Buffalo News from WGRZ

4.7 (15.5K)
88.6 MB
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Tegna Inc.
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Buffalo News from WGRZ

4.73 out of 5
15.5K Ratings
8 months ago, alabama nonni
I enjoy WGRZ2 very much. To me the app is very east and straight forward. I only have 2 opions pertaining to the TV coverage. I love all personalities that cover the news and weather and sports. Only 2 of the professionals are not pleasing to me. The morning news I have stopped watching because of Melissa Holmes. She is a diva and not the broadcasted she should act like. The other is Maria Genaro. She’s not a meteorologist so why does she act as she does. Elise is so very professional and she is a meteorologist. Why is Maria set up to be top notch. To me it’s a puzzle. So only speaking for myself I have turned to another channel during the 4 o’clock programming. Kate was so enjoyable before Maria joined in. Now it’s quite dumb. Just my option for all its worth. Thank you for letting me vent.
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4 years ago, happy in retirement
Still Good Reading
Totally enjoyable reading even while we are here in Leland North Carolina for the winter. You capture the essence of Western NY by your coverage. While many newspaper readership is being compromised by usage of the internet, the News presents decent & reliable information. If you question the last sentence, spend some time reading daily newspapers in other comparable cities for awhile. By the way, our true home is Jamestown NY. A dear friend reminds me frequently that “you can take Ann out of Jamestown but you can’t take the Jamestown out of Ann.” She’s right.
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1 year ago, technical trish
Updating Takes Forever!
While I enjoy using this app for news and weather, I have little patience when it is not in use. There have been countless occasions when it is updating. When this happens I get a blank screen with a blue swirly symbol. The process can sometimes take hours! This is unacceptable and I hope the technical team can improve this.
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1 year ago, love wgrz
Weather reports
I don’t understand why some mornings there is a current weather report and some days it is from the night before. I always start my day with your weather report. Lately it is sometimes from the night before. I understand people have vacations etc but it is nice to be able to plan your day according to current conditions. I only watch your station and don’t want to look elsewhere for the weather.
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6 years ago, Pcove wannabe
Great news app!!
I find the app very helpful when I want to keep up with news or weather while I'm not at home. The breaking news alerts help me keep up with current happenings. The only part I don't care for is live videos while every time I watch one I have to sit through an advertisement makes no sense. If I want to watch an ad I'll wait for the news at home to sit through commercials.
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6 years ago, Alijah Simon
Downright good for a local news app.
My dad loves the interactive radar. There’s iPad AND split view support. Push notifications. Obviously, the design could be nicer, but this app is very, very good. Keep it up. The only thing more I could ask for is an official Apple News channel, which is free. I do read most of my news in Apple News, so I sometimes miss out on WGRZ stories since you haven’t added it there.
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6 years ago, Ramblinman312
Not easy
This site is not set up very well. It's not easy to navigate. Going from page to page just to read a story and back through pages just to get to another story. The weather page should have the upcoming days weather info together and not have to scroll down in two parts. Also this site is slow. Needs to be redesigned to get the news, weather and sports quicker without a lot of navigating.
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4 years ago, Dilly Dillt
Good app but send notifications outside personal settings
I have my settings set to notify me of closings and weather However throughout the day I’ll get “breaking” notifications pertaining to local, national and world news. It’s annoying to be notified of what the news agency believes to be important but personally I don’t care about the deaths of celebrities, arrest of local persons, or trade deals by two teams who have never nor in the foreseeable future win a championship.
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2 years ago, Vin217
Please Settle With Dish
I am very disheartened that the issue with Dish has not been resolved. We always watched the local and national news on Ch 2 and have always been impressed with the sincerity and professionalism of anchor Scott Levin. Having had many opportunities to compare WGR with other local stations due to the length of time this has dragged on, reinforces what we like about the WGR team.
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6 months ago, 00chaut1
Love the up dates
Southern tier here. We love to know what’s going on. Your weather team is spot on!! The best. One thing I don’t like is if there is a live update or the Governor is speaking, you click on it and have to listen to a commercial first, not hearing all of the speech. I know you have to pay the bills also though.
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4 years ago, Angry Birder #58
Update gone bad
The old app was good - easy to use, informative, etc. Then they updated it. Now it is terrible. Hard to find anything. The weather radar is not close to accurate. When I looked at it to see when a rain shower might pass, it didn’t even show that there was rain in my area - we had a significant amount of rain! The app on my phone is even worse. When you click on topics to get the news, it is blank. No news, I guess. Bring back the old version of this app! The update is terrible!
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2 years ago, Lashcroft
Not sure what’s going on
Recently there were no sponsor commercials during the station breaks and that was okay. But the station would be broadcasting and the app would “Be right back”. Now there are sponsor commercials but the app continues to break during the station news and weather! I don’t have much time to get ready in the morning and I would really like to see what’s happening before I leave the house.
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4 years ago, northtown, orleans
Northern counties
They don’t pay enough attention to the northern county’s. (Orleans, Niagara) when it comes to news or weather. And to many commercials on the app. Takes forever to watch anything till you’ve listened to the same commercial over and over. But better than anything else out there.
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4 years ago, #ME1
Weekend updates
News reports just seem to be a little repetitive on the weekends...also would like to see what’s happening around in WNY during the weekend. Not sure if that is already available and if it is where can I look? Thank you for your time:) Lisa O.
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2 years ago, TheRealDutchee
Ads ruin this app and the user xperience
Especially the fact that every video starts with a mandatory ad ruins the user experience of this app. To make matters worse, there is only one ad that you are forced to watch over and over and over again from Custom Carpet Centers, since they are the only company that advertise here. Not only doesn’t this help Custom Carpet Centers, but neither the app, nor the user. Lose, lose lose situation. But that is a word that Buffalo is not a stranger of. Worst news app on my iOS device.
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4 years ago, Bren610
better since the update
Changing my rating from 2 to 3 stars. The reintroduction of past radar was much appreciated. I still feel like the ad intrusion is way too much. People are inundated with ads. I understand that ads equal money, but come on. Can’t even check the weather anymore without Custom Carpet Center taking up a quarter of the screen. I don’t need carpet, I want to check the news and weather.
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3 years ago, Jack6x
It’s good to know the updates
It is nice to know daily updates on important subjects. However, the weather end of the app needs help. It almost is never right and changes often, usually drastically. As if somebody just made a wild guess and the the day comes around and they were way off on their predictions.
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3 years ago, friend of channel 2
DirectvTV brought Christmas sadness
I am currently watching parts of WGRZ on my phone as I currently have Direct TV. I miss my favorite channel and want to be able to watch it. I will be cancelling Direct TV by this afternoon and am going elsewhere just so I can get my favorite news channel back. You all are the best!!
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6 years ago, Lindalsmith
Channel 2weather and news.
I'm new to having your app. But I was warned the other day of possible tornado and was surprised. Thankful for that! Tv cable gone so I can keep track of what's going on in the area with your news and weather app. Glad to be connected!
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4 years ago, danigrl81
Functionality Issue
I like the app to keep up on local news but whenever I try to open an article from a notification I can never swipe up the ad to see the article, it’s always frozen. I can only access if I go directly into the app. This is very annoying. I don’t have any other functionality issues with the app.
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3 years ago, Nan 55
Great news channel
I like that when I receive a banner of news that the info is actually there. Some tv channels give a banner, but no details unless you listen to their live news. Love WGRZ!
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4 years ago, rollar gorl
Your new look
Liked it a lot better before that latest change. Difficult to read,access, go to news 4 first now, as there format on iPhone is simpler to read, and access. Go back to your original design before this latest one.
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4 years ago, Ticket tooker
Maybe, but not.
Where is the watch live news tab/ button? I have had to watch it on the browser to watch news as I could not find any place to activate live news. The more I use it the less I like it. Old app was far better. This is another instance where new is not better. But it is real smooth on the crashes. Unless it gets better, I will probably delete it.
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6 months ago, Sungold7
Great source of local sports news.
Also…I just received a weather bulletin about severe thunderstorm warning in my area of Southwest Florida…from WGRZ2. I got it before any of my local TV stations. Very impressive! Thanks, Channel 2!
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2 years ago, Babydoll30005@ gmail.com
Enjoy watching WGRZ first thing in the morning, along with the other times of broadcasting. I feel all there are welcomed every day into my home. You All do a great job keeping WNY informed. Keep up the good work!
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6 months ago, typla
Please less lawyer commercials there is enough suing going on!
It’s ridiculous already but it not only on 2 but 4 and 7 why are they targeting the news media to inundate us!!!
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5 months ago, The lady next door
I like the app
Sometimes it is hard to navigate and always have to watch commercial Before I get the story. Do not like that. It does provide quick access to breaking g news and ongoing news.
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3 years ago, grinchhhhh
Channel 4 WIVB
Good site for news. Wish more topics were presented in the feed, and older ones went away sooner, as well as out of date items were deleted as updates were made available.
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7 months ago, Dudley7
Always dependable
I can always count on their weather reporting for accuracy and timely reporting. Their stories are current and very interesting. Love this channel and their app!
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2 years ago, DML09
Excellent coverage
Always right on when reporting the news. Enjoy the news team at this station.
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4 years ago, I love eyes the horror
My Favorite News Station
I always watch Channel 2 and now have their Apps on my phone. I always feel well informed when following Channel 2.
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4 years ago, jwd qc
Great place for updates on weather and sports
I moved from Buffalo to a small town south of Atlanta Georgia your app keeps me updated on everything that’s going on in my hometown of Buffalo. I am still die hard Bills fan.
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3 years ago, meplay1
Great News Updates
I was out of town and Channel 2 News updates kept me informed of everything happening locally.
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7 months ago, mrsmike6
I can actually say WGRZ is the only station I watch for news of any kind. I’ll watch other stations for programs but all news is always Channel 2...
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5 years ago, faithfull watcher
Would appreciate it if the background music was LOWERED during the weather. Channel 2 is our go to channel for weather BUT the background music is distracting 😳
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2 years ago, Augie Jr
Streaming issues
While streaming the news the app cuts out every few minutes right in the middle of a story. I then get a Jerry Springer commercial or I get a blue screen that says you will be back after a short break. These are not the normal commercial breaks. I have no problem streaming channel 4
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3 years ago, snoopy sniffer
5 star rating 4 all of you. Thank you for all you do to keep us all informed. I love all of you At Chanel 2 on your side. Keep up the good work
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3 years ago, SK, Eden
SK. Eden
I count on you for current, accurate news. I appreciate the fact checking and your news team feels like family!
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3 years ago, uglygolfer
Hair, makeup and dress
Is anyone paying attention to the women’s appearance? Uneven heavy eyebrows, lanky fake hair, dresses so tight that umbilicus is visible, enlarged lips. Please have these women take a good look in the mirror before they go on air, and tone it down.
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5 months ago, Old Doce
Thank you
Thank you channel 2 for being there for us all of the time
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3 years ago, Hydinout
Sheltering at home in our RV in Florida.
We are able to keep a first hand look on the coronavirus in western NY. Will enable us to decide when to return to our home in Amherst. Honest info we can rely on.
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3 years ago, Golden Anvil
Unstable, no info, predatory ADs!
Impossible to use, no information, required ads half as long as segments, majority ads predatory, to include fake news(actual not current political jargon)(specifically ads made to look like informative news articles), app jumps around screen enough to give headache and actually unable to view articles or select video.
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6 years ago, Dolly 1022
The best news broadcast!!
Only watch channel 2!! Reporting is excellent! Start and end my day with precision weather reports, and up to the minute news.
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4 years ago, bingo7464
Channel 2 app
It’s a pretty good local news app. Could use a little more sports. Probably a few too many updates. If I get updates from this app they should be local, not national. Could do more local picture pages and event reviews.
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5 years ago, Themask1
I watch it every day 4:30 AM and turn it back on from 5 PM all the way to 6:30 PM outstanding show wouldn’t watch nobody else
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4 years ago, charlottebegood
WGRZ2 is the best
Love the WGRZ2 app- it is easy to navigate and has the important news of the day at your fingertips. This is the first place I go for my local news.
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4 years ago, Simply momma
Easy to navigate
Easy to navigate the app and find the news updates.
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3 months ago, tj20th
Better news app
Nice interface, wide range of content.
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4 years ago, JosieVamp
Auto play videos don’t shut off
I like the less cluttered layout better, but even with auto-play video turned off in settings, they still automatically play.
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2 years ago, Orion5182
Doesn’t Work… Mostly Ads
The app has its own set of Ads and it also shows the stations local ads. The app ads do not coincide with the local ad breaks. It constantly interrupts the live news for ads. In the end, you hardly watch any local news and mostly ads.
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