Bravo - Live Stream TV Shows

4.4 (89.4K)
119.5 MB
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Current version
NBCUniversal Media, LLC
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bravo - Live Stream TV Shows

4.45 out of 5
89.4K Ratings
4 years ago, D.Lola
Love the shows BUT
The app fails continuously I have to delete and re-add. The app will do double talking over from a previous episode and the most annoying is when watching a show, example Below Deck after half way, never in the beginning, it freezes up and stops playing BUT the timer stills goes on so you miss 5-10 seconds of talking then it kicks back in and stops again after playing for another 1-2 mins or so. I delete and re-install and can finish the show....happens ALL the time. The Bravo app support team is very good in acknowledging when you contact them and they do not seem to get the fact that this does NOT happen with any other apps only Bravo, so when they give me instructions to delete and reinstall THEY are not listening because that is all I do and the problem continues.
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2 years ago, PenelopeJ$$
You guys must have heard something that I missed somewhere. If I wanted to protect my husband, who is a high profile attorney and elderly plus did not sign on to the show, I wouldn’t have said anything about a head injury, etc. I don’t understand the, son thing, flipping a car and snow, what happened but he’s ok that’s all that matters. Plus with him being as old as he is I wouldn’t have wanted him put under to fix his ankle bc that would have hit the news. But maybe it’s bc she is my favorite but regardless. I don’t think she had any idea over the fraudulent chargers being brought against him. She probably signed papers not knowing what they were for. Plus, would you or anyone get on national tv and say my husband is 80 but he has 3 mistresses? I wouldn’t. I would do what she did has done talked about how wonderful things were so the women in question know I’m not going anywhere any time soon. But imagine what it does to your self esteem being young and beautiful yet you still wasn’t enough to keep him at home. The Boyfriend thing? I hope she has a dozen of them you go girl!!! But what we as fans should realize is she could have quit the show but didn’t. But we have to realize all these questions we ask SHE CANNOT ANSWER bc it can and will be used against her. So, cut her a little, no how about a lot of slack. I would say she was advised to quit but she sucked it up, put her big girl panties on and stayed. Thank you for showing up for your fans Erica!!!
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3 years ago, Vanessa from RI
Best Year Ever Bravo!
Loving all the real housewives this year…the reunions are fierce n loving every moment of it…best entertainment since before Covid…never watched summer house but winter house is amazing will definitely be watching summer house from the beginning now…also love Southern Charm the OG’s (shout out to Craig he’s hysterical)…prob why i started watching winter house but Kyle is worth starting summer house also hysterical…vanderpump rules ur all slaying it this year without most of the originals I thought it would be lacking but Tom and Tom make me laugh the whole time and James is just a given!!! (Lala I rooted for u girl in all the past seasons but a lil less judgmental like ur real friends were n a lil more supportive…especially if she’s ur friend n u think somethings REALLY wrong)…super big shout out to Andy Cohen who is killing it at the reunions this year with his questions please keep asking these women for the real tea you are AMAZING (just keepin it real)…Bravo is the best of the best n my sisters n I (there’s 5 of us) watch religiously every night n then talk about it all day the following day! Thank you from my mother who’s a sweet lil Portuguese woman n says we are the Kardashian sisters n she’s poor Kris Jenner just trying to survive wit all these girls! Lol n Thank you to All of Bravo behind the scenes especially!!! P.s. Also almost forgot my shahs love them all but still team MJ! Lol
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3 years ago, Lorene48
Beverly Hills
I love Bravo but I have a question. Why does Erica lie? And if she wants to threaten me, go ahead Erica. She originally told Kyle one day that her husband went on a curvy road on his way home and missed the curve and went over the cliff but I guess tree stopped him and he hurt his ankle. Then she tells them another story that he was unconscious for 12 or 24 hrs, I forget and hurt his head and they wanted to fix his ankle and she wouldn’t let them because of his head injury. Her story sure changes. Then she tells her son to go check on him and he flipped 5 times in the snow. California has snow in the mountains and if he was in the mountains, why didn’t Erica go? Lately she seems to lie a lot. Also, why did her mascara run when she met Kyle to talk? I’ve never notice that before. I believe she wanted Kyle to really see those tears good so she got the not waterproof mascara to show those tears. I also after she moved out, I read where she was spotted out with a man they said is her boyfriend. She just needs to write down ahead what she is going to say to keep her stories straight. Thanks for letting me blow off some steam. Lorene
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2 years ago, Trivia loveeee
Worst app ever
As a probably decade long Bravo lover, I cannot believe how awful this app is and that they’ve made no attempts to make it better. From the phone, from the tv, it doesn’t matter. The app on my fire stick, Roku, fire cube, iPhone, iPad - all so bad. Watching it on any tv you have to sign in by typing like it’s a web browser, it’s so bizarre. How is there not an option to do it from your phone like every single other streaming app that exists? So not only is it overly difficult to log in, but it signs you out repeatedly. I don’t think I’ve ever been logged out of any other streaming app on my tv? Like why? Then once you’re in - forget it. It’s not easy to navigate, and every show glitches like crazy. Not just glitches but full on skips whole parts of the show. All of a sudden Shep and Austin are fighting and I’m like how did we get here?!! And if you try to pick up where you left off in a show from a different day - too bad! It either hops way forward or backwards. And going either direction is a nightmare because you have to watch 60,000 ads. Anyway, I can go on and on but I think you get the picture. Andy, invest in the app!! No one watches live tv anymore get with the times!!!!
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2 years ago, bippy_b
Great content. Poor version of the app.
This app will keep you connected to all things Bravo and even some channels such as USA Network, SyFy and E!. Usually I have nothing but good things to say but this latest version of the app is making watching on demand stuff almost impossible. The issue I am having is I start an on demand show.. and like 5-7 minutes in it will start buffering and then tell me there was a problem with the video. I know this issue is not on my end because I can immediately switch to one of the “live” streams of the current broadcast and it will start up just fine. I can then switch back to the “Home” tab and it thinks I am disconnected from the internet. I can then go back to the “Live” tab and it starts up again with no issues. The other reason I know the issue isn’t on my end is because I can go watch the same show in the Peacock app without this happening. I don’t know if I am in the minority here but this is happening at least 4 or 5 times PER SHOW.
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4 years ago, M.S Ca
Terrible app! Come on Bravo! Glitches constantly!
Terrible app. App glitches non stop! Constant error messages. No other apps have issues. Just Bravo! Took multiple videos to show. It glitches and you can’t hear the words every few seconds. Plus if you pause it it won’t restart. Makes you watch all over again plus TWICE THE AMOUNT OF COMMERCIALS And then MORE COMMERCIALS! More commercials than I’ve ever experienced in my life!! Not paying for this premium channel anymore because there’s nothing premium about it! Can’t get shows on demand. It’s basic AF! No excuse for this garbage Bravo! Keep up with the quality and features of all the other great network apps or move outta the way! I barely watch anymore because I don’t have the patience for the wasted time and annoyance! Can’t watch new episodes at same time as tv air time/day! This is ridiculous!!!!!! So frustrating!!!! Not everyone wants to be hostage to watching a tv in the living room! Some of us prefer taking a tablet around the house or laying in our beds with a tablet and headphones as to not disturb others or sleeping partners etc! Not convenient whatsoever, hard to navigate, find episodes NOT CLIPS! We want FULL EPISODES! They’re all mixed up out of order hard to search never released early etc etc. so lame!!
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4 years ago, Kamy R.
Love Bravo
I’ve been committed to Bravo since the network started and love basically every show! Seriously, I love Bravo. However, my main issue with the app is the consistent glitches when viewing episodes. Sometimes if you pause the video you can lose your spot you stopped the episode at. My internet connection isn’t an issue but for whatever reason, sometimes the videos pause and take long to load. There’s too many commercials. I can handle like one to two ads but don’t make them two minutes a piece or like 5 different ads. I purposely use apps to avoid commercials. I love how the new episodes are quickly up on the app. Side note, it’d be really helpful to have the “Behind the Scenes/Never Before Seen” episodes in a separate category rather than with the season episodes. I get annoyed having to dig through the episodes looking for the NEW episode. Thanks Bravo, for breaking me away from my reality to focus on someone else’s problems and drama :)
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5 years ago, majestabecca
Why limit your potential?
There are so many apps now and streaming potential I’m amazed that bravo a huge cash cow, isn’t using its full potential! We all know main stream television cable even satellite television services are becoming out dated! Streaming and smart everything makes sure no body in this economy is no longer blowing 170 a month on a cable or satellite television service when someone only watches once channel to 2 if that! I would have cancelled years ago if I had not been offered a good remain with us deal at 25 a month! But I wondered for the last 3 why doesn’t bravo offer their service channel at a small fee! I’d be wayyyy more willing to pay 5 bucks a month to stream then be forced cable/dish astronomical fees to get that channel included and even then a lot don’t carry it! So again! I ask you why are you limiting yourselves! Cable/satellite Tv is a thing of the past! It’s like when blockbuster said no to Netflix! Where’s the nearest blockbuster now! I can tell u no where around here or where I have traveled to since the 90s! Reinvent yourselves like other channels have for small fees or bravo won’t be giving any more Mani or pedi cures very soon!
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2 years ago, This Nickname is Taken, Too!
Tired of apps that FORCE advertisers!!
Once again, an app that requires you to sign in to a paid service in order to use it and then still forces advertising on you to the tune of several minutes, five or six times throughout a one hour show. I will NEVER, EVER buy anything from any “advertiser” that forces themselves into my household, disrespects my time and intelligence, co-opts my viewing device, consumes my resources for irrelevant and COMPLETELY ineffective displays of stupidity and sociopathy, with no way to opt out whatsoever. My only recourse to even reclaim my valuable time is to mute the advertisement by turning the volume down below audible levels, and focus on something else while the add plays out. Nonetheless, they are still eating my device’s charge and/or my electricity to recharge, as well as stretching out and chopping up my schedule, and limiting my available time for other things. The sheer number of ads and the ridiculous length of each segment is outrageous. The apps data tracking and linking is also absolutely unacceptable.
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3 years ago, Myfitnessuser
Glitchy, Wrong Time Zone
Love my real housewives but the app is so glitchy. It never picks up where I left off on an episode. Any time you pause for a length of time, it starts the entire episode over again. Then I have to watch a million commercials to get back to where I left off. The Watch Live feature doesn’t work properly. The written show guide will say one show is playing, but a different show from hours ago is actually playing. So the guide is hours ahead of what’s airing. On the home page, Favorited shows are after 4 other categories - favorites should be at the top, they are favorited for easy access!! “Never Before Scenes” should not be classified as new episodes. I’m constantly clicking to watch the “next episode” under Latest Episodes, only to realize it’s not actually a new episode, it’s just a Never Before Scene. So then I have to close out and go right back to the home page to navigate to the main show page. The app is just too overly complicated to navigate and not reliable.
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4 years ago, 1calzam1
Sound cuts in and out
BRAVO Shows are great to watch on the app if I happen to miss it on tv when it first aired. It’s always been great to use the app, until recently! I watched a missed show about two weeks ago and while watching, the audio cuts out for a sec and then comes back, then it’ll be a few minutes to seconds and it’ll do it again causing you to miss what’s being said making it hard to follow what’s going on with the show. Like watching someone talking with hiccups! Here it is two weeks later and the problem still exists. The last time I watched a show on it, two weeks ago, when it was doing it, I thought they would have gotten the issued fixed by now but it hasn’t and it’s worse! I’ve done speed tests of my WiFi and it’s great and all other streaming apps have no issues, so I’m thinking it’s an issue with the app and hopefully it can be fixed. I’m using my iPad Pro with the most current software update when using the app. If this can be fixed, it’ll be a 5 Star app for sure!! Thanks!
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2 years ago, cmeagain
Liar Liar pants on fire!
I believe she knew precisely what was going on the entire time. She’s a nasty b_ _ _ h! The scene with her mascara running down her face while she was fake crying was pathetic. I’d like to comment on the last comment giving her credit for “showing up” on the show — give me a break — you couldn’t blast her off the show bc she wants the money$$. Even though I believe she should be fired for the unethical things she has done with the plane crash victims’ money. During the last season’s reunion (she’s wearing the shocking pink slip) she gets a tissue from her purse and dabs her eyes and tears start flowing. It was so obvious she dabbed her eyes with a tearing agent actors use to cry during a scene. You can see the agent in her eyes!! That was contrived it was ridiculous. She is a skanky _ _ _ _ and I would not mind at all if she was let go!
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3 years ago, manicgoblin
please fix your app!!
I stopped watching the new season of VPR solely because of how horrible it is to navigate the app and watch a show from start to finish. if you pause the show, it makes you RESTART the show… and when you forward to the spot you were originally at, it makes you watch the commercials AGAIN. not to mention I spend more time watching a buffering symbol than I do the actual episode. I want to spend 45 mins watching the episode, not TWO HOURS with the majority of it being a buffering screen. I pay loads of money to make sure I have the fastest wifi possible, and it is not my network. no other apps or streaming services I use have this issue. I just want to mindlessly watch my reality TV, not overwhelmed with anger and frustration every time I open a new episode. my boyfriend and I completely stopped watching VPR three weeks ago, and we’re just going to wait until the new season drops on peacock to finish it up. beyond disappointed and sad :(
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5 years ago, samanthafalcon
Love it :)
I love the app! It has some of my favorite shows on it and I watch them allll the time. If you can, I really recommend connecting your app to your tv provider because otherwise its hard to watch episodes. I used to watch Bravo on my television before I got the app and so I never had the old update which was apparently a lot better than the current update, but I really like the current update!! It looks really cool and it makes all of the shows look really interesting. The only thing that does bother me is how many ads there are in one episode. I would honestly be fine with how many ads there are if they at least changed them up every once in a while but I literally know the dialogue of some of the ads because of how many times they’ve come up.
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4 years ago, Hops2
Married to MEDICINE LA
I honestly do not know if I’m writing on the right venue for a rating. I’m not use to doing all this online rating stuff etc. What I want to say ( and not that it matters at all to anyone)...but for me and I believe other ladies...the true perception of Irami, Brit...everyone was phenomunmial..We got your truth....the real you and that’s what helps us to relate to you as your fans....even you Dr. Britt...not havin your husband in bed but instead your kids? Many women go thru this so to see it on you show is amazing. I feel this show allows women to see what it like to go thru something bad but but that you have true girlfriends to help you Thur it. I did not find that on married to medicine Atlanta. Hen Dr. Jackie or Quad went thru indifntely that true girls were there. I did not feel that, bit on LA I feel it
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2 years ago, Bvxyj
I have to say that this app is absolutely horrific! I love bravo and I love the shows but whoever created this app needs to be fired!This app has issues every single time I use it several times a week and it constantly just shuts down or freezers or that little dial just spins when I go to play it. Sometimes I will click on a show and it’ll play something completely different or I will start to watch a show and stop and hen I go back later it will tell me that I’ve already completed watching it and won’t let me go back to it. If you’re considering downloading this app do not do it it will cause you frustration every day of your life!!!!! Update***** deleted the app because it was so terrible give it six months download it today because I thought maybe by now they made some improvements but nope first show I’m watching not even 10 minutes in and already paused itself six times this is the most terrible app I’ve ever used!!!!
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4 years ago, Lexi0865
Nothing Works
If I could give it zero stars I would. It took me days to be able to log in with my cable provider because it kept giving me an error message. When it finally let me log in with my cable account, none of the episodes would stream. It constantly gave me a video playback error message and told me to restart the video. I've tried restarting the videos, restarting the app, deleting and downloading the app, signing in and signing out of the app, turn off and on my WiFi and still have not been able to get one video to play. I've tried contacting them through the app like I was told every time I got an error message, and every time I got the same automatic response that had nothing to do with the issue I had. I would then try to reply to that response and never receive a response back. It baffles me how such a big network doesn't have the resources to make their app work correctly or even respond back when you are having an issue.
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3 years ago, NYC131313
Like watching a seizure
I paid for a season pass of Below Deck via Prime. Bravo put the reunion on a separate show, WWHL so it won’t show up in the show season pass which is frustrating. I would have paid another $2 to pay for the episode but bravo isn’t making it available anywhere other than their crappy app. Downloaded it and signed up for an nbc universal acct for three free shows. Have repeatedly tried to play the episode on my phone and stream it to my tv using airplay. I do this with every tv show I buy online. The bravo app won’t allow this- it constantly plays random commercials, cuts to random bravo shows, and then shows the screen of the one show I want to see, then starts the cycle again. It’s like Someome has disabled the ability to stream from your phone to the tv. Why? Is this to get me to sign back up for crappy cable. No thanks. Same experience on the nbc app. Deleted both apps and my profile. Guess I’ll miss the reunion. Back to Netflix!
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2 years ago, lydibug90
“Content is not loading at this time”
I CONSTANTLY get the screen “content is not loading at this time. We’re working hard to solve the problem. Please try again later.” The problem is, this is not new. I get it every time I search for and click on my favorite show, FOR YEARS. The search function itself also often does not work. Finally, knowing which show I watch, why does the app never show it to me first? We constantly say “because you liked X…” and try to get me to watch other shows? If you know I like X, show me X. Because the only way I can watch my show is if it’s advertised to me on the front page, and it almost never is (happened once), so the app is useless to me. Also, what’s up with it only showing a few shows when I click on Browse? I’ll click on “A-Z” and it’s just a few that load. Obviously it’s not giving me all of the options. This is the most frustrating app.
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4 years ago, kclozano
Super frustrating app!
This app seriously needs a lot of improvements! Ya better hope you don’t have any interruptions because pausing it can be a gamble. Sometimes I have to back out and come back, having to rewatch parts or commercials, and other times it comes back super grainy or the picture and sound aren’t in sync. Quit pushing your NBCUniversal Profile on me! I have a tv provider and it’s like it doesn’t like that. I have to constantly re link my tv provider and when I do, it still doesn’t let me watch sometimes. It’ll just sit there blank frozen looking screen. So I try and go to the menu bar to link up that way instead and the Link Your TV Provider button is THE ONLY button that won’t work. Seriously??? All the other ones work but when I click on it, it doesn’t take me to the screen I need. This app is always a constant pain to the point that I angrily felt the need to go out of my way to write a bad review! Fix your app problems!
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1 year ago, Gpnuser
Garbage app
Sometimes there’s no sound, sometimes it says you don’t have a cable service provider, sometimes it accepts your cable login. Sometimes after ads it plays the sound of the show but it’s frozen on the ad. It also says your login is “expired” every other day and makes you log in again. (Good luck if you have a long password and have to click the remote 49 times to get to a letter) When one episode is over it says an error occurred so you have to force stop the app. When you're watching a show and touch the screen to pause or do ANYTHING, it doesn’t respond. When you try to watch a show on your device, it won’t go to full screen or go to landscape mode. I have a new iPhone a new TV, and the fastest wifi you can get. This is not my devices or my WiFi. This is the app. Also, I know what I want to watch. The show suggestion upon loading the app is so annoying and unnecessary.
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2 years ago, Mr. James August
Need more options
This is an app that would crush all the major streaming applications available right now. Series are in, movies are down. It only makes since for bravo to break out and have a series only app based on reality tv shows, sitcoms, and drama shows. These entertainment options cause consumers to stay on the apps longer than 2hrs like movies. This in turns allow you to charge like cell phone with data restriction. The longer you stay on the app the more you pay. This would be a binging app, thus allowing you to charge different rates to both advertisers and consumers. Bravo you can do it break away from cable tv you’re leaving money on the table.
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3 years ago, James H Monroe
Stopped working
Update Aug 2021: now only the nbc livestream works in the bravo app but not the bravo live stream. LOLLLL UPDATE April 2020: now the “updated” app has a glitch where the audio cuts out every few seconds and video continues. So you miss every ten words they say. It’s so bizarre. Same airplay issues other reviewers have noted. It tries playing the preview videos or random clips from app main screen when you try to airplay a specific episode. And it will not continue playing if you lock iPad screen. Many other apps allow you to sleep the iPad and airplay continues. The audio glitch is unique to this app and NBC Universal’s E! App as well. Clearly a dev problem orgwide This app automatically updated and I regret forgetting to turn off auto updates. Bravo app love stream doesn’t work since update. I’ve reinstalled and unlinked and linked and restarted. Running a perfectly functioning iPad Pro. Boo Bravo
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4 years ago, LYNRICKI
😩 Ugh!!!
I’m glad I’m among a GREAT group of people and it’s not just me having issues with trying to watch the after shows/other shows on BravoTV. It’s easier for me to watch the after shows on my iPhone XR (just saying so the network can’t say I have an old phone) bc I have it on me. I watch the first 30 minutes of WWHL on Bravo TV. I would love 💕 to continue watching Bravo after show. I may possibly call in and voice my opinion. But at this point it doesn’t seem to matter what electronics device I try to use during a Bravo program bc nothing works or better yet it works for a few minutes and then stops. Hmmmm??? Like someone else pointer out, the combined company’s that now own Bravo should have a better handle on the broadcasting of all Bravo shows. NBC/Universal please explain to those of us that are avid watchers of all that’s Bravo and who have written complaining about the same issues, what and why aren’t you doing something (like fix the issues) about it?? I would think you’d do a better job to accommodate us. Surely you don’t want us to keep complaining??? Or maybe you do? I bet it’s thats old saying bad publicity is just as good. The sad thing is, NBC/Universal are almost around the corner from each other. I grew up living in between the 2 studios. Nowadays there’s no excuse for bad TV. UGH!!! 😩
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5 years ago, Diadnab
Horrible Air Play
I’ve waited to give this rating for over a year now. However, it’s finally so frustrating I need to share. The app has the most horrible airplay of any app I’ve used. If I share from my phone (or my iPad) first, it tries to play the automatic video the app has on the home page, then it’s hard to get it to start playing the actual video I want to play. Then, when I finally get it to start playing, if the screen locks, the video stops playing. God forbid I get a phone call. It’s the worst trying to get it to start playing the video again. I have to close the app out completely and start all over again. I use a multitude of air play apps and this is the absolute worst. Which is sad because Bravo is my favorite channel. I should be able to airplay and let my screen time out. Or I should be able to flip to my texts and not have to worry about the video stopping. Please fix your app.
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6 months ago, Bulletwings
The WORST Steaming App Ever
Honestly is Bravo actively trying to make sure no one uses a streaming app to watch their shows? It constantly (every few days) used to force me to reset my Apple TV (latest version) because you go inside the app & nothing is there. Now it tells me every single day the parental controls (there are none) prevent me from watching the show. I had tried resetting, logging out, logging back in & nothing works. I literally had to delete the app & then relink. This is RIDICULOUS. This is 2023 people watch shows on Apps. I literally pay for my cable subscription so I can watch Bravo & get nothing but headaches using the apps. I watch everything through apps & not Xfinity but all apps use my Xfinity subscription and ALL work without a problem ever except Bravo. It is so unacceptable & has to be deliberate which just makes me want to stop watching Bravo
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5 years ago, maggiemae0808
Great shows but lots of bugs that need fixed!
Constantly shutting down. App only works on my phone or tablet, it will come up on my fire stick but shuts down numerous times during one show. It normally takes me about 2 hours to get through one 45 min episode, especially if I have to pause it for any reason, after pausing, it won’t let me play so I have to exit out, restart the app and then fast forward to where I was, which means having to watch all the commercials again 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️ I do like the new platform though, it’s a lot easier to navigate so great job on that! Now if yall can just get it to stop shutting down, it would be on point.
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5 years ago, ameliah2418
App is constantly not working right for me
It feels like if it’s not one thing it’s another. Right now the sounds keeps cutting in and out of this app on my iPad and that’s after uninstalling and reinstalling over 5 times. It’s working for the time being on my phone. This app sometimes won’t continue casting to my chromecast without the app being open without ever locking the screen while the show is playing. When the app works I really like it but it doesn’t work often enough that it really irritates me sometimes to even attempt to watch anything. Their customer service responds quick but they suggest essentially the exact same things I’ve already done and they admitted that they’ve had several people reach out about the same issue.
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3 years ago, Lucasnoel
I love bravo and have practically watched every show on this platform but this app is so glitchy on my Apple TV and phone. It’s frustrating that when you pause and walk away or have to work on something and you press play again the show has difficulties playing the show. It’s just freezes but then starts and freezes again. Also I have to close out the app in-between shows because if I start a new episode after watching something it glitches and plays audio from the last episode or from one of the previews on the app. It’s just very annoying. Yes I’ve learned to work around the glitches but still think the app creators should know it’s has issues.
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12 months ago, Charmie39
What’s up with the app?
I really do love Bravo, but the app is really flipping all over the place here. I’ve been watching Project runway, and then it skips a few beats… and I’m missing maybe one or two or three minutes of what someone is talking about and this happens within every three minutes. So listen to your three minutes then you missed two or three minutes within a 15 second interval. It’s very annoying. But it does cause me to wonder if it’s the band width I have… So the 3*** might be for the band width, not for the actual app I don’t know. But since it repeats the same thing each and every time I try to play it it does make me go back to the app. because I’m not experiencing this with any other app.
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2 years ago, justwanttowatchprojectrunway
Constantly crashes
I’ve literally never written an app review before and I love bravo, but this is the worst app ever. At least the Apple TV version. It constantly crashes, or refuses to load in the first place. This happens every other time I use the app and every time it happens you have to completely delete the app, redownload it, and sign back into everything. It’s so annoying and such a hassle. I feel like in 2022 it isn’t hard to make streaming apps that don’t constantly glitch like this?? With barely over a one star review average on the Apple TV version you think they would fix it but apparently they just don’t care about user experience /: if you’re going to constantly advertise being able to “stream your favorite bravo shows anywhere through the app” at least make sure it works right
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3 years ago, MrsMickeyMouse899025
Never Works
I have never encountered more issues with this app. I’m not even referencing the latest version of the app- this has been a consistent problem for YEARS! At least 4+, if not longer. Either it doesn’t recognize my cable, or the playback isn’t working, or it will only play ads, or the video will shut off right before the final segment of the episode and not allow for fast forwarding, or when you click on a specific episode it will only play a different episode from a separate show in the background with sound and no visual and not allow you to change. I could go on but this app has wasted so much of my personal time already, I do not wish to give in further. Don’t know why this platform is so neglected when digital media is nothing new. Get. It. Together.
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3 years ago, Leboss12345678901246
So many glitches
I like the app because episodes are uploaded quickly but the glitches really put me off. I constantly lose my place because the app just randomly goes into commercials. Sometimes I’ll have watched 3 commercials, the show glitches back on for 3 mins and then again more commercials. You can’t skip or try to go back to where you were because the app will constantly take you back to the place it glitches on. There is always playback errors regardless of having good internet connection. I also really dislike how the “bonus” episodes are included in the regular season. You always have to be digging for your next episode instead of it flowing right into it because it’ll flow into a bonus ep instead. It’s not an effective app at all.
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9 months ago, Hannabellee
Trash App
For years. YEARS. This app can only play shows if you play it a certain way. Click on a show through its own app?? Get ready to sit on the loading screen indefinitely. And this is what has been happening for years. Try clicking a show through the Apple TV app? SAME ISSSUE! Having to escape the app and click the show for 15 minutes where you give up and watch something else. Everytime! This company does not put in the effort to fix they’re stuff even if it’s costs them views. Which it’s been like this for years. So they must not care and just want it to go down the drain. This whole time I’ve written this review, they’re app has been stuck in loading. I’m deleting this waste of time app. Good job at loosing viewers Bravo! It’s like you wanted this to happen, and if so it worked!
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1 year ago, Cfaanshark
Disappointed over and over
This app has many problems; trying to playback a couple minutes to watch a scene again - more commercials, more “skipping”, more “gaps” in dialogue - trying to keep it playing landscape on an ipad instead of it turning to portrait even though it is on a flat service; having to bring up the app icon and tap “continue viewing” when trying to enlarge to full screen from pic-in-pic viewing. Just a moment ago I could not for 3 times trying see the last 1 minute of a show because it just stops and doesn’t let the show finish. I try to watch any show on any platform except this, but a couple of my favorite shows I don’t find elsewhere, so now I just don’t watch for long stretches in hopes the app has improved in between time.
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5 years ago, Nosirrahm
So much better
The platform is soooo much better. I also love that I have access to other channels within the NBC universal network without downloading other apps. The current issues I have is that sometimes when you pause a show, you can't get the show to start playing again. It ignores that you are hitting the play button. I have to exit the current playing show and restart it. Also, sometimes the controls disappear. I can't back up 10 seconds or the video scroll at the bottom of the screen has disappeared. Again, in exit the show and restart it to get the player controls back.
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2 years ago, raeanimal
Horrible APP!!!
The show audio cuts to commercial 10 seconds before the show had actually went to commercials. So you can see stuff happening. Usually a cliff hanger and you can’t hear it. Can’t even read the captions if you put those on. So you just have no clue what was said. It is so annoying!!! There app says they are fixing bugs every couple of weeks but this seems like a pretty big problem and never gets fixed. Also when the show starts after commercials the words are off and you have to rewind 30 secs every time to get the sound to match. SO ANNOYING!!! They must be paying for fake 5 star reviews rather than using money to fix the App! No way this legitimately has 4.4 stars.
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5 years ago, Smdmeow
Bravo dork
I recently downloaded the app because my boyfriends tv refused to record below deck. Just that show! All other were recorded. I had been there for a month and my friend suggested the app. I got it and caught up on my 3 shows, which it only allowed because of course I don’t remember my password for my cable. But now I’m just trying to watch clips and half of them don’t load. And somewhere before I used to watch “watch what happens” and after show clips. Guess I’ll check out the website again. Just thought it would be here. Btw- don’t bring Ashley back on south charm. Who am I kidding, that was hilarious and entertaining. Keep that little fruit cake coming back. I’m sure she’ll work for free! #desperate.
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3 years ago, Ceri1701
Sound not working
Love Bravo and want to love this app but Please fix the issue with the sound. When I first hit play there is sound for a few seconds then the sound cuts out. I only have this issue with this app. Checked my settings, closed out & back into the app, deleted & reinstalled the app... the no sound issue continues. And I noticed that others commenting here are having the same issue. Will be happy to write another review & rating after the sound issue is fixed. Thank you for attention to this matter
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9 months ago, 1 game dumb
So many technical issues but love my shows
I want to give this app a five star so badly. I live to watch some of my favorite shows on the bravo app and with my schedule I’m rarely ever home to watch on a tv. The app would be a perfect way to keep up if it didn’t have so many technical issues. It really needs some better IT work to get it right. Sometimes I have to close and open the app ten times (no exaggeration) to hear sound from the show playing. All of my other streaming apps work fine. I only ever have problems with this one. I hope it gets better. I’ve had the app for about five years now so my faith in the rehabilitation is fading.
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5 years ago, MadiChamber
Loving the new update!
Prior to the recent update, this app frustrated me A LOT! It would not hold my place if I didn’t watch a show completely so I would have to go back into the episode and scroll through to find where I left off and watch all the commercials again. Sometimes it wouldn’t recognize my TV provider. The list goes on. Since the update though, I’m loving it! Love the new look. Remembers where I pause in shows. I like how there are other shows available to watch from sister networks. So far so good! Hope the honeymoon phase doesn’t end!
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5 years ago, bravoislife
Performance Issues
The new platform is nice. I like the look of the update, and I think it is much better than the old one. The performance issues have got to stop. It’s driving me insane! I was shocked with the new platform the performance issues are similar if not worse then previous. Closed captions, pausing, fast forward, rewind.... don’t even get me started on the “buffering”. I am pretty much afraid to touch the controller when using the app. It also takes me twice as long to get through an episode, that is if the app decides to play through. Sometimes I have to close the app for the day and try again they next day. Not cool. Bravo please get your IT team together and fix it!!!!!
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3 years ago, mmkeever
Worst app!!
I can barely watch anything on this app! Constantly have to kill the app or delete and reinstall and maybe it will play for a short period of time. It doesn’t remember where I left off and so on! Can we please step into the 21st century? Having an app this bad is unacceptable in this day and age. This is not a new problem neither. People from years ago complained about having a lot of issues and doesn’t seem like anything was ever done about it. Also the only reason this app scores so high 4.4 at the moment is because people are rating a show or rating Bravo and giving five stars. Some people are just not very bright obviously. Why would you rate a show where you download an app? The two have nothing to do with each other.
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4 years ago, Hollycradd
Zero stars if I could rate it that
I had problems with the app last year when trying to catch up on summer house, and I just went to watch the Pump Rules special and I’m shocked this app is so bad. I have an iPhone 7 that works fine with other streaming apps so I don’t understand why Bravo’s is so bad. I try to chromecast and the commercials sound starts playing 30 sec before the episode is supposed to go to commercial. Then the sound doesn’t match their mouths when it goes back to the show. I tried closing out the app and it wasn’t even showing I was casting anymore. I had to close out again to be able to disconnect the cast and start it up again, and then the whole thing happened two more times. For a 23 min episode! Absolutely unacceptable. Will not be using this app in the future.
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4 years ago, Living strong
I want to love the app as much as I love BRAVO
Dangit. I want to love the app as much as I love BRAVO. But where BRAVO is so easy to watch and follow along with, the app is glitchy and so freaking hard to figure out where you left off. Where the content on BRAVO makes you smile and feel whole, the app is frustrating, lags big time, and leaves you wanting more. I wish we could pick up where we left off easier on their many binge-worthy series. I wish you could favorite shows more easily. I wish it loaded faster. I wish I hope!!!!
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3 years ago, DK - Nursing Student
Bravo On-The-Go Perfect “Break” From Busy Schedule!
Going to school for a nursing degree is hetic. After hours of studying and to prevent “burn out” it’s convenient to catch up on my favorite Bravo shows during my breaks. I can binge several or just chill and watch a partial show until I can pick up the rest later as time permits. Best of all I can watch from anywhere on my IPad. My favorites are Housewives, Below Deck (both), Southern Charm, and the newest Family Karma! Also, liked the discontinued Ladies Of London. Hopefully, they will do more European ones. :)
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3 years ago, stertah
How is the BRAVO App so Bad
I watch all my shows on apps, ALL of them and for the past year, almost two, the BRAVO app has been complete trash! It Only works on Airplay when it wants to which is about 50% of the time it glitches frequently,I hate to start and stop because you have to completely close out of app to get it to load again which take forever. Sometimes the wrong show is loaded, once a show was loaded in advance of the week it was supposed to play. I watched it, then it was gone 2 days later. I share that to say, the app all around is an awful viewer experience. It’s astonishing considering the network. I love my shows on here but gosh it takes all of 20-30 mins of effort navigating glitches to be able to watch them.
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3 years ago, Heats776485
Garbage app that I hate to love
This review is specifically about the app, not about the Bravo channel, which is like a religion for me. This app has constant issues. Unexpected failures so you can’t watch - or - continue to watch an episode of a show. Episodes that have no volume, despite every troubleshooting exercise to confirm that it isn’t an issue with the phone. Sequential episodes that just will not play after “buffering.” Seriously, it isn’t my internet. Every other episode in the entire season would play…the last two- THE REUNIONS- would not. I need that! This is a garbage app, but I love the content so much that I’ll watch it anyway. Smdh 😖😡😤
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4 years ago, cmhenn
Poor connection
While I love bravo and obsessively watch RHOBH/RHOD, I can’t describe how frustrating it is to constantly have to “reconnect” to the wifi. I have this app on my phone, laptop, and my TV and I have issues on all three. My device will be connected to the WiFi perfectly fine but I repeatedly get a notification that the “connection has been lost” while watching on this app. This has been happening for about a year now and I’ve tried so many times to fix the connection with my WiFi when there really isn’t anything to fix because it’s connected. There is clearly something wrong with the app and it needs some bug fixes or something.
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