Bunpo: Learn Japanese

4.9 (14.5K)
105.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Yuki Yamamoto
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bunpo: Learn Japanese

4.94 out of 5
14.5K Ratings
5 years ago, スッライ
10 Star App!
This is truly an amazing application that I can hardly believe is free. This really deserves to be a paid app. It will walk you through the grammar from JLPT N5 (basic) all the way up to N1 (advanced). The explanations are detailed and yet simple so anyone can follow along. The only prerequisite is that you can read English; this app will even teach you the kana (how to read the Japanese alphabet) if you're completely unfamiliar with the Japanese language. The quizzes after the explanations are both challenging and fun reminding me very much of Duolingo. Your knowledge will be put to the test while you'll be put at great risk of becoming an obsessive Japanese grammar addict like me. Finally, the app allows you to ask questions about the contents which... I'm just speechless about. The time, energy, and kindness put into this app is truly mind-blowing; it'll be obvious to anyone who's studying Japanese or has an interest in Japanese that this app was built only with the Japanese learner's best interest in mind. Did I mention the app is gorgeous and clean as well (swiping though the explanation cards is so satisfying) and it has finally been fixed to work with iOS 10 again! What are you waiting for? Ready to master Japanese?! 🙌🏼 The app's free, there's no sign in required, so you've really got nothing to lose! 🤗
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4 years ago, /ryu/
Great app for learning Japanese
I really love the exercises and the explanations. They feel well thought out and well explained. I find the little translations for words in some questions to be really useful too. I also love the review feature, it’s super useful and it’s nice that there’s a tip that pops up after review questions involving grammar. The organization of different grammar lessons is really nice as well. It’s easy to find something you need to go back and look at if you need to. I like that they included some Vocab lessons/exercises for essential or commonly used words. I hope they consider maybe adding more vocabulary lessons with more common/essential words. I’m really glad I bought the full version since the features are worth it and I think it’s really cool that you can purchase a lifetime subscription, especially for such a reasonable price.(the monthly prices are pretty good too) Compared to other language apps with subscriptions it’s really nice. I would highly recommend this app for any level of learners.
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1 year ago, _kekeboy
Amazing App!!! 🤍🤍 (some minor revisions needed)
I’d like to start by saying that this app is more than helpful in remembering hiragana. 👍🏻 And I very much enjoy using it because of it’s simplicity and visuals. My only problems are technical. Sometimes when I finish a column in the hiragana alphabet, upon completing the last question, I won’t get the 100% completition screen nor the blue checkmark. Also, when I’m on the phone and I press the “listen” command to hear the sound the sentence or word, it won’t play any sound. I understand it not being able to use the mic at the same time as when you’re on the phone 📞 , but why is it that I can’t listen to the app’s audio while I’m on the phone? 🔇 Other than those issues, the app is wonderful. Thank you so much for creating it. I have also finally decided to pay the monthly subscription fee (even though it doesn’t really change the app in my opinion, but I have a lot of faith and wanted to support it’s development in any way possible, including my own language development!)🤍🤍
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2 years ago, 500Dawg500
If you want to learn Japanese, this is The One
So many language apps available but you should know this: The Bunpo app is Japanese specific. It is not an arm of some other endeavor that has apps for French, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin and so on, it is an app for learning Japanese and that should mean something. I’ve just passed the Japanese N5 test (thanks in large part to this app!) but I tried other apps I will not mention here and even with my basic Japanese knowledge, the nuances they tried to force onto your understanding was just wrong, and driven by some sort of across-the-board-type language assumption that you won’t get from this app. I bought the lifetime subscription for this app over a year ago and it was a no-brainer. I’ve never regretted it. A few times I’ve had basic study questions and got almost instant answers that were customized to my questions. I felt valued. If you’re serious about learning Japanese I cannot recommend this app enough!
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2 years ago, JCdublin
Best Japanese app I’ve found
I’m completely new to learning Japanese. I’ve spent several weeks on just the hiragana to make sure I have it all down. That’s just a snippet of so much FREE available content. But it’s not just about the amount of content but how it’s presented and broken down into appropriate sections so it isn’t overwhelming. There is a flow and direction for each section. There are clear explanations of what you’re learning, slides to apply what you’ve learned, then questions to help with recalling the new information. I decided to spend more time on this app anytime I have a compulsory desire to mindlessly scroll social media. It’s become a much better addiction for my brain health. Super appreciative of the time that went into this app. Should I make it through the many free lessons, from beginner to advanced, I’ll be more than happy to make any purchases to further my learning if nothing else but to support the developers. ありがとう ございます
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3 years ago, Home tech support
Very useful, still needs a little polish
This is a great contrast and complement to Duolingo. Here, the lessons are organized, clearly explained, and thorough. Every lesson is demonstrated with multiple examples. Every example sentence has a recording by a native speaker, (no robots!), and many are illustrated. A clean, simple design and a spare writing style unite to form a coherent experience that reflects the personality of a single author the way team efforts never do. This is my favorite way to study grammar, and my absolute favorite feature is the “monkey button,” which controls whether or not furigana are shown. There are a few typos and mistranslations here and there, but the author makes it easy to submit bug reports and responds to each one. You might think of this more as an interactive textbook than a learning app. It seems expensive for an app, (this is the most I’ve ever paid for an app), but it’s an absolute bargain for a textbook.
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2 years ago, Corinne Jacobo
Great App
I'm an English teacher in Japan and I'm trying to learn Japanese. Problem? I have aphantasia (pretty much total) and can't for the life of me learn the Japanese writing system. This app has been a huge help in trying to practice on-the-go, especially since it has visual and audio queues, and uses spaced repetition for review. I even downloaded it onto my MacBook (the iPad version since it's not technically available for Mac OS) so I can practice during lunch and between my work for classes. I ended up buying the paid version so I can continue with it. My ONLY complaint/request is for more drawings. As an aphant, the simple pictures help me SO MUCH, because I can visually connect the words/kanji to a simple concept in front of me, rather than struggling to make a mental connection through an image I can't conjure up. If every word/term had an associated drawing when you learn it, this app would be perfect!
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2 years ago, Estelle Cate
Great app! Very helpful.
When I first started using this app, I had little to no knowledge about Japanese. I only knew very few hiragana characters and their meanings, but that was about it. After only a few days of using this app, I already felt like I had a better understanding of the language and I had some words and their meanings memorized. It really did help me, it’s way better than duolingo, and even though it has in-app purchases, you can still learn the language for free. Wether you are a beginner like me, or experienced, it will most likely work for you. There are many skill levels you can choose from so you don’t have to start from the beginning if you are experienced, and if you aren’t, you can learn everything you need to know. In my opinion, it’s one of the best free Japanese learning apps out there. I highly recommend you at least try it out.
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4 years ago, DJKittyKat98
Love it
I quite rarely write reviews for apps. But I love this app. It makes lessons super easy and simple to learn, then it has a review function so you can go over what you learned. You can go over any of the lessons for review too. It does small chunks at a time, so it’s easy to just spend a few minutes on a chunk every few hours. I practice with it during my breaks at work. This app allows you to learn throughout the day without having to put aside too much time(it’s still helpful to put time aside of course though). It’s so perfect, if I only want to practice for a few minutes while I look at my phone between errands. In the few days I’ve been using it I am already getting better. I rarely pay for apps but appreciate this app enough and think the extras are worth it, even though the free version is pretty great too. It’s just such a good app. Also nice that it doesn’t seem to have ads.
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3 years ago, Dexai42
Great App - missing key feature
I’ve been studying Japanese for years, have tried numerous apps on IOS and can generally say I really like this app and want to be able to use it as my primary learning app. Overall the Japanese portion is extremely well designed—however it contains one major technical flaw. It does not support Landscape mode in IOS. Why is that important? Well, you have to type several answers in on a keyboard. Of course you can use the on-screen keyboard and that works ok, but the better approach is to use an actual keyboard. What this means is you either are “texting” your answers in with your thumbs (not the easiest thing to do on a Japanese digital keyboard) or tilting you head sideways while you try to use your physical keyboard because the app is stuck in portrait mode. For phone users with lightning thumbs, this probably isn’t such a big deal. Given that this is pretty much a standard feature of almost any other major Japanese/Language learning app (LingoDeer, Rosetta Stone, etc), this is a noticeable shortcoming. I emailed the developer and was told that this feature would be added in the future, but that was months ago and it still hasn’t arrived. I will upgrade my review to five stars if/once they add what should be a fairly standard aspect of apps designed to be on the iPad. In the meantime, if this would bother you as much as it bothers me, I recommend LingoDeer as a competent alternative.
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4 years ago, Sesamechama
Pretty much perfection
I don’t review many apps but I just had to for this. This app was designed and developed with love. I think that’s the best way I can describe it and you can certainly feel it when you’re using the app. There’s so much thought, care, and consideration put into designing the user experience and curriculum that puts it leagues above other language apps in my opinion. The content is rich, there’s so much attention to detail, the curriculum is well structured, review quizzes are well paced, and design is minimalistic so there’s no unnecessary fluff. Learning Japanese is truly such a joy with this app. I know some early users got it while it was still free. I paid $30 for lifetime use. But honestly I would be willing to pay more; this app is worth so much more than all the other apps that are charging hundreds. Don’t hesitate. Just download this app and you’ll see what I mean.
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5 years ago, KongisKan
I’d Pay for this App
I have been using this app for a few days only, but it’s simply amazing. The lessons are simple but effective. The developer is very, VERY responsive. You can ask him questions about the lessons or point out problems and they get fixed really quickly. I reported two problems and the developer replied and fixed them both within 12 hours. If this app is ever a paid app or even a subscription, I’d pay for it because responsive developers deserve every support they can get. Also, I may be wrong about this, but I think the developer is a Japanese native who is fluent in English, so you can be assured that the lessons are as real as they can get, and the app doesn’t try to teach you things the same way as many other apps that teach you by “Enflishying” the language too much.
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1 year ago, Migroschrott
While the app is nicely setup and gives you the basic lessons for free (albeit without review possibility), in the JLPT section you will have to pay to access most of the content. Not necessarily an issue to pay for content, however, the pricing structure is questionable as others have mentioned. And the JLPT section is where the main issue lies. Some lesson parts require you to put a sentence together based on provided words or even free text input as in; translate example sentence into Japanese. The problem is, there is only one accepted answer, even though in real life there can be a dozen ways of writing a sentence, as mentioned by someone else in an older review. Well, things still haven’t been fixed. It’s highly frustrating to be told that your answer is incorrect, when in fact, it is correct. Of course, that will factor into your reviews where you’re forced to repeat the sentence again until you get it exactly as the app wants. No variations allowed. That testing setup does not make sense, especially since JLPT is a multiple-choice test. There is no free form writing. You’re given multiple answers and you pick the one that’s correct. That’s the only way to ensure there is only one correct answer per question. If this app is supposed to prepare you for JLPT, it should mimic the testing style of JLPT. Therefore, I would not recommend this app to study if you want to keep your sanity.
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2 years ago, Minimikemike
Absolutely worth!
You can use some of this app without paying, however I bought the lifetime membership. The courses perfectly explain while being quick and to the point. 30 bucks for a lifetime membership is totally worth it! I’ve paid more for videogames that I don’t even like anymore but this is teaching a real skill that will probably stick with me forever once I’m done taking the courses. This app is genius. It pushes you towards the deep end of learning Japanese, while making sure you have a floaty nearby (if my metaphor makes sense). It’s doesn’t constantly hold your hand like you are a baby but it doesn’t throw you in blind. It’s an extremely useful tool for learning Japanese. Thanks for this beautiful app :)
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4 years ago, Vesh Abriel
Good for screwing around, but some problems
I loved this app when I first got it. My main goal is to learn basic Japanese by putting in an hour a day while on the subway and then more on weekends. I eventually hit the paywall once you get past basic vocab, but that’s fine because it seemed really good and I bought the $30 life time license. I have a couple major problems with this as a 30 app. First off, even after paying the lifetime license, if I have no signal in the subway (which is most of the ride) I CANNOT ACCESS THE PAID CONTENT that I paid 30 for. It’s a bad implementations of a paid license that should be validated on device. Secondly this is not a vocab app (which is fine) it’s a grammar app. This is great until you suddenly get random sections of listening comprehension read by the equivalent of Siri using words that you don’t know. Not really sure why this is a thing to be honest it seems thrown in and forces me to always have headphones to make any progress through the lessons. Additionally, the voices NEED INTERNET for some odd reason that also makes it not usable during travel with low signal. It’s good for learning to read kana and basic grammar and honestly my biggest issues are engineering ones, but when you pay $30 for an app on iOS you expect to actually be able to use the content.
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2 years ago, noodle✨⛓
「こにちわ! i am learning Japanese so I can get to know my culture more, and this app is AMAZING! it’s Lowkey way better than dulingo, and it’s fast and DOSNT take a long time just to find out one word, unlike dulingo. I prefer this app than all of the other apps I have used to learn Japanese! This is very good for beginners as-well, and I give this a 10/10! And there isn’t ads, glitches, annoying pop ups, and etc! This app is amazing, so if you are visiting japan or wanna know how to speak it more fluently, or anything like that, you should definitely download this app! It’s amazing! It helped me learn very quick as well, and it’s not time consuming! After all, Japanese is the hardest language, so it really helped me! So Bunpo, ありがと!(≧∇≦)♡」
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8 months ago, JapaneseChin40
I can’t learn much without paying
I just got this app because I was getting tiered and quite annoyed with Duolingo, to be honest. I heard this app was great for Japanese learners at any level. When I downloaded the app even at the first lesson I was impressed. This encouraged me to do more, but I couldn’t do much more, because after only 3 lessons it was requiring for me to pay for premium! And I would have to pay for some basic lessons that needed to be taught. This app is quite successful and I’m not mad that there are premium features, I just think it is ridiculous to have to pay for the basic lessons we need to learn a language. And to start requiring it to learn more when we haven’t even learned an eighth of the Hiragana language is really frustrating. I am sure Bunpo premium or platinum is worth it, but if you are not planning to pay, this isn’t a great app for you.
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3 years ago, BDiddy091205
By far the best resource for learning Japanese you can find anywhere
it's been a single week of me practicing and learning to about 15 to 40 mins a day and i can already read every hiragana, started katakana, and vastly expanded my vocab (i had 0 prior knowledge of how to read japanese before starting this). the spaced repetition system makes it really convenient to use SR instead of pulling out my laptop for something like anki, and uses what i get wrong/right to determine what needs to be put in spaced repetition. i don't need the paid subscription to do any of this, but my experience is so good that i'm probably going to purchase it when i can just to support the developers. thank you for this app 🙏
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3 years ago, Auston finrri
10 out of 10 must try again 😁
So I have been looking for a Japanese learning app that is free but I couldn’t find it until I started getting desperate and downloaded this app and I was met with a screen with a login button and I was like o” oh no” cause I thought I had to pay for it but it took me directly to the learning page and I was like really?and so I started learning and it is very fun and not frustrating like all the other apps it is very easy to learn using this app and it’s like boom next one and not like oh ads after every card. I really like it and hope you do more
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3 years ago, mercatorblue
Regret paying for
The free Beginners course is great, but I began to get pretty annoyed with the app starting with the JLPT5 section. Many of the answers that you have to choose from are in straight up kanji, which you obviously won’t be able to read if you just graduated from the Beginner section. The answers don’t always have furigana as well, so you’re basically just guessing on those questions. The questions allow you to press/hold for a translation, however I don’t see why the questions need to use words that are so difficult. Like really specific office-related terms, cmon, why not build example sentences that use more basic JLPT5 level vocabulary?? I don’t even use the app anymore because of how frustrating the user experience is. I give this app ALL the stars for the free Beginners level but anything past that, I regret paying for.
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3 months ago, JBRPG
Trying to self study again, but text cover up problems
I decided to try this application as a means to teach myself Japanese again, and it is quite good and giving some exercises, and I only got through the first chapter. However, there are some gluing flaws that should be addressed to make Japanese language, better, or any language learning better: There needs to be something that allows the typing answer to be seen because on my iPhone, when I reach to the lesson called “も”, the typing field is below sentences A and B, and yet the typing answer cannot be seen because it cannot scroll down to see. that makes learning experience. Very frustrating. If that issue gets fixed at the framework level, that would make any language learning more enjoyable.
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4 years ago, Biiesh
Love this app, but the interface is troublesome and the developers don't reply to emails.
I love this app; love the explanation, examples, and exercises. However I've emailed the team twice and even started an in-app chat to submit feedback and I still haven't gotten a reply in 2 weeks which makes me wonder how much they care about improving. I paid for the lifetime subscription so I want my money's worth. Anyway here are my suggestions which I believe should be implemented as soon as possible. -an option where all the grammar points in a level are displayed in a list. It gets annoying having to click on each category to look for the grammar point I want to go back to every time, especially since I can't (and don't want to) remember which category it's in. This would make the app a whole lot easier to navigate around. -an option where all the grammar points from all levels can be displayed on the same page. -more variety of sentences for the reviews. It gets boring answering the same questions every time and I think it defeats the purpose of understanding the meaning of the grammar point. Writing a review on the app store was my last resort actually; I really hope the developers read this and ACTUALLY respond. Thank you.
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10 months ago, Emc5963
Great for beginner & intermediate, bad for advanced
This app’s been super helpful for me, but JLPT1 grammar points are filled with way too many mistakes for me to trust it as a study guide. I use a few online resources to cross-check and have my online tutor review the grammar points as well to make sure what I’m learning is accurate. Honestly if a developer took a full day to just slowly read through all the JLPT N1 grammar points most of the mistakes could be fixed just like that. (I’ve seen mistakes in the example sentences in もさることながら and no explanation on the necessity of も for it、one of the example sentences of にあって uses a modified grammar point that isn’t taught in the explanation, a lacking explanation of the importance of ~ほかに for はおろか to name a few since I started N1 grammar points a few days ago)
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4 years ago, theperfectmerkitten
Useful with minor limitations
I loved this app when I downloaded it, and subscribed right away because I knew it would be worth it. It has great explanations and exercises, and they are organized neatly into the JLPT levels. However, over time, I’ve discovered some limitations with it. Sometimes they explain a grammer construct and then during the exercises, it is also used in ways that are very different from what was explained. Another thing to take note of is they taught some ways of usage that a Japanesw teacher specifically taught would be weird to say in real life. These are just occasional cases, so I would still highly recommend the app, and if you’re really serious about learning Japanese, to use it alongside other resources.
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5 months ago, Nick6462527
Strong potential, weak execution
Pros - Good grammar explanations, especially for Japanese - Buying Bunpo Premium gives you access to all their language courses - Comes with an AI tutor - Plenty of examples and practice questions for each lesson Cons - Examples and practice questions use pretty advanced vocabulary on the N4/N5 levels and utilize grammar that hasn’t been taught yet - Writes some kanji as kanji and others as hiragana with no consistent standard - Uses AI voice instead of human beings - For some of the practice questions, it’ll ask you to arrange five or six words in order without telling you what the intended sentence is - If you get a practice question wrong, the AI voice doesn’t play, making it difficult to learn the pronunciation of certain words Overall: 5/10. Still pretty raw in some areas despite its success on the App Store. Bunpro (different website) has better grammar explanations but fewer practice questions, while Duolingo has way more practice questions but way fewer grammar explanations. This would probably be a good app for native speakers looking to refine their skills for business or school.
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1 year ago, Matt Robins
This is my Opinion on the Japanese Course
I’m two lessons in and I can already tell this is a high quality app. I already know some Japanese, so it’s pretty simple to tell a high quality language learning app from a low quality one, and you can see in the beginning that it has N-1 through N-5 which are college grade courses and exams. It’s got a nice and polished style of teaching with detailed flash cards and quizzes for learning. All in all, it’s a great choice for beginners and from my perspective, even more advanced learners. It’s an easy 5 stars for me and I’d give it more if I could.
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2 years ago, Lordtmy
Locked behind $30 pay wall
I don’t know if this is a recent change and the other reviews are of an old version but now you only get one lesson in each section for free and the rest you need to pay for. $8 for a month, $20 for a year or $30 for lifetime access. I’m trying this after having completed the Duolingo course (which was free) and this is really basic in comparison. Yes there are questions but they don’t randomize and once you complete them once there isn’t much reason to go back. I was expecting more kanji focus but the first set of lessons I did was only in hiragana going over the basic grammar. That’s a great start, but if I had to judge by what I could get through for free it is not worth it compared to other options.
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2 years ago, SIUKIUUUUU
Use this app to prepare for upcoming N4 exam
While Ive been taking classes besides this app, this app and Lirer came hand in hand with the review of the materials I've been learning. Because of the convenience of the apps, I am able to review for a short period of time, multiple times a day. The developer of Bunpo and Lirer made learning fun again. While I am excited about new language courses coming to Bunpo, Im more concerned whether we will be charged seperately for another subscription in order to unlock the entire course again. Im most definitely looking forward to learning korean with Bunpo
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4 years ago, CKYrunner
The best language learning tool!
I am so happy with this app. It’s the best tool I’ve found for grammar learning. I got it while it was still the free version but I am happy to pay the amazing creators what they deserve. The explanations for all the grammar points are so easy to understand and the examples are very helpful. I use it by itself as well as to help me better understand a text book I’m using. You can ask questions to the creators and get prompt replies. Although most everything is pretty clear in their explanations, you don’t really need to ask many questions. Thank you for helping me get better at Japanese!!!!
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1 year ago, yellllllllllllllllllllo
Awesome language learning app for grammar
As someone who loves learning new languages, I have to say this language learning app is outstanding. It teaches the grammar of both Asian languages such as Korean and Chinese, and Roman languages like Spanish, French, and German in detail. What I absolutely love about this Bunpo app is its focus on grammar. t's not just another app that teaches simple vocabulary words. It's designed to teach complex grammar rules in a friendly, step-by-step approach. The app does an excellent job of breaking down complicated grammar rules. If you are looking for an app that actually teaches grammar, then this one’s for you.
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1 year ago, Unbiased man
Teaches Grammar and Processes
This app does an amazing job of teaching you grammatical processes and building sentences in Japanese for English speakers. My biggest complaint about foreign language learnings apps is they focus more on memorization for those wanting to visit and does an okay job of teaching words for conversations; however, none teach you the processes behind making sentences and how to genuinely learn a language. This app does the above and more while teaching you additional phrases and words! Highly recommend if you want to take learning Japanese to another level.
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4 months ago, sangkeumi
So far I'm really loving this app. The explanations are clear and not overwhelming and the practice is also great. It has a similar style to Duolingo, but this app explains the grammar correctly with useful sentences instead of having you guess how the grammar works. The way the exercises are planned makes it perfect for learning and memorizing instead of forgetting the next day. The app looks great and is easy to use as well. I've tried so many different apps like this but this one is definitely a level above. 10/10 recommend.
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2 years ago, McngoT3s
I’ve been searching for a reliable app to learn Japanese. Everything I tried were either pricey or not for me. Though, when I came across this app it’s all I could ever need! There’s dozens of topics to learn in the required skill level fit for me. Beginner/Elementary/Intermediate/High-Intermediate/Proficient. It’s free with no strings attached, and no hidden fees. Honestly, me and my family went on a vacation trip and all I did was study for 3 hours! I would recommend this app to any of my friends looking to learn Japanese for family or for fun! ありがと app developers!!╰(*´︶`*)╯♡
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4 years ago, andresar
I can finally teach myself!! ありがと!!
ありがとございます. I’ve been using this app in addition to Genki and it’s been a blessing ! Thank you for the effort and keep the updates coming! Glad you made a pro version. Y’all deserve the coins! :) One suggestion I have is to please make it easier to review entire sections or mini sections. The review feature only generally covers material sporadically and sometimes I want to drill entire sections (like weekdays) without it being broken up Into the introductory smaller groups. A way to review the entire units covered and continuously drilling it would also help. Thanks!!
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4 years ago, DarkRedAngel247
This app is really great 🐾
Just started using it today and the explanations seem to be really simply and easy. Once thing that would be nice is if the screen was able to flip horizontally right now it can only go vertically and I would love if the screen can flip horizontally like in LingoDeer so I can just use the keyboard I attach to the iPad as I can type a lot faster that way and if the preferred way I like to use apps on my iPad. Anyways keep up the good work Bunpo! Hope this option becomes available in the future. 😸
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3 years ago, leendatim
Great for learning Japanese 😄😄😄❤️❤️❤️
I’ve already learned so much only from being on the app for about 5 to 10 minutes! I highly recommend it if you’re planning to learn Japanese. If you are trying to learn Japanese, this app is a great way to start. It provides very good lessons. And when the speak thingy talks in Japanese and you don’t know what it’s saying, you could tap the bottom and you could see it in English. So you know what it says the more you could pronounce the word and know the meaning of it. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS APP
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2 years ago, LionCerberus
Good app but poor customer service
This app is my normal go to for studying Japanese. I’ve increased my knowledge and understanding using this app. But the biggest issue I have is that I had. A bug that prevented the app to recognize the correct answers I submitted when doing a review. So it would mark them as incorrect and so, I’d have like 400 problems to do next review. This wouldn’t be an issue but half of them are the same problem. And I’ve emailed and reported this bug but have gotten poor customer service and responses to fix this issue and it’s been ongoing for a year. Other than that, this would be a 5 star app but the bug and poor customer service bring it down
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2 years ago, jadecat9
Excellent Japanese learning app
This is an excellent app. I tried the free version but am purchasing the lifetime subscription which is cheaper than most Japanese text books and you can replay the lessons easily. I started learning Japanese with Duolingo and I think this is WAY better. If you like a little structure when learning Japanese then this is for you. I enjoy the bite size exercises that you can do anywhere in your spare time. I paired this app with the app, Japanese!, so I could be better at writing hiragana and katakana.
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5 years ago, mimamima25
Great pacing!
Out of all the Japanese language learning apps I’ve used, I think this one has the best pacing. I don’t feel rushed to memorize too much at one time nor do I find myself wishing I was learning more, faster. It’s also great for people who know a little japanese already, since the work doesn’t feel like useless review. With other apps I always end up bored with the work I have to “re-learn” to catch up to my level. But here I could pick where I left off appropriately and you aren’t forced to continue with lessons if it’s too easy for you.
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3 years ago, Miles Manner
It’s Okay
Paid for the year so I am using it, not sure if I would renew even if I don’t finish all the lessons before my membership expires. The lessons are short and effective, but the questions lack context because there isn’t a translated version of what they are trying to get you to input until after you get the question right or wrong, which can lead to needing to memorize the context of each question rather than the Japanese grammar points from the lesson. Lesson completion also has not been syncing well for me between devices. So far I have enjoyed Bunpo more than Duolingo, but not as much as LingoDeer or Anki.
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3 years ago, Kaldizzleforizzle
Awesome Tool To Learn
Loving the app so far, it’s more in depth than Duolingo with better exercises and has an affordable (pricey for an app, but not for what you get) one time payment option you can choose instead of having to subscribe. The only thing preventing me from giving it 5 stars is the lack of landscape orientation and that it doesn’t alert you beforehand that you’ll need to use the Japanese keyboard for some of the lessons. Love the feature, I was just super confused about whether or not to type in romanji. Great app, I will be using it along with several others to keep learning this language!
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2 years ago, Movie-fanatic123
Better than Dulingo
Yes, this is better than Dulingo. And much more affordable. I was not expecting just $20 for an entire year!! It actually makes you learn and correctly. You can go at your own pace and it comes with lessons with each section. It has more of a school learning feel which is beneficial. I would also suggest getting their sister app Lirer as this will help with vocab and the alphabet. Which is also an amazing app. It helps combine hirigana with kanji so that you can learn faster.
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2 years ago, ggoo opooo
So I got this app yesterday because I was interested in learning Japanese. So I was looking around for some apps and a lot of them had pretty bad reviews. So I found this one and it had great reviews and a lot of people liked this app so I thought, why not give it a try. I’ve been doing this app for a day now and it’s GREAT! It’s helping me learn new words and I even know some family ones to! If your looking for a fast way to learn Japanese, this is the APP. It’s really fun to and I really enjoy it! 🤩✨🤗
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4 years ago, username_ladiesman217
I’ve lived in Tokyo 13 years and this is the best app for Japanese!
I’m completely fluent in Japanese, but I need to pass the N2 and N1 tests. I learned Japanese in Japan, by taking to friends and with a dictionary. I never “properly” studied. This app is the BEST for grammar study and learning Japanese in general, in my opinion. No, there is not a lot of vocabulary, but the app TEACHES you to use a Japanese dictionary, so go buy one! Japanese grammar and usage, in my opinion, is much more valuable than vocabulary. Japanese people will judge you on your GRAMMAR usage, not how many words you memorized.
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5 months ago, California Fan
Not for me
I don’t think this app is effective. I bought it and regret it. I used up to n5 completion and find exercises frustrating and the interface way too difficult to read, especially when it comes to furigana. You cannot know every kanji at my level, but the app expects you to find out answers in kanji even if you write the correctly in hiragana. I am using another app to learn kanjis and have learned only a couple of hundred so far. I should have known when the app uses the same method for more languages. Using AI leads to failure when it comes to learning.
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5 years ago, KokoLamb
Very easy to use and fun!
This app is very fun and it’s super helpful! I love apps that incorporate examples and also allow for the reader to make their own guesses from Japanese to English and from English to Japanese. I’ve already referred to to several of my friends that are learning Japanese language, but don’t have the time to take classes at a community college. I went to Japan last year and knew enough Japanese to get by, but would love to continue learning so next time I return to Japan I can commerce better with the locals in Japanese! :D
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2 years ago, kimo ki
It's nearly ALL YOU NEED
i rarely ever do reviews and still took time to post one for the simple fact that this app is amazing! the first time i got this app, i spent two weeks in diligent study. by the end of the second week, i knew the hiragana and katakana alphabet by heart. the UX is simple and the interface is perfect. i'm still intermediate, but my need to educate myself further has only grown. which is more than i can say for other apps. overall, 10/10.
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3 months ago, Kakakun:0
The app is amazing
I want to mention grammar examples they give us which are amazing. They are not just basic and simple, but also shows you how you can combine one or another grammar with others, which is really helpful. The only minus I have, is that the app is not fitted to my phone (IPhone 13). The keyboard is on top of the exercises and I often can not see the end of the sentence. Also the function of hiding a keyboard to read the sentence is absent, so there is no way to try to figure out what to do.
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6 years ago, CatWhip7
I had this app for the past 6 months maybe. Before, it was good. You could choose a JLPT level and grammar point and get a series of written questions. Sometimes it would crash. Few complaints. But NOW it’s just amazing. There are translations, grammar explanations, readings, listening questions, and free chat options!!!! I don’t think this app could be any better. It is just superb! Perfect for JLPT practice. I have zero complaints at the moment, aside from waiting in suspense for the N4 translations to finish the set!! :D
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1 year ago, エイヴァリ
Exactly what I was looking for! One major issue though…
This app is great! Very intuitive and exactly the structure I need to study Japanese grammar the way I study vocabulary and kanji. The only issue- there is a bug that prevents me from 100% certain lessons. If a lesson contains a question that is a “write what you hear” type (not a fill in the blank, only the full sentence ones) the text I type doesn’t show up on the screen, and if I try and submit my answer, it is incorrect no matter how precisely I wrote it. This bug unfortunately makes this great app semi-unusable.
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