California DMV Test

4.7 (2.1K)
81.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Deedal Studios Inc
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for California DMV Test

4.73 out of 5
2.1K Ratings
4 years ago, Shekoni . H
Disappointed (Refund)
Hi this is my honest opinion on this app . so I downloaded the app and paid for the premium which is $2 thinking that it would help but it didn’t. I’m not to pleased with this app at all it has a lot of mis spelled errors and repeats a lot of the same questions and it doesn’t cover everything in the manual as it says . I have to download other practice text apps to further study. To the developer I would like a refund , how can I get my money back?
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5 years ago, Ariana Edwards 💕
Excellent for preparation!!
I hadn’t been studying enough before taking the actual test, so this app helped in an enormous way. It asks you the question, gives you all the time you need to answer it and if you do get it wrong, it tells you what the correct answer is, and explains why. Even just 30 minutes on this app a day makes a huge difference in your understanding. 100% recommend.
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6 years ago, NanoGaming247
So much simpler!
I can’t believe an app was more useful than the book. I only had the free version for about a month and realized it had 30 repeating questions. My exam was in 2 days and I bought the app to study all the other questions. I learned about maybe 3/4 of the app and passed the written exam! If I didn’t buy the full version, I would had rescheduled my written test some other day. Total life saver!
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6 years ago, lederhosenleads
Good stuff
Good app overall. Lots of ads which can be a bit distracting when trying to take a practice test, but hey I guess that's just preparing you for the distractions on an actual road. Gives incentives to unlock questions rather than having to pay money and upgrade.... Feedback is provided for your previous tests so you have an idea of how you'll do on the actual permit test.
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5 years ago, Annne Lopez
Passed by just practicing on this app
I didn’t read the book, I practiced for one day straight and went to the dmv the next day and passed. Same question as the dmv test. I so recommend this app, I’m currently living in Louisiana for work and don’t have time to read the book due to work, so when I got to California I practiced all day and thank God I passed. Highly recommend.
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5 years ago, AirTreX
Thank you!
This app is a life savior! I practiced on it for an hour with the free version. And i passed the written exam. It’s the same questions on the test! I highly recommend this app for people trying to study for their driver’s license. I even paid for the pro version to support the developers. They deserve the support for the helpful app they’ve developed for us.
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5 years ago, mia_natalia_
incredibly glitchy, poorly organized, and repetitive
my first and biggest issue with this app is the fact that it consistently freezes and stops functioning after about 2 lessons. Later I can come back to it, do a bit more work, and it freezes again. second, on some of the chapters, the (completely unnecessary) pictures in the powerpoints are blocking the textual information. this renders some slides of info completely useless, not to mention visually unappealing. third, the same information is repeated several times across different chapters, making studying incredibly frustrating and boring. overall, I’ve barely learned anything in this app that I didn’t find previously in the DMV handbook. I wish I hadn’t paid for this glitchy, poorly formatted and overall unhelpful app.
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4 years ago, Shakira Jenkins
Helped me study fast!!
Super easy and great app helped me study a lot, a much better option than books or other apps. I would consider it “free” because you have the option to upgrade for $1.99 or the option to do things like pass the practice test to get more questions.
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5 years ago, Princess Jhazz
A very useful app
Been reading different types of review materials but when i got to download this app i found it more useful because by answering those questions,once you made a mistake of selecting the will explain to you the right one...
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3 years ago, fare winds following seas
Not easy
I started off thinking I knew it all. Some changes in wording have happened and it took more thought than I made at first. I am glad that it wasn’t easy and had to slow down. Some of the ones I missed surprised me. Thanks for the test......
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1 year ago, conniannaC
Helped me pass my written test 100% recommend. You don’t even have to pay!! You can unlock basically all questions through watching ads and visiting websites.
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7 years ago, Beerme85
Very helpful reviewer for new drivers. Easy to use. Makes me passed my written test. Love it. It's good, reliable and useful. You can get all the 406 questions for free. Easy to download the apps in any smart phones. Highly recommended to young and older people who wants to learn the DMV rules and regulations.
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5 years ago, Lol fox151
This is perfect for studying questions on the actual test. After a few practice test it even shows you the probability of you passing the real test!! I do wish all the questions were automatically available. You only get 100 out of 400 something questions. That’s a lot of content that’s not covered. It is only 2bucks to unlock, so meh.
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1 year ago, Luvin Hip Hop
Download !!!
I passed my written exam after downloading at paying 2 dollars for the full version ! I failed the first attempt at my written test. But this app helped me significantly!! I would highly recommend best 2 dollars spent in my life !
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4 years ago, Pennylapeu
My DMV Test Prep
These tests are great! I will continue to follow the course and study for my test. Very organized and immediate feedback. Always different questions with each test. I like this way of preparing instead of just reading the book. I don’t dread studying. Thank you!
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6 years ago, Lindamik
Helpful exercises
I haven’t had to take a written test in quite a few years and since so many rules have changed since then, it’s great to have these set of questions to enable me to be more prepared when I do go in to renew my license.
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5 years ago, Pierre-Edouard B
Very good app to pass your driving licence
A lot of different questions are accessible. I think this is complementary to the “California Driver Handbook” to pass the test. And it offers you to be more confident as you know if you usually succeed the test on the app.
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7 years ago, JudithB.
Helpful review of all traffic rules
The app helped me review the traffic rules in preparation for the written test. Additionally when you chose a wrong answer the app let you know where in the CA Driver's Handbook you could review the information. Very helpful.
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5 years ago, Sweatshirt22
Honestly I am so glad my friend recommended me this app. So much more helpful then the actual booklet. You get a question wrong and instead of moving on to the next question it explains to you the right answer.
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1 year ago, mindygjohnson7
The app is really helpful to study with I can only recommend trying it out for free! And to improve yourself maybe even pay for it for a low price!
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7 years ago, Parruchkin
I passed!
My license expired 16 years ago and I haven't driven since then. I took a practice test each night for a couple weeks. That, combined with my previous driving knowledge, was enough to get me through the test with ease.
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3 years ago, nun your business ;)
I passed my permit test!
I definitely recommend this app if you’re studying for your permit test. I did purchased all the questions (it was like 5 dollars or something).
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5 years ago, Gerbil gaming
So simple
This app has been helping me for over 6 months for preparation and honestly just taking it the course once a day really makes a huge difference in your test
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5 years ago, Ale1975205
Extremely effective
The learning curve with this app is amazing thanks to the way the tests are structured. Repeated questions from one try to another help me get the correct answers stick in my memory quickly! Great work!
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5 years ago, Nenabears
Definitely helped me study way more than the book did !!! It’s a fast and easy way to remember and get familiarized with what type of questions you’ll come across
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4 years ago, Tina_Test
Perfect for preparing
This app has some really good questions which I didn’t find anywhere else. It’s pretty comprehensive in its content and that’s great for someone who wants to practise before taking the test.
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5 years ago, Disag
Good app
This app is pretty great I have my permit test in a week and to be honest haven’t studied much but feel quite confident also it lets u unlock questions I would pay the two bucks but I’m broke
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1 year ago, NA2947
Easy to use
This app is rather simple and even includes a fairly detailed explanation when the wrong choice is selected.
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7 years ago, WTFnessa
Studying for my test tomorrow... Definitely helpful with all the questions and tests. Great way to help me study and I appreciate being able to unlock the other questions.
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5 years ago, alyssarrivas
Great for studying
This app has really allowed me to study. I hate reading the handbook and love using apps to study. This has been the best one I’ve used. I love that all the info is already there for you.
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6 years ago, kujali.x
Amazing App
This app is amazing. It helps you study for the drivers test and actually pass. I recommend this app to everyone. I studied the right before my written test passed the first try.
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2 years ago, 909janice
From Fail to Pass
Love this app easy and explains wrong answers after each question
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4 years ago, Rabka77
A fantastic way of preparing for the real exam. The questions you get asked to answer not only help you to prepare for your real exam, but also assist when you start driving.
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4 years ago, vidz2888
Switched my iPhone and app doesn’t give me access to 400 questions
I recently switched my iPhone to a newer version and now I see the amount I had paid on the older one . When I try to download the same form iCloud now .. it’s asking me to pay again
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5 years ago, laka1987
This app is more useful than the drivers book my friend used this app and showed me this app and passed the first writing test and it repeats its answers well worth the try
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5 years ago, makeuplover78
I have failed my dmv tests before because it was hard to follow the books but this app has made it easier and i’ve learned more
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7 years ago, Awesomesauce00
Extremely helpful
I failed the first time i took the permit test due to overthinking so my friend recommended this app. So far it has been very helpful and will definitely help with nerves when it comes to the real thing.
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5 years ago, Tbird0806
Super helpful
I just went through it a few times a day for a week. It’s really useful if you don’t have a lot of time to study!
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7 years ago, 99102949
Permit test
This app really helped with my test just keep testing until you pass as many times and you'll be good for the test
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7 years ago, Sperzzz
Practice makes perfect
It helps you study & gives you knowledge you need for future driving.
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5 years ago, Mslongobardi
Helping me so much
Test and go. Learning from the flash cards makes it easy and somewhat enjoyable. Feeling more confident about taking the test!
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4 years ago, Sic rnr
I find this super app interesting but very helpful hope I’m prepared for the test as it shows I am on here
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4 years ago, katya253
A lot of information and great options to earn more questions without paying. But let’s be honest, 2$ is nothing :)
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3 years ago, chocolatepalm
This app is definitely one of the best apps I have tried. The questions are exactly the same and it’s extremely helpful.
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2 years ago, PzYcHo_805
Its been really helping a lot with studying the questions I would totally recommend
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4 years ago, leslydiaz
I would like a refund
It’s was ok many repeated questions and when I did the test for the recommendation when I was on the last test it said that it couldn’t refresh new question and to go to my setting and change them but basically they wanted me to upgrade and pay more otherwise it stoped working I want my full refund
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4 years ago, Jagman24
Great Way to Prep
Highly recommend taking these tests before your examine. They make you think but are amazing practice!
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5 years ago, zippernugget
Overall this is a pretty cool app! It is really helpful! I just wished you can get access to a bit more questions but over a good app
Show more
4 years ago, Elaheh9565
Helps me memorize!
this app cover sthe most important points and helps you memorize them by repeating them in different questions and so you will master them!
Show more
6 years ago, Mattisen B
100% would recommend!!! Passed my first time taking my permit because of this app!! I recommend all my friends to this app who are taking their permit tests.
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