2.2 (37)
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Current version
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Brickset

2.24 out of 5
37 Ratings
5 years ago, Kra Z K8
OK App
Needs to be updated and be more like the website. Then it probably would be a better app and more people would like it.
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6 years ago, Star wars Trumpet
Nothing wrong with this app... what’s with the complaints?
I don’t understand why people are criticizing this app so brutally. Like, this app does not deserve a 1.7 overall rating at all. It’s a convenient way to store all of your owned and desired LEGO sets, and there is no lag that I’ve noticed. And the app is constantly redoing their LEGO inventory... for example, last night they put up the first 2019 LEGO set. Overall, I’m pleased with this app immensely, and deserves a much better rating
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4 years ago, Mr. Moo 🐮
The website is great, this app isn’t
The Brickset website is the best place to track your collection, but this app is just clunky and unusable. Load times are way to long, and it’s all pack in with a very unappealing, boring and tricky to navigate interface, and the searching doesn’t work. It needs a major facelift in the style of the site, and the load times need to be fixed.
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5 years ago, MrMayhem 899
Worse Than the Website
I downloaded this app to make cataloging my sets easier, but when I signed into my account, all my information was not there. Not only would I have to mark down my 400+ sets again, but every time I opened the app, the years took so long to load that it took a ridiculously long wait to begin cataloging. Plus, the formatting is terrible. As I have said, I downloaded the app to make it easier, not harder!
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3 years ago, SqueezeMyDodson
Ads Remover Problem
Purchased the ad remover in the app and have just continued to get all the video and pop-up ads throughout the entire news articles. Very frustrating to spend money and something to not work. Love the ability to keep track of all of my LEGO sets though.
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6 years ago, Johnthunder
Needs updating
I like being able to track the sets I have and want and then sync the with the websites. If feel the app needs to be updated. Specially with the database. Currently I have to uninstall and reinstall every time I want to update, otherwise new sets stay listed with a “?”.
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8 years ago, Bk11870
Great app until you update
I thought this was a great app as lists all the sets with pictures and info and can track what you own. I updated it today and it wiped out everything I had tracked. What a joke. Hours and hours of cataloging and now have to start over. Thanks a lot. I will find a better app or track them in excel
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5 years ago, drGon 25
I have nothing but good experiences with this app because it is very good and easy to find the sets you are looking for
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7 years ago, daniveus
Not nearly as useful as the website
The brickset website is the best thing ever. This app isn't. No filters for themes makes it unwieldy and the pictures are tiny which makes browsing pointless. If this operated like the website it would be fantastic.
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7 years ago, mm51199
It's a joke
Does not work for me. I did refresh and can see the amount of legos I have but when I click on details it keeps on saying "downloading" I've been waiting for it to download 3 days now. I need to find a. Egged way of keeping track of my Lego sets.
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3 years ago, diddlydaddlyneighboreeno
Doesn’t even load
I’ll give BrickSet props for making a great website, but their app is just simply unusable. Signed into my account, nothing ever loaded. I tried getting it to work for months, it wouldn’t budge. Don’t waste your time on this app.
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3 years ago, Inapphater
Can’t log into my brickset account despite having the log in information right in front of me AND used it to log in on my laptop just fine. Complete waste of my time, deleting now
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7 years ago, Entropym^n
So Helpful!!!!!!!
I love this app, it allows me to inventory my LEGO Collection and add to it, with just the tap of my finger. It is fantastic!
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9 years ago, MusclecarMali
Crappy search results
The previous version of the app at least allowed you to search for either set name or number, now there's just a generic field that doesn't return any results for a set number. Very unuseful. Please fix this!!!
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3 weeks ago, TbirddudeSP
Brickset link
I have tried multiple times to open the app and it will not let me log into my active Brickset account.
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7 years ago, Mooseydoom53
Won't download my information from the website. I love the web site but this app is worthless.
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2 years ago, 71seals
No updates
App used to be usefully. But with no updates since 2019. Total waste of space
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4 years ago, Unknown67896
Not very good
Just got it and it doesn’t work very well it was a good idea just a bad execution I would like to rate it higher but I can’t
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4 years ago, Diablo920
App crashes
I can’t do anything really. Login, go to browse, search by theme and the app crashes every. Single. Time.
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5 years ago, Rv458
Inventory gone
I spent 2 hours adding all my sets (200+) and there all gone after i refreshed the app
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6 years ago, 2c1villan
Does not work
Does not work
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4 years ago, T brit fan
I like it
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11 years ago, Polyester333
Try Again Later
This app is clearly not a priority for the developer. I never got the app to sync and after reading the reviews, I'd be scared that even if it did, I risk losing all my previously stored data on the Brickset website. That would be tragic, so I give up trying to get it to work. The website is much more reliable and easy enough to use on a mobile device. This app could be great, but not worth the time or risk in its current state.
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12 years ago, agarcia967
Why won't it work?
Have signed up at website and added to my list. Tried the app and it doesn't work, why??? Agreed that it has potential to be a good app! 5 stars just cuz I want an update!
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14 years ago, Asovo
it great! all you can find the lego info from this app!
someone say it's slow?, but not in my ipad. anywayz, this app are reallly gret, if you wanna find the info or detial about the Lego stuff. it's only one and best one app. thanks!!
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13 years ago, LMan2020
Stick to the Brickset Website
I started using this over the past month logging all my purchases only to find out now all that data is lost when I use this App and when I check the website. Using this app was a complete waste of time and now will cost me more time going back and trying to determine what I'm missing. Use the brickset website **** DO NOT USE THIS APP ****
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9 years ago, JCat56
Not even half baked
This app is clearly not ready for prime time. Pretty much blank screens, with no information at all, why? Because nothing loads in. It worked one day, then never again. Aesthetically it's terrible as well. Stick to the web site itself, which is slick and nothing like this abomination.
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13 years ago, Doug Spencer
Keep crashing when loading the catalog in iPad
Can we get a fix soon?
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10 years ago, BarryJSullivan
New version has issues
I installed the new version on my iPad 2 and now I can not see my owned sets any more. Is there a fix for this?
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13 years ago, Base Star
I keep waiting for an app that allows me to search brickset, especially my own collection (haves and wants) quickly. Um, this isn't it. I'll try it on my iPad, but it won't even load on my 4G iPhone.
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12 years ago, Tigerlily-boo
Good app, missing sets
I like the app but there are quite a lot of missing sets. I cannot find Mars Mission at all and cannot find some of the Star Wars and City sets.
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13 years ago, PeterBates
Crashes on the iPhone and iPad.
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11 years ago, Mnbvcxzqwertu
Great when it works. Crashes often. Please fix!
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11 years ago, FreemansHymn
The app won't sync with server
I've checked my login information a dozen times and even tried reinstalling the app. I can't get this all to download my set data. Please work on this.
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10 years ago, RyanMeredith
Takes Forever to Load
Waited over 10 minutes; app still didn't load every year through 2014. Deleted.
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12 years ago, Bobio swager
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10 years ago, Hjjjjh
GREAT But the website is better
True statement ^ |
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11 years ago, tree_hugger024
Crashes constantly
Crashed 3 times while I was simply scrolling through the first screen. Horrible app
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10 years ago, jonizzzle
Make a premium version and squish some bugs!
The app itself is fantastic because it’s iOS7 optimized. I STRONGLY dislike the advertisements on the bottom. If this was a $4.99 app I’d buy it but please make a version without the ads. Another thing is that I can’t see my collection; it simply won’t load.
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10 years ago, exiletgm
Doesn't load.
The app seems more inclined to load its ads rather then my sets or anything newer then 2009.
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8 years ago, HoL Lee Cows
Doesn't work
Doesn't display anything. Just white screens and ads.
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13 years ago, Foua
Fix it
It sounds like it only opens on iPad They need to fix the app
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13 years ago, ftword
this app. is
not loading data from web. can't read owned list.
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13 years ago, Joshizzyk
please update
please update because there are no 2011 sets
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14 years ago, BookPodder
Great idea, flawed execution
The Brickset site is a great resource, and I was really happy to see an iPad optimized app for accessing the database and keeping track of my bricks. However, this app is deeply flawed in several areas. First, it is terribly slow to load at launch, and excruciating to navigate from section to section, particularly when adding an item to your collection. Second, it crashes CONSTANTLY. Crashes when searching, crashes when pulling items from the online database, crashes at launch (frequently will not even launch). Interface-wise, one particularly annoying thing is that, when searching by an item number, the app always defaults back to the alphabet keyboard, requiring the user to have to toggle back to the numeric keyboard after each search. If the user is searching by item number, the app should default to the numeric keyboard. Also, since installation, synching my iPad has become an excruciating process, taking far, far longer than it ever has before, thanks to the "backing up iPad" step that takes forever, compared to before this app was installed. I've also experienced a few failed synchs (iTunes simply hangs when I plug in the iPad) which never happened before I installed the app, and hasn't happened since I uninstalled it. Again, the Brickset databases a great resource, and having an "on the go" app is a great idea... This version just isn't quite there yet. Here's hoping it can be improved to the point of being more practically useful.
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3 years ago, tholly720
Can’t login
I use my credentials in the app and it fails. I use those same credentials in the browser and it works just fine!
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4 years ago, Wfpljp
It’s nothing like the website.
When I downloaded the app I was pretty disappointed. I thought I could go and look at my sets that I had marked I owned on the website but you just can’t. I love but the Brickset the app, not so much.
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13 years ago, Contas
Good, not perfect
Still need a lot of improvements, bit it has everything to be an awesome app! Waiting for new versions.
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