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User Reviews for CA Real Estate Pocket Prep

4.74 out of 5
987 Ratings
5 years ago, JocelynMusic
The Best App To Ensure You Will Pass Hands Down!
Best app you could possibly ever use and teach you your full potential. The explanations help with the logic of future questions as well. Also, it’s a perfect, easy to use interface and the most relevant questions if you really take time to study answers; things will start to click and naturally you will be making proper associations with other topics that may be on the exam. I personally would get daily notifications sent to phone for study times and would always start by clicking the link to answer the “question of the day” (this usually got me inspired to smash through, after that...usually onto the “quick 10 questions” when ever I had time I studied even is for a small break no real excuse not to.
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6 years ago, MissLyn579
Only study tool I used!!
I passed my exam because of PocketPep! It is the only study tool I used. I crammed for 2 days and answered about 80% of the question with no problem. This is what I did however I DO NOT recommend that you do the same if you can avoid it. This is my second try at this exam. The first time I used audio only and I failed, so I highly recommend this app if you are more of a visual learner. Good luck!!
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5 years ago, Deberli
Passed my test today!
I wondered how this app would help when test day came. Here’s my opinion....none of these questions are on the actual test BUT I was consistently scoring 69% on my Kaplan pretests no matter how much I studied. I downloaded this app and used it for a week before taking the test. I think it helps solidify key terms and if you’ve taken classes and done your due diligence, you will be able to apply the terms to actual scenarios. The test isn’t easy but this app combined with many practice tests should help you pass! The one downside to the app is that a lot of the questions are repeated often. I didn’t feel like it truly had 500 questions. Lastly, it’s worth purchasing the most expensive version of the app to get as much exposure as possible. Good luck!
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5 years ago, peterweeter
Good when it works
The app consistently needs to be closed completely and reopened, and a majority of the time I’ll find myself resigning in. 20$ seems to be a bit much for a app that doesn’t wanna go. However when it is working it is very helpful. When clicking on ways to practice, and selecting custom exam, and then show me answers as I go. The next page is suppose to list which sections you’d like to practice on, however many time a blank screen appears, indicating the app needs to be restarted. This can happen 3-4 times before it works properly and eats into time you could be actually studying.
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5 years ago, GoodMeat
Passed my CA real estate exam on my first try
Pocket Prep was a good tool to use as a supplement to my other course review material. The questions in CA Real estate Pocket Prep are NOT what you will see in the actual exam (common misconception from the reviews). The questions in Pocket Prep are meant to help you understand the real estate concepts and terminology. It was very convenient to have such an app on my phone as it gave me opportunities to take quick 10 questions exams whenever I had a few minutes to spare. This kept the concepts fresh in my mind.
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5 years ago, The Best Agent in SoCal
Has potential!
Preface: I did not do my Real Estate education in-residence. Everything was remote/self pace. The school I went with was ADHI Schools in SoCal. With that being said, this is a GREAT supplement. I would not take the material nor the knowledge acquired by this app to the state exam alone. As others have shared, this is great for a quick study session, on the go terms recognition, and less important case studies. Although this app gives some thorough explanations, it does not put things into context or scenarios. And for those that have yet to take the state exam, that is the basis of the MAJORITY of the questions. Understand how to put the terms, practices, and principles taught at your school in context and in relation to real world scenarios. Hypothetical, “what if”, and scenario/situation based questions would take this app to the next level. Passed my first time. Now working with a high-end Broker in SoCal
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6 years ago,
Passed on my first try!
I️ used a few different tools to take my CA exam, but this one was by far the best. The others had a lot of extraneous information that I️ didn’t need to know. This app had very similar questions to the exam. I️ was the first one out and passed easily. Thanks.
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3 years ago, jga956
Pretty good
It’s a decent app and especially convenient to have on your iPad or iPhone. I bought the full version with 500 questions, the only problem is I keep seeing the same questions over and over again. It really probably about 250 authentic questions. Also, they make the questions somewhat easy. I do really like that your stats are broken out by subject so you can see which areas you need to focus on.
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5 years ago, RelievedInCA
California RE Exam
Easy to use, customizable, relevant info helped me pass the CA RE exam on my first try. Was Leary of spending the $25 but it was money well spent. I knew the majority of the questions asked because I completed the 500 practice questions offered with this app. Money well spent!
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5 years ago, adios 2018
Handy app
Great app for practice questions just wish there were more of them before having to pay for the upgrade!
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5 years ago, Thom H
Good Learning Tool
This app is a good add in leaning tool but please keep in mind it does not cover the full realm of possible questions on the CA Real Estate Exam. You’re going to need to study and take all the exams included in your RE course study. Having said that and using this app for the past 6 weeks, averaging 92% took the state exam and failed. That’s my fault and not the app.
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3 years ago, AngelGrox21
NOT suitable for Broker exam prep
I purchased full version of the app and after taking most of the questions realized that there were no questions about brokers practice. I contacted the customer service and they assured me that it’s suitable for both real estate salesperson and broker exams. I still went ahead and bought an exam prep from Allied school and there’s a HUGE difference in questions. I believe this app is a fraud and will NOT prepare you for real estate broker exam. Save yourself time.
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6 years ago, MissCLM
Perfect Tool!
While I failed my test first time by 1%. Back at it again. This APP has been such a great help for studying. Well worth the $! 😊 Back at it again! Test next week. I love this app. Wherever I go and have free time I could just sign on and take practice quizzes.
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6 years ago, kayh8990
Great study tool
I'm using this as a study tool for my exam, and I must say that it is definitely helping me feel a lot more prepared and less anxious about the exam! I'd say it's definitely worth the money!
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5 years ago, Ramona Rhonda
Enjoyable way to study
Although I haven’t taken the Real Estate exam yet, I feel confident that I will be able to pass the test with the help of this prep course. thank you.
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5 years ago, MR. HANNN
Awesome study guide passed California test
Best mobile program to study on the go. Passed the test with only doing half of the full 500. Give it a try.
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5 years ago, nevereverdontdont
Don’t don’t buy this app nothing came from those 500 quesitons
DO NOT buy this app I just finished my sales person test and got failed. I tried hard to study and memorized all 500 questions from this app. HOWEVER, only 2 similar question showed up from test. Seriously I lost my time and $360of testing fee. I just requested to full refund and they advertised. Don’t trust this app. NoNoNo
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5 years ago, lovedandfree
I passed!
This app definitely helped prepare me for passing the exam!! I recommend the full version! It’s worth it!
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5 years ago, Tchukon
Practice when ever you got a free moment!
With this app I can practice when ever I have a free moment!
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5 years ago, #1 Loan Guy
Two thumbs up 👍👍
Great for on the go study. Also great multiple choice study guide.
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5 years ago, Kyle davenport
Really good!
I looked at a lot of options, this was by the far the BIGGEST BANG FOR THE BUCK. I used three other study tools and passed.
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5 years ago, realestate12345677
Prep questions
The best app and easy to use
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5 years ago, terribleapp2399
Horrible prep app
I paid $25 for this app and it is the slowest app ever. It never works and not to mention did not prepare me for the real estate exam at all. I am not happy with this app at all. Lastly it makes me sign up every time I open the app and will not allow me to log in. Biggest waste of money ever.
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4 years ago, realdeal911
Don’t believe the hype!
The questions on this app have nothing to do with the actual test. Then they make you jump through many ridiculous hoops to get your money back. Do yourself a favor and go to a live crash course.
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3 years ago, Appaloosagirl2012
Bait and switch
I downloaded the app and it redirected me to a page that has a subscription fee for a new app after seeing the benefit of this app is that there was no subscription fee. Clear bait and switch.
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5 years ago, Radrun12
Worst app ever!
This app is always freezing, dropping your testing progress, and always asks to restore your premium upgraded membership. Save your time & money. So many better apps out there!
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4 years ago, jjbevjills
AWESOME App for Study Prep
The best app I’ve found to assist with studying for the real estate exam!
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5 years ago, PGOCakes
Don’t bother purchasing
Purchased as an additional study aid with no luck. The questions asked in the app had absolutely zero todo with the actual questions on the exam
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5 years ago, Kotta45
Great app!
Easy to use
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2 years ago, nicknamebfc
This isn’t actually an app
It’s Just a container that makes you download a different app.
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5 years ago, SPOHRTACUS
This app states that the questions are pulled from the CA Real Estate Exam Blueprint and updated each day. I just took the exam and ZERO questions from the app were in the test.
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5 years ago, Rh7126
Mrs Rosena
Awesome app
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6 years ago, MJBolg
This app is the worst. Terrible worded questions and no effectively comparable with Kaplan or other test question apps/sites. Waste of money!
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8 years ago, Ambermom2008
Great addition to studying
I just passed my real estate exam today and I believe this app helped me. The questions in the app appear to seem simpler than the questions on the exam but I think this is beneficial because while using the app the questions are brought down to a level thats easier to understand so that you grasp the core of the question. Another great feature is that you can have the questions immediately tell you if they are correct or not with an explanation of why your answer was right or wrong and why the other answers are wrong. I would not advise you use this as your study tool alone to try and pass the test. I took the required courses a crash course studied my crash course book and made flashcards of the real estate terms that were tough to understand and if you're not in real estate this is necessary because real estate has its own language I did the flashcards handwritten so that I would retain the knowledge and I know there was at least 30 questions that I feel like something in this app helped me to understand so I could answer the question accurately so thanks for a great app and good luck to all you future testes
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8 years ago, laceyrey
Best $$ spent!
I purchased this app a few weeks before I took my exam. I crammed using this app and flash cards that I made based on the questions on this app I missed. I was SO prepared for my state exam because of this app! The questions were in the same layout and language in the app as they were for the exam. I was the first one done with my exam, and I only had to go back and really evaluate 13 questions. It was because of this app that I was so ready to take my exam. Thank you For making this tool for us! You'd be silly NOT to buy the full version of this app, if you are planning on taking the CA State Exam.
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7 years ago, Insurance Girl
Very Helpful App!!!
One of the Realtors in my office recommended this app to me to studying for my upcoming exam. I have found this app to be a huge asset and quiz myself anytime I find I have a little time in the day. I like that you immediately know if the answer is correct or not and provides you with the correct answer. You can set the number of questions used in each quiz, as well as set it up to time you. I would recommend to anyone studying for their real estate license.
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8 years ago, ChilGirl
Great Questions, Bad Explanations
On the whole, this is a good app for drilling before the real estate exam. Plenty of questions, randomly presented in quizzes that can be up to 100 questions long. You can flag the ones you miss and generate quizzes with just those. You can see the correct answer as you go through each quiz. All good. My criticism is that the explanations are really bad. For the most part, they don't explain anything just repeat the question and answer. Eg: "The answer is A because A is the answer." Which means if you don't know why your answer was wrong, you have to leave the app to google it. Not great. I used this app along with 2 others to drill and I passed my exam on the first try.
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7 years ago, Avoiceinthewilderness
A different experience...
Layout and user experience are incredible. Also, I appreciate that the creators are up front regarding this app being only a supplement and not a primary means of prep. Took my exam this week and found that although I consistently scored in the high 90s on the app's practice tests, I was extremely unprepared for the exam. The app helped me answer at most 15% of the questions. Luckily, I passed but I would encourage anyone using the app to devote most of their study time to other preps and only use this one as a convenience. To the creators, the app needs at least double the content. You have an incredible platform but 600 questions are just not enough.
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8 years ago, Oreo420
Best Crash Course
Just like the other reviews, this app is basically the reason I passed my state exam. During my exam, I realized I didn't answer 15-20 questions. Everything else just came naturally. Very impressed but the way the app lays everything out, and is very user friendly. Don't spend the $250+ on your crash course. But this app!
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7 years ago, Norcamills
What I appreciate about this app is that I can use it to study in just short little snip-its throughout the day rather than having to sit down and read/study/practice quiz for hours at a time. The score feedback and question explanations are all really helpful. I only gave it 4 stars because I think the full price to buy the app is too expensive (I only use the free features). If it were cheaper or pay in $5/mo rather than full $30 up front I would be more willing to pay and give a 5th star.
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8 years ago, JustPassedThanks
Great practice app, needs more questions
Just passed the exam. The key for me was the ability to take tests on each topic and flag the questions I got wrong. Then I took tests on all the flagged questions until I got them right, and unflagged each correct answer. If there were more questions in the question bank I would give this app a five for sure. Some topics on the test itself were not covered in this app, so I had to use an example questions book as well.
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9 years ago, mxcali916
Definitely NOT worth the price
Just took the California State Exam & used this as a study tool. Here's what I gotta say: (1) out of the 150 questions on the state exam, I'd say about two questions were directly from this app, and about five more were related to questions from this app, the rest were not anywhere near. (2) The testing options on here are extremely limited. The 'study tools' section is a PDF from a book on how to study for a test. (3) If this app were free, I might recommend it just to get the 2-5 questions down from the exam. Purchasing this app at a $1 or more, I would definitely NOT recommend to anyone. It's not worth it.
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8 years ago, Pboogie7281
Really good, but needs a few things IMO
This app had pretty similar questions to those on the test. A variety of questions too. Some things I would add are that they need a system that can really help you focus on areas that you are weak in. I usually just ended up flagging questions and taking a test on those. Also, having better explanations of the answers would go a long way to helping make the topics more easy to understand. Great app though.
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7 years ago, cotysma
Great app for short study times on the go!
This app is FREE! There is a question of the day, and you can take several 10-question exams a day. At the end of each exam, you receive a score with details for each question, also pointing to what areas you need study in. The explanations of each question include why the wrong answers are wrong, which is helpful in reviewing. It's a great way to get a short burst of study time in on the go!
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7 years ago, Hhhhbygg
Only good thing about this app is that you get to take some practice questions on your phone. The bad thing about it is that you will not pass if you plan on making this your only study aid. What I dislike about this app is that it doesn't offer any questions that would require calculations. I would have been better off just reading the real estate textbook provided online that's free. If I had known, I wouldn't have purchased the app. At least I tried...
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7 years ago, chateaumadonna
5 stars
this app is worth the money once one upgrades to 500 questions. the questions are tougher than my school's simulated BRE exam questions. the best feature is the 'explain' feature after you answer each question with long explanations given and the source (BRE handbook).
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8 years ago, Newly licensed
Awesome app
I'm shocked that others haven't caught onto this. If you are studying for you CA real estate exam, this is a truly invaluable resource. It gives you he ability to focus solely on your weak points and improve. It's also very cheap, schools charge 50 to 100 bucks for this same thing. Thanks devs, I owed you this one.
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7 years ago, Agent 2 B
A must if you're unsure.
This is an awesome app. Many of the questions actually appeared on my test. The best part of the fee version is that it allows you to focus on sections where you are weakest. This alone helped me pass my test, in my opinion, by strengthening my weak points. It's easy and intuitive.
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7 years ago, pntdm
Easy to use and very helpful. I would like to see them add the ability to review weaknesses of the whole 500 questions. Not just test by test. Great product and customer service. I was getting email responses within 2 hours on the weekend.
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8 years ago, Ryechal
So impressed I'm writing a review
This is easy to use and is well organized. It breaks everything down and even tells you why you got a question wrong. I paid for the unlocked edition and I was not disappointed great for review and reminding you to study.
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