Bounce TV

3.7 (2.6K)
19.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bounce TV
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
15 or later
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User Reviews for Bounce TV

3.68 out of 5
2.6K Ratings
3 years ago, B Ready!
I watch Bounce TV for the entertainment value. A few favorites are Saints & Sinners, Greenleaf and nostalgic movies like Stomping at the Savoy and the Dinner with Bernie Casey. I Bounce 2 turn up and usually that puts a smile on my face. FYI- I had error messages come up when I tried to sign into the app. Please correct the bugs and make it easier for everyone 2 Bounce2✌🏽😷
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2 years ago, rockquin
No Clarification
I was disappointed to learn that when I moved from a major city like New York to a rural area of North Carolina, I would loose access to the Bounce network because it’s not available on my Direct TV service that I currently have to have for any TV programming. I had grown to love & constantly watched Bounce when my family & I lived in New York because it allowed us to enjoy our programs for us & by us like Saints & Sinners & Johnson along with the variety of old & new movie classics, comedy etc. Then I was further disappointed to find out as I researched as to how to gain access to Bounce in rural North Carolina that I had to now purchase the Brown Sugar app in order to continue seeing my favorite programming from Bounce. We as your loyal customers should’ve been given some type of heads up to prepare us for what was in the works to be done when Bounce was being transitioned into Brown Sugar. It saddens me that Bounce nor Brown Sugar is available as programming on my Direct TV service at all. It should be included with my service package that I currently have on Direct TV which gives my family access to OUR other networks like TV One, BET, Aspire, CLEO TV, OWN, BHER! Bounce & Brown Sugar should be easily accessible to all of us no matter where we live! Let’s do better with providing this network service so we can continue to support you.
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6 years ago, Will Redd
Click on desired app leads to another. Why?
My main problem is not about the $3.99 charge to watch one of my favorite shows, my gripe is the blatant disrespect of customer's time and value of personal computer space and data. It is clearly outrageous to download the Bounce app and its data only to need Brown Sugar to access the desired show you clicked on to watch. It's bait and switch. Just get rid of the Bounce app since it's absolutely concretely unusable! It's also unfair that we pay for Brown Sugar but doesn't have the live tv option embedded into the app. We really do want to buy black. We really really do want to do business with our own. But we always get treated better over there! I will keep paying only because of Saints and Sinners. I love the show! But if you're gonna provide a service then do it right!! I will not apologize for expecting greatness form my people!!!
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5 years ago, Getting Anxious
App Needs Lots of Work
I agree with the first several reviews I read regarding the difficulty in streaming. I thought I would be able to remedy the issue of not being able to pick up viewing a show where I left off by signing in as instructed. I tried several of my e mail addresses and several different user id’s all of which I was given a message “ that user ID and or e-mail has already been taken”. That can’t be! Something’s wrong here, another flaw in this application. Too bad I couldn’t get signed in. I don’t want to start a 42 minute show from the beginning every time I can’t finish it in one session. Please fix the sign in feature so it can do as promised and allow users to pick up at the point they stopped watching a show.
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6 years ago, Lorraine Angry Consumer
Why can’t I watch Bounce TV Saint to Sinners on my phone? I downloaded the app even had my husband watching tv with me, finally a show we could enjoy together, now you can’t watch cause bounce tv is not available! Just like optimum with Power! The shake down begins! Nothing is free in life and watching tv haven’t been free in years! You see how many fans a blacks show generates now y’all want to profit like any / everything else we do or like! You people that create these shows and cell them to these opportunist that only want to profit after seeing it getting an audience need to find another way! I bet you if white people were watching it still be available! Just stating facts that my opinion!
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6 years ago, TVNomad
No Chrome Access
I ditched the app for a couple of reasons. Number one which is my biggest issue is...I can’t use google chrome to cast any shows, number two some of the shows I watch on the network when I am home are not on the app so on the days I work I can’t watch them in the evenings. However I wouldn’t mind paying if there was live streaming for networks such as WE and OWN potential to be great. Saints&Sinners, Greenleaf, Empire, Queen Sugar, Underground are popular so if I could have all of these plus sitcoms like half&half, one on one in addition to the other shows I would be a loyal customer. The ability to cast and live streaming capability certainly bring people back.
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7 years ago, Lake Mary, FL
Absolutely Unacceptable
I am very disappointed with this APP and agree with every single saints and sinners review already shared below. It is unacceptable to now put season 2 on an app that will charge customer. What is most disappointing ing is the fact that you all did not prepare the audience that this app would be unreliable after season 1. Updating your app would be ideal, however if that is not your intentions, I will be deleting the app, no further explanation has been provided by the bounce App. However, DIRECTV and the OWN apps have proven to be most reliable for viewers!! It's amazing how your lack of response to all other ratings or reviews have gone ignored. Poorest service ever!! Would not recommend this app for 2017 or forward.
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4 years ago, Laurelton
Saints and Sinners
I like Bounce but if you put if you put it on hold even if for a few seconds and you try to resume what you’re watching it’s been freezing lately and you can’t resume but must go back to the beginning of the episode. I love this series and during this pandemic of Covid and stay at home orders how about helping us enjoy Bounce and the series we love. Please fix this problem for us all. Thank you
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7 years ago, MQUnderwood
Frequent Crashes During Streaming
I was elated to see that season 2 of “Saints and Sinners” finally had been added to the programming line up on the Bounce app. However, when I tried to stream episode 1, it kept crashing. I did manage to stream it, but it took too much effort (restarting the app frequently, finding where I’d left off, scrolling past frozen ads, etc.). Considering the ease with which programs can be streamed via other apps, the poor performance on the Bounce app is unacceptable. If you don’t fix the streaming issue soon, I’ll delete the app. When s2 of “Saints and Sinners” is added to the Bounce website, I can stream it there.
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10 months ago, Adammonbe
A couple of issues
Every time one show go off then you try and go to the next one you get kicked out and have to go back into the app to load back up and the commercials keep freezing up a lot where you have to go back out and start over and the show on Johnson never returns to where you left off at it always starts over other than that no other complaints
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6 years ago, MzLadyEbony
I downloaded this app so I can watch A new season of one of the shows because of course I don’t have Bounce TV on my current network. When I go to watch it directs me to the Brown Sugar App - not a problem. I see what this app is about and it’s a subscription involve. No problem, it’s a minimal fee however...the app doesn’t work. Even when I have it installed it on my TV it still doesn’t work 😐. So now I can’t watch the new season of Saints & Sinners I have to delete these apps from my TV and phone and submit a bad review. Very disappointed.
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5 years ago, onie pooh 1
Bounce TV Yea
I love Bounce TV I love sitting back watching Tv from the 2000s. Back to the 80s. I love to be able to show my kids the shows I watch while I was coming up. An it’s crazy cause I have a beautiful smart loving child an my sis calls her Punkie Brewster. I came across that show tonight and showed her this were u get your name. She just smiled an that’s why she was named just what she is our TreSuare.... BLACK LOVE!!!!!
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5 years ago, QueenMacD
Great app!
I have been using this app for months and I have never have a problem with it. I can watch all the shows I love with short commercials. If I do fast forward, the commercials will play more than once but it plays just fine from the point I fast forwarded to.
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6 years ago, thettababe
Saint’s & Sinners
I relate to the complexities within the characters. Clifton Powell always gives his all to any project he’s involved in. Vanessa I have been a fan since All my Children do I enjoy but intrigued with her secrets. Demitrea I love how u handle the other woman. Levi aka Christian like how are as well as the others I didn’t mention. CarlieRedd I enjoy how u hustle. Glad I subscribed keep up the good work. Thetta babe
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7 years ago, iamspecialk7768
I watched Saints and Sinners and Mann and Wife last season on the app. Since my cable provider doesn't offer Bounce, I didn't mind waiting a week to see the episode from the previous week. Now that the new season has started, (and almost over) neither of these programs are on the app. If these shows aren't updated and even some additional shows not seen on TV any longer added, I'll have no use for the app and will be deleting it.
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7 years ago, Colton39
Some people are way to cheap.
$4 is nothing to pay for a App that provides movies and television shows. Bounce TV is trying to make money to say alive in a crowded TV landscape. People if you can't afford $4 a month to watch Saints and Sinners on the Brown Sugar App. Then y'all should work harder to improve your financial standing in life.
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6 years ago, j_blesses
No Problems
I haven't had any problems with the App. I like the network and I especially like Saints & Sinners. I only wish I could watch the network live online or at least online by the next day. I have cable and the last thing I want to do is buy another something to watch TV.
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7 years ago, treasure4life
Big Smiles
#thankyou for planting seeds of greatness and keeping me laughing along the way in difficult times. Thank you for teaching me different ways to address issues and thank you for being apart of a Legacy to Remember. #💜you-all. Thank you for the Family Time & thank you Love for keeping me smiling.
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7 years ago, Lil Knowles
Udate please!!!!
I honestly have no idea what people are talking about with this 'charging money situation' because I've never had this problem. But it's nice to use the bouncetv app for free whenever I want to. The only problem is when I see that a whole new season is already out and finished on the actual tv and that I missed it, it doesn't even show up on the app. So, it would be nicer to see that new season on the app. So please hurry up and update.
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4 years ago, mahzy dopeboy
Please update the series and movies guys
I’m giving it five because they play classic movies. They should add more than just 3 weekly but change would be good. I enjoy seeing a channel that isn’t only based on destroying the black man thinking. I like the way bounce bounce..
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5 years ago, Lancer man
Too many adds
I love watching the series on Bounce however playing the same adds over and over gets to be annoying. I understand advertisements pay for programming but it would be nice to mix them up a little. That’s why my rating is 4/5 stars.
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5 years ago, Stinkie feet
All old season shows
My problem is that I can’t watch the last show that showed on TV it only show all old shows that I already seen all three seasons . I like to see each show each Sunday can Ya’ll do that it would be great
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7 years ago, ssdavis98
Upload current season of Saints & Sinners please
The cable service provider I have does not offer bounce TV. When I turn off my cable for the digital channels, I still can't access Bounce TV. Upload the second season to the app and all will be right with the world. Or you can negotiate with AT&T U-verse to add the channel to their lineup. Either way, upload the second season and you would get a better rating. thank you.
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1 year ago, SullaDelia
Optimum Cable doesn’t have this channel
I enjoy watching this channel on my smart devices since my cable provider doesn’t carry it. The app could use a little work to make it more user friendly.
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5 years ago, badandbullgie
Saints and Sinners
I am Very disappointed in that fact Th I cannot get the new season what’s the point in having a app if you can’t use it when you want to I’ve watched all the seasons and now it won’t let me watch the new season #4 what the heck is going on if I have the app then I should be able to get them all what a waste! And I’m deleting the channel now
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6 years ago, Iusb06
Please update to be able to have option to cast to Chromecast
Can they add Chromecast option? I appreciate the free app but would like to be able to cast to my tv and not just watch on my phone. Please pretty please add Chromecast option
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5 years ago, Tekkamae
15 seconds Button
I love watching Saints and Sinners. I it’s been awhile since the last update. I wish it was a 15 seconds back and forward button. The bar won’t show to move to part of the show I want to see. If I leave the app and go back to the episode it left me at, it will start the show to the beginning.
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1 year ago, LisaJ1210
Technical difficulties
App was working fine and still is but certain shows seasons and episodes such as “In the Cut”. Bounce app will not allow me to watch In the Cut season 1 episode 2. It keeps booting me out of the app when I try to play this particular season and episode. It’s strange how I can watch other seasons and episodes of that same show. SMH………
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5 years ago, Quinoodle
Wonderful, but a little problem with the commercials
I love this app, but my only problem is the fact that when they show commercials, they play up to 6 times in a row (at one time). But besides that, I LOVE BOUNCE TV
Show more
7 years ago, Sharrzharr9810
Overall this App was awesome because I was exposed to a number of television shows that I enjoy but normally wouldn't have been made aware of bc I never knew they existed. HOWEVER, to change the order of Saints & Sinners was a bad move! I enjoyed the show and only learned of Bounce bc of Saints; it's simply unfair to place the show on a PAYING App and hopefully our reviews will change things for the better. Otherwise, Bounce is trash.
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5 years ago, SadSunshine
Sorry and disappointing
The App only got two stars because at least I can pull it up but other than that the service is horrible. How long does it take to update episodes? I check back every day and season 4 of Saints and Sinners is still not on the menu! What’s really going on? This show is too good to be on a “network” like Bounce🤦🏽‍♀️
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5 years ago, keithrobb
Episode 6 is missing
I enjoyed the fact that I could watch Saints and Sinners on the App, but I was disappointed that episode 6 was missing from the season series. It would great if Bounce TV would add the missing episode.
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7 years ago, tbabydiva
This is just so wrong
I have supported bounce tv for awhile now,and to now be shut out of saint and sinners season 2 was very disheartening I can’t believe that nobody has even offered an explanation as to why you guys now want to charge us because now it’s more popular we the people are the reason why this show is so popular!! I am deleting this app ASAP and I’m taking everyone with me!!!
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5 years ago, ffdfgz
iPad support
I am enjoying the app but for some of the newer models they have a noticeable gap between the bezel and show I really hope you fix this issue in the next update.
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2 weeks ago, Shai_1
Cant find entire season
It’s a simple app when it comes to direction. However I can never find either the show I’m looking for or the beginning of an entire season. This is my second time downloading this app. I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it.
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7 years ago, Celebrate not Hate
The app is pretty good. You need an autoplay option however so customers can move seamlessly from one episode to the next. Thank you. Please give access to ALL of the Cosby Show episodes as soon as possible. Still one of my absolute favorite shows.
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1 year ago, Freshstart55
I didn’t have to add a credit card. Excited for the new things to come. Good luck on you future ventures 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥰
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3 years ago, Chyeg
Bounce Review
This station is great. I have regular television and it is one of my main stations to watch stories. You have a variety of movies.
Show more
7 years ago, FRANSEEN
Ummmm yeah NO!
I really enjoyed watching Saints and Sinners but, why have an app for a tv station but you can only watch 1 season of the show! NOWWWW I must subscribe to an app pay $3.99 for it to watch future seasons? I pay for cable and don't get to watch the show. I should be able to download the app and watch the channel I'm already paying for! Like Fox, Own, Spike, HBO and others! So no, no thank you Bounce/ Brown Sugar!
Show more
7 years ago, Miranda1913
I am very disappointed that to view any of the current seasons you have to download a different app and pay for it. For example, Saints and Sinners, you allow the entire Season 1 to be viewed on Bounce TV app. I think that this is tacky and misleading to get viewers to pay for an app to watch an enjoyable show that is not seen across all cable networks!
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7 years ago, Not Appreciated!
Problems with app
I use to like this app but now I don't. You guys no longer update the app with new episodes or seasons. I saw on you guys website that the updates I'm searching for are on a another app you have but I have to pay a monthly subscription. That isn't fair for people like me who can't watch the channel because it's not broadcast in my state.
Show more
4 years ago, ms 0
Beautifully entertaining and I like all the options to choose from
Show more
7 years ago, Dangerous woman nae
Something needs to be done
I have AT&T cable and they don't carry bounce TV I've been waiting for season 2 of saints and sinners and season 3 of Mann and wife those shows are not updated on the app I really want to watch them I'm just gonna uninstall the app something needs to be done this app ain't other apps that update shows that you missed the next day
Show more
7 years ago, M33ki3
Things that should be included
I think Bounce should think about putting A Different World on the app. A lot of networks have removed it, and I see that it is on the Comcast channel, but a lot of people don't have access to the tv network. Also Bounce should add chromecast access to the app as well.
Show more
3 years ago, Missionary D
Update My App
I love the shows and I usually get good service but the app doesn’t get updated enough. All the current shows have been on for more than a year.
Show more
6 years ago, Admommy
After the advertising commercials in the beginning, I cannot watch anymore shows.
Show more
3 years ago, Dreadman50
App needs an update
Needs an update. Bounce has new shows, but the new shows do not show up on the app. The bounce movies as well. The app needs an update to bring it up to date!!
Show more
5 years ago, TruLuvinMom
A year later & still can’t cast to my tv......
I saw other reviews stating a year ago they couldn’t cast to their tv & here it is a year later & I can’t cast to my tv. Please at least offer us to cast to our tv. The other apps can cast to our tv’s.
Show more
4 years ago, teatimexo
App works great! Some great black tv series to watch.... and free! What’s not to love! Hate to see so many negative reviews when I haven’t had one single issue.
Show more
9 months ago, SlimDigaty
Great shows, terrible app!
The shows are great on Bounce, but this app is terrible! It constantly freezes, after I watch an episode the screen just goes dark and I have to go out and come back in. Who ever developed this app should go back to the drawing board and figure something out!
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