BYUtv: Stream Live TV & Movies

3.9 (870)
28.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
BYU Broadcasting
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for BYUtv: Stream Live TV & Movies

3.93 out of 5
870 Ratings
8 months ago, Bryant 1997
Great app, but needs accessibility improvements
This is a great app, and I would love to give it five stars, but I am having a couple of issues. First of all, I had to reinstall this app on my phone, because I was having an issue where the episodes would not appear to play. I was trying to listen to some BYU Football episodes, but I was having a problem getting the sound to play. my picture and picture window was displayed, and the video was appearing to play, but no sound was heard. i’m not even sure if the video was playing. I couldn’t tell because I have no vision. that leads me to my second point. I am blind, and I feel like this app could use a few accessibility improvements. I use a screen meter called voiceover, and there are a few unlabeled buttons in this app, where voiceover says nothing when I move to them, just the word button. I am also finding it hard to download specific episodes. When I tap on the download button, nothing appears to happen as voiceover does not report that the episode is downloading, but rather it still says download button. I am accessing the download button through the BYU Football page on BYU TV. I am going to the specific episode, clicking on the episode and then clicking on the download button button from there.
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4 years ago, confusedBYUTvFan
Love it but also confused where all the time episodes are going???
I love watching studio c and Wayne Brady and making good, but where are the episodes going?? I wanted to show an episode of Making Good to my little brother, specifically the one where Kirby learns to box and helps someone earn their white gloves, but it isn’t anywhere to be found! Also I’ve been watching all of the studio cs again and I noticed that like 20 episodes are gone from the old seasons, and even from the new ones! I don’t know, I have an account and love watching them, but I’m confused why this is happening and why I can’t find any reason why or the episodes whereabouts. Also where in the world is the entire season six of studio c????? And basically all of studio c, making good, some random acts and I’m sure other shows episodes. I don’t know if it’s just a glitch on my phone and my roku, but SO MANY episodes are gone and I love them and want to watch them, I really hope you aren’t picking and choosing which episodes to have because I love them all, and I really don’t like it how I can’t figure out why they’re suddenly gone:( please fix this!!!!!!
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1 year ago, Laceyspace
Love this app, but needs more accessibility
This app is great and I love that you can favorite programs, but I am totally blind and an iPhone user. I use a screen reader call voiceover to help me navigate everything on the screen. Every time I go to browse through a collection or a category it does not read any of the titles. It just skips right down to the bottom of the screen with your options for home search live account etc. I would like this app to be more accessible for other blind users like me.
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3 years ago, inezthompson
Definitely needs improvement
The content on BYU TV is great! Unfortunat whoever designed their app has omitted valuable features. It is not possible to lock the screen so that one can switch positions without the screen rolling back into the small view. Every other video app I use will do so, but if you try to watch this app when laying down, you will be disappointed by its lack of ability to remain in landscape mode when not held landscape. For a reclining viewer that is an unhappy thing. And if you fall asleep while watching episode one of a series, when you wake up, the entire series has played. It just plays the next episode automatically. Many of us fall asleep watching a show, and it would be highly valuable if we could set the app to NOT continue playing all night. That way we can continue watching the next night, easily finding where we were when we fell asleep. Episode we have watched be clearly marked, so that we can easily find where we are in a series. As it is now, a viewer will need to constantly watch the starting of episodes to figure out if they’ve watched the episode before. What a pain! Overall, the app is vastly inferior to almost all video watching app.
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3 years ago, Kat in AZ
Put one because my comments wouldn’t be sent otherwise!
Most miserable experience I’ve ever had watching BYU Volleyball — couldn’t even watch a complete play! Or hear a complete sentence from the broadcasters! I have the latest app update — I tried both wi- fi and cellular data, with no difference — I checked my internet speed (Century Link) and it was 22 — I tried to pause the feed to see if that helped, but all of the pauses during the feed resulted in the BYU Volleyball logo popping up on screen at the same time, which meant there was nothing being recorded. I used the camera on my phone to take a video — just over a minute long — of what was being broadcast in this app when I tried to cast it to my TV. If anyone there seriously wants to see this and FIX IT, I’ll be happy to share.
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4 years ago, 7Peaches
Great content but inconsistent episodes.
Where do the episodes and seasons go??? One day all the episodes in a season is there, the next day several episodes and even seasons are missing! Then next day some episodes may be back, then next time they’re gone again!! Also I don’t get why there’s a log in feature for an account, there’s no watchlist, I have to search for the show every single time I want to watch it. There’s no way to continue watching. And most times the episode is gone jf I come back to finish watching it! There’s also no way to find shows I’ve added to favorites, there’s no “favorites “ option! I love the shows that you offer- I just wish they actually were available.
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5 years ago, lots of diets
Devotionals are not easy to find
Hello my name is Brenda Lorash. I am a big supporter of BYU tv. Lately i have been disappointed in your programing. You took off the Devotional on sunday morning and replaced it with tv that is not inspirational. You also took the sunday afternoon Devotional that use to air at 4:00. BYU tv is very very important to our family. Im thankful for the church programming you do provide. The app is good but hard to share the devotional to messenger. I used ti be able to share them with my children but it wont let me do that anymore. Anyway please consider all that i have put in this review. In our day we truly need more of the spiritual at our fingertips and byu tv and this app does that. Thank you
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5 years ago, Gabi24601
Amazing but I have a question!!
I’ve had this app for about a month and have really liked it!! I highly suggest if you are looking for family friendly shows of all sorts!!!!! Question though: I really enjoyed going back and watching old episodes of studio c, but I just checked studio c today and seasons 1-8 are MIA! I searched the show on the app and found some of the earlier episodes, but they weren’t all kept in one place. Is there some sort of problem with the app or are the old studio c vids being removed? Thank you so much! Love the app a lot!!!!
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2 years ago, Bulgaria528
Steven James
I love the BYU TV app because of granite flats that it’s still available till this day when it was streamed back in 2013. I hope that you guys will be keeping granny flats for a really long time because I really want to purchase it on prime video but you guys are available on prime video hope with you guys soon enough can have available on prime video. Now I do think that the app might need some updates for it to be a little bit more better organized streaming wise for people to use it.
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4 years ago, super😀😀
Great app!
I love this app it. Is so much fun to watch all of the series. Studio c for example is so fun to watch and up lifts me when I am down. There is nothing that I can really complain about because it is a great app for all ages. Plus it is so easy to watch and download episodes for road trips or flying in a plane. I can use it on the roku so not only can I watch it on a mobile device I can also watch it with my family on tv. I also use this app for general conference and devotionals with my family. Thanks for a great app. I recommend it highly! :)
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2 years ago, warriorseries
Nothing special about this byu service
Just because it’s BYU doesn’t mean they aren’t collecting, monitoring and selling your data. You used to be able to just Watch without signing in. Now you MUST sign in with an account. While I’m sure they have some excuse for it, it’s primary purpose is to track you so they can monitor and sell data. All the other “conveniences” They say you need an account for should be optional, but again, requiring an account is not for the benefit of the user. Speaking of which, this app is lacking in almost all categories. The church can and should do better. BYU should not be exempt from ridicule because they are a church sponsored school , and neither should their products.
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3 years ago, skymma
The Messiah
If we could watch it , I’m sure that it would receive 5 stars. It is listed with all of the shows that are available on the BYUTV app, but it can’t be pulled up. So frustrating to spend so much time trying to figure out why we can’t get it when it is showing as available! What is going on? Is it because the BYUTV app is so substandard that they want it to look like there are more shows than are truly available? Or is the person responsible for keeping the viewing options current just lame? I really thought that BYUTV had more integrity than that. We have tried over and over to get this program. Why is it showing as available when it is not?
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5 years ago, lasfdhjlpotqaxc
Things to improve
I would like to have a download all button and episode order in the correct order once downloaded and it downloads all in each series starting from season 1 episode 1 up to the last episode thanks if possible I was thinking you should put it next to the information button next to the information button is share button next to share is favorite thanks for providing a simple app and simple way to watch tv online for free
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1 year ago, Pikachu_kid22
Love how it’s all Christian… hate how it skips..
To be honest I am Christian and this is EXACTLY what the world of entertainment needs, but there has been a… glitch. I love Studio C! And I’ve watched all of the seasons three times! But when I watch it, the whole thing skips episodes. I. HATE. THAT. Especially when me and my family watch seasons straight. (don’t ask) I would like you to find that bug and kill it N’kay? Thank you. I have no disrespect for the creators of this app… I only disrespect the glitch. Thanks!
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2 months ago, LavenderBasket
No delete from continued watching
This app really needs an option to delete from Continued Watching. Shows just remain on list even though they are at the end of the show or they automatically go to the next episode and it stays on Continued Watching even though I haven’t watched it and I don’t want to watch it. So frustrating. I love the all the content!
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2 years ago, Serity Davidson
New version looks nice but…
I am having issues with the new version. I can’t chromecast anymore. Bummer. I can’t get videos to pause for minute. Also, there has been issues with the automatic continuation between videos. Ruby and the well has one episode I season two that once you see it, you can’t see it again…it skips to another. On other show, it automatically switches to the same first episode after every episode is over. I hope their are some updates soon. We love BYUtv.
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1 year ago, JimR17
Good App and Good Shows but cuts the end off
Many shows cut off and go to the next episode early and there is no way to turn this auto play functionality . It’s especially annoying as you can’t ever seem to get it to play the last few seconds so your not sure what you may have missed. The app MUST have a way to turn off auto play or at least click away from the prompt that the next episode is about to start - but stop it from starting.
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2 years ago, KO Not OK
I’m not at all techy, but it seems y’all have tried to reinvent the wheel. When I leave and return to the app, it doesn’t take me back to where I was; I have to remember which episode I’ve watched in a series and hunt accordingly. In addition, I keep getting messages that I’m not connected to my Wi-Fi—even though my other streaming services are working properly. Very frustrating. I hope you’re able to work it out, because when I CAN use the app, I enjoy the programming.
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4 years ago, Fizzackerly
Shows in the future?
My train of thought: “I have some time now; maybe I’ll watch the episode of BYU Sports Nation from earlier today. (Taps on picture of BYUSN picture on the main landing page, under “Sports Programs”) “‘Available in 17 hours’?! Oh, this is the episode for tomorrow! Can I scroll further along this line of rectangles to get to today’s episode? No, but here’s a spot for the episode that will happen in 3 days! Who comes to this spot in the app to find a link to an episode that will happen 3 days from now?!” (Exasperated sigh!)
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6 years ago, living4Love
BYUtv is awesome
BYUtv is amazing I could not ask for a better app...!!!! I can hop on the app and watch my favorites shows of there’s, relative race and random ask is my favorite, check out those shows a pretty great, if you like to laugh visit Studio C, there’s a show for everyone, you can explore and watch the football BYU teams play. Go BYU!!!..., you can also download shows and episodes to watch offline... go BYUtv!!!
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3 years ago, Rwsantmyer
Nutcracker missing?
I love this app with all the studio Cs!!! But my fav was watching the nutcracker Ballet from ballet West but it was “removed” right before Christmas but I unfortunately missed the airings of it, but I figured I could watch it after all the airing about the only two videos that are left are two version of the 75th anniversary celebration commentary. Is there way to watch the full ballet again like before????
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4 years ago, disnnedarling
I agree with the person just above me!! I find it difficult to go to other episodes like the guy who fixes protheses for animals ! I so enjoy but just a few of the shows are showing and I don’t enjoy watching reruns more than once or twice! Are there any other shoes for this particular show about Paws? I would like to know how to get them if so? Tell me how to get them.
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4 years ago, sunrise field
Making Good
Of course we are all aware that it cost money to produce great programming. Please make a long term commitment to Making Good and do not even change the HOST. I believe Kirby has found his calling. To have someone realistic, relatable with emotions. He is AWESOME! The stories have been exactly what we need all the time but even more so today in the midst of a world wide pandemic. His down to earth presentation is a plus. THANK YOU
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4 years ago, Larjmac
Able to
Watch my favorite shows no matter where I am. I have enjoyed BYU on my TV for years. It will be great to see them anytime I want. Signed in on app and it is working great so far. Do hope others will also try it and like the family friendly shows. Keep up with your shows and look forward to seeing what else you come up with!
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2 years ago, blueusu
After finishing a show, it does not go back to the beginning. The App also will skip the episode saying it was finished and go to the next episode that is not finished. I have to go on my computer or TV to watch 1 min then go back to the phone to watch. Very frustrating
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6 years ago, DocCWms
I really like this app. It was especially nice when I was traveling out of state and not able to watch on BYU on TV. I was able to live-stream my favorite shows. Now with being able to download episodes, it’ll be even more enjoyable! (I would like to be able to see shows that aren’t BYUTV productions using playback or download)
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2 years ago, YeahSheReads
Really disappointed
So I absolutely love byu I’ve had it for years but recently I noticed that some of my favorite shows are gone😭(the inspectors, ice stars and one other which i cant remember the name of but was a multi part series in which teens tried to survive in extreme parts of the world) i was REALLY disappointed as those where basically the only shows I actually watched on byu. Overall I would have given this app a 5 if not for my fav shows being gone😔 Thanks!
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6 years ago, rparker55
Quirky interface.
Tried watching the Messiah on this. It did ok as long as I didn’t touch the screen. If I did it would occasionally zip off to the right to show the cover screen forcing me to restart. When this happened I tried to move the time marker to about where I lost it. Instead of moving the marker it moved the whole screen. Several times I ended up on the cover screen again. After multiple tries I got lucky and the marker moved.
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4 years ago, Dissappointed #2
App OK Biggest Disappointment
The app works OK. Search feature is poor. My biggest complaint is with trying to get the episodes of Heartland. They are not numbered within a season and you can not access all episodes within a season. I watched 2 episodes of season 3 and when I went back to watch the others they we gone and I am not able access the rest of that season. Many times it shows previously shown scenes but I was never able see those episodes. VERY POOR
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2 years ago, Secret Reviewer Person
Good Content, Bad Interface
BYUtv provides great content. However, their apps need a lot of work. They generally are not intuitive. It allows you to mark shows as favorites and then does not provide easy access to favorite shows. Also, I would like the first group of shows to be shows that I have been recently watching so I can easily start right where I left off.
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6 years ago, HaoleFeet
Good access but can’t fast forward
Love the access to programming but on my iPhone i can no longer fast forward a show to a specific part. Just 10 seconds at a time which takes 5 seconds to process. From a user experience perspective I would expect to be able to drag the progress bar at the bottom of the screen in order to fast forward. But if I try that it just drags the whole screen off. Please consider a revamp of fast forward feature.
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4 years ago, Rock Chick Mom
I love the shows…
… but I’m having a problem with the BYUTV app on my Firestick Smart TV. After every episode of any show I get a google chrome error message and the only way to open the app is to uninstall then reinstall it. I can usually watch a whole episode before I get the message but that’s only if I’m lucky. It’s the newest version of the app, and this ONLY happens with this app. I can’t seem to get tech support for that. What should I do?
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6 years ago, ellie-had
Love and war
I love this app, the ability to have the shows at my fingertips is just great! But I’m also at war with this app because every time I choose to watch a show or open a toggle the app closes down on me and I have to start all over again. I like the previous design, it was more user friendly and I could navigate easily. This new app is not easy to understand and I can’t watch the shows I want.
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4 years ago, iapar2020
Does not remain with live tv selection.
I try to tune in for the 5-6 am scripture discussion and the program slips in to a western show. I can step back and start live tv again and it slips back to the western again and again. This is miserable. I have an iPhone 11 plus with the current upgrade. Hope you can fix this. Other than that I would gladly give better than a five star rating.
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5 years ago, Ann then
Mostly great
The app works great! Love having access to all things BYUtv!! 🤗 The only frustrating thing is that often the live movie advertised is not the actual movie that is on. For example, it says Disney’s The Kid should be playing live right now, but instead it’s another movie. That can be quite a let down. 😢
Show more
5 years ago, Cm)6$El
Closed Captions
There needs to be something in the settings that lets me put on closed captions and turn them off. Sometimes closed captions just turns on and I have no idea why. Its really annoying. If you could put that in that would be so awesome! Thank you
Show more
2 months ago, Nessie L.
I love the Content
I love the Content, but I have a few suggestions: It would be awesome if the app could remember which episodes I have watched, and when I click on a show in "myBYU TV" that it would start where I left off. It would be nice to have more information about when movies and TV Show episodes are coming available, and when they will be leaving the app. It would be nice to be able to switch profiles easily on the app, and for the App to remember which types of shows each profile prefers. It would be nice to enter a few parameters, and for BYUtv to give me some relevant suggestions on what to watch. Thanks. :-)
Show more
10 months ago, belkysandy
Breath of fresh air
I can’t believe I discovered this hidden gem. I love the variety and quality if shows. I finally found something I can watch substantial shows on that are appropriate for all family members.
Show more
3 years ago, California Man
Great content sketchy reliability
I use BYUTV on my AppleTV most of the time but this app can be glitchy. A couple weeks ago The sound started to be off sometimes playing a live stream when I’m watching a show from their library and often the sound is off by three seconds! Can’t find any place to get any technical help and I’ve tried calling them before about things and they are not very responsive! Such great content please fix your apps and keep them working guys!
Show more
10 months ago, Xapwv Mose
Replace your daily binge of Fox News or CNN with BYUtv and watch how quickly the fear and negativity leaves. This has pulled me out of dark place and I found the app by accident. An advertisement led to a video that froze so I skipped to the next one and it was BYUtv. Sincerely, thank you.
Show more
5 years ago, bergda
Love the Channel HATE the New Logo
I love BYUTV but the new logo is hideous! Even the children in our family commented on the change - when an 8-year-old asks why “they” would change it, you know it’s not a winner! Please change it back to the original! It was an icon.
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3 years ago, yours only, "nickname" <3
Why doesn’t it save the episode I’m watching
I like the content but I have to screenshot where I’m at each time I stop an episode of Heartland instead of being able to pick up where I left off when I open the app back up. 2 different devices, same problem. It never saves where I left off.
Show more
2 years ago, Countrygirl2of6
Trying to watch The Chosen but all that comes up is app use tool
I was trying to stream The Chosen, which the app said was available, but all that came up was a data usage screen, which won’t go away, even though I’m on WiFi. Not exactly user friendly and certainly not very helpful.
Show more
1 year ago, 🌸Amigurumi
Excellent Programs to view
I have thoroughly enjoyed the diversity in programing that BYUtv offers. Something interesting and enlightening for everyone- from Extinct to The Chosen, Ruby’s Well to Painting the Town and fun movies- so many excellent options. BYUtv is our Go to App❣️ Mom, sister and Grandmother
Show more
6 years ago, PatMiBis
Fix “Schedule”
I’m frustrated that the “schedule” for the programs of the day show only the current show and the rest of the day! I frequently scrolled through the programs that played earlier in the day (and previous days too) to choose and replay them when I could listen. Please fix this! Thank you!
Show more
6 years ago, S. Conover
We met tonight for our weekly scripture study. Opened up the Discussions on the Book of Mormon and had to sit through an advertisement! WHAT??!?! Talk about ruin the Spirit. Shut it off and suffered through getting back in the right mood. Well. I’m tempted to do completely away with the app. Probably will. I don’t like ads of any kind. Especially when I’m trying to follow the Prophet and get closer to Christ. Thanks for ruining our experience.
Show more
11 months ago, Dritten345
Good app!
No ads, good content, no complaints. I’ve been watching Saving Me and am hoping for a third season. It is not super user friendly, but not bad either. I figured it out pretty quick.
Show more
6 years ago, Wordsworth60
What an improvement!
I opened the BYU-TV app today with some dread, anticipating once again that I would have to struggle to find what I was looking for. Surprise! A beautiful, new, intuitive app! I found The Joseph Smith Papers in a matter of seconds. Thanks for this amazing overhaul.
Show more
2 years ago, Resourceful!
Awesome family and sports but…
I have to run app on phone and AirPlay to tv screen. Could we get a app on Samsung TV. I have it on Apple TV device but got larger (second tv) for tv room but no access to our favorite BYUtv.
Show more
4 years ago, Tonal Sonority
This is what is on.
This has been a wonderful addition to our family viewing, Thank you for making this programming accessible. Now, this is what's on Whenever!
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