Brainly: AI Homework Helper

4.7 (254.3K)
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Current version
Brainly sp. z o o
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3 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Brainly: AI Homework Helper

4.71 out of 5
254.3K Ratings
8 months ago, 恩荣 (that's Chinese for Grace)
Brainy is a lifesaver!!!!!
Brainly is a lifesaver. It is SOOOO helpful and my grades definitely wouldn’t be where they are now if it weren’t for Brainly. I struggle a bit in certain subjects and so if I need help I just go to Brainly and ask a question or search for a question others have asked and read explanations. You see, Brainly doesn’t just give you the answer, they give you a thorough step-by-step explanation that really helps you understand how to get to the correct answer. Helps me every time. I have paid $0 and I can still get so much homework assistance. I also really love Brainly AI because all you do is ask/scan the question and the AI gives you a PERFECT step-by-step explanation. I’ve tried other online [math] calculators that also give step-by-step explanations, but sometimes I don’t understand and just ask Brainly AI and I understand it much better. The best part is that you can use their AI for free :) I also really enjoy answering other people’s questions and I like how Brainly incorporates points and badges into the app because it keeps you motivated to ask questions and help other people as well. Great work! ❤️📚📎✏️
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7 months ago, Karmiyah or Mia
Brainily plus subscription
I have been using the tutors to help me with some challenging questions for my math homework. Many have been very helpful but you’re only able to ask 20 questions a month. I have used 12/20 mostly because the tutors take me in then say they can’t solve the question and end the session. Because of this it has been using up the questions I can ask for this month. And when you loose connection it gets rid of all the tutors work and you have to ask a new tutor. Its really upsetting when you have waited to find out how to solve the question your struggling on for 10 or minutes to see oh you lost connection go find a new tutor. It happened to me once and all the other tutors gave me the wrong answer or said they didn’t know how to do it. One tutor was convinced what they got was the right answer but my teacher gives us the correct answers so we can check our work. I would have made a comment on it but then it said I lost connection. Which is really weird because I have really good wifi and it doesn’t say or do this on other apps. If this happens I wish there was a reconnect option. Just know when you sign up for brainly plus there is a chance the tutors won’t give you the correct answer. They are real people and won’t know how to do everything and can make minor mistakes within the problems. Just make sure you go through and check everything and that it makes sense to you before you end the session.
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3 years ago, MmEL17
Ads loading forever and not showing up at all...
The app it’s self is really good and very helpful and I appreciate it very much but, Recently for the past 3 days whenever I’ve went into the app and had to watch an ad as usual, it would load for very a long time and never show up in the end no matter how long I waited. I even tried many things to see what the problem was. My connection was fine and I’ve tried to refresh, turn off or shut off my phone, logging in out logging back in, deleting the app and re-installing, and offloading the app. But with all the efforts I put in to make it work it never did. So I decided to go on the website instead and it worked perfectly fine the ads did show up and let me play them. So the problem seemed to be the app it’s self, but the only thing that is inconvenient about going to the website instead of the app, is it only gives me a limited amount of ads I can watch to get answers in a day. I’m not sure if I’m The only one with this problem but I believe since a couple days have passed this seem to be a really worrisome for me and difficult since I really like the app in general. So therefore, I would like to see and know if there’s anything I’m doing wrong or something that I need to do to make it work. Please and thank you for your value time.
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4 years ago, VMA2COOL4U
Mainly questions...
This app is amazing! A total life saver! I would 100% recommended this to anyone. But two questions. One, when I have a notification for things I go to my profile to look at the notifications and every time i click on it, it seems to say something like, “Oops, something went wrong. Try again,” but I refresh, restart my phone and it won’t fix it. Two, when I answer a question sometimes I need to ask them a question back first before answering, like what kind of math is this or something to clear something up, but once I answer something once I cant answer it again, maybe you can on a computer, but not on phone, so maybe you can make it so you can answer it twice. And I would like to suggest that when you click on the answers that you or someone else had answered on a subject like on their profile, it could show the answers you or they have answered. Thanks, and please get this seen!
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3 years ago, Naye---
traumatizing to say the least... (trigger warning)
IDK WHAT IS WRONG WITH YALL MODERATION TEAM (you guys probably don’t even have one and it is sooo evident) but i was shocked and disturbed this morning. i was finishing up an answer under a question i was doing only to see a image of something. i couldn’t see it clearly and a small part of me was like “hey this is something you probably don’t wanna see” but i wasn’t too sure and i already had clicked on the picture while that thought was going through my head. i must say it REALLY TRAUMATIZED ME, brainly was the LAST app i would ever expect to see gore on, it was so explicit and graphic but i won’t explain what i saw in detail, the most i can say is it looked like the victim got their neck and above smashed. a great majority of us are on there for hw help but on this app there’s a plethora of people trying to hack and surprisingly post gore. brainly needs to do better, i can’t imagine how much gore is on there that isn’t getting moderated properly, and also y’all let people have meaningless conversations on there, the brainly team needs to be precise and detect nonsense on the spot, there are children on the app. regardless of age no one wants to see images of that nature. you could say twitter and brainly are synonymous at this point because anything finds its way there...
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3 years ago, poop ladt
Hello, Brainly is such a great resource when you don’t have an answer or you get stuck on a question, you can just go to Brainly and it will give you the answer and the process of how you would of got that answer. The only thing I wish would change is the ads about Brainly plus. I understand that you are trying to persuade people to get Brainly plus, but you don’t have a to put an ad about it on every question that you look up. Also I have an account and the app, and it’s limiting my chances of finding the answers because it keeps saying “ purchase Brainly plus or put your email in for Brainly plus” and if I don’t do that it won’t let me see the answer! And the thing is you guys are putting WAY to many of those ads in. So maybe put a couple of those ads in but not for EVERY SINGLE question you look up, because I don’t want Brainly plus and you guys are just waisting my time trying to promote me to buy it. Everything else was fine, but if you could please change that a little bit for my time and other people’s time on the website, thank you.
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2 years ago, answer system
The answer system is weird
Getting answers for my work is so easy to get to and 90% of the time is right which is great. I’m not complaining it’s not 100% because I’m still getting high grades and scores. The way it can read the question I get just from a photo and find post a like is amazing. The getting answers is definitely a 5 stars….. now the answer system People will put the wrong answer under questions I’m using and I can’t find another post to help me out. I’ll figure out the question and want to post it so no one else has the same problem. But I CANT, no matter what I do. Even commenting under the wrong answer to explain how it’s wrong is hard. I tried to and got a message that said “comment won’t post this question was posted too long ago” huh? I’m using the question now though. Then I figure out how to answer but it’s random post not the ones I know the answer to. How can I answer RANDOM questions. I want to answer questions I’ve reviewed myself. Would love for this to be fixed I feel like it’d help people a lot to get the right answer 100% of the time! :)
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9 months ago, Lily hammer norway
Very Good, Could Be Better
This app offers a wide selection of verified answers and is very user friendly. I had no trouble finding specific problems that were in my school work, and the explanations were very detailed and helpful. Although, even after signing up, you only get (I believe around) 10 answers before you have to either initiate a free trial or start paying. I understand why this is, of course, as the app has to make money, somehow. Although, I believe a more profitable option may be to make the user watch an ad in between each answer. I don’t know about everyone else, but I would certainly be willing to watch an ad for each answer and explanation. I believe this would motivate more users to create accounts, and you could profit off of ad-cents rather than subscriptions. Because of having to start a trial, I will not be using this app anymore, despite its helpful features. I cannot say I would be doing the same if it included ads instead of forcing a subscription.
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1 year ago, Erin Ross Lytle
I often study very late and into the early morning hours. Sounds crazy. Well maybe it is? At times my brain just gets STUCK!!!! It’s a relief to be able to turn to BRAINLY for HELP! Sometimes I just need that reminder or that rule at times I need the entire answer cause I’m lost really lost. I’m 16 yrs old and MATH isn’t my easy subject. But I need algebra one and two to graduate from high school. Graduating from high school is very important to me. It’ll make sure that a lot of doors are open instead of closed. It’s sad to think that having all the difficulties that I mentioned earlier could really mess a person up. Possibly even keep them from completing a class or from even graduating. Well, I’d like to think. BRAINLY. For helping me get to my ultimate goal graduating from my school and going on to college. Ultimately living the life that I dreamed up !!! Thanks
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4 years ago, Kelly Chen 🐰🌈
This app used to be really good to me, but now, I’m heartbroken and sad. To start off this review, the people who answered my questions gave “okay” answers. Now, I returned to using this app weeks ago for my homework. This app is fairly slow or fast on answering your questions based on the difficulty and the chance people will answer your question. Just to beware, anyone can answer your questions and the answers can be really unused and off topic. So yesterday, I reached my goal of answering 100 questions and I still needed more points for the rank Expert. This morning, I needed help on homework and was looking for answers. Turns out, someone deleted all my answers and reset my points to 211 instead of 711. My Brainiests was also deleted from 11 to 0. This is really unacceptable and leaving this app forever. It turned from an angel to a devil throughout the years and I couldn’t make anything out of this app anymore. It also offered a free trial and Brainly Premium, something like that and I could only view 15 questions for free. I saw wha Brainly Premium was for and I was shocked! I could post questions, get good answers and much more with it, but it is not use. Whoever is reading this and wanting to download this, don’t!
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4 years ago, kylaih
I got the subscription trial to see if brainly plus was for me. I decided it wasn’t because I didn’t use it much during the free week. I didn’t want to pay money for something I didn’t use often. Unfortunately I forgot my password, so I did the forgot my passcode thing. It didn’t work. So I email them, ( I would rather call but they don’t have a customer service number), telling them that I would like to get into my account and the forget my password thing wasn’t working. They email me back saying to use the forget my password option. I email again saying that I wasn’t working and if they couldn’t get me into my account, can you at least delete it so I wouldn’t have to pay for 12 months of something I can’t use. They emailed me back telling me to go to account setting to delete my account. So, I email them again saying I can’t get into my account. Can they please delete my account or cancel my subscription. Again they tell me I can delete my account in my account setting that I can’t get into because I can’t get it to my account. Their customer service is horrible and as soon as I can I will be deleting that account.
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3 years ago, jblaceface
This app is very helpful and I use it all the time, it’s the only way I’m getting through school right now. But whenever I can’t find a question that I need answered and I go toMet the question myself, I always get answers from people that are just trying to take the points off of answering my question. They vary from people spamming letters or saying they don’t know the answer, there’s even people saying that they are linking a picture to their answer, which is actually a scam. For a future update I think that you should make it so that you cannot get points off of someone else’s answer unless they like your answer (using the like button under the answer.) this would make it so that the people who are just answering to get points cannot do so without approval from the person asking the question. Because if they don’t get free points off of answering questions with “non answers” then they will have no reason to write a “non answer”
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3 years ago, Audricat424
I’d be lying if I said this didn’t help me graduate. Just needs more censorship 🤢
Due to covid I had to go to online classes in 2019. My teachers and “tutors” literally sucked balls. No one helped me, I was sooo behind & I was depressed and loosing it until I found this app. As long as you don’t linger to much in the comments you won’t see any explicit messages/images surprisingly there was a lot of nasty stuff posted and I reported a lot of it. I’m sure the moderation isn’t very active anymore. All together this is a life saver and I’d recommend to any parents trying to help their child out. Just do not let them go on alone or use the message option. Very weird how it lets you message other “kids” there’s lots of adults and people claiming to be teachers.
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3 years ago, ahdjdjshusufurh
What I feel about Brainly
Brainly is a good app for people who needs help on there homework or can’t find a answer. Brainly has a lots of good rate but bad rate too. I would say that it gets good rate because some people can find there answers in Brainly (some I said), now Brainly gets bad rates sometimes because people can’t find there answer on Brainly and they have to look at different website, different apps and more and more. I rate this app a three because like again sometimes I can find my answer on Brainly and at the same time I can’t find the answer I’m looking for. I hope this was a good explanation of why I rate this a three, I also hope you understand what I’m saying and just to remind you I am a 12-year old kid and sometimes I don’t even know what I am saying. We’ll have a nice day and I will use your app still because sometimes I can find my answer and sometimes I can’t,lol.
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6 months ago, alexis munoz 28
Do Not Use!!
I used brainly in the past, and while sometimes It could be helpful a lot of the times the answers people gave were not correct. Although that’s not the issue I had. Recently Brainly had took $40 from me for a “subscription” I had no idea I was subscribed too. When I contacted them all they would say was “we don’t do refunds” and then proceeded to tell me they won’t take “responsibility” for my faults for not canceling before the renewal. When in the first place I had no idea I was subscribed until they took my money, I have no idea how my paypal even got connected for them to be able to. I have never seen a more money hungry app. A no refund policy when I did not use any of the services that came with the “subscription” and I won’t ever. I will never use brainly again as it wasn’t even a beneficial app. So I strongly encourage you to not use their app or allow them to get any type of payment method. In the end, DO NOT USE THIS APP AND DO NOT EVEN LOOK AT ANY OF THEIR SUBSCRIPTIONS BECAUSE THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY THEN TELL YOU THEY DON’T DO REFUNDS AND ITS YOUR FAULT THEY TOOK YOUR MONEY!
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2 years ago, Mrs.KayM
App is basically broken at this point.
I’ve been a Brainly supporter for years, I’ve been here since the early days. The moderators are extremely slow at removing in inappropriate content and the tutors half the time don’t even give you the correct answers. You cannot really access anything without a paywall and while I do understand this is to eliminate the need for ads, the app doesn’t even work half of the time. Shuts down mid use, there’s so many bots, you can’t even click on the notifications button half the time. But that being said, I’m assuming these people are volunteering their time, if they were being paid they shouldn’t be. Lol. The mods are extremely nice and the community when there is no bots is very nice. I love this app to tutor some kids I work with and my little sister uses it sometimes for homework help. This app could thrive if it just worked out a few glitches. <3
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3 years ago, nuggibug
Yes…but no
I loved using Brainly without getting the plus, as it gave me answers when I needed them and it worked fine until I started seeing Turks “5 answers left” thing on my screen. Sure I ran out of answer and it’s like the free version serves absolutely no purpose. Every time you ask a question the “get Brainly plus” thing will be sitting right over your answer. And I mean literally every single answer. It’s annoying and I feel like it’s slight false advertisement as when I looked it up Brainly themselves said “have access to the basic functions of Brainly with the free version of Brainly”. I guess the basic functions are asking a question and having it un answered cause it won’t show you another answer until you buy Brainly plus. Which is pointless because if you don’t want plus you’ll just have to deal with un answered questions. They might as well have you pay when down loading the app so everyone who gets it can already have plus
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1 year ago, Bikram Pradhan
"URGENT: Issues with Brainly Tutoring Services - Please Address Immediately"
"I urgently request that the issues I am experiencing with Brainly's tutoring services be addressed immediately. I have encountered numerous problems with the platform's tutors, including a lack of expertise compared to other platforms, as well as issues with tutors quitting, leaving, and doing internet glitches. Additionally, some of my questions have been reported for no apparent reason, which has resulted in a significant decrease in the number of questions I have received help with. I am extremely upset, sad, and angry about the situation, as I have been unable to get the support I need and have had many questions go unanswered. I have found it difficult to report these issues or communicate with customer support, which has only added to my frustration. I urge you to take immediate action to address these problems and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Brainly platform. Thank you for your attention to this matter."
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4 months ago, Atsunë
What happened to this app?
I have been a Brainly user for several years, and I can say it’s worse now than it used to be. Back then, REAL PEOPLE would answer your questions and most often give you the right answers. Now, it’s infested with bots who don’t even give you the right answers, and they all have a confusing format to their explanations. I’ve had questions that have been left unanswered for MONTHS and finally get answered by a bot who wasn’t even right. You all need to fix your stuff because this app won’t help students for any longer. With the creation of AI, it has been helpful…but only with subjects such as English, Science, or History. Try asking Ginny a question about APR and she will give you a different answer every time you ask. She is a absolutely no help when it comes to the subject that many across the world struggle with. I find it quite sad that Brainly is not what it used to be.
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5 years ago, User923283
Beautiful-intricate Designed Theme
The simple modernistic theme of the website and app engages users to instantly join the community. The beautiful-intricate UI allows users to remain on the website and answer questions whenever they please. Additionally the mod team works 24/7 (from various timezones) ensuring that users are being helped in an appropriate manner. Answering wise, this app comes out on top, I have always seen learners from different education levels answer all types of questions, including the difficult ones! Overall, I’d definitely recommend to download this app, because I can guarantee that this app has the ability to answer the hard gruesome questions you might have to expanding your mind from answering other users difficult school questions.
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2 years ago, c4 energy drinks
It keeps getting worse
The app itself is great and has helped me a lot, but now they are basically forcing me to pay for a subscription because it won’t let me watch any adds and I can’t get the answers anymore. Update on the app, I got the pro version a while ago and it was good (it was 100 as I remember) but then they made a new version which is a tutoring version, which basically took everything from pro and it is 100 dollars to get that one. What was the whole point of having people get the pro if you where just gonna change it? Here’s a update. With the tutor one I can’t even ask a question to the community even though I have Brainly tutor. They are ripping people off at this point.
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4 months ago, justruthie22
Good app but has a few problems that should get fixed.
Brainly is a good app it has helped me with a few problems but it also has some big problems. A lot of times I would take a picture of the problem and try and ask ai but it just wouldn’t send the problem so I had to type it out. Not a big deal but also a lot of times when I was done typing my problem out it in ai it would say “error when receiving the answer” and when I pressed try again it would just keep saying that exact thing. The app would also freeze a lot of times so I had to close the app and retype the entire thing all over again. It also sometimes gives the wrong answer but this is more uncommon. In summary Brainly is a good app but it has a few issues that needs to get fixed for it to be a better app.
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3 years ago, DPM4Ever
usually brainly is amazing and I love it, but up until August 9 at 3 AM A man messaged me on here (brainly) and was telling me very inappropriate sexual things. not only is it inappropriate and was telling me these things in the comment section of the math comments, he had the audacity to put a very explicit, extremely inappropriate, sexual image of two people having s3x. I tried to report one of the comments he made but it wouldn’t allow me and I believe he hacked something where, it just didn’t want me to report it. he keep spamming the comment sections on my other previous questions for homework. I have screenshots of evidence and proof of this incident if anyone does not believe me. if you do choose to use this app please be careful and do not have a profile picture of yourself and don’t use your name either please!!! pick a user name other than your legal name. brainly i hope you respond to this and take it seriously!!! i’m very disturbed.
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2 years ago, 44sky
If you want all the answers you have to pay a subscription every month . Once you do that you can have every answer in the book . Some times it might not give you the right answer you i download 2 more other apps 1 is called Socratic and you don’t have to pay any monthly fees and another one is for Algebra because on Brainly it doesn’t give you all the answers so the other app is called Gauthmath those 3 apps will get you outta each class with flying colors . This app is great and work very well . I’ve been using this app for about a 2 years now . There is nothing wrong with this app at all . And give you the exact answer
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2 years ago, Reed_nik
Good App
Brainly is a good app. I’ve been using it for 2 years and it’s amazing. I do just have one problem though… earlier i had to redownload it because it kept crashing and once i did get it back and signed in the whole app had changed. I don’t know why but if it was crashing because of an update or whatever but again the issue is that it’s hard to understand now since the whole finding the answer is weird because it’s a pull up tab not just taking you to another tab where you scroll through like 10 answers to find your answer. Now the app is good but it does lag… a lot. That might be on my part though. I give it a 4 star rating just simply for the lag and crashing if it didn’t do that then I’d give it a 5 star rating.
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6 months ago, Roni5771
Worthless app
I have now given this app a try 3 separate times to assist my daughter with her homework. They give answers that they say are expert verified, but yet the answers are still wrong. They must have some very poor experts verifying these answers. The new AI feature is even more worthless. Out of 10 question answered by the AI feature only 2 were actually correct answers. It says you can take a photo of your question to allow for an easier time finding the answer, but even then the question still isn’t answered half the time because it pulls up questions that have nothing to do with what you asked. It’s easier to just type the question you have into google and look up the answer that way. I really wouldn’t recommend spending your money paying for this app. Not to mention when I did pay for it. The app charged me twice.
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3 years ago, !!!!!!!!!!Paige is me!!!!!!!
Why :(
This app is great for helping other and for getting help, I’ve been using it for almost 3 years now. This app was my go to whenever I couldn’t solve this problem. As a homeschooled student, I am not able to ask teachers for help so I really depended on this app. Until about a week ago. Whenever I downloaded the app on my new phone, I was let down to see that I would now not be able to ask questions without having to pay (money that I don’t have). I understand that the company has to make money but I wish that they had executed it in a different way.... I think that it would be a great idea if they had ads every so question, but also allow people to get that no ads membership. In all honesty I think that them doing that, would allow them to make more money then “forcing” people to buy that membership. I was really let down to see that the app that was my go to... could no longer be my go to. The people on this app are really nice as well as helpful. And the way that this app is easy to use is another thumbs up. But I’m taking away two stars because of their execution of making money was a big let down. Thank you to the company if they do read this. I strongly trust that this company will better their app... Have a good day :)
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2 years ago, NinaaMedinaa
Terrible customer service, basically a scam for tutor help!
I bought brainly tutor so that I could get immediate help on a chemistry question I had. I asked my question and didn’t connect with a tutor right away which was understandable, but after a whole day I never got an answer to my question. I asked my question multiple times and not once did I get connected to a tutor nor have them answer and explain at a later time. I emailed them asking for a refund because I was dissatisfied with the subscription I paid for when they claim that you could be connected to a tutor and have them answer faster than the general public. If not, I would of just asked my question for free on the public forum. I waited 7 days for a response and they only responded to my question asking “how long will it take for a tutor to answer my question?” I emailed asking for a refund before the specific time frame AND THEY NEVER answered my email! what a scam!
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3 years ago, Kashona
When I saw the add this gave me a so happy look until this happened..It asked about my email and password I was kind of scared but now days we have hard work so I had to decide if I wanted to do it or not. Few days later I did it so I tried it...It never worked tho I tried everything swiping it checking if I messed up something....but it still didn’t work 🙄 so now when I told my friend she said it was going fine and then I showed a pic of my homework and then she told me the answer. I also thanked her (next day). I got the wrong answer instead but it was the same question. And that’s when I knew my friend started to hack so I could get the wrong answer. So I blocked her but it said I was dead scared about that...few days later again I tried it so I could get the answer bc it’s to hard and it worked but then it shut down my phone and then it restarted all over again. I was dead mad 😭😣🙁. DON’T DOWNLOAD THE APP PLS YOU COULD GET HACKED!!! 😭😭😭😭😭
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2 years ago, helpmeplsbrainlyineedhelp
I don’t have an edit profile
Okay i only put one star so that brainly hopefully sees this, i love this app but I’m very upset and stressing out because i have a yearly subscription that just got renewed and I’m about to lose it because i don’t have an edit profile button and before you say i don’t know where it is, trust me i have searched for miles trying to find it i swear. I don’t remember my password or email and I’m getting a new phone so i need that information and i literally swear it’s no where. My edit profile has walked off and disappeared. It’s not by my avatar or on my profile page, i even asked brainly “where is the edit profile” and it was not helpful🥲, it’s like the whole universe has that button besides me no joke, please someone respond and it best not be a robot cause i have had enough of ‘is this helpful?’ No robot person, it wasn’t helpful at all. But thank you for trying your best😐
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4 years ago, itsAlwina on Ig
I have tried many questions apps and website that help if you have any questions or problems but not any one have found a solution to my problem so brainly owners or staff please help. I decided to try brainly 7 day trial (on website) they made me put the card info in and that was it , it didnt tell me to make an account or anything so i thought i was set till 2 days ago i wanted to cancel it before it ends so i dont get charged but when i tried to search up how to cancel it people were saying you have to cancel it through an account but I NEVER MADE AN ACCOUNT !!! and i have emailed brainly but no response and i also tried to look into my subscription but its not showing probably because i did it on the website and not on the app so PLEASE HELP me . Im not the owner of the card i used its my parents so i really need to cancel it before it starts taking off money and its expires tomorrow.
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3 years ago, MaddieXCakes
App Review
This is a very good app to use if you’re doing an online class. If you’re not sure about the answers on assessments or tests and want to get the correct answers in order to get good grades. Although, it could be better. The app only lets you look at a certain amount of answers before making you upgrade and pay. I believe that they should at least let you see 1-2 answers ultimately without paying. Students that cannot pay for the subscription but would like help in their assignments can’t use this app for very long. You can watch an ad but it did not load for me. In my opinion the app should be free for anyone but only allow 1-2 answers. People who cannot do the subscription or do not want their parents to pay for it the app is basically useless.
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2 months ago, user02836017
charged me twice for subscription
ive had the app for a few months now and it was good until i recently had to pay for the monthly subscription again. I had already cancelled the subscription before it had to get paid, yet it still charged me the $10. And on top with it still charging me, on the app it showed as if i didn’t have any subscription what so ever. And yes i did contacted them about it but they weren’t any help. And soon after, i decided to delete my brainly account (mind u before deleting the account i had asked apple for a refund for the $10, which i still haven’t gotten) and after deleting the account i saw it charged me $10 again AFTER the account had been deleted. So it charged me $10 for a subscription i had cancelled and another $10 after me already deleting the account smh 🤦‍♀️. (and yes i’m complaining about 20 bucks money is tight out here)
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4 years ago, Zalliga
This app is amazing when it comes to finding ur answers and helping you out understanding things. But every time i try to take a picture of the question, it loads and then says something went wrong. It keeps doing this and sometimes works. I use this app on a daily and it’s not helping me at all with things I can’t understand because of this problem. I can’t use this app at all and if i try to type the question it tells me the exact same thing. Y’all keep updating it but nothing is really ever fixed. There always seem to be another problem. Please fix all the bugs and glitches in this app. Im trying my hardest to fix it. I also bought the membership for a whole year and it still asks me to watch add sometimes. There’s way too many problems. PLEASE FIX!!!
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3 years ago, MAH MEH MEH MAH
Loved it till I did not
This app was great I met great ppl, had great answers, and got big points. But the mods ruined the whole thing, being over strict with their contents. Blocking ppl who gave free points over the pervs on the app. One day I joined a question that wasn’t completely appropriate just to tell them that they should be doing that in an educational app. I started getting lots of warnings that my account would be deleted. So I spoke up and challenged them on the app. They deleted my account, what’s saddening is that I was already at ace heading for the next level. They are trying to censor people just because they don’t agree with their way too strict controls. BRAINLY you lost an user, and you will lose many more if you don’t put a stop to your over aggressive controls. Spread the word pls! Hope same thing doesn’t happen to u guys! And the whole system is great, it’s just the mods who are ruining the app.
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3 years ago, Haileyy✨
Brainly please fix your app❗️
I love this app it’s a complete life saver and would definitely recommend to anyone who has edunuity it helps with any topic you need help with. But lately it’s been acting up I don’t know if there is something wrong with the app but every time I go to look for one of the questions I need help with, it Won’t let me watch the skip videos anymore it keeps taking forever to load and it doesn’t show the videos anymore unless you keep remaking your account just to get the free questions and only/sometimes one skip video but after that it basically doesn’t let you watch anymore skip videos to get the questions you need. ☹️
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2 years ago, BlueFire627
Do not buy on iOS
Yeha well it was great until I had to cancel my membership when there wasn’t an option to in the app besides contact the App Store which mind you when I did it dint appear anywhere under my subscriptions yet when I contacted through the app support they weren’t any help so it’s been taking money for the last three months out of my account and no one can help me fix this issue I’ve tried Apple but the can’t find it or said to candle with Brainly Brainly says they have to be through Apple well it’s kind hard when it’s not there yet still taking money when I’m no longer using the app
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4 years ago, Ayeesheii
Requesting Brainly Support
Brainly its definitely an amazing app if you stressing with your assignments and want an easy answer and most likely with an explanation but I have an issue, i haven’t used Brainly since last year and i got charge the subscription fee a couple days ago i also got charge $34 due to insufficient funds, my it’s currently in -$56. I’ve been sending Emails for about 3 days and still no response. Im requesting a refund since i haven’t used the Brainly and i dont know how to cancel my subscription. I also try calling but ut was no used. I don’t doubt Brainly is a great app like i said but communication from Brainly representatives takes long. Im doing this review asking for help from Brainly support since Email and calling didn’t work. Thank you!
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3 years ago, Anna LOL55
This is a useless app
This app is trash so don’t get it. First of all if you don’t sign up of the subscription it will only let you see 15 questions and even then when you sign up for the subscription sometimes it would give you answers that aren’t relevant to your question. Second of all ANYONE can answer questions I used this app to help me with an equation and did the ENTIRE thing wrong because someone on the app didn’t know what they were doing and I missed out on 10 points on the work sheet 0/10 I would not recommend, would give it zero stars if possible😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
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3 years ago, your_girl_anaya
mmmk tbh its ok.... couldn’t of been better tho...
You may have notice I gave a five star but that’s only because I’m nice and ima show support since I can guess that y’all are trying to make this app more used and popular. There’s a few things y’all could fix to make it better like for example.... 1). If someone needs help on a specific question who got time to answer 100 or more questions just to ask one question I mean like frl come on 2). Stop making people delete there account if they cuss because it don’t matter ima kid and it’s nit like the worlds perfect and no one cusses a kids gonna see, hear, be near cuss words and eat so that’s just getting us/them ready for the real world 3).yall need to stop putting “This answer is to old to write a commment” I mean first of all the question and answer might be old but people still seeing it and I bet slot of ppl tried to write a comment and it denied and they give up... yalll need to do better but anyways😌 I’m glad I got that out don’t be so hard on y’all selves take ur time and fix the problem pls and thx
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3 years ago, 😎🤓🧐😂
Great to a point
Listen I have over 7,000 points in this app, I’ve been using it for about 5 years now but good gosh y’all need to work on censorship. I’ve been around long enough to see the “free points to make your day” and y’all take that down within SECONDS. But when it comes to people with links, asking for inappropriate things, or even posting pictures on here it takes y’all about 5 minutes. Which while that’s pretty fast I’m pretty sure that should be a higher priority thing to take down rather than something that is trying to make someone’s day. Other than that it’s a really good app that helps me and others learn and I would 9/10 recommend
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2 years ago, ♠️♣️clover8♣️♠️
It Helps a TON!
So, I’m in Highschool and math can get more difficult, so I might need some outside of class. This app helps a ton because all you need to do is sign up, and your done! You don’t have to pay a single penny! That’s just one reason I love this app. There are also multiple answers so if one is hard to follow you can go and look for another. I love this app so much. Highly recommend it to those people who need some help that’s outside of class, and so you do t have to bug your parents to help, which they probably don’t have the time for. To the point again though, highly recommend, 5 stars 👍
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3 years ago, Morgan Stewart
Very good but just one small complaint
Overall this app has been extremely helpful and it still is but there’s just on thing that really annoys me about this. It’s when it takes me directly to the “best answer to my question” and it’s not always the same problem so when I retry to try and get to the page with more answers it doesn’t let me. It just sends me back to the same answer to the wrong problem. I’ve tried multiple things but it has only taken me back to the same answer every time and won’t let me see the other ones. It’s very frustrating. I end up having to go to another app or search on the internet instead.
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4 years ago, bulefacebaby20
I like it, but...
It really helps and it’s a good tool, but if your question doesn’t get answered soon, it gets forgotten and you never get your answer. Also, the app won’t let me log into my account, saying the password/username is wrong even if I typed the password I recently changed to. I don’t remember my last password. And I can’t create a new account to ask the question because the app always has some sort of network error, even if everything else on my phone works normally. Please fix the network error thing and maybe have mods answer the questions that have been left unanswered for the longest! Then this app would be perfect! Other than those flaws, this app is fantastic and super helpful. The answers are usually clear and everything is perfect.
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4 years ago, Kiyah!!!!😋
Great app!! Few mistakes.
This app is amazing and well organized! But I am going to get right to the point. There are 2 things that should be added to this app: Delete button and date of post. 1) There should be a delete or edit button when posting your questions. I have posted questions that have been answered too late and to where I didn’t need the question posted anymore.... I wanted to delete the post but realized there isn’t a choice for it. 2) The date of when the question was posted would be helpful. When helping out someone by answering there questions, I always wonder when they posted there question. Knowing the date would make me feel comfortable in my life
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3 years ago, 666pdog666
Really Really helpful
In general this is the best app out there if you need a helping hand in school but there is one thing. So I bought the plus version because it just seemed better because you won’t have to watch videos but 5 minutes ago it asked me to buy it again even tho I already bought it a month ago and I bought the yearly version $25 and now they want another 25 bucks! I have no idea what’s going on with the app but sometimes it just disappears. Hopefully this bug can be fixed. So another thing I updated the app and it’s new update is really annoying it should have stayed the same from before.
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6 years ago, woops what
One of the worst apps i have ever downloaded. It won’t let me put a password, meaning if I delete the app I’ll loose he acc forever and won’t be able to use the same name. I never get my questions answered and when I do it’s a person commenting nonsense. I’m homeschooled and I was excited for this app. It’s a waste of time, I help other people yet I can’t get any help myself, at least have the moderators answer questions that haven’t been answered for a very long time, instead of having them delete every post I post. I’ve lost lots of points and time from this app. Useless and awful. There is also a lot of lag. I’m using an iPad mini 4. I’m uninstalling it.
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2 years ago, i think you should get
Don’t waste your time
I’ve had this app for a while and I’ve hated it. Absolutely hated it. Most of the time you don’t get your questions answered when you post them or look them up to see if anyone else has the same question. Sometimes when you do get an “answer” it’s someone putting random stuff to get points or whatever so you get it wrong. And you have to pay to get a tutor and an answer straight away. I’m not doing that! I’ll get an answer to my homework question a month after with some weird porn link or dating website for an answer. And in order to post a question, you have to answer other people questions, which most of the time I don’t even know what the heck other people are talking about. So don’t get this app…. There’s other apps that I think would be so much more helpful and faster. Thank you…
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2 years ago, Ghost >:}
I understand making money but this is a little much. Not everyone is willing or has the money to pay almost $30 a month for the plus version of Brainly or even $95 to talk to a tutor!!! I also find it extremely unnecessary that you limit your users to a certain number of viewable answers. I gave the stars because it is a decent app. You get answers when you need it but it’s also incorrect sometimes. I have taken pictures to get a question answered and it didn’t even have the answers for that question, at all! It would load in an entirely different equation. Personally if your patient and can wait for your next round off free questions then go for it but other then that no.
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4 months ago, CamilaPowell
Unless you plan on using this for the rest of your life do not waste your money. I canceled my subscription and they continued to charge me, when I tried the to use their “contact us” feature it told me I needed to wait atleast 72 hours, Well! I was never contacted and I unfortunately forgot for 3 months! Then I sent an email to them stating my problem for them to tell me I didn’t have a subscription and they request tons of information just for them to NOT ANSWER ME for another day, I sent a follow up email and nothing, I sent another email and still NOTHING, I sent another basically saying I give up trying to contact them and notifying them about this review. In the end I just cancelled my card and I’m awaiting a new one. Do not waste your time on this, I’d recommend weegy or quizlet, much better then this
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