California Lottery

4.7 (8.9K)
42.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
The Lottery Company
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for California Lottery

4.65 out of 5
8.9K Ratings
2 months ago, Busy But News Hungry
Easy to Use
I like this version better than the older one. It’s much easier to navigate and find the sections that I want to look at. 😊
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5 months ago, Scottcha23420
Removal of scan tool feature
I used this app several times a week in its former version. We used to be able to scan a ticket to see if you won. That feature is not on the new version as you have to input your ticket numbers manually. If I buy 10 super lotto quick picks on the same ticket, that takes way too long to check. Bring the scan tool back and do better.
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7 months ago, Gubba Guy
Poor app for second chance drawing
I would like to know why the ability to check second chance tickets has been removed, or should I say why do we have to purchase a app in order to find out that we lost or won anything. This latest app does not provide for people to scan a second chance draw ticket with out paying for the opportunity to verify the ticket. (Really)
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2 years ago, Joppa Jewelry
Just missing a few things
I came to this sight after the original lotto sight froze. I like everything except I can’t as easily scan all the tickets including scratcher s and it doesn’t tell where winning tickets were sold.
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4 years ago, KittyD.
Review by KittyD
I do both supper lotto & mega millions this app makes it so much easier to look up the winning numbers than having to go to the website. I give it 5 ***** out of 5 stars. Thank you for this app.
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4 years ago, BG from Vegas
I just want to say thank you all for creating this site. It makes it so much easier to check for winning results. Granted I never win, but it is fun to try. Thanks again BG Richardson NV.
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6 years ago, Yantee Beuter
Please Update
Best app for CA Superlotto results with entire draw history, number checker, etc. No changes needed, just an update to make it functional again.
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3 years ago, more money geico
I had better ones
I had better ones you can
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6 months ago, Angie A267
No more scanning function
Disappointing that the new app doesn’t have the functionality to scan a tickets. Also it’s a bit dubious when there’s an in-app ad that makes it look like it’s the scan function when in reality it’s a scanner in general and has nothing to do with the app.
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2 weeks ago, XRichieXrichX 1962
You wants to play the game you gots to pay the price!
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5 months ago, Guybuddy12345
You should be able to scan your ticket right on the app, instead of having to download a new app for that..
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2 years ago, tippie6956
I’m not sure how to scan the tickets and scratchers and I need to find how to do the second chance on the new app.
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4 years ago, Ketchem 1
Your system seems to go down regularly. One minute I’m entering my tickets and then the RED DISPLAY comes up saying SORRY OUR SYSTEM IS DOWN! WHAT GIVES? I buy a lot of scratchers and there are a lot of losers so when I can’t enter them because of your down system it’s a problem to be fixed.....😤😤
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7 months ago, nononanamomo
No way to scan tickets
This version of the app is horrible. How do you even scan your tickets or enter second chance I need to put up a tutorial or something or just bring back the other app
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1 year ago, machomaheo
Ordinary citizen
Very concise, and informative tablet. Easy to understand.
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2 years ago, Ktt51
Camera is gone
The camera app hat was originally included is now gone. Now you have to download a additional app to scan the tickets. They want to charge you got the new app. They need to bring back the old camera interface.
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1 year ago, Roberto the great one
No scanner
The old app was better. It was much easier just to be able to scan the ticket to get the results.
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11 months ago, menlo gang
I liked the older version before you made me a grade
Now I have to download another QR scanner. If I want to scan the ticket, it should be built into the app already.
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2 years ago, clyde_1n1
My opinion
I can’t just scan tickets and the scratchers on this app
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3 months ago, Aaron French
Scan ability
Why is that gone? Huge inconvenience to match numbers now after getting used to having scan capability.
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10 months ago, kalala S
R. Gilbert
I do not recommend this app. It’s not the California Lottery. They want your credit card number to “verify” your account. My bank notified me of the charge they tried to make without my approval. What a scam!
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5 months ago, XSOX
Liked the other discontinued app better
Cant scan my tickets or do 2nd chance. For me this app is worthless and I quit buying lotto tickets because of it. Saving me money tho, thanks!!!
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7 months ago, Camjam53
Not user friendly
U have to download another app to the scanner to check ur tiket . I like the okd app
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7 months ago, .w.f;g)um
The older version was much much easier to deal with and scan and get your results. Why go backwards
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4 years ago, NHA Honcho
Enjoy it a lot of fun for me! Thank you!!!
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7 months ago, Playtime2010
Can’t figure out how to scan tickets with the new app. The prior app had the scanner embedded and was easy. And quick to use.
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9 months ago, ThisDumpApp
Review of the New Cal Lottery App
This new App is horrible. Too busy and not clear like the old App. Don’t you think sometimes the simple the better? Horrible New App and very ugly looking!!!!
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2 years ago, JoeHass
Can’t scan
The barcode scanning advertised on paper tickets is a separate app that does not seem to integrate properly with this one.
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6 months ago, Mmojas
Terrible - Does Not Scan Tickets
Terrible - Does Not Scan Tickets The old APP was much easier to check tickets and enter 2nd Chance
Show more
8 months ago, @TheRealSlimShady
not as good
I liked the previous app better where I could scan ticket
Show more
2 years ago, keithrosenberge1
Sign in issue
Every time I try to log in it says you have a problem with your system 😡
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5 months ago, Cwinbery
The app never works
The App rarely works properly and always says to check back… Ridiculous!
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6 months ago, Bdfghhh
Don’t like the new app
We can’t check our tickets and we can’t submit 2nd chance super lotto tickets
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11 months ago, Weswye
Second Chance
I don’t like the new app; the old app was much easier to use and understand. How do I enter my second chance tickets???? L.L.
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2 months ago, FCBrown00
Money Gouging
You now have to pay $$$ to scan tickets for winning numbers.
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1 year ago, pokemon Hotie
on Friday
January 6 i thought i saw the numbers to my ticket.. but they changed, i laughed.
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7 months ago, greenenjoyer
It does not work, can’t use it normally.
Spam. It can not be used as not upgrade.
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7 months ago, Oldest ever guy
Locks up and no built in scan feature.
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3 years ago, Shortyrounds69
2nd chance
I am having problems with finding the 2nd chance scanner.
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6 months ago, schizopianist
Much worse than the original one.
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4 years ago, danielhong8
My back to my account
I want to withdraw my money back to my account,I still can’t find the way....I text nobody respond.
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4 years ago, hong saigon
Nails shop
Is very good
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6 months ago, Ana_Bruh
Can't check tickets with camera.
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6 months ago, thongthao le
Very good
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2 months ago, Sprung3
Super Lotto PLUS
Super Lotto PLUS, dose not notify you on a 2nd chance win. QR Scanner not built in, and to many adds!
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4 months ago, hani murshed
We demand the return of the previous app
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2 years ago, Btd786bts
Verygood 1
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3 years ago, advocateforintegrity
Stopped updating in December 2020
Title says it all. The app is now useless.
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1 month ago, Rollinrob
No scanner in the app
No scanner in the app
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3 years ago, La guera vianey
Having trouble
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