Brickit App

4.6 (11.3K)
460.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Brickit Inc.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Brickit App

4.55 out of 5
11.3K Ratings
4 weeks ago, Blackbeard 2.0
I have mixed feelings about this app. Some parts I hate, and some parts I like. I’m going too talk about the parts that either need improvement or are just straight up annoying. A. The collection Feature… This one I like VERY much! But it needs updating. The latest Lego sets on it are the ones from 2022-mid 2023. The newest Lego sets from the end of 2023- beginning of 2024, have not come out yet in the collection feature. This is the only thing that needs too be updated that I have seen in “The Collection Feature…” B. Terms of publication… I hate the terms of publication. Straight up hate it. I agree that it’s a good system, but it gets a lot of things wrong. I took a picture of something, with no markup, change of lighting, or any other phone editing systems, and it still violated it. For some reason the “Open Terms Of Publication” button isn’t working. I tap and I tap and I tap, it does nothing. Also why did you remove the bio? If you read this pls respond. Also please update the collection feature! That’s all for right now, I bid you farewell. P.S. ADD THE NEW LEGO SETS TO THE COLLECTION FEATURE!!! The only updates you’ve ever made to this app are TECHNICAL UPDATES!!! Also WHY THE FRICK DID YOU MAKE IT TO WHERE THE ONLY WAY TO EDIT OUR ACCOUNT IS TO SIGN IN??? NOT EVERYONE HAS GOOGLE OR FACEBOOK OR APPLE!!! F. I. X. THIS!!!
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3 months ago, Tlbennett
Fireeeee it really fun and and a little challenging but if your bored this game is the thing to do
Just like really fun and really enjoying to play and everybody likes it in my family and it’s super easy I have to do is just take a picture and poof. It’s instructions to do whatever you want. Just show up big things. It shows up pictures and instructions of stuff that you have enough pieces for which is really nice. I just love it and I bet whoever is reading this would probably enjoy it. All you have to do is just download it, so what are you waiting for go for it and download this game and have the time of your life!!!!!!
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9 months ago, Mr. app critic!
This app is great (as long as you have a big open floor). You need a big open floor to actually be able to spread out all of your LEGO pieces super thin so all the pieces can be seen, which can be a pain to pick up later. My second problem is with the posting feature. (Mainly about the “like” feature). You can’t see how many people liked your post, or who liked your post, without refreshing the whole app, like swiping up on your screen and then closing the app. It’s a real pain when I just want to take a quick look at my posts without having to close and reset the app. Please add a “refresh button” to the app. Now, on the plus side, it’s a really great app to find small pieces that I constantly miss in my pile. I also like how there are tons of easy to build LEGO ideas so you never get board. My most favorite part of the app is that you can submit your own idea to the app and the app people ( I don’t know the real term) will look at your idea and will sometimes add your idea into the app so other people can build your own creation. Please add the “refresh button” and I’ll give it a FIVE STAR RATING!
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2 months ago, Everett Kintner
very good but...
this app is very good, but you have to spread your legos out super thin so it can recognize it and it only does small builds. I don't know about you, but if you want to people who like to be on the big fat builds this is not the app for you and if you have a really small floor this is not the app for you cause you have to have a really big floor to spread up the Legos that thin but if you really like those cute little smaller builds this is the app for you. The builds are pretty small just I don't like it doesn't scan for color to so you end up with this really glitchy looking build so you just have to sort it out yourself but I really wish it was a scam for that kind of stuff. Also if the Legos are too close together it's just gonna mix it up with another piece then you'll have a completely weird build that doesn't look like anything.
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3 years ago, Homfly1
Amazing idea that I hope continues to be improved.
A friend sent me a TikTok video that demoed this app and I couldn’t wait to dump out my son’s Legos to give it a try. So the verdict is… it’s interesting. A lot of pieces were misidentified, which isn’t that shocking. Maybe I could do a bit better on lighting or spreading things out. Using multiple images might make this process more reliable. Color is ignored, which is ok sometimes, but other times not so much, particularly with a simple model like a flower or a flamingo. The most frustrating thing though, is that I can’t seem to filter to models which I have all the pieces for. They aren’t even sorted based on completeness, so there can be a lot of scrolling to find something you can actually build. Still though, it is an amazing idea and one that I hope continues to be improved on.
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7 months ago, Dragon Game Enthusiast
Fun and Sort of Useful…
This app is a great idea, but it definitely needs a lot of improvement. I wouldn’t recommend getting it if you don’t want to pay, because of a few reasons: 1. “Premium” is not free and locks most helpful features 2. The best feature (I call it “BrickSearch”) is very limited if you don’t have “Premium” Also, the app doesn’t care about matching colors, so your creations end up multi-colored. If you don’t mind that, just wait. With almost every single creation, there is at least one or two pieces that you don’t have. This can be really annoying, and little kids will get upset about this for sure. It even annoys me. Last, but maybe the worst of all: at the end of each creating the app won’t tell you where the last piece is unless you have premium. You have to search for it yourself. Overall, don’t get this until it’s been thoroughly redone or made completely free.
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8 months ago, The Artichokers
This app made me so mad 🤬
So there I was when a good friend of mine sent me an add for this stupid app. “It looks just like you!” They said foolishly. Like any good scientist, I went about it as a research project to poke around at how it worked. I began by taking apart a small set. My cars pollybag one to be exact. I scanned, and apparently 25 pieces is too small to recognize any builds. The build is a car. One from cars. If you expect any help from this pay to win app, you’re sadly mistaken, my friend. I scanned my almost inhuman pile of white pieces in an attempt to see if at the very least I could at least use it to find pieces to my long destroyed sets, only to find the annoying paid feature of this app. You can go stretch in a black hole if you think I’d pay 30 bucks a year for an app I’d never use. I got the last laugh when I dumped out a bucket of rounded 1 by 1 pieces and corrected each thing it got wrong individually. Overall 1 star. Don’t waste your time with this junk.
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2 years ago, Nick8383
Promising app - with one big flaw
This is a really smart idea for an app that’s brought my old tub of Lego to life. The recognition makes mistakes but that’s to be expected, and the more effort you put into laying them out as visibly as possible, the better the results. I can live with that, but what you might not realise when you start using it (I didn’t) is that you don’t necessarily have all the pieces for the ideas it suggests. The ones you do have it marks with “(all)” but there’s no way to filter to just these. Cue lots of frustration from child paging through the ideas and not understanding why he can’t build the car he sees. Please just make it a switch that allows you to see only ideas you can actually build without buying extra pieces!
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1 year ago, POV: nobody
This is OK but
It’s a good app but it’s just like it need some improvement because when it says you have to spread Legos thin, you really have to spread the Legos fin and also you can’t just do all your Legos cause it won’t scan all of your Legos. I mean well he just wants to get it well to make your money run out of ideas, you can’t think of anything you can just hop on here and dump out most of your Legos don’t about all of them because there’s a lot to put away but yeah it’s pretty good but it doesn’t scan them correctly sometimes it when it says you have to make them flat it it really means you have to make them flat like they have to be not touched not just like not covered at all or else it will mess it up which is kind of annoying to be honest
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3 years ago, Lego fun
Good idea but could be more functional
I like how the app can tell me what i can build from the bricks i have, but what i would really like is for the app to be able to tell me what bricks i do have. i have all my bricks sorted by color, and sometimes i want one brick in a specific color, it would be so nice to be able to pour out all of that color and have brickit locate the brick i need. for example, if i want a bunch of white 2x2s, i could pour out all my white bricks, scan them, and have brickit tell me where all the 2x2s are in that pile. this would be more useful for me because i already know what i want to build, i just have trouble finding the bricks. still a useful idea and just a little bit of tweaking could make it really fenomenal
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3 years ago, S'pht'Kr
Hot Dog AND *Not* Hot Dog!
So, this is a cool tech demo. But it doesn’t do what it says on the tin. It gave us a list of 31 things we “could build”. First thing that was obvious is that it’s not paying attention to the brick color…which the walkthrough kind of suggested, so, eh…fine (though when it suggests a rainbow colored popsicle or pencil with black+white end and yellow body…well, that doesn’t really work). But that’s not really the problem. The problem is that several of the pieces needed to build the whatever are not in the scan AND IT KNOWS THAT, but suggested them anyway. When you start working through the instructions it says “Not found in scan” and the part is greyed out in the directions. So, “Not Hot Dog!” Basically even if the tech works perfectly you got disappointed kids. Kudos, but don’t oversell with the hopes of going viral for 15 minutes of fame.
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3 months ago, ! Erin !
Doesn’t even work
I have so many legos that I didn’t know what to do with so when I found this app I was so excited to finally have something to build without having to go spend any money to buy a whole new Lego set. I followed each instruction on how to take a picture of my legos and I spread them out very thinly like instructed but after I took the picture it never fully scanned it. At the bottom it always said 0% scanned and after 10 minutes I thought that maybe I hadn’t spread them out enough so I took another picture with less legos and even took the picture at a closer distance and decided to give it some more time. After 3 HOURS it STILL said 0% scanned and in these 3 hours I left my phone open, never closed the app, or even locked my phone. In conclusion it never loaded and it never will load so this app is not worth your time ever downloading.
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5 months ago, Peace for chickens✌️
It’s pretty ok.
Ok, hear me out this seems like a good idea but there are some issues. Issue 1. So far I haven’t been able to figure out how to customize my name and picture it may just be me but here we are. Issue 2. When you scan your Lego’s let’s say you get 10 ideas but 2-4 of them are things like “snake” that look like a two year old made them. Ok, issue 3. (I promise this is the last issue please bear with me) issue 3. Is when your looking at other peoples work some of them are completely miss labeled, there was one build that said it was a “apple tree” but it looked like it was a robot with eyes and legs, also if the person reading this it the person who built it I’m sorry if I didn’t understand your art, thank you for bearing with me.✌️❤️
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3 years ago, RCDonut
Fun but not accurate
It's great fun to layout and scan your bricks with this app, but the accuracy is not quite there. The scan shows bricks not in the pile, or misinterpreted, so the offered builds are not always buildable. If the app used real-time photogrammetry from multiple directions, this could be solved. The best part of the app is the ideas it generates based on the bricks it thinks you have. Simple quick and fun builds, reminiscent of the old LEGO Ideas Books, made me feel excited to dig through the pile and complete the builds even if the app was a bit off. A final note on the app quality. Overall this is very high for an early launch, and feels like an app I would expect to be created by LEGO Group. I look forward to seeing refinements in the scan recognition.
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4 months ago, kaykay🤗
Mad and Sad😩 so freaking mad
Im super duper angry with this! Im very famous on the app but you people removed my hard work! My most recent build of a giant police lego figure was taken down! Why? I dont know??!! Im super mad! I worked hard just to put it on the app just for it to be removed! I only put five stars so it could be noticeable! I hate this! Im so mad! Grrrr🐺🐺. I posted it again and if it gets removed. Oh boy. You do not want to see me when it gets removed….😈😈😈 Update: I re-uploaded it! But it was hit with community violations….😞WHY? Why??? Its a hidden post. Im so freaking mad! You better fix this.😡😡😡😡😡
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2 years ago, Reggie Tidwell
Needs a lot of work!
The subscription model has pretty much ruined the app world. So many developers are rushing crappy apps out to the App Store with hopes of a passive income when they haven’t quite worked out major issues. I wanted to love this app, but it misidentifies so many of the pieces that I find it unusable. Also, the entire time you’re trying to follow the instructions to build a certain piece there is a banner on the screen that says “Build it…” and there is no way to dismiss it. It obscures the instructions and it also obscure’s the photo that identifies the pieces. It’s not even needed at that point. this app is also expensive. $44 per year. Ridiculous! If I pay the subscription price for all the apps that I want it, mostly games, I’d be paying $2000-$3000 a year. This needs to change.
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9 months ago, ecaterina07
Very ambitious
This app is NOT bad. There are so many kinks I feel that need to be worked out but, you CANT just toss your legos on the floor like they say. You have to make sure you have space enough, you have to make sure each piece is able to be seen clearly. If there is a piece under another lego, the app will think it’s another piece entirely you don’t have. My 16 yr old and I tried it out but mostly spent making sure every piece was sitting correctly. The app may incorrectly label a piece and you end up not having that piece. Sometimes, the app says you need this piece, but won’t show where In your photo it is. All in all, it’s an okay app. You’d just have to learn the tips and tricks of using it.
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3 years ago, Frustrated gamer in Virginia
Nearly a great app
Brickit is great. Throw it on an iPad or a phone and try it out. It’s worth it. That said, there are a couple of downsides. It does misidentify pieces some, so it thinks you can build stuff that you can’t. And it doesn’t sort (or allow you to sort) the builds by number of pieces you’re missing, so it’s kind of random. It might have a 30 brick house that you’re missing 12 blocks in, followed by a 70 brick town that you’re only missing 2 pieces for. But the main issue is that you can’t see what you’ve built in the past, or look up instructions for something that you started and put the iPad down, intending to come back later. Some of the longer models do have many steps with 70+ bricks, and when it’s bedtime, it’s bedtime. But now, if it’s bedtime, we can’t finish the lego, ever. Because we can’t find that model again. Every scan of bricks has different results. Sooooo close. If you could sort by “number of bricks missing” and if you could look up the directions for stuff you’ve built recently, it’d be 5 stars even with misidentified bricks.
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1 month ago, Vhhggbbbbhhbbb
Super cool
So cool I love it like I would give it like 16 Bajillion stars if that could be but we can’t because it’s not an option I love it, recognizes all the pieces It’s so cool that uses a lot because I love it. Sincerely, a kid who loves using this app it’s so cool. It recognizes it like all of your bricks so fast and like one minute or less so cool. PS my parents don’t let me use my name for people who know like an Instagram so that nobody can know me but so that’s why like a kid so cool it recognizes all of your big so fast like in one minute or less. It’s so cool.
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4 months ago, LordoZaza
Does not account for color.
Was super excited to try this app today but was disappointed quickly when realizing my creations would be a random assortment of colors. most creations would just look like random blocks thrown together when not having the appropriate color. Like i get suggested to build hulk but used no green blocks in my scan. I finally found a decent build that would work with the colors I had but i didn't have all the pieces for the build and the pieces i was missing were the key pieces for the functionality of the build so they couldn't be replaced or substituted with different pieces I really like the idea and possible future of this but as of right now not worth the time.
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4 months ago, breckenridge24
A lot of potential but useless as is.
Sister sent it to me since I’m the family Lego nut. Of course I tried it. The underlaying capabilities are amazing and I hope someone modifies it for hobbyists and collectors. It’s fairly useless for suggested builds unless you’re 5 yrs old but I was really impressed with the lists of pieces it identified. It’s constantly trying to get you to upgrade and the interface is horrid but fun to play with for 10 minutes. The free version wouldn’t let me locate unusual ones but I tried it with basic bricks and it will show you where they all are in the huge pile you take a photograph of…even down to a 1x1.
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5 months ago, 918
Doesn’t really work
It can sense the shapes of the pieces for the most part but not the colors. I saw an add where it gave the cutest ideas to make things out of only a few legos. I laid out over 150 and it gave me the most basic boring design ideas and didn’t take the colors of the blocks into consideration. Like it suggested a way to make the most basic Hulk figure. None of my blocks were green. So I could make the shape but it wouldn’t look right at all. It also sensed some tiny blocks that weren’t there so I couldn’t complete the one design I tried (which also wasn’t the right colors but I wanted to try it out anyway) I will not be paying the subscription.
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2 years ago, Anjison
Bogus app and overpriced fees
First, the app won’t let me sign in at all - not via Apple, Google, or FB. Next is the fee (currently $8/mo or $45/yr). The app lets you record your sets, but doesn’t do anything with that info. It only showed me simple builds using 50 parts or less when I scanned. I have over 3 million pieces at this point so not intended for my level of collecting. Fine. Let’s try a smaller level. Tried it with my kids separate (and smaller) collection - still garbage suggestions. Ultimately my 5 year old didn’t like it because he wasn’t engaged, 7 year old didn’t like it because the ideas were boring and couldn’t integrate with built sets, and wife hates that I now have a few thousand pieces on the floor. 🤣 0 stars.
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3 years ago, KristinM32
This app is amazing!
This app is out of control cool!!! It scans your legos, gives you ideas of what you can build based on the pieces it recognizes, has the instructions for the thing u want to build and helps u find the pieces per stage!!! The only thing that can be improved is when u are trying to lookup where a specific piece is - it's hard to get back to the page. I always seem to exit the thing I'm trying to build. I have already shared this with many people!!!
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2 years ago, MandyPeeps
Constantly Crashes
This is such an amazing idea, and I agree with the other reviewer that it would be great if you could do multiple photos to help make it more accurate. Other annoyances: -Constantly crashes. Super duper annoying. -When it crashes, and you go back to the category you were working on, the builds are all in a different order so you have to scroll to find where you were.
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11 months ago, JessInCle
Great idea but doesn’t work
We tried this out after seeing an ad on Instagram. You lay out all the bricks flat, scan, then see builds you can make. About 80% of the bricks were misidentified, and they show you builds you may not have all the pieces for. The app tries to identify the shape of the piece and ignores the color. So, for example, if you’re building a tree that would mostly be made of green and brown bricks, it will show that you have matching pieces for the build even if they are orange, black, purple, etc. My son gave up within 10 minutes of this because it became really different for him to find the right pieces when so many are misidentified. It’s a great idea; it just doesn’t work.
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7 months ago, Hthchfydbfhhsn
Your game is awesome
This game always lets me have fun and build and I get to do a lot of stuff in the building and I love Legos so much that I got app because I love Legos Legos I just I mean awesome and this app has inspired me to build and build and build and build. I think building is like my favorite thing to do when I’m at my house. The only other thing is that I love to do. Ride my four wheeler but I think building with Legos are better.!!!
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3 years ago, lixwuhh
This app has good intentions but is broken
so i saw this app on tiktok and i thought “ill try” so i download it and pull my legos out right as i try and scan my legos the app keeps crashing so I'm getting frustrated and decide ill try and lay them out more and then put them on a white cloth instead of carpet and it just keeps crashing the reason why I'm rating 2 instead of 1 is because i like the concept and the app design is good and easy to use but you lost 3 stars because of the app crashing and my main issue it shows tutorial then press “scan” and it says 1% and then crashes.
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3 years ago, Friday567
This is a great start
This was pretty exciting to see in the beginning, watching the AI scan thousands of our Legos was pretty cool. But the lack filter/sort options is a down side. Models are pretty basic similar to what you saw in the TikTok video. Or the models are extremely extravagant but it does not take into account which Legos I currently possess. Also not being able to add legos to a owned collection is a downside. I wish There was a way to scan small sections of Legos to build an inventory of the Legos. I hope they continue innovating it is a phenomenal start
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3 years ago, CB22476541
What a time to be alive!
This might be the most amazing thing I’ll see all day. This free app scans your pile of legos, identifies the pieces you have and projects that you can build with them, and then gives you detailed instructions not only for how to build that thing, but also highlights from the photo it took where in your pile the bricks you need are located. Mind = Blown.
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3 years ago, lego newbie
Great app!
This is a great app to catalog your Lego pieces if you buy them in sets, and the app lets you know what you can build with all the pieces you have. However, I wish there’s a feature that will tell me which set(s) a block is from, since some of the blocks I need to build a new model may be in use in something I already built. The beta version is pretty neat but for it to work well you really need to place your blocks carefully, difficult when you have a lot of blocks.
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3 years ago, mfje384
App is too closed for learning and growing
Two stars for the younger kids that can have some fun with this app. The scanning is looks like it works great but there is no way to tell if that is a performance or it is doing a good job identifying bricks. The app only gives you information on number of bricks and shoes you quickly and no place to go back and look at at scan stats. Models are not very complex and don’t make use of the diversity bricks well. The app is much more of a showcase for thousands of simple models that, frankly, could be made with any pile of bricks.
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7 months ago, EMC2614
Great Idea but Needs Work
Great idea in theory but execution needs work. My kids took there legos and really spread them out and took a picture but everything it recommended they build they had very few of the bricks actually needed because the scan function would misread what bricks they have. Did the 7 day free trial and right after I did it the app told me I had two days till I was charged. That is not 7 days!!!! Downloaded it today and will be taking it off my devices immediately! Great idea but needs work!
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3 years ago, Valdysses
Need new building ideas? Get this app!
I love this app. My daughter said 4.5 stars because it sometimes misidentified bricks. To be fair to the app, I didn’t spread them out perfectly. It tells you how many pieces you are missing so I build what I can and find a creative solution. Do I have a bunny flying my plane instead of a cockpit? Yes. Did my elephant loose part of an ear in a turf war? Absolutely.
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2 years ago, A clever name 55
Almost there!
My 6 year old loves this app until it crashes, which it does frequently. The brick recognition is really good, but not perfect. I think it presents models for which you may be missing pieces. Both of which can be frustrating when 2/3 of the way through a build and you realize you are missing pieces. A feature I would love is where I indicate a few pieces I really want to use and indicate I have these other pieces to narrow options presented.
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3 years ago, raviolli456
Color Recognition
This app would be literally perfect if it weren’t for one downfall: color. Like for example I’d love to build the huge R2D2 model and the app will say I have almost all of the pieces except they’re like red or green or yellow, instead of blue and white. I just personally think adding a color recognition and sorter would be an amazing addition to this app and it would instantly be my favorite app I’ve ever downloaded. Please consider this.
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3 years ago, CRShelton
Like magic
Wish I had this when I was a kid, but now I can share it with my own. I would welcome some filters and options, maybe to only see builds where all bricks were identified, or settings for how close the colors should match. I’d probably even drop a few bucks here and there if it gave me the chance to order missing pieces a la carte.
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3 years ago, Philovit
Perplexing, frustrating design choices
You seem to have implemented a tool that can automatically identify bricks from photos, or at least imply as much in your advertising. That's already something no other app in the store does yet. But users don't get direct access to this information? They can only be suggested some really niche builds from your library, conditioned on a match between the detected pieces and one of those builds? Just seems like a waste of functionality when users will often be interested in using the app to take account of their brick collection.
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3 years ago, wett potasto
Amazing app with a couple missing features
I love the idea of this! Since this app is in its early stages I give it a pass. Some things I wish were there is, to be able to manually input bricks into your catalog, and also be able to toggle to have the actual colored brick for your set, so it’s not all rainbow colored. But other than that I really enjoyed it!
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3 years ago, GreatDogsLife
Just a quick question
Were or how do you get the the new one? Bc my brother said it’s not working it is broken we had 123 bricks but what came up is *Sorry we couldn’t find anything you can build why?* so we clicked why and it said not enough bricks! So we got frustrated so we quit working on the app. But I need help with it so if you have any ideas or tips we could use please tell us thank you
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4 months ago, Da doomslayer
Good app just 2 suggestions
I really love this app i almost use this every day for LEGO ideas, the only suggestion i have is there should be a search bar, I always wanted this so I could search ideas that I have in mind instead of scrolling and waiting to find the idea. An issue I have is the art designs, I submitted a form a while ago asking if I wanted art designs but I never got it.
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3 years ago, cool cyan cat
Great but has some issues
I got this app after I watched a video of it. I was so excited to use it because I have a lot of lego pieces lying around my lego table. So I scanned the pieces and the first flaw came to me. When I scan it doesn’t scan some pieces correctly and mistakes them for different pieces. I found an idea with the pieces I have and started building! It was pretty cool, helping by giving me directions. ✨❤️✨. But then I realized it doesn’t have all the same colors in the picture. I know we could make an effort and use like tan for a dog, but I would love this app more if it had pointed out the pieces and the color in the picture. This app is great overall! But I would be happy if you added these things in an update. ✨Cool Cyan Cat✨
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3 years ago, angiwalt3
Great potential
This app has great potential… if I could get it to work! I have thousands of Legos. I tried every single suggestion, and with different kinds of Legos. Every time, it tells me it couldn’t find anything to build. I could really use this in my Makerspace class, as most of my students don’t have building experience and this app could help give them a creativity spark. I’m deleting the app for now, but I’ll come back to it in a few months and see if there have been any program improvements.
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1 year ago, Henry m. :)
My favorite feature is being able to see all the Lego sets. I love scrolling through all the sets I’ll probably never own. Once, I used the instructions for the Bionicle General Grievous to improve my homemade one. The sets with mechs, robots, or a big central creature are my favorite. I can’t wait for the new Minecraft sets to be added
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2 months ago, skyms
Unreliable Recommendations
This is not an app I would pay for. It is fun - but not necessarily accurate. We did the free trial and were pretty disappointed. We took time to lay out bricks so none were overlapping or upside down (this takes a fair amount of time to do) - and the recommended builds required pieces that were not in the picture. It confused many pieces. We have our bricks sorted by color and I feel like a search using the Lego website or app would be more fun and reliable. We saw ads on Instagram and wanted to love this app - but it was a major disappointment!
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6 months ago, Freespiir
Not what I thought it will was
OK so I downloaded this app and whenever I got a big pile of bricks it wouldn’t scan and I was going to use this to clean a place I’m not gonna tell you what place it is and it did not show the bricks this disappoints me because I really like playing With lego and I have to organize the stuff by scrap that disappoints me because I hate doing that that’s why I’m gonna give it a one out of 10 because this app seem cool but I did not scan but I think y’all just want people to get this app but you have to read this first so don’t get this app
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10 months ago, Goaliepowers
Good idea in need of further improvements and features
This is great for a toddler who wants to build a flower. But you’re missing features that are really useful. The best feature would be one where you pour out a bin of bricks, scan, and then it saves all of those bricks to your “collection”. Pour out all of your bricks and scan them all, and then it could give you recommendations based off of all your bricks, not just the bricks in one photo.
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3 years ago, T Linville
I like but
But it could be better, like more ideas such as mini mechs and also scanning is a pain I have 300 peace’s of the many legos I spent time laying out but the app haven’t couldn’t find out on what I should build, and with no options on what I should build and when I click the examples it takes forever too load and doesn’t even show up, I hope there will be an update too this awesome app too fix theses issues
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3 years ago, wolflink2008
Needs some slight tweaks
I just want to say this app is amazing. There are, however, a few things I think could be better. An example is that the brick lists should include color differences so people who want the set exact with all the looks just right. It should also show what sets have parts your missing so you can Cheak if you DO have them but just haven’t marked them yet.
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2 months ago, NoGoPluto
Good app but two things
I love brickit but I have to re-sign in to my account to have a profile pic and description when I had one before so that’s lame, and I put hard work into my builds and I only get two likes but small easy builds with AI pictures get several thousand likes, it’s just unfair. Anyway… this is a great app and if you want new ideas for builds this is a good app! -NGP
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