BrainPOP Jr.

4.6 (20.9K)
30.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for BrainPOP Jr.

4.63 out of 5
20.9K Ratings
4 years ago, RayRaybeck
Good for kids
Brain pop is a fun easy way for kids to learn it is great for homeschool parents and for teachers that teach at school this app has really helped my children learn I am a homeschool mom of three children. Their names are Rachel Emily and Benjamin all them love to learn in scienceWe are learning about The building blocks of science right now we just passed biology and now we’re on physics and this is the excitement of their day it makes science fun when we’re not doing experiments and it keeps them not bored I support your app a lot and I think it’s a good way for kids to learn. Before we started home school we were at a public school called Mesquite and in my little boys class they watched brain pop Junior can learn one of his favorite memories from his class was getting to do the Abraham Lincoln video andAnd doing the easy quiz they looked at all the nicknames what was Abraham’s nickname one of the questions and of course Abraham Lincoln’s nickname was a be honest but there was one of the answers either babe in and out of his whole class laughed and he always brings it up when we do brain pop Junior he always says can we do that one can we do that one after science sometimes I let him and when we have computer time he always goes on brain pop Junior and watch is a bunch of your videos just as I said this app is a great way to let kids learn and have fun at the same time Yours truly Jenna Biederbeck💗💘💝💖💞💞💞
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4 years ago, Steli0S
Impressed into subscribing
I wasn’t planning to continue to subscription because kids loose interest fast... but I’m so surprised. My kids, 4 & 7, actually watch video after video and tend to really listen. They sometimes complain, but as we homeschool now I ask them to watch one and they always open more. The robot Moby makes them laugh. But in the end, I was SO impressed with the Thanksgiving video. This video, and others, often explain exactly what I’m trying to explain or teach them, but the video does a better job :) Annie speaks slowly, clearly, with manageable kid vocabulary, complex ideas are simplified and memorable, and the visual keeps them engaged. The various sections have a lot of material, more than we could get to during our first month, so I’m in. I LOVE this app. And I never leave reviews, but I’ve tried dozens of learning apps in the past few months and this is one of two taking the cake.
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2 months ago, Barbiefan0001
It makes learning so fun!
I don't like when People (or cartoons ) teach me something. But Annie and Moby make learning fun. I watch your videos daily. I watch about 7 on Fridays! I will NEVER delete this app! I’m so sad that I’m going to middle school next year. Because then at school they will watch normal BrainPOP. But I will still watch your videos daily. I tell my mom & dad what I learn that they don’t even know about! I also love the jokes. Your app is the best! It’s DEFINITELY in my top three fav apps! This is awesome and NEVER worry if you get a bad review. Keep up the good work. 🤩 🥳
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4 years ago, MythicalPlaysStuffAllTheTime
Why I love brainpop and why you should love it to
Brain pop jr. is a fun and learning app. You get to watch videos about learning and you even get to play games! The best part about this app is you get to take quizzes about the video! This app is also all about learning and having fun! And if you get all the questions right in the quiz moly the robot will do a funny dance😁. And it is okay if you can’t read the quiz, because Anni will read the questions for you. And that is it. So hope you download this app, it is very fun.
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6 years ago, Tye Olivia
I have a problem
On Brain Pop my kids’ screen is going black whenever they want to watch a video, this same problem happened to us last year apparently my kids’ say it can’t be fixed other than that we love Brain pop and how it educates kids’ even when they don’t know it! My kids’ don’t ever know their learning they just know it’s fun and they do not know it’s getting them ready for kindergarten next year!!!!
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4 years ago, Tallhand44
Why Are Subscriptions so expensive
As in the title it’s says why are subscription so expensive so what does not mean I got a subscription I kind of forgot how much subscriptions are you’re probably $75 but that’s so much maybe Brainpop should lower the subscriptions another problem is you can only watch A certain amount of movies you need to get a subscription to watch more movies and that’s just dumb I could imagineSome kid fighting over a subscription so they should lower the subscription so it’s not that expensive OK that’s all I have to say
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2 years ago, marty redpaths apps
5 star game
I discovered it in Pre-K. Then I found kids Learning tube! They Are HORRIBLE!!! They just have monotone songs that don’t teach you anything. Then I started the computer program In Kindergarten! I downloaded the app in Grade 1 and deleted Kids Learning Tube. And when your child is above Grade 3 just download Brainpop it’s the same thing just harder! Out of that, this one is better! Yay BrainPop! By Marty Redpaths Apps. P.S. Sunday is the first day of the week not Monday
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2 years ago, fairy dust magic16
Amazing and free. Subscription if u want more shows
This is why i say its free. All u need to do Is type your email and u can watch a free movie, different every week! I love this app my mom let me download, moby and annie really make it fun to learn. Some things on brain pop, my mom doesn’t even know! They can teach you history, since, reading, and more! I hope you listen/ read my advise and downlowd this amazing app!
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4 years ago, funsyl
Could be better.
Hello, BP. BP is a good app. But it needs fixing. In the biography section, there are about 3-4 girls and like 100 men. Please add more girls including Catherine Lee Bates, who wrote “America the Beautiful”. Also, it talks about inappropriate things like drugs, smoking, and divorce. Not for kids! The app is made for ages 5-10 I think, and those topics I just mentioned are probably leaned toward ages 12-17. I really think you should add more videos and learning activities too. Examples include ebooks, math games, along with building creativity to, like writing your answers to questions. Or writing what you know about a certain topic. Anyway good job. Sincerely, Amelia Cooke (not my actual name 😏)
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2 years ago, mama oh mama!!!!!
It’s good it’s decent it’s all you need👍🏻😄
It teaches you the classecs which in my opinion is all you need it teachs you math science geography geometry SEL srse sosl study’s and the importinc of life like don’t take drugs and bullying and diets virosis sintoms and it teaches you anamals and olso my mom said my brother has assma so I searched it up and now I have no qeshton for that topic siriosly get this app if your a pararant then get brain pop for you or brain pop Jr. BUT JUST GET IT OK!!!!!!!!!
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5 years ago, The IGN Team
Brain pop Jr
You learn so much the quizzes are hard The quizzes that are easy R good and easy the quizzes that are hard at the end of the year it will be easy I think it is already so much to learn at the end of the year I will be so smarter then a real second grader and my mom thinks I could do 15 minutes a day I Think it is too short already is my dad said I’m too smart I think I already am smarter.
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5 years ago, o10loren
This app is AWESOME!!
I totally recommend getting this app, Why? Because the videos are fun to watch, The quizzes are the right amount of easy and hard, and it definitely lasts a long time for children. I would say 6-9 Well, that’s how long I’ve been using it! And when your child is over 9 go ahead and download BrainPOP it works the same, just a little bit harder 😁
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3 years ago, abcflowergur
BrainPOP Jr
I love it, it’s amazing for kids and I’m a kid (10 yr) I love how it teaches you everything you need to know. It could be any category Science, social studies, health, anything really. I mean everyone should give 5 stars I don’t see why not it’s such a great app especially for school, and students who are doing home school that’s honestly all I have to say
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4 years ago, anonymous3142871039287
So goooooooooooooood
Brainpop junior is fun and educational for kids 0 to 8 and it is age appropriate but it does not talk a much about the us government as brainpop I get that many parents think their kids are not ready for polotics and explain it to them when they are older but please try your best with that you will do great 👍 and also some people might think smoking and drugs are not appropriate for those ages but I do not think they are taking it to far
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6 years ago, Riverlover
Brain POP jr.
As a parent of a young girl, an enthusiastic member of my local Parent Teacher Association and local Union School District, I say with confidence, this App really has it All! It is a choice App in her current classroom in our own public school I love it as a parent, however, more importantly, my daughter Loves it too & we look forward to continuing to learn together on it for al long time Thanks App developers
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3 years ago, ffregtrrtgrgh
To the brain pop company
Brain pop you are the best you help kids understand better you should make even more brain pop Apps you help me understand Internet safety Internet programing and even more! Write a note back to me so I feel even happier and better!.
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5 years ago, omshukla
This is the best app ever! I love it our teacher used to use this website. It is a good way to learn about reading math and history. Whenever my children ask about what happened back then I don’t have to tell her I just get my phone and show her and then she says oh now I get it ! You should get this app!
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4 years ago, aalalalalllddjej,amducemza
I’m like the app but theirs something wrong with it
I like the app but the reason why I don’t give it a five star because it shows little bits of biography’s for example I want to learn about bass reeves and nelly bly but when I search up these people they don’t show a topic for them.. could you please add more topics of biography’s like nelly bly and bass reeves? That would be great (I recommend this for kids by the way)
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2 years ago, bestlara_1
Download this game
If you download this game the first second player you’ll become smart I played it and now I’m so smart I’m only in second grade and I know how to write in cursive times division everything I’m almost skipping the grade I may even go to fifth grade so download this game trust me
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4 years ago, smjum2#3
Great kids app
This app is great for my kids. They like watching vids and they learn from them. I like watching them read the jokes and laugh. Another good thing is that it has quizzes for them to answer. I just wish there was more videos to watch and different topics for the older kids.
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3 years ago, Blue2😊
I have been loving Brain pop ever since I’ve discovered it. It’s just SO cool. The videos, quizzes and everything! How you could pop a joke and choose what you watch. My daughters always use this to study if they need to stay home from school.
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6 months ago, kaley mcdonald
It’s good but…
I love BrainPOP so much, but idk my teachers/schools account. But it also give you free videos which is nice, but there’s no socials studies or math ones that are free. So I’m just asking, can you make more free,or make more videos that are free? Because I’m in 4th grade and wanting to learn more, but it doesn’t really give me the chance to since there’s a very little variety of videos.
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3 years ago, SadieX24
Good but some problems.
There is a smoking video and I don’t think kids will like it. Illegal drugs are the same. Kids will be scared at night. My brother always wants to do the smoking video and I say no but he doesn’t listen. Really don’t recommend but overall good enough the videos are interesting in people like Tubman. So good enough but I can’t give it a high rating.
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7 years ago, Hi...People
I love this app, and I like how they have belly up after the video and you can certainly learn a lot from it, it has like so much topics and videos to choose from! I would like it if you guys put more videos in it though! Teachers and kids could definitely get help from one of these vids. ✌🏻
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6 years ago, pikachulover123💙💙💙
Why pay?
My teacher uses this in our classroom and I wanted to check it out, but you had to pay! I was super sad when I saw that u had to pay to use it. Please please please remove the feature by needing to pay to use it. Btw I gave it 4 stars 🌟 because I love watching these videos in my classroom.
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7 years ago, Kaleigh Haywood
This is a great app!
I like this app because it teaches me a lot in a very fun day. I would rather be on BrainPOP jr. all day then be at school. My favorite part on each video is how at the end Moby always does something funny that is related to the subject of the video.
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2 years ago, butterfly123❤️❤️
Help kids learn❤️❤️❤️
Ok so on this app you can learn about anything like Art,Math,Reading,Writing and a so much more. Teachers and Parents this would be great for Students or Kids Download it now Yours truly Lizkitty234
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1 month ago, Xxxxxxxxx11100045456099876
Always making me pay I just want to play
You always have to pay to be able to play a game in the ones you don’t have to pay for they’re not really fun but this one is fun and you can learn so I don’t get to do it at school a lot and I want to do it at home so may you please lower the price till like two dollars a year or something or just let it be free and let kids learn dude 🤬😡🧠
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4 years ago, 心理学家里边最
I highly recommend! this it’s great! You can learn through fun videos! And they have quizzes and you can choose the subject it like any other learning app but I really like this one because you learn through fun videos!
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4 years ago, blah blah blah girl
Amazing game and learning source for kids
This app is one of a kind it is a great learning experience for young kids from ages about 4-12 it shows the Important information in a very nice way for kids
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4 years ago, annie moby
The brainpop jr note
I have been like this app for years and it’s a lot better than any other apps Also if you’re in a relationship or something you want to do something text me Alexander
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5 years ago, animalcrackerkat
AMAZING! This is brilliant!
BrainPOP jr. is so wonderful! It gives me fun topics and icons to remember stuff by, and it’s full of ingenious jokes! Also, for the engineering episode, I wanted to tell you that you can’t make a squirrel-proof bird feeder, and that Moby really listened to my idea to make a squirrel feeder. SQUIRREL! Heh. So, anyhoo, this app rocks. Great job, dudes.🐿🐀🐇🦔😎😜🤩
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5 years ago, JessikaAllyceWood
Brain pop jr.
Brain pop jr. shure does pop your mind about all the things you have been teaching people over the years and I really appreciate you and your wonderful work! Your appresheated friend ,Kenna
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3 years ago, jsnxbchxh
This is a AWESOME learning app…but one thing
1. At almost every single video Moby does something CRAZY!🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😃😄 2. Even though Moby sometimes does a thing REALLY CRAZY, is still an AWESOME learning tool! Thanks for reading!
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6 years ago, Thompsgirl
Annoyingly smaller than the computer version.
I love the computer version. However the app version while a little bit cheaper, could at least have more of the activities available or at the very least allow you to print. For that reason alone I’m deleting the app and we’ll see if I continue the computer program or find something better.
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4 years ago, ItzKeshawn
This is a Good Education App
I’m a kid and this app is cool :D and it’s also good for education and learning in the learning environment and Whoever tries to learn something because they think their dumb use this app it will change your brain like Albert Einstein and more smart people lol so yeah thank you brain pop :D
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3 years ago, bae loves learning
Awesome app
Good news this app is great I love watching the vids and the the comics and helps me learn things for my health. The joke are fun too and the best part is at the end something fun or funny always happens so basically I love it and it’s a great way to learn.
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5 years ago, This book stinkssss
We have this in school and it’s awesome
Hey you could actually make stuff there for kids and it makes us learn better in school so this is why I like it I really love it keep up the great work
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3 years ago, i love pony life
I love this app but I can’t get to this app 🤨💕
Hi I’m payton I’m going to tell you about the app when I got the app I love it but today when I get to my app it says something like when I tap soooo that’s it for today so bye bye it’s amazing
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4 years ago, Tova shurak
Brain pop
It is the best learning experience for your kids it has history and everything
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4 years ago, N o t a
It’s fine but...
When I first went on I logged in but I wanted to watch a other video but I had to pay and ;-; I hate that I had to pay for ever Video so I payed then some glitches ._.
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4 years ago, Jasperullo2020
Thanksgiving story is history
Hello, Great story telling the origin of the Thanksgiving and how God makes work everything for good. I would add to the reason the pilgrims left England is that they were persecuted for their faith.
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4 years ago, Eleanor Wilkinson
So cool and educational!
I use this app for my at home school work on my school iPad and then I just downloaded it to my iPad at home and it was so fun! It’s also very educational! I’m never ever ever deleting this app!
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2 years ago, Parentsof two
My kids love and I love it even more for them
Use Brain Pop for years, it really help supplement my kids learning. Thank you!
Show more
5 years ago,
So many stupid updates
This is a nice learning app and it has lots of cool videos for kids but when you go to get the subscription for a device it does not download the subscription on all of that family's devices🤔 so I would reccomend it
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2 years ago, Coltr88
School brain pop
At school my teacher played brain pop and my mom was a teacher and she played brain pop and my grandma’s name is Annie
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4 years ago, gi.bricks
Brain pop is the best!
In school I watch brain pop also today I did too!It is an app that helps kids learn about people or things like Rosa parks or helping the environment!
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2 years ago, ky ky willis
So good
Your storys are so good talking about other people and just doing stuff with other kids and teaching them how to be nice and I love that
Show more
6 years ago, Foöl
Too expensive
The major problem is subscription by month. It would be better they sell it once, use it longer time. $7 per month is too expensive, since kids don’t always watch it. Not fit in our using schedule
Show more
2 years ago, Urthmama
I love it
It’s really good for the whole brain and it’s so funny to I just love watching it and thank you for making this app
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