Bradenton Herald News

4.5 (591)
111.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
The McClatchy Company
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bradenton Herald News

4.54 out of 5
591 Ratings
6 years ago, wassupfulzr
Stupendous reports
We love dirty dining, current local news and beg for an expose of involuntary Baker Acted individuals; especially school children handcuffed (((videos))) all over Y Toob! It’s a billion dollar insurance money grab at the expense of children, homeless veterans, the abused woman who sleep in dumpsters behind WalMart on Cortez, and the elderly! Your neighbor, child’s teacher, family member can and have had people involuntarily admitted with anger & revenge!
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5 years ago, nmubutcvnjutv.
Fewer ads?
I have subscribed to the digital version of the Bradenton Herald for a number of years. I have gotten very used to reading it on my iPad every morning. I am not very fond of this new e edition The homepage which I normally read from has an annoying ad which covers the bottom 15% of the page and is not removable. To add insult at times it is one of those revolving type ads which changes the page every several seconds making such a distraction that I cannot concentrate on any article I attempt to read. Other free Apps do this but remove the Ads when you pay. I pay. This may seem like a small thing to some people but it is such a distraction to me that unless it is changed I will not renew my subscription to the Bradenton Herald.
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5 years ago, !$"8
I find the app and more specifically, the news coverage broad, informative and easy to access. I view the big news outlets and papers and find the BH presents the news fairly and without bias. Of the many outlets I reviewed on 9/11, you were the only one that led with a 9/11 story. Thank you.
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10 years ago, MrsSandyFigueroa
Great app for local news
It offers push notifications for instant breaking news. Comes in handy when on the go in Bradenton a lot!
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6 years ago, Jamco20
App keeps shutting down
I just recently subscribed to the paper and wanted to use the app, but the app keeps closing. Sometimes it closes immediately, and sometimes I can actually get through an article before it shuts down. This is on an iPhone 6 Plus with the latest iOS.
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3 months ago, Logan5jr
What did they do with the newspaper
They have messed the app up, no real newspaper, just a lot articles like a television web site. I’m looking to find a new newspaper in my area and will be canceling b/c of this new updated app.
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6 years ago, FLJohns4
Would appreciate a search feature
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2 years ago, Why can't I sign-in
Updated app as requested, trying to sign in, why? , sign in is in a loop. I agree with other users that this app is junk. I’m tired of messing around with trying to get local news.
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6 years ago, C Sue Schaefer
App not user friendly
I waste more time trying to login to my account, message says it doesn’t recognize phone number or email, very frustrating !
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6 years ago, RealEstateJunkieMBG
Why am I receiving UK Football articles???
Is there a setting that is causing my app to publish these stories? I’m a UF fan, not UK.
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5 years ago, bloomingdale161
Article are just not there
I cannot count the number of times I receive a email from you containing a story. When I go to the app to read the story, the story is not on your app. It just happened again... email touting how trip advisor spilled Holmes Beach secret. App... no story. Beyond frustrating
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7 years ago, MrDebt
Not the best app out there but does the trick
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6 years ago, Jc nj
Not worth it !
This app was free ! Now they’re charging for it ! Not worth the price !
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7 years ago, Pacman Fl
Thanks B Herald-Tribune
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10 years ago, HolyCrapItsBert
Notification error
Great app all around. This version seems to have a bug for iOS where it says you have a notification all the time. Deleted and redownloaded several times, clicked all the stuff - notification still there after weeks. Still recommend this app though.
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11 years ago, Attitude2Love
Not worth the frustration!
Be prepared, after having the app installed for two weeks, you will open it up and it will ask you to buy a subscription to read any articles. There is no way I would pay to read these articles that are thrown together, not always accurate, and filled with grammatical errors. Deleting the app and reinstalling it fixes this issue but be ready to do it again in two more weeks.
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12 years ago, Emilyhc
Not worth your time!
This app is horrible! It worked wonderfully for months, but now, intermittently it asks for an e-subscription log in. It lists a number to call, but the number is for advertising for a newspaper insert. The error is a glitch. If you close out completely it will work again (maybe in a day or maybe in four days). Deleting and reinstalling solves the problem for a day or two. Not worth the hassle.
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7 years ago, marlins9
Too much video. Rather read the news with pics. Get rid of the videos!
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7 years ago, Rhodyguy
Very annoying
The constant pop ups make this app very frustrating to use. There are better alternatives for local news
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10 years ago, Kzy Leb
Great app. Great paper
App is reliable and well designed. This newspaper is an excellent way to stay up to date with local news and affairs. Glad the app exists!
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10 years ago, Esse47
Ok app - a little buggy
I enjoy the quick glimpse headlines. Sometimes I get notifications, sometimes I don't. My notification count has been stuck at 1 for months. Even the latest update did't clear it.
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12 years ago, Third3
Great! I love it!!!
I love it!!! No longer need to buy a paper! THUMBS UP!!!!!
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10 years ago, Brez4
So-so app
Nice app for quick news. Downside is it locks you out after awhile if you're not a subscriber to the paper version. This is the only news app I use that does that.
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12 years ago, DragracerInfl
Used to be good
Used to be a good online paper to read but now it wants me to subscribe to something to where I need to pay to read the couple of stories I read everyday. Guess I will just have to find another app! Deleted!
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7 years ago, ssaint77
The older version was better. The new update is hard and less friendly to navigate.
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10 years ago, RLKING58
Still problem with notification error
Like the app --but the notification error is very distracting. Does anyone read these reviews?
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7 years ago, Suezan68
It tells me how many notifications I have but it doesn't erase the notifications like it used to once I open the app. Very annoying and frustrating.
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7 years ago, Florida buckeye fan
Fix the issue.
It says I have notifications but I can't clear them. Please fix this. For now I have turned off the notifications. This is annoying.
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10 years ago, GregReaves
Local News
Best way to stay on top of local news. Awesome alerts.
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12 years ago, jakethesnakefl
Was great before pay subscription
This was the greatest local news app for the area until they switched to pay plus adds.
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10 years ago, Brandonr2474
Great paper
Awesome paper I live in Bradenton and this is the paper in Bradenton
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10 years ago, Salsastud
Articles are unreadable
taping on an article takes you to a login screen but there is no way to login or even register.
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7 years ago, Tylerhudg
All videos
Why can't I read any of the news? Why is it all videos?
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9 years ago, Heavenly Creation
Not working
Since the update the app doesn't work. Hope it gets fixed.
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7 years ago, DR Schu
Video is clear yet the sound has never worked.
Useless video
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11 years ago, Czto
Why no obituaries ?
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7 years ago, Farewell!!!
Liked the old version better... 😑
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10 years ago, Mrlj35
Lock out
Yep it locks you out if your not a subscriber. I'm deleting the app. No good to me if I have to pay
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11 years ago, Dickreade
Had to dump app keeps crashing
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11 years ago, Boo_Yahoo
Crash on Launch
Unusable. Do not upgrade.
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7 years ago, Csn1226
Not good
Looks horrible and disorganized.
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6 years ago, GB346
25 second ads, Really?
Nobody wants to wait 25 seconds to watch an ad these days in order to see a video. YouTube has got the timing right, copy them.
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