Buddha Quotes - Daily Buddhism

4.8 (2.1K)
52 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tran Anh Khoa
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Buddha Quotes - Daily Buddhism

4.79 out of 5
2.1K Ratings
7 years ago, Spiritual Skies
The Silence of The Seeing Sounds
Sometimes, We All Need A Good Kick in The Mind. Sometimes When The Brainwashing Gets Too Overwhelming, and The Trumps trump the Father Calm Winds Into the Sudden Bright Swipes Strange Spirit Lightning Into The Ephemeral Earth Vaporizing Then Into Meditative Mother Earth, Still and Quickly We Must Then Thou to Thine Wisdom, NEVER(!) Forget Like The Tragic Genocide of Tibet, That Our Modern Trappings of Modernity Scream So Silently To Forget. But: Forget Never The Importance of Always To Do: Pay ForwardBy The #'s of Multiplying To Infinite Souls: Read The Great Wisdom! Smoke APeace Pipe With Native Wisdom Mountain Makers. Then You Can Finally Lie Thee Self Up Into Bliss of the Musical Spheres! But it always starts with SOUND. Yet too, Listen in between for those epiphanies, like Archimedes, will have thine self running naked, although Woodstock had EVERYTHING in History Beat! By Many Beats! And Beat(le)s really did Start it All! Let us never forget to be intrepid! To the End! To the Beginning Again Up Their, Back Down Here, & All over Around! Long Live Mantras! PS.: Oh Yes, This is one amazing App! If you love beautification of Great Buddhas & Nature combined. And then the music!! And All those Advanced Buddhist Scholarly Sayings! And it is: Free! How easy enlightenment too can be more forthcoming in this strange & wild Computer Age. This is ComputerRx, Very Excellent Karma Ted. So Ted Spoke...
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7 years ago, outlawerone
Very nice update
Keep up the good work! >>> And this review from my friend Tamie <<< Love the music, the quotes, the essentials, the stories and even the gallery.... this app is so full of wonderful information regarding Buddhism/zen that I'm constantly looking at it when not doing other things. I can't even tell you what I like most because it's really all so fascinating and enjoyable. The only thing I can't access in this app is the teachings from the teachers here now....I don't have twitter and I don't do/have a Facebook account nor do I want one. However, for those who don't have these two types of accounts there is still so much information that it will take a long time to go through it all. So it's an app worth having in my minds eye and it's worth having the full version. Thank you😊
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6 years ago, blorgus75
It seems as if Buddhism is the most spiritually equal religion there is. Unfortunately more people look up to fear and unfaithfulness instead of spiritual guidance and academic growth. That being said, I would not expect an app such as this to be this great. Not only does it include the quites, but free wallpapers, music, turorials, and meditation practices are included. Also, the app is short on bugs and glitches even with the ads (which do not randomly pop up when tapping the screen). The menus are gorgeous and very well organized, along with useful and organic. I felt that they were very natural and seemed like their very own and not pasted onto a background with click boxes. Even better, it’s free!! I was even able to get rid of ads at $0.00. 10/10
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3 years ago, magical nature
Almost instantly calmed my fearful mind
I have been suffering a lot this past year. People around me can be so harsh and shallow and other things continue to break my heart. Within a few minutes of turning on this app, reading the quotes and then the music- it’s soothed me more than I can believe. I NEVER leave reviews. Nothing moves me that much. But there, I think, is something extremely special about this app. The music is very gentle and for me just right. The graphics, pictures and actual quotes just work so well for me. I’m going to start turning to the throughout the day. I’d recommend people at least give it a try.
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5 years ago, ams-ams
Excellent app, used for a long time
My first review ever, merely given there are very few here. I love this app and am very surprised there are not 1,000s of reviews. It always works, no bugs, it is beautiful, a huge variety of quotes and saying which can be saved (or texted to another) and tons of new features. I look at it daily. I have seen others apps with tons of reviews that are 10% as good as this one. Follow the guidance in these teachings and your life is will be a better more peaceful one.
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4 years ago, EMT TLARISON
Best Quotes
This app will bring the best quotes to you, that are based on eastern philosophies. The quotes will help you understand a new way of facing life. This app has truly opened my eyes to the fact that my old ways of handling life were not working, but by changing my own way of viewing the world, I gained total control of my thinking and my reactions. I would recommend this app for anyone who wants to make a serious personal change.
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6 years ago, Hishtadel
Great app!!!
This app is a much-needed part of the beginning of my day and at the end of my day it puts things back in perspective for me and helps me think about the bigger things in life, the more important things in life, and that is the humankind. Not possessions or materials or money or wealth. Gives me an objective way of being a better person. I know you’ll enjoy it, take what you need and leave the rest. Enjoy!!
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7 years ago, WordY McWordgirl
The one app that makes you feel better
Everyone knows that smart phones are addictive, but if you're able to bring a about a sense of calm & positivity by using them, then your experience will be much healthier. This app allows you to do just that, giving you access to endless inspiring quotes from great thinkers. Make it a habit to use it daily and see just how much happier you are!
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4 years ago, a desert h0b0
I am so very pleased with this app. Enough so that I paid the $1.99 to remove adds just because it'll help out the creators. Very inspirational quotes that are helping me through a rough time. The quotes of the day speak directly to my soul and I am becoming happy again. I haven't even messed with the music part to be honest and I still think it deserves 5 stars.
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3 years ago, littles222
Would love a description of images 🙏
This app is nice, cute and simple with great quotes and images. My request would be that I would really love to know where the pictures are from! Some of the images are so beautiful and I want to know where they are located or to see more of a particular area. Please think about including a description!🙏💕
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6 years ago, justsomeideas.org
Helpful and Relaxing
I love this app! It isn’t trying to charge me for anything, small banner adds at the bottom are unobtrusive, and the music and quotes are soothing after a long day. The music even plays in the background for you if you close the app. Not many apps do that these days. Would definitely recommend!
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6 years ago, PegBee19
So much more...
There is so much content packed in to this app - it is so much more than providing quotes. Be sure to explore around it. I’m finding the essentials sections (teachings) vast and very informative. My daily routine after reading the quote is to spend some time with the teachings or stories. A great way to start the day. Deep bow to the developers.
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3 years ago, Cbaa
Love the quotes
My only issue is that it isn’t as user friendly. I think I just am understanding how to change the image on a quote. Was about to try it and then I accidentally hit rate. Well def amazing quotes and awesome images. Maybe just change the interface a bit to seem updated. It is wonderful none the less. If there is an update I will give this app 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
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2 years ago, Jojodancer77
Thank you
This app has guided me through some very stressful times, and for that I am grateful. When I pick up my phone and I don’t want to click on news, social media or anything stressful, this app is perfect. Thank you again.
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3 years ago, Nave2021
Recently became Buddhist
This is the first Buddhist app I’ve downloaded and I am super picky about what I have on my phone. If it doesn’t serve me well with the first few uses.... the app will get deleted. I still have the app. The quotes are obviously my favorite part.
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4 years ago, Sophia's Grandmother
Love this app
I’ve been using this app daily for close to a year. While there are interesting learning opportunities in this app, I have mainly used it for the daily quotes. They are very thought-provoking. I recommend this app for any Buddhist or non Buddhist as wisdom can be had by anyone who seeks.
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6 years ago, Curvangle
Seeking Daily Inspiration
This is the app I have been dreaming of for years! I’m grateful that it was created. The pictures are beautiful and colorful. The quotes from famous Buddhist sages bring focus and inspiration to my life. The stories are interesting that I haven’t read very many.
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3 years ago, Labreu1623
Great Kit for the one eager to learn Buddhist principles
I love this app. It has stories and quotes and guides to help the beginner. The principles I've learned through this app has been eye opening and calming to relieve suffering. I am very grateful for the knowledge available thru this app.
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5 years ago, Smallwood_Brown
All Is Concepts
All is a concept. But why not live in as nice a concept as you are capable of? This app will help you do this, at least in your current Karmic situation. A situation which has lead you to this path. But the path is impermanent and merely a concept so don’t get to attached.
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5 years ago, creillyladuca
Bring me some Zen!
In a world that is so busy, I enjoy a time out to reflect on what Is really inspiring and positive! I could do without the ads, but I just do a screenshot and crop them off. The images are beautiful, but a few more would be nice.
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12 months ago, Lindsay Alana
Great App for calmness and insight
The only change I would make to this app is the option to play your own music while in the app. But overall pretty good.
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2 years ago, LuckyNickelShop
Honestly perfect
This app provides music, ways to bookmark your favorite quotes, and is frankly just a great way to get a little extra Dharma if you don’t have the time to.
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2 years ago, Antwunthebest
The App is lovely but the only reason it is a one star is because it can’t pop up as a Home Screen notification. I forgot I had this app for years. The only this I wish for is the quotes to show up as notification. Wake up in the morning and the first thing I’d like to see is a notification quote from the lock screen to begin my mornings or Brighten my day.
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7 years ago, KingLarge
Daily readings
I use this every morning I wake up. I use the timer to help me with my meditation and also download the music to listen to when I need to unwind. I use the pictures to guide me when I'm breathing. Perfect for me.
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2 years ago, Schuttzie
Love this app!
I have been using the quote portion for some time now and just discovered all the other features of definitions, discussions, music, teachers, etc. Wonderful!
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5 months ago, Strat87
The most important part of my day besides breathing in and breathing out, is reading these thoughts and absorbing the true meaning thoroughly! It has changed my mental process for The better!
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6 years ago, WMD_15
Great inspiration!
Great app! I wish the quotes came over notifications instead of opening the app. Also, I wish the sound feature was disabled. It messes up my music when I open the app. Overall, love the app! Thanks for spreading goodness in the world!
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7 years ago, White tiger Mac 2013
Truly Lovely ❤️
I love this app so much. It helps me learn so much and the quotes are beautiful, brilliant, and so inspirational to remind me who I am and what I stand for. Thank you so much for creating such an amazing app to help and teach others 🌞💛
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7 years ago, 10 Maple
Start Your Day
I have added this to my daily morning readings. Most are helpful and provoke further thought, reflection and well being.
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7 years ago, LawTess
Everything I need for inspiration, meditation and just plain daily living is incorporated into this one app. I bring it up every morning to start my day. Thank You and Blessings on it's creators.
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2 years ago, john sweet tooth
Beautiful Reminders
Truth is truth in many languages from Many teachers - thank you for your gift and your devotion to the three jewels.
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6 years ago, 420ChristyLYNN420
Love ur app....may I offer a suggestion...
Maybe the next time you update your app, you can add a section where you have zen minded games. Relaxation games. Just a suggestion. 🙈🙉🙊🎍☮️💚🎶
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5 years ago, Unicorn butt 😘😍😜
I had this app a year ago and lost that phone. I just purchased a new phone and downloaded it ASAP! Love how I can ground myself with the touch of a button.
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4 years ago, mdrr9273750
In a world with lots of negativity swirling at all times, this app pops up and reminds me to not get sucked into this and instead focus on where I want my mind to reside. Wonderful free app with great quotes!
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5 years ago, Void laterite
Well made app!
The app runs quite well and offers inspiration for those of us who are on the go!
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6 years ago, Qndoevsosheb9263840
Love it
Just started using the app and it’s already putting my mind and soul at ease. I love he free music, the quotes, and the wallpaper. It’s all very beautiful and well put together
Show more
7 years ago, Iloveglitternailpolish
Think smarter
I haven't even explored half of this app yet and I love it. I love the daily quotes and how they make you think about life in a different way--and a positive one. 👍🏻👍🏻✨
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4 years ago, Charlieraysig
Nice quotes to inspire you and depend you’re understanding
It’s a cute app but I don’t see the point of the gems. Would recommend to anyone who likes daily insights.
Show more
5 years ago, BHunnah
Life does not always follow our plan
Sometimes these quotes feel like they are talking directly to my life. Thanks for the additional perspective. Namaskaram!
Show more
7 years ago, Dana Wayna
I love this app. The reminders of quotes help me get through the day with more positivity. The adds are a little annoying, but they're worth it to endure for such a great free app.
Show more
7 years ago, RunningWade
Love this app
Quick and easy way to center ones self. Wonderful wisdom. I look forward to my quote each day!
Show more
6 years ago, JeanJB987
Very insightful
I am a person of faith in God, but this app really helps in many philosophies of life that I can appreciate as a human. The lesson it teaches are very practical and I am grateful for them.
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6 years ago, Dr.Walker07
Awesome app
I enjoy the daily quotes- they add value to my life in a substantial way- I recommend for others who are on the Buddhism path to download this app for continuous inspiration-
Show more
6 years ago, doittehgerardway
Not only does this app provide wonderful quotes but it gives information about Buddhism too!
Show more
5 years ago, Oooooooooooooooookkkaaal
Stories won’t load . Keeps saying error . Please fix
Show more
7 years ago, Buddhalove77
Excellent App
This is an excellent app they just need some quotes from Nikkyo Niwano one of the most important lay Buddhist leaders of the 20th Century!! Indeed it was Niwano who actually helped save Thich Nhat Han and bring him to the West!! But love the app in general.
Show more
6 years ago, Mike Jancovic
I look forward to this app
I look forward to reading this app everyday. Thank you
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5 years ago, dmk678
Concept problems
I kept it for two days and then deleted it. Mixed messages ....On one hand, you have the the pure practices of Buddhism with beautiful images and then on the other hand you have to earn coins, play games and log onto fb and or buy images. It’s a nice concept but to much unnecessary clutter with coins and distractions.
Show more
6 years ago, Pizza kids
Love it. Has saved me many times!
Wonderful little app, has brought me peace and grace just when I needed. Thanks for grounding me.
Show more
7 years ago, Mookieeeee83
I love this! Very relaxing and inspirational!
You are able to listen to music and read quotes. The music can be used for meditation.
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