Brightspace Pulse

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D2L Corporation
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2 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Brightspace Pulse

4.76 out of 5
205.6K Ratings
5 years ago, Canai H.
Pulse is such an amazing app and I wanted to take the time to let everyone know just how great it is! I’m a student at Southern New Hampshire University (which uses Bright Space) studying business with a concentration in entrepreneurship and staying on top of my work while I’m on the go has been made so easy with this app! I always have my phone with me and whenever I need to check in on my assignments whether it’s reviewing grades for previous submissions, rubrics for upcoming essays or even accessing digital books, databases and quizzes, this is the app that has helped me stay on top of everything that I need to get done. My favorite part is that I’ve even been able to take part in all of my discussions with the other students while I’m away from the desk at my home office or the library here in town. No matter what, Pulse has kept me going and it’s gotten even better over the past two years that I’ve had it with me in my pocket with constant updates I don’t even realize are necessary until the changes the developers have made are noticeably helping my system stay optimized each and every term! I’m very appreciative for this app for the fact that I would have otherwise not been able to be as connected and studious as I have been! Thanks to the team that keeps this app alive! Canai H. CEO of Canai Records
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4 years ago, tyhaybonnie
Pulse is great
I never miss uploaded work or grade posted from school. As a college student pulse is a life saver. Some people have so much going on in life especially when you have kids, husband, and daily activities you don’t always log into your school portal you really forget!!!!! Thank God for pulse It let’s me know when I need to log in, what has been uploaded from my instructors, and my grades. It contributes to me being a successful student andddddd it’s free. You don’t always have money for some of the things you need for school. So during the pandemic I have had to stop working, purchase tons of things for school that I REALLY NEEDED. So life is going is so many different directions and pulse is a blessing to me I tell everyone about it . I am soooo grateful to the creator of pulse . You been one of my go to apps for two years and counting. Thank you so much for being free . College students NEED and LOVE this pulse app..
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4 years ago, gkomin18
It’s an alright app, but...
I’m a student at Loyola Marymount University and we use BrightSpace for all of our courses. I was thrilled to hear that there was an app for my phone or iPad that I could use to keep up with my assignments. Now, having used this app for TWO AND A HALF YEARS, I can say that it is a decent app and does most of what it should do, but it’s basically just a portal for Safari in a different app. To view any course announcements or to be able to download any files while on the app, you have to open the course homepage which opens a pop-up safari window. This just makes the app messy, and every time I open the homepage within the app, I just wonder why I don’t use the normal webpage on Safari instead because it’s the same thing. It’d be AMAZING if the app was all in one and didn’t have to open safari to show half of the course’s content and the announcements. Schoology, which I used all throughout high school, does this very well in their mobile apps and their webpage and I would love for the developers to take a look at that and see how far behind their app is in terms of usability and other productivity apps out there in 2020. If your professors make a lot of announcements and require you to check on them daily, just use BrightSpace in a web browser and don’t even bother with this app until it gets updated to be all inclusive.
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11 months ago, Jeffers617
Some value, some issues
I am an instructor, and this app does provide some value in that I can access most of the course content without going through the full login process of my college’s website. However, I do have some complaints. 1) After I “Launch the Course Homepage,” I instinctively tap “Done” in the upper left corner after I have completed a task, intending to return to the previous page. However, this actually fully exits the Course Homepage and returns me to the app, which as an instructor provides almost no value to me. Please move this link or make it much clearer that it fully exits the course homepage. 2) When I am composing an email and have pressed send, the email is sent but the app does not close the email and return to the inbox. Instead, there is just a message saying “Loading…” that never goes away, and my only recourse is to press “Done,” which as I describe in item 1) above, fully exits the course homepage. I have tried reinstalling the app, but it does not correct the issue. I would appreciate your reviewing and addressing these issues to make the Pulse app a better environment in which to access my course shells.
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2 years ago, jeru_sav
Whatever update was done needs to be undone
Pulse was working amazingly since I’ve started school. I’ve recently noticed that I am unable to share send my class lectures to notability as I previously could and i thought it was just me until I asked several of my classmates who use the app. Whatever update that was done to remove that option needs to be undone. And then, today, I had a quiz to take through lockdown browser. I pulled up the class d2l through pulse and went through the normal path of getting to the quiz until it was time to “start quiz” through lockdown browser. For some reason or another , pulse would not initiate the opening of the lockdown browser. I spent so much of my quiz time removing/reinstalling lockdown browser only to end up being super frustrated and frazzled. I had to take my quiz using a classmate’s laptop. Once I got home, I took the time to try to figure out why lockdown would not open. I tried going through safari and it worked perfectly - which leads me to wholeheartedly believe that it’s something going on with the pulse app. PLEASE fix this issue, i loved the ease of being able to handle everything on the app without having to constantly log back into d2l/lms
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2 years ago, Aw3som3Autumn
No longer working adequately
I have been using the Pulse app for three years and it has been tremendously helpful. However, last week the platform started to malfunction. I am now logged out of my account and the app is pointless because when signing in, it creates a Safari or Google extension and continues via internet browser. I might as well just delete the app and strictly use my laptop. — many peers at my institution (Dalton State College) are experiencing the same issue. It’s not fair for YOU developers to respond to everyone with the same spill. That is very unprofessional and quite surprising considering this is meant for better education. It appeared this issue [which occurred after the recent update] is being experienced by many individuals, not just ones at my school. Instead of telling everyone to “contact the IT department”, consider taking initiative and resolving the problems through direct contact. We [the students] should not be responsible nor expected to be the “middle man” in acknowledging these inconveniences. I am certain the majority of us are preoccupied and busy enough dealing with assignments. — please get this issue fixed promptly. I will update my review once it is resolved.
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1 year ago, dfabs
Lacks Messaging Feature, D2L is Better via Browser
The D2L app is very bad, the website is also not so great but the app sufferers from a variety of problems. App frequently logs users out and does not retain the institution information, so you need to search for your institution and re-login very frequently. The app is completely missing the ‘messaging’ feature, which many instructors use to communicate instructions and deadlines. Viewing content in the app is sometimes difficult because links, files, and videos live within a web frame and occasionally don’t load at all or easily lose place within the content structure. Finally, navigating course content hierarchies is cumbersome and at times obscure in the app (also a weakness of D2L generally, that the nested hierarchies can become difficult to navigate and easy to miss sections or lose place when navigating). It would be much nicer to use if they adopted a stack exchange, Wikipedia or Reddit style structure that was more flexible and viewable at a glance from a variety of levels, as D2L exists today the hierarchy is often convoluted and difficult to navigate.
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2 years ago, Worried_Pulse_User
Love the app but I need HELP!
Good morning! I am currently a college student enrolled with Lone Star College Courses. I downloaded the pulse app to better help me keep track of due dates also to allow me to have access to the LSCS Launch Homepage as well. It works beautifully and it has helped me tremendously but it all of sudden signed me out. But unfortunately, I woke up this morning to find out that the app had completely signed me out. I assumed it would be an easy fix, things happen but then it said that my actions were not supported. I had correctly followed all of the steps, choose LSCS D2L as my organization, I certainly used my correct login info. I was even on the app yesterday night and it worked like a charm. But today not so much. It would mean a lot if I could get assistance with this issue. I provided below a screenshot of what was on my screen after I attempted to sign in.
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1 year ago, Mrs N Hayes
Great app but missing one thing
I love the Pulse app, as it’s kept me on track for the most part. The only problem I have is the fact that discussion questions are not a part of the things that the app reminds you of. In truth, I am unsure if the professor has to set discussions in the reminder, or if this is a step that the app is missing. You’ll get an alert for every other type of assignment, but not for discussions. Depending on the class, discussion questions may be a huge part of your grade. While it shows up within your D2L portal, it doesn’t show up in the app, so make sure you pay attention to your syllabus if it doesn’t show up for you.
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5 years ago, jmwp10
Terrible iPad viewing
I think the iPhone version of this app is great, but the point of the app is to access classes and assignments on a mobile device, however the best device I have found to go paperless, use my ebooks, access class information is the iPad. With the amazing updates to the the iPad and the duel screen functionality, the only aspect of my class that has not coughs up to this tech is the pulse app. There is no iPad version . This is how I will be accessing classes and this view is bad to say the least. Screen is not screen sized and buttons and font are extremely large and pixilated, and the keyboard functionality doesn’t work in the assignments/ discussions. The phone app works great but need iPad version to reasonable take class and use split screen mode to see txt book and class work or class and take notes. The whole reason I got iPad to use for college. This app is not suited to use on iPad and we can not use phones in class!
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8 months ago, Andrew23600952
Poor functionality compared to site
App often resets (logging me out and opening to the app tutorial) and either doesn’t show new notifications, doesn’t update until over a week later, or just doesn’t load anything when I try to access it. The phone notifications are usually very good and show up immediately, but almost never actually open or load on the app. The only way I can check them is by going to the website itself. It also has a due date feature which is supposed to list your due dates on a weekly basis, but only about a quarter of my due dates are actually listed here, and it’s often unreliable and doesn’t pick the proper assignments. Overall I think this app has many features which could prove very useful, but more often than not (if I had to put a percentage probably around 80-95% of the time) these features are either lacking in functionality or just plain don’t work.
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9 months ago, Review180
Please fix this app
I’ve been using this app for a little over two years now for my university and oh my gosh does this app drive me crazy. I constantly have to sign in again because it just randomly signs me out. It also will constantly send me notifications for my updated grades or assignments but when I click on the notification it takes me to the app and won’t show me the grade or assignment. The notifications tab will not refresh or update for days and the only way for me to fix it usually is to delete the app and redownload it. You also can’t see your actual class page without launching the course page completely, which rarely ever works. Also for the whole summer I kept getting the same exact notification of a grade updating every single day for months after I had finished the class. I really wish my university would use a different app or that the developers of this app would actually fix all these bugs. This app makes my college life very frustrating.
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2 years ago, Ttogss
Bright space vs. Instructure
In high school I used canvas for all of my school assignments. Canvas was great because it had a stellar mobile app for the iPad and it was very clean and easy to use. It had the same features as the the website version. Canvas is super powerful, it puts all your due dates in a calendar so you never miss an assignment. It also has a todo list with the highest priority assignments first. In addition, each course homepage was so easy and simple. Couldn’t say the same for D2L. D2L is not a good course manager platform. The app does not use useful Data from other courses to make a list of assignments to do all in one place. The was the most important feature with canvas. If brightspace had a calendar and a to do list for your classes, it would make my assignment planning so much easier. I just need one that has all of my assignments! The app would be perfect then! Other than that, it is very disorganized. Especially with someone who has adhd.
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8 months ago, jonimacaroni123
Unreliable, but so needed
God, I wish Pulse was reliable. During my freshman year of college it really did help me keep track of all of my assignments and I was able to rely upon it for organization purposes but now it’s all over the place. I am frequently signed out without reason, making me unable to receive notifications from Pulse, so I am often unaware that I have a due date approaching in an asynchronous class. The assignments have been consistently glitching, and it shows that I have an assignment due in 24 hours for a class that I am no longer enrolled in. Sometimes, it shows that I have a significant amount of assignments due on a particular day, but it won’t ever load so I have no idea what those assignments are. This app used to be wonderful and reliable and I used to recommend it to people with such genuine trust in its success, but now I feel that it’s too glitchy and unreliable to even continue having on my phone.
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2 years ago, momlife2.0
Not working like it used to
I have no idea what is going on but this app is just being so disappointing this year, it never failed me during my previous semesters except now, and turns out I’m not even the only person in my institution that faces the SAME EXACT PROBLEM with this app. For some reason, I was randomly logged out of this app, and when trying to go back on it, it now acts like some sort of safari extension, which is stupid considering that I won’t even need to use the app anymore. I don’t know if this is some sort of weird update or maybe a bug, but there are multiple people within these reviews from DIFFERENT INSTITUTIONS that are complaining as well. I really hope this gets fixed, because this app was one of the most important factors to my grade and class works, and it also reminded me of when works were due, so to whoever works with pulse that knows how to fix this, please do so immediately, for the sake of multiple college students who just want to pass their courses.
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3 years ago, mirnitica
Pointless, except for obtaining notifications
Let me just start off by saying that this application does one thing well, and that is to deliver notifications about grades and assignments posted: however, everything else is crappy. For one thing, you have to use Safari if you want to see the entire course content. You’re barely getting any course content via The application. If I wanted to use Safari, I would go on safari and not use an app which is more convenient. Also, this application doesn’t allow the dictation feature to work on the discussion boards. I find it extremely irksome that I have to type my discussion posts. I should be able to dictate things, we’re in the 21st-century, after all… Not being able to download assignment files, not seeing the weeks readings in their entirety also makes this app not really be worth much, which is why I gave it two stars. Canvas is much better
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2 years ago, SAVA_SP*RkŁĒš
Recent updates make the app nearly useless
Please, PLEASE allow us to open links in browser. This was a very helpful feature as it allowed me to save documents from my classes on my phone. This semester I have not been able to access files outside of the pulse app. It really does cripple the practical use of the app and I think it was a mistake to remove this ability. I loved this app and it was extremely helpful for me to stay organized and get things done on my phone when in a rush. Now, I just don’t bother with it. There isn’t much of a point. Additionally, I have had to reconnect my school account three times in two weeks. The recent changes are counterintuitive for an app that is intended to make things easier and more efficient for students using mobile. You’ve taken the core benefits away from the program and I am so hoping that you guys can fix this. Thanks for the hard work.
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4 years ago, Hitori_Samishiku
Good in theory...
It would be good if it worked. I got it to work once or twice and it was great. However, in total, I haven’t just used it once or twice; I’ve used it many more times and I’ve consistently had the “A Little Hiccup... The Internet is being fussy right now. Let’s try again?” error message pop up and despite refreshing and reconnecting to my network (even going to cellular data instead of Wi-Fi) I keep getting that message. Maybe it’s just my school’s security or something... but then this app should verify be able to bypass that security via a sign-in or other means. In conclusion, if the app worked, it would be great since I wouldn’t have to go to my school’s website page every time and sign in. But it doesn’t work. Don’t get me wrong I was hoping it would work—work like everyone else’s reviews, it seems—but alas. No such luck. My experience: 1/5. Because that’s about how many times it seems to work. UPDATE: Even after updating, this “hiccup”/“fetch” problem still persists.
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1 year ago, Lyssaroxx
Lacking some very important functions…
Where is the functionality in this app? I’m actually shocked at so many positive reviews. Surely I can’t be the only person who who notices the lack of certain important functions that are provided by other “course hubs”. My institution made the switch from Blackboard. Yeah, it’s fancier to look at and it’s nicely organized. But I can’t download PDFs or any Microsoft Office documents to my phone and I can’t print anything directly from the app??? There is no “share” button in sight to allow me to export files to my OneDrive or GoogleDrive??? “Make available offline” — I don’t need to access it offline! I need to be able to share documents and files, export them to where I need them, and be able to print them! What is the point of this app if I just have to use the mobile site to accomplish what I need to? Like I said, it’s clean and organized, but please consider functionality over form for future updates.
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3 years ago, ViperMom149
Awesome But Buggy
I think I found a little bug issue. I had to uninstall and reinstall the app because I can’t scroll down to read the rest of the lectures in learning material. I emailed Classroom Support at my school and they emailed me back saying they have the same problem they just zoom in then zoom out and it starts to work. So I tried that but when I zoom in all the text except for the heading disappears and direct come back. I have to force close the app and go back in to the lesson to get the text to come back - but I still can’t scroll down. After I reinstalled the app I went back in to the learning material but still couldn’t scroll down to read the rest of the text. I tried the zoom-in trick and it actually worked this time but I have to do that for every single page. I’m using an Apple Xs and the iOs is the most current release.
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1 year ago, st. lukes
It looks good
To the eyes it seems like this would be the one to take over Blackboard. However, there are too many ways to get lost while trying to find the right page or title of the course. Also there should be a list of the previous chapters, pages etc. when you enter a specific page or subject. Trying to get back to a starting point, say the beginning of a chapter module, becomes tricky because you have nothing guiding you back to a previous page or subject. Furthermore, the calendar should state what’s due in the future and not the day of the date. Too many times I have used that calendar to see up coming assignment only to find nothing is due. Yet, the next day there are tons of work that is due. The point of the calendar is to see into the future.
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8 months ago, Estus Peterson
It’s okay - not very robust
Nice to have an app and notifications. Not very robust, however, as there is a lot you can’t really do. You still need the web browser from mobile to do classwork. This app is really just a way to get notifications AFAICT. And when you click a notification from your phone’s Lock Screen, it just opens the app and doesn’t actually link to it, so you have to search for it in the notifications screen. If you accidentally click before reading the notification, you’re basically lost and just have to hope you can find the one which generated the notification in the first place. Overall not bad though. No glitches or unintended issues in my experience. Just doesn’t do that much and could be better. I think that is a fair assessment.
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2 years ago, Nandabr86
Doesn’t check off completed assignments
This is a really great app. It’s super convenient and keeps everything really organized. My only concern that’s kind of a big concern is that it doesn’t check off completed assignments. Which makes me think twice about things I’ve already completed. So I have to keep logging back on my laptop and confirming that I did complete the assignment but it still doesn’t reflect that on the app. So this takes away the convenience component when the info on it needs to be double checked from a different and actually accurate source. It’s kind of a big deal. It could really throw somebody off as the reminders of it being due still show up and even say overdo on assignments that have already been sent in and even graded. I really hope that they fix this. It’s extremely annoying! I’m on an iPhone.
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1 year ago, idfcsyd
Doesn’t work anymore
I’ve had this app for a few years because of high school and college. Recently, it’s stopped working. Every time I go into the app to check a grade (it still sends notifications that I have something upgraded) it tells me that they is no notification and that the app is down. Now when I use it on my laptop, it works perfectly fine. It’s very unhelpful when I need to look at something quickly on it and it doesn’t load for me. I have tried so many times to exit the app and then go back into it and I check if it needs updating but it doesn’t so i dont know what the issue is.
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3 years ago, CGJ1332
Functional but needs work.
Using this full-time for grad school and use the app for checking grades/occasionally replying to discussion posts. The notification tab needs work most of all. I’ve had the red dot stuck on mine for days now with no actual new updates. When there are new notifications, it’s not obvious what classes from this tab. It is messy and not an optimal design for the feature. The discussion posts on this program, both desktop and mobile app, are not ideal. The formatting especially is nearly useless to do in-app, and almost always requires a separate word doc program to format before copy/paste to Pulse. This is a serious program in grad school that requires a strict adherence to formatting and citation guidelines. With some UI/UX work, this could be a 5 star app.
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9 months ago, Kayguddah21
Life saver
This has literally been a holy grail for me! I’m in week 2 of nursing school going on week 3. I have 3 classes technically 4 but one has 2 parts. When I tell you, I’m constantly checking when they upload my grades. My professor sent out a reminder to read our critical thinking assessment guide and I was able to make my cards read all the tips and make small notes to go over. If I didn’t read the update as soon as I got it I would not have been prepared or known to read the additional resource before coming to class this Thursday and now I feel confident and prepared to keep pushing with my classes. Love love LOVE this app!!!!🥹🫶🏾
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2 months ago, NH-JMC
I love the Pulse app for my continuing education. I always have my courses, my workload and access to my assignments in my pocket. It’s convenient. It’s easy to use. it helps keep me on pace. Because it allows me utilize times during the day that would otherwise be wasted. I don’t have to worry about bringing textbooks and papers and pens. My laptop are computer. Everything is right on my . I either can review materials, work on quizzes, watch short videos related to my course load. Read through my professors, instructions and textbooks Pulse is any college or business persons is best friend when they’re trying to further their education.
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2 years ago, Videomaster321
Overall a great app
This app is amazing for keeping track of assignments and your grades, especially because it has its own calendar so you don’t have to clog up your personal calendar with your homework due dates. However if you have to add work to the calendar (professors that use 3rd party homework providers and don’t import the due dates into your schools system) the second you take your finger away from setting the date or time that menu goes away. Why?! It used to stay up until you clicked done or save, now if you misclick or anything you have to reselect the menu to fix it. I should not need to click 3 separate times to add an extra assignments due date and time. I wish they would change it back to the way it was before.
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1 year ago, rowanwastaken
Stopped Working, but Fixed
This app is really good, I love how it notifies my phone so I actually see updates. Otherwise I’d have to remember to log in and check for updates. Never really had a problem with it until recently. I got notifications when things were posted/updated/etc. but I couldn’t see it in the app. My notification tab wouldn’t update, it’s like it was stuck. It wouldn’t let me see assignments or anything from my notifications, just said there’s a problem. Signing out and then back in fixed everything though.
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2 years ago, High Elf of Huge Meat
Permanently logged out and met with errors.
Pulse is more convenient for me than launching Safari or another web browser since I hate having to log in and deal with two-factor authentication every single time more than 5 minutes passes by or I’ve changed wifi networks with my phone. That being said. I have deleted and re-downloaded the app trying to log in because every log-in I make it through only to be told that “Your session has expired” after answering my 2-factor phone call and pressing any button. Takes less than five seconds but I still somehow time out. And I’m tired of seeing those corporate caricatures about “what pulse can do” because it means I’ve been logged out AGAIN even though there’s no reason too. Initially it started out as a glitch where I could remove the app from my recents, and reopening it would clear the log-in prompt. Now I’m just locked out, missing quizzes because mobile is the only way I can currently take them. I’m also no longer getting a lot of my due date reminders. What’s the point of this app if I can’t even do that? It’s a good shortcut app to open your university’s brightspace website if you actually can log in.
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10 months ago, Andre_The_Midget
Great app but it breaks a lot.
This app has saved my life many times. The sheer number of quizzes or assignments it has caught that I missed is too many to count. My one issue is that it constantly breaks. One day each semester, normally near the final half, it just stops notifying me of any assignments. It also would not show me updated grades. The only way around it was to uninstall and then reinstall, sometimes multiple times. Plz fix this issue! Edit: The problem has gotten worse. I am a month in to my semester and it’s has already begun to stop working. I’m struggling here, please fix this problem. Or at least let it send a message when it no longer has access to the source. Something please I’m dying in a swamp of assignments.
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5 months ago, Mc manic
So convenient!
I am really glad there is an app to keep up with classes! I can get alerts and it even lets me know when I have assignments due as long as the teachers put an update on them. The only thing is every time I want to access my digital book I have to login to my account again. Also it would be nice if the book could open in a new window with the ability to navigate from book to assignments. Right now you can only view one or the other. Other than that I think the app is very convenient and works well! To deal with the book thing I just log in on two devices. One has the book up and the other my assignments.
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9 months ago, asfdghjklpoiujbvcftgvbijns
there’s a reason the recent reviews are 1 stars
JUST USE THE WEBSITE. not a single person i know has had a good experience with this app. i downloaded this almost a year ago and deleted because it had so many bugs and wouldn’t let me see or do anything with my classes. i re downloaded this a month ago and still the same issues, but worse. the only thing that works are the notifications (which is the only reason i still have the app) but if you click on said notification, you’ll get transported into the app and then get notifications like “oops try again later” “something might be wrong” and so on. maybe (and i mean MAYBE) you’ll be able to view an announcement every month or so but even that is pushing it. it’s less stressful to just go to the website to access everything you need. trust me.
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2 years ago, tms2738
Login issues
Overall the layout of the app is nice but ever since my school switched to this instead of blackboard I’m constantly getting logged out of brightspace on my phone. I have to sign in multiple times a day because the app keeps logging me out and I have no idea why, I thought maybe it’s cause of my browser on my computer that I’m logged into but that wasn’t the issue either. It would be nice to see them fix this problem cause it’s very irritating and when it logs me out I don’t get notifications. Another feature they should add is showing you the running total of your grades from all your classes like blackboard does. I want to be able to see my grade progress for my classes on one page instead of having to individually go into them.
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4 years ago, someotherguywithopinions
Great but not the Best
I like that it alerts and notifies me of everything that’s posted but I wish it had a feature that allowed us to see which notifications we haven’t seen. I don’t think it would help very many out but I’d definitely give the app a more polished and refined impression. As well as discard any notifications that the no longer exist on the actual online website if the professor took it down. I haven’t had the AP for two long but I wish there was a setting that allowed us to have a bit more control over which tasks we could set so stand reminders for like if we have a test coming up and we could set a reminder for every other day at 7pm so we could remember to study.
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10 months ago, Lisha1994
You won’t be disappointed!!!
Definitely my go to app for school. We all carry our cell phone so what better way to be able to check, read, and keep up with what’s going on in class then here on Pulse! It’s definitely saved me numerous times with completing school work when I’m not permitted to just have a laptop out in plain sight. Your already on your phone/devices all day anyway so why not stay connected and up to date. I e had this app going on three years for school and I have not ran into any problems.
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1 year ago, error123445
I’m a student at American military university and for the last two months I’ve been having endless problems with this app. It has continuously had me insert my school login Information. Ontop of that, idk how many times I’ve had to delete the app and reinstall it because that is the only fix for when it won’t load any of my class information and just says “something went wrong awkward. We weren’t able to fetch the latest Information (1)”. It’s starting to get old. Edit 27 oct: hello developers? Anybody home to see all the bug issues in the reviews? (Knock knock) hello?! Edit 7 nov: another delete and reinstall due to same issue I’ve been having for months. Still no fix Edit 23 December: still being logged out constantly Edit 25 January: still being logged out often
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1 year ago, Tem4135
Calendar Issues
The calendar would be the most useful part of the app, but unfortunately, it is constantly loading a bunch of random stuff that isn’t relevant to the courses I’m taking. It seems to be adding tasks from prior semesters for the courses. I have to tap around to get them to go away and for appropriate filtering (I guess) to be applied. Also, for those of us who use dark mode, the checkmarks next to the calendar tasks are indistinguishable between complete and incomplete. I went to switch to light mode for the app since the dark mode wasn’t really helpful and found that I can’t. I have to change the mode for my entire phone to change the app display mode. Lame.
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10 months ago, cinnamorolllovr
Useless app
Compared to its competition Canvas, Brightspace is severely behind in serving students, and that is very apparent when comparing the app versions of both platforms. This app is basically useless, all you can view are files of the course, grades, calendar, and notifications. You have to navigate to the course homepage to view anything else, which basically just opens to a mobile browser version of the Brightspace site, and a lot of the time, it won’t even open due to errors. You can’t even download the course files for annotating to your device, and there are no features to highlight or mark files in the app. You’re much better off viewing Brightspace on Safari or a different browser app. Even then, Canvas is much better, but unfortunately my school uses Brightspace.
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4 years ago, jaytothe^2
Only useful as a basic reference
Things it does well: 1. organizes due dates of all courses in one page. 2.Visually represents workload due that day. 3.Easy to access syllabus and grades. Things it doesn’t do well or at all: 1. discussion replies. Will tell you if someone responded but from there your better off closing the app and checking things from your laptop or browser outside the app. If not you’ll hit snags constantly. 2. Assignments. If you want to access an assignment it’s best to do it out of the app, as the in app function just takes you right to your browser but with added limitations from still being in-app. 3. Tests. Follows the same above issues, may be less awkward but I wouldn’t risk testing it out. Maybe it’s because of D2L and not the app, but for example, blackboard is 5* app for LMS. This is definitely useful, just only to check your grades and due dates. Of which both could be improved upon. Not all due dates on assignments seem to transfer in app, and grades are only per assignment. To calculate the overall grade you have to do it yourself or using D2L. So in all honesty 3* is generous.
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2 years ago, Definently
Not Useful
The past two years of college I’ve used blackboard and even canvas. However, this course management system is by far my least favorite. The app will not let you export/transfer any files to another app. Instead you have to just go straight to the brightspace browser on your mobile device if you want to export (and that’s IF you can, depending on the file type). It then takes a long process just to move it to your desired notes app, only for it to look discombobulated. It’s very frustrating knowing how easily it was to export files (to notability, good notes, etc.) on other mobile course applications. Therefere, this app is useless to me personally. As someone who learns best by having professor’s notes in front of them on an iPad, I pray to God y’all can fix this issue.
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1 year ago, bando12
The app is great I like how it pulls up my course right away once I log in. The program is really easy to use and I like that it functions like other apps by giving me push notification on my phone when my grade are updated or someone responds to a post i suscribe to. I wish they had a function to go to the next lesson when reading assignments. Currently you have to exit the reading material and then scroll back down and move forward. Secondly the app updated frequently and requires you to log back in multiple times. Other than those two minor inconveniences the app is great.
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2 years ago, ChrissyFrice
Good but needs improve too
The app is good to check on a few things, but some type of files are harder or not able to be downloaded, even if you have the program to run them. For instance, my books run through McGraw hill while I can get through with my e-books with app. I am unable to get to the rest of the program unless I look it up on the desktop or in my browser via phone. Simnet is the same but that I understand since you need thefunction of the computer. Another thing is you have to be careful if you press the done button even if you only meant to go backwards, you will get pushed out of the program.
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1 year ago, gand009
Great App Bad Update
Last semester I loved the pulse app. It kept me all together and organized. This semester it has done an update and the now the graph where is shows your work to be done is all wrong. It is showing all of my work for all my classes for the entire semester. I understand this is a setting that I have to fix however, I’ve tried to go to settings and fix it but the pictures it shows you as a demonstration aren’t right. The list they picture doesn’t exist. I’m really disappointed because I loved this app so much.
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10 months ago, Jimmy Johns Worker
Lacking Optimization
The system used in this program is very irritating for both the teachers that use it and the students that are forced to. Firstly it doesn’t work as well with some of the most common search engines like safari, which would make it hard for anyone with access to an apple phone but not a computer due to this. Secondly all I ever hear about from teachers is complaining about how finicky bright-space can be and I can’t know what their exact problems are, but if every teacher I have to is having a problem with this program… maybe its time to get a new program. Overall this product isn’t made easily accessible to every student and all the teachers think it is difficult to use, an easy one star pick.
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2 years ago, Mike_Gonsalves
This app has allowed me to take my classes Mobile. I am not stuck behind a computer screen. I can do everything right from my phone. Utilizing the menu tab I can bring up the same exact screens I would get on the website. This allows me to keep up with my classes even through the busiest of days. The ability to respond to discussion questions, review material in the Unit, rubrics, live grade updates, and so much more is unmatched. I honestly would have enrolled in school earlier had I known it could be this easy.
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10 months ago, RachDutch
Good but not great
I love the convenience of having my schedules, grades, and coursework available in an easy-to-use app, but I’ve been having issues that make the app difficult to use. After 2-3 months of using the app, it seems like I no longer receive updated information displayed from Brightspace. My assignments aren’t being updated, I can’t see grades as they are inputted into the grade book, and my content doesn’t load. The only solution I’ve found is to delete and redownload the app. I’ve had to do this 2 or 3 times already and it’s getting quite annoying.
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6 years ago, Tennis Maya 987363
Good but needs work
This is a great app and it has a lot of features like the checklist on the calendar. I believe to get the best rating, notifications of when things are due should be sent straight to your phone. The main thing is you should be able to check your grades. I can easily go to the link on my phone and I don’t want the app to just guide me there. When I found out there was an app I put all my peers on it and I was kinda disappointed because they didn’t have these things. But I believe this can be fixed and it will be a phenomenal app.
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5 years ago, Keshall
This is great to use on my iPhone. In the Notification area courses are color coded, icons are clearly defined, lead-in marker to access further information about particular notifications had never had any issues. The Course listings are easy to navigate...provided the educators plug everything in correctly. I’m really hoping there’s an iPad version available or coming soon. It would be nice to pull up the app and have it work to it’s full potential instead of a minimized screen and appearing somewhat pixelated when enlarged (still doesn’t access the full screen). This is the only reason I didn’t award 5 stars.
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3 years ago, joey holcomb
Amazing app, but some persistent issues
This app is amazing! I’m a student at Daytona State, and it truly does help get around your courses. However, as many reviews have already stated, you have to enter a browser to see pretty much anything. That does get a little but annoying. You should be able to see more within the app; otherwise, the app is completely pointless. As it stands, you’d be better off going online. The setup and navigation of this app is great, though, and it does help to get notifications on my phone since (admittedly) I’m on it a bit more than I should be.
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