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User Reviews for BrainPOP

4.73 out of 5
34.3K Ratings
6 years ago, sausage on the run
A very great game!!!
Brain Pop is a very great game. It teaches you stuff in an easy and fun way! It helps me with some of my problems and upcoming problems. One thing I don’t understand is how to make your own account but they have movies for free that are amazing to watch to! This game is very great and I recommend if you kid wants it or if you want it for your kid than you should get it! Tim and Moby always make me laugh and have a great time on the device. This way when your kids are on the device they are not playing some silly game or anything they are actually learning stuff! My dad loves when I do math but sometimes I don’t want to do it in a book because not a lot of books make it fun so sometimes I go on the device, go on BrainPOP and learn that subject from there! 😌
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1 year ago, i like joy doodle
BrainPOP is educational
I barely do BrainPOP, but still, when I’m bored, and also when it’s a day off of my homeschooling, (I homeschooling on another app) I still like to get a little educated. I always wonder things about when things were invented and happen to research on the web almost every day. I think that I’ve Learned some stuff from this educational app. But still, I think I liked the other home screen of this app better than it’s new update. I think the other Home Screen looked more original, but now this just looks like any other learning program.. But still, brainpop is cool and educational!
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6 years ago, martymccabe
BrainPOP is the best game ever !
This app has helped me learn so much about everything and also raise my grades. I’m now definitely the first one to answer the questions in school and I always get them correct. I think this app would make you, your child/children and your family know a few more things than before. There are also some more versions of this app, but I love this version the best. Tim and Moby are really funny to listen to and watch. There are captions for what they are saying in case it’s noisy, if you prefer to read what is being said, or have trouble hearing. Overall, this app is pure awesomeness and doesn’t glitch.
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2 years ago, Johnny man boy 1853
Love it!
BrainPop is a great resource for developing minds wishing to learn more. You can find anything in any subject from The Beatles to the Constellation of The Stars to even information about cat breeds! It has whatever suits your child's interests and allows them to submit their own questions. It also quizzes them to help their brain’s learn. It also gives them other sources and information about gathering information so that they can learn even more. It also offers interactive games to keep them entertained. As you can see BrainPop is great for any number of audiences.
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5 years ago, animalcrackerkat
These videos are awesome!! And silly too!
I have watched all the videos many times, and learned a lot from them! They are extremely funny and I think you should get this app! Also, for the makers of BrainPOP, please make a movie on our adorable furry pals, squirrels! Have a squirrel deliver the letter, and have a giant fuzzy albino squirrel that Moby rides on. Thanks! BrainPOP rocks! BTW, if a squirrel and a cheetah were the same size, the squirrel could run faster! Squirrels can carry several times their own body weight, and jump 5 feet straight up into the air! Double that horizontally!! Also, they make great pets. Thank yooooou!!!🐿🐿🐿
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6 years ago, developerdaughter
To the people who say that their video won’t ”download”: You just haven’t logged in!!!! If you don’t log in, you can’t watch any of the non-free videos and it won’t t download for you. You just have to look around the app before writing a review immediately and saying this app is trash. Because it is not. It’s actually really great. My only complaint is that the developers should add more videos. Maybe like add one each week or a couple per month? I’m just saying this because i watched like half of the videos in one week. Maybe it’s just because i love learning and had a lot of free time. Or maybe it’s because this app is great 😀.
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4 years ago, hannah ashy
Please change these
I would of given this a 5 star but sometimes it doesn’t seem right Here are is things you might want to change so people have a better time watching and learning Please fix this:if I do something and come back to this and click on it will turn black like my iPad/iPhone(depends on device) is dead Please lower the prices of the shop like the one that gives you access to all of the movies is like 6.99 and please do lower this because I really like the movies but my mom says it’s to expensive so she is going to cancel out the subscriptions. You do not have to change this Also please make it able to open in other apps like when I click off there is a corner with the screen and you can pause it whenever you want and another thing I want in BrainPOP is that it have a book selection and there is books you can read when you don’t want to watch it but read it also you should lower the subscriptions for the books if your are going to add them.
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4 years ago, Crimsonandgray
Great content, with one complaint
The Civil War piece makes a big deal about states’ rights being a debatable cause of the Civil War, but that’s historical revisionism pushed by racists and modern conservatives. Slavery was mentioned specifically numerous times in several states’ articles of secession. Furthermore the Nullification Crisis proves states’ rights was not the tipping point, as the Southern states did not secede over a very clear states’ rights issue. Slavery was the fundamental underlying cause of the Civil War, and I fear the app may be giving in to certain southern states that want to keep a false narrative in their curriculum.
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6 years ago, HouseDesignLover
So Educational and Fun!!!
I love brain pop. I was introduced to it by my dad because he wanted me to find an app (besides a game) that was educational for me. I was a bit unsure about it but it turns out to be really fun! They make what they teach you in the videos actually fun, and the quizzes help you remember what you learned about. I’ve learned some very interesting and cool things that I didn’t learn in the history books. This app is really fun and if you have a hard time learning or just aren’t liking the teachings, this is a great app for you. It’s really fun and I hope you enjoy it!
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4 years ago, Rahul.Anand
Brain pop is awesome!
Brain pop is one of the best educational apps that I have ever gotten. It teaches me about subjects that intrigue me, and it really helps me explore new and upcoming things about our world. As a kid, I really like to test myself about the things that I have learned. The quizzes in Brain-pop are challenging and help you get a better understanding about the topic you are currently learning about. This app is almost essential to me, and I really recommend it to any kids who want to grow intellectually, and succeed in school and extra-curricular that they take.
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2 years ago, coolsumB
It teaches me so much
I read this as a five star review because it teaches me everything I need to know. I mean like it has every topic. It has science, it has social studies, it has English, it has math, it has art and music, and that’s not even all of it. Once you pick a topic then it will give you a bunch of options for example if I pick Science it will give me a bunch of options on science so I could do animals,climate change and stuff like that. I think you should totally get this app
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4 years ago, thenewfgh8ud
Amazing content, app could use a bit of work.
I’m 22 years old, just remembered BrainPOP from my childhood a few days ago, and decided to download this app to watch a few. The videos are still excellent and informative. Even though they’re designed to be accessible for kids, they still offer a lot of value to adults too, delivering the basics of tons of topics in a fun way. The app works great, no glitches so far, but I do wish the design was updated. It’s 2020, we’ve had the iPhone X screens for over 2 years. Regardless, I still highly recommend this app. Thank you BrainPOP!
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6 years ago, Cool Review 😎😎🤩🤩👌🏽👌🏽
Good but so very costly and bad for 👨‍🏫 👩‍🏫!!!
BrainPOP is a great app for kids it has daily movies that are fun to see. 😍. The knowledge sticks in your brain 🧠. The one ☝️ reason why I didn’t give it five stars 🌟 is because of all the movies 🎥 you can’t see. The only movies 🎥 you can see are the free movies 🎥 and the featured one ☝️. This isn’t very good because there is so much knowledge out there that you can’t get unless you get a subscription. Not just one ☝️ but a subscription per video that is not free or featured. If you don’t mind paying per video than it’s ok 👌🏽. If you want full access, like if you’re a teacher 👨‍🏫 👩‍🏫, do not get the app.
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2 years ago, BrainPOP lover
BrainPOP is one of the best educational apps I ever had. It's a fun and silly way for learning. My brother and I have a blast with it! I also like how you can take quizzes to check and understand the video. I also like how they also do metal health videos too. Not only the outside of the body is important! The last thing I would like to share is how these questions come from kids, so they can understand the questions they asked. Please, keep up the good work!
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3 years ago, Niyahissavage12
Well I’m going off based of what I seen on the app so let me give you my honest opinion it’s a good app and it’s also good it helps kids get educated faster and it puts things in lamen terms I don’t know how to spell that srry but basically I’m gonna try out the game fir myself and see if I like it but the thing that’s wrong with the game is that you have to pay for most of them and you can only use the free ones and this app shouldn’t cost any cash it should only be about helping the child/class so yeah that’s basically all I have to say thx fir reading 👍🏾
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5 years ago, savage dude the 2nd
In app purchases
The second in app purchase is to much money.I think you (the BrainPOP) should decrease the cost. And brain pop is not a very great game. It is not even a game!!! Please make the video more educational and update some video, because it will be boring for a viewer if they want to watch like the Jupiter video just update it ,so there is more facts in the video do u get what I am saying From Jackson Storm
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7 years ago, Momstheteacher
Great educational tool. Beware of political ideology.
The app is great. It teaches kids in bite sized videos that are generally entertaining and full of clearly explained information. However, certain videos can be problematic in that they teach the material with a definite political/ideological bias. So parents may want to preview videos and be prepared to discuss these points with their children. They can be valuable teachable moments. Also, remember that you need a subscription to access all the material. Some schools have subscriptions available for students to use. All in all, it is a great teaching/learning tool.
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6 years ago, TheBirdLover
This app is the greatest education app you can get, but I do have one problem.
Hello! I absolutely love this app and it has helped me so much. I’ve used it since kindergarten! (I never used the BrainPOP jr.) Tim and Moby are funny and you make your videos fun to watch. However, I forgot my account info, so I signed into the Apple ID we used to purchase the subscription, however, it just continues saying, “you have to be signed into the account you used to get this subscription” I’ll update if it’s fixed.
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4 years ago, a 4 grade girl
Plz change these
I was just starting brain pop, and I thought it was perfect but till after 1 or 2 days, it started to glitch, load slowly and other internet problems. The other thing is that when I get inside it sometimes say BrainPOP unexpectedly quit and I hate it, it feels like I have been insulted. And a lot of videos you need to pay and it’s also pretty insane. Other parts it’s ok, it’s pretty hilarious and educational!
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4 years ago, moon star☪️
*Read* It’ll Help!
So, uh.. my mom is a teacher. I looove reading, learning, writing. And since the while Corona Virus, teachers get it all free. So I logged into her account. I’m getting this for free, and I love learning with it. Just please don’t ban me. I love using these funny, child friendly “movies” to learn, take quizzes, and etc. It’s great! But if you don’t have an account, and or aren’t a paid user *cough* expensive*cough* then you’ll be left stranded with a movie for each week, and maybe 2-3 movies you have to watch other and over again. So if you don’t want to pay, you shouldn’t get the app. That’s all I have to say. I haven’t got any crashed besides getting out of the app, but it’s happened once and that happens do almost all my apps. Overall, it’s great!
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7 years ago, 2coolwild
Very bias & Location tracking
The science in this app is great. But, I find the BrainPOP in general very bias. Especially in history, watch the American and Spanish war, Tim used presentism at the end. BrainPOP should just stick to facts and stay away from their opinions and presentism. Also, they are pushing global warming too much, I would like to see both sides to the argument. My last point, is that they will acknowledge every holiday, except Christmas. They lopped it into a holiday movie on the day of Christmas. Really? You can't even acknowledge Christmas on the day? I am a teenager and I question everything. The problem with this app, is it's very bias. Some kids and teens may not be old enough to see the basis or question the content. If you are a parent, please watch every movie with your child. Have a discussion, about the video. Give your child other views that BrainPOP doesn't offer. To the developers: Why does BrainPOP need to track our locations? It's kind of creepy since a lot kids and teens use this app.
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4 years ago, Abousifin
Fun And challenging way of education
I am a biology/ special education hospital schools teacher 7-12 grade. I always use brain pop for all subjects as a supplements with the students curriculum. Some students think that brain pop is easy and they do not go in details ,but Many educators like me believe that brain Pop is fun and challenging way of education . I also need to know how to log in for Brain pop for ESL . Thank you very much Tim and Moby .
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6 years ago, Create the best facts
Kids Love It!!!
So many kids are getting brain pop for the fun of it. Parents love this app for their kids because it helps kids learn about what they need to know. Even teachers watch brain pop. Kids that want to learn, can trust brain pop because of how it helps them learn. If you want to learn and you are a child, brain pop is an awesome way to learn. Enjoy Learning facts!!! (Seriously, brain pop is amaze-blog!
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2 years ago, Silveercat25
Helpful and amazing!
BrainPop is the best educational app I have ever seen! It has cool videos, fun interactive things, and much more. It gives you a fun way to learn. I only have on tiny problem, however. The design of the app is kind of “crowded” and it would help to organize the selections better. Other than that small difficulty, I have found BrainPop to be an amazing and educational app/game!
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4 years ago, Lets rok
I love BrainPOP
I love BrainPOP because it teaches a lot of things I never new before! An example of that is once I did not know much about oceans, I needed to do a school report about it my librarian suggested that I should use BrainPOP, so I did, I learned so much on oceans, I am sure to get an A+! I also love BrainPOP because even is you do know something you learn more about it I can talk about how much I love BrainPOP all the time!
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5 years ago, uni queen 18
I love this app!♥️😁👍
Brain pop is super cool! Partly because it’s videos are easy to understand their kid friendly and they’re fun to watch, I also love that brain pop has a wide variety of topics for their videos and how they take suggestions from their viewers, though I would like to say that brain pop doesn’t have a few topics that I would like them to have. Otherwise this app is amazing I love it!!!!😁
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6 years ago, Rune✿(not the real one)
Educational but Fun!
My 10 year old stubborn child hates math, hates history, hates about anything he just wants to play this game called Fortnite. I think many can relate to me, as Fortnite is trending, anyways, I started watching some of the free videos, then introduced my kid to it, he LOVED it he was so addicted to it! A few weeks after I got this I made a subscription. Thank you BrainPOP for helping my child love learning, his grades have increased. Thanks so much!
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1 month ago, ابراهيم الباروت
How much do I like brainPOP By Massara said masoud alriyami
Well I do like this app and I love it’s movies they are very good so I’d like to thank this app for making my morning movies and they are the best they are better then the cinema sometimes because it gives you chances to try again in the questions and I love you so much and thanks for everything you’ve done for me to watch Your friend, Massara
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5 years ago, Lee99$
I have been thinking about upgrading the short movie about Brainpop. When using the app and clicking the More button at the bottom, there would a small video about BrainPOP. I wonder if you could upgrade it, so we can understand it. Keep some details in, like BrainPOP ESL. Thank you and I hope that the more you know, the more you will know in the future!
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7 years ago, De rater of good games.
Fantastic App!
This may be the most charming and entertaining educational app ever created! I would recommend it to any teacher, student, or anyone who is excited about learning. The videos are a quick refresher on nearly any topic, and the quizzes help you remember everything you just learned. From Alexander Hamilton to Relativity, this app knows it all, and isn't afraid to share.
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3 years ago, Not having money
The subscription is very expensive if you don’t have it there’s only a couple of videos you can watch. 2nd why can’t you watch all of the videos because if you want access to all of the videos you have to pay and why do you have to do that. If your a kid and you want access to the videos you need can’t always pay so please fix that.
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5 years ago, Anand1234
This app is so awesome and educational for kids my age. It gives challenging quizzes that tests you on the subject you just watched about. I also really love it because when I have nothing to do…… you guessed it it’s brain pop time!(I also do it in my spare time because I’m not allowed to play any video games.)The apps also is funny and it gives me a great burst of laughter at the end!
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4 years ago, jhpandora
I love this app you help me get school work done at home during the social distance due to the corona virus outbreak in March 2020 you help me get some education I love this app not only it’s educational but it’s fun and it’s great for high schoolers like me thank you thank you thank you I would love to email you guys and ask for something you guys can answer thank you so much I love this app to death
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6 years ago, Master Dan R.
The Future of Adventure
I love BrainPOP of its fun and educational movies to improving my learning. I got all my knowledge from that website/app. I dream of BrainPOP adding movies that go up to high school and college. I might give it some information for trigonometry, the study’s ratios, and SAT concepts. I need to learn about how to give information to the company. I love Brainpop!!! Like they say,”The more you know, the more you know”!
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6 years ago, Dttlaw
Dear BrainPOP, You have information on just about everything. From the heart to the weather cycle, you are totally cognizant of many subject areas. There is, however, something you should improve on to make this app more appealing. iPhone X support. Please, it would make this app so much better, and everyone would love the update. Other than that fact, good job BrainPOP for informing everyone on what they need to know.
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6 years ago, GooglePoppied
This educational app has improved my grades and so did the other people who got this app. If your child is in third grade or lower I do recommend the brain pop for smaller kids. Very good and lots of nice videos and they are detailed. At the end there are quizzes to help with the topic. This app had endless videos and my grades were highest in my class. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS AND THIS WILL IMPROVE YOUR GRADES IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE WITH YOUR GRADES.
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7 years ago, Learning App Subscriber
Awesome learning app
Most of these videos are really funny it teaches you a lot of stuff I mean like there is nothing it can't teach you that's in my perspective only for some people that's not true but I use this pass time and learn and everything it's also useful in reviewing what you know by test that's why it's a really good app for education and everything
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7 years ago, Pilon Gang
Educator's dream
As an educator this program is useful across many platforms and particularly for those students who have a willingness to learn and are eager about it but have difficulty retaining what they are what observing as well as what they're learning. The videos are sure to be a real crowd pleasers. They are full of wit and humor. They are truly meant for children and adults across all ages.
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2 years ago, The knowledgeable fox.
Amazing educational app!
My school uses this app and it is downright amazing! The app explains difficult concepts and makes them easy to understand. It also includes fun quizzes to test your knowledge on the subject that you studied. The videos are very funny and very explanatory. I am very glad that I have the luxury of learning with this app! Thank you BrainPOP!
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6 years ago, AMinecraftGirl6
BrainPOP is the best app with some problems
I love BrainPOP it is awesome but,health does have very bad problems,it talks about sex too much and for it’s humorous side it is hard to resist,that means younger siblings watching their older sibs will learn inappropriate words without knowing when you can say them. My sister has been freaking out because she doesn’t get to watch Tim and moby (what she calls BrainPOP ). That is really the only problem otherwise,I love BrainPOP!
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6 years ago, streetfighter64
Simple and Fun!
BrainPOP makes learning very easy and fun. It makes it easy to learn all about topics that can be hard to understand, from physics, social studies, and even mental disorders! It kind of reminds me of Arthur, making tough topics very easy to understand. In short, if you want to teach your child, or even a classroom about certain topics, this app is a must have!
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4 years ago, tranmaneleven
Really great learning app!
My mom introduced this app to me and my sisters, and I loved it a lot (hint: lovED)! Just some improvements. Sometimes I am really busy and I don’t have time to use BrainPOP, and after a while after not using it, it logs me out, and when I try to log back in, it just brings me back to the home screen on my tablet. I would give it a 5 ⭐️, only if you take away this problem. Thanks! A reviewer
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7 years ago, Hi...People
Nice app.
I really would recommend this app, because I watch so much each day, and the videos are definitely fun. I learn so much! They even tell you the most detailed things ever, like it's not just videos like planets and space and thing like that, it actually has more than that like Earth videos and AIDS. I would recommend to anyone!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
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5 years ago, Popstar186
Just 1 problem, but otherwise AMAZING
Ok, I love brain pop! I do it at school ALL THE TIME!!! There’s just one problem with it...I know you need to log in, but to make a profile thing, you have to subscribe!!!!! (It’s a big deal because it costs money) I LOVE BRAIN POP BUT I CANT WATCH WHATEVER I WANT AT HOME BECAUSE MY MOMS ALL “NO I DONT PAY NO MONEY FOR NO APPS” so no brain pop for me... it’s still good otherwise though! So yeah, it’s pretty good still! I RECOMMEND IT STILL GET THIS APP (pls fix paying for subscribe tysm)
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4 years ago, fufupla
Gave 1 star because they peddle false vaccine theory
They pretend vaccines only have an antigen in them. Patently false. Then they pretend the antigen goes into the body and magically creates lifelong immunity. Patently false. Then they talk about vaccines as if they all belong into a group. I bet these idiots didn’t get their hepatitis a, hepatitis b, dengue, anthrax, rabies, typhoid fever, and all the others. So in reality they are unvaccinated but think they are vaccinated. Ignorance at its finest.
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6 years ago, Andrea'sWorld
Icon Pop Famous People Level 6
Sylvester Stallone, Nicolas Cage, Robert De Niro, Robert Downey, Jr., Bjork, Lana Del Rey, Avril Lavigne, Azealia Banks, Steve Buscemi, Samuel L. Jackson, Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, Flo Rida, Fred Durst, Wiz Khalifa, Chester Bennington, Theodore Roosevelt, Benjamin Franklin, John F. Kennedy, George Washington, Alfred Hitchcock, George Lucas, Danny DeVito, Steven Spielberg, Mick Jagger, Barry White, Dave Grohl, Dolly Parton, Frank Zappa, Travis Barker, Kenny G, Wes Borland, Kaka, Roberto Di Matteo, Louis Pasteur, Galileo Galilei, J. Alexander, Tyra Banks, Nigel Barker, Jay Manuel, Russell Brand, Deddy Corbuzier, Jay Leno, Adam Savage, Grace Jones, Cher, Susan Boyle, William Hung.
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7 years ago, Parent of little girls
Worth Its Weight in Gold
Tim and Moby introduce a variety of topics in a clear, straightforward way. My children have been using BrainPOP for years and if we're being honest here, I enjoy it as well. The subscription is pricey, but worth it, especially for homeschoolers or summer bridging. I look forward to seeing the featured video each day.
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4 years ago, Anna the human?
Subscription :(
I love watching the brainpop videos and taking the quizzes, so I would give it five stars. However you have to buy a subscription to watch more than just a few, which can be very disappointing at times, so I give it a solid 4 stars.
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4 years ago, Brain pop😄
How great is It
It is educational it’s fun it’s something to do it’s something to do especially when kids are out of school you do a quiz to see how good you know it which that I love about it it’s free my kid doesn’t have school so I said let’s do it here there’s two types this is the science one and there’s a video on there’s tons of them😛
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5 years ago, ghrtiduddjd
How much I love brain pop
Balloon pop is the perfect app for kids to learn about stuff they have a video and then and then then I’ll have a quiz for the kids they always make the perfect videos based on what day it is right now I was watching a BrainPOP video about the holidays and I learned about Hanukkah Christmas and everything
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