Burlington Free Press

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3 months ago
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User Reviews for Burlington Free Press

4.19 out of 5
431 Ratings
2 years ago, frostyvt
Appreciate Access to Local News
Although not perfect, this app is pretty user friendly and provides coverage of local news that might not be available online elsewhere.
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5 years ago, BillMiller
Why can’t this be more like WSJ?
With the Journal’s app, I can see the timeline for events as they happen because articles appear in the context of a dated edition. I can peruse articles that may be interesting to me and not to others, or I can ignore articles that the publisher thinks are big deals and just focus on what I want to see. With the Free Press app, I can’t see articles organized by date of publication, I can only see what the publisher thinks I want to see, often from days or weeks before. I don’t get to pick and choose by date, I don’t get to see the smaller articles that might be interesting to me and to few other people - all I get to see are the articles that the publisher thinks are big deals. I hate this app. And the local obit’s are hard to read thru - after you read one, you need to go back to the main Obit page then dive into the local obits - waste of time. And where are the comics?
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2 days ago, MikeG175
Big step backward
We’ve been loyal Free Press subscribers for almost 50 years and have adapted to all the changes to the medium over those years. This latest move eliminating the standalone ePrint APP is the last straw. We pay to subscribe and now we’re subjected to pop-up ads to boot! The regular BFP APP is cumbersome, slow, unintuitive and just plain terrible. We’ll sadly be joining the ranks of former Burlington Free Press subscribers as a result. You wonder why local newspapers are failing? This is the reason.
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5 years ago, Tomk882001
Old news
This app for the most part is a waste of time. First majority of the news is old news you leave articles on it way too long. It should be more like your paper. Most news apps like the New York Post allows you to look at the paper. You put random articles on your side and leave them on there forever. Secondly as is the case today half the time the app doesn’t work or shuts down on its own. You really should be embarrassed by this app.
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1 week ago, BurlyVT
I don’t know why it’s so hard to make a decent news app when there are so many good examples out there but here we are. The old app was so much better. I could actually read the print and navigation was much better. But hey, the ads work so that’s all that matters right? If I could give this less than one star I would. Seriously considering canceling my subscription because of this.
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2 years ago, scouterdad
Timely local news
Good reporting, somewhat politically neutral but not really.
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2 years ago, Geo239
Frustrating account management
Been trying to unsubscribe for a couple months. Directions under subscription support to say to go under account settings to unsubscribe but on my iPad there is no account settings link so I have no way to unsubscribe. It always scares me to subscribe to something that makes it hard to unsubscribe to
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2 weeks ago, Ted's mom in VT
The new app isn’t as good as the original one
This app requires you to provide access to your location before allowing you to go to the e-newspaper which you have PAID for. There are also numerous pop-up ads. This may be a reason to cancel my subscription.
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11 months ago, NatGeoKid
Why Ads when I’m still paying
It’s a great local source of news but I hate that I’m paying monthly and there are still annoying pop up ads in the app.
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1 year ago, Memoirteacher
Excellent current news
Very dependable and the stories are well written.
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1 week ago, Dhk045
New format for enews
The new ap is terrible compared to the old ap…especially trying to do puzzles via markup or printing a puzzle full size. Lots of extra keystrokes to navigate what you want to do. Plus, how do I get to my account settings so I can update my info to PAY you?
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1 week ago, Gbloomb39
New app of print edition
The e edition of the new app is so difficult to read. The previous print edition was excellent. What a shame to put out a new app with so many flaws. We hope you can fix this very soon or we will have to cancel our digital subscription.
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5 years ago, Sarah/Starbird
I enjoy reading the Free Press.
I want to thank the Editors, writers, photographers, and all, for a great job. I enjoy the FREEPS, on the I-Phone. I even enjoy the videos. Thank you, one & all!
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4 years ago, Mad oak
Login malfunctions
The app recognizes me, but when i try to log into my account to report a missing paper i can’t get past the login screen and there is no other contact info. This needs to be fixed.
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2 weeks ago, garden for fun
This app makes reading the paper a frustrating experience. The print is way to small and it seems there is no easy option to enlarge it. The old app was much better.
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5 years ago, FreePressSucks
Terrible app
I try to login and it says there was a problem. I am a subscribed user and it will not let me login to read the content I want. I am 10 minutes from deleting this app and dropping it like I did that waste of money printed edition.
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8 months ago, SenorSosa
Printing function for iphone
Can no longer print the crossword. Why isnt there a print button option like the older app compatible with an iphone.
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1 week ago, Don’t want nicknames
Unable to communicate
Tried to use print edition app and it is not working. Tried to use Burlington free press app and unable to use on iPad. Unable to contact BFP on app to get help or support or information.
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1 week ago, environmentalmom
Bring back the old app
This one is very difficult to use. The old app was easier to maneuver
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2 weeks ago, BFPpoorapp
Very poor
Had to change from a good app to this poorly designed and difficult to use app. Probably will cause me to cancel my subscription
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8 months ago, CTR x
Landscape mode??
Can’t get the whole width of the page on the screen since the app doesn’t support landscape mode. Pretty much worthless if using an iPhone.
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1 year ago, e nuts
Please report the news not just what you think is newsworthy.
Please report what is actually happening not just what you want to or happen. Thank you
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1 year ago, this nickname is bot taken
Waaaaay too many ads for a paid subscription. App is clunky.
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3 years ago, RaterGeneral983893
Great newspaper, solid app
Great local news
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2 years ago, mtrl69
Grady job with local sports coverage
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6 years ago, Vermont skidog
This is what Not to do on a newspaper website
Old articles, no way to write a letter to the editor and none of the side info like the crossword, comics, bridge hand, etc. and it's not the easiest to use.
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2 years ago, Marc263965824219
No News Newspaper
Two incidents of gunfire in Burlington last weekend and no story about it in the Free Press. It was covered by local TV. What good is all happy talk. I’m canceling my subscription.
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2 years ago, thelow55
Good high school sports coverage
They cover VT HS sports the best of all VT!
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3 years ago, Mrb145
Minimal local news reporting beyond high school sports and press-release reprints. App lards with notifications and badges that won’t go away. Dislike the paper - loathe the app.
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1 year ago, FridaGSD
Won’t restore purchase nor cache subscriber sign in
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11 years ago, PT in VT
Best App in Vermont
It you are looking for breaking news and in-depth reporting from the Burlington, Vermont area, this is by far the best app available. Nobody else in the state offers anywhere near the amount of news coverage the Burlington Free Press provides, so this is one app definitely worth having if you care about Vermont news. It also has some cool photo galleries and videos.
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3 years ago, trainmannut
IOS 14 crash
The app crashes on startup even after a reboot
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1 week ago, V Gillian
Nearly unreadable due to formatting chaos!
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2 years ago, Xddvtvvjyvv
Zero stars
The worst app to go with the worst company
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2 weeks ago, Dn9755
New BFP app works poorly if at all
The title says it all
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5 years ago, 1⃣️!一直觉得。
Music industry
Why are you on Buckingham Palace AMD European ? Xxoo Christie...zzzMIss Blitz Burlington@ Nectars.
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1 week ago, VTGreen1066
The formatting it terrible on on iPad.
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2 years ago, drpoulin
Ads. Ads. Ads.
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9 years ago, InterestedInWX
App okay, content: not so much
This app works fairly well as a newsreader, though it would be nice to be able to save articles as you can in the NYT website. However, Gannett should be embarrassed by the content. Articles are still featured days after they appear -- or weeks. High school graduation articles were prominent through much of July, and some articles are listed as recent news when they're over a month old. I would hope that a professional news organization could do better than this, but apparently not.
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7 years ago, Mom in vt
Refreshing new app
Once I deleted the old one, and tapped on the new one, the app works just fine. I like the layout, but I miss the menu to find other sections, like sports or obituaries. Maybe it is there and I just have not found it yet.
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8 years ago, Kaaaaaasia
Great news' source
BFP app is a great source of local and national news. All in one place. You can easily learn about all current events happening in the neighborhood as well as stay updated on the top US stories.
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7 years ago, Frankienoodles
Love the BFP, Love the App
I love the BFP and probably read it every day. As UVM student who moved here about 2 years ago, it's been a really great way to get a sense of place and understand what all is going on. To the BFP, keep up the great work, and thank you :)
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8 years ago, Bobbygstx
Great local stuff
I read the Free Press a few times a week, usually from the US Virgin Islands. It has all the local news I need from my home town.
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6 years ago, Heart in Vermont
Great reading
I'm from Indiana but am moving to Vermont soon. I really like the new layout and your articles keep me updated on my favorite state!!
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7 years ago, Lou in Vermont
Message to download new version
I downloaded the new version to my ipad but everytime I open the app, I get a message to download the new version. When I hit OK, it brings me to the app store where I can open the app. Nuisance! The rest of the functions seem OK
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6 years ago, Kicker end
Catch up old home town
We no longer live in Vt so using the Free Press to catch on what is happening from time to time in Vt is useful .
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7 years ago, VtTerri
App works well, editors need to work harder
The BFP app works just fine but the editors are doing a pretty poor job of checking the work. I am amazed at how many mistakes there are in not just story text but headlines as well. Not clear how they can miss so much.
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7 years ago, Cambridge native
Solid coverage on a range of topics
Enjoyable reading with succinct editing and thorough coverage. Always enjoy this app! Smart updates. Thorough editing. Precise verbiage. Tactful and concise. Reliable, Dependable, and Verifiable.
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6 years ago, KCBman
Solid source of Vermont and National news
Mobile app is well done easy to navigate
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7 years ago, The guy144
Quality, easy design
Good, easy to read Champlain Valley news app. Really like the local articles
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