Brace Yourself - Braces Booth

3.2 (1.3K)
43.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Fragranze Apps Limited
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Brace Yourself - Braces Booth

3.21 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
2 weeks ago, Jdjdhdbdbnd
Pretty good
Cool thing about this is that it’s pretty good and it makes them look pretty cool but one thing about this app do you have to pay money for alll the braces ColorsWhich I think is a scam, but it’s very little and there are no ads like I have not gotten a single ad since I downloaded it. It is insane. I bet you can still get ads but it’s definitely a game where no ads is actually real For me at least. So I’m gonna keep this short and just say that this game is really good just you might have to pay a tiny bit of money but not have to watch any ads insane right
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5 years ago, Shea.R.B
It’s the best app I could find
I’m getting braces soon and out of all the apps,this is the best one I could find, it’s not exactly accurate or super realistic but if you want a general idea of what you look like in braces,this is your best bet.
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4 years ago, Moriah Cluff
I really recommend this app!
I am getting braces soon and I wanted to know ahead of time what I’d look like. I saw this app and thought I’d give it a try. If I’m being honest, I didn’t think it was gonna be that good because the reviews were very mixed. However, I found this app very helpful. If you are getting braces soon I really recommend trying this app. (One thing is I couldn’t figure out how to change the colors. That didn’t bother me much though.)
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5 years ago, iiDonutii
TERRIBLE. It’s so edited to looks unbelievably FAKE and the fact the no matter how you smile, it ALWAYS just looks like it was badly photoshopped. Not to mention the amount of ads I was getting. I highly recommend NOT getting this app. All this “positive” feedback comments your seeing is just the app trying to make themselves look good. When in reality your just getting trash. I don’t know for sure if it will, but there is a chance you can get a virus from this app, so what I’m trying to say is DONT get this app. Thank you. 😊
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4 years ago, Madi 🤓🤓
Don’t get it it looks fake and hard to move Im getting braces soon and I want blue I want to see what I look like with blue but I have to pay like if it’s bad at edits so it’s not worthy of your money ok I’ll wait to tell u when I get braces ok I have not been on this for a month I forgot about this so hi and it not the same I look better than I thought with the braces um the app made me look horrible plz don’t get it it bad bye and a tip if your getting braces don’t eat talkes I broke my brackets off so don’t eat those so bye don’t get it you won’t like it
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6 years ago, Lettuce Cabage
Terrible App
I am getting braces in a month and wanted to know how I was gonna look. However, the zoom is quite sticky and hard to use. I had trouble getting them on my teeth. The app photos say that there are 30 brace styles to choose from but in reality they market it as a free app and then tell you to pay for all the said "brace styles". They also have waaaayyy too many pop-up adds. If you are looking for a good app that you can have some fun on, this is not it. All in all, a terrible app.
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6 years ago, Kaelybugg AKA lady bug
Great app!
I really suggest getting this app because it’s not like any other! It is very realistic! It is easy to put the braces on your mouth and change the Colors. If you are thinking about getting braces and scared of what you are going to look like, you can know see!!
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4 years ago, Natalei Simmons
My review for this app
I literally love this app because I’m supposed to get braces so before I make the wrong decision I can decide how I want them to look to see if it’ll look good on me before I get them and then you could also shape them just the way you want them. I 100% recommend it👍🏻👍🏾
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5 years ago, Isabella satori
I had absolutely no problems with the game! It made me and all my friends know what we look like in braces!! And a great app if you don’t know what colour bands to pick for your braces!! Thank you for this wonderful app!! Just one suggestion add mor colours without having to pay!😁
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4 years ago, 😒🤔🧐🙄
I love this app
I love this app. And I’m super nervous about getting braces so I found this app. And it’s great. Although I am wondering one thing and I would love to get a response. So when ever I’m taking pictures is their a way to make it to where it dies by so the sound??
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6 years ago, EmmaDaGecko
Not realistic, Hard to work with
I am getting braces in a few days, so I downloaded this app to see how I would look like. Trying to put the braces on my face was a difficult task, and after a good 10 minuets of playing with it, I got it on my teeth. The braces look very unrealistic. The app was poorly designed, and it can be way better. I’m disappointed with this. I do not recommend it.
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5 years ago, PossumPrincess06
Awesome App
There’s a couple ads but not too many, it’s very effective, I put a caption on a snapchat photo of me with the fake braces on saying “that’s what I’m gonna look like!” And people were like “OMG I DIDNT SEE THE CAPTION I THOUGHT YOU GOT THEM!” Thank you so much, it’s awesome and really helps!!!!! 💘💘💘
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5 years ago, 😀⭐️😀
I am getting braces in a few months, and am FREAKING out about how my braces will look on me. Mainly because all my friends look really really good with them, so i wanted to fit in. I hope you get this app and enjoy!!! 👋
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5 months ago, Bills are #1
The app is horrible! It doesn’t even look like the person who made it was done. When I took a picture, It showed half of the photo in the corner of the screen. When I added braces they didn’t even look real, and it said there would be 30 different types of braces, except there was only one type! It was just HORRIBLE!
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4 years ago, opiniun8ed
Awesome!!! 🤪
This app is %100 AWESOME! So realistic! I love this app! I don’t understand why it is rated so poorly. Great app! I wanted to see what I looked like with braces and this was so realistic! 5 stars!! Pls respond BraceYourself maker and I would be VERY happy!! Great app!!!
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6 years ago, TAC in Portland
The zoom feature kept going from the furthest out to as close as possible with no option for in between. I was able to tilt the braces slightly but not change their size and I was not able to successfully apply them to my photo. I gave up after about 10 minutes of trying.
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8 months ago, robloxgamer😁
It has good.. quality but I don’t suggest you get this. There’s too much adds and you can only see your self with one part of the braces and also it’s very expensive. I saw the other reviews and there quite accurate but not from my experience. I do and kind of don't suggest.
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6 years ago, 🎾🎾🎾💙💙💙💙💙💙
I got this app because I am getting braces in about a month. I didn’t expect this to be perfect or anything, I was just bored and decided to try it. However, I was surprised to see how terribly this app performed. The braces were unrealistic and the app was hard to control, needless to say it wasn’t working well. I would NEVER in a million years recommend this app.
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2 years ago, p traker review
Pretty good
This app is actually pretty good. I am going to be getting braces soon and I wanted to know what I will look like and it actually looks pretty realistic. This was super helpful.
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6 years ago, brenda del carmen
Should fix something
What I think you should fix that people can choose their favorite Color and the type of braces and you guys should put it for them
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4 years ago, -Lydia-🤟
Decent app
This is a pretty good app, although it does not let you pick colors the braces do look real. I do recommend getting this app before you get braces though!
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4 years ago, Eusqo
Review for braces
I like how it turns out but braces movers, side movers, and how big it is does not work and is hard to get when using those tools please and thank you for your time.
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5 years ago, Patrick Springer
Terrible app
This app is trash because it’s user interface is impossible to use. It’s boasts an intuitive design but it’s far from that. Impossible to use editing features! Maybe if they focused on the app more than the ads that they give you every 10 seconds it could be semi trash.
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5 years ago, More Slip Than Knot
0 Stars if I could
I’m getting braces in a few days and I wanted to see how I would look like with em, It crashed my phone shut it down and it hasn’t worked for about a few weeks. Your lucky I don’t sue you guys. The App Store is not a trash can. That’s also where you should put your app
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5 years ago, erinwazhere
This is a very good app!! Girls at my school always talk about how they wish they had braces and it’s a great way to see if you look ok in braces!!
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2 years ago, Richonda.L
Downloaded this just for fun. Wasn’t even in the app 7-10 seconds and an add already pops up. Trying to customize the ‘braces’ everything is just going wrong. The picture kept zooming out. They didn’t even look real…🤦🏾‍♀️
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4 years ago, The places and guns
Try this app
This app is fun. Sometime some time. Braces going in different. shapes it’s an awesome game I love it. Sometimes it fun because sometimes it doesn’t realistic
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4 years ago, k sad by t FDA saw
Wow this is a great app I am getting braces and I was not sure why I was going to look like and now I look good thx
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6 years ago, Kitty/puppy
VERY annoying
I though it was going to be a good app, since I’m getting braces next week. But I open the app, take a picture, then I take one of the braces things. I can’t put them on my teeth! They don’t match my teeth. It would be better if you could do individuals. Sincerely, Paris.
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7 years ago, Kirk Hauge
This is an amazing app! I have to get braces and I was afraid I would look really bad but this app showed me what I would look like and it looked really good!
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8 months ago, JJEMMA99
the quality is awful and it looks so photoshopped all the time. the amount of ads this app gives you is crazy. i deleted it right away. don’t make the same mistake i did by getting this stupid app
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6 years ago, RKL4412
This app is pretty cool if you are getting braces and want to see what you look like. The app is pretty accurate and looks alright!
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4 years ago, #waterlogged
Took 3 tries before it would do anything besides show me an ad. I know it’s a free app but they don’t have to show ads constantly! I did find it helpful to be able to see how braces would look on me.
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4 years ago, kenzie 🙃🙂
Brace yourself app
Omg I have such ugly teeth so I need braces and I wanted to know how I looked and so I got this amazing app and now i know how I will look all thanks to one app😁😁😁😁😁😁😄😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
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5 years ago, yfcu guvivyctigc
Better of with Photoshop
It’s a cartoon picture of braces that you place on your teeth. It’s tricky to line it up right and hard to resize. You’re better of just using Photoshop the this horrible app. I would give it 0 stars if I could. It’s a double thumbs down from me. 👎🏻👎🏻
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5 years ago, Vermak
Bad app
I am going to get braces soon, and wanted to see how I would look like. I got this app and it made absolutely no sense. I wanted to adjust in different colors, but there was no variety at all. There is also no convenient way to adjust the braces correctly.
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4 years ago, Shiair
Mylecia Malone
I love this app it really make me look like I have braces it I would real recommend this app
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4 years ago, circlen
This app is horrible the braces do not even look ClOSE to realistic this app is great if u want to play around but not great if u actually want to see yourself with braces so maybe update it so that there realistic then maybe i will come back i With a different response
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4 years ago, A-A fam
Looks fake
I tried to put the braces on my face and the zooming sucked you can’t move the picture side to side when you zoom in and the picture quality is not good but the braces look to real for the picture.
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4 years ago, dhfdyhyfdf
I wanted to see what I would look like with braces and this app did not help I had trouble getting the braces on and no matter how my picture looked it was so hard to use
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5 years ago, b mutrehtrfew=
Bad Review
The reason why I gave it 4 stars was because sometimes it acts slow
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6 years ago, Oaks_and_Poppies
It looked very fake. I got this app because I’m getting braces and it dident help at all. There are to many adds also, and u can’t do anything without watching them.
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4 years ago, KittyCat2628
So good!
This app pranked my friends so good bc Im supposed to get braces soon and it looked so good! Definitely recommend!
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4 years ago, #1 socce fan
Terrible app🤭😡😡😡😡🤮
I am getting braces soon and I wanted to see what I would look like, but the braces look so fake!!😡 Ans to make matters worse, you have to pay to get more colors so the only colors you can use without paying are yellow p, pink grey and brown. So to sum things up DON’T GET THIS APP!!!
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5 years ago, #sissipie
Not Good
I’ve always wanted to have braces, so I was excited when I saw this game! I took me 10 minutes just to put the braces on and it didn’t look realistic. I am not impressed! 😬😑😐😶
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5 years ago, 54321awesome
Won’t even turn on!!
I can’t even turn on the app. People are writing all these reviews and I just think at least they can turn the app on! Don’t get this app endless you want some way to waste storage!
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6 years ago, JaneyCarol06
This app is IMPOSSIBLE to use. You can’t put the braces in the right spot. If you zoom in it doesn’t zoom in on the right spot. Even if it does when you zoom out the braces won’t be any where near your teeth!! Don’t waste your time with this app.
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7 years ago, Hophip3 21 savage gal
Not Realistic
Not Realistic and not fun. I did not like this app because there is no sense of spending hours trying to put the braces on your face when you have to buy green and blue.
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5 years ago, 4sodak
Didn’t Download
I didn’t get to use it at all because right when I downloaded it, it strait out glitched. I don’t quite recommend this app.... I got it because it had good views but it is not a good app for me... wish it was better.
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4 years ago, shaveismylife
Bad quality, bad braces, bad EVERYTHING. And when I’m trying to put braces on myself, a glitchy ad comes up and I can’t press x Bc it’s so tiny. I’m supposed to get braces in a few days... THIS IS NOT HOW I WANNA LOOK. The only thing I like is that you can adjust the braces.
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