesome app but...
this game is awesome to me but when I downloaded the app I said to myself hey! where did all the old boomerang shows? and I think the people who watch CN network and BOOMERANG are really missing the old shows maybe they want to see the old ones so whoever is reading this review please tell it to CN network and boomerang to bring theese old shows back to the where they belong in the app and another thing whoever knows the old shows tv show name please tell me so that's really all I have to tell you guys so if you love the boomerang fans please bring the old tv shows back and that's all folks!
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5 years ago, Manning88
Reliving childhood!
I’ve had the Boomernag app for over a year now and let me tell you I get really excited when my favorite shows are added to the app! I’m anxiously waiting for the rest of the new scooby doo movies episodes to be added and more of my favorite cartoons such as the herculoids, butch cassidy and the Sundance kids, Clue club, Speed Buggy, GI Joe, Valley of the dinosaurs, Goober and then ghost chasers, the funky phantom, Godzilla, banana splits, thunder the barbarian and pirates of dark water. These are just a few of the shows I grew up love watching on Boomerang! I also hope that the rest of the Scooby-Doo movies will be added as well
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4 years ago, Saxxon442
Boomerang (It’s not the TV Version)
First they do have a lot of the good old cartoons and it really is a good selection but the thing I don’t understand is why not more? The people that own Boomerang own Hanna Barbara’s entire library and they also own the entire Looney Tunes collection!!!! Why would you choose not to include those in the service? You have Hong Kong Phooey and Jabberjaw and Clue Club and a whole lot of stuff that should be on the streaming app! Their are also a lot of old cartoons that over the years (and I don’t know who own them) would be appreciated as well!! Pink Panther, Bullwinkle and all the characters that come with them!! Technically although I like the playlist feature I should have a random button for being able to mix and match my own cartoons!! If you have all the old Looney Tunes together in a list put a random button at the top so that I don’t have to watch them in the same order!! I may not want to watch Sylvester and Tweety all in a row, I might want to watch Bugs and then Foghorn Leghorn and then Sylvester and Tweety!!
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4 years ago, TomGumball246
Porky Pig
Some of the Porky Pig episodes that were original in black and white aren’t in black and white. They are the godawful horrible redrawn and Colorized versions. Can you please replace them with the original black and white versions please? They are the original black and white versions of the following cartoons that I want you to put because the original versions. Are in black and white: Calling Dr. Porky (black and white version) It’s an Ill Wind ( black and white version) Naughty Neighbors black and white version) Notes to You (black and white version) Pied Piper Porky (black and white version) Porky and Daffy (black and white version) Porky the Wrestler (black and white version) Porky’s Badtime Story (black and white version) Porky’s Cafe (black and white version) Porky’s Five and Ten ( black and white version) Porky’s Garden ( black and white version) Porky’s Spring Planting (black and white version ) Rover’s Rival (black and white version) I hope you fix this. (yes i know HBO Max exists but still) Sincerely, TomGumball246
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3 years ago, aunt/mom
I love the movies
I genuinely love all the cartoons that are offered. But, I hate the fact that I’m never able to download anything. So when I’m traveling I’m not able to watch anything on my tablet.. I always get the pop up of ( can’t download, you have download the maximum amount allowed for the year 😒 “really”! I haven’t even downloaded it once) it’s so frustrating to me. Boomerang get your app together and fix this problem. I paid for a year and would love to continue to pay every year but when I’m not able to download my favorite shows to take with that is so aggravating and makes me want to just say to heck with this app and only use Disney + ...
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4 years ago, gigi5298
I think the app is great though there are some complaints like for example there are some scooby doo episodes missing from the new scooby doo movies. Then there is also a lot of scooby doo movies missing boomerang has ownership of all that and I would love to see the rest of those there in the next update as well as some other shows like Ed edd n eddy a classic show I would love to see that there but other than that the app is easy to use and me my daughter and my wife are enjoying but seriously add the episodes and other movies and shows it’d be really cool
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5 years ago, Kylswil
Scooby doo
I only got this app the subscription because I wanted to be able to watch Scooby doo whenever. But come to find out not all of the Scooby doo movies ( Adams family, Phyllis Dillard, and more) are not on there but some of the original Scooby doo movies are on here just kissing a good portion. I emailed about the problem and got a half hearted response about being the Scooby doo capital and blah blah blah but also using the app on my phone if I try to watch an actual movie it will pull all of them. Up until I go to watch it and which point all but 5 disappear. 5 I’ve watched over and over and no longer want to watch. Please fix this problem as I can’t just use my computer all the time
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4 years ago, hollowpaint69
Met my expectations
When I got this app I didn’t know they would have almost every Scooby-Doo movie, this app to me was so good because I love Scooby doo and I’m so glad that I could watch them for only $4 a month I think it’s worth it and this is a great app that I cannot stop using this app is incredible and one of the best things I’ve had during this pandemic. Although I do think it needs an update where you can skip 10 seconds forward and backward also I do wish they had Scooby-Doo and the legend of the vampire but either wise this app is amazing.
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4 years ago, Consumer concerned
Application icon
I extremely love the application I only wish I had the opportunity to change the icon to different cartoons of my liking or even just the logo of the television channel I’m not a really big fan of the current logo of the application as well as navigating throughout the app when I’m watching a show I would like the navigations to be updated to a better standing of our current mobile media navigation standards I will not want to compare your application to others but those are my only two discrepancies
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6 years ago, spicey eli
Would love a free version of this
I would love to see you guys, both on this app and the regular Cartoon Network app to adopt the model that crunchy roll has. Have all of the the shows free to watch, but place a bunch of ads during each episode like regular tv. If you don’t want the ads, plus some extra exclusives, then add a subscription service. Your audience is primarily people 20 and under, and most kids don’t have a way of paying for a subscription service. If this was Netflix, it would be a different story. You’re not Netflix. I want to love this app, but I can’t. Your free episodes are extremely limited (literally 7 episodes of different shows), and it’s inconvenient to a large portion of your audience.
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1 year ago, thatbradyguy
Previous Subscriber Resubscribing But Can’t Watch Anything
I’ve subscribed to Boomerang in the past, and I loved it for being able to watch my old favorite cartoons. I redownload the app today after resubscribing and it crashed every time I opened it. I deleted the app altogether, restarted my phone, and reinstalled the app. Now I am able to log in and select content, but I get a failed message after clicking any video. I’m on an iPhone 12 Pro Max running iOS 16.3. Not what I would expect from a company who just charged my card $45. I expect an expedient resolution, but I am discouraged looking at previous reviews having the same issues going back a couple months. Fix your app so I can give you the 5 stars you deserve!
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4 years ago, Zxxsouljaxxz
Pretty good but...
I am a new subscriber but here is my complaints so far... Where are the shows that’s more than 90s like Dexter‘s Lab Ed Ed Eddy I love how courage is on there and KND and instead of writing them in volumes why do you just write them in seasons it makes more sense to me I also love how the Jetsons and Flintstones and stuff like that and the classic Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry but where is the 90s shows like cow and chicken stuff like that and why can’t you stream it from Xbox one or your PS4 or your Nintendo switch if you could find a way to fix all the issues and I had the shows that us 90s kids would like I think I would give this a five star rating for sure thank you
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