3.4 (36)
57 MB
Age rating
Current version
Larson Texts, Inc.
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for CalcChat

3.39 out of 5
36 Ratings
9 years ago, noh8tracks
Good app; won't open!
I've always enjoyed the use of this app and it's really helped me, but ever since I redownloaded it a few days ago it refuses to open! It'll stay open for a second and then close again immediately. I've restarted my phone and downloaded the app again multiple times, yet to no avail. Please fix it! It likely needs an update for the software and I need calcchat :c
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6 years ago, Dhcstjctjceymdwtjkkbfdfhjgdhm
Recommend to anyone who uses these textbooks
I really love this app! I've always appreciated having the answers to odd-numbered questions in the back of the book, but it didn’t really help me understand what I did wrong or what I'm supposed to do. This app gave me that little extra boost I needed! Other reviews mention blurry answers, but I haven’t experienced that yet. I'd say it’s worth a download anyway. If your math class uses a Larson textbook, this app will most likely be more helpful than any website or forum or calculator out there. That being said, they sometimes skip steps, and of course, it only has half the problems. It's not a super pretty UI, but you can get from section to section and from problem to problem within a couple seconds. To me, these “problems” are not bad enough to take off a star.
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5 years ago, cmf98
Helpful App
I’m not sure where all of these bad reviews are coming from. This is a really good app and has helped me tremendously with my calculus homework. It’s simple and works effectively. That’s what it should do; It doesn’t need to work like a rocket ship.
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7 years ago, Laurie5865
Great app!
This shows answers to all the odd numbered exercises in my pre-calc book, just like in the back of the actual book. It shows step by step solutions to the problems. Really helpful!
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8 years ago, LeahJeri15
Don't get me wrong, I love CalcChat; I would never have gotten through AP Calculus last year without it. Now that I have a smart phone I was excited to have an actual app instead of using the Internet version, but I was very upset to find that the problems are blurry and almost impossible to read. It would be perfect if you could actually see the problems but since you can't what's the point?
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5 years ago, Nelsonocho
My app is blank... update?
This is helpful while doing homework, but if i can’t use it with 2 weeks left in the semester it makes it very difficult. how long is the problem going to take to be fixed?
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5 years ago, Davomo
The most recent updated ruined the ap
Why would you update the ap at the end of a semester?!?! There are two weeks left in the class and the update this week has crashed the ap. It loads to a blank screen. It used to be great to double check answers for the text questions. Would be nice if they fixed it.
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8 years ago, 80paul80
Great value
Considering this is essentially the answer key for free, it's awesome! One suggestion would be add reference to examples. Makes it super easy to correct my work!
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5 years ago, mooshanif
Works perfectly fine. I use it with my textbook for AP Calculus BC and it’s saved my life so many times over.
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4 years ago, Paksduck
Requires to update
I am using this book in cengage. Kindly some update needed to fix. This is a great example but some issues with ups also the CalcView is not working or neither can be view.
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8 years ago, Joehoes277
Skips steps
I'm a calculus student, and it's very frustrating when the problems you are checking for homework skip steps and you can't figure out why the answer is correct. Use chegg instead.
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5 years ago, vicnic5794
They really. Red to fix those I couldn’t even use the app the screen would just freeze or be stuck on the loading sign
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4 years ago, johhny12332
Wonderful app!
This app is absolutely essential for math students
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5 years ago, Cat179643589
Loading my book
Why can’t I get my book to load? It won’t scan the isbn.
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8 years ago, CarpeCarpet
Please release an update to fix the issue of blurred text!
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11 months ago, geraldronaldo
wow i love this app so much
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7 years ago, MeiiLi
Love app but...
I want to keep a lowprofile from my teachers. 👍
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5 years ago, zebratoot
Great app
Great app homie
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5 years ago, car13688
app loads to a blank screen
it still loads to a blank screen and i’m freaking. please help!!
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4 years ago, Bobyjoe332
luv u sm 😻😻😻😻 thanks for saving my grade ✨✨
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7 years ago, Qwvzidbaicbd
s/o to Abraham
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9 years ago, Merrlyne
You guys have no idea how happy it makes me feel to finally see an update for this app!! I used this constantly for my Cal 1, and when I advanced to Cal 2 we use the same book, but I was saddened to see that the app quit working and constantly crashed after I updated to iOS 8. I can finally use this app again for help on my homework!!
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10 years ago, AerospaceEddie
Cannot Open App!
The application is extremely helpful, understandable, and convenient I recommend it to my friends all the time. Lately I cannot get it to open properly though it seems to throw me out of the app right away and it's pretty disappointing since it's not a cheap app.
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8 years ago, BetoBetoBob
Great Improvement!
The user interface and functionality of the app have improved significantly. Chapters can actually be downloaded now! I am also digging the new sleek design of the app. It makes it easier to navigate and looks great on iOS 9.
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12 years ago, Jonn_ha
I find it to be quite helpful, showing the steps and answers. Appreciable, But could be better.
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10 years ago, PeonyPrincesss
Keeps Closing
The app is great and extremely helpful with my pre-calculus course- but lately I've been unable to actually open the app. The screen will flash briefly, but the app immediately closes. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the app but no changes.
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8 years ago, JordanBueno
Finally, I've been waiting for improvements to this app. This makes everything so much easier!
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8 years ago, I  
Thank you!
Great app!! Really easy to access and everything loads quick and smoothly! Thanks calc chat!
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9 years ago, Fawsisiter
Finally! 😭🙌🙌🙌 thank you for fixing the problem! I can finally connect and not crash and burn! The app helps with my understanding of the precalculus world!
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9 years ago, Msmary22
Your app is awesome HOWEVER!!
It fails to open!! We need your help. Please write a review on your status! Let us know what's happening. I hate losing $5
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10 years ago, totorodarling
Yes, this app has almost everything, from answer solutions to work-out step by step, BUT it could be better if the app was upgraded so that the money I paid was worth it.
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9 years ago, ShutUpAndTаkeMyMoney
Great, but...
I want to know its worth my $5. Please update where it supports iPad. Would be great for me and other people to use smoothly without any issues or blurry display.
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12 years ago, Miguel.Castillo11
Not bad
Exactly like the website
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9 years ago, Superplanner
Do you like wasting your money?
Gosh I paid 5 bucks for this poorly designed app. There is a download button that allows you to access the app without Internet. But it doesn't work for all the chapters. (for ex., calc 9e chapter 13 freezes during downloading) Furthermore, the app only works in the vertical orientation. They need the auto rotate to horizontal function which is easier to read for longer math equations on your iPhone. Stick with the free web version.
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10 years ago, Jswifty79
Won't stay open
The app was great for about a week when it actually stayed open, but now every time I try to use it the title screen flashes for a second then closes.
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10 years ago, Realtimeoptimist
When it works it is very helpful.
Needs an update!!! Can't open the app on either my iPad or iPhone at the moment. I have reinstalled the app several times but it does not help.
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12 years ago, Rnickname
Decent at best
This looks a lot like the website. A $5.00 mobile app should be much friendlier to a mobile device than this is (I shouldn't need to zoom all the time!) I want my $5.00 back
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10 years ago, Wrd Gamer
Won't even open!!
Bought this for a trig class thinking it would help me when I didn't have my laptop with me, but (after paying $4.99 for it) the program won't open. Great idea, but unusable in it's present state
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9 years ago, Grumpycalcstudent
Won't open
I use the version on safari all the time so I thought it might be easier to buy the app. BIG MISTAKE! The app will not open, which is disappointing considering the $4 you have to spend on it. Very peeved.
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9 years ago, chialungni
Very thankful for your upgrade!
This app is so helpful for me. Really appreciate!
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9 years ago, realkatecockerham
I loved this app- until it would never open. Don't waste your money on this until they update it. I haven't been able to open it for about a month now.
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12 years ago, ExSubNuke
Mixed bag
The app works almost exactly like the calcchat website, but it's a little clunky. Not the best app, but not horrible.
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12 years ago, HoustonNik137
Could be a lot better looking. Landscape mode will be good too. Please update for iPhone 5
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12 years ago, A Careless Bear
Things I like: - The ability to save chapters for offline use Things I don't like: - An ugly, clunky interface. - Only one chapter can be saved at a time.
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10 years ago, @PickedLast
Crashing 24/7. Update needed.
I paid money for homework answers: I expect this app not to crash... Please update.
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10 years ago, CasualFlavor
Hideous UI
Yes, I love CalcChat. Yes, I use it all the time. No, I do not like this app. It has an atrocious user interface, and it isnt even designed for an iPhone 5 screen. Not streamlined whatsoever. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE update, I just paid five dollars for a pretty awful app for my 5C even though I'll still have to use it.
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9 years ago, Loggie81
Note to self: Always read the reviews. I just spent the rediculous $5.00 on this app only to find it will not open. I should have read everyone's warnings.
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11 years ago, Nickname randomizer
Maybe add videos? Always goes back to chapter p, section 1, exercise 1.
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12 years ago, nameful
Easy access.
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9 years ago, clarabella8
The app doesn't open anymore and it crashes every time I try
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