BritBox: The Best British TV

4.6 (15K)
68.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
BritBox, LLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for BritBox: The Best British TV

4.57 out of 5
15K Ratings
2 years ago, Jknuss
Enjoyable but cc is glitchy
Been a subscriber for a few years now to Britbox and Acorn. I enjoy both and find value in both. I am into the mysteries and comedy shows with the occasional history show throw in. I do wish there was more options or deeper trove of shows across UK, NZ, AUS and Canada. Especially options of shows from the late 90s early 00s. I have watched just about everything on both services except the soaps and the morning shows. I find the closed captions are quite glitchy. I have a hearing loss in one ear then add in some accents are difficult to understand to my American ear I can find it quite difficult to follow the story without the captions. Several times the wrong closed captions have appeared for the entire show in a series, the captions belonged to a different episode, they had been flipped. Other times it was clear that most of the dialogue was off script as the captions didn’t match at all what was on the screen. When I contacted them they said they couldn’t do anything about it. Which I find quite odd.
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7 months ago, Siddney01
Useless on AppleTV
January 2021. If you’re going to use this app on a TV it’s now somewhat stable. On an iPad, forget it. What a piece of junk. It forces the Home Screen into portrait mode and then when you select a program it will finally switch to landscape mode. No thought to look and feel? Next it will sit their with a spinning arrow for an inordinate amount of time. It appears to be downloading or caching the entire show before starting. February 2020 update: works fairly consistently on iPad. On AppleTV4 (latest) it frequently crashes. “Could not load BritBox, network error - Retry” gets stuck on the screen and the only solution is to delete the app and reinstall. May 2020 update. Crashing on AppleTV4 has gotten to the point the app is unusable. Almost a daily occurrence now that on loading the app, the usual BritBox could not load - retry error comes up, but now it does that with the previous viewed content blurred out but still running in the background. When is this going to get fixed!!?? November 2023. Things stabilized for a while but this application is the only streaming service I have that continues to be glitchy. When will you provide an app on a Samsung latest gen tv that works. I have to continually reinstall this app or stop it because it keeps pausing and spooling content and go watch on another device. No other streaming app behaves this way and I have a gigabit internet feed
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4 years ago, Kat Costa
Love my BritBox Fix...Please Improve
Before this newest update, I’d rate my two-year BritBox membership a 10-star streaming option for it’s variety, quality, and frequent additions of vintage and current programming. I’ve used my membership access to review various shows for an online magazine. However, this Nov. 2020 update has many issues! I was very disappointed that my “entertainment” iPad (10.3.3) no longer plays the video, even though it states it works on IOS 10.0.0 and above; I hear the audio, but see nothing. I can access programming on my “business” iPad, but the full-screen is still not a real “full” screen, and watching on my iPhone is, of course, inherently small. Also the app is aligned with portrait for browsing and landscape for viewing making it just slightly annoying. Lastly, the video end before the ending credits finish...maybe it’s an OCD thing, but I like for the program to be complete, ending credits and all. I do like the addition of the 10-second forward or rewind. I’m not in anyway saying “so long,” I greatly enjoy my daily “Brit Fix” way too much and just hopes these and other issues will be addressed and corrected...soon. If and when they do, I’ll revise my review!
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5 years ago, Classic Who Fan
Classic Doctor Who Finally!
I have been searching for a place to watch surviving episodes of Classic Doctor Who and this service provides! Though it isn’t perfect due to missing the episodes that have not survived (including the parts of those episodes that did survive) having 90% of the classic series available makes up for it anyway. Plus, since I am subscribing to the service I also get to check out everything else the service has to offer besides Doctor Who. The actual streaming service of the app is good, much better than most reviews suggest, but it could use a few improvements. It would be nice if it kept track of what you have watched and had a “continue watching” section where it had the next episode ready for you instead of making you remember what you have already watched yourself. Other services also have features that let you skip back or skip ahead a few second to get to a part you want to see which is also absent here. You also cannot watch videos on this app while opening another. Despite these small flaws, the app has been reliable so far and I have subscribed to the annual plan. Here’s hoping to a good use of it.
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3 years ago, Photo Idaho
Credit where credit is due! Update
I don’t know who thought this new design was a winner for BritBox but it’s a total clunker for users. The design is neither clean nor intuitive - it is in fact a total disaster. And who was the genius that decided you would force users to navigate this app in portrait mode only - even though your content is best viewed in landscape mode? Back in November you stated a new design would be delivered soon. You promised it would allow us to navigate and view content all in landscape mode. Remember that promise? Well, it’s February and while there have been updates, we are still forced to twist our iPads like we are clearing an Etch a Sketch just to view and navigate your content. Why? UPDATE Well, it took a while but the latest app update is a real winner. Gone are all the forced awkward gymnastics needed to search and play content. Now the app is smooth, intuitive, and it just plain works! Finally, an app worthy of the truly great content offered by BritBox.
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4 years ago, Insight2020
This “update” is pure rubbish! Not worth having the app for iPad any longer!
I was literally in the middle of watching a show on the old (and FAR superior) app, when play was interrupted and I was told I had to update the app. I obliged the request and upon opening the newly updated app, the entire formatting has changed....for the worse! 1. Now the landing page is ONLY vertically oriented, so if your lying in bed watching you iPad, the vertical orientation is a pain and not worth adapting to. 2. Then, IF you can tolerate the stupid landing page and subsequent navigation to find the video you want to watch, the playback orientation, now able to go horizontal, only offers a window within a window sort of video. In other words, it no longer takes advantage of the full horizontal, wide screen playback and feels more like I’m watching on a phone or worse yet, like I’m watching on an old cathode ray tv...via an iPad! NO other streaming apps have such ridiculous interface and I totally regret the lure to and eventual capitulation to update the app. Unless it’s redone like it originally was and per the standards of all streaming apps for iPad, I’m deleting the app and I’ll just have to watch via telly for the foreseeable future. Your developers just set back this app by about 10 years!
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7 years ago, merman_93
Good Content, but sign in issues
I am a huge Brit tv fan, and luckily live in DC metro area where we get a unique PBS channel, WETA UK showing 24 hour Brit programming. Even though it's wonderful, I also subscribe to Acorn, and now BritBox to round out my options with very few duplications. However, I have had to sign out and back in every day to access BritBox as I am prompted with " invalid token". This is got to be resolved soon. Support suggests to sign out and back in, duh,... I get that, but every day? UPDATE...I've adjusted my rating to 5 stars after sign in issues resolved. Britbox app support contacted me to confirm their update corrected my issue. Barely over a week new, and already more content. I haven't used any other apps all month! Very Happy!! Edit/Update Several months on and I'm still loving this app!!! No longer any sign in issues. I've learned that 95% of the classic Doctor Who episodes that are NOT available on BritBox can be watched on Dailymotion, although some are animated.
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7 years ago, TasaPNW
I want my money back!
During the free-trial period this app, while not brilliantly organized, worked fine, no crashes. The day after the first month was billed, it began crashing! Every darn time I start to watch an episode of something, about 10-15 minutes in, it crashes. Doesn't matter which device (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV) or what the program is. Close app, reset device, restart app, crash, repeat. Delete app, reset device, reinstall app, sign in again, choose program, start to play, crash. Doesn't matter at that point that I like programs offered, I'm fed up! As for the app's design, it's as if whoever the developers were, they must have never used any other streaming service themselves, since the app has virtually none of the features a good streaming service has. Doesn't properly track and save what you've watched so you can immediately return to a series and/or episode you've already watched. Search makes it crash. What's the point? While I like the huge selection of British programming that it has, what use is it if the app is unusable?! The only reason I gave this app two stars is the size of its library of programming.
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2 years ago, TheBarbaraBrady
Please turn off auto-play-next
UPDATE in response to developer response: You have told me what I already know (knowing that I already knew it!) Obviously, your product developers do not understand the behavior of the serious binger and are blind to the need to improve your product by (a) providing option to turn APN off, (b) programming APN not to cut off program before its actual end, and/or (c) both. One star rating stands. ORIGINAL REVIEW: I would give BritBox five stars for content and overall functionality if it weren't for the dang auto-play-next. It would be OK if the next episode would play after the current episode were actually over. However it frequently cuts off the end of the program, when the action continues under the credits. It also cuts off closing credits music, some of which is rather good, and I would like to listen to it and have a less abrupt transition to the next episode. The only solution that BritBox offers is to instruct you to" simply hit cancel if you don't want to continue onto the next episode." The problem is, you do want to continue onto the next episode, you just want to finish the one you're watching before you do.
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6 years ago, LaDanaWendy
GREAT Classic TV
I was stationed at RAF Upper Heyford many years ago and while there I fell in LUV with British comedies and murder mysteries. For years, my local PBS station was the only place I could watch some of my old faves...until (Netflix and) BritBox! This app has a good variety of comedies, mysteries, dramas, etc., and I’ve had no problems streaming with or without WiFi. I do have a better experience suggestion: it would be really helpful to have the ‘Up Next’ feature like Netflix so when one episode ends, within a few seconds the next one begins. A couple of requests: there are so many crazy funny comedies that would be great additions — shows like Open All Night, ‘Allo ‘Allo, Yes, Minister, Last of the Summer Wine, Waiting for God, May to December, Dad’s Army and You Rang, M’Lord. A few really good mysteries to add to the current library: Murder in Suburbia, Foyle’s War, The Inspector Alleyn Mysteries, The Avengers, Special Branch and The Saint. If you like watching British classics mysteries like Agatha Christie’s Poirot and Prime Suspect and comedies like Are You Being Served, As Time Goes By and Blackadder, then I highly suggest you check out the 7-day FREE trial. During my FREE trial I discovered a few new shows so I decided to subscribe and I’m very glad I did — I’m really enjoying having all the time access to some of my favorite British shows!!!
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10 months ago, ohnoyoudidnt!
Price Hike for a service that barely works?!
maybe they can spend the extra $1 from everyone to make a platform that operates the way it should… when i try to choose a program i have to go back and forth *hoping* it will land on what i want as one click of the remote arrow = one to five spaces moved. the app regularly kicks me out MID-EPISODE and signs me out as well so i have to go over the whole process of signing in again - sometimes several times in an evening. want to FF or REV a few seconds? good luck there too, the control is so laggy and jumpy i wind up going 10 minutes back instead then forward past where i was to begin with. really guys, it’s not worth the $7.99 you are currently charging because of the bother of actually getting around (or being allowed!) to watching anything on this horrid app. that’s my iphone AND my roku tv. and before you blame it all on my devices, as is the custom these days, know that that excuse holds no water as it is on you to keep your product functional with the current times.
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4 years ago, Kayak patty
Good shows, interface could be improved
I like the shows, although lately I seem to watch Acorn more often. Not sure if acorn has had better programs lately or what - but that has nothing to do with the app itself. There are a few things that bother me about the app: 1) it doesn’t show that you’ve already watched an episode or movie. I don’t usually remember the name or number of the last episode I watched so then I need to read the descriptions and usually watch part of several episodes to find one I haven’t seen. 2) you can’t jump ahead and backwards 15 or 30 seconds. If you want to go move up or go back you have to drag the dot on the progress bar. That’s really inconvenient and hard to do just 30 seconds or so. I usually like to skip the intro that’s the same in all episodes.. can’t do it on BritBox. 3) you have to choose close captions every time you watch a show. It would be nice to set that as a preference and then it would default to that choice each time.
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3 years ago, bout to give up on this app
A scam - find another streaming service!
I signed up for the free trial, entered in my payment information, and then I couldn’t even sign in through the app to watch anything. Britbox said I had an incorrect password, so I requested password reset MULTIPLE times and it never sent to my email (only email I received was a welcome). Britbox charged me after the 7-day free trial ran out. I called them, they said my email and my pay details aren’t even in their system. I told them that the email IS correct, and I’ve been charged already. while I’m on the phone with customer sevice going back and forth, somehow MAGICALLY i’m finally able to log into my account……but to my surprise, there’s no record of my charge underneath the billing history, and I can’t even delete my account??? This was a complete scam and customer support didn’t really help. I could care less about the $8, (the website says $6.99), I just want to delete my account!!! They are completely lying when they said they don’t have my payment info on file, how else would I be charged?? Feels like a violation.
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5 years ago, lubellcruz
Terrible customer service
I signed up for their streaming service on my iPad thru my Apple ID. I was charged right away but I wasn't able to watch anything. (Every time I clicked on a program it said "choose subscription" and I would, AGAIN. Then it would say, "already subscribed" over and over again, never letting me access any content. SUPER FRUSTRATING!) I sent TWO emails to customer service over 4 days ago, never got a single response (not even an automated generic response of "looking into your case"). I finally called to talk to someone and they said they had no record of my account being active and said it was a problem with Apple. The rep was "immediately referring my case to tech support" (no one called me back). I called Apple (who was quite helpful immediately) and after trouble shooting for quite awhile, couldn't find the problem and refunded me my money. The only thing I can think of is the interface isn't set up properly with Apple. Stick with Acorn, they have better service and better content. Britbox is not worth the hassle and terrible customer service.
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6 years ago, Mattie from D.C.
Only have BritBox - no Netflix or Acorn
I love, love, love BritBox. I have everything I need there, instead of a lot of junk on Netflix I’ll never watch. And Acorn was fine, but I could get most of what’s there on PBS Passport. BritBox was a little shaky at first (a year ago, when they first started). The video streaming would malfunction, and it wouldn’t keep track of where you had left off. But the toll-free customer service was friendly and quick with their response. They even reinstated a show I wanted back (“Vicar of Dibley”) the day after we talked! One last thing: Some will roll their eyes at this, but I really like it that you can watch cultural programs like the Royal Wedding, Edinburgh Tattoo, and King’s College Choir Christmas and Easter services. With my mum living in the UK, it makes me feel like I’m there with her... Thank you, BritBox, for bringing cheer to us here in the States!
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3 years ago, YankeeTeaLover
3 Years into the App and still...
I am new to Britbox and while I enjoy the programming, all versions of the app need work. Has the app ever had the ability to turn off auto play. It would appear that at least since Nov 2019 people have requested this. Developers need to give people the option to decide how to watch the programs. After all, we are paying for the service. There are far too many programs that continue the show well into the 15 seconds and even beyond the credits. Older folks like myself have difficulty seeing the smaller window and cannot resize it in time to catch what we missed. Fix this problem already and stop taking your customers for granted. It’s not as though you were forcing a commercial for us to see. Stop shrinking the end of the shows. Other services shrink the auto play warning. Other still simply overlay the warning. Why are you making us miss the ending or go blind trying to see it? I thought Brits had their brit together! Fix this already.
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7 years ago, Nichstoppable
I was a little skeptical at first as I had not heard much about this app until recently; but that aside I am so far very pleased with it. The main draw for me is the fact that your service provides all of the classic Doctor Who episodes, save those few episodes that had to be animated since the original footage has been lost, but that aside it is a fantastic app that has really made my day. The only change I would like to see is a continue to the next episode button so that you don't have to close the one episode and find the one after it again; a small nuisance, but a great app all the same. Looking forward to more of the wonderful movies and series that the U. K. produces.
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6 years ago, Tad Davis
A bit rough around the edges
Wonderful selection, worth it for me just to get access to all the old Doctor Who episodes. Streaming works fine for me, and I’ve more than gotten my money’s worth from the subscription fee. But there are some rough edges in the app. For example, in trying to catch up on classic Doctor Who, where stories may span several episodes, there is no indication in the app as to which episodes have been seen. And there’s no “binge watching” feature: in most apps that stream series, you have the option of continuing immediately to the next episode; but not here. It wouldn’t be so bad if the app repositioned the list to the episode you just saw; but no, it goes back to the beginning and you have to scroll back to where you left off. Of the two, I would most want to see some mechanism for tracking which episodes have been seen. A progress bar at the bottom of the screen shot would be nice.
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3 years ago, Tport83
App could work better! Please Improve functionality
BritBox has great content but the app functionality leaves a lot to be desired. Developers could learn a lot from Netflix! App doesn’t show current or most recent watched episode correctly. Every time I go back into the app it starts the wrong episode from the beginning (the last one I watched) and when I go back to look at the history the app tells me that or more past episodes - I can “continue watching” when in fact they were all watched in full beginning to end so I have to fumble around to try to figure out where I actually left off! For As Time Goes By you have to watch the intro and ending credits every single time, trying to use the 10 seconds skip ahead works a bit but, clearly a skip credits button would be much helpful! For $6.99/ month, especially compared to similarly priced streaming services, I expect more.
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2 years ago, T2nu
First it was lag times...
When I got this App, I had all kind of problems with lag time on Fire TV. Then, color jumps on Apple TV. I finally gave up on the Fire TV App. Everything seemed to be going well on Apple TV. Tonight, I get a message that my credentials aren't any good. So, I reset my password. That took just fine on this end. Too bad it didn't take on BritBox's end! I'd be okay with an occasional hiccup if I knew Tech Support would be helpful, but my experiences with them has been far less than stellar. If I didn't enjoy the programs so much, I would have given up by now. Oh, and don't believe the ads, some shows that are supposed to be updated weekly, aren't. This App's days may be numbered. UPDATE: Today's problems are a service outage. For that, I put 2 stars back. That happens beyond control sometimes. And, Tech Support did let me know within 30 min or less.
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2 years ago, Clonsheefior
Would give five stars except for the “retry loop”
Brit box content isexcellent but it can make you crazy when it goes into a “retrying“ loop. Apparently this happens if it loses the Wi-Fi connection for an instant, and then even when every other app is working fine on Wi-Fi, this app is still in a “ retrying to get information “ loop that will not let you get anywhere. I closed and reopened the app A half dozen times and still the same message. No way out just a blank screen that says it’s retrying. I would like the developers to have a button on the screen that says “OK, time to give it up!” Just went back after a 20 minute break and it’s still telling me it’s retrying to get the information. I just want to watch my show and I can’t now, lunch hour is over and this has been going on for at least 30 minutes maybe 40. Why am I paying for this app that I cannot use when I want it?
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4 years ago, Cherboocool
What Happened to this app?
When are you guys gonna add more shows, movies and documentaries, especially ones that aren’t detective themed ones? Thinking of canceling my subscription cuz its very limited in selection to begin with and after a year now not much has been added since. Not everyone likes who done it/murder mystery/detective shows but that’s all there really is on the app to watch. Ive watched everything on this app already and there’s been nothing new and new seasons hardly even rarely get added. Like what happened to the rest of the seasons from All Creatures Great and Small? What about more Britcom shows like Vicious, Chewing the Fat, Still Game, Chef, British Men Behaving Badly etc etc? So many other drama series old and new that could be added as well. It was a great start but it seems like this app has been neglected by its creators for some time now. Its disappointing to us in the US
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3 years ago, artlitlove
Could be better
Good content, but this app could use some work. Would be great with a few tweaks. It only makes sense to give the browsing mode the ability to rotate to landscape, since when you are watching you’re most likely going to have your phone in landscape. Makes it very annoying for navigation. Would be really nice if it supported Picture in Picture mode, like Netflix does on the new iOS. That would make it much more seamless when you have to do something else on your phone or iPad while you are watching. Would also LOVE to have the option for 2 saved lists: the watchlist (which BritBox already has) and a favorites list. That way you can differentiate between shows you’ve already seen and will return to again and again, and shows that you want to watch for the first time.
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7 years ago, joe kidd
Worse app and search ever!
If you try to look at all the shows available on ipad pro it hangs up every time at some point and then the search wheel of death. If you select a show from a-z and you decide to look at a show when you return search you have to re start from A again. It should load load the entire shows list. This is keeping me from subscribing. Apple tv will not go back from search to the main menu. I found my Apple TV has many issues requiring rebooting even. Leaving the app requires voice to say main menu pressing the menu key does nothing.I also started watching a program paused the program the audio continues, even when backing out and starting another program, then you have two soundtracks playing. Using the Apple TV and search once you're done can not back out stuck again use voice to say main menu at least you're are taken completely out of the app. This app need a rewrite and a real beta test
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6 years ago, Alfryed
Great shows... lousy app!
I’m still in the trial period and want to have access to the shows but the app is such a hassle! It’s poorly organized. Shows are difficult to find. The series I’m currently watching does not show up on my list. Every time I pause for too long it goes back to the Chromecast pictures, just like Netflix, but when I’m ready to watch again there is no way to resume and I’m unable to find the show without doing a search. Then when I start again the app does not remember where I was and starts over at the beginning. I have to manually locate where the show was paused and if I was using closed captioning I must restart that as well. Sometimes the Chromecast icon is nowhere to be found and will only show up if I first start streaming a Netflix show or delete the app and reload it. This is a great idea for an app but it clearly needs some serious work!!!!!
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4 years ago, emilyjusername
Content is amazing, app is infuriating
For the record, the content is worth every penny of my subscription so I do wholeheartedly recommend it, but the app is SO ANNOYING to use. Small things really but they add up to a frustrating user experience. For example: - My shows don’t sync when I move from one device to another (I use iPhone and Samsung TV). So I can’t pick up where I left off. - Even within the iPhone app, shows I’m in the middle of watching sometimes don’t show up in my “continue watching” list so I have to search the database for the show, scroll to the episode and find my spot again - I only stepped away to use the bathroom! - If I want to delete any shows that do appear on my “keep watching” list I can only do it on my phone. And when I do it doesn’t sync with my Samsung TV app - there’s no way to do it on there so I’m stuck with a long list of shows I don’t care to watch any more. - The search and back functions are super clunky. In short the interface is not designed user-first. All of that said, I do stand by the fact that the content is great. I’m British and live in the states and use the app every day and despite the stone age interface I do love it. Sort the apps out and this would be a 5* review.
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6 years ago, Chubby_Bubby
Great shows, but please fix the captions
I love to use this app, especially to watch Classic Doctor Who. But there are two big issues I have with the app, specifically on the Apple TV. One is that whenever I go to a show on the watchlist, it takes me back all the way to season 1 of the show. I want it to be on the season I am watching. The other problems are regarding captions. I wish the captions worked like in other apps, where it’s connected to the Apple TV settings for captions and is able to be turned on or off from the pull down menu. It’s really tedious and difficult to press the specific button, and it doesn’t continue in autoplay. Additionally the button for captions doesn’t appear in some menus, like the main page for Classic Doctor Who. The captions don’t always line up with the show either.
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2 years ago, 8 & Sk8
App needs option to turn off auto play
Would love to see option to turn off auto play or leave it on. I tend to watch the shorter comedies and would like this feature very much because my IPad stays on until I shut it off. It used to shut off until the last update. Or maybe an ‘are you still watching’ after it has played for a couple of hours. If you don’t reply, it could shut itself for off. Also I get a lot of shows in my keep watching section that I never watched to begin with or have already removed. Like watching the shows and I pay a monthly fee, but the app needs a lot of help.
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2 weeks ago, zorkguy
TV app is rubbish.
The TV app is absolutely unacceptable. When I go into the app to look at a particular season and select it and hit the OK button, it always goes to the 1st season, not the one I have selected. Periodically it will keep asking for my password, but if I hit Cancel five or six times then it will go into the app. I have gone back-and-forth with the Britbox customer service people three or four times, even sending them a video of the problem. What I mostly get is canned responses, I don’t know if any person has ever actually paid any attention to the problem. It always ends with somebody saying that they have sent the problem to technical support, and then after a few days I get a message saying that since they haven’t heard from me, my problem is marked as having been solved. Which I assume means they’re not going to pay more attention to me. Unbelievable.
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3 months ago, Lotus22222
Love this app so so so much!
I am an Anglophile, even though I am an United States of America born citizen and a Daughter of the American Revolution. The British have some of the best writers of plays..Shakespeare for one and books, Chaucer, Charles Dickens..and repertory companies with so many brilliant actors I can’t list them all! I was watching The Hercule Poirot Mysteries, switched to Death in Paradise..since I live in the both of them so much I stay up at night when I really should go to sleep, getting to the end of episode. Next night I start on the new episode! Thank you BritBox for having so many series to watch on your station! Xxxxxx.
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4 years ago, MomoaurusRex
Dec 2020 update is a travesty. Fix the forced orientation!!
The new update that forces a different orientation while scrolling through content and then when viewing, is a crime against users and experience design. What hare brained logic determined that people want to turn their devices around multiple times while watching something?? Did the designers even consider how people use a device such as this. With a stand, or perched somewhere while they’re working. The reorientation is inexplicable with no benefit and only friction. The previous version of this app was functional, if not the best, but now it’s literally painful to use. If you aren’t going to make it better then maybe leave it alone?? Not just this bizarre reorientation issue, the new interface freezes and has a lot of experience errors. Fix or revert back to the previous version of expect to lose me as a subscriber.
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1 year ago, PeachTreeWaffle
Great App, Lacking Feature Parity with Other Streaming Apps
I really enjoy BritBox and they have a great selection of material— I really enjoy their catalogue of cozy mystery shows and panel comedy series. I find it very frustrating, though, that Picture in Picture (PiP) doesn’t exist with the app. My other complaint is that pickup can be glitchy when you navigate away from the app and then return - sometimes it will buffer a bit and then pick up where you were, sometimes it will start from the beginning. Together the lack of PiP and the pickup timing are very aggravating. A less important gripe: sensitivity for playing an episode is very high, and I’ve started episodes easily by just scrolling past them, which can mess up “continue watching” for a given series.
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6 years ago, Dickdickson789
Could be a whole lot better
Good content, but lousy app. Conked out again today. After a long search I found the help line only to discover they had technical difficulties, but were working on them. A simple message on the screen would have saved me time and frustration. The menu must have been invented by Rip van Winkle, asleep for the last 20 years. For instance when you watch something they put in under a menu item called Watchlist. It should be called Continue Watching or Already Watched like every other streaming app. Watchlist should be reserved for something you’d like to watch in the future. Despite that, Watchlist actually sometimes misses something I’ve watched. Occasionally it tries to make me log in again despite the fact that I pay for the service in advance. An uninstall and re-install fixes it, but a sheer waste of time.
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2 years ago, Ellebelle1991
Glitches Galore
Have had this app and paid for the service for about a month now. It is full of glitches which is super frustrating. The main ones 1) Resume/Start From Beginning When you hit resume, it doesn’t resume the spot you were watching and often starts the subsequent episode which is super annoying considering spoilers. This has happened to me every time. It never starts in the correct spot. 2) Pause/rwd/ fwd etc does not work on Remote For some reason can’t pause it with my physical apple remote when watching (no problems with any other streaming service). This is not a problem with my remote. It works fine. Have to pause by connecting my phone to the TV. Super annoying. 3)Closed captioning doesn’t turn on even tho it says it is on and I always need this with British tv and thick accents. It may work, but in terms of user experience getting it to work on your tv is not easy. 4) it would be nice if the shows you were watching came up on the main Home Screen. Instead you have to look for them. From a layout standpoint, that is annoying. I like the shows they offer. Only reason I have the app. But would suggest Acorn instead for a better user experience and similar content.
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3 years ago, atexchad
I finally gave up on this app. It crashed constantly. Never keeps the show I was watching on que, I’d have to search for the show again and find my episode. If lucky, occasionaly the show would be under watchlist (mabye). Hit resume only to start a completely different episode at the beginning or crash. Auto start next episode, crash. In the middle of a show, crash. It does display the episode on the AppleTV Home Screen. Click on it and wait for a surprise as to what the app will do. Switching from one AppleTV to another, never saves anything. They have certain shows I want to watch and can only watch here. I no longer care. Canceled and deleted, I’d rather have commercials. I know apps have issues but this many, constantly? AppleTV 4K newest model, software updated, no internet issues, 1200mbps speed.
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4 months ago, Gearloose2013
Great content, strange app
On the upside, Boffo content. It remembers its place when I return to it after using other apps (unlike the Disney Plus app which restarts from the beginning). It pops up a Next Episode box that’s small and lets lots of credits roll before jerking you to the next episode. (Rolling all of the credits would be even better.) But under “needs improvement” (for that fifth star), No user profiles so favorites/lists can’t be kept separate, for example. Disregards play/pause signal from AirPods. No downloading for offline viewing. Their app for the Apple TV has 2 play buttons, the extra one being for turning captions on as it starts to play. Other video players (including their app for the iPad) use settings, so it’s remembered. It’s an interesting idea but maybe (?) takes away from deciding to toggle captions during a show. non-standard text field use on Apple TV app forced me to peck out my very long password instead of allowing autofill. Here’s hoping the app doesn’t forget. No Picture in Picture support on the iPad.
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2 years ago, Optigman
Fantastic service Clumsy App
I’m new to Britbox by a few months now, and the selection of programs available is fantastic. There’s so much I look forward to watching, that’s why I signed up with a year subscription to start. My only disappointment is the lack of features with the app itself, mainly Picture in Picture for iPhone. If I need to check another app, I need to exit Britbox then go back to restart it. In the future I hope to see more comprehensive and intuitive suggestions, better categorization of available shows, added features of app control and most importantly….PIP. Still love the service regardless!
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6 years ago, B Belew
Terrible App, Good Content
I really want to love this service. I’ve waited for something like it for years. But the app just does not work. It is poorly designed and it crashes often. At some point, in every show I watch, the app crashes. Worse still, when I relaunch the app, it doesn’t remember what I was watching. When I find the show and episode, it doesn’t remember where I left off. I have to scan the episode until I find my place and cross my fingers that it doesn’t happen again. Unfortunately, it often happens several times in a row. If this isn’t resolved soon, I may have to cancel. It’s a shame, because, from looking at other reviews, this seems to be a persistent problem, and resolution seems unlikely. Even without the crashes, the app would be a soft 3 stars, for other UI problems, but crashes for a paid service are not acceptable.
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3 years ago, LCR1306
Terribly flawed app
UPDATE: they finally gave us landscape mode on the iPad so I’m adding two more stars. Now if they would just give us a way to delete shows from the “continue watching” list other than to watch the entire thing. And if it’s a multiple series show, you have to go to the last episode of the last series and fast forward to near the end, and let it play all the way out to the end to remove it from continue watching. And even that doesn’t always work. This is a big deal because there are loads of things I preview and decide are not for me. The continue watching list becomes littered with don’t wants making it tedious to find those I do want to continue.
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9 months ago, SoVeryKerry
Better than most, but getting worse
I have watch almost all the older series on Britbox. Better than any Shies I find in US. Just better acting, better writing and so much history in the scenes in England. But most of the recent shows just don’t have the appeal. They are incredibly Woke, pushing an agenda on viewers that just isn’t believable. The writing is geared for that so it’s tiresome. The acting is stilted also as a result. It’s a shame because there are so many great British actors. But I guess Britbox is going the way of all the other channels that have churned out poorer quality programs of late. More like brainwashing now rather than entertainment. Unfortunate.
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4 years ago, gouletdrg
App for Apple TV claims I’m in a different country. FIXED
Update on 18 May: I received a response and was told how to fix the issue. Just a simple restart of the Apple TV box. Everything is working fine now. I up to Four Star. I would give Five but I do agree the CC needs work: option to keep it on all the time and a larger font size. Great customer service to my issue. Original post: Latest update for the app has geography issues. My Apple TV is set for United States, I am located in the United States, and I have been using Britbox for a few years. Now all I get on my Apple TV is “Unfortunately, Britbox is exclusively available in the United States and Canada.”
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3 years ago, Sepdet
What have they done to the Britbox app?
Here I am on a ginormous 12.9 inch iPad pro and suddenly the interface absolutely INSISTS on turning sideways like it thinks I'm on an itty bitty iPhone screen, make it nearly impossible to use since, of course, my big TV-like iPad screen is resting compfortably in its keypad case, and now I have to search for my programs by turning my head sideways?! Oh thank goodness. Doctor Who is still there and plays in landscape once you FIND it, although the nicely organized front page of the library is all gone and it seems like my watchlist has lost nearly everything too. Please, please please fix the iPad app. Some of us old people who like older British programs cannot SEE teeny tiny iPhone screens. Tablets are iPhones for the vision impaired, ok? :)
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7 years ago, De,ann
Needs an update to fix bug issues
This app could be better. No, it needs to be better when people are shelling out their money every month to it. Until now the only issue I had was that there is no fast forward or rewind button when casting to your TV and often times the app won't remember where I left off on an episode of a show so that option is needed. Now I have to deal with crashes. It works perfectly when watching the first episode of something but the moment I try to load up the next episode it crashes or freezes 15 seconds in. I don't want to cancel my subscription but I don't see how it's worth keeping if I can't actually enjoy watching the shows. Come on guys, you can do better.
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2 years ago, zjebeanz
Love the shows, hate this app
I have never had to deal with the quirky navigation problems on any of my other streaming apps that this app has. I have to really work at getting to a latest episode in the correct season. Episodes are marked New when they are 2 weeks old and have already been seen. I try to click on a desired episode but the app keeps moving my cursor above or below the show I really want, ARGH! I get notified there is a new episode of something but the app doesn’t yet show the latest episode on the top menu. I have to work at drilling down through the show and select the right season and then toggle over to the latest episode. So frustrating!
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2 years ago, Blue Buckeye
AppleTV app Download Options Confusing
When trying to “get” this app on AppleTV, it would not recognize my active paid Subscription to your streaming service obtained within the AppleTV app on my AppleTV for the same AppleID. It appeared that I would have to “subscribe” again, plus pay for the app and be subject to “InAppPurchases”. Had to explain this three times to AppleCare Agents as they got confused with their own overlapping product names. When “getting” the Britbox app after previously Subscribing to BritBox on the AppleTV app on AppleTV device, it should first ask if the account holder has a paid-up Subscription to the streaming service on AppleTV APP, or better yet, recognize the fact and then state that the account holder will “get” the App Free and without “InApp Purchases”.
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3 years ago, LeJazz
This app has good programming content but delivery is poor. The images aren’t full screen on my Samsung TV, the bar at the bottom of my iPhone screen that you push up to close the app displays constantly on my TV while the program is playing. But what is REALLY annoying is that the program frequently freezes or the audio is momentarily interrupted during streaming via screen mirroring via my Apple TV. ARRRGH!! This is extremely unpleasant. At first I thought it might be my iPhone or Apple TV but I shut them down and restarted, checked for software updates, etc., and it didn’t resolve the problem. I reset my internet modem and wireless router, then checked my Wi-Fi streaming speed and it reads 60+Mb down and about 12Mb up. This is way beyond adequate and none of my other apps have this problem. The problem is in the BritBox app. So, if you don’t mind this frequent momentary, jerky loss of audio and video freezing, the programming content is good for us Anglophiles. Just exercise patience and don’t expect good playback quality. Or alternatively, you might treat yourself to three fingers of good whiskey before you start watching BritBox.
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1 year ago, Dr. RAM
Worst Streaming App Ever!
I have many streaming apps, and they all work fine on my Apple TV except Britbox. Whenever I stop watching a show and then go back later to resume I can never get back to the show that I was watching. If I’m watching anything other than the first season of a series and I click on say season five it always goes back to season one and I can’t continue watching my show until I get out of the app entirely and then go back in. This is extremely annoying. Sometimes, I will click on a show to watch and I get a blank screen and the only way to get out of that is to wait a while, and then delete the app and reinstall it before it will work. Despite this, I love the content available on BritBox. I just wish the app was not so glitchy.
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1 year ago, Zzzeeerrrttt
The app has a lot of usability issues
The content is good of course, but the app has many usability issues. To mention a few: * No Picture in Picture (PIP) support on iPad * Only supports one size in Stage Manager on iPad. It needs to support multiple sizes * The app itself and many of the shows take a looooong time to load * The watchlist button should be on the bottom row along side the home button (at least on iPad) * Often when I try to touch the screen and scroll, whatever show I touch the screen over launches when I am merely trying to scroll * There should be a way to filter by parental content rating (i.e. tv-14, tv-pg) * there should be an option to hide shows that have a particular rating (i.e. tv-MA)
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4 years ago, noir addict
Why did you fix something not broken?!
I have had Britbox for years now. I loved it. It was my ‘go-to’ app to watch. I’ve watched shows over and over, just because I love Poirot, Midsommer Murder, Miss Marple, etc. I’ve recommended this app to all my friends and acquaintances. But, with the new update I HATE It! Right away the screen switches the wrong way. When I went to play a video it did switch back to landscape view, but almost like letterbox view, but WORSE. The sides are blank, top and bottom are blank....the screen only takes up about 2/3 of my watching on a phone,..and I HATE watching tv on a phone. Please, please, please switch it back. I would hate to lose all my favorite shows, but I will NOT continue paying for something that pains me to watch now. Why did you take something beautiful and ruin it?!
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7 years ago, little Gilligan
Great app, bandwidth issues for me
Beautiful app works great with Apple TV v4. Wonderful alternative to the cable options when traveling. We would have kept using, but the bandwidth in our house is not fast enough to load the content without serious buffering issues. -no trouble with other streaming service. The only criticism would be that the seasons button (to select other seasons) of was not obvious at first, but delighted that the content was not abridged to limited seasons. We never even reached for the DVD's we brought with us on holiday because the app worked so well. Great alternative and lots of content. Again, just bandwidth issue for us.
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