CA Lottery Official App

4.8 (179K)
48.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
California Lottery
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for CA Lottery Official App

4.77 out of 5
179K Ratings
4 years ago, fashoe64
Outstanding App Review
Back in the day,( 20$ years ago I use to have to input the number off of each non winning ticket into the second chance lottery app in order to be eligible for the second chance drawing . It would take me a very long time to input my non winning scratchers because I had a hard time reading the number . Now the update improved input of my non winning second chance tickets are simply scanned into the lottery app by my cell phone in seconds . I’m so thrilled for this new and fun way to imput my tickets now that it’s so fast and easy to do . Thank you California Lottery for a excellent job inproving the all around experience of the journey of using the user friendly lottery app from start to finish. My sincere pleasure in thanking your team for thier help in making the whole process extremely easy now.
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5 years ago, Ms. Whitener
Terrible User Interface
After many painstaking attempts to change my password as it decided it would not take mine any longer...disjointed user interface. Verified my information on my account as prompted for 2nd Chance. All of the information was of course the same so I hit ‘Save’ only to get a new message telling me that I could only have 1 account. I only have 1 account. No help from the website as to how they think I have more than 1 account when they already have my info. Then I was given an email that my information needs to be confirmed manually and ....get this...I should send in a copy of my ID and a copy of a rental/utility/mortgage unknown people so I can PLAY, yes play, 2nd Chance...SAY WHAT?!? Then they’ll destroy those copies to protect my identity. Ummm...You’re all up to speed on what Not To Do to have your identity stolen, right? Why do I need to verify my identity, which you’ve already done, Before I’ve won anything? Why would I send unknown people my identity information and if it’s in those hands the first time, why wouldn’t it stay safe there if kept...because it’s not safe going there And it’s not safe being kept there. Someone should investigate this.
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5 years ago, Twister J
Okay but Needs a Few Tweaks
I want to love this app but there are some SERIOUS drawbacks. First, I keep losing. That’s no fun. Come California Lottery, just let me win occasionally, enough to keep my hopes and dreams afloat. Second, some might call this a perk but it just depresses me. The app is lightening fast when it scans my ticket and tells me I am not a winner. Come on already. At least take a few seconds to think about what you are about to tell me. Heartbreak. Every time. Instantly. Here are some ideas for improvement: 1) Stop being so darn speedy. Like have an hourglass that flips around a few times or some bars that flash across the screen and imply that you are actually thinking about my ticket. I mean, I need a few final moments to dream about the house I am going to build. Stop dashing my hopes so rapidly. 2) It’s not fun. I want noises or music or something. Like a drumroll or some suspenseful music. Then, when I lose, (like ALWAYS do) I want to hear sad sounds like “wa-wa-waaaa” followed by maybe a hopeful prompt to buy again with hopeful sounds. Come on California Lottery. I know I have a greater chance of getting struck by actual lightning than I do of winning the lottery so make the experience worth my $2. I’ve spent actual decades planning how I’m going to blow all that money. Add some flourish already to augment my dreams. Thank you from a semi-faithful ticket buyer and always optimistic lottery life planner-outer.
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6 years ago, Jskshebnapdysbeksuwhbw
Thank you so much
I’m very happy now because I don’t trust the people working in the stores when they scan your ticket and if the ticket winners 100 dollars they try to trick you and telling you congrats you won a 20 dollar especially if you don’t know how to play or you don’t know how to check your ticket which is happened to me before I have won five hundred dollars in the bingo ticket and I already check the ticket and showed me the price which is five hundred dollars but I want to the store to see what will the clerk who worked there and definitely I was right the guy told me that I won 50 dollars only and I started to laughing I asked him to give me my ticket back and when he handled the ticket to me I said shame on you and I left the store but now I’m safe now thank you for this app
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4 years ago, Gold magnat
Scratcher game information needs to be redone !
The updated scratchers information page is extremely time consuming, confusing, and lacks consumer attention . The first thing I noticed is that the player no longer can go to the picture of the game and scroll to number of winners and amount of prizes available at a glance. The new method requires that the player put the name of the game to the ticket. Some games have similar names. The other irritating thing I noticed is how all the detailing information is at the top like a spreadsheet. Too much going up and then scrolling down. I play regularly and check tickets and information on the games constantly. I like to do it as a hobby and would like to see the convenance that it had before. I give the new scratcher page a 0.
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4 years ago, Umphphreak6
2nd Chance ticket entering broken
Ever since the app was shut down for a matter of hours that one night recently, the 2nd Chance entry has been messed up. For awhile it was a hit or miss on whether it would accept the ticket. Since the last bug fix update, it doesn’t count consecutively scanned tickets. If you scan 4 tickets in a row, it will say it’s #1 of 500 for all 4 tickets. But if you hit “Done” instead of “scan again” & than hit “enter 2nd Chance” again, it will count them correctly. You just can’t use the “scan again” feature ever since the last update. Many of my friends are having the same issue. I would give 5 stars if this issue was fixed.
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5 years ago, mcmahon59
How much is enough
And all the thousands and thousands of tickets that I have bought on scratchers this is the least amount of money you have ever been giving on your tickets I don’t know how you get away with printing one in 51 and six or one and three you know the odds it’s pretty well known that once you buy a ticket it’ll be seven more tickets before you get another winter especially on the two dollar tickets which is a total fraud the other thing that so frustrating which I quit wanting to play your game is thatIn the fast cash part of many of your tickets there’s never anything there it’s a total insult to the people that obviously you don’t care from one who’s played your game for so long I feel so ripped off
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3 years ago, marchfool
My favorite app!!!
Why? Because no other app is gonna make me a multi millionaire. Yeah sure I know the odds but one day soon I’m gonna scan my lottery ticket and all the bells and whistles will go off. And just like that I’ll know I’ve hit the jackpot. And while I’m waiting there’s always the second chance drawing and this app makes it easy to enter too! If that’s not enough you can check all kinds of lottery tickets 24/7. Yes you heard it right even @ 3am when you can’t fall back asleep you can check a ticket and find out you’re a big winner without leaving the comfort of your bed. Unless, of course, you decide to jump for joy!!!
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3 years ago, LSD209
I almost gave a 4 star rating but...
I almost gave a 4 star rating for the CA Lottery app because of a feature that I wish was included but then realized that it doesn’t justify the loss of a star because overall the app runs great and does everything it says it does. So yes the app is great but if there’s a time when the developers decide to improve it then I’d like to recommend on behalf of all the 2nd chance players that it would be awesome if the results to the 2nd chance games were accessible through the app. Thanks and good luck too all the players!
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3 years ago, TiredOfNotWinning
Not Enough Winners
I’m disappointed because I play quite a bit & what is frustrating is if I play the Lottery mega millions or powerball, the lottery has made it where there are larger jackpots but I don’t think we should provide winners with so much money that they can’t possibly spend it in their lifetime, I think there should be more winners with less money (given how many individuals are under the poverty line). More than likely there will still be pretty large jackpots at a reduced amount. But my suggestion more than likely will go unheard but I really think it would be a better result. Otherwise, I don’t think I’ll play much longer as no matter if I play scratchers or the california lottery, I just don’t win enough to justify using that money for fun versus necessity.
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6 years ago, kdbianco
Thank you California lottery… It’s about time! The new check a ticket function is fantastic, it’s been a long time coming but I am so happy that you added it finally. So far I have had no problems using it. I had expected that it would only tell you whether or not your ticket was a winner like the old version using the second chance scanner did but You went the extra step and made it capable of telling you how much your Winning ticket is worth. Who knows before long we won’t even have to buy scratchers will be able to scratch them on our iPad!
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4 years ago, msvinbako
Love ca lottery
I’ve been playing the lottery since the very beginning. I’ve won a few nice jackpots on scratchers and draw games, but I’m still looking for the “big one”! I must admit, however, that I miss some of the features that were available on the former lottery website, such as “number frequency” and “are your numbers lucky?”. I also miss seeing pictures of lottery winners and reading their stories. Sorry, I just miss the old format. It was much more user-friendly and way more fun. After all, isn’t that what it’s all about? Please bring the fun back to the ca lottery website.
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6 years ago, pantherestates
Well now not sooooo good
When I first downloaded this app I thought it would make my life so much easier scanning my non-winning tickets until the second chance or being able to check my tickets to see if I’m a winner or not now the app is Not working at all every time I login with my email address and password it keeps saying in bright red sorry we are having problems right now every single day it’s having problems so not only can you not login you can forget about scanning the tickets
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4 years ago, 80forgiven
Difficult to win
I’ve been submitting non winning tickets for years and years . Many many tickets. I try I try and. It’s to difficult to win the 2nd second prizes. I feel so stupid giving my money to the California Lottery. I’m just flushing my money down the toilet. It’s a rip off. I am not being a negative. I have better luck going to. San Manuel Casino. I feel taking advantage of. All The money i’ve been spending over the years on scratchers and not winning anything worth talking about . And then. I submit them the non winning tickets To the 2nd chance . And I still don’t win anything. Other. Then wasting my money and time. All this money. I’ve waisted over the years. I could’ve done so much for my family. Instead of giving it to the California Lottery. The only people winning is the California Lottery. 😡
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3 years ago, Peepschattin
Past lotto numbers
The lotto website on the computer was updated last year and it excluded a lot of things for instants. You should be able to click on the ticket scratchers and go to that ticket and find out how many winners were left. You used to be able to check past lotto numbers 20 years back by putting in yours to see if they’ve ever won , you can’t do that anymore bring that back at least your website is worse than it was it was a better website before it was updated! People want to be able to check their lotto numbers to see if they’ve won recently so they can change their number to something else
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10 months ago, Las Vegas Player😃
Error message
Ok, for those that like me that the app was not working and customer service was not able to help to find out what was wrong with it here is something that help me to make the app works normal, after searching like crazy I found that the Wi-Fi (my Wi-Fi) was the problem, so when I want to check the app I just have to turn the Wi-Fi off and then whalalala started to work!!!! Hopefully works for you!!
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3 years ago, MoverTony
Tickets For Future Draws Need A Different Color and Message
I have this app three stars because tickets purchased for future draws have the same color as those that are not winners. A person not paying close attention could easily mistake a ticket purchased for a future draw as a loser and toss the ticket as a result. Winning tickets are notified in green. Losing ticket notifications should stay blue. Tickets for which the draw has not yet taken place should be magenta or some such distinctive color and contain the message you currently provide for these types of tickets. When this happens I will give the app 5 stars.
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3 years ago, SaySay2211
Need more detail
Need more detail on which county or small city that got five out of five numbers are six out of four numbers four out of four numbers it will be more helpful if we knew the city or state with a mega Powerball and super lotto thank you it will be more helpful if you allow me to win the second chance join as well I’ve been playing forever I have tickets piled up in boxes for the second chance and I have not won anything Thank you have a blessed day
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2 years ago, xpressobeans
Your personal check - a - ticket in the palm of your hand
I loath standing (or waiting) in the supermarket to use the single check a ticket scanner and discovered that the app has an option to scan my tickets where I want and when I want. Can’t get more convenient then that. I also don’t feel bad knowing that 95c of every dollar I spend goes back into the community/schools/college/prizes etc. Thanks Lotería 👍
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4 years ago, Orozco 12
I really like to play from day one that the lottery started I haven’t stop playing I can say I have had my days if winning and a lot of days losing but all in all I like to play if only they would make more winners in the $1.00 to the $10. ones and just just a free ticket I mean money wise I stated playing the Second chances and so far nothing but I still put them in hoping to win maybe some day until then I’ll be here playing
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3 years ago, WWilkey
I honestly do not understand why this system is not set up for more winners. Instead of these jackpots getting so high, so that maybe 1 or 2 winners are set for life, the system should stop at say 25- 50 million with maybe 5-10 winners each time. Maybe do drawings monthly so the pot can build up but establish the max amount More millionaires means more $$$ flowing into the economy, homelessness and poverty would be reduced. Perhaps even lower crime rate
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3 months ago, OMG_REVIEW
Never supports latest iPhone cameras..
Back when Apple released the iPhone 12 Pro, the scanner would not scan tickets because it would not switch to the macro lens for up close scanning. Eventually this was fixed but it took almost a year. Now here we are with the 15 Pro and we have the exact same issue. Move your phone in on the ticket barcode and rather than switching to the macro lens, the barcode gets blurry. It’s so annoying that I brought my 12 Pro out of a drawer and installed the app on it just to be able to scan tickets.
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1 year ago, Pelochino_Antrax302
I had recieved a message from the app and still couldn’t fix my problem
It’s a great app and easy to use but for some reason it won’t let me sign in to scan my 2nd chance tickets. It says I need to update my info and I did it twice and it still doesn’t work and then when I got that to work then I made a account to scan my second chance and it won’t let me sign in supposebly wrong password but it’s not. Please help Supposedly they where going to fix it and gave me a number to call and it was a machine and wasn’t even helped Still need help with the app
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2 years ago, roshimata
Works fine as long as your Region is set to USA
I had to switch my region to Japan to install a Japan commuter pass in Wallet. Forgot to change it back. at some point this Lottery app would keep shutting down immediately after loading. Tried many things with the phone thinking it was the app installation. After about two weeks, it finally dawned on me to inspect the phone region. Anyways … I switched my phone back to USA and the app works fine now. So just beware if you experience the shutting down immediately symptom.
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5 years ago, Grace Land Gang
New at this
I’ve been a member on this site for awhile but never really used it. I was looking for a way to scan my own tickets. I found that and many other important information regarding the lotto or lottery I never knew. Like, if I win big, the lotto office is only eight minutes from where I live. “Never knew that?” “This site is great!” Can’t wait to scan my first winning ticket using the app I down loaded from this site. “Very Kool!”
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4 months ago, Emmy Mariscal
Good but rarely actually works
My phone is up to date and so is this app but it still never works? It’s always saying “sorry there was an error with our system” and my login will never work. I’m not sure what else to do than delete and re-download it, forget it doesn’t work, and then use the self-serve kiosk at my grocery store instead haha. 2nd chance is a great option though when it does work!
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4 years ago, imaninet
“Default Screen” option in Settings
y’all should put an option in the settings menu for althea default screen, like so we can set which option opens up as the default when you open the app like i want the check a ticket screen to be what i see when i open up the app bc that’s the feature that i use the most and it’s more convenient for me, where as other people may enjoy having the second chance or the drawing screen as their default screen when opening the app.
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4 years ago, Bingo54
Love this app!
This app makes lottery life so much easier. I have told more than 6 people about this app and they were so glad they got it. Especially scanning your second chance scratchers & Superlotto tickets and checking to see how much you won on winning scratchers ( I have had more than a few tickets scanned as winners when I thought they were losers). Get this app if you play scratcher!!!!!!
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12 months ago, spyz0rz
Can’t remember the last time this worked for me
I can’t remember exactly when I first downloaded the app, but I do know that at the time, it worked. However, for the last few years or more, anytime I try to do anything in the app I get an error that just says “there was an issue with our system. Please try again.” This happens with anything and everything. Scan a ticket, log in, 2nd chance… just doesn’t work. I don’t remember what the last iOS version worked for me, but whatever the most recent one as of this post is, doesn’t work. At least not for me.
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5 years ago, Papa Pellegrino
Good but room for improvement
The app has an intuitive user interface and the ticket scanner saves a lot of time. However, after downloading the Washington State lottery app, I would like to recommend an improvement. The Washington app displays the drawing date and the winning numbers along side my numbers. The California app only shows that the ticket is not a winner. I would like to see the additional information to know that my ticket was scanned correctly.
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6 months ago, crystaltear06
App Error/Wifi Issue
For someone who has app errors or unable to use app, turn off the wifi and refresh your page by sliding the page down, it will work again. Initially I thought it’s my app. I deleted and re-downloaded it. It didn’t work. I waited for two weeks and thought it might be technical issues. Until I saw someone left a comment. Thanks to the person who posted the solution. The customer service is no help.
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1 year ago, cali.44
Can’t scan anything
I’m sure the developers know this because I have had the issue on multiple devices with 3+ cameras. The app can’t seem to force the newer pro model iPhones to choose a camera so it’s nearly impossible to scan your tickets for the 2nd chance drawing. Holding the ticket far away from the camera seems to work the best but the app developers need to account for this, not the users. Simple fix- test which camera of the 3 works best and force the app to use that camera and only that camera. Impossible on 13 pro and 14 pro max to use!
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4 years ago, NurseChelsii
Used to Love It
I’ve always loved this app because it let me check my scratchers with the barcode, (am I the only one who misses letters on crossword scratchers?! Lol.) and you can easily enter for the second chances while checking the barcodes. I just updated the app because it was buggy, and when I went to check my tickets I got a (new) alert that says you can’t check your tickets from 10pm - 7am... it makes no sense to me why you can’t scan a barcode and see if you’ve won at night. I think it’s a weird inconvenience and it loses major points for this alone.
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6 years ago, GoldGirl1111
Bad update
I loved this app more than anything but this latest update is not as good as it was before It took away an easy login that saved your user name— now it only gives you the option to stay logged in which isn’t very secure in my opinion. It doesn’t refresh the draw games easily which makes it a pain. You have to manually refresh when it used to do it automatically. Also it doesn’t scan in tickets for second chance as it did in previous version I rarely had any issues NOW it takes a dozen times to scan a ticket and keeps giving errors! All in all I wish I’d NOT updated, it was a great app and now it’s a pain in the everything to use, sad. SMH PLEASE FIX!!!
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6 years ago, Ethan Di Cavalcanti
It happened to me
At 711 store located on Santa Monica Blvd.... I gave the ticket to “my friend “ that worked the night shift....when he checked the ticket he unexpectedly almost scream “wow”..... than he laughed, pale and all and said.... you’re 1 dollar richer... and I started laughing too.... weeks later... went to the store and learned that he had quit the job he had for years and moved out of state!!!! I still think of it today....
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3 years ago, authentic only
It’s the little wins
Today I had a highlight of my day to have been able to Win off two scratchers. In a cold a decrepit world like today these little amusements have the potential to really brighten and make someone smile. Be kind buy one for a friend.... and share the little things...who knows one day that little thing could change a life forever.
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1 year ago, SadlyDisAPPointed9
Incorrect info and little support
I recently downloaded the app in order to track multi play tickets. The first thing I noticed was the drawing dates did not correspond to the advertised draw dates for any of the games. For example the results for the Friday’s (2/7/23) Mega Million draw appears as “February 6, 2023 Draw #1840” but Feb 6 is a Thursday not Friday. The dates on others apps on my iPhone 13 display correctly and there are no user settings. I emailed support and got the response “it looks ok on my phone “. Gee thanks. If the dates can’t even be rendered properly what else could be wrong.
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5 years ago, hairyleprechaun
APP is fixed and working flawlessly now!
The APP is fixed and working flawlessly now. Thank you! Request button/option to automatically scan for winning ticket and add 2nd chance at the same time so I don’t have to keep going back and forth between the two camera screens when checking multiple tickets.
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3 years ago, Psy-D.,Manley
The Game of Lottery
I play five times a week and since I am retired playing lottery keeps me on my feet; I walk to the store and buy a ticket and wait for the results that night, and analyze the ticket . I win, most often these days but I still want to hit the Big One, so I Say: One Day, I Will When and Start Playing Lottery all Over Again.
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3 years ago, Sesseeegirl
Wishing I would win
I’ve played the lottery for many many many many years tickets scratchers all of it never won a thing played second chance since it started put in 25 to 50 tickets a month for many years and still never won a thing but I won’t quit because you just never now
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6 years ago, Lioness011
Need the deadlines to buy
Used to be in the app that I could find how much time I had before the deadline to buy a ticket. I’ve searched all over this app and I can’t find it now. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve gone to a retailer to try and buy a fantasy five ticket only to find out I’ve missed the deadline. It would be great if it was on an easily accessible page and not buried in a subdirectory, inside another subdirectory and further inside yet another subdirectory.
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4 years ago, Mia Rai
Frustrated consumer
My app refuses to update no matter how many times I delete it and restart. It always goes right back to the last place it was. How is that possible??? I even called the lottery office. And they will tell you to contact Apple. They have nothing to do with the app. So I did and they were able too remotely remove it out of my memory. But now the new app won’t update to the week of the current days. I don’t know what to do at this point anymore. I’ve never been more frustrated with a app as this one.
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4 years ago, Cally3469
Second chance tickets.
I've been doing the second chance thing since about second chance started. I've had boxes of tickets up in my rafters. I've never even come close to winning. I believe that the whole second chance thing was. Created so that people collect the lottery tickets and lottery people don't have to pay to have that garbage cleaned up. Do they really win? I don't know. How's that?
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5 years ago, weinerdinnerchicken
This is a really cool applicatioïn, I love how it makes life much easier when it comes to not knowing how to play one of the slightly difficult and Intricate game styles and if u might be a winning option er or not with the awesome option of scan a scratcher and if it looses u can scan the game for 2nd chance quite effortlessly with the scan 2nd chance option and voila!!
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4 years ago, ladynutmom
Website does not inform
California lottery has change the website and they do not inform you anymore about what prices are left. so in actuality you don’t know if you’re buying the dud tickets. I think it’s a scam not to inform what prizes are still available on stretcher games because the website in the past,it used to inform you what was still available prize amounts and then you could choose tickets
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11 months ago, gary dot c
Amazing App For the Disabled thank you
This app makes everything super easy to check your tickets/scratchers m. No more waiting in line just to see if you won or not. The only thing I wish the app had is previous winners and even check your lucky numbers.
Show more
5 years ago, 33Novato79
Love The California Lotto Games
I enjoy playing the scratchers and believe me I hardly ever win and I have so many in the second chance drawing so I’m hoping one day something good will happen there but I love your games and that’s what draws me to it and don’t go to the casinos I know my budget and I just love what you do with the money towards the schools throughout California thank you Angie Proctor
Show more
4 years ago, dakinemp
Keeping info from customers
The old web site shows how much each scratcher still has as far as winners, it shows where the winning ticket winners on the draw games came from. The new website keeps information from the customer , why are they trying to hide all of that
Show more
5 years ago, ayalec
I was betting since 2007 hoping i can win but unfortunately untill now 2018 never even once i won , i stopped but fame back when my daughter needing money for surgery she needs 35 thousand dollars in order to live but still not even a single penny nothing but i am not stopping hoping i can get and win atoeadt those money that my daughter needs!
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4 years ago, theresabeme
It’s so much easier to add 2nd chance tickets. What I really like is I can just check my tickets to see if they’re winners. I don’t have a ton of losing tickets piling up waiting to be checked. When that happens I end up standing there for a long while at the gas station scanning a ton of tickets. I dreaded that so they’d keep piling up. I love this app!!
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