1.6 (63)
130.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Genesis Gaming Solutions, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for BravoPokerLive

1.56 out of 5
63 Ratings
1 year ago, AbstractLS
New update breaks the remote check-in
The newest update no longer gives confirmation for being checked in. I arrived at the casino and sure enough I'm not on the list. I logged out. Relogged in readded my players cards still the same issue
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10 months ago, RenegadeJamaican
No good
Won’t even let me log in. Says “error occurred” if i type in the correct password, and says “wrong password or email” when i type in the incorrect password. So it knows the information is correct and just doesn’t work. The is no customer service to contact to help. I do password reset and still never logs me in. Also has incorrect table information. Don’t understand why I’m seeing advertisements for this app that doesn’t work and has 1.6 stars
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1 year ago, SabinVI
UI is a Joke
This app looks worse than a website in the 90s. I can’t even believe someone can publish something that looks this bad in 2022. Can they not afford to hire a UI designer or a front end developer to make it look like it’s from this century? The functionality is okay. It does a few good things. But it’s very hard to get past the look. If I was the company that produced this app I would be embarrassed to show it to others. Seriously I can’t believe this isn’t a joke.
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5 months ago, Hybid
Crap servers no support
For the little this app needs to do it does it horribly. App is unresponsive, logs you out constantly, and quite often doesn’t work at all. Signed up multiple times for games only to show up and have nothing at the check in desk. Card rooms stay away from this crap service or ask for accountability as part of your contract; just waiting to get an email apologizing for a data breach. Do better bravo; this is sad.
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1 year ago, moosey 1234
Newest Update
This new update is horrible. The "favorites" function doesn't work. When favorites are clicked on, they all disappear as soon as you exit the app, so you have to go and identify them all again, which is a total waste of time. Hard to believe a new update could screw something as simple as this function. I'll be looking for another way unless it's fixed asap.
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9 months ago, Ream, the Impossible Ream
Horrible user interface
It’s almost hilarious how hard the app is to use. The most used buttons are in the worst possible places. On iPhone, you cannot hit the refresh button because it activates the phone’s home button. Swiping left to right does not work. This is, by far, the worst app on my phone. Hopefully there will be another option soon.
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1 year ago, Bob Dylan poo
Worst poker app out there.
Extremely hard to move through the app. The app lags non stop (not my wifi, happens everywhere). Doesn’t give you solid details about the tournaments and games coming up. Crappy app guys, delete or do better. SUGGESTION: Poker Atlas app or their website is the main one that keeps everything up to date.
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9 months ago, Loyalty2sf
Missing casinos
The app does not show a lot of the casinos within my range. I’m literally 3 minutes away from my closest casino and it’s listed within the 100 mile radius. I was hoping to use this app to scout neighboring casinos as I like to bounce around during the weekends.
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1 year ago, Fun4us1!
Wish it was better
The app does not work. It is good when it’s actually working. Most time than not, the app just stalls. It’s better to just call in or check with the poker room
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1 year ago, fsudz
Worse app ever
Constantly stops working Unlinks your card by itself The reviews are all correct it’s trash Why poker rooms use this site is beyond me ! Tried to clear my info and start over and it says user already has an acct. We will send u a email to reset your locked account but never does!!
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11 months ago, Twitch problems
Bad App
I downloaded and went to the tutorial to try to and find out how to sign up for a wait list and says i need a player card which makes sense but doesn’t even have the option to put in players card where it says it does
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2 months ago, tshoaf
I wish they would update this app
This app is not user friendly at all. It looks like it was made in 1990 and never had a update. So many bugs. A new competitor needs to come in and take over because this app does not care about the users at all.
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5 months ago, Micahworld
Signs you out
This app could be so good if the people created it still cared about the app and poker world. The app literally signs you out every 2-4 days and does always load right it’s a shame they should see it someone who would take care of app and spend the money to update it.
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8 months ago, !MyOpinion!
Worst usability I’ve ever seen in an “app”
I don’t understand how you could create something so terrible, even if it was your intention to do so. App loading, navigation, refreshes that kick you back to other pages, it’s consistently shocking. Give up on the nonsense framework your using and write a native app.
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8 months ago, dhdnxidbs
Lags bugs
Great concept. Allows players to see the game and pre-register online. But app lags and it’s unbearable sometimes. Have to restart/reboot many times till app is not glitching. Please fix it. Ty
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8 months ago, stanblues999
This app is a crime
Whoever developed this app should not have a career in application development. Not only does this thing never work; it gives wrong data feedback (as in this email has already been used, like what the heck) and it is just an utterly non-functionable disaster of an app. My goodness!
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1 year ago, Block Intersog
Can’t Link Players Card
I have tried many times, but I am still unable to link my players card any idea why this is happening?
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1 year ago, Thisgameonipad
Login issues
Works fine for just tracking games. Something’s broken with the login. Constantly get ‘Error’ when attempting to login. Password reset and app close & reopen does not fix. Needs an update or bug fix
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3 months ago, CodyTheBoy
App won’t load
Used this app for years. Now it decided to go into a “frozen” status permanently. I’ve “offloaded” the app and uninstalled/reinstalled the app. Neither solution works. It did this a bunch in the past as well, sporadically just doesn’t work.
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10 months ago, Evil Grimus
Piece of garbage
This app stinks. Won’t let me log in. Doesn’t save my favorite casinos. Just all around awful. Poker Atlas is 1000% better and Poker Atlas isn’t even that great either, but at least it works for getting on the list and checking in. Bravo doesn’t.
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6 months ago, Thewire024
Not usable
App gets stuck on a black advertisement screen immediately upon opening and then freezes. My phones software is up to date. Terrible product!
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9 months ago, gyrolc
Adequate, needs better login support
Please update the app to use a standard iPhone login in process that integrates with Password auto fill.
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1 year ago, wolverine_94
Can’t log in
This is a pretty bad problem. Makes the app reset every time you open it. Fix this.
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12 months ago, 21mikey21
Can’t sign in
The app won’t let me sign in. I’ve created 3 different accounts at this point with different emails and it still just says error when I try. I’ve download the app countless times.
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10 months ago, Disgruntledplayer
Only useful as a tournament clock
To register for a tournament you have to go to their website which makes this app mostly useless. The tournament clock is the only useful thing and even then it’s a rough estimate
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10 months ago, Shawn Levasseur
Better off bookmarking the website
This app has a terrible interface, even for iPhone OS 1.0 You’ll do better to go to the website and save it to the home screen.
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2 months ago, J. Spw
Outdated UI
A UX/UI person could really turn this app around. The underlying data they have is great but the user experience has a lot of room to grow.
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1 year ago, Tt0099dethtoapple
Shockingly broken
They do such a bad job.
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4 weeks ago, 865AppReviewer
Lousy app barely works with slow interface and horrible app, horrific to use makes you wish we were back to pen and paper
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1 year ago, AJan39
Online sign up doesn’t work
The online sign up no longer works after the most recent update
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5 days ago, Wojotch
Terrible app. Errors always occur
Often get error messages for no reason. Reset password doesn’t work and support never responds.
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9 months ago, Beagle90505
Worst App Ever
Nothing about this app works. It took me an hour to get past the errors to register. Now I can’t find any way to get on a waiting list.
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11 months ago, innov8n
Not even working. Deleted and reinstalled… still not working. Why do poker rooms still use this garbage when Poker Atlas is so much better?
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10 months ago, musicmaestro5053
Doesn’t work
Trying to check in through app has wasted countless hours of my life
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1 year ago, GTA1999
App hardly works
After the most recent update the application loads about 30% of the time.
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4 months ago, MackkDavis
Worst App Ever
The good: you can see semi-accurate table information. The bad: can not log in app, app is buggy, gui outdated. Doesn't work half the time.
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1 year ago, TeslaPMan
Online Signup no longer works
Since last update - online signup no longer works.
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1 year ago, Little lady awesome
Stopped working
Worked the first 3-4 times I used it. Then quit get the Inquiry Received message and wasn’t added to the list. Waited 4 trips in a row…cmon Bravo
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1 year ago, Hcakul
Not even loading
Has it crashed?
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4 months ago, RetChief
App will not open
Last few days the app won’t open. Slightly useless
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1 year ago, bills1836
Favorites not working anymore
Favorites does not work anymore. Error message appears. This is a joke
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1 year ago, Chewie510
Latest revision doesn’t work
Online registration no longer working
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1 month ago, TatasnTacos
Doesn’t work on my new iPhone 15
Needs an update can’t see anything
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8 months ago, jopke
Worst design I think I have ever seen
If iPhone apps existed in the 90s this app design might have fit in. As it stands it is inexcusably ugly and amateur looking. Kinda shocked frankly.
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11 months ago, TJayClark
Can’t sign in
Tried signing in 100x and resetting my password. This app does not work at all.
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1 year ago, OutlawZoo
Online Sign-up not working
The online sign-up update is not working with IOS.
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1 year ago, nok86
Can’t sign up for wait lists
The game lists go blank after I sign in
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1 year ago, Dedi1205
Registration not working for IPhone since last update.
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9 months ago, hardy010997
Can't sign in
You can't sign in. "Error occurred". Fix please.
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6 months ago, ATB_BP
Poker Atlas is better
I wish more rooms used poker atlas. Atleast that app actually works.
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