Boulder Daily Camera e-Edition

4.3 (252)
91.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Prairie Mountain Publishing
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Boulder Daily Camera e-Edition

4.35 out of 5
252 Ratings
2 years ago, Frank Mtns
It Works
Takes a while to get used to it, but it works. Nice to have multiple ways to read your online newspaper but we are quite happy to have this. One issue: the “offline” warning pops up in just about every session. Maybe it is because we are accessing this via the VPN, or maybe it is because our ISP idles down if you have been reading a long article without changing the page. However, we seldom have any problem seeing the content, so mostly a moot point.
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3 years ago, Tom-Boulder
Easy to use but would like more viewing options
It's a fine app: fast and uncomplicated. Only complaint is it's permanently a print-edition layout. I would like a simple list of headlines (similar to NYT, WaPo, WSJ) so you can scan/ scroll the stories and click into the ones you want, rather than swipe through all the pages of the print edition. But that's a fairly minor issue.
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4 years ago, VCS Fund Manager
Love this app
I’ve been a subscriber to the DC for over 30 years. Cannot imagine life being with out it. The only problem I had before the app was reliable delivery. The app changed all of that. It’s perfect! Once or twice a year I have to email customer service to resend the paper because of WiFi problems and they always do promptly. Very happy having the Daily Camera as my main news provider.
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2 years ago, DenaliFlew
Access to previous editions
I've always been able to go back through previous editions of the Daily Camera. The latest version of the app will not let me look at all previous editions, unless I've downloaded them. This is extremely short-sighted. When I received the hardcopy version, I would keep old editions around for quite a while, so that, when I had time, I could go back through and look at different articles. I often didn't have time to look at the paper, the day it came. I'm very disappointed in the new app.
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5 years ago, Ypswytch
Keeping it current
I just started using the app and think it's great so far. I went back to look at the reviews to see why it only had 2 stars and it quickly became obvious. Reviews prior to the latest major update are basically irrelevant. Reviews based on someone's dislike of the publisher are irrelevant. Reviews based on the perception of bias are irrelevant. We're reviewing the app here, and the app works great.
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4 years ago, kspence303
Easy to use, but
Easy to use app. Shows paper in page mode, click on to read article. When reading the side line articles, there needs to be better differentiation between stories. While they’re clear on the page view, the breaks get lost in the reading view.
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4 years ago, the Great Kinetic Wizard
Great app for the newspaper
So much better than a physical paper! Yet, exactly like one, photo realistic. Lots of features, like links to continued-on-page -X, the ability to read previous editions, an electronic section index, easy page flipping, zoom in & out, and so much more. Plus, no wasted papers every day, and it’s very inexpensive. There's not much reason left to read the physical paper.
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2 years ago, Filitonion
Hometown paper
I’ve been reading a daily camera for the past 54 years. I’m proud to support local reporting for as long as it exists . This app works best on an iPad, but I’ve referenced it through my iPhone as well.I like the option of reading it like a paper or clicking on an article and having it fill the screen
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4 years ago, colofemme
My daily local news fix
In pandemic times, I’m grateful to know that local news staff are covering the stories that impact my life. With this app I don’t have to worry about finding my morning paper outside under the snow, or cutting down trees for a one-time read. After four years of reading online, I can attest that the app is 99% reliable.
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3 years ago, Rural Cat Lover
Love reading the Daily Camera
Getting the paper on my iPad is great! I live with a rural mailbox so having the paper with my morning coffee in my slippers is a luxury. Having the weather and the local news right at my fingertips is so important and the only way to start my day!
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4 years ago, OttoV, the Old Dutchman
My daily morning paper.
On my ipad or on my pc I can read it easily, navigate quickly. I am a paid subscriber, so the inserted advertisements are a bit of a disappointment. Less reliance on court room news, police reports, and more ... in person reporting?... would be awesome, but I’m not holding my breath.
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2 years ago, Bouldergurl
Easy to read
I enjoy reading the Daily Camera with my morning cup of coffee. The app makes it easy for me to stay connected with local issues, even when I’m traveling.
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3 years ago, Bumpercars2
Easy way to read the “paper”
I like being able to see the print version while reading a digital facsimile of the article i am interested in.
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4 years ago, craigmwilson_
Excellent on an iPad
Much better than the browser version. The articles load fast and the variety of reading options are great: from reading as you would a paper to focused text. Well done!
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3 years ago, SteveReviews
Previous version a little better
From a usability standpoint, I preferred the version before the latest. It was easier to use. Thanks for setting things up so we could switch back!!
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2 years ago, BartlebyRoss
Best for Local News
Daily Camera is crucial for up to date local news in every category - I always go there for my wildfire updates!
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3 years ago, Joshua Grib
Pretty good
For the most part pretty good and easy to use, the “remember me next time“ button never sticks though freeze time I enter the app through email notification of the paper being ready.
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2 years ago, Hiker180
Easy to use
I completely stopped reading the paper version. The organization of the app is kind of strange—the opinion section is often after the sports section.
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4 years ago, ritchieinmiami
Great Local news
Local news coverage includes Broomfield. Enjoy reading every morning to see updated local community activities, news, and human interest stories.
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3 years ago, Mserdinsky
Nice app
The navigation is easy and the content is laid out like the print version. Occasional crash is why I don’t give it 5 stars. My OS stays up to date automatically so it may be that the developers are a step behind the overzealous update schedule at apple
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3 years ago, Steel rep
Boulder Daily Camera
Given the Denver Post’s decision to no longer be a real newspaper, it is nice to have a paper like the Daily Camera which reports local, regional, and national news.
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3 years ago, RaceClub
App has no memory
This app is a reasonable way to read the paper if traveling away from physical paper, but… the type setting is horrible and every time you bring up the app it takes forever and doesn’t maintain your position.
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4 years ago, mkduffy12
Nice way to read the paper
Used to love the feel of the morning paper, but I’ve been enjoying reading it with the app. I like the side by side view where the chosen article is on the right side with the variable type size.
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4 years ago, VassarGirl
So easy and convenient!
I love having the local news with me, no matter where I am. Every morning, first thing I pull up the Daily Camera. I love that it looks just like the paper copy.
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3 years ago, Boulder Resident
Daily Camera Online Edition Rocks!
Reliable, easy interface, easy to forward or print articles
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4 years ago, Julie92808
Better than paper
I thought I’d miss my lifelong daily routine of facing my driveway in any weather to get a potentially soggy newspaper and then spreading it out on my table to devour but I don’t. I love reading the paper on my iPad. So much easier.
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2 years ago, Joe Tyke
Liked the layout.
I like to be able to read the paper as if it was an actual print vopy
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3 years ago, BigJimGunbarrel
Like reading a real printed newspaper but better
I love the search features and bringing up the text in a easy to read format.
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4 years ago, 70incontinent
Easy to use
Thought reading the paper and hard would be difficult but it isn’t.
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3 years ago, Kantavious
Improved app
I am a longtime user of the BDC app, which was significantly improved in the last month. The improvements make the app easier to use.
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2 years ago, LUL12345
Thank you for the local news!
Thank you for the local news!
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3 years ago, Ahillincolorado
Easy to use
It’s super simple to scroll through the paper as if reading the paper version.
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4 years ago, LePhew
Love the Camera
As a decades long subscriber to the Camera I still look forward to getting my daily local news! Keep up the good work.....
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3 years ago, carolannemckirnan
Not great, but local event notices
This paper is owned by Gannett publishing who dismantle papers for profit. Censorship is high thus making all the reporting opinions, rather than fact based news. Very dangerous in any society.
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2 years ago, AspenFrank
Save a tree !
We converted from an Actual newspaper to the digital version and don’t miss it at all. No more newspapers to throw out! The app works great for us
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4 years ago, ruthegal
Daily Camera
I enjoy being able to easily access the newspaper from my phone.
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2 years ago, jimmc71
New version of the Camera app is awful
The new version of this app eliminated the navigation sidebar. Ads pop up every time I touch the screen. And I can’t access my account info online. Every time the Daily Camera offers a new r-edition version, quality goes down, just like the content.
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3 years ago, RodneyMontAlto
Much like reading the physical newspaper
A well thought-out app for reading the daily edition of the Daily Camera.
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4 years ago, beingherenow
The dc app: paper always arrives dry...
...And zero plastic waste. Sometimes can have some weird glitches (odd lettering and such here and there - nothing monumental) but not a big deal.. Love having easy access to local news!
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3 years ago, cl colorado
Enjoy the app
Enjoy the app but there seems to be something off with the coding every now and then which makes it hard to read. Otherwise, great!!
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3 years ago, Mkhftfddvnjnj
Great app. Easy to read
This updated app is much better. The paper is easy to read and navigate.
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3 years ago, edward319
Much improved Application
Downloads faster, better navigation and improved graphics.
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1 year ago, bike tourer
Missing “download for offline reading”
Mostly the app works okay. I miss the ability to download an edition for offline reading, which was a very useful feature of the old DC app.
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2 years ago, Dixiecindy
Easy to read.
I’m enjoying reading the Daily Camera online.
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2 years ago, Sold Gannet stock
Great local news coverage
With just the right balance with National and international news.
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3 years ago, Linda Meadows
We really appreciate having a daily local newspaper. We don’t understand why the names of the letters to Editor cannot appear with proper lettering. Thank you, The Meadows
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4 years ago, Dfcamazonia
Great local news!
I really appreciate this local news for everything Boulder! Nice national coverage too of major stories.
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4 years ago, Libby reader
Daily Camera
Love the online app! It’s easy to use and navigate. Almost never slow or dodgy. Love not having all that paper to recycle.
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3 years ago, Danabobana256
Daily Camera
Excellent coverage of news, features, and extras: weather, comics, crossword, advice column, ads. The real deal!
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2 years ago, BolderLefty
Excellent platform, layout and cost effective
I don't miss the printed editions. Journalism seems decent too
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