Bozeman Daily Chronicle

2.8 (38)
30.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Pioneer Newspapers Inc.
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bozeman Daily Chronicle

2.84 out of 5
38 Ratings
6 years ago, Kylan817
Crashes all the time
Good layout but crashes constantly
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5 years ago, *Bink*1
Poor app.
We have been having issues with this app for a year now. We started the online issue because my father has very poor eyesight and cannot read the paper issue very well. Every time there is an IOS update this app is not updated for about 2-3 weeks, making the paper nearly impossible to read. I call the paper and customer service response is usually quick but not helpful. Some other issues they could fix are as follows: 1: allow the app to be read either vertically or horizontally on the pad. 2: when expanding or enlarging an article make it so I can control the size. Right now I only have two sizes available. We have the Denver Post and that app allows me to read the paper in any mode and size I choose. 3: if an article is continued on another page allow me to go right to that page/article to continue reading then back to the front page. 4: on the app make it so I go right to the paper and not have to navigate through 5-6 different screens to read the paper. That is very frustrating for someone who is not familiar with how an I-pad works.
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4 months ago, Stratford Tree
Review on remote access to the Chronicle
Excellent source of information on what and when things are happening in Montana as we’re remote at the moment whilst we are building ready to re-locate ourselves and expand the business up into the State.
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8 years ago, DruHill
Great Local News
The Bozeman Chronicle is a great news source. I prefer it to the major news outlets for both national and local news. The app is simple and gets the news to me so I have no complaints.
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6 years ago, Bigskymtnman
In need of an update/ overhaul
I felt compelled to write a review as I contacted the Chronicle about the bugs with their app. I was told a new version would be launching soon, but that was months ago. The last update was over a year ago! My biggest complaint is you can no longer share articles as the app just crashes. Let’s hope they launch the new app soon.
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5 months ago, bozebill
Finally ready for prime time
A local newspaper with updated functions. A pleasure to read. Easy to use. On par with the likes of the WSJ.
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5 years ago, GWGraham
Miserable App
This app is horrible. The home page is the sports page, navigation is not user friendly, and articles are regularly filed on the wrong page (the other day all the sports articles wound up in the obituaries). The app does not provide access to all of the Chronicle’s content, even for subscribers. Some improvements would be nice.
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7 years ago, jameswestonis
Reliable and useful.
My only complaint is that the stories are sometimes updated in batches, not as they break.
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6 years ago, Fourth Estater
Can’t share
So I almost always use the Billings Gazette to share the same story, if both newspapers carried it. Or I’m forced to pull up the Chronicle’s web site and share from that. Annoying bug for close to two years. Fix it, Chronicle! Your chief competitor does better than you in this regard.
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7 months ago, Lon492
Very happy with your most recent changes. I appreciate the ease of accessing and viewing the paper.
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9 months ago, HOH321
This app is terrible!
This app is terrible. I prefer to read the e-edition and since the latest update it never loads. Just freezes on the main screen. Very frustrating since you can get the paper delivered anymore. Do better BDC.
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7 years ago, Philadopolis
Crashes all the time since Apple’s last few updates. Apparently bug fixes and maintenance updates aren’t a priority. It also shuts down audio streaming from other apps when you open it.
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2 months ago, Noname 678
Can’t get into Ereader from app
From an iPhone, the epaper doesn’t work. App is pretty useless except for a few select headlines and some sports articles. I have to use a laptop to read the epaper from a browser.
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2 months ago, Montana snowboarder
Great Way to Enjoy the Paper
Easy to use
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8 years ago, SRNMontana
It's okay
It's ok
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3 years ago, Shiloh60
Very poor
After many calls for technical support, login problems never resolved. Pretty frustrating, using iPad.
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7 years ago, LSPBH
good, non-glitchy app for local news
Keep up the good work, bdc
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7 years ago, wascds67
Excellent Content
Well Done
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7 years ago, Mzpenland
Crashes 100% on iPhone X
Great app and content otherwise.
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7 years ago, Yofishdude
Great app
Free content
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13 years ago, ApplemanG3
Could be better
When this app was first introduced, it worked really well. Now it doesn't show any classifieds and the opinions aren't updated daily. Also, what's up with the traffic button? If you know the area well enough to want to read the BDC, you know what the traffic patterns are. It's just silly. Otherwise, the app looks great and the interface is very intuitive.
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11 years ago, Traillens
Would love to find up to the minute news but, as one reviewer mentioned, often there are old stories on top that I've read days before. Decent effort but needs work.
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11 years ago, Titlover6433674
Good for free
I also get the print paper so i can compare the content. The app publishes the day's important stories, police reports, weather, obits, and some classifieds. For the rest, spend 75 cents and also deal with the bundle of grocery fliers. It is easy to navigate, well laid out, and great for a free app.
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10 years ago, Kdavi
YP guy
The BDC is ok. Like another reviewer said it would be better if the site was more up to date. It is not uncommon to find days old stories in the beginning of a section. I would expect that since the paper goes out everyday that content would turn over every day. This, I am told is the version you get, even if you are an eChronicle subscriber. The could do better.
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12 years ago, ddddddannnnnnnn
Great update
The old version got the job done but frequently crashed, failed load often, and was clunky at best to navigate. I don't use the classifieds so i can't really comment there, but thus far this appears to be a marked improvement.
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10 years ago, Tommy&Graham
Great simple interface for local news.
Functional, well updated app. I'm a home subscriber, but still check the app for news a few times a week. Simple, functional.
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10 years ago, HOUSEOFYO
Keeps me abreast of what's up
Handy app to keep me up to date on happenings even though I live on east coast. Bozeman is still my favorite vacation locale. App runs well, I access it 3-4 X per week.
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9 years ago, SkiBikeFyn
This app used to be annoying enough with just running ads, but I tolerated it because I get they need to make their money somewhere. Now you need a subscription and they're still ads. Delete! This thing is now pointless, especially since the same articles are available via the Chronicle via Google
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9 years ago, Il Padrino Rob
Totally behind a paywall
The BDC used to allow 7 articles / month within their app, and things like police reports were always available. They still do have these features on their normal website, but not within the app, so if you're not a subscriber don't bother.
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11 years ago, bjornski7
Wish I had all the stories.
It's nice to get the headlines on the go but I wish I could sign in with my online subscription to get all the stories.
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9 years ago, ccshodges
Subscription required what a joke!
The chomical app was just that before. It would take at least a week to get updated stories and now you have to have a subscription to even read an article. NO THANKS! I can get my news from all the other papers in the state
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9 years ago, Bozeman Boy
Neglected App - Haphazard Content Updates
This cleanly designed app fails due to the Bozeman Comical not updating the content in a timely fashion. Every three days is typical, but time between updates can stretch out out to weeks. The Bozeman Daily Comical has a long history of neglected online initiatives, this is just the latest failure.
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10 years ago, Tuskenator
Some news is better than no news
The app hasn't shown fresh news in 3 days. This happened last weekend as well where no new news was posted. I don't like the categories either.
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10 years ago, D-n-w
No problems for me
I like the layout of the article sections. The police reports are great! It is very useful for me to keep up with Bozeman and the area.
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12 years ago, BozemanEric
I think they just put a minimal amount of money into this app so that they could say that they had one. It was not even worth the small amount of space it took up on my phone. I also could not stand the ever changing adds at the bottom.
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13 years ago, Rob.Sey
Great Ap!
Very modern and easy to use Ap. I would highly recommend this for BDC readers. Very impressed Bozeman resident
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11 years ago, Sinopah
I graduated from MSU nursing and moved to minnesota. This app is a great way to stay in touch with the area! I love the latest update! Thanks!
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9 years ago, Mommaruns03
Now pointless without a subscription
I used to read some of the headlines before. With the new update you must log in to read anything so I will be deleting this app. I can get all my news free online so I now find this app pointless. Disappointing.
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10 years ago, whoolee
Nice app
The bdc app works very well, and I use it for my local news every week.
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11 years ago, BakerMontana
All things considered, pretty solid
Given the size and distribution of the BDC, this is a pretty solid app.
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11 years ago, 406 in the 402
Most recent update does not work!
I just recently updated and the story summaries show up, but when you click on a story, you just get a blank screen! I wish I could downgrade! This app worked great before! Please fix!!!
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9 years ago, KeliKae
I downloaded this app. When I click on an article an authentication screen pops up. It gives no instructions on how to register, so there's no way to read anything. I'm sticking with KBZK for all my local news.
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9 years ago, Cross crazy
Don't bother!
Made the mistake of downloading the recent update. Now I can't read any articles. Asking for validation/sign in, but nowhere does it tell you how to sign up. Have read the Chronicle for years with the app, now it's useless.
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12 years ago, Kirkland1
Second worst app ever
King 5 in Seattle has the same layout as Bozeman. Don't like King 5 don't like this one. Looks like Microsoft paid you guys to adopt this layout. Go back to the last version it's easier to navigate and looks better to
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10 years ago, Bdc review
This is a clunky looking ap. Ads are interspersed with articles and often look like an article. I can't believe that this ap will not rotate as I rotate my iPad, but only sits in one direction.
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9 years ago, Chugachpowder
Doesn't update news!
News hasn't updated in almost two weeks. Happened many times before.
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11 years ago, Mttroutchasers
Close but no cigar
Try looking at the billings gazette app, far superior, easier to navigate and news is much more current
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11 years ago, Debkimrob
Poor mobile app
Hard to read Doesn't seem organized
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13 years ago, Daniel J. Cox
Needs to be IPad Specific
Very nice App but disappointing to read the news on a phone sized screen when you are actually viewing the App on the IPad. BDC please get us an IPad specific App.
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9 years ago, Montanajjr
Deleted the app
Articles were old when they were available. Now can't read any at all. Useless app.
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