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User Reviews for Brainscape - Smart Flashcards

4.73 out of 5
13.6K Ratings
1 year ago, kringle777
Foreign languages are so much easier now
I have tried a ton of methods for learning foreign languages over the years — audio only, grammar intensive, books, audiobooks, videos, computer apps, etc. They all have their little gimmick — no studying, guided situations, games, etc. And at the end of the day, the simple flashcard method (with audio) works the best at having something to say in the moment you need it and on the tip of your tongue. Brainscape takes it further by offering curated professional flash cards courses for Spanish and French, plus smaller subsets of offerings (like verbs only or nouns only) for other languages like Mandarin or Italian. I wish they had entire courses in all the popular languages, because their method works best, it really does. Their method of progressive training, interval recall, and 5-level self scoring works quite well at getting you to recall words and phrases you need to learn while moving past the stuff you already know. Plus I can create my own sets of flash cards and hook audio or picture content to them and then share them with others. All in all, there is no better method for learning a foreign language.
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1 year ago, Discord gamer
It’s okay, but…
It hasn’t changed much over the years. It’s too bad, Apple forced a bunch of apps to consolidate if they had multiple apps for one concept. In this case, it’s language learning. Many companies that had Spanish, French, German, etc, language apps sold separately, had to consolidate all languages into one app. During this switch to the new format many apps offered a way to restore purchases. I will admit, many of my language app purchases and the app upgrades were purchased at discounts or during a free unconditional purchase, but I have lost some of the old in app purchases that I had previously. Some of my previous unlocks were for a full set (complete course) or all decks of study cards, and now I seem to only have the first or first few decks. It’s not really a big deal as I have been using other language learning apps in place of Brainscape. I will say,, the spoken content is clear compared to other apps, but it really is simply a digital study card application. I’m not really sure what I’d get for the $200 per year PRO upgrade, but $200 per year gets you a lot of upgrades with a bunch of your language apps compared to just this one, and other apps have tests/quizzes and study material that utilizes voice recognition to analyze your speech when determining if you answered correctly. I consider speaking the language more important than memorizing flash cards
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2 years ago, teamka04
Better than Anki! Mastery metric on point!
I LOVE this app!!! I’ve used it for the MCAT, throughout my first 2 years of medical school and am now using the pre-made USMLE deck for my board exam prep. I love the percent mastery metric. It is ALWAYS within 3% of my exam scores (including the MCAT)! I only wish there was a plug in or connection with Picmonic that allowed quick search of Picmonics. 100% prefer the spaced repetition algorithm over Anki! I don’t need to fiddle with settings. Brainscape shows me what I need to see when I need to see it. The search function for terms is ok, but I wish I could search and it would leave the list of results up instead of having to search the term again after looking at the first one. Also, I preferred the browse mode from the older version. When I do a quick review for exams I just want to flip through them. But this new version only shows a preview and you only have the option to study the deck from that card. Please allow for quick edits in the app. Overall, I am very happy with the new version!! It is much quicker!
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7 years ago, afeedback
Great way to Memorize. Buggy app.
This app has great potential. It allows me to go over words that i don’t know over and over again until it becomes solidified in my head. I almost considered buying the premium version of the app. However, as much as Brainscape is a great app for its flash cards, it is extremely buggy. First, it relies heavily on its internet connection. If you try to study these flash cards while in the middle of a commute and the mobile network becomes spotty it crashes when you finish. If you want to double check a meaning on a card and you quickly switch apps and come back, the app freezes. It somehow saves progress which I assume is due to its constant connection to the internet, but my inability to switch between apps while memorizing is hindering to my learning process. I even tried to find a way to contact someone from Brainscape to talk about these things, but for some reason it says that there’s no email attached to the app even though when I go to my account my email info is in there. There was even a Brainscape representative that emailed me to promote the premium version so they do have my contact info so why doesn’t the app reflect that. I love the way the app works and would like to use it for a longer period of time, but if these problems persist it’ll become hard for me to do so.
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1 year ago, rpotter1000
Great Easy General Learning Resource
I’ve used Brainscape on and off for years, and it keeps getting better every time I return to it. They have high-quality content for just about any topic. It’s great for test preparation, general curiosity, knowledge refreshing, and exploring a topic before going into it more deeply through books or other study—and thus it also gives you a solid grounding if you do go more deeply. It allows real learning to happen when you don’t necessarily feel like doing traditional study with books, notes, highlighting, and all that. It allows you to basically be puttering around on your phone—but productively! I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily the ultimate flashcard service. I use a different one (the big Q) for when I want the various study modes that that one provides, but I don’t WANT Brainscape to do anything differently than it does. I love its simplicity and consistency in how you interact with the content. And it’s extremely simple to find excellent quality content to study (UNLIKE with the big Q).
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5 years ago, Reverend Onyx
Right now I’m currently attending a high school, in the Jrotc, I was informed about a way to prepare for the ACT and ASVAB. I decided to take them up on the offer and went to the website, since I don’t have a computer and have to use a mobile device I had to use the app. On to the point it’s easy to navigate and the questions don’t seem random and actually have structure like the real ACT. I won’t have to take the ACT for another two years as I’m currently a freshman but I do have experience with the ACT, which allows me to say definitely use this app. I shouldn’t even have to mention that the sight I used is technically a navy owned sight, which means if the military is willing to bet on this then you should too. Edit: Forgot to mention some cards have cut off sentences making them impossible to be done correct making them what I call “freebies.” As in there’s nothing to do but skip.
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2 years ago, bac2thaBasix
I want it to be good again
Im trying Brainscape, I’m a lifetime member and I’m trying to being able to say I support this app but the devs are making it hard. They refuse to listen to feedback from longtime users. They changed it because they wanted to and not from feedback. Here is a great little piece of feedback, being back the confidence setting in the browse mode. It went from one keystroke to set confidence in a card to four. I.e. when I first set up cards I like to go through and set my predetermined confidence. I used to be able to just do that automatically in the app on the side via a drop down menu . Now, I have to open the card up, flip it over, rate confidence, be sent to another card, flip it over, rate it…oh wait, you rated your previous card a 1, you have to see that one again….or, you have to back out of browse mode, scroll down to the next unrated card and repeat the process all over again. It’s stupid. If you bring back one thing or change one thing, WHICH YOU SHOULD!!! Bring that back. It makes the app unusable. At this point I would rather ask for a refund and go back to quizlett.
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3 years ago, DownOnDerby
New version a disaster
This was literally my favorite app until it was “updated” a few days ago. Now, my investment in creating dozens of lesson plans is down the drain. Fundamentally, it just doesn’t work. When I try to bring up my lessons I get an error message. I have to sign out, sign back in, then download all the lessons each time I use it. Once I do get it to work some of the most important features have been eliminated. For example, reverse testing is a must for language learning. You need to test for the vocabulary both ways. That’s been eliminated in this version, basically rendering it half useless. The card formatting is all screwed-up with words that were formerly in lists now just running together. I’ve had to go in and reformat dozens of cards. In the old version it would run through the card stack in order. Now i get repeats before all the cards in a test appear. I could go on and on but what’s the point? My subscription is up in a few weeks and I’m not sure what I’ll do. A week ago I wouldn’t have given it a second thought, but the new version is basically unusable for me so I need to start to explore alternatives.
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2 years ago, watson emerson
Really good could be great
The interface is ok. I don’t really use the algorithm/system of reminders. I just study whole decks at my own pace. But the stock Spanish Course is really really good and the reason I pay for a subscription. Two main requests. 1. Please make a dark mode. It’s so bright at night with the white background and I like to use as lying in bed. Almost every other app I use regularly has this feature yet I pay more for this app than anything else on my phone. Frustrating. 2. Please let us flip a flash card without hearing the audio. It makes no sense that you can’t turn this off. I like to listen to music while flipping through cards but it stops the phone audio to play the card and doesn’t return to the song or whatever is playing. It’s also annoying when I flip through while somewhere I don’t want the audio playing out loud as I need to turn the whole phone volume off. I’ve seen this requested for a long time and seems simple to offer. Please make these simple things happen!
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7 years ago, Jdhdjdhdh
Great app
I downloaded several flashcards apps to see which one had the best diversity of study options, and though it costs to acquire the options I wanted it seems worth it to me. Like- being able to reverse or shuffle the deck, having deck categories and being able to study them together or alone. Most free apps just don't make the cut for what I need to really study effectively. I was looking for an app that was ideal for making my own flashcards, and not only did I like this one the best for flashcard creating, but it also actually has a pretty wide variety of already made decks that can be download and studied that I like to utilize for the fun of it sometimes. The one thing I really really wish was available was being able to put a gif, an animated photo, or even a video on a flashcard. I haven't yet found a flashcard app that has this option available but it would be so helpful! I am studying sign-language and an animated photo or video option would be perfect. Brainscape would be the ultimate flashcard app if they added a feature like that!
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2 years ago, C.M$.$
I am new to BRAINSCAPE and so far Im liking it. I have a few stuff it could modify. 1st. Every time I finish a card and select to go to the next card it says “network error” and that entire card is gone, deleted, erased- no where to be found. This is frustrating because i have to start all over again and sometimes i forget what i typed. 2nd: Bolding words and being able to highlight would be a nice feature to add. I am big on bolding or highlighting words that are important. 3rd: I wish there would be options to upload more than one pic ON THE QUESTION SIDE AND THE ANSWER SIDE. In science, we use many pics to understand the topic- at least myself and my study friend. 4th: Every time i copy and paste from another page, Brainscape always asks “paste from outside source” it would be nice if it did not ask this constantly! If there is an option to remove this, please direct me to it. Its a great app to study but the app def needs more options. Especially if im purchasing it.
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3 years ago, LaLaLand !
I like it
There has been a new update that completely renovated the look of the app. When you now open the app it is white with more organization options. This app is very helpful while studying for exams, tests, or any other memorization required. At first the update was hard to get used to since I was using the previous version for multiple years. Non the less, I have always used this app since lower school, and it has never failed me. Although, the one thing I would really appreciate is being able to edit my rating on how I well I did on a card from inside the edit deck option. This would be beneficial when trying to go back and re-learn old material for exams. Over all it is a good app for flash cards that, in my opinion, is a better alternative than using paper flash cards. This app is better for the environment and also has a good algorithm for gradually introducing new material to the learner.
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5 years ago, PharmSchool
Promising.. if they add BROWSE mode to the website!!
I have switched over from Quizlet because I hate having to add * to stuff that I want bolded. Editing is WAY easier with Brainscape, like adding italics or underling. However, the study mode on the website itself drives me crazy! It forces you to rate your confidence and then you can’t go back to a previous card if you accidentally moved forward. Please add BROWSE mode to the website!! I love the BROWSE mode on my phone and IPad and the interface in browse is BEAUTIFUL which makes me want to study. I like looking at the card list and the tags I added which tell me exactly where I am. Rating your confidence is great when you have the time but sometimes I only have time to get quickly once through a deck.. and it would be nice if there was some indicator of your position in study mode (I like to know how many cards I have left), other than percentage. Oh yeah, maybe a highlighting feature would be nice too! It’s almost perfect 👌!
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2 months ago, leewilson5932
These flash cards saved my life when studying Bar-tested subjects (during law school) and especially while studying for the bar. Super easy to study here and there — I pull them up when I’m awkwardly waiting for a table at restaurants, etc. I wish someone had told me about these at the beginning of 1L year. I’m in Crim Pro now, and instead of reading the cases intensely to prepare for class, I study the flashcards and briefly review the cases enough to answer cold calling. While everyone else in the room is confused because the professor is reviewing multiple different rules, overturning of precedent, etc, I am able to easily just spit out rule statements. People look at me like I’m a genius when in actuality I’ve just been using Brainscape. The only “genius” part was buying the Brainscape flash cards and studying them during law school, not just after. TOTALLY WORTH IT!
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3 years ago, Elephanttrip
Best Learning App of Them All
As an all-around nerd and intrepid fan of linguistics I have downloaded a lionshare of various apps to upskill my language game. Rosetta, Anki, you name it. I had it. Paid for it. And committed to them each for months at a time. But then I got referred to Brainscape by my professor and it was love at first tap. I can add on any number of languages and certified classes ( that I must say are exceptionally well crafted ), as well as create my own. I have, to the best of my ability with the aid of Brainscape, now automated my long term data consumption and maximized the volume of information I can hold. This is, as of today, the best product out there. I am very much excited about what new features are coming down the road. As I am sure there are many. Oh yah, and the new app is so beautiful, it gets me confused why they don’t offer Pulitzers for this kind of innovation.
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3 days ago, Wykatmom
A Must-Have Flashcard App for Effective Learning
I recently started using Brainscape, and I must say, it has exceeded my expectations in every way. The app boasts excellent visuals that make the learning experience as enjoyable as binge-watching my favorite show (almost!). The ease of navigation is remarkable, allowing me to find what I need faster than I can find my car keys. One of the standout features is the variety of real-time testing options. This not only makes studying fun but also helps reinforce learning in an interactive way. The friendly verbiage throughout the app inspires and encourages me to keep pushing forward, which is incredibly motivating—like having a cheerleader who knows when you need that extra nudge. The user interface is both intuitive and aesthetically pleasing, with smooth navigation that ensures a seamless experience. Everything is quick and easy to locate, thanks to the well-designed graphical user interface (GUI). The designer/s of this app have intuitively placed buttons and links where I expect them to be. In summary, Brainscape has been a fantastic tool for my learning journey. It's fun, helpful, and perfectly designed to enhance my study sessions. Thank you, Brainscape, for creating such a wonderful app! Now, if only it could help me remember where I left my coffee…
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3 months ago, Etchavious
Used it for one use case but I’m staying!
I happened to run across this site on my PC while looking for materials for ways to study mock exams or similar for my upcoming Archimate certification exams. I started with the free component and was able to get a feel for whether this flashcard system was going to work for me. After purchasing to gain full access, I continued to use the site to enhance and reinforce my existing knowledge. While, in my opinion, this shouldn’t replace training courses and standard learning tools (otherwise, you’re just studying concepts without a complete understanding), it was a fantastic accompaniment to the rest of my study materials. The system itself and the concept behind it is straightforward. Beat the knowledge into your head with repetition. I wish I had this when I took my TOGAF exam. Yes, I passed that exam, and my Archimate exam that I used this tool to study with, but my confidence going into this latest exam was very high. I did way better than expected, and I would like to associate some of that with this tool and its successful methods. I passed my exam with 95% and 90% - Thank you, Brainscape, for your help! I’ve already shown my co-workers the app, and I’ll spread this to others at my company. This tool is fantastic. I hope you push to grow it more!
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7 years ago, theCaT4568
Definitely Recommend!
I first found out about Brainscape Senior year of high school. My friend recommended it and I absolutely LOVED it! I got it when everything was free, but I liked it so much that when they came up with "Pro" I chose to buy the one year subscription (thinking I wouldn't use it after high school). However, I continued to use it through college and STILL love it! So much that when the year was over I upgraded to the lifetime subscription. This app got me through some of my toughest classes. It also helped me study for HOSA state which I then qualified for HOSA nationals and went even further! I couldn't have done it without this app! I will do anything for my grades and success in life, and Brainscape proved to me that I'm even willing to pay for a subscription to help me study! Definitely recommend! Even if you're not planning on buying the Pro.
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5 years ago, D1992S
Features lacking
Great for studying but the app does not have some of the beloved features that the website has, and I do not understand why. I cannot edit the cards I have made within the app, but somehow can make new ones. I cannot select decks within a class to study together. It only allows either one deck at a time or the ENTIRE class to be studies. The website allows certain decks to be selected. I would like to be able to zoom in on the pictures posted within flash cards. The reason that I use the iPad app is that the website does not automatically resize photos to match a screen size, but the app does. This makes large images on the website either look distorted/grainy or cuts off half the picture when you select full image size. The iPad app does not do this. Second, lately the website has been crashing, and I’m afraid that Brainscape will shut down or something without notice, and that I’ll lose my study material.
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7 years ago, Skayell
So much to learn, so little time
The subjects I am working on now: Chinese Vocabulary and ‘Survival Chinese.’* Why? Because I live in an apartment complex with about 80% occupancy of Chinese graduate students, who all speak English, but why shouldn’t I learn some of their language? (*Gotta love that name!) Knowledge Rehab Why? Because high school and college were a long time ago! (62 yo now) World Geography Why? Because when we had geography in the early 70’s, they didn’t think it was important to cover anyplace but North America, Europe and a little of the Middle-Eastern countries. Oh, sure, they pointed out India, China (they called it Red China back then!) and Australia. Oh, they included Egypt and South Africa in the list, also. Of course we all knew about North and South Vietnam, but most couldn’t point to them on a map. So, since I never learned much about the rest of the world, and since many of the names and boundaries have changed, why not learn something? Brainscape is for people who want to learn something specific and for people who just want to learn something new and for folks who want to “brush up.” Yes, it’s true that some decks are better than others. But all I’ve seen are an improvement over ignorance or incomplete knowledge. Why not learn something starting today?
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6 years ago, Scott A
Brainscape is great...
... but I don't think it's the "only" flashcard app you will ever want. Anki is useful too, albeit in my experience only if you make your own flash cards. In Brainscape you don't have to. In Brainscape I have used only the pre-made Spanish cards, so that's all I can review: they're terrific. A year later: I stand by my previous remarks: Brainscape has the best pre-made flash cards for learning Spanish that I’ve seen. BUT you also owe it to yourself to use Anki. The two complement each other really well: you probably would not love making huge batches of Anki cards for every conjugation of a long list of verbs. No need: Brainscape already has them. But for learning new vocabulary, especially phrases (and things like idiomatic expressions) your own “bespoke” (get it?) Anki cards (¡with images!) can’t be beat.
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7 years ago, studymeister
the best!!
just the rockinist flashcard app ever! does everything i want it too! u can even export ur flashcard as an excel file to reference the information another way. works beautifully. these developers are geNius! thanks so much gang for making a great app for those of us who need to be reminded of what we need to know. ive used it for school and work and always to great success. the only improvements I'd suggest after years of use is (1) if u could edit cards from the cards (while ur studying them), (2) if you could SEARCH the cards in your library easier (without searching ALL flash cards) with a more generous search bar (because then Brainscape would also be an in INCREdIBLE quick reference guide).
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6 years ago, MelissaDann
Only 25 Cards a Day
In high school I’d use this app for hours and hours a day and felt so proud to be learning so much about subjects that we didn’t learn in school. There didn’t used to be a limit to how many cards you could see in a day. I’ve been using this app loyally for years, and am now a junior university student studying biochemistry, coming back to Brainscape to study for the MCAT. 5 minutes into studying, I get a notice saying that I’ve used all of my cards for the day and must upgrade for more. I feel like 25 cards is such a low daily allowance for something that used to be completely free and unlimited; I went through 25 cards in 5 minutes. I used to love this app so much and have always recommended it to my friends, I was so excited to use it to study again, but I didn’t know that these changes came around and will have to find another app to study with. So sad to see it go. Update: I wouldn’t mind paying $2.99 a month for 12 months if it only charged the $2.99 each month rather than $36 at once. It’s hard to let go of $36 as a broke college student, whereas I can skip a coffee a month in order to pay for the upgrade, and maybe the app locks you into a contract where it charges every month and you can’t cancel. I think a lot of people would agree with this and you’d gain a TON of subscribers if you implemented this. You could only gain money this way, and more people would be able to learn using this app.
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1 year ago, Sandrahoverter
Great app for studying & actually retaining the information
I have always had a hard time studying the traditional way by filling out index cards and using them as flash cards. This app is a great way to truly learn as you are studying. I love how I can grade myself as I go. The questions/answers I am confident with get graded as I know them therefore I see them less and the ones I am not confident with I see more. I can study anywhere on my phone or laptop. I recommend this app to everyone studying for any subject like math, humanities, foreign language, even real estate. I am 39, I fully believe in this system and wish something like this was around when I was in grade school.
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3 years ago, FR3321
Liking it overall
Not sure if my original review is still floating around somewhere but I felt it only right to amend it. I received VERY prompt tech support from Desiree and quickly learned the glitch was not with the app but with me, all me. My only complaint, and I feel it is a justifiable one, is that you are quite limited as to what you can do within the app itself, it relies rather heavily on you using their website. For instance, I had to not only use the website but also the desktop in order to do something as simple as rearrange the order of the decks within a given class. Uh, what? I’m not holding it against them because chica ain’t paying for the subscription but that is seriously anti-user friendly IMO.
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7 years ago, youbreakyoubuy
Pretty interface but missing basic functionality
Like I said, it’s pretty. I love the interface. It’s also nice that you can have multiple decks within one course. It keeps track of your mastery level which is great. However it’s missing several basics: - it’s difficult to import cards from excel and word. This should be a basic function. You have to jump through a bunch of hoops to import the right file type, encoding, and format. It’s not fun. - once you create a deck, you can’t change the order of the cards in the deck. If you want to add a card it goes to the bottom of the deck. This is terrible when you want to organize an outline and you forget to add a card. You would have to copy cards, create a new deck, delete the cards in the original deck, paste cards from the new deck into the original deck Ughh... that’s just if you forget once. Imagine wanting to add several new cards. - the pc version does not allow you to browse the cards in order. You are forced to use their spaced repetition algorithm. You can browse on your mobile device but not your pc. That’s annoying af especially when studying a subject that contains many layers like law: rule, elements, exceptions, examples. I paid for the full lifetime membership assuming these basic functions were included. Silly me.
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2 years ago, LKC_001
Language Learner Has Gotten So Much Easier!
I never knew there were apps where you could create your own flash cards! This has simplified my life so much! I am learning a language, but I’m intermediate to advanced. The language-learning apps are too basic for my level. I don’t need to know how to say please and thank you; I’m well beyond that. But if I use an app to learn words, I have to suffer through all the words I already know. So this ability for me to make my own cards helps me to learn just the words of need to. The app is pretty basic and thanks ok. In fact the only reason I did give this I didn’t give it 5 stars is for the inability to reorder the words/flash cards. Other than that, it suits my purposes. Bravissimo!
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2 years ago, Wannabe Legendary Polyglot
Very Organized
As someone who loves learning languages this has been a very good app for learning languages. I find this app to be very organized and you can even make topics and have individual decks for each lesson/chapter and it’s supper nice to have that feature. I love using the teach yourself series books and they have chapters where they I introduce new words to you so if makes it nice to divide up the words from each chapter in that language. This app is way better than Anki. Anki with the flash cards would’ve made it a decade to find stuff but with app you can find it because you can make individual things and it be super convenient!!!!!
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6 years ago, pcborup
Very helpful app overall with some glitches
The overall app is quite good and provided me a valuable certification study aid that is more portable and flexible than a stack of 3x5 cards. The breadth of available topics is huge and the cost reasonable. Ease of use and fast downloading of decks get positive marks. On the downside the decks that I made use of had some inaccuracies and errors. While there is a mechanism for submitting feedback it is very glitchy and relies on the user to know realise the error exists. While it’s probably understandable that given the breadth of topics available that internal company monitoring for accuracy is not feasible it means that “buyer beware” prevails and the quality of a deck appears dependent upon whoever uploaded it in the first place for the quality and accuracy of questions and answers.
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2 years ago, Bebeskid87
I really enjoy this app..but I don’t like the most recent update. I had the list on certain cards in a bullet point format but with this update it has changed them to look like a sentence. Please fix it…this is an old review it seems like to have a clean format you have to pay which is fine with me. Now my issue is the time lapse it takes when I make new cards on my laptop to how long it takes to sync to my phone. Also can you bring back the function where I can set it to like 30-50 cards instead of always have to do either continuous study or the check point study
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7 years ago, lad_jr
App won’t open on iOS 11. Update: Fixed!
I contacted Brainscape during beta letting them know there was a serious bug not allowing the app to open. It opens and crashes. They wrote back and said that they are aware of it and are waiting for Apple to approve their update, but honestly this should have been taken care of weeks ago! This is not some small bug that can be worked out in some future update. This is a bug that doesn’t even allow the app to open, hence the 1 star. When the app is updated, then I will update my review. UPDATE: iOS 11 patch has been released and all is well in the world again. No more crashing. Thank you!!!
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10 months ago, akb131224
Great app
I used to use quizlet to study, but with their updates now there’s so little you can do without quizlet premium. I looked around for another option that I could use and afford and I found Brainscape. The options and flexibility and spaced studying is exactly what I need and I’m so grateful that I can still use the app well with the free version. I definitely feel more encouraged to invest in this apps and get the pro version because of how much they provide to begin with in their free version. I’ve used this to study for so many of my classes and I recommend it my classmates and any students that I teach.
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7 years ago, LegalMama
Many great features, a few deficiencies
I have the full Bar Boost set, which I love! I've told many of my classmates about it. However, I've noticed quite a few spelling, grammar, and even content errors, which is worrisome. Then there is the issue of the main app. I downloaded the free version and it mixed in with my bar cards, which just created a mess and I could no longer get an accurate assessment of my progress on the bar cards. Also, it wouldn't let me study any cards from the main categories. I think it was counting the bar cards as my daily free ones? Even though I paid for the full set. I ended up deleting the main app after about 10 minutes. I may try again after the bar exam.
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1 year ago, NFL lovwr
Best Study App
I went to college this fall, and my go to online notecard software has been Brainscape. I love how I can access it from anywhere, anytime. I usually make the notecards on my laptop, then go for walks and study on my phone. I know that this is not the only software that does this feature, but I still enjoy it. I also like how it includes a rating of how well you understand something. It allows you to prioritize certain aspects that you may struggle with, and this leads to a better overall learning experience. I highly recommend using this if you are a high school or college student.
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3 years ago, TechnicalUser
Inaccurate info
I really want to like this app but accuracy problems get in the way. I used the paid product for several weeks, often through the web interface, to prepare for the WSET Level 3 in Wine exam. I found that a great many flashcards had incomplete or even wrong information. Sometimes there was extra info (i.e., not in the WSET book) that wouldn’t be included on the exam, but there was no indication that learning this was optional. I provided a very large number of suggested corrections via their feedback feature, and they indicated that they agreed with most of them. After so many of these though, I wondered whether this was a still-under-development product or what. I asked respectfully via two emails; the first response from Brainscape evaded the question, and I didn’t receive a response to my followup. I suppose that a good outcome is that each time I identified what I thought was an inaccuracy and then carefully read the book to be sure my facts were straight before I offered a suggestion, I learned that topic really well. But after so many times it got frustrating, and I have to wonder if Brainscape’s learning strategy really is to frustrate its customers.
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2 months ago, RobinRosado
Pretty good tool
Ive been using brainscape for years now and really enjoy their free features. Making my decks and studying them by mastery is way better than traditional flash cards and being able to share them with classmates is a huge plus (and they usually really appreciate it). You can also run the app on different devices, so i can write cards with my notes open on my iPad and then study them at any time and anywhere on my phone. I always recommend them to college friends, and since its free theres really nothing to loose when you try them out
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2 years ago, kdalpha07
Great Alternative to Quizlet
So as most of us know by know, Quizlet is now making us pay to use some of their most important features. As I was scrambling trying to look for alternatives for a big test approaching, a friend recommended me this app. It’s basically digital flash cards designed to help you memorize things. It will prompt you with a question, and you have to guess the answer. It will ask how well you knew the answer, and the ones you may not know, it’ll keep prompting you with it to get better. All in all, this is a great app for studying for tests with.
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3 months ago, #BookNerd
College Student’s Secret Weapon
I love love love Brainscape. The simplicity in its design is lovely, you can input cards super easily and I love picking multiple decks to study at once. The timing and estimated time needed is also extremely helpful for planning. The biggest bonus is the sharing feature (my study groups love seeing where everyone is at) and the ranking of how confident we were in answers. A really strong feeling by of accomplishment and reassurance know eventually you’ll hit everything. I also love that there no Right vs Wrong to get, just a range of comfort levels. Way less disheartening.
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2 years ago, hibye
Brainscape - professional & personal!
Brainscape has a variety of flash cards and ways to use them to prepare for tests, certifications, and other professional or academic goals. I’ve used Brainscape to successfully prepare for a Certified Personal Training proctored exam, to improve test scores for an anatomy class, and to improve Hebrew language comprehension. Some of the flash card options are directly from the “source” while others are from study sources. I also use Brainscape for “fun” to improve my vocabulary for Scrabble and Wordle. It’s a great app and I hope you’ll love it as much as I do.
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6 years ago, Tveillon
Great App
Have used Pimsluer, Rosetta Stone, Babel, Duolingo and others. This app is about "learning" Spanish, not "studying." With this app you quickly see your weak points/strong points and know what you need to work on. Support is better than I have seen in a while. Had a problem after paying for the app, upgraded from the trial version within the app. The upgrade did not take affect. One email and had a response within an hour. Fixed the problem within minutes. This happened on a weekend, wasn't expecting a response till Monday. Great Support!!
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3 months ago, steV3nom
It’s great! I would love to see a widget added
I have been using Brainscape for years, and it’s been an extremely helpful tool. I’d love to see a widget added in the future that can be customized to display various flashcards throughout the day, with the ability to choose which deck or decks you want that widget to pull from. If you could also flip the card right from the widget, that’d be even better! I’d also really like it if I could get periodic notifications throughout the day with the ability to choose the number of notifications throughout the day and which deck(s) to pull terms from.
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3 years ago, drdriggs
Good app, steep price
After researching and trying out various flash card apps, we settled on this one, primarily because it’s easy to collaborate on a shared deck and for the basic features this app provides. However, the price is much too high for something of this scope. $130 for lifetime purchase or $10 a month? At least I’d expect a more fully featured iPad version and other bells and whistles to justify that. But if you can get by with what’s available for free or have the money, this is one of the better flash card apps out there. However, that doesn’t say much… I was shocked at the lack of good options available. I’m using as an aid to study a language.
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4 years ago, TylerC101
No major progress in years....
They haven't updated the core in ages. It was novel back then, now it could use updating - the randomization of cards is bad, if two cards in a row in a deck are at the same rank you'll get them both in a row regularly. Randomization is part of how one learns to distinguish cards. They also haven't put any effort into improving the weight of each of the 5 levels, I think serious progress could be made here. 2/5 stars because they started charging subscriptions for a service that used to be pay once to play. Subscriptions, while offensive in general, wouldn't be as annoying if they actually put effort into the base software, but they seem only concerned with adding more (frequently faulty) flashcards/decks.
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7 years ago, Shiftyfunk
Decent app, awful/zero customer service
Had Brainscape pro once before and loved it. Renewed my subscription for it through AppleID subscriptions. Shows as renewed in AppleID and parts of Brainscape, but still don't have FULL access to Brainscape for which I paid. Wrote THREE (3) emails with screenshots to the addresses in the app, and I've gotten no response. Finally wrote to Apple. After some insultingly basic suggestions that I'd already tried, they agreed to refund the purchase. Outcome wasn't really what I wanted...I don't want the $10. I want the service I gave Brainscape $10 for 2 weeks ago. I'm pretty upset as this was inconvenient and had an effect on plans I made long ago to prepare for a standardized test using Brainscape. After 2 weeks without my product and the time lost in my studying, I'm not really satisfied that I was just given back the money. I already had the money before this happened! What about the time I wasted on the emails they never replied to and the time lost depending on their product which let me down? Buyer beware. This is a good app but in my experience, they don't care if you have a problem with it, even if it involves billing.
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3 years ago, SF Tortuga
Beware user policy / license
This is one of those companies that says “we can change our privacy policy anytime without telling you. It’s up to you to periodically check our policy. Using our service after a policy change indicates your acceptance of the policy, even if you didn’t know about it.” This is an odious practice that should be illegal. If a company changes a policy, they should have to get your acceptance of the changes, and they should have to highlight the specific changes they made, showing the before and after, side-by-side so the customer doesn’t have to read through the entire policy again. Burying the changes in a long document with no indication of what changed is another despicable software license practice that should be banned.
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3 years ago, barnett99
Old version was better
The learning aspect of the algorithm is great, but the interface has changed. Now, bookmarking a card is pretty much pointless. You can’t see all the information on the bookmarked card unless you go back to study mode which means you can’t look at your bookmarked cards… It was also incredibly helpful to be able to read the question and the answer in list form of bookmarked cards incase you needed to just read through them real quick. Those two features used to be able to help me do very well, but I’ve definitely noticed the change in learning/knowledge.
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2 years ago, best gym ever
Love this one
I’ve been learning Spanish for a little over a year as I’ve been traveling around central and South America. Spanish apps are a part of my daily practice and I’ve tried a bunch of them. I found Brainscape last week and I’ve been really loving it. The rhythm of how they roll out the vocabulary has been super effective. Retention of the words themselves feels strong with this system but its not just learning how to say words.. it gives you context, comparisons and a deeper understanding of their application
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9 months ago, God lives in me
Good app; Sync feature doesn’t work
It’s a great app, and I really like using it, but it won’t sync my flashcards with all my devices. I’ll create flashcards on my iMac for a deck and go to study them on my iPad, but I won’t be able to. It says that they exist; I just can’t view or edit them. This is very inconvenient because I can’t carry a computer with me at all times, and I do most of my studying on the go. Overall, the app is nice and works well, and I can’t wait to see how effective it is for learning!
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6 years ago, SKC
Excellent App & Company
I’ve been using Brainscape since 2013. It’s a great app to increase memorization and learning. Their flashcard algorithm maximizes fast and easy memorization. They also have a wide range of card collections: Latin, GRE vocabulary, Geography, Music Theory (including Ear Trainers!), Spanish, French and many more. It’s a great way to learn basic vocabulary for a language. Also to study for exams such as the MCAT and CPA. They are also an excellent company with good practices. I recently had an issue with them and it was resolved quickly and easily with excellent communication. Highly recommended.
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1 year ago, Regal_2002
Great study tool with great interface
I was looking for a spaced repetition app to help me study more efficiently for my STEM classes when I came across a few apps. Brainscape was my favorite so I bought the premium version and have been using it for a year now. I love how much more efficient my study time feels and how convenient it is to be able to study across my devices. The app has constant bug fixes and I have yet to experience problems. I highly recommend using Brainscape.
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