4.7 (5.3K)
47 MB
Age rating
Current version
Brigham Young University
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for BYU

4.65 out of 5
5.3K Ratings
1 year ago, Renaely
I literally use this app almost every day
Junior in college here. I work at an on campus job and I LOVE this app. I use it to clock in/out for work, I can easily add money to my cougar cash (which is slightly cheaper than purchasing food at the cougar eat regularly bc through cougar cash it is tax free), and it’s the superior way to search for classes each semester because you can refine your searches to credit hours and times (unlike the web version of MyMap). These are just a tiny selection of the super helpful widgets that this app has. Super happy that the app developers really seem to have students’ priorities in mind, and kudos to everyone who helped design the app. <3 Also PS, your student ID in this app often qualifies as an official ID for a lot of BYU-related things, and I’ve used it in a pinch when I don’t have my physical ID on hand.
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6 years ago, Rachel the grateful
Extremely handy
The BYU app is a must for any student or visitor to BYU. It maps your classes for you, which can help any new students feel less overwhelmed. The Y-Time feature allows me to clock in and out of campus jobs, and the Learning Suite feature allows me to check on the details and grades for an assignment quickly. When I forget my ID card, it pulls up a picture of it, valid for any instance in which you need to verify my identity (e.g. intramural sports check-ins). I also appreciate the Vending feature, which shows me where the nearest machines are as well as what items they’re stocked with currently. This app is a must-have!
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4 years ago, dvlinmybldstrm
Very helpful for many reasons
Having used other university apps before and finding them useless, BYUs is great. You can clock in and out on it if you work on campus. You can use it to find microwaves on campus. You can check learning suite. There’s a digital ID card option if you don’t have your actual card. You can see all the printers on campus too and if they are black and white or have color. There’s a LOT you can use it for!
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3 years ago, 5 Star Meg
I love this app! I also have an idea for an improvement that I think a lot of students would value. By creating a “healthy together” type function native to the app it would eliminate the need for the separate “healthy together” app. I would really value this as I wouldn’t have to have a separate app just to get into the library or any other building on campus. When I think of anything BYU my mind goes to the Y app, not the healthy together app.
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5 years ago, eschos24
Works great
I definitely wish I could do more with it, but the app is constantly being improved and it works well. I love the ability to add all my classes and assignments in my calendar/reminders. That was really nice to just do it instantly at the beginning of the semester. It would be nice if I could customize that a bit, but overall it’s a fantastic feature. Keep up the good work!
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3 years ago, EAGLE STONELY
Helpful but could be improved
Every function I’ve ever had the necessity of using has been good. The app itself is pretty intuitive to use in general. I only wish the Learning Suite function was more useful. Currently I can only use to to view things; I can’t take quizzes or submit assignments. Could be because my phone is old and the OS can’t do that. However, with how capable smartphones are nowadays I feel like it isn’t too far fetched to implement this sort of thing. What do I know though?
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2 years ago, chcheobfksbxihwlsd
Love the app, new icon has a white stripe that I do not love
This app has been a game changer throughout my entire byu experience. However, the icon was just changed and there is a white bar down the left side that is driving me nuts. I tried to find somewhere else to report it, but hopefully people read this.
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8 months ago, nicknamesareapaininthebutt
Very useful appl
I am one of those people who hate downloading new unnecessary app which will be used just for 1 week. This BYU app is definitely the thing to get. It is the most useful app a BYU student needs. There are so many gems into it as you get to be more comfortable with its use. 100% recommend it!
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2 years ago, ALfheimOnline
Great overall but crashes
The app is pretty great and has lots of helpful widgets to choose between. The main problem I have with it is it crashes every time I open it (it loads the second time) which gets pretty annoying. But I think they updated the learning suite preview to make it much more helpful, which is great.
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6 years ago, bdantheman95
Frequent updates and responsive to feedback
This app puts a lot of the features on BYU’s website in one easy-to-find place. It gets the job done, and the app continues to improve. It has definitely gotten a lot better during the 4 years I’ve been a student 👍🏼
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2 years ago, bamboozled byu dining worker
using cougar cash at the cougar eat???
um… Why can’t I use my cougar cash/dining plan/dining dollars at the cougar eat when I try to mobile order? All year I’ve been able to until I tried today. The only option is paying with a card. Not looking forward to waiting in line to order at the kiosk. I work for dining services so I get dining dollars but the main thing I use them for is now gone so what’s the point 💀
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3 months ago, J-Swizzle777
See exam scores early
Great for clocking in and out of work. It also lets you see test scores early before they show up in the grade book, by going to the “Upcoming Tests” Widget, then see either most recent score or past scores. It’s super convenient!
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5 years ago, Johnny4133
Classroom map
I see that you have the map of campus, but it would be even more handy to have each building’s classroom layout. It’s always a pain tracking down your actual class rooms the first week or so of a semester, especially when the building maps aren’t conveniently posted in the hallways.
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7 years ago, it's me Sariah
Have patience
The new Y-time feature is great. If you are having the problem where the duo page doesn’t load to sign in, turn off your phone’s website restrictions and try again!
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1 year ago, willing but frustrated user
Not easy to use
Very difficult to navigate. Can’t find the menu, etc. not easy to access, when loggin on the Home Screen would disappear within a fraction of a second literally. Had to double tap very quickly. Difficult time finding the Cougareat. When I did I wasn’t able to complete my order and hit the back button and was kicked off the app. Not impressed in any way
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7 years ago, Kruzen
A Fair Review
It makes me sad that people are destroying this app because of DUO. DUO has nothing to do with the functioning of this app. This app works just fine for me. For any of you pessimists who are struggling with DUO, just try allowing it in your restrictions and everything will work just spiffy.
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6 years ago, Jake9423
Super glitchy and often requires me to log out and log back in to try and use it. The learning suite feature is terrible compared to the online version, yet it would be super convenient if the mobile version were better. I look at other students from other universities using Canvas and am jealous of the features. E.g. notifications when assignments are turned it.
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3 years ago, Andelpink
Good little App
The developers who maintain this App do a good job. It’s very slick and updated regularly with useful updates. Just need to add the digital BYU ID card as an option to the widgets section. It was save me an extra click.
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4 months ago, buzzie46
Every university should have this!
Wow! Have worked at several universities and this app is exceptional! Easy, convenient. The parking registration tool alone is probably the best I have ever experienced. Kudos! Highly recommend!
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5 years ago, Michael__S__
Very Limited Information
If you are expecting the amount of information available through this app that you can find online you will be disappointed. It is very limited and only shows basic information, which could be all you need, but not for me. It does have some nice features, like a picture of my student ID (ooooh, ahhhh), but most everything else is bleh.
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4 years ago, chandaddyi
Riveting & Inspired
This app has been built with the needs and desires of BYU students. Constant changes at campus unlock new ways for the BYU app to help students and enable them to study and help each other throughout their time at school
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6 years ago, Jimmy72892
Works Great
Don’t know why the ratings on this are so bad. I loved clocking in here, and having my ID handy and being able to remind myself of rooms my classes are in near the beginning of semesters. This app is way handy. Worth a download.
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5 years ago, Bo A. B.
Dark mode version is not good.
This is a very helpful tool for BYU students, but it’s very clear that whoever made the dark mode color theme didn’t explore the best color schemes for this app. It’s extremely difficult to use the app and see what you’re selecting unless you have perfect indoor lighting and have your phones brightness up.
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4 years ago, A BYU Student
Terrible app
This is one of the most unreliable apps I have ever used. Would give 0 stars if it let me. It seems like it crashes at least once every day, fails to load personal data and information more than half the time I try to use it, and overall doesn’t work when I most need it to. It can’t possibly get any worse and I would vow to never use it again if I didn’t need to for school.
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1 year ago, Lloyd2timez
Thank you!
Praise the Lord for an app that doesn’t crash. Thank you to all who work to make this possible for thousands of students on the daily.
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3 years ago, SorrelJakins
Useful app
This app has a crisp and clear interface. Customization is clear and easy and I can get in and do what I need to do and get out rapidly
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6 years ago, Chapack
Whenever I try to log in it just leads me to a white box with nothing else. I can’t do anything on this app. Please fix Edit: thanks for helping me fix this issue! Great and useful app :)
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9 months ago, BannermanIan1707
5 stars
This app has saved my life in different ways! It’s easily manageable and is very convenient to use.
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3 years ago, Cjh2233
Are my money
I didn’t have enough in my cougar cash account for a purchase and it didn’t notify me before I charged the meal to my account. I then went to add more and it didn’t save my purchase so I lost like $10 for no reason. Terrible feature that needs to be fixed.
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7 years ago, Jacione
Great app, wish I could use it
The good: I honestly love the layout of this app. It’s customizable, easy to use, and very efficient. Everything I would want to access from my phone is available. The bad: The updated login flow doesn’t work. Instead of going to the DUO access page, it just takes me to a blank box. Until that’s fixed, the app is unusable, no matter how great it is.
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7 years ago, Matt Kern
Redundant sign-ins limit app’s usefulness
This has traditionally been a great app, but with this last update, I have to sign every time I want to download content from Learning Suite, look at my classes, etc. and there isn’t an option to save my login info. If I’m already signed into the app, I shouldn’t have to keep signing in to use its functions!
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4 years ago, send the heckin review
Updates needed
Needs updating. One example from dining locations: The creamery on 9th menu on the app is different than what the menu actually is. Also the app requires a “nickname” to send in a review. And it won’t allow overlap, so it was a hassle to bring this to peoples’ attention.
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2 years ago, Grad Student Person
Add to class feature doesn’t work
It looks like I should be able to add a student to my class directly using their student ID. This has never worked for me. It says they have been added, but the change is never reflected in the class roster.
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6 years ago, Bdougy15
Fixed issues
Bugs were fixed and patches were made that corrected the issues I was having before. Thank you!
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3 years ago, NSBake
These developers are great!!
The features on this app are great it feels like the developers really think about their users
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5 months ago, Smithcbpb
Cougar cash history.
Trying to see the history of my cougar cash card. Maybe it is not available?
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6 years ago, Jhonsvick
The app has a bunch of features that are really useful, but when the app won't even launch, or every other feature crashes when you need it to work, it becomes useless. -update: why is y-time so unreliable. It’s a timer for goodness sake. Yet every time I go to clock out, I get errors and can’t even clock out. Will someone please fix this crap.
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1 year ago, Cosmo’s mattress
Cougar cash
What is the point of loading my account with cougar cash if you can not use it when trying to mobile order on your app when it explicitly lists that you have to use the app to utilize Cougar cash. Is there a way to pull my cougar cash out of my BYU account? Probably not but it’s still in there…
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2 years ago, joescuppa
View Paycheck issues
View paycheck doesn’t seem to work well on iPhone. Checks aren’t in order and don’t open, so far.
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4 years ago, LeoHart1920
Rep the Y
It is so helpful and up to date. I have always wanted to go to BYU and after covid hot this has been a major help... I highly recommend this app.
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6 years ago, tvBacon
Unreliable App. PLEASE FIX.
This App constantly fails. It “times out”when trying log in. Every time you engage the App to make changes to one’s account it can be miss leading as to whether any of the changes are registered. The App constantly logs you out. It’s upsetting to have this as an App be the gate way to this University’s inner workings. There is a real need for this App to function properly.
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2 years ago, just_call_me_uncle
Features don’t work on all devices.
With the on-campus eatery busier than ever, it is crucial to be able to use mobile food ordering ahead of time in order to get food on campus. But, the Dining Mobile Ordering feature is faulty, and doesn’t work on some devices. Thanks for leaving some of us out in the cold...
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2 years ago, Millie B chicken nuggs
Needs navigation to classes from the app. Should be able to buy things or connect Apple Pay with app so I don’t have to carry my wallet etc.
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4 years ago, jeddahlouise
Thank you!
This is such a relief after trying to navigate the website 😅
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5 years ago, higherfurtherfaster
Doesn’t work
This app constantly logs me out, I can never add money to my cougar cash, I have to log out and log back in almost every time. My Y time is very finicky and will also log me out almost every time I use it. Learning suite is a joke on it. All in all a very terrible app. Disappointed, as I am dependent on this app for simple things it can never fully do.
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6 years ago, TheBigJosher
Mostly reliable
This app mostly works most of the time, and it actually does some nice things like being able to clock in and out.
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6 years ago, SMH41095
Increases Efficiency
The app brings many services around campus in to one location at the touch of a finger. It has helped me out a lot!
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6 years ago, Beik Man
It works
You just have to turn off restrictions. Go to Settings < General < Restrictions and then turn them off.
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2 years ago, Nathan111423
I hate the visual design.
I had the app as a student and after coming back from my mission it’s different. That would be fine if it didn’t all look sloppy in the name of casualness. The guitar pick shaped icons hurt my brain and there are too many animations.
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3 years ago, abcbyuman2
Awesome App
I love this app, I use it every day because it makes things easier!
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